The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 6, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1892
Page 2
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UST STAY AWAY, The Chinese Exclusion Bill Passed By the House. SHOULD IT BECOME A LAW, A»d Be Knforaed, It Would IS* Prohibitory, Jfor th* ProvUlou of the MeMure At* Vory 8trtJn*dt-The Debate Luttd Only Thirty MlnatM-Ovar- whelmliiK Majority In IU favor, WASHINGTON, April 0.—A bill, held by friend* and foes alike to be one of the tsoat Important now pending in congress, was pasHed by the house after on- Jjr thirty minutes' debate. The bill in question is commonly kuown as the "Chiueso exclusion bill," and waa reported by tlio committee on foreign af- falrs and taken up on motion of Mr. Oeary, of California. Mr. Qeary said that the Chinese government, both through its oOiccrs at homo and in this country, had done arerythlng in its power to violate the spirit of the treaty. Messrs. Herrman and Cutting also favored the bill, and after further debate it waa passed— ayes, 173; nays 40, The negative vote was cast by Messrs. Alexander, Andrew, llecman, Belknap, Belt/.hoovor, Hcrgon, Urosius, IJusholl, Cheatham, Coburn, Coolidge, Craig, of Pennsylvania, Culberson, Curtis. English, Epos, Flick, Orady, Orecnleaf, Hartcr, Heard, Hemphill, Henderson,of t Eliuols, Herbert, llitt, Hooker, of Mississippi', Hopkins, of Illinois; Johnson, of Indiana; Johnson, of North Dakota; Lawson, of Georgia; Little, Lodge, Miller, Perkins, Post, Powers, Randall, Robinson, of Pennsylvania; Stevens, Stockdalc, Storer, Stout, J. 1). Taylor —49. The bill absolutely prohibits any Chinese whether or not subjects of China, excepting diplomatic and consular officers and servants, from entering the United tittttes, and the Chinese who may hereafter leave tbis country are prohibited from returning to this country. It makes liable to arrest upon warrants issued by any justice, judge or United Slates commissioner Chinese entering this country by crossing its boundaries or found unlawfully in the United States, and provides for the punishment of the Chlnesu by imprisonment not to exceed ,flve years and subsequent removal from this country to whence they euine, provided that wheu they come here from China by way of contiguous foreign territory shall be returned to China. The act applies to subjects of Ohinu and all Chinese, even if subjects of any other foreign power. A proviso allows the secretary to admit Cliinese other than laborers or artisans to temporarily visit the United States under such rules as he may prescribe. The lout clause repeals all acts inconsistent with this and set* aside the provisions of all treaties now in force between the United States and China which may conillct with the pro- vhrions of this act. Violations of the ltw will be followed by fine and imprisonment. A HON-1N-I.AW KILLKI). Am Sflort to Oct I'osHcsidon of u Child Caused the' Father-ln-Liiw to Shoot Hlui. JKFFKBSON CITY, MO., April 0.—Trainmen on tho Jeirerson City & Lebanon branch brought in scant particulars yesterday evening of a domestic tragedy that occurred near Brumley, in Miller county, some time Sunday. John Lects and his wife separated, the wife going to the home of her father near by, and taking the only child with her. Subsequently Loots concluded to take possession of the child, and to this end repaired to the liouso of his father-in- law with a pistol. The old man was at home and he and Lcets soon became involved in troublo in front of the house. Lects drew his pistol and lired several shots at his father-in-law, but without effect. The latter ran into the house, secured a shotgun, and shot Leets dead in his tracks. That is all the information that could be obtained. The scene of the Irugedy is fifteen miles from u railroad or telegraph office. Walt Whitman'), Will. NKW Yomt, April 0.—Walt. Whitman's will has been read to his relatives and several friends. The exact terms of the will can not be learned. It is known, however, that tho poet made his sister executrix, allowed his housekeeper the use of his house In Camden for a year, and appointed Dr. Iiucke, of Ontario, Can., and Horace Traubel, of Camden, his literary executors. Killed by a Horse. AUOUBTA, Kan., April 6.;—Seymour, ' third son of W. W. Chlsinan, a farmer living near Augusta, was killed while returning from visiting the scene of tho wreck at Towauda Sunday. Ills horse Stumbled, throwing him over its head, the horse turning a complete summersault, fell upon the boy's head, killing him instantly. Funeral of lion. Joint Hutching*. LAWIIKNCK, Kan., April (J.—Tliofuuer. al of Hon. John IIutellings took place from the family residence at 3 o'clock yesterday. A great many prominent people from all parts of the state were iu attendance. The funeral services were conducted by He v. Dr. Howland. Ellsworth, Kan.. Election. ELI.SWOHTII, Kan., April 0.—At the annual election yesterday, Judge L. U. Beaver was chosen mayor; Messrs. A. It, Hepperly, Alfred Patterson, Joseph Kit- tina, Andrew Sohmitt and licorgo Seltz, aldermen, and Houston, police magistrate. OKN. CLAKKHON'8 CONDITION. Bh Health lteported to Bo In a Borlouift Condition l r rom litUuwmatory Hheuuui- Hum. Nicw YOHK, April 0.—Private letters received iu this city within a few days Indicate that Gen. James S. Clarkson, chairman of the republican national committee, Is in u somewhat serious condition. After several weeks' stay at Ashevllle, N. (?., where he went early iu February, he was still suffering from inflammatory rheumatism, with which ho had been suffering here. Week before last lie was removed in a private ear to Hot Springs, Ark. He is now unable to do any work or to move about much. The confinement incident to tho disease is wearing upon him, although his condition is not considered in any sense critical. Mrs. Clarkson in with him. Tho Cincinnati Klnotlon. CINCINNATI, April 0.—The only candidates voted for by the whole city yesterday was for the office of judge of tho superior court of Cincinnati. Twenty- eight thousand nine hundred votes were polled. V. W. Moore, republican, was elected judge by 4,800 majority over Lowrey Jackson, democrat. Tho republicans elected ten to fifteen members of the bonrd of legislation and eleven out of fifteen to the board of education. The Sixth, for tho ilrst time in its history, elected republicans for both its ward offices. Five Drowned. GluiENKiEi.D, Mass., April 0.—At the hamlet of tho Griswold Manufacturing Co., Willis Place, Oollerain, located on the north branch of the Deerfield river, Sunday afternoon, while six Germans were boating on the river the water carried their boat over the dam and live were drowned. Those who lost their lives were: Joseph Egger, two Lord boys, their sister and a girl named Bugenig. Only two bodleB have been recovered. ltf'tttUiiK Comblno Hill v i'tocd. TBKNTON, N. J., April IS.—Gov. AVuett has announced his disapproval of the bill to legalize the Heading railroad combine and filed a memorandum setting forth his reasons therefor. Ho says that there is no question of his right to act on bills at any time within thirty days after the legislature's adjournment. He questions the constitutionality of the act. HtrucU lly Lightning:. CnEBBWAi.K, Kan., April 0.—At 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon Mrs. E. R. Lawsou, of this place, was struck by lightning and seriously injured. It was at fh'Bt thought sho would dio, but at last accounts she was still alive and may recover. A sad circumstance in her case is that her death means that of another. Mississippi's Anti-Cigarette Law. JACKSON, Miss., April 0.—The law imposing a tax of $50 on each person selling cigarette papers or cigarettes has gone into full force. Any tax heretofore paid does not exempt dealers, many of whom have discontinued the sale of the articles in question owing to the excessive tax. Kx-Mlnlster Rold In Washington. WASHINGTON*, April 0.—Whltelaw Reid, United States minister to Prance, called on the president this morning iu company with Secretary Itlaine and presented a draft of the extradition treaty concluded with France, which will be transmitted to the senate for action. Justice Lamar Better. WASHINGTON, April 0.—The improvement in J ustice Lamar's condition continues. It is reported at his residence that he rested easily last night and that the prospects for his complete recovery in a short time are encouraging. She Took Itoajrli oil I'Hts. WICHITA, Kan., April 0.—Mrs. Anto nio Pruy, 25 years old, died this morning from the effects of a dose of rough on rata taken last night. Maltreatment is said to have been the cause. Mary Benleittic, alias Mrs. Mollic Hartman, was shot and instantly killed at Philadelphia by John Haruelett, a man with whom she has lived for the past nine years. Uarnelett was arrests «d- PITH AND POINT. You can eauipe just about one half tbo IIU that flesh Li heir to, by being ready for them. When you feel dull, languid," out of sorts" generally—then you may know that some of them are coming. Dont let them got any further. Brace tho system up with Dr. 1'iorco's Golden Medical Discovery. That f fnenls as well aa cures: t invigorates the liver and kidneys, purifies and enriches the blood, sharpen* the eppetlto, improves digestion, and restores health and visor. For all diseases, caused by a disordered liver or Impure blood^-Dyspopsia, Biliousness, the most stubborn Skin, Scalp and Bcrofulous affections, the " Discovery " is the only remedy so certain and effectivo that It can be ffuar-Diferd. If it doesn't beneBt or cure, you have your money hack. It's not only tbo best, but it's the cheapett blood-purifier sold, no matter how many doses are offered for a dollar. With this, you pay only for the good you get. —Knergy will do anything that can be done in this world; and no talents, no circumstances, no opportunities, will make a two-legged animal a man without It.—Goethe. —Hojaok—"Did Tom look happy when lie stood up to be married?" Tomdik—"Yes; ho couldn'tliave looked happier if he had been 'next' in a crowded barber shop." —A Pittsburgh woman, who watched two pugilists who were suitors fight sixteen rounds Cor her hand, wisely concluded to tuke the fellow who got whipped. He is easier to handle. —Professor (looking at his watch)— "As we have got a few minutes I shall be glud to answer any question that anyone may wish to ask." Student— "What time is it, please?"—Texas Sittings. —Mra Ilicks—"Dick was tried today, found guilty, and I had to give him asound thrashing." Hicks—"Whal was the charge?" Mrs. Hicks—"Tresi passing upon my preserves."—N. Y, Herald. —Not Put Too Tactfully.—"March li a vile month," said Mabel. "I hate to go out on March days. It nearly blows the hair off my head." "Dear mel How unfortunate!" said Heavyweight. "Can't you fasten it on more securely?" —Harper's Itazar. —Learning the Ropes.—Now Report, er (breathlessly)—"Big railroad acci. dent on the A. B. C. road. Shall I go to the superintendent of tho A. B. C. road for particulars?" City Editor—"Cer taiuly not. Go to tho superintendent of the X. Y. Z. road."—N. Y. Weekly. —Ho Wanted to Accommodate.—The prisoner nt the police court bar tried to be funny. "Don't get off anymore of your jokes, sir," said the judge stern' ly. "Pro got to do it, yer honor," insisted the prisoner, "BO'S you can get on to 'em. They ain't quite strong enough to carry two, jedgo, your hou- or." "Fifty and costs."—Detroit Ifree Press. —The reporter had just come In from an assignment in a murder case, it was a rainy duy, and he had to cross a plowed field on foot. "I see,'' observed tho city editor, looklnjr with some) dl» pleasure at his large, and muddy boots, "yon have brought the scene of the j,mnrder with y'bu.'"]' "Yes,'' J answered tho reporter, apologetically, ."Pve jga,t to have some ground ..for my story, you know."—Chicago Tribune. Another Chance for a Home. It is expected the Sisseton and Wahpeton reservation of lands that are near WatertoWn, South Dakota, and that join Minnesota at Lake .Traverse, will by President Harrison's proclamation bo opened for settlers under tho homestead act, about April 15, 1802. The great Rock Island and Albert Lea are the only lines giving choi;c of routes to Watertown. You can go via the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and see the great wheat center of the northwest. The other route is via Davenport, Cedar Rupids, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Pipestone, Minnesota, to Watertown, South Dakota. The land office is located at Watertown, and this is your chance to secure a quarter section of good land. Address for full information as to rates, etc., JOHN SKUASTIAN, •1-2 U. T. & P. A., Chicago. Tho Ilomcllogt Man In Hutchinson As well as the handsomest, and others, are invited to call on any druggist and get, free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, a remedy that is selling entirely on its merits and a guarantee to cure all chronioandacute coughs, asthma, bronchitis and con sumption. Large bottles 50 cents and SI It is a truth in medicine that the smallest dose that performs tho cure, is the best. De Witt's Little Early Risers are the smallest pills, will perform the cure and ure the best. Beam's Mid- laud Pharmacy. — Vino Playing: Cards. Send (10) cents In stamps to John Sebastain, general ticket and passenger agent, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for a pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards you ever saw. Just the thing for High Five parties. For a SOc express money order or postal note will send you five packs. "Late to bed and to rise will shorten the road to your home in tho skies." But early to bed and a "Little Early Uisar," the pill that makes life longer and wiser. Beam's Midland Pharmacy: Winter Excursions. Solt Lake and Ogdcn—Round trip 851.50. Tickets good for ninety days. Las Vegas and Hot Springs and return—Round trip tickets, good for ninety days, 825. On sale every day in the year, Pacific Coast Points—S80 for round trip tickets good for six months, with choice of all routes. Helena, liutte and Melrose, Mont., round trip SCO; tickets good ninety days. Rates to the following Texas points are now in effect. Tickets good returning until June 1, with transit limit of thirty days in each direction: Austin, Texas .,.$24.85 El Paso. Texas 37.95 Deming, New Mexico 37.95 Houston, Texas 28.40 Lampasas, Texas 34.10 New Orleans, Louisiana 44.80 J. W, TEDKOKD, Agent. CURE Biok Headache nnd relievo all tbo ^roaM** fttef* dent to a bilioua etato of tho ayBtom, mob aa Dizzlne«B, Nausea, Drowainoas, Distract after eating. Pain In the Side, to. Whilo their moeft yamiifcftblt luccctw baa been ah own iaoutDfl „ SICK BetAaohft, yet Carter's little Liver MH Ml equally valuable In Constipation, curing and pn> Tenting tula annoying complaint, while tneraliv correctaUdlflordorflorthefltoraacb^UmulaWtho Urer and reouiato the bowels. 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Freight.... 5 a 7 31) 43 10:45 a.m. 10:55 a.m. 0:20 p.m. il:80 p.m. 0:40p.m. 8:15p.m. 7:45a.m. 3:43p.m. 0:4 0p.m. 8:40p.m. 8:20p.m. 8:05a.m, 7:05p.m. EAHTBOUND. Trains. ft! o Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex. Chicago Vestibule EX'BS Cannon ball Missouri river night Ex. Freights Freight 4 0 8 30 44 7:00 am 10:32am 8:15 pm 1:00 p m H:35 a m 8:10 am 10:32am 8:35 p m 1:20 pin 0:30 a in 4:4b\p m 0:05 pm 7:00 am (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, veal and nil kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Hurtimiu, cutter. Telephone 32. MILLION DOLLAES Would not tempt the busy bUBtllng, brainy American to part with the price less treasure of good health, which he can gain and preserve by the use of those .safe, effective and unfailing CHINESE VEGETABLE REMEDIES with wblcli the great Lee Wing Brothers speedily and permanently cure every form of nervous, chronic, private and sexual disease, lost manhood, scminul weakness, errors of yovth, urinary, kidney and liver troubles, diseases of the heart, lungs and throat, diseases of the blood or skin, diseases of the stomach aud bowels, rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysis, dispepsia, constipation, syphilis, gbonerhea, gleet and all weaknesses and diseases of any organ of the body. LEE WINO'S remedies cure where all oth er means fall. Consultation and examination free, and only a small sum for the remedies. Call for consultation, or write symptoms fully, enclosing stamp for reply. LEE WING BROS., 1613 Larimer street, Derer, Ool. Chicago, Kansas & Western Itailroad. Hutchinson Extension. Trains. "A p Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kinsley San Franc'co &Texas Ex.. Acco'md'tion 3 311 8:20 pm 8:20 am 12:20am 1:20 pra Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. Arrrlve KanBap CltjrJ New York Limited Ex. Accom'ditlon 4 342 4:37 a in 2:25 p in 7:50 am 7:50 pm 4:40 pm No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Cltv of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections atPueol* and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francisco aad Portland, via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper ta Dodge City aud through coaches to Puebl* and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist Bleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. 0 carries through Pullman Bleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. Scarries Pullman sleepers and chat* cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. • i-*-. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka. Kan. J. W. TBDIfOED, Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. CURB /lftrou!il l .(lwlti 1 aonorrlia»\ /(tleet.Vhitus.Kpermstorrhoesl /orony uuuuturt'.i discharge »«• • your druyclst for-a bottle of J lite O. It cures in a few days •without tho old or publicity of • 1 doctor. Noti-polsunous and Ipimrantecd not to stricture. \ llw Universal American Can. Manufactured by k Ti )0 Evaas Chemical Oo.E CINCINNATI, o. U. S. A.

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