Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on November 9, 1962 · Page 12
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 12

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1962
Page 12
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NOVIMIM 9, I9«2 ANDIRSON DAILY lULLtTIN PACI II RADIO SCHEDULE WHBI'—Andrrra UW— CBS 5:00 News-Spor(« 5:!5 HoadShow 5:30 Road Show 5:45 Sports Parade WLW—Cincinnati IW—NHC FRIDAY MIGHT Npws-Rollin' Along HoMin' Atoms Hollin' Along Rollin* Along - WKUM— Indluap 12W New* Hernie Herman Bcrnii Herman Bcrnle Hermi n • : 15 Dinner sJ. j SP' !;52 ff""" SereSSdl A£ Sports-Nous news-Weather Alex Drcier 3-Star Extra Back to Blbl« News Conunem Hack to Blbl* ':1J «:00 . ;X J.30 »:« World Sports S SA ° bs «v Top Tunes Anderson-LoeaiisrxirT . j «on-LojKinsjxirt Anderson-Losansport Anderson-Losansport A'ews-Conferenct Conference Call Back to the Bible. ^Back to the Bible Echvin P. Morgan World Tomorrow World Tomorrow Sciiool of Sky Martin Agronskjr Music Kor You Music For You Music For You Hal Fr.var Hal Fr.vur Hal Fryar Hal Fryar 9 : 1S A*rt£ f" 0 "' nsoort Am j cr! ° n - L <>l!!'nsport A^ Anderson-LoEansnort Muslc F °r You " Music For You World News- K,,, Listening Hal Frvar iral b'ryar • Hal Frvar Hal Fryar 31:00 Nile Watch 11:13 Kite Watch 11:30 Kite Watch 11:45 Nile Watch News Hal Fryar Hal Fryar Hal Fryar News-Lifeline Your F.B.I. News-Weather Music-Seminary • M «,- SATURDAY MORNING J:00 CBS News Roundup Clock Watcher ?"™ T P t !£ e £ lornin K Prayer Period 7:30 Top of he Morn. Clock Watcher 7:45 Top of the Morn. Clockwatcher Hal Fryar Hal Fryar Hal Fryar Hal Frvar 8:00 News Roundup «:15 Visit With Vcrna 8:30 Better Living Ji:45 Saturday Session News Bob Gross Bob Gross Bob Gross 9:00 News-Session 9:15 Saturday Session 9:30 Week In Space 9:15 Guard Session Clock Watcher Clock Watcher Cluck Watcher Clock Watcher News Bob Gross Bob Gross Bot> Gross 10:00 News-Session ~ J0:15 Saturday Session 10:30 Week in Business 30:45 Here's To Veterans News-Monitor Monitor News-Monitor Monitor Jl:00 News-Session 11:15 Saturday Session 11:30 It's New 11:45 Serenade News-Monitor Monitor News-Monitor Monitor News Bob Gross Bob Gross Bob Gross _ News Hal r'ryar Hal Fryar Hal Frvar 12:00 News-Sports 32:15 Saturday Session. 12:30 It's New 3Z:45 Folk Music News-Monitor Monitor News-Monitor Monitor News-Farm Hour Farm News • Everybody's Farm Farm—-News Fr.var Hal Frvar Hal Krvar Hal Fryar SATURDAY AFTKKNOON , ,= * _y s Everybody's Farm J : ™ Anderson-Defiance Everybody's Farm 1:30 Anderson-Defiance Study-News 3 :45 Anderson-Defiance Easy Listening Z:00 Anderson-Defiance Bob Bra mi 2:15 Anderson-Defiance nob Braun 2:30 Anderson-Defiance Bob Rraun 2:45 Anderson-Defiance Bob Braun 3:00 Anderson-Defiance Hob riraun 3:15 Anderson-Defiance Bob Braun 3:30 Anderson-Defiance Ncws-Braun 3:43 Anderson-Defiance Ncws-Braun News John Tolten John Tolten John Totten News John Totten John Totten John Totten 4:00 News 4:15 Saturday Session 4:20 Calling America 4:45 Saturday Session Ncw-Hraun Bob Braun Bob Brnun Bob Braun Nr-ws John Totten John Totlen _John Totlcn News John Totten John Totten ^_ John Totten^ News Jim Gerard Jim Gerard Jim Gerard OFFICE SUPPLIES DESKS CHAIRS FILES, Etc. PHONE 643-7447 67 Steps Off Meridian on lltb RAW LINGS and SPALDING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MODERNIZING FOR SUGGESTIONS SEE Matthew HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER 702 West Eighth St. Phon. 644-6671 TIZZY KATE OSANN "I'm 36-23-36—but only in my dreams, of course!" FRECKLES Old Trick By BLOSSER WAS YOUR. FAVORlTE- AESOUT MOT DOTTY I* tUFOtD TUNI UE COC5NT NEED *, > DBSK TO woeic tsf—J MK NBEP9 A. \ /^ PUT TUB MWJft --AAO MOW UK UAft A. CMJOV «AJt, ffm PRIPPLE HiS *i mJkS OP POTATO CW.E»S- LAST o? u» t> MILTON CANIFF THE TRENCH-COATEO FIStlKE IN THE LOBBY OF STEVE'S HOTEL' HA* AWE ABCtTT TEN CIKCLES OF THE AE£A... THE PESKCLEIt*;— REAP/ BymV ID TAKE STJWleHTOFF TO THE IF THE KRL WCULP ASK HIM-I* VSllSKKD WHEN SHE EECUESre NOTE PAPER ANP AN ENV6LOPE... As ST£VE AN& THE j AWCIAS AKS f ArTRCACHINO TOE J |&1 CAPITAL CITY ^; l> GEORGE TUSKA HEBES THE PLAN, CAPT KOOERD'WHEN THE SHIP UNLOADS THE UNDECSEA STATION. TMEV'LL RADIO us THE APPROXIMATE LOCATlOW. YOU WILL COMMAND THE SEA X, COP•rEB,A^A<E A BENOEZTIOUS X WITH THE STATION AND RETURN ' TO 8ASE MEB6 ' TW6 ENTICE IS TO 8E VJAOE YOU'LL BE &UIOEO «T»J OfSLY BY Qf «n I S'&"*L VOU PECE'VE COCW THE STATICWS TWO DAYS LATEC, ABOAPO THE SHIP C?VINO TUB UNDERSEA STATION TO WEIL BE IN SOON ' TIME TRENT TO STAffT 1C AW GET V MAYBE SOMEONE- THERE A FLIGHT TO CAN DECOPE THAT LIST Of WASHINGTON TDNISHTWITH THIS MICRO FU.M WAKPB* THAT KIT OP PATA RECOVCRffiH WHILE I IM IWPIMIA MU*T"«f COME FftCMr, HI?. 1 Hex 5 F* ceLL_.50l»EHO»«!lrWITHI561l*RP5 ORU3FFSK ILL HAIL IT FOR M3U, POPS! COME BACK WIS ZAT LETTER RUFFIAW! HELP FROM HIS GUARDS Br FRED HARMAN KS XX EMPTIES HIS POCKETS, fKCXOPS UK KAUSOn WT£ fiUD PUTS HIS FOOT OH IT--' BACV UFA STEP OR TKO I'LL HAVE A LOOk AT THAT IETTEH YOU'RE TEVIN'T-HIK THATS ALL .--roDR BITS, POCKET KNIFE, MATCHES A»'CIGARETTE mPECS.' Ir WILSON SCRUGGS THE STORY OF MARTHA WAVHI BOHMIE, IW SOKW ABOUT OUK QUAKRa CAKLIEK. /*3W ?K K VOUK THIM6J. WE W) UW6 AT OK5. i'a EXPUIM LWER./' HO, EXPLAIN . NOW/ ATUf WVTHt'S MU6HTEK HAS PIED. ACC eaus TO BE A BIT GLOOMV AKOUMP HERE R3K * FEW QMS. WHAT SAV F1UD CHEEKIER SURKOUHDIMGS? YWEAN HE CXDP'9 A RNAU.Y ON TH 1 I LICKEP THRONE?;OL: KINS GHZ.? WELL, NO, WE DID IT FOR HIM.. SOKTA! ...ONLY WE / WELL OP AU. SOMEHOW ( Trf STUPID / COULDN'T HELPED \ THINGS I / WU BLIND TH'WRONG? 'EVER I BATS TELL GUY! A. HEARD Off.\ OOP FROM GUZ? w/o PRETTY I AN 1 THERE DARK IN WAS LOTSA THERE.' A DUST AN 1 STUFF/ IN A HASSLE SOWEJUMPED IN TO HELP. l« DICK CAVALLI t*M b, MCA. fe.. T.M. RK- U I. Pit. OH. PRISCILLA'S POP Young Man in • Hurry AL VERMEER IM PLANNING- MY CAREER/ f ANC3 IT'S GOT TO - GOOD ' TM AT ; —>. CERTAINLY \ WAS A SHORT) R/ j ,'r— ^ Holsum Sof-twis VKlttl USE BULLETIN- HERALD CLASSIFIED Lndy Williams Groomed For Bigger Spot TELEVISION SCHEDULE 13-ABC )n The Air HOLLYWOOD (,UI'I) — ooess of trying lo mold a per- for into a television fixture a fascinating one to watch, ami uecially in Die cae of NBC's Andy William. Many persons in television cir- bclicve \yilliaius is being HHl as heir apparent to Uic Lwork's Perry Como, who. it is id. may soon .retire from his cckly video show, perhaps at e end of tivc seiison. The molding of Williams on his ur-long Thursday night pro- am, which began this fall, erefore has been pretty obvious, start with, he is a singer con- lered tops in the swinging and zz schools. The first thing, then, ns to give him a wider, folksy peal. . Tills was Ure reason, in part, a weekly sequence in which he "visits" his home town of Wall Lake. Iowa, in skits. It has been a less than stimulating passage each Thursday. But the idea men, aware of this, say now it probably will be tossed out within a few weeks. The reason, tlicy say. is that it has served its purpose, which was to give Williams "root." and there is no need to stretch il out. Another slow spot on the show has been a regular informal ses sion in which Williams talks lo his audience and sings requests The trouble is that he has beei talking too much and singing no enough, lie will make a belter liv Ing tit singing than talking. Williams' advisors are aware o 4-lnd. A-NBC WTTV WFBM WISH The Symbol C Bplow Denotes Program In Color WLW-I :(W Pon*y* ;15 I'opcy* :30 Popcye -15 Popcye 00 Rocky 15 Popcv* 30 Sea Hunt 45 Sea Hunt FK1MAY NKillT F. Farmer F. Farmer K. Fanner F L Farmer ~ Earl- Show Early Show Early Show Eqrjy 5how_ F. Farmer Maverick F. Farmer Maverick F. Farmer Mavrrtrk _Hunt. Brlnklcy Maverick Casper and Mickey Mouse Casper and Mlckev Mouse W S. Shechan 15 Show 30 Wy«tt Earp 45 Wyatt Earp ^ oit Tony Bennett 15 Tony Bennett 30 Tony Bennett. 15 Tony Uennutt News Eve, Report Yogi Beat YoKl Bear 00 Noah's :15 Ark •30 Noah's 45 Ark-—Jack. News News riipcord News Wall. Cronkll« Rlpcord International Rawhitic Gallant Men Show Time Kawhldc Gallant Men Jlawhlde GaThmTMen Rawhide Gallant Men Route M Flintstoncs (C) With Miu-h Route 68 Fllnlstoncs (C 1 tonal Show Time SinK Alnnfi With Mik-h Don't Cull M« Charlie Route 66 Route 65 Fair Exchange Fair Kxcha 11^0 00 Movie 15 Movie 30 Movie 45 Movie Jat-k Poar (C) Jack Paar (C) Jack Paar (C) . Jack Paar (Cl Fair Exchange Fair ExehanK* TSycwitncss Eye witness Dickens- Fens ter Sunset Strip Sunset Strip Sunset Strip Sunset Strip Death Valley Davs 00 Movie :J5 Movie—Jack. ;30 Silent :45 Silent News Wcather-Scorci Tonicht(C) ToniglitfC) _ Nexus Event News Event Movie Movie News-Weather News-Weather Political Steve Alien 00 Silent 15 Silent •3D Silent :«15 Silent TVinlRht (C) TonfRht (C) TonlRhl (C) Tonight (C) Movie Movia Movie Movie Sieve Allen Sieve Allen Steve Allen .Steve Allen 00 Silent 15 Silent Comedy Cnpcr* News- Prayer World at Night Silent Nightcap New Silent 00 45 45 Silent :W Silent :15 Silent :30 Silent :45 Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent 00 Silent 15 Silent 30 Silent 45 Sflrnt SATURDAY MO11N1NO Cnrloons Three StooRei Three StooKCS Three StooKes Three Stooires Three Stooges Three Stooges Deputy Dawjf Deputy Unwjr Silent Ind. Former Ind. Farmer Marlon Co. Schools Kangaroo Kangaroo Knnrjnroo Silent Silent 5 Min.News.,W Almanac Almanac " IJBlit Tlin* Symphony Sharl Lewis C Sharf Lewi* C Alvin Alvln Mouse BrealUhru Hrcnktliru Churclunouse Cli urchin a use 00 Silent 15 Silent 30 Silent 45 Silent Theater Then tor Theater Theiitor Kin Tin Tin Hin Tin Tin Ri>y linger* Hoy HoRers Make a Faco Make a Face Top Cut Top Cut SATURDAY AKTKKNOUN ;00 I.unchtlm* lllble Skv Kinjr :15 Th'.-iiler Telecours* Sky King ..10 Lunchtim* Hible nciitltnc Hi ;4S Thealer Tolccourso Keadlnit H HiiRs nuniiy llu^s Uiinny Al In lea /.am Alliikaxiim 00 Lone Unngcr 15 Lone Hunger :io Matinee •15 Miiltncc Comedy Caper* Cornet!v Cnpcrs Mr. Wl/.nrrl Mr. Wi/.iml Oil. Kickoff PurdiiC'MSlT Purduo-MSU Pnrrine-MSir My Friend FI irk a Hccklc-Jecklo Heckle-Jecklo ,00 Matinee ;15 Matinee ;30 Matinee :45 Matinee Matinee MnlincD Matlnco Matinee Purrhio-MSU Purduc-MSU Purdue-MSU Purdue-MSU Prof. Goof Prof. CJoof Hollywood'! Finest ;00 Lesson For :15 LIvhiR :3» Roller Derby ;: 45 Roll ci-jp e rby_ T(JI) 1 io\iorl}crtiy~ :ir> Holler Derby ::IU Clmnrron M5 Clly Mafilc Midway Miiglu Midway Fury Fury Purdiie-MSU 1'urduc-MSlJ PurcluoMSU Scoreboard Hollywood'a Finest Hollywood*! Finest Huff am! Reiufy Huff niul Itrndy dipt. Rnllnnt Capt. Gallant nhythni Car. Rhylhm Car. Hhythni Car. Hh.vlhm Car, Jlollywooii's Finest Touchdown Touchdown TOOLS FOR RENT HUNDREDS OF TOOLS FOR RENT TO CONTRACTORS AND HOME-OWNERS, SUCH AS-lawn Rolliri, Tlllin, Laddin, Point- Ing Equipment, Air Toolt and Air Comprinori, Powir Togli, Lawn and Gardtn Toali, Chain Sawi, Floor Sandtri, Plumbing Tooli, Floor Cleaning Equipment, etc. By Hour — Day — Week — Month All New or In Good Repair OPEN TIL 6 6 DAYS A WEEK STICKLER'S HARDWARE 111R Madison Avc. Phone K44-455r> OUT OUR WAY ly I. R. WILLIAMS wu LUSS, YOU'RE OV«K- ACTIMV HE'LL GET SUSPICIOUS — HERE HE COME HE'LL BE TOO SCAIRT TOKWOW GOOD ACTIN' FROM HAD- IHIIY'RE MAKIW HIM THIWK WHILE HE WAS OUT SWEAKIW'A SMOKE, HIS MACHINE WRECKEP TH'JOB WELL, IF HE'S TOO DUMB WOT TO SMELL THATACTIN', HE »MRVES this too and say he soon will start cutting out mueh needless chat* ter from these sessions. And that, in a nutshell, is the very encouraging thing about the show: alt those connected with it realize it is in the stage of shaping up and arc not standing by any hard-and- fast formula as yet. When tilings do shake down, it should be a weekly treat. At times it is that now. It has most • f the ingredients. The Williams oicc is big-time. His regular •oupe, Ihc New Christy Min- rels. is video's most exciting nd of the seasoii. But what, he ecds badly is a resident come- ian to relieve him of loo many llempls for laughs. Williams has plenty of guest ars lo help draw audiences and end glamor. Thursday night Bet• Grablc, her famous legs still nincntly viewable, chipped in ith an old-fashioned movie song- nd-daiice number. But the greatest help cams •om another guest, Lawrence Velk. who tries so hard, is so ood-naturcd and is so aware of is awkward manner, that I can't el|) liking him. I think what I ke best 'about Welk is thai after ears of living in hard-bitten Ilol- ywood. which tins beer described s a place where a friend in need s a pain in the neck, he still re- ains the ability lo have his feel- ugs hurt. Thursdaynight, Welk portrayed i bandmaster in the "Wall Lake" kil, played the accordion, sang i polka and danced. He flubbed ill over the place, but every lime 10 innocently said "wunnerful." t was a riot. In a surprise guest hot, Danny Kaye popped in lo 'lug his special which airs Sun- lay. Someone should have gotlen lim to dance while Welk played. Are you still shaken after valclring television's giant com- iiiters tell us who won Ihc elec- ions? I am. Exact or not, I nev- could get myself to put full ailh In those machines. It was ;ood show business. But I never ell fully satisfied until 1 read my ictt'spapcrs next morning. The Channel Swim: NBC-TV 'ought a scries in which Robert Taylor plays an assistant to \lio ecretary of the Department • of Icnltli, Education and Welfare... Srnie Ford turned down ABC- 'V's feelers to move his shmv ram San Francisco lo Hollywood o help his ratings. ' Audrey Meadows will Iw cdm- wling with heY former video side- dck, Jackie Glcason, when slio slurs Saturday on NBC-TV's 'Sam Benedict." Anthony Quinn ind Mnrgnrol Loighlon, hits in he new Broadway play "Tchin- I'chin," do a comedy sketch Nov. 18 on CBS-TV's lid Sullivan Sh6w. Livestock Croup To Have Banquet Tho !WI Eastern Indiana livc- slock breeders' banquet will be icld nL Ihc Masonic Temple in Muncic, Thursday, Nov. 15, at 6:30 p.m. Over 1,000 are expected lo iillend. The (oy boy 4-II .Junior Loader s Ted Wnymirc from Highland. 1'hc lop girl junior leader lo -ba lonorcd is Lita Brooks from Alexandria. ! The top livestock and hom» economic judges from Madison bounty lo be honored are Jim Jrown from Highland and Pat McMnhnn from Summitville. • The slalc demonstration winner .0 receive recognition at the ban- liiel is Joyce Ehlc from Andcr- ion Township. Big time wrestling • Wed., Nov. 14, 8:30 p.m. at new Armory, ; 109 By-Pass. Priccs-r $2.00-$1.50, Children 75c tUGS IUNNY Our of th* Frying Pan HEH.HEH! BUSS THINKS I'M PAINTING MVSELF 1MTO A CORNER; I MERELY PAINT MVSELF OUT THE WINPOW.! ' HEY! WATCH WHAT OOlN'.CLUMSY! I2EVE RAGES et vti»st Bottltri «f Squirt .and Flavortd Drinki ' ISth and Louite Ph. MM 11» «r 643.Mo>

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