Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 21, 1907 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 3
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Beaumont Sales Report. Week ending Dec. 6, 1907: There is no apparent abatement of the demand for Beaumont property, and sales fur the week of fruit Innd and city lots amounting to 80900 are reported by the Beaumont Land and Water Company, bringing the total transactions close to the 880,000 mark. This heavy movement of realty is attributed by President Eyer to the bi-weeklv excursions, running on Sundays and Thursdays by special truing on the Southern Pacific, and a ' recapitulation of tbe excursion business is said to indicate average sales to eni'.b participant of over $1)5. Bishop Ci:mity of Los Angeles sent tbe Rev. Thomas Fitzgerald of Red- lauds and Father Halm of Banning to Beaumont last Thursday for the purpose of accepting the site for a church, donated by tbe company. Half a do/en new houses are being started, including residences for Charles E. Harris, John Fitzpatrick and C. \V. Patterson. C. E. Lapp, a Los Angeles well driller, has struck water in a well at six feet in the bed of Edgar creek, three miles north and about 400 foot 'above Benumont, on the company's laud. Water has also been found in wells sixteen feet from tbe surface, about half a mile south of the ata- tion, nnd as a result laud is said to be mounting in price very rapidly. Sales are reported as follows: J. Whitehoru, lots-i), 10, 11, 12, block 4, and lots 9 and 1C, block 73, 8450; Frank 0. Clark., lots 2 and 4, block 57, 8225; Mrs. Nina O. Winters, lot 3, block 56, 8100; Mrs. Cynthia L. Hiring, lot 15, block 86, 8125; W. K. Wallace, lots 2 and 4, block 90, 8175; James Hanson, lot 115, block 49, $95; Mrs. Dr. Oirn Nny Robbius, lot 21, block 8(3, 8440; Adolph A. E'der, lot 24, block 22, S440: Luther M. Miller, lot 1* block 5G, 8125; D. P. and Cora Jackson, lots 9, 11, 13 nnd 15, block 65, 8425; J. M. Teague, lots 23 and 25, block 115, S450; Mrs. Payne, lots 8 aud 10, block 38, 8140; Mrs. Maud M. Sandy, lot 16, block 48, 875; Mrs. S. L. Bettis, lot 4, block 5, lots 6, 7, 8, 9,block 111, 8415; Mrs. S. L. Bettis, lots 10 and 12, block 89, 8250; Guilder Larson, lot 6, block 5, 880; Rome Mason, lot 9, block 48 V 880; Otesen & Ragor- shek, lot 4, block 62, 8450; J. C. Winterburn, lots 14 aud 6, block 67, 8225; N. E. Lillie, lot 11, block 73, 835; Louise G. Fitch, lot 23, block 22, 8440; Miss Helen Wirz, lot 2, block 95, 8200; David Owens, lot 7, block 101, 8200; Mrs. Emma Philips, lots 8 and 9, block 114, 8400; LeopoldWigand,lot 18 and 19, block 86, 8250; Hubert Wirz, lot 4, block 95, 8175. Students Coming From All Over West. In spite of the financial stringency students continue to enroll in San Bernardino Business College from all parts of California and most of the Western states. Yesterday one lady entered from Salt Lake City, Utah, and another from near Sacramento. A few days before, a young lady entered from Arizona, who had to travel by wagon 160 miles to Phoenix, her nearest railroad poiut. The past few days students have enrolled almost from Han Diego to Seattle. A number of out-of-town students are enrolling today. Many are preparing for the spring civil service examinations which arc held hero, this being the only school in California making a epccialty of training for the U. S. civil nervir.o and assisting young people to secure- government positions. Tlioro IKIH been lor HOMIH timo an miprocerU'ntwl demand for stenographers, bookkeepers, railway mail clerks nnd other clerical help in the civil service. The lightning legible shorthand an tiiught hero by its author JH a magriot which i.s also altn.ieting pupils from all over the west, many of whom have already studied other .synteins before coming. People seem determined to have it, nn matter at what cost or how. There is no record nf (such*demand fur any other Hyntem, One vuiultl suppose, at k-iist, that the climax was reached when, a few nights agn, some party or parties bent (in hitving thi; system -it all lin//.arils, gained ficc-ese to the .stat ioi, erv room of the iJu&incrH College, and stole, about .'iOO text book* of the system. Thus far no trace of the thieves has been dir-<-overe<i. It is hoped that this publicity may lead to their discovery and return, as the small supply left will soon he gone if students continue to enroll fa in the past. Han Bernardino Hun. Fertilizer Agent Wanted.- Local agent to still Kwift ; s Pure Animal Fertilizers; also Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Potash, Phosphate, (iiiano, etc. Inquire of Carroll B. Smith u? Ktdlandti, for particulars. COVLNA "A City Among the Orange Groves" HE above were tbe words which fell from the lips of Gov. J. N. Gillett of California, when he visited recently this fair g-cm set in its semi-tropic surround ings. No words more fitting could have been chosen in describing-Covina, the chief town of the far-fa'iied San Gabriel Valley. Every boulevard and driveway for miles in every direction is flanked with peerless groves, anil the very atmosphere in the early springtime is ladcti with the perfume of the orange blossom and the trees iadeu with the golden ripe fruit. Along these firm, oiled driveways, ornamental vegetation of the common and rarer sorts grows iti profusion, and Withal are the lovely homes set in spacious grounds, whore roses thrive in such varied richness that they appear voluptuous even amidst indescribable lloral wealth. Sublimely eminent over the landscape that blesses the eye from Covina is the majestic peak of San Antonio :snd those of lesser altitude, but none the less beautiful, of the Sierra Madre range, with their snow crowns shining and sparkling like jewels. Covina has no rival in Los Angeles county for beav.ty of situation. ICnhancod by the markings of civilization, its scenic loveliness, viewed, in broad perspective, in hardly surpassed anywhere. There is little danger of incuring any tourist's resentment by advising him to tarry at Covina for more than a casual glance about him. Many thing's he will treasure in memory are to be seen in and about the pretty burg. BIRUSEYE VIEW OF COVINA To the homeseeker Covina extends a standing invitation. The right hand of hospitality is all ways extended to all worthy people to cast their lots with ours and enjoy the grandeur of mountain the perpetual gladness of vernal life, fruiting and flowering in perennial concert, an atmosphere blending- the azone of mountain tops with the tincture of the sea, the conveniences of civilization, and an opportunity of securing- handsome returns for their labors in the cultivation of our groves. Covina was incorporated as a city in I'JOl, nnd at once took rank as one of the best governed cities of California, which position it holds steadfastly. Our population is estimated at 2500. Covina is located twenty-one miles east of Los Aripelcs in the upper San Gabriel Valley. It is connected with Los Angeles arid other points by the Southern Pacilic railroad,and the new line of the Pacific Electric, which furnishes hourly service, with a running- time of 35 minutes, through many miles of the finest orange groves. The public schools of Covina are the pride of the people antl the buildings arc constructed after the most approved modern plan. In all respects they are up-to-date. Our high-school cer:ilicates arc accepted in the leading colleges and universities. East and West. Grammar school graduates accredited in the high schools of California and all other states. The peopl^ of Covina are, emphatically, church-goers, and each of the six different churches arc well attended. The Methodist and Baptist denominations are both building new edifices to accommodate their respective congregations, which had.outgrown their present church buildings, No saloons exist in the city, and those who desire to raise families amid good social and tnora environments find here an ideal community. ' \ Covina boasts of a beautiful Carnegie library, built is 1905, which is largely patronized. An especial feature of the institution is the children's reading room. KLl.'OKAI'-.) KAXCII 1'roprrty of J If. A«l.tin-> In few comiiiiinitir-,, cvn in Southern California, can there lie found a people more nni v<-r.tally imlnii-tl \vith rivic pride III, in an: Hie c.i I i/.eii-, ol Cuvina. The ('ovina tlo ..... TH'-phone Company </<.- c.upie^ i is o'.vn Imilfli n(.^ a iid f ni'ui sli' 1 -, ;i <;'jiii|)l''lc .1 ud el'licienl si i >. ii .". SM b v. ri IUT-I ha ve i lie me of over H'-IJ plioiies, in. .liming fire c. , n HIM. I ic i n , '.vith the towrr-. ot ^ /.n-,.i . i .lendor.i , San l)imah, ( harter ( '.ik. Irwinflale and I'm \,\ <•. '!'!,•• ('<)•„ i n.i ' i.i . CM in pan y, a UK a l fuel and ill:, i:ii na 1 i' n. The S.MI '• ,;>'i>\'\' •, f,i;.;!it and l'"v,er Onn I; «!]]<•-> and st reel ->, v. h ii n a (•• '.vel ! \\i.' iiteil i.y a foinpirte - • V • ' • Land and Water Company, eoi;t rolled by i!. K. i In nti up. ton, tur under excellent pre-i->mv. V.'ehave tv/o national and two savin • and all leading line.- .<f biisiue-... are represented. The Wndoiii Our club.-, are of a social, li'era- y and musical nature Tli<- M-in.lay a lternoo;i Clulj, a ladieV literary, fe;ler.ited organiu;' ?;. »ii, owning a handfi'-iiit: club-h'iuse on the corner of Citrus avenue and Center street; the Fortnightly, ,i gentleman M literary cluli; tin; Amphinn, a musical organization; an'I the Covina ('duiiiry Cliiti, t'l'iipp'-d with a tjiutabli: and charming i<>iil<!ing; the San Gabriel Valley Auto Club with its .-.ixty-si-VL-i: autos make frequent delightful runs over the tine roadway*; and the Covina Valley Farmer;-.' Club, devoted to arid public interests. Covina lias also its full quota of fraternal organizations. Covina rank.i as the letdiiiK orange district of Lo>> Angel*::-, county. Kleven completely equipped packing house-, ire required to prepare for market (lit: thousand.-. -A carlo;:(!-, of cran>;i -^ v/hicji arc hliip- p<:d from thin psi^t iinnnallv to tbe. eastern Iua;itiiia sliipmer In C ( .vina ranks firnt in 1 ,0.1. Aiigcleo county an' 1 third in tne world. The raising i.-i 1cm' n-- is ;i Uo a i«,-adsi:g industry. iitmidrs our citrus prodtu.t-,, d<-' idiunio fruits ai d bi-rries of every kii:d are. ^rowo in anundanct . Agricultural products dud grains grown on JarKJs southweht <A tbe city also form u leading source of income. ai i u.-.i 1 1 n I ion , tiirni' 1 , ('•>-• '"'' *'''!li 'iy I nrni-li'- -, li;-ni lor ilovina priv-'te ' • I I ne.n iid>- i .<->,! i i;; Ii I -. . '1 lie < .oyi n.i i: - tin- i.ii , .vilh a pine :'j. ,',•-; -,up|;ly b.iiiit-.. Our .-.for'"- are r,| hi;.;li '/,-der , i nrM cla->-. country hotel. Shopping in- lios Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAPE Yon will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Company Droaclway, Hetwecn Second and Third, I v o.s Angeles KERCKHOFF.CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 25.1 , CA.L. COVINA MEAT MARKET .1. V. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries uiado. daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone Proprietor of the COVINA LIVERY STABLES Home Photic 30. Covina, Cal. 1 Covina \Dalky Savings ffianh OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS A. P. KcrckhofT, President H. M. HoitBcr, Vicc-Prosldent W. H. Hollldny Marco H. Hellnuin Cieo. R. Anderson J. C. Ilutchinson, Jr., Cashier W. M. (JriHWold, AsHistatit Caahlei Interest Paid on Deposit Money to Loan on First Mortage Real Estate JOHN W. THOMAS Funeral Director and Embalmer GLENDORA, CAL. 1H years practical experience. Satisfaction (guaranteed. Calls answered day or iu{fht. IMiones: Oflice 225.'?. Kesidence 4M)H. 15am I'hotie 2-10 Ki-.s. 1'lione 108 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. H. ST AN I ON, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Kant and (leiillc Horses, (larffnl Drivers Stylisli Ki/rs W. liadillo f-it., on tin- new electric: line. COVINA, Sparr Fruit Co. We will pay the. highest market price lor ORANGES Our references: THK (iKOWKKS who hav*- done business with us. \\ Packing House and Ollice, A/.lisa Ave. 'JV-k-jihone Kl.^5. i i I ' - I.(JCAI, I<1<.I'KI''.SHNTATIVI''.S • ' H l.i A T M Ii K O S. & C O L T R I N

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