The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1934 BLTTHEVII.LE, (A.RK.) COURIEH NEWS PAGE THREE Ill 51, L TO THEJUTH Believes .Coming Decade Will Bring Greater Op- poriunilies for Women Tli* President's wite who probably Is and has been mure In the public eye than any First Lady li American history. Is a half-century old un October 1Kb. Tin Courier News today presents ; human, self-revealing interview which Mrs. Eleanor Koosevelt ha: just granted KXCl.USIVKI.Y I, Mary Margaret McBridc, notei newspaper 'woman and author. * 4 • BY MARV MARftAKKT MeBRHH NEA Service Staff Comspomlen Copyright, 1934, NEA Service, Inc NEW YORK, Oct. 10.—Life fo 6ome begins at fifty — but fo Eleanor Roosevelt, It simply an pleasantly and energetically right on its useful, inlcrcstln way. "Whether existence holds more for tiie woman of fifty than It' used to do, depends of course upon tiie v/onian," Mrs. Roosevelt told me in her own unruffled, poised fashion. "I am s'uvc many women of fifty look upon It and find it good. I am one who does." It was characteristic of her that this talk about her fiftieth bhrlh- , day should take place in the midst of a big, informal dinner that was being given in her honor by the executives and exhibitors ot the Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt "Tlic thing is lo keep on doing." ommercial Classes Draw Good Enrollment The (list day of the O|i|iorUm- scliool, being sponsored by the lnpss' nurt ProfpsslcmnV Women's »b and the PKRA, IUI«1 the lotn In tlie commercial school .it only n smnll number hnvt iiolled for fji'iieml school wore Mis, L. M. Rwiwllc 1ms 31 ! l(jlt)les to dike bookkeeping, lyp- IB mill short hand without cost ncl her classes were stfii'tetl yes- MSay nt lici 1 lionic oj> llenin St. Miss Adah 11. Doimho ts cn- rillr.g iiH'n mid women in rentl- ig, writing, arithmetic iinil vocal msic classes nl the Lake StreeV luKllst ctmvcli. She v,'lll have Inssr-a dny and night. Prli'inry books mill typewriters ro tiidly neodcd. Anyone havlny tthw of ilits* wlilclt they will oan ILI the school Is asked In get In louch with Mrs. J. O. iiarncs, jircFldi'iil of the cluh. THIS, CURIOUS WORLD B emier n . s „ ^stion ot the in- 'and less nmde the object of spcci ^m,,,,} Sfime aay wl]cn yol) cjm • privileges and concessions." Jo „ V( , UK ,_ Ulnl ^1 primps Uie sreat secret of Mis. Woman's Exposition of Arts and Industries. Dessert and coffee had been finished when Mrs. William Dick all there is to that." SCHfiiHjr.E Roosevelt's almost superhuman 1 record of. accomplishment is her lamavung good health. She is never mural The next questions, too, brought sick nut! she never sceii:s ta re a smile and a shake of thiJRead. tmire time for. rest. She can niiin-jMt. xion , . "Can you give a workable formula nge lo get rid of any number or i Spoiborg, who was presiding at the • [ot accomp ii s ijiiig as much In a chores nl one time without ncg- dny as ^^ l .^ted. "Do yonjecthig any. Doving one interview £it d(jwn and plan out _ cxa i tIy iUial I had with her in her own what you are gblirg to do every'loom al the White House, she had hour? Do you take regular cxer- (her hair ivnvtvl, was mnnlcnrcd, Lon E. Burns, Former Steele Marshal, Dies STEELE, Mo. — Lon E. Munis, former city marshal ol Slc< died suddenly Saturday night at tiie home of ills mother, Mrs. sj. A. Burns. Mr. Bums attended n show Sut- urthiv mid returned home about 10:30. A few:mlnu!cs Inter he be- gttii. gasping for breath niul died almost Instantly. Mr. Burns was born at Steele November 4. )883. He leaves three children, Sylvln, 17, Lon. Lctilln. 13, nud Peggie Joyce, B| all ol Cape Citrnrdenu, his mother, i\ brother, E, E. Burns, of Sleelc, and n sister. Mrs, Kittle Laden, of Blytherille. The funeral was held Monday nrternoon nt the Methodist church by Die Ilcv. W. M. Dimctiii, as- staled by the Hev. M. A. Masscy, A HORSE CANNOT GALLOP WITH ITS FE£T IN THIS POSITION, ALTHOUGH ARTISTS IN MX CENTURIES HWe 40 DRM^II-l K? AtL TOUR FCC.T 8E OFF THE GROUND IN GALLOR, CXCr.PT VJHE.I-1 FUXEO BJIF-W(\ Wt tJODV. ARC. TORNADOES OVER WATER? ?«£= was in lite cemetery. Sunilly lot at _)Of',i SWOE.RS Hf-UC TWO E.VF.5, SOME SIX, BUT MOJT OF THEM HAVE EKSHTf CAVE-LIVING SPIDERS HAVE NO EYES AT AU-/ (I. )hio Masons Battle "Propaganda" in Nation AKRON, O. (U!')-Olllo's 35,000 fnsons fire going lo tattle "Insldl- us pi'."' 1 :i(inhd]i" which they bc- cvc inr^tly responsible for "luw- :ssness ami lowered tone of mor- .llty" throughout, the country. A resolnlloii lo Ilint ofTcct won iiiiiniiiujiis support, ot the lOMli niiiml growl nsscmtjly of tho iiinO council of ituynl mul Select Istcr.s held here. "We decline our osltloii to, sucinUsin, any mid fu.wlsm, or >thcr iKlmliilslratlve system op, losing our representative ami onslitviUomil form ot govcrn- iicnt," (lie resolution Bald, "well Knowing Hint In UIOM coinitrlci 1 liii vhlch llit'.su systems prevail, (wv- sonn) Dlji'rty conscs, free S]>ect'h \nd H free press arc piohllilUHl iiid the instllutlon of tree niiison- ry deslroyert." Philadelphia Cops Get Consent (or 2-Way Radio PHILADELPHIA OJP)~Petwis- slon has been granted Plilladel- |)hln, tlio iiloiicer city of jxjllce rnillo comimmlcnUon : , receiving ti)))inratii!>, to • cxucrlment with two-wny' rncllo transmission jscts" Iti b;iiulit clutters. Tlic DcjmrtnuDl of Public" Safety lins Ijccn licensed \>y /Die Federal Communications Commission lo ilctermlne the most efllclcnt" menus of two-wny communication between Uie cruising red police/ cuts imcl Headquarters. CBEOMUSIN Hcml Coui'lur Ncwn Wimt MIS. BLYTHEVILLE 13 SOUTH 2nd ST. - OITOSITK I,AUWWY 2 Performances TUB OKIfifNA'L moved over to let me fit beside Mrs. Ro^svelt, for as long as tt would take to answer ten questions that T hod prepared hi. advance. • • Somebody on the other side murmured that it. was time to get on with Uie evening's program. Mrs. Roosevelt, who heard the cise to keep fit? Do you count cai-(greeted ft nwly-avrlvcd guest, orics or otherwise watch your talked over the telephone, dictat- dict?" . |cd two Invitations and gave some The answer to all these, it seems, murmur, looked around to suggest ^ no ' lo«lers for dinner. And never once ... o, a y hi g tiid sllc lose tlle ll ' lrad of wll;l1 she was .saying to me. usl w mildly: "You go ahead. I'll come '»»»«'* «' -»^ 'ts lO he S Bci »S - r .ft' «™.'t diango Eleanor «rt,™ T ^..., n r.,,tc-v,r,^ tv^ic" ' uses ail ner moments to me ueit, a •» , <> ,„_._. when I have finished this." advantage; she eats what she likes, though she Is not intensely inter- She 'the sees one great change in - Ftoosevcll^and r.ll 'those millions who have felt her magnetic, gracious charm, or ki\ov:n the fine given to projects, . . . .„ ..m,, =,.,» ,, !C LS M.» uu ™. L I1C .,, iL. " rc heartily glad of ill woman America has ever seen in public life. I Not one single thing is done by 'this President's wife according to the formula that some stickler for what "is correct has worked out. "^ is all to the gooa. (Williams, 15, died Saturday She accomplishes more in-one day'.. ul £ ov :< B lnat ™ «» P»»- .a short illness with typhoid-levei than must v,6men get 'toe in a''! c ' sur P[; se "pressed when they aud pncumonta . Tht boliy was J^eek, and yet'ahe^never -shows a f 0 s ^p'?^'°?*J$i%.. tl ! e fas .;-: sent to Hardin, Ky., .for .burial •' '•'•'- '"" •" ""• lhW -»" rfl " >1 '- nh -^ '"'• lYoiinff Williams,'In company willij .,.... pin .,, v . i Party of 'iriends, was CBinpins * i i Ji, , ,, j int Davis iiavk whib picWn» coUcn' As for the .ten years ahead: in U iis • vicinity. ' "I'm no prophet," Mrs. Roosevelt protested, "but if I Raises Big Pumpkins J. 13. McCarn is going to have some big Jack O' Lanterns nt his house on Hallowe'en. On Ms two acres, of pumpkins he has four iiinijiklns, on one vine. n>hleli weigh Irom 52 lo 15 pounds each. McCarn, who lives two miles west of BIytheville, plans to sell some Jiimpkins and use the rest for cat- ing and hog feed. STEELE,. Mo. — Charles Jnrvrs aftoi HiI r Scln fS he Ittd allylhing " taut W " nt "' omelt may ' their uedalf. She hati , (h h t ( , ? ^^."rJS??5: ^»W »X ">at e.,ey would jto'on . trace of hurry or flurryl''sVie cares pa^sioiiately for many causes, better children, more education, better" homes, women's progress—and has never felt that being in Hie While House should restrict her activities in come all thj ton to speak at the Women's position because she approves; heartily of what it has 'done in the thirteen years it had been held, to raise the prestige of women iji - the business world. The ideal of the late Julia Aimira Kimball, who when she was approaching eighty made the Exposition financially possible, appeals to Mrs. Roosevelt. Only liming a Jump do^s u horse huve all four feet off the cionnil, [is pii'tiiiTd above. In a gsillcip, u leaves the ground completely only for 11 brief moment, when the four feet live doubled tip l:en p jath . . . ju^l prior to hnulhii/ nynln on lht> hind fevt. New Liberty Baptists Observe Anniversary celebrated Liberty I):i|)tlst clmi'cli Its • first anniversary Church Study Entered The study of the First Presbyterian church wns ransacked by thieves'Sunday night but apparently nothing wns taken. The act was discovered by the Rev. Stuart II. Salmon, pastor, when he found an open window In the church. Si.'iulnj' u-illi n home-coming. Sim- dny ;:chnol was' held nl the usual hour, v.ith tlio Uev. Mr. Gill pi Aimorel bringing; Ihi? mornin; mcK.igc, "Weiuhtd In the Halunco". Al t)te iKimi hqtir lunch wns toivcd to the luvge coivgrcw.itl on Hie froiiiKta of the church. After lunch chorus .singing was enjoyed, led by Vcsler Pierce, alter which t)ie secieUiry of Ha^i- ll'A inltcions. the Eev. !;. "p. Hridgts, brousht tl'.e inefsage, • Til-: Origin of the Chinches". 1), Y. p. U. ivus held with a large atl"iui- ancc at the usual hour, with the puslor of the church, the Hcv. V. .11. veil tn hrliiL'liiE Sunday ihi< fnre, Steele Schools Will Reopen October 15 GENTRY BROS. Trained Animal Show and Circus Combined 100 HIGHLY KIHJCATUn AN'ISIAI-S KAPITAN Wontlcr Dog of Movies ?, Mo.—Kehtifrts of c:cin dlslrirt number eltht, In- clmUtr; Steele, Mlcola, Dentun ai« I, «lll 0|ien Qctoli'^r If) uftc weeks cntlon picking vncu l.ion. it has been iniiioiinced li G. E. Miller, the superintendent. Dojr Av/nllh; Master on (,'rcck McCLUHR 1'a. tUP)—Wnlllng In vain for his young itinst-r, u pet ilog refuses Lo leave live bank of n creek near here. The young mns- ter, Mnrlln Knepp, drowned when he fell into the stream, liirorls ot the boy's parents to keep the dog at home have failed. SKVKUA1,. AUDK1) KUUOPBAN NOVK1.TIKS \vere to guess , Benefit Bingo Forty There will b= a bingo party at being taken more and more for Half Moon Friday evening. 7:30 granted—that ts, being 'less - and o'clock, for the benefit o[ the kaguc less discriminated against and Itas and Sunday school. , "t have told all who have ask- j ed about my birthdays thnt I wish': lo disregard them us much as possible," Mrs.' Roosevelt, -continued, her gray eyes thoughtful. "I do not like to think in terms of years,, .and 1 do not believe it necessary that anybody should. It would be t'tter If we put less stre,ss on age, anyway. The thing is lo keep on doing!" •.:.., •: - • . \ •• i I asked about Mrs. Roosevelt's personal plans for the next ten years. Slie laughed at that. . . "1 ijave no plans; I never plan ahead," she. declared. "I just keep on doing what is to be done. As for retiring—well, I don't: think [ retiring is a matter of planning,! USEESSOLENEAND VW WIU. SEE WHATS MEANT BY RJEL ECONOMY.' SMOOTHER PEHFOKM4*C£ Mark the days on next week's calendar! (.:OURIER NEWS COOKING SCHOOL Oc.l. 16-17-18-19 (lily Hall Auditorium Admission FREE Th«m ik Steiner Trio Powell Family Ami The Tight Witc Scnsatinns NKVKK HKTOKB AT 25c ADUI/l'S 35c THERE'S JUST NO LIMIT TO UNDERGRAD 'SMARTNESS' H flocsn'l Like ;t volume of words to tell Ihc "Umlcr-ftr:ul" story for Rill. Simply Hi is: They're America V; siiuirt- cst young turn's clothing , . . and . .. .wt a Can jirovo thi.s lo you with very little trouble. • "$20 -- $25 With Talon Tailored Trousers ,. New Mead Clothing Co. Si immons rest : YOU iKAVE ALWAYS WANTED ,-A SIMMONS BEAUTYREST — the mat- tvess that is chosen for the wealthiest homes, not because of its cost, but for iLa internationally.known value as the finest mattress made. How you sleep tonight will determine how you look and feel tomorrow. Broken sleep on a poorly made mattress loaves you tired and irritable. Deep, sound sleep on a Beautyrest built to givo your body PERFECT RELAXATION will leave you fooling alive, radiant and with sparkling eyes. Sleep On Yours Tonight It's easy fo own a Beautyrest now. Come m torocfrotv miming, test it for yourself, and tomorrow night you will sleep like a child. Wary delightful pasial shades to choosa from, in the coverings. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO, BIytheville, Ark,

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