Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 19, 1968 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1968
Page 4
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4-A THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 196* MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 118 North Ninth Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62864 (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1870 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY Editor WM. C. RACKAWAY . .....Business Manager ORIAN METCALF —News Editor JOHN RACKAWAY —Sports Editor GUY HENRY City Editor NADINE ALLISON Society Editor ROBERT K. THOMPSON _ Advertising Manage' CHARLES DEITZ _ Plant Superintendent MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is exclusively sntitled to use for tne publication of B II news credited to it or not other- wise credited in this paper and also the local news puulished therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois SUBSCRIPTION RATES Subscriptions must be paid in advance. By Mail, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, 1 year $ 9.00 6 months $6.00; 3 months $3.50; 1 month $ 1.25 3y msll outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within ISO miles; 1 year $12.00; 6 months $8.00; 3 months $5.50; per single month $ 2.50 Outside 150 miles, 1 year $15.00 6 months, $8.50; 3 months $6.00; 1 month $2."5. Delivered by carrier in city per week _ 40 BERRY'S WORLD c, 1968 by NEA, Inc A Thought For Today And the king shall desire your beauty. Since "ie is your lord, bow to him.—Psalms 45:11. "Nostalgic, huh?" Today In Washington WASHINGTON (AP) — A national commission has recommended against a new government order that would allow welfare applicants to sign a simple declaration of need instead of undergoing a lengthy investigation. "In our judgment it is premature to impose such a mandate, despite the mounting criticism of the eligibility determination process," the commission said in a report Tuesday. Called the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations^ the panel counts among its members Vice President­ elect Spiro T. Agnew. Object of its criticism is a new order issued in the past month by the Health, Education and Welfare Department which would substitute a declaration of need for what some feel is the degrading investigatory process welfare applicants must now undergo. The commission said states should be left free to experiment with, their own eligibility systems. The substitution becomes effective in June unless rescinded by the incoming administration. Two for the Price of One The beauty seen is partly in him who sees it.- vee, American writer. -Christian N. Bo- Arrest 35 In National Guard 'Ghost Soldier' Plot Editorial . . . Writing On Wall In School Crises People In The News CHICAGO (AP) The trou- WASHINGTON (AP) — Spearheading a bipartisan attack, Sen. Joseph S. Clark says the Agriculture Department has "fallen pretty badly on its face" in handling programs to feed America's hungry poor. "It is just not set up to handle ,, , . , .these welfare programs," the .:led conscience of a young man ; Pennsylvania Democrat com­ aker he paid for a false draf< mented Tuesd duri a deferment helped the FBI crack | cia] Senate committee hearing a draft-dodging scheme and led on hunger programs. O NE MILLION school children in New York have been locked . to charges against 35 persons, Testifying at the time was out" of their classrooms for most of this school year because CHICAGO (AP) - Helen, including three members of the; Aaron M. Altschul, an Agricul- of a teachers' strike. Hayes will teach a seminar in j Hmois National Guard. | ture Department specialist on In at least two other localities, both in Ohio, thousands of j playrcading at the University of | The FBI arrested 33 of those international nutrition improve- other children have found themselves in the same predicament— j Illinois in Chicago beginning in charged Wednesday and the ment. again because of strikes, but in these cases not strikes by teach-;February. U.S. attorney's office said that! Clark and several other mem- ers but by citizens who refuse to tax themselves enough to keep j The appointment of Miss additional charges were expect-' Ders sa i°" Altschul's own com- their schools in operation. _ i Hayes, known as first lady of ed to be filed. ments had indicated the Agri- School levies were voted down twice this year at Perry, Ohio, j the American theater, as distin- -p ne sc h eme involved the sale culture De P artment has given forcing the closing of the schools in October. Fortunately for j gu ished professor of speech and 11Q draft reE i strants of nhonvi more attention t0 problems of Perry kids, a third levy was passed in the recent elections and ; theater at the university was > p y the schools will soon reopen. 1 announced Wednesday by Chan- But for 28,000 school children in Youngstown. Nov. 5 was a' ceUor Norm an A. Parker. : r7,arri TnnTvT "Vw i,,slut,nai ! "It is perfectly ridiculous for dark day. A school levy was defeated for the third time, despite; Miss HayeSi 68, is in Chicago ~T aratt-exempt. \ ±ese programs t0 be in the De- warnings that the schools could not go on without it and despite : W j ncl j ng up an engagement in ; t ^° m cials said the plot might partment of Agriculture," com- Charles Percy, He Aways Gets j u |j e And David Keep A-Coconut Wedding Details Secret dtcuments indicating the men!^ nehungry abr0ad than at Kelley's "The the loss in state funds that it would entail. It was the fifth levy c eor „ e defeat in the city in two years. Off."" Youngsown children now face an extended Thanksgiving - ' Christmas - New Year's hiatus in their education from Nov. 27 to Jan. 23. SANTA MONICA, Calif. .(AP) The issues that have aroused voter wrath in bolh communi- — Actor David Janssen, 38, who j "#host Show have gone unnoticed if it mented Illinois' weren't for a young man now a Republican. serving in Vietnam who told Selective Service officials he paid WASHINGTON (AP) — The $600 to the guardsmen for highest radioactive fallout mea- soldier" status in a sured in six years spread ties are more complicated than a simple revolt against taxes. : starred in the television series 1 guard unit Yet that factor is certainly present, and is perhaps more influen- i "The Fugitive," was sued for T 0n e investigator said- extreme cruelty, asked Suprior , ^ drafted , xne agenc> Court for reasonable support lat . r annnAo « . „_ | that the level and equitable division of community property. Marr tial than the voters themselves realize or would admit. , separate maintenance Wednes^ School taxes are about the only ones that the ordinary citizen (jay. His wife, Ellie, charging has under his direct and immediate control. Washington is remote, and state capitals (where legislatures have raised taxes by $3.8 billion in the past two years) are not much closer. But no state, and no nation, can long tolerate continual interruptions in the education of those who will be the citizens of > y L , ars ago they separated last tomorrow, whether brought about by striking teacher; or by j August her suit said sriking taxpayers. j ' ' ; If local communities cannot or will not educate their chil-| DETROIT (AP) — Dwieht H ; dren eventually a higher government, on the state or a federal I Joh 21 who WQn ^ Med£d i level, win move in and do it for them. I Qf Honor ^ vjetnam fe signing ... _ ... up today for another three-' Hairnets For The Hirsute "He came to us with a bad cor science. His j later wounded in Vietnam. He I through the West last week after an underground nuclear test in Nevada, reports the U.S. brother" hadi P ^ lic Health Service The agency said, however, measured by its * """"I said he felt lousy about being a' air mon i torin g network did not led 10 draft dodger since he never a?- appear dan S erous and subsided PEORIA, 111. (AP) — Ed Clinch received a coconut for a Christmas present Wednesday from an anonymous donor. He expected it. It was the 21st consecutive year a surprise visitor made the delivery. Sheriff Willard M. Koeppel of Peoria County delivered it to Clinch, 52, a park district foreman, at his home and remained mum as to who recruited him for the errand. Previous deliveries have been mace by the mayor of Peoria, the county coroner, the FBI, a Marine Corps recruiter, a policeman and a newspaper reporter. The coconuts have come by helicopter, parachute jumper, ambulance, police car and fire truck. "My children have been raised with this thing," Clinch said. "At Christmas they look forward to the coconut more than Santa Claus." Clinch thinks the coconuts may have some connection with his World War n Air Force service in the Pacific but the trail ends there. tended guard drills or otherwise quickly after the Dec. 8 blast at Pahute Mesa. was called on to perform as a guardsman." ' . , nffi^ioi „J ,u Capital Footnote later enl^? * T"* • The At0mic E ™*& Commis later enlisted m the Army. sion has reportfid seigmic si -. --- E ! ght Persons, including a nals indicating a possible under- I year-hitch in the Army-but this ca I-tain and two sergeants of ground nuclear blast in the Soil is not ^ Illinois National Guard, viet Union. The AEC said six! • « w r^nn^ri that hair- ? me - T n were arrested after indictments ' similar shock waves have been "T*HE AUTOMOBILE Legal Association has proposed that hair paying the Detroit area, were returned by a federal j recorded this year nets be made mandatory for hippie drivers. i Sgt. Johnson has agreed to an- Chicaeo Thev T ^Jthv locks are a traffic hazard not only because they' other nitcn 0 n the condition that S*-™ J ury ln ine ^ said Wednesday. ! <V uand causing false statements The youthful hero, who was ; " _ be made to draft boards. because other drivers are disconcerted when they see a car being driven by "a ball of fuzz." "Many hairstyles of the younger set obstruct both forward and lateral vision," says Philip C. Wallwork, ALA safety director. "A regulation requiring hairnets for the hairy set may prove as sensible as the regulations requiring helmets for motorcyclists." The problem could also be solved by mandatory haircuts, or perhaps even a hairstyle with peepholes. But that, he thinks, may be too drastic a step. NEWS BRIEF STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — First Lt. Richard Flaherty, 100 pounds and 4-feet-9, has volunteered for Special Forces training at Ft. Bragg, N.C. Flaherty, 23, who had to gain credited with pulling wounded I Twenty-five potential draftees 1 m a s mail, j comrades from burning tanks in were arrested on complaints ! a Viet Cong ambush and holding \ onarging them with submitting | off the enemy unit until help ar- j false statements to draft author' rived, will spend most of the j ities. ! time visiting Detroit schools and | Two others were being sought | explaining Army programs to i on the same charge. All 35 per- students, the spokesman said. sons are from the Chicago area. j The FBI said most payments I STONEBORO, Pa. (AP) — for the false document were in into the Army in the first place, Re j ser \ s a great grand- j the $300 to $500 range, but some Postmaster Gen. Marvin W. Watson said absenteeism among postal workers because of flu is growing and if it gets any worse j may slow the delivery of Christ- six pounds and obtain a waiver of the height requirement to get is no stranger to rigorous living ; mothcr of ^ ^ of them DQrn , In 13 months of duty in Viet- ;the same d in different cities ; x ' wu nam recently he was wounded, ,. T was j(jst thri]led „ three times and won the Silver Mrs _ Rei a widow _ said Capital Quote "I think the right action now in the view of some of the troubles abroad and the temporary settlements is not to make any statements that will cause any speculation one way or the other."—Treasury Secretary-designate David Kennedy in a news conference that, despite attempts at caution, was followed Star and two Bronze Stars. The Q re ™«^.!»*<*™^ mar^ets.^ ^ °" Woman Killed As Bridge Falls TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. IAP ) — To avoid further risk, authorities today closed a sister span to the Anclote River bridge that collapsed Tuesday, killing one person and injuring five. The Florida Highway Patrol, reporting that all persons in volved in the collapse were accounted for, said the decision to close U. S. 19 south of Tarpon Springs to all traffic was precautionary in nature. "With the collapse of the oth- ei bridge, traffic had become extremely heavy on this one and it was too much for it to bear," a patrol spokesman said. By LOUISE COOK Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) — When Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower said they wanted their wedding Sunday to be a private affair, they really meant it. The guest-list for the marriage of the daughter of the President-elect to the grandson of the former president is still a secret—although it has been learned there are few political i or public figures included. Information about Julie's wedding gown, her attendants' dresses, the single-ring ceremony at Marble Collegiate Church an dthe reception at the Plaza Hotel will not be released until the last minute. And there will be no news coverage allowed either of the cere- money or the reception. | "Julie said she did not want , anyone watching that wedding j who was not a personal friend or someone she knows," Mrs. Gerry Van der Heuvcl, Julio's ! mother's press aide, said Thursday. Mrs. Van der Heuvel did give out a few tidbits—including the fact that the ceremony will be broadcast, via closed circuit television, to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower who is in Walter Reed Army Hospital recuperating from a series of heart attacks. She also said that David's sister Barbara Anne, who war, married Nov. 16, will be a bridesmaid and her husband, Fernando Echavarrha -Uribe of Bogota, Colombia, will be an usher. Julie was one of Barbara Anne's attendants. Asked about parties for the bride, Mrs. Van de Heuvel said there would be a luncheon given for Julie Friday at the Cosmopolitan Club by Susan Harvin of Houston, Tex., who will be B bridesmaid. The rehearsal will be Saturday afternoon, by which time the church will be decorated with Christmas greenery and red and white poinsettias the Nixons requested for the platform at the head of the aisle. The rehearsal dinner, given by David's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eisenhower, will be Saturday night at a Manhattan restaurant. Belleville Gl Killed In War WASHINGTON (AP) — The Defense Department announced Wednesday that two Illinois servicemen had been killed in action in Vietnam. They were identified as: Marine 2nd ! Lt. Terry Pensoneau, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Pensoneau, 17 Kingsbury Drive, Belleville. Marine Cpl. Mark E. Madsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Madsen, 1002 S. Linden St., Normal. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii NOW SHOWING « iiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMniMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii C—3ESS!ZL_^ m GREATEST ftOMM SHOW Of ALL TIME! hadn't been a boy in my family J^S^ ^ thas been for 19 years until yesterday." ; °™™nt ed director of the AID J ' ' mission to Honduras, it was announced today. Entertainment Answer to Prerious Puzzle ACROSS 2,4 Comedian 8 Mood for a torch singer 12 Actress Gardner 13 Asian lake ! 14 Where movies are I made ! 15 French ball 16 Purses 18 Geometric I plane curve 20 Expunge 21 Abstract being 22 Tidy 24 Land measure 26 Depots (ab.) VI Flatfish 30 Evening party 57 Note in Guido's scale DOWN 1 Baseball great, Ruth 2 Ellipsoidal 3 Danseuse 4 Stringed instruments 5 Native metals 19 Lifeless 6 Open to 23 Artist's public perusal 7 Actor, Wallach 8 Ejaculate 8 Actress, —— Albright 10 Shoshonean Indians 11 Essential being 31 Weirder 33 Miller frame 38 Fools 24 City in Italy 40 Runs from 32 Daughter of 17 Stopped Cadmus (myth.) 84 Sheltered by , canvas 35 Newspaper executive 36 Feminine appellation 37 Train trade 39 Abound 40 Discover 41 Scruple (ab.) 42Kindof thread 45 Neck of land 49 intrude 51 Cooler 52&eg Joint 53 Passage in the brain 64 Singer,— *KinjFCoJe 55 Superlative suffixes 56CityM 25 Female student 26 Portable chair 27 Reach a decision 28 Tropical plant 29 Road shoulder danger 41 Cubic meter 42 Similar 43 Hostelries 44 Let it stand 46SmaE barracuda 47 Soviet stream 48 Bristles 50 Falsehood r r 3 r & r 7 r r 10 ii 13 15 17 18 19 lib | til sr W » 4ft 48 « sr ur SIS 36 w Two of the great grandchildren born Tuesday were boys. One is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Patterson of Cleveland, Ohio, born in a Cleveland hospi- i tal, the other the son of Mr. and Mrs. KuKenc Reiser of Stone, born in the Franklin, Pa., hospital. The great granddaughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Reiser Jr., of Sandy Lake, Pa., in a Greenville hospital. BARBS Kids will understand the , reluctance to get back to the Stoneman, 50, succeeds Rob- • classrooms exhibited by teach ert J. Minges, who has trans-! ers during a recent, prolonged ferred to Ecuador. Stoneman's . strike most recent assignment was: with the compliance and management staff of AID in Washington. Don't Be Left Without a Present for Chr stnias, Just Come To WASHINGTON (AP) - Walter G. Stoneman, a career offi- TORONTO (AP) - British sculptor Henry Moore has told the Art Gallery of Ontario that he will donate a large selection from his collection to the gallery. ^^•F ^NOWSHOWINC Jiiiiiiiiiii t iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiniiuijtiif iiiiiiiiiiiif in jiifiif iif iiiiriiiiijuiiif iiiiiiiii tirif iiiuiiiiiif iiiiiui (flmpopcr inUrprit* AmJ BOND'SALE SEAIUCOND in fWiiYUEliUUIj; PANAVISION TECHNICOLOR Re-released thru United Artists THUNDERBALL—7,-30 TECHNICOLOR' I Ruvleased thru United Artists RUSSIA—-9:40 it Kt. 148 — 242-3733 Open 6—Starts 7 STARTS FRIDAY BEAN MARTIN ROBERT MITCH17M numKimtUrum i if r.nHiroi OH APARAMrniNi .i 'iciiinr 2nd Feature At 9:15 CMPfTMHS TECfiMcoioR® pmmm A PARAMOUNT RE-RELEASE Today and Purchase the Latest Records at D'scount Prices. Forty-Fives $.88 I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE—Marvin Gaye LOVE CHILD—D'ana Ross & The Supreme* FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE —Stev e Wonder ABRAHAM, MARTIN & JOHN —Dion WHO'S MAKING LOVE —Johnnie Taylor HEY JUDE—The Beatles WICHITA LINEMAN —Glen Campbell STORMY-Classic IV I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME —Bobby Vinton MAGIC CARPET RIDE —Steppenwolf ALBUMS $1.89 to $4.79 THE BEATLES NEW ALBUM —Beatles THE SECOND-Steppenwolf WICHITA LINEMAN—Glen Campbell IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA —Iron Butterfly SHADES OF DEEP PURPLE —Deep Purple HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. —Jeannie C. R ley IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD —Moody Blues CROWN OF CREATION —Jefferson Airplane HAWAII-HO-Don Ho INSTANT HAPPY-Don Ho We also have a selection of Christmas Tapes (8 and 4 Track) 7:30 P.M. 9:15 P.M. COMING - Saturday & Sunday 11:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. — All Seats 50c SANTA BRINGS CHRISTMAS FUN TO MARS! Blast off for Mars...with Santa and a pair of Earth Kids! HEAR: 4 'Hooray % for Santa Claus" n ON rOUR CORNERS RECORDS J SEE: The Martians Kidnap Santa! Santa's North Pole Workshop! The Fantastic Martian Toy Factory! Earth Kids Meeting with Martian Kids! Space-ship Journey from Earth to Mars! Santa turn Mars-Robot into a Mechanical Toy! WiMtmby Fitfutfi* LVuMty A JlMi PLUS 3 COLOR CARTOONS

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