Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 3, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1889
Page 4
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EVENING GAZETTE: TUESDAY, SKPTBMBEB 3, " Where arc you rjoinj my pretty maid ?" "I'm going- washing, sir," she said. "What hold you in your hand so tight, With a face so gay and a step so light? " "That which all prize their dearest treasure— Makes washing and scrubbing only a pleasure, Keeps the clothes so clean and white; ,The doors and windows a beautiful sight. . For your own household you'll get it, I hope, Five cents buys a bar of SANTA CLAVS SOAP." SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. . Made only by K. Fairbank & Co. Chicago, 111. Princes Loniro of Kngl.'irid, vrifo of the Marquis of Lorns, is 11 painter and sculptor of unusual cleTeruesa. Urnrc ('p. You are feeling depressed, your appetite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are liilgelty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Jiracfi up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which have for their basis very cheap, bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you in a worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality, and pive renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will llud in Electric Bitters, and only no cents a bottle at D. B. Strickler's Drug Store Queen Victoria sometimes subdues insomnia by having her brows stroked gently with a camel's hair brush. Tnrlr IlR«lnr«« Booming. 1'robably no one thing has caused such a revival of trade at D. 1J Strickler's l)nig Store as their giving away to their customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr King's New Discovery for Consumption. Their trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, large size SI. Every bottle warranted. The .Empress of Austria never goes anywhere without a line picture of St. Elizabeth, which she always hangs up In her bedroom. C. & N. W. TIMk TABLE. OOTUd BA0T. AtlanticKi.....2:42 a, m Sterling Paaa...6:3S &. m Limited Pass. 8:62 a. m. Clinton Denrer " 1 -JH> p. m •• a-in K m.' 3:40a.m. OOINO WKST, Pacific Ei 2:22 a, m. Sterling Pass. 8 :ffl> p. m Limited Pass. < :04 p. m. CtintonPftsa Denver " 1 :ia p. m. 8:53 " FUDOHT TBAIHB THAT GABBY FABBKNGKKB OOINO HAflT. OOINO WKST. NO. 18 8.15 p. m. No, 4a...__.~..6:50 «, m. No. 85 ™..-7:40 a. m No. 17—....10:02 a. m OOIKQ XAST. I OOINO WKST. 8—FUBenger 6:30 a.m.136—Pasienger 4:30 76—Freight—*:46 p.m.|41—Freight 6:0oa,ni AKBTVB FROM KABT. AKBIVK FROM WKST T»—Passenger...9:00p.m. :)5—Pusuenger 10:3oa.m. 1— Freight 8:40 a.m. 42 -Freight. 6:30 p.m. r No. 30 connects with trains c.'iRt tun-' west on Clinton Uranch; with 0. U. 1 & 1'. K. It M Itoek Island east and tveat; with main line or points west, Council BluHa, Omaha and be joof and lor Kansas Ulty and ooints beyond. THE CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN • W • RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of tho Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulliwn Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tickets, Ratal, Mapa, Time Tables and f u.l Information, apply to any Ticket Agent or ad- dreti the Oeu'l PaHgcngur AKrnt, Chlcnpo, 111. ;. V. WHITMAN, B. C. WICIEB, E. P. WttBOS, Qraenl luugsr. Trifflo Hmger. Qta'l Fan. Agt. W. A. BTKKI.INN FIRST POINT You should rcadTiiRCniCA- GO DAILY NBWS because /X'"-' rancf is /-.r/c«j /:'**. You tuit.t read sontf paper. _^I_'roljaLly_ ~you*ve~always had a weekly — you can now afford a d.nly. THE CHICACX? DAILY N*K\\S costs but one cent per copy — it's so cheap you can't atlurtl to lose time wailing for a weekly. •You ought to Ic now about lliin^- when they happen— not ;i w<xk later. You live in tlic nine teenth century, rn the yreatr*: section of the greatest cuuntry on the earth, and you can't :>t- ford to b« left behind. Rtmrm&tr— Its circulation is 370,000 a day % million a week— and it c a month, four inonth.s^n 0 a day— «IVH by mail .-5 ct:-. •pvo NOT I>I:I.AY VOUB suBscmrricN ron JJ LIPPIHCOn'S MAGAZINE, whkliimw lUnili ia the front r»^k of Uionf' ' tltma Mid occupiut tlie jxxiUun of A LEADER AMONG LEADERS. E*eh number conUlnt A COMPLETE NOVEL, i_ , HtMnt) qumtlt/ of mifoolt&n«ui)i matter of «n interfiling •aid lu*traoUr« nAtun. Una jr«ax'i BuUcrijuion gives • tlBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS or Araorlnn uthon, tottttur with AN ABUNDANCE OPbttOlir BTO1UE3. VOEM8. KSSAY8. «nd mitten •I anujuftl IftterMt to (oner&l reM«n, BiAklng»ToUuii«uf NEARLY TWO •THOUSAND PAGES. Th« flncoou of XtiPnifooTr'l et*ad§ nnpr»o«dont*d Ia lhoaanaUi>rMu*xln0 publishing, and to-d»y 1U fuaillix tl'U i* weloooMclIn vrery h&mltt, YiU*g«, town, and city U*roajboat lfa» Dultod SUtei. Tb« beat writer* of th* Age hare b*«n «f rur*<! aqd new frttani will, from Uma to time, ba added which w ill fto u» Ltirriacorr'i A DISTINCTIVE PLAC£ OF ITS OWN - AraAll* RiTM, Fdgmr Sftltoa, John lUbbcrton, Edrav K.wootl, C»pUln Charln King, U.B.A.. Qnu» King. M. FllioUSMwell, BtllBaDclftro. MaariM Harrymor*. Oaldt, And many oUiar. will «OBtribot« to 111 fingnii for IhW. For hill jvnopAetuf, addraw Lipptncott'i M*culn«, rhlla- CtlpuA. Z3C4nUainglo Dumber. $3.00 IH.T year. Scad BLUE HISTE. PUNNING THKEE WAGONS At) All goods promptly delivered to any part o( the city. Specialty o£ removing household goods and pianos, [mhl2yl] K U. WILDAUIN 1C CENTS FOR 3 LINES. 1« all it octets to pmt n »i- "WANT" i- TIIS EVENING GAZETTE Poultry need no grain during the urnnier. Make the bens hunt and find icir food. CttOUr, WUOOl'lNG COUGH and {ronchitis immediately relieved by hiloh'a Cure. For sale by Perry, the rnggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. Grease of almost any kind, kerosene, ind a few drops of creosote added, well rubbed on chickens, will, it is said, oou cure them of vermin, Bncbleu'H Arnirn Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Iruioes, Korea, Ulcers, Salt Jlheuiu, fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Jhilblalns, Corns, and all Skin .Eruptions, und postively cures Piles, or no lay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sali- by D. B. Striokler. The order of- the King's Daughters now numbers 07,000 active members. A New HlHCOvery. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. H. Ilen- drick's or J. M. Bickford's. Mine Million W lichen Ilurned! Sprenger computes that during the Christian era no fewer than nine million witches were immolated. In England, the last execution for witchcraft took place in 1710, but in Illinois as late as 1780 to 1~(H), several unfortunates were put to death. Tbis is aterri ble rellection on the boasted enlightenment of the age; but we must not be over-censorious, while we daily see friends going down to death, ignorance or prejudice .preventing the use of remedies which might save them. Many a cold runs into consumption, while indigestion and impure blood debilitates the system, inviting fatal attacks, when the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery «could have ensured health and happiness. The wife of Senator Ilawley acts as her husband's private secretary. Interesting factn. Changes in the brain and nerves are the most common cause of disease. Their influence on tho body is wonderful. Shamo flushes the paluiit-and fear blanches the rosiest cheek and whitens the blackest hair in a night. Worry causes dyspepsia and hastens old age. Terror or excitement often causes instant death, etc. Dr. Miles' Hestoia- tive Nervine removes the effect of worry, overwork, alcoholic excess, morphine habit, nervousness, dyspepsia, sleeplessness, headache, neuralgia and nervous prostration. Sold by A. H. Hendricks or J. M. Bickford. Hibles can not be printed in Madrid fast enough to meet the demand for :hem in Spain. THE KEY. GEO. H. TUAYEH, ol Bourbon, And., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CUKE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. Protestant missions in China have gained one hundred and forty per cent in the last ten years. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures consumption. For sale by Perry.the druggist,and J,M.Bickford Rock Falls It is said that there is family prayer In a larger proportion of the homes of Fiji than of Christian America. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. _ It i8_saicLthat_church pews have averaged ten per cent, higher this year all over the country In re-renting. * WILL YOU cough when Shui, a Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts., and 81 For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J M. Bickford, Hock Falls. The number of churches burned last year in the United States was one hundred and eighty-two, and all but twelve of them took lire from their own furnaces. Hlbbard'a Kheninattc. and Idver 1'llln These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. King Humbert baa been forbidden by his physician to smoke more than ten cigarettes a day. HymptomB of Heart Dlaeatte. Diseased hearts are as common as diseased lungs, kidneys or stomach, but far less understood. The symptoms are shortness of breath, when sweeping, etc., oppression in the chest, faint, weak or hungry spella, dreaming, pain or tenderness in the side, swelling feet, dropsy, etc. The unnatural circulation of the blood in the lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver and brain causes other symptoms. The only reliable remedy for the heart yet discovered is Dr. Miles' New Cure. Try it and be convinced. Sold by A. li. Hendricks or J. M. Btckford. The Queen of Italy, who ia a clever artist, has designed what ia considered to be the most beautiful lamp at the Italian Exhibition In London. Augusta, the widow otthe late Emperor of Germany, is 77 years of age. The married life of the Emperor ana Empress extended through a period of fifty-nine years. THAT 1IACKLNU COUGII can be quickly cured by tihiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by 1'erry. the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls _____ _ Marion Crawford has been awarded 320Q by the French Academy in recognition of two of hi'a works being translated into French by himself. The 4»rnBd Prerequisite or Vizor. The dual operation of digestion and assimilation is the grand prerequisite of vigor. To insure the conversion of food into rich nutritious blood, it is only necessary to use with persistence and systematically Hostetter'sStomach Bitters. The fountain head of supply in the animal economy is the stomach To regulate, to invigorate that organ, and thus facilitate its digestive and assimilative processes, should be the chief aim ot those troubled with a deficit of stamina. Nervousness, insomnia, feeble appetite -these are usually traceable to impaired digestion. Overcome this and you of necessity dismiss its multifarious, preplexing and harassing symptoms. The emaciated can never hope to gain flesh so long as as- aiinilntionjs imperfect.- The Bitters surmounts the only obstacle to an Increase not only of vigor, but of bodily substance. Conquer also with the Bitters malaria, kidney and liver complaint, constipation and rheumatic trouble. Thoroughness characterizes its effects. _ • ttbs Constitute yourself a public protee*- tor by thrusting into the gutter every banana or orange peel you may encounter on the sidewalk. KIIILOH'S CUKE will Immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls • __ _ Prince Ferdinand is credited with having given away nearly 850,000 in presents during a recent tour through Bulgaria. ___ Forced to l>eave Home. Over 60 people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for a free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fail to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grana remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it, Large size package 50 cents. z The Shah wears a million and a half dollars in diamonds when dressed. On the Brink of Riot London Town People Fearful of the Future. A VOLOANO READY FOR ERUPTION. I nvcstigation has shown that the consumers of Ivbry Soap are almost entirely of the most intelligent class of the people; this, with the fact that over twenty millions of cakes of Ivory Soap have been used the past year, confirms what Prof. Silliman, of Yale College, said: "The Ivory Soap is of remarkable purity and superior excellence." A WORD OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory 1 ;" they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the'genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it, Copyright 1SSG, by Procter A Gamble. Water Workn at JHnrlon, Ohio. The following is an account of the new water works being built at Marion, Ohio, by Messrs. Rowland & Ellis, of Boston, and is taken from the Marion Democrat Mirror. It is published in full because the system there is much like the system here, having been built by the {same company, and because the advantages of a good water works to a town, as set forth in the article, are applicable to this city. The following is the article:' "The system of water works now un dor construction is being put in for the Scioto Water Company by ..Ellis..A 1 lowland, contractors. Messrs. Rowland & Ellis, rof"Boston, Maas., aro well kuown throughout the country as successful water works constructors, as in evidenced by a number of plants built by them in Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, Dakota, North Carolina and Alabama; and in our city it is their intention to do even better and more work than the carefully framed franchise calls for. The trouble which many towns, especially in this section of the country, experience in being furnished with witter, that on account of its hardness, which renders it more or less uselt ss for manufacturing purposes, is guarded against in this case by drawing the supply from gravel deposits overlying the limestone rock. These deposits occur three miles west of the city, and the water from them is clear, healthy and soft in quality, besides being abundant in quantity. A large reservoir Is being constructed, holding fifteen million gallons, from which the water is taken to a gate house, thence it passes through copper wire screens to the suction pipes of the pumps. The pumps are horizontal duplex compound condensing engines, which can easily pump four million gallons every twenty-four hours. They are manufactured by the Deane Steam Pump Company, of Holyoke, Mass., together with two independent condensers, feed pump and heater. There are two horizontal tubular boilers, 54 inches, in diameter and 16 feet long. Also,' recording gauges, uial gauges, etc.; in short, all the llxtures which modern science has suggested to make the pumping plant complete and first class. This machinery is put up in a neat brick and stone building, 40 by 60 feet, and amply- large to accommodate- twice the pumping and boiler capacity before mentioned. The roof rests on wrought iron trusses, and ia covered wltii slate; and the amount of combus- in and Uynpeptila Cured. Miss Jannette Day used several bottles of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup a.nd found almost instant relief. 1 have received greater benefit from the use of Hibbard's Rheumutic Syrup for dyspepsia than any medicine I ever used. Many of my acquaintances have used it and all speak of it in the high est terms. Misa EMILT A. DAY. We certify to the above testimonials. We have never handled remedies that give such universal satisfaction, lirad- shaw & Thomas, Druggists, Fairlietd, Iowa." Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co , Jackson, Mich. Una King Humbert's palace at Rome contains 2,000 rooms, but the King and hia family occupy only 125 of them. Interacted 1'coplc. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which the proprietor of Kmup'tt liobmia for bought) and Cold* do«Sa is indeed wonderful. He authorize* oil druggbta to give tluwu who call tot It a sample twttls ft** that tfaoy ia*y try it U tiblo material is reduced to a minimum, so as to make the whole building (ire- proof. The stack is built of brick, with limestone base, and measures 40 inches in the clear and 00 feet in height. Around the pump house there will be all the necessary by-pass connections to make flushing in every direction possible. The overflow from the condensers runs through a special drain pipe to the Little Scioto river. A 16-mch force main leads from the pumping station to the city, which it enters by way of the Big Island' pike and Center street. The system of pipes ia carefully planned, so as not only to fill the requirements of the corporation and the domestic and industrial wants as they at present exist- but also to meet the prospective growth of the city. This network of pipes connects through a 16-inch pipe with the stand-pipe, erected in the southeast part of the city, it stands on the highest ground inside the corporation limits, about 200 feet to the east of East street, on tiurley street, and from where the structure rises 110 feet in the air, a fine view may be had in nearly all directions. The foundation in of limestone, and is a fine piece of masonry. It is solid throughout, having the connecting pipe built in, stands --up 20 feet from the ground, and contains more than 600 yards of stonework, all laid in cement mortar. Upon It rests the tank proper, which IB of iron, 25 feet in diameter and 00 feet high, having its top ISO feet above the intersection of Main and Center streets. When full it holds 330,500 gallons of water, weighing 1,400 tons, to which the stone foundation and the iron of the tank add about as much more. Besides a com mon gate, which when closed shuts the pipe system off from the stand-pipe, there is an automatic gate, operated by means of electricity from the pump house, four miles away. Thus, in'case of tire, this gate may be instantly closed, the stand-pipe disconnected, and Ore pressure put on every hydra&t of the system, luaide the new corporation limits there are twelve miles of pipe, besides more than half a mile of pine connecting with the mains the 143 hydrants for which the city hta contracted. On the entire pipe system there aro more than isu gates, bsaidus blow offa and relief vulvas, A more ci>uu<lt>te system of water work» can not b« disstreti by tuiy city, and there is no iluubt that it win stand M a mo d«i of engineering, and be a cttnlH to it a U««s!gn»ra. S**t U> our T*tifo*d», U»» water wm-fea uow Ut i»ur»« <•( rufvitrueUtxi ftl* tEuS 4t«4UWl' Mlj.tfiif.-SUMijE out uly has &er made. - And the advantages conferred upon the residents of Marion by this complete and moat perfect system of water works can scarcely be estimated. And of these benefits it is hard to say which is the greatest. Perhaps that of health should rank Brat. J3y the adoption of water 'works as how boino; constructed, the use of pure water is assured and the supply is abundant for all needs. In many localities tha water in wells has become contaminated by too close proximity to outhouses, aad a large percentaae of the sickness of the city is traceable to this cause.- Hut happily for our health, we shall now have the best water for drinking purposes in the State, affording » groat safeguard to public health. The convenience to private consumers is one of its best features.. With a ready supply of water by these works no more trouble will be experienced from pumps freezing up and getting out of order. The faucet is ever ready to supply all wants, ane by its use the lawns wil\ always be bright and green, afore discomforts need in experienced from dusty streets. The blessings of the water works to the housewife are many. One 'of the greatest advantages to our town is the ready means afforded of extinguishing Ores. The direct- pressure feature will furnish enough force to throw water over the highest of our buildings; and as this force can be brought to bear directly upon the hydrants in a few minutes' time, it can be seen that it affords perfect safety against conflagrations. It will be one of the best points our city can offer for the location of manufacturing establishments ' in our midst. Much of our water< is, owing to its extreme hardness—containing such a large percentage of lime—unfit for use in boilers. It is also ot no account for use in manufacturing paper and many other ar icles. The supply obtained from our water works will do away with all these objections. This water is "soft" to such an extent that it will scale In boilers very little, and ia particularly adapted to use in producing many manufactured articles for which we have no'speclal inducements. These are a few of the general advantages the adoption of this system of water works will afford our citizens And with the work entrusted to such gentlemen as the Messrs. Howland & Ellis, we need have no fears but thai the contract will be carried out to the letter, and when completed Marlon will become the posae.aaor of a system of water works which, for completeness and perfection of detail, cannot be surpassed in the country. This firm enjoys a very high reputation on work of this character, and our city is indeoc fortunate in securing the services 01 Messrs. Howland & Ellis for carrying out this great improvement." CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Kasa Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M, Bickford, Rock Falls. .. 'Colored "Confederate" Kminlon. BlBMJNQIIAM, Ala., Sept. 3.— At Jacksonville, Ala,, Saturday Inst thoro was a unique reunion. Tho colored men who served ill tin Confederate army in -various capacities, o teamsters; servants, cooks, etc., bad a "Confederate .reunion." The day was celebrate! with u barbecue, spoecbes and base ball. A nlgbt a debate was had on the question o whether the Democratic or Republican parly was the best friond of the negro. Uood hu mor prevailed throughout. I'oUnnctl by Kitting Chocse. CLEVELAND, O., Sept. 3.—Fifteen thresh era were poisoned yesterday near Tlflln, O. by eating cheeto. All were taken violent!; ill, and it IB feared some of them will die. Til" Wfallior We May Kxpcrt. WAHIUKOTON CITY, Sept. ;).—The following are tho weather indications for the thirty H|IC hours from H p. in, yesterday: Fo Iowa—Local rains; .warmer weather, except in eastern pnrliun, lower temporalnre; southerl; wliulK. For liidiana--.Sliowers; no dccld' chance In teni|>er:itnro; southerly winds. Fo Michigan, \N isconrJn and Illinois—IJirh rains; slightly cooler weather; southerl; winds. Cliir>Aor>, Kept. Z. Quotations on tjio board of triulo to-da; were of fo lows: Wheat—-No. :i Sept'inlMji O|>ened, 77?6c, closed 77}&r; December, openci 7H%o, clu*ed 70^-J4e. C'urn.-No. ii September oj>enod Sl.'-ic, clone I ;tl)fii l ; October, opeiuu ft%c, closed ^I'^-K: May, ojtoned ftl)6 •, closet 3.>>4C. Oats—No. - .September, opened lt»^< elosek 1V%«; October, opened W>i,c, close ls>Kc; May, oiw.ed and closed\ Pork- Weptember, opvne:l S' 1 .- 1 ^, .closed SI".-"'; October, opened, dosed tlU.:t."./.. Iwvrd-.Sop' tember, opened i'l'.'*' 1 -!;., c.osed ^tl.l^J.^. Live stock—Union stock yard-* report tlr following raiwc of prcles: HOK«-Marke opened fairly active, with prices 11);! lowei lltflit Krad,.n,'$4.i»i,il.«>: rouicli jun-kinu', :UO : S.HO-, mUe'd lota, 8;l.l».l./ l.;«l; lienvy purklnK an nhlppluK 1">I». J>I..V,,( l.jl. I'attli!-Miurke uU'udy; desirable Ki'inl\-« lil-ini-r; c.uniunn t fair Cttttln dull and uncli.'tn^eil; -tivrs. jil.tu i.00; cown, Jl.aijjiMAl. Sh,-4'[> Stronger; [«H tofuir, j:i.*J(tl.lit;mKKl to ch.ilco, t4.iVi!>MH huul'a, h!gti^r. $».'"*!£.'>.1X1. .Saw lurk l.tvo Sl.u-W. NKW Y»KK, M«'iit. 2.«Htik-k: Cutlla --M ow H«!er tl^urv4 for «U. al » trill.: Hrui Nativ r» i»n . Ji.' , t'- • .-iA Ti- 1 *- till >Bot!ntlon« Th-»t Olrn Some Prospect of flnttlnmnnt of t!io Strike— Tim Officials Allvo t.> tlin I>nnf(nr nml Fully Prepared —Reply of n I>tirk Company Offlclnl to ft n«piitRtlon--Irlih Ix-mlcm Rontlve Over tlio t.rUp*t Il:»lfonr ficliemp. LONDON, Sept ;i.—Tuo strikers nro consid- rlng a proposition to go to work for the •hnrfingnra at 0 ponco an hour ivgulnr nnd pence ovor-timo. The ofTer was mndo by committee of the wharfingers, and Burin, lie leader of the strikers, seems to regard it nvorably. It is stated that- Sir Donald Currii>, M. P., ad a long conference with Mr. Norwood, ho chairman ot the doc-ic companies, yester- ay, and that n sottlt-imnt of tho pending trikcs is likely to be the outcome. and . r»- nn •will bo hold ^ton, to oM - ning of tho AN OUTBREAK IMMINENT. trikom Orowlnpr Deapornte and . the Anthnrltloi Watchful. LONDON, Sept. 8. —Hunger has dono its work among the striking dock laborers and heir savage looks yesterday and their more avage threats were anything but comfort- ng to tho officials charged wilh the duty of iresorving order. Tho authorities are In lourly expectation of an outbreak, and the most careful preparations have been made to neot it, (Scotland Yard detectives aro circu- ating among tho men, so ns to secure tho iromptest Information of the first move in ,ho direction of organizid violence, while tho reserve police force aro so dislri mted as to >o within call of any point likely to bo .hrontunod. Troops, too, have been quietly concentrated nt stations near by tho ship- line, where it is expoctod their services will >o first called upon, and, altogether, tho au- ;horities will b-j found fully prepirod in the event of serious disturbiinces. Kvcrybody X.ooklnK for Trouble. London is in a state of nervous excitement. People on tluj utreolfl nnd at the clubs last night spoke nnd actol like soldiers on tho eve of a battle, for the feeling was almost universal that tlio shock muss com) soon, and that tho police nnd soldiers will not bo tho only people who will have to take hard knocks when tho time cotnos. foundry of the I; sidm.; li' KiuiK-'l partial <-p--niti 1:11 M":i iny nfi'-r iilionrsT of six month". A reunion of nK~-li? i ini-'t.s • Bspt. liH in Trrni'-int frnpl.-, D elirat« the nnniver.«nrv n: 1 1m emancipation prodiiirvtiivi. Mrs. IVilrnordins. 'lair/nt 'r of S^rmlnry Traey, wiil chrUt*n 'th-> ti"-.v criii-'-r riiiln- dnlphin, which is to !>•• Inuncli? 1 on next Saturday at Cr.nmp's -I'lip y.nrd. Willinm O'llrh-n, edit'.!' of TTriif >d Irnlnnd, •was taken to (J-ilw^y primi i,! iv to .icrvn a of t \vn montti ; up HI r nvirUoiv of a "prnolnin 1 .'-' 11 ." Nilinnnlist nio'tin^. The KharknfT (Rn ri .i i) pnlic- hive seized a large (pnntily of Nihilist, doru n"nt«, material, and pre^fi. ^funy arre^N irivo b^en made in connaction with t!n> sciziir". 'Hon. Nini'in W. Elwnrl^, sin of thn first governor of Illinois, nnd for year.) himiulf a prominent public man, died nl f-'p •ingflold, Ills., Monday morning in his Slst year. Judge Boland. of tho Knnsns City police court, has decided that the city ordintnco requiring Sunday Hrsing of salno.H not bo enforced becauso tho penalty is invalid. A telegram from Koni.'PRnt, Ky. , states that n party of white men oauTbt n negro accused of outraging the daughter of a Mr. Oatts, n prominent farmer of Wav'n" county, . and tied himtonstiko androas'.el him alive. By tho will of the lato William Thaw, tho Pittsburg millionaire, tlio Wcilon TJni- rersity of Pennsylvania gets flfKi. 000, ..missionary societies upwards of £100,000, and Pittsburg hospitals nn nprgre;ato of nboat the Ramp amount, J. D. Waldron, a farmer living near Kennoy, DeWilt county, I1U. fonn-1 D. B. Lindley in n compromising position nith Mrs Waldron Monday, and killol him with a 'dnife. Waldron gave himself. up. .Joo McAdams, an ciiginm.ron a loeomo . tivo in tlio UnUin yards at Be. Paul, had his engine ty run away Sunday* night, tho throttle valvo bivnKin,'. ,1'isLead of jump-. ing ho stayed aboard and by some me. ins got tho machine to stick on cciitjr nnd stop, thus averting n bad accident and probable loss of life. THE WHARFINGERS' VIEW. Reply of n Company Man to tt Deputation of Ship Ou-lierHi LONDON, Bepfe.n.—A deputation representing eighty of tho lending ship-owners of London called yesterday upon tho managers of the dock companies and urged taem to permit vessel owners to make arrangements with men to load and discharge thpir ships pending tho settlement of tho existing' troubles. Clmrles Morgan - Norwood, tho chairman of tho dock companies, replied to tho delegation and urged them not to press tho request, ns it Involved concessions to tho strikers against which tho companies wore fighting. Mr. Norwood reminded them that it was in tho Interest of all shippers, ns well nS in their own, that the companies had taken tho determined stand they now hoi', and ho was convinced that the whole commercial community and tho laborers tbriTHolves wero intorestO-l that tho principle should bo maintained inviolate at any cost, Unit tho prices for wages, ns well na commeditl'.'S, should bo fixod by freo competition jn tho open market, and not by an oligarchy of conspirators sitting in Becrot nnd formulating their demands upon a consideration of one side of tho qu >stlon and only one. BALFOUIVS BAIT TO IRELAND. ILLINOIS MINER ' STRIKE OVER. tn Terms Tho'OperntorK mid Men Come ICxerpt aft to Seott'rf Uline*. Joi.IET, Ills., Sept. :i.— The con Terence of tho coal miniTd nnd coal operators held hero hero yesterday tiftonicwn resulted In tlio settlement of tho wage troubles throughout the northern Illinois coal floldi, and nn early resumption of work, except in tho mines of W. L. Scott, is certain. Tho operators, all of whom were represented barring Mr. Scott, gave thoir ultimatum about 5 p. m., after a two hours' executive session". Tho Oporntorn' Proposition. ___ Their terras . wuro a redtiction of- ~}4 contB- a ton, no discount on comp.'iny store orders,. a .reduction .of W) pur cent; in toot sharpening in all tho fields except Stroator, and tho sale of coal to tho miners at tho cost of putting It on the cars. Tii 1 ) miner) considered the proposition until Into l.i-t evening, nnd finally resolved to accept it The workmen . desired, ill addition, thn it-.'in oj rent free during tho strike, und no victim 7,iug on 'going to work. The op -rators refiru.i to om- body theso points in tho ai:''enru"nt, but said G ivately to the mini n that fie result would as desired. DIsnntlHructlon Among? the IrlHh Ixindors— Comment on thn Scheinp. • ' LONDON, >S«;pt. 8.—-Considerable dissatisfaction lins been dovoloi«)d within tho past low days in tho ranks of the Irisb party over rnrnell's compact with Balfour by virtue of wbic.h Ireland is to socuro the endowment of n Roman Catholic, university. Although notl.lng is positively known ot tlio consideration which llulfonr was promised' in return for this concession,-Irishman bo- liovo that the Tory chief socrotary is not influenced by purely disinterested motives. Michael Daritt writes to Tho Pall Mall Gazatta dmiouiluiiig' "iho abandonment of a single plnnk of tlio homo rule platform for a mess, of Catholic university poitage.'" lie declares that llj-.i stand tjiicon upon this question, together with (bo (vote nf the ifish members nn tho royal giXinls, forms n very sorry exhibilion of jmr^amoutary .oppor- tunisai. __' C'iiaiuborlalu'K AiWlce. " Joseph Chamberlain, in nsi)eSc:i at a mooting of his constituentH in rtirinln^'.mm last evening, referred to BalCourWproposal to eaUiblish ft llomun Catholic/iiuiversity in Ireland, and ii-iid he woiddxa'lviso tho government before introi+TIcTng i;s ' Irish lanil bill to bring in a resolution decl.'iring thai Ireland, equally with England and Scotland, was entitled to denominational cnit<uvni»Ht for education. Still Arguing the Jury Question. CHICAGO, Bent, h.—Very littl-i progress was made yesterday in selecting u jury to try tbo Cro:iin suspects. Attorney Forrest submitted a list of qties'ioin which tho defense wished to put to the jurors. They interrogate the juror oa to his l>e!iof or opinion as to each of tlio chief facts in tho tragedy as published in tha papers. In order to give the counsel for tho state time to examine tbo questions submittod, an adjournment was taken. Tho contention of tho defense is that a man wlio has read the newspaper ao- counts of testimony ni'nl arguments for tho prosecution bos already n bins aguinst the accused which should unfit him for service on the Jury. C.real Sale oi fo«lly Horse*. NKW_YOUK, Sept..-!. —A lai-^r f-rowd attended the salo y>.'sU>nUy o.' So.i.;g"iu & I!ry-' ant's horses, wiiicii took |>':i:!j i:i tno ]iad- doek lit Sheepsh.'ad b:iy, previous to tlio raciti'i;. Among the horsei Kitld were thefol- lowing: l'i'oc:or KnoM, W. A. Fairos, $17,• 1(M; Hindnocraft, T. R Timipkins, S11.700; Como-lo-Taw, M. Kellar, ?'o ffii); Uncle Bob, M, Kellar, $2 550; Uohin Hood, R Porler Ashe, $!,!) U; Bettlnn, AV. A. Kaires, ?1,250. Altogether, thirteen bend belonging to Scoggan & Bryant were sold for $48,188. After tho sale it was ascertained that Proctor Knott wr.s fmrcluwd by Mr. Fairos in the interest of Sc;ngs?.i i llrot Had Got .Sonietliln^.- City Editor—Well, did yon get, nnyt.huig • from Senator Diirabmnnt Green Reporter—YI-H, sir. Editor—Sit down, then, and wrlto it up. Reporter—Do what, Kir? Editor—Write It up. Didn't you say you got something from him? • Reporter—Yes, sir, acignr.- -Draltn's Mng- a/inn. SWIFT'S SPECIFIC la n nlmplo vegetable compound prepared from roots fresh from the forests. The formula waa obtained from the Creek Indians. It lias Iwcn used Blnce 1820, and lias been tlio greatest lileeaing to mankind lu curing diseases of tha Ijlooil, In inanv Instances nficr nil olhcr rc'incdlea li.'id failed. Jf you luivo or havo h:id any hlood trmiWc, do not full to Benrt for Trtullue on Blood ami Skin Disuisc-s, mailed free. Trig SWIFT Spr.cmo Co., Drawer 3, Atlnnt.i, Go. OFFERED •Killed by SeiiunriVs K CLEVELAND, O:, Sept. 3.—A Loader special from D.iyton, O., mys: Sumuol C. Shownlter died nt tho hospital here yesterday. He had been suffering with rheumatism, and was induced to try an injection of the Itrown-S }uard elixir. Alter taking it his case became a ggrnvated, and hu grow weaker and weaker in spite of tin liest medical attention. ' His right leg from thu knee down began di-caying, great pieces of rotten flesh ln'ing cut i IT. Showaltor was a well- kuown hian (if this city. ~S .>Vnnt thn Tobaorn Tax Kupnaled. BALTIMOIIE, Md., Sjpt. 3 — Petitions ore being circulated for signntnreH in the lower, or tobneco, counties of Maryland for 'repeal of tho tax on tobacco. They are loiua; signed by hundre.iu, nnd, with a formidable list of signers, will l« laid before tho iK-xt co gross. Similar | etili' in aro litiits circulated in Virginia and North Carolina. ABBREVlATCD_JEL&GRAMi. Tho Ohiu it ito fair u|x.n d at Columbu* Monday, witii tlitu ili-plays In all dup&rt- UlenU, A woman known ft* M'i£iti*> Fuull^nor wus chokrd to dtMtti by an unknown mun in A Chicago house of ba.l rcpulo Motidtiy morn- t"S- MotmiiiwiU weeo d««liei»ted oil Uottysburg il«k) Monday by tlw Fourth an I Tviith Naw y*'fk hif^intry and tho Nuio t> i I for an iliruniblo ciisoof Catarrh in Iliu Head by tho proprietors of OR. SAGE'S CATARRH REMEDY. Symptoms of Catarrh. — Headache, obstruction of nose, discharges fullinir Into throat, foinetlmes profuse, watery, and acrid, at others, thick, (emu-Ions, ihucous, purulent, bloody und putrid ; py«i weak, riiiKlnK in earn, dL'ufncsH. dllliculty ol cliiirlnK throat, oxpwto- ralion of nlfcnslvu mattor; breath offonslvo: Binoll and tiistii linpalrcd, nnd general debility. Only a fewot' these svmp.toms likely to l»o present at uncn. 4i;ii»iiHiiiida of cusia result in con- Btunptlon, anil (Mid In the t- r nivc. lly 1W mild, soothing:, and licullnpr properties. Dr. amn-'B Remedy cures tlio worst cast's. Hie. OR fuui.. ^^^Aaft. «-v%^ *•»•* g-*_ J-urfiy rcflcia- WW^ 1 ^. ^V\%3 \iC» . lie Jc J/armlMi. Unoqualod as a Hvor 1*111. Rniallcst,cbe»p- est, easiest t« Uiko. Olio Pellet a DOM>. Ouixi Nick Ilcudnclu', JllllouMlIfudnche, Dizztnc«% CoiiHtlpution, IiiUlKOMtlon* HlIloiiH Attack*, und.ull dorangementH or tbo stomach and bowels. SScts.?

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