Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 5,1912. NEXT TIME I'LL LET HIM BLOW HIS HEAD OFF." SAYS FELIX TO FINK. Professional Directory, * • * DR. C. H. BUSS • , * iH-nUnt • I* KxJrarilon wllhout p«lo bjfth* * UK*! of NitrouH OxUJ* (taa « R OOM .\O. I .Vortferup BMc <> riione»—Office 5 :>3; Ren. 8&2 WANTS-ALL RINDS. WANTS-ALL KINDS. gOME MORE WAxNTS FOR SALE-FOR SALE. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT U>« finest frulf and /arming aection In FlorMa. Addr.>88 H. U. Gates, Ar- rtdla. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTKD—TO BLY A GOOD vounp cow >!u?t be .1 No 1 Dr Shad wick. WAN7i ?n—AN KXI'HRIKNTKn woman for hons^-Tirork on farm Ad-' drws Mrs. P T- Ha!l. R. No. I. Oar-; lyle. Ka.« Phono ;'S0-21, " , WANTKD—.MInni.K AGKD WHITK Udy ff> work in (••-•untry W .ico? dollar* per weok A L Tv>»n.-cnil Pbon*> 332-42 ; = : 1 W.VNTKD—SEWING BY PAY OR at homo Miss Untie LaRiie. ilO So. 3rd. St. Pionp m2 ' , WANTKI)—A i;iKU TO ASSIST IN niuhen. Ai'i)ly }li^i-< i;;int.-. Huiu- ii '>h ;t Kan.^as SALKSM.AN WANTKD—K.AHN t2.^" i • r ;no.nTh s<>!l (ionlors highly adv.^r- 'i^ixl artlol'* excl'i#!\oly siili' iint'. .\'o r^aniiiles ut rarry St I>iiii«. Mo. Inii'orial i\>. WANTKD- HU;H iM.ASS MKN TO -"M trp<>s. shriih~. ro?oti. \ino.-. l"»rry !>i!s;';-.r.-. hiii:.s. rTc. (Irvid wapos. pT-'^nf KxiliL'^ivo trrritory nr "Wn ?ir'->rhor3 .\itr.-« ri--. Rochos'pr. .Vfiv Y. rk listlne and salp? a?pnt -.voiild h<i in I<';a for th.' j-urjiosp of findins apd li.-itlnr Sfvoral prircs of AI'>n C-»uniy farms anil town pro;>*rty that are lor .•=ai'? hy the owners. If you are tired 1:' •'"olinjr with ooniniission au-nts an<l aw Hn\i"!is to soil write our .Mr. Z. (• .Martin- Oneral D.'livery, who i.< n.Tw In loia at Krause jlotel and will • •.i!T And ai>rai.-e your pr<>p'"rty The .\o t 'l ^mriil-.sion Roal'y Co. Home of- liv'V Kan-^a? fity. Mo. MKN W.NNTKD-^ CKMKNT AND r< k I.'aders at the lA-htint Mill of the ' Ir.j;e,l Kansas Portland I'caient Co . :;ear Indepi-ndence Kansas WANTKD—TMN'. M ; KOOM HIUI. at onoo; experi-n.-d irtfcrrevi. Port- landflotel WA.VTKD -MIDDI.K AiIKD Wf1M- an for .hon?e ki-oper .\iid;e>s "S." ear* "Repi.ster W.\NTKD—(IIKl. TO DO KITCHKN «ork at the Htissei! Hi-»u-»o r.l"' No I.-r.'r.-on P.'ione 4'"> WANTKD-: iMl s I '.dOM .MODKKN l .oii.-.- In ftooil l.>i-aTton In exv-!iaiue :'• r :i flt^r niortsase Will pay I'.iiice <-as!i W, (• Stark.-, .\tent WOMKN—SKM, C.fARANTKED iio .<i<-ry 7" per . > nf protir; make linily: full or parr titue; he^rinner.'^ in- vesiii:;it. STRONi; KNIT. Ro\ 4'>2:' West Pi;i:ai!eiphin. Pa FORM I.nws W.\NTKD-t AM pre;.;irei'. to take ear'' of Kami I.oati.J. •lirU'" or! at t^e lowest rate to >e oliiaint-.l anywhere PrUilece to ;ay ar.> an^iMinf at any interest pay- inir Mnie Ste nie and Ref ferir.s and •; ; rat-;, t -.-'ore pla <-lnL- >our loan R I. FOR SALK—HOUSE FURNISH lng3, Rasa and Linoleums. Trunks and Suit Cas«e. Bonnell Furaltare Co.. i , N. Jerrerson. Phone 1290 FOR SAI.K—SDMK IIOrSKMOI.D I fitrnltiire inrlij^Jinjr stoves I'all at Ml Soi'.tli Syi-ainore. FOR S\LK- IINK MII.K .AND ONK iior.-e colt ."• i:;o:;i.. i.:.! ''all 70? Ka.^' Uiroln St FOR SAI.K—C'OD nofSK fl.OSK :n. ehrap on in.-'alltii.-'ntAl.-o c"<)'l lot close in cheap Call ;ihone iiD'.X FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SAIJE—FOR SAI^. FOR SAI .K -TlCKirr TO FlfNlNG- on. Oregon fro.Ti St. -loe Mo. Inquire tt .Jes.a Howards Shoe Shop. East lohi. FOR SALE-SJNGLE COMB BROWN Leghorn cockerels, ransie raised. 0 P. Duncan, lola. Route Ko. 2. , FOR S.\I.K SOME NICK YOUNG, j'ic.s S. .\. .Morrison-. .Moran. Kas . or • ;>hon>' 7.'.i' UiHarpe. , FOR S.M.K -TWO RROOD SOWS i one wit;-, sexrr, th" oth^r nine pies I Pi:un>' or FOR S.M.K—ALL KINDS OF FEED! a' the Kast lola Ferd Store. Phone FOR H\J.K-C,OOD DKIVI.NG ANT> Ilcht work iiorsp in ci..),| condition C F Harth, Phone '..vs-Sl , T:'.o;r.Is.'n. 0\er Kvans Dnm Store FOR SALK—RKBIILT TYPEWRl- ters. ail niak.-.s. like new; cli.-ap .New j addinc ir..iiii!ne. 11'. "o C.i'.l at unce. j ; H V Plant, K.!!ey Hot..; i. ^ : FOR S\I.K—RfC.S. FCRNITCRK .-:r,.v..s I'.ii: k Casli i.r payments ' Kd H. nn.iii;. r W. -t .Mad-on FOR SALK-LOT OK FLVE SHOT sriins and rifl."s. Remineton automat- i/s. Stevens. MarStn. Roberts. Winches t»r Pump iriins. i I^ots of sln\le bar- r«d shot K»n? J2 .'ill to %?. 00. All kinds of revolvers. Several cood repeating 22 ca'.Uter rlflts from |" "n iip Thesp uuns have txin pawned and are un- re Icani'i! Therefore I can sell thetu ch.^aii ni;us Pawn Shop. In fruit store Side Rfpiare. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. WANTED—1:. R.ANKS OF C.(WD sawed «r.i N Tenn St W.XNTKD TO rUY SKC(^NDi!.\M> V (.->5in CeKo .1 W Rccacnon. ij.- Harp' WANTKD—t'-'i HI" WHEAT .VT the East lola Feed Store Phone S."7 WANTKD I.AINDRKSS D.-SAII.- '•^.-^ 4'1 Ka-f .l.t.-kson U VNTf:D 2 Ki)0\tS FOR LI'iHT' k>etiinc near srlv^»l liuU'iitii - . ' ;1 Kelley >loiel FOK SVI.K SHOATS N Tenn LNQUIRE I HKAL KSTATK WANTED WE advrrtis'd .^onie weeks aco that onr CRC.KNT SALK -SKCOND HAND sfiuar.- piano Arltnc^-^n Co Prlre J2.'> .0 1 Sn-.:'!; Pr<-mier ty;i.'w riler. Invalid li'.a'.r. aM in i:o.,.i i-oti.liiion .ind very ci'.eap • Q'lii-k" 'ar*" Ke;i:;'er FOR S,<t.E-aEGI STEREO. BIG honed. Poland China hoar-pics from i!ie pri/.e winninc s-ock at the Kan- sa.H City Rojal In TM1 There Isno Ix'tler Ci>mo and I will show you J R Clfr.e . FOR SALE-1. GALLON COP- [er ketfte L !'>'^ rzs incubator. T acres kafTir corn in rh", field Harry Ma-'s. Sn<-..ii<l IlanrI Store FOR SAl.r ORCHARD OF WIN- ter anp'es -.'"."lo i,,; 2 nit!es *e<;t. ,'! mile- nortii o;' Mrjran T OVMS Kr.Ttiier FOR SM.V: OR TRADE-LAHARPE Citv Hotel, or will sell fiirnititv,-. and ren' biiitdini; rp.i.'<"nhle. G. <". Parla iJlHariH'. Kas FOR SALE—WHITE NANNY GOAT wagon and harness. Louie H. Klau- maniE FOR SALE—RESTAURANT IN Carlyle. Will sell cheap Frank Frase. farlyle. FOR SALE—$12.00 GARLAND! heating range; 'u.sed one sea.son, $6 00 513 E. Broadway. • • * - - • * HONET TO LOAJiI • *, Will lend on bonsehold gooda. • •> pianos, organs, sewing n>^ • •> cblnefl. diamonds and jaweliyi * •> J. W. COFFEY • » OtSctj Ko. 110 Kortb Street ^ • -> rniLLir HEIGELE « -> General liepmliing « * • •> no»i SouUi street—Ida, Kaa. • * . • • • •» F. L. B. LEITBLL, M. D. • • Speclaiaea: 'I • •> Diaeaaea of the Cheat _ • * Diseases of Chlldr^ • Fhaneji— OfSre U7i Re*. 117 * •:• lola State Bank BIdg. • > • FOR SALE OR TRADE—NF'W MEN ho land; 1«0 acres b'-st valiey soil: beautiful monntnin .scenery. Best c!i- | mate in the world for lunK and throat j trouble. Enough flood water flows j across this tract each year to lrri:;ate ! a wh^Ie j.^cilon. if re.servolrs were | huilf. ' Native grasses mutrlous a.s alfalfa On main line Rook Island near dlvisi .in iKiint and County Seat. Will trade for city property of small tract near cood city in Kansas. Price $1." P >r acre Call at onre. H. V. Plant Kelley HotBl. T.OCANATSEy Expert Piano Timing and Repairing, WItk Roberta Uualc Co. IRA B. FRANTZ THK •rrOMBTMCr FOR SALK—A GOOD ORGAN. •IMlre r;i2 S Third Phone S4. IN- FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT CASES and tninks as good as new Unless roo see thera before buylns. we'll both lose. Bigus Pawn Shop. LMIPE.NEWS FOR TODAY aw H BMK MOI ->n A TIK. tn :. YKSTEKHAY. Friend- Siirpri»e Mr. and Mr*. B. Hurlock LadieV Ud Kleclion— Pfr>nna1 .Mention. •^•^^•^v •^•s •^•?•?•r•rv•r•^•^ •r Do voi'.r own P;>ii;re Deve'.on- •r in? It is n^uih cheai^er and •5^ lots of fun We carry n full line •:• o:' Veiox and -\zo i •pir.s: 4- ;.:'per. Pictures printed on V* .\7.r> pap'^r are friUy as go,..i prin'ed at ni .sriit. I HATLR.S A HA>FORTH Dnirs and Jri^rlry. THE DAY'S DOINGS AT ens Gin SITIKOW 4M TIIBKK .V LAHARPE. o,-t .-.-_v<-.-^rfJ.-'..- if-! tern''>on b^for" a ^niv -iz^ii •T'-'wd tb" ' high ?<•':•.<•>•->' •'•'•or h ,;i •'"> ' Blue Mo:i?.,i hi;'- =r ;.o.^; atii player, a 7 to 7 sp.nt» Rl'i'- .Mr- in'i s^orerj jn 1 the firs* quart--- an .i-r -.i^.e :heir coal kick- and in •h--' n<^x' fjKPrrer Pr.ifes- sor Getty tjtiar-.^r .-or I.aHari 'e. carried the hai! over f.r a "o'li j'. down tlelins ;h.' >cr.r.^ Tl-.r->!ii:'ir.i:t ::ie re- main'^er '.f the r<-." w .IS cnn- tinually zaicinj 'ro t. rri- tory to the oth-r In •a>t .jirir'.T of The .-erond h^!'. IS ^ir Moiinil W.TS wit:,;ij thr.'.^ •V -e* r.'' tji.-- •^ir.i', b<:' 1; e Iron Rtand of the, Ijiilarpe lI(^y^ S.T.; th<» ball in tii-- i -th .-r dirertion. r!-.:ik- InK an interestinc eanie throiij;;.iji Blue .Mound av.ri.f'l ciinsiderahle more than I-iHarpe Folhjwinc Is the lineup r< the l,HllH -|>e -eaiii .\ .Newman ceni>r;-,ii«'' N' rich; >.i'i. <"urrv. l«<ff hair ;(;. v\ quu-ter: Don- ler. !i'.!; Duccan riu, ' en.!. Harrei' left end: Walker. rlK-j.' tnrk.'e; Preston, lett tackle; RarWj. :-. rlcl.t cnard an.i Brennan. !ef» cnnrd \ few rr!>n'!s and neir'.t) -tir- prlfcfl Mry'.<t;.l Mrs .1 [: Ht.rt.vk ^hnr»dav ,f%.-r.lnir T: •• •'')•.; I'.ie icathertnc !•^ .IS ••• 'le.i; .Mr ,ind Mr' Hur'ork t.'!'. ot t^.-lr e\i>orir-;i,i'- \v;..r.i' awa> rr\ their ',-n;: \:(,a'-^n Mr ll-.jr •i-^ck r«rr,'»te.i s « ':!l>or*an! ewnts and ma.-f.e. t.';-' ••^"•r•^:; ier> I'f-asanf as well )i« 'ns!rii.-ri\.'';" r-'fr-sV.-' trent« w.-'re >er\>N! !ate m the --v.-nintr I Ttiose pres.Ti* wer.' Mr and .V-* K ! E.G.i.-'-s. >f- and Mrs .j R Strtr-it. Mr and Mrs .lohn Ko:;lrr Mrs C, A Cowden Misee- D->i':ie and Dora .Xfiartis Mr. and \IT>^. L -i and M'..^? .\dams Mrs Marc'i-rite Fow'pr o: !o;.i. the c;;est of ; . r .-!?-er .M.-s. Sarah Marshall this { Mr. and Mrs. R M CMrrey were: called »o W":nfield. Iowa. Thurs«,iy j EiiEht "n account of tho death of M-= u * V -r V -r : -5- ; •Of ' , ^ T WI>DOW GLASS All Slip? rnOKSEY'S DBIT. STOBE Onr Prices .ire BIrtt. Putty and Brads Free •5- •i-i Cii!!ev 's fa'her. Samuel Pirk ^.y .V the itieetiiic: or fi.e l^irfi- .Vid. of !•>> Meth.viist rhnreh Thursday af- Terr.oon. the tollo -Ainp officers were • •'.••ted; President. Mr- T'riomas f.eichTv; \i.e president. Mrs J Q. Rol .erts: secretary. .Mrs \ If Hine.s; t:'isi;r.-r. .Mr.- .lolm Kohler AftT • '•-.'•!! >n the laiitr,.^ dei ide<l!,! -••w^ .i rfailo«.'-en -Ifen ; .- i; /'--r •n Fridav e\en!ni; O. ••.!.. r 2'';i in .-';!:e huildine oji Mnin Kn Danforth wa> in .Mildred ye^i .r- '.V .\ few- hlsh lift sulkr plows at a; lin Htiies" Hardware. VI. «-.r- Davir. IJhixi.^!. Cn ;;.erT :i;;.! ('r.''.>cn 0; -o'lrh o;' to«ii. . .•')I;,•'•••• ! t'i'tn:; tli.'ir -iilos vf »*i -rd,',\ .\|. :ir.; Mr- l.'eet G«!nn. of !o:;i. '.V .•-.. ;;lles ;s ill 1 Tie 1". M Ci « Itni .M-niC \ cs'erdnv Thon:.i' Kii.-ts of r.i'.-.: Mo N isitlni: his ,ist..;- Mrs n K Turner • -.>iiti'. of t .> .Mr Hu:"/ oAn< i!;e I'lil!';-!;;; o., iipied by t' .• Friedlev I !ot»ilnc store Mrs E R HitcVlnson jorje to W (•;.!!> to visit'..\er ^uiitliiy »i'h l;er ii'pv .\ir> .1 M Carpente'i* Mr ail'! Mrs Keller of Hu-r'w^Ml. .xere in town yescterday. Misses .Nora M.irf/o(- and J /i ->u .Vsh- iey w;;; sj.end t!:e week.>'n.| at .\Io- ran • •Tesse Stanshury. Carles rr'is.-- ard Limes are up fronv Cor.insvUle •. M'inc reiatiios They^ will re'urn. • -^morrow A ;ar:e erow.f atten.ied the dance :it -he o!..-ra hr-'.ise last nisi.: .X n';m iie- of o".t-.-vf-town people a*tend"d. Th>'» first iscne of the .\!!en Coitctr .T-iirnal under the new manapemeirt appeared in T.aHarpe yesterday. One siipf made up the paper, owlce to- the fact that Editor Hammond had no time to solicit news. P E Goodwin yesterday bousht t rack his team sn ddry and aga'n egume his old duties as drayman. Ed Hart, the former owner i-< undecided what he will do. Walter c-Rce atld R^iy Tone.' of Moran. aT'enrjwi th<^ dance ia«f nigiit. Mrs G. F. pobiUF has returned from Gamett The I O O. F. lodge will put on hi- ittatory work Monday night Th«. I O. O F. grand lodg* will !>« held next week at Independence Instead of Wichita as was stated lUt ArhnrklcN "Ariosa BIrnd~ Coffee sir»ed free to eierj. one. We will cite }* pnnnd free with v^ery pound pur­ chased, on litis dale only. barejilns In pronrlcs. •> <> • KAS riTV wn i.vii\KPi: o\ THK «.RIDIHO\ TOHOKKOW. Mde .Kan Tan'-cd I'.xriUmt'nt li; Threat!'' H> Kill lllm^lf and ANu l« hill HK Knmil}. Mr .-nd .Mr? George F Bo'hn of Chaniilt -.zave ;( d< mons'ration of Ar: huckh "s coffee at Ct>rl i- Hiintera to- dav Elmer Thompson is suff-r;r..i: with an at:afk of lonsiliiis. . M I Trl Mrs Eil Ell.'iwortii. wl.o s"•• nd ••! ri.n>ra! oi Mrs EH.-worth's father at Humboldt yesterdav returned last night. CARL Jfe HIMER tin-., kanHn<<. •:• •:• T'tiian has re'urued to ev -ninc Miss Siis Moian .M. !is; Church S.iM.ath School ,r '.< 4'. a til Preacl'tnc 11 a n\. Subject 'Tlie .M>stery of the rio'i,! ' .1 ior l.eanue :! p tn K'i>.\-'rM; Lea;;Ue ;i :u. I'ie.i--!:inc 7 Stihject •Winnlni; 'iL '-Canie • Kvery one In\it.-i! ti> this hoiiie-IIke < !nir"h - .Vr*\ ! <e t pastor - Mef'i.i'Ust church nielc.hers hei.l .'.'t tat.' pr;iyer niectinE i-'ii-la.^ til; -.; at • .e .\I,i;:rk hoiije Sahhath S.'l'oo! at;.! •]<- Kr..!. .(WT «i,.,.;ef\ .if tho Cl'.ri-tLir. ehureij w;i; >,.. held :»s u.s'ial tomorrow !>u' no j.r.'aih Inir. Blood Humors C.irrr-.or.Iv • o;.«<» pinrl-^i. bci:«. hiv-«, e.7...'r.. or •!.,: -r-uri:, .-r s<':'!;e .".'^..-r forn-; of 't,.; .sor.."-1i-ri-^s :.:••>• ex;*t '-.• i'hy f-ei, Ir.J-.'s r.f • .A.: - . iT- ..-.r. -.r .ip- petttv. or r ;-rn! 't- wi"h.-.':t caUMr? .\:-y brt;.ki:"; •-.t. Th-?y"V; ->'.;;; ."ir.i th"" •".••ro;'; ; -tent !- r-.-.o-.;: J. s"r--.-..j'.''-d • : • tor - : b;- Hood's Sarsaparill^ Get 'I teiii-- In as'i^l ''qtilj f.-r-r r chocoUica u:,.; ' f illcd SarMtabs • GAS «ITV. OCT '• Considerable exi -iionien' Wis etii -e.| i.i .if niithi when h- h'lihand -fiid father of a family r'fiir^.(| hotn- tind i:ot the niz- or. s'atinc '1 i' he soinz 'o k'l himself Tt'e Wlte •ar ..sfe.) fhr Weai!- oii f.fira his hird.; w'l' h ,inrer <'d hmi • cr»at|v an'! .is n resnit h> secured the !thof sun ai.'i s -Td he would kill her He .shot thr .-e ritTjes fiu» 't i« no' krown whi th-r he aim>d at rtnyone of the family .Veiirhliors c.-illed fh" Marshal but when he arri. .d 'he h'ls- t>.(nd 'A .'s do-^ n ti .'vn .Ttd as -h.- ofT*- cep hi I no :"-;iI't. no .r- - \< ris niade If w .-is [farn-.f fii'f tnor'Uiu that tt;.' wi(.- ^.Ts m;»kini:"aii •I'l/nt [ to consult wi^h rour'v .itiorney Taylor and find jus' " s*e;>s ro t.ike Tlie Cii. fooi 1..,;! - ir. 1 III.• I .aH.iri-- r !• <o_,for honors i.i;iior-,iw -i' .ricon on th»th- RKI.iAf.LK FIRK INSIJtANi K - IN r- liew;!;:; \o':r insurance. •• -on:. !• ni. I wi!i see -'..T y <.iir in- •er.'>-, ar- .-Jjfe.'y zua.-'f-rf hy -^.-if- itii in .1 firs' cias.i r-AnipiTiv F».-• li"- w> need "lie Ji 'itne^^ an! wi" aii ;.r.. i.iie \o;ir [la 'ronase R I, T ^'..i>.-OP P-.on- ?}2. tj-.-.r K'.an.Dr'i: .So.r. PEARS FOR SALE—7..C PER BU Phone 2<I R. A Ewlng. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—SIX ROOMS OVER !)Iarksmtth shoj, Rent Cheap .Mil: .^iir.pson. 2'>fi S Street . rittifis At HnBa.'s J «v*If7 sum IJ^DIES—WHEN DELATSD OR. Irregular, use Trininph Pilte; alwaya dependable: "Relief" and particnlara free. Write .National Medlca.1 Ina.. ^I- waukee. Wis. i . T? THE PAPER ' BOT VAILS TO I deliver rour paper, call 18 and ve vtll send Tou a paper br & apecUl carrier, the aune eTcnlox. —Tour Kodak Fllma are always right If Gibson finisbea them. • FURNISHEl> ROO.M AND BOARD r'or one or two e-?ntlemen. One of the! nt'-e.^t hon7e5i in the ci-r. Imuire M ; .M Care of the Regisrer. i FOR RK .NT— t ROO.M HOCSK FCR- r.i-heii Cnirken .hnu.-e and . H.irry D:ivi> Seeon.i Hand Store P'AR-M FOR RENT OR SALF:— south and west of city limits. 44 acres. -Mr* O L S»inman. I>^k Box 162. — I W iv.p.-land "f Diyton Ohio. ,ii!r. h.i 1 t.ottle of i'hatnl'''r!ain'P Re;i ...Iv for hi- oy who a • ap.l t-fore i;-.e bo-'U. »ai all i used tfi.- ;.'-.v inltl H .iS qnnr: ).« that not bettrr than i<» I'ay a five dollar d»w:tor's bill? For .-;tle by a!l dealers. FOR RK.VT-NICELY FJ-R-VtSHEDi r'wra for zentleman •'^'2 E Madison j FOR RK .st- SI.N KOO.\f HOCSEj So .Ief :..r .-on 1 CHICHESTER S PILLS j«et.MniMKc«.SUBt.AlMj.K<a)U> in tr;- r.i),'-'- .K, ^>iirt dry •Mrs O f. T'^'-s Is r. rort'-"! to b. s'llTerif.u tti'l; heart troiibl.- .ind roti- ion of tlie dincts Miss I..tti.- Skinn.T .i' r.>!or,v M.^lt- e.l her.- v... • r'l.i*» II .1 .i".iid«.I tli- ilatwe at I.aH;irp.- l.isi t<i.:lit .ffnt Adari:s. who uorkinc at C:\rlyl.- I- .i.ssistins Iti '•>• R.nv.i.n I''h s!'i>p lodav K !i Kllswir";. ;h" ni:i!- eirri.-r at•• nd.d the f.;i,.r>I of M- Wilhit, at Hi ,i>)io !d' \.s:erd:iy. uhii!; aerounts for -here b-in:: to niiil on the roii'e F 'V Dur.h-im. '.>',-> has been in t.oor health for .'.-it'' M-ue was rak'-n lo the sanft.iriuni y->.Merdav to under- izr a <f-^r!.-'j: of t-e.Tmen's M;-.- M.nifl.- w;;;:at.i.<! is expected fo- d( vfrotn .N. 1 ida to \is;' h-^r sister. .Mr.«. W E Hl-me Grandma P' ke:r. who tt'..ik'e<: hs^r • home Txifh Mr and Mrs 1. M-.^fey is reported tjui'e low todav. L, D Mirchi-IT. of Moran was a eiie.«t of the Car! & Hun-er 'families today. Mr-s Gardanier i? enioyir.s a visit from her father of Wichita MIsa Madffe ReiHv arriver^ ^his af- • fernoon from the Emporia Normal , school to spend the week er.d with h«ir pan'ntB south of town A number from here atrendetj the darcr at Ijillnrp" !a.«t n'lhr Mr. and Mrs. .Carl and -Vlrs E N Hunter motored to Moran yesterday and spent the day. Mrs A. Z. Eatferton returned Jiom* last night. A few of th« high school «tudent.<« attended the B«ue Mound-UHarpe football game ;resterday. 1 To the Pacific Coast Shortest .-.nd ino't sri .nic roufe Tm.e, ;;ours. not equaled by any .'ither line C»n give voii clto;c.' of toiites «>n:y one rli»rce of <ars. I'olonist. ore-w.iy tickets on s.ile Sejif 2'ili to Oct. l"th. in- rluiiive Rates to— Los Ane -les. Calif. •Sac:amento. Calif San DieJto. ''alif. San lose. Calif. San Frarcj .oe,-) Cahf. Bnkersfield. fallf. \p»nC'oiiver, H C Victoria. Ft C. Ashland Oregon. Portland. Oregon I'triatilla. Oregon. Seattle. Spokane. Wash. Tacoma. Wa?h And t3 rr.any other points o»i Pactfir Only $31 .P4 call, phoiie A)T write. adTising yotir address and full information wil! be ftimlshefj. • Fktseiiser Offke, Pfaone IM. Frelftht Office, Pfc »Be I'i. fe. E. MDNGffilt, A^At OFPr<"E FOR RF.VT— • Ra-i ::ey - Sto .te. Inrjiiire in iitnre STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYKD OR STOLEN—SCOTCH' coUlo. tax tas no 17.'. Return to F I MImcricJt. 222 First St . and re.elve reward. 1 W' I>OST -ON THE BARTl.ETT FARM ! I sotith of town a boys" brown co.-»t. |I ' 1 reward for its r.'t;irn Phopc 1""*31 j j-^" • i C.\SH PAID FOR ALT. KtXO? OF, I hidea. C E Meader. lAHarp»>. Kas. i —When you hare a bad cold you want the best medicine obtainable so' as jo cure If -.vjTh as Uttle delay as; possible Here is a drugei-sfs opinion: : I have solij Chanit>er'.aln'.< Cough Remedy for fifteen years." .«ays Enos' Lollar of Saratoga. Ind .'""artd consld'.-r jit the best on the market. For sale , by all dealers. RATES O D Sale Sept 25tb te Oct lOtk, iBclashe. Liberal Stop.Oier priT lieges. To San Francisco. Calif. Lde" Angeles, ^n Diego and Intermediate atatjons tSLU To Salt Ij»ke CItr. Utahi Ogden. Utah 2(l.l» To Preacott and Phoenix. J Arli: tl.W To Portland. Ore |LW To Spokane, Wash. ' Tacoma, Waiib. Everett. Wash. Seattle. Wash tlM To Vancouver. B. C Sl .IO W. E. Rakton, THE NORTHROP NATIONAL itANK ' iOLA, K15.S.4.S OYER FORTY TE.tBS OF CO>SEHT.tTITE HT lOLA Depository for the Inlted .States Stale of Kansas, aod Allea Cvaatj OFFICEBS: E- J. MILLER. President L. L. .VORTHRUP. VIce-PreaL MEL'yiN FROXK. Cashier , F. A. NORTHKCP. Vlce-Prest. R. J. COrFEY Asafc Cashier D. P. SORTHRUP. Vice-Preat CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOUR BtrSKTESS SOLICrrED htifererfPiiH <• Tl«« Pi^wlti"' 9MMi9enA Bexe» tn Beat

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