Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 3, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1889
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: TUESDAY, PEPTEMTIER 3, 1! Don'tO-ook atS)Me; : but California Pears, Peaches, Plums, Grapes. Etc. Evening Gazette. TH» Kvmxiwo QJLEBTTB osn De had at all the newistanrt§. Price TWO cmirrg. OFFICIAL PAP.ER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Sterling Commandery at 7:30 o'clock. K.T. No. 27, _7—Supt. Olto Miller of the Northwestern was here on business today. —Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, of Philadelphia, who have been visiting at Capt. Vincent's, '.left this morning' for the east. _Ovet thirty of the boys of^ "Sterling" school have ordered cadet uniforms. They will be made by an eastern firm. —A number of people from here have gone to Morrison to attend the lair. Many will go tomorrow and more on Thursday. —The Northwestern will run a special to Morrison for three days, beginning tomorrow, leaving; here at 0 a. m. and starting back at 5:30 p. m. —The Sterling and Galesburg clubs fought long and hard over the game yesterday. At dark, the game was called, the score standing 5 to 5. —At several places about the city trees that have been cut down on the streets have been left, there. They should be gotten out of the way. —Sheriff Keefer came up to Sterling yesterday afternoon and left this morning on an east bound passenger, on business. —Mrs. Sawyer, the spiritualist materializing medium, expects to be here from Marshalltown by Wednesday. Sue will be the guest 6f Mr. and Mrs. S. M, Seely. —Geo. Sampson has a peach tree that has about 100 large peaches of it, wnich are aa large as large lemons. They are fine. This will soon become a peach country. . —Corn in many places is almost out of danger of frost. Deputy Sheriff Drake brought up several ears from the farm of his father at Morrison, on which the kernels are hard and dry. —The Deestrick Skule is now organized, the classes are formed, and several recitations have already been heard by the master, llesekiah Potts, (Prof Kelly). The public will be invited to visit the skule within a few-weeks. —Miss Rebecca Stakemlller, who has been attending the business college here this summer, has just returned from attending the Carroll Co. teachers' Institute, at Savanna, and will continue her studies at the college during the fall. —The contract for completing the upper storey of the city hall was awarded last night to contractor P. T. VanHorne. The floor is to be of hard pine, and most of the^other wood work of oak. It will be plainer than the library floor. The cost will be 81,000. —Mr. A. L. Mohler, of St. Paul, son of Mr. George Mohler of Sterling, who used to be the clerk of the operating accounts of the Rockford, Rock Island & St. Louis railway in 18«0, has been appointed general manager of the St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba railway at a salary with five figures. —Sterling has declared Itself in favor of Chicago aa the place to hold the world's fair In 1802 by a resolution passed iu the city council last night, requesting Senators Farwell and Cullom and Congressman Henderson to use their influence in Congress to bring about that result. Chicago is the place and Chicago deserves It. —City Attorney Wolfersperger made a report in the council last night regard- lag property within the city limits upon which full city tax in not paid. He reported three properties, belonging to Joseph T. Miller, Mrs. F. R. Taylor and W. H. McAllister. Papers will be tiled soon with the county clerk to have these placed v,ith other city property. Other property that la not fully taxed should be reported to the Attorney at ouco. —The large number of public i a- provementa being made la this city Uii* year la causing many thousands of dollars to be paid to the workingiuen This cause* general eros- —Fred Brown, of Mcndota, is vini'- ing his brothers. Ed. C. find James. —Miss Annie Hyde has gone to Mor- riaon to visit friends and attend the fair. . —A. L Parker has moved into the Waddelton building witti Bruce Kissel. —The building of the improvements in Sterling ar.d Rock Falls this year should be but the beginning of an era of prosperity which should continue to increase. Two or thiee new factories euch year will make the town grow. The towns have superior ad vantages as a manufacturing point, which must sooner or later be recognized. If not by our home people by outsiders. ~ —The street railroad will draw many dollars worth o.f trade from Rock Kails, Ou the other hand, it will Increase the number of property owners ana residents In ' that town. With street cars moving through the town, making any of the business part of Sterling easy of reach and, the town lighted up with electricity, Rock Falls will be, very desirable as a place of residence—when it is annexed to Sterling. —A genuine novelty will appear at the Academy of Music next Tuesday evening, Sept. 10. This is Gus Heege's Swedish play of "Ole Olson," in which the star plays a part with a funny Swedish dialect. Mr. Heege hjw entirely rewritten this play since hist'sea- son and has Introduced the very latest songs and specialties, Japanese juggling, etc., etc., and says that it Is a sure go. Many of our citizens are acquainted with Mj. Heege and others know him as the author of "The Skyscraper and other successful comedies Mr. Heege was the guest of friends in this city last spring. of permanent side- —David Keefer has removed Filth avrnue. —Fred S. encer, a patron of Wallace Ki:hon), writes that he thinks the briclt partition walls in tlia' new building should bo 12 inchos thick instead of 8 inches. Several builders, with long experience in the business, inform us that the 8 inch walla lire of sufficient thickness. —James Fitzgerald has bought one of the lots of J. J. Miller, adjoining one of the lots upon which the latter is building a brick house, on 3rd avenue, south of Oth street. Mr. Fitzgerald Intends to erect a brick house there for himself as soon as possible. Marshal Fitzgerald will probably rut up an elegant brick residence on the convent property this fall or next spring. KOCH. FA lit* 111.. Kept. From rfcptf-mber 2-jnd to 27th, inrln- slvp, the C. B & Q. R. R.. will sell round trip ; tickets from ' Sterling to IVoria for 94. 20; tickets to bo limited for going passage to date (.f snle and limited for return Sept. 2Sth. G2tf Miss Rose Gushing, Hock Fulls, Sept. 10th. 02 tf 1». W. HnpUlnwOH Will close out his summer foot-wear at coat. Gents' low shoes at 50 cents on the dollar. , 1"> tf K. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C-" brand Spectacles and Kye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glares, in that the lenses are ground from a Frem:li Tintcil Crystal that shuts out the chemical anci heat rajs of light, makingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. 70- l&w Al\ iii mo i Sept. 0. Summer prices 35 and COc. Miss Rose Gushing, Rock Falls, Sept. 10th. . 02 tf —The question walks is one which will come up for serious discussion in the city council before long. As it now is, there are forty miles of board walks which have to be repaired and rebuilt frequently. A system of "permanent" walks which would last half a century, would be much cheaper. Aid. Plait remarked in the council Inst night that a walk which will laat fifty years, can be built of brick, with Cleveland stone curbing, at less cost than a plank walk... If permanent walks can be figured as low as that, the soo'ner they are put down the better. It will save the city a bill for repairs of several thousand of dollars each year. —A'number of residents and property owners of First avenue, between t'.li and 8th streets met In the council rooms yesterday afternoon, and voted t> petition the council to allow them to use asphaltum for their termanent walks, to be built.according to ordinance. At the council meeting in the evening, the petition was granted. The City Attorney prepared an ordinance in relation to this Improvement, which was adopted.' The walks are to be of regulation width, five feet, and have suitable curbing, an'l are to be laid as per surveys made. If they are laid within the time required by ordinance, the city will pay a rebate of 5 cents per square foot. The walks are to be built along the length of the street, and paid for by special assessment on the property owners. The work will probably be done by contract and is to begin at once. —Mr. Wm. Evarts the jolly advance agent of the Boston Ideal Minstrels left on the morning train after com- -i-Miss Lou Ely has gone to Quincy, III, to attend college. +Georj;e Graves has sold his house and lot In East Rock Falls ;to E. J. Feigley. •t-Henry Landis has about fifty peach trees, most of which contain fruit. -j-A number ef children got into Batcheller & Son's foundry on Sunday last and did much damage to the moulds. Children should not bo allowed to wander away from home so far. -t-Matt Clarkson haa. resigned his position as stenographer in General Agont Thome's office at the "Q" depot in Sterling, and intends to leave in a few days for Evanston to enter upon a full collegiate course. Tom Smith _ is now doing the shorthand work. -s-Threo bloods from here hired a horse of Rollin Woods to go to the Old Settlers'. Picnic last Thursday. They^ drove the animal over forty miles7 making a circuit of Lyndon, Prophetstown and Tampico. .It took the owner two days to get the horse home, and yet it is in bad condition. These boys deserve punishment. -«-There were 301 pupils entered at the Rock Falls school on Monday* which is more'than last year. A line microscope, 200 magnifying power, has been added to the school apparatus. The ventilating shafts have proved to be a big success. During the time the building has been closed during the summer, the air always remained pure and fresh inside. -<-The city council Monday night Instructed the Streets and Alleys Committee to make several improvements including (1) opening and extension" of Florence street to Tracy Avenue, (2) building new sidewalk on north side Elm street, along blocks A and II (3) grading and gravelling Elm street between Bridge and May streets. An ordinance was passed prohibiting people from allowing stock to run at large on streets and alleys and from tethering them on streets and alleys. It was voted to move the city jail to the city lot. The light committee asked for further time In making their report on the petiiion of tho Sterling Gas and Electric Light Co. Still Ahead. Everybody using the Milledgevllle (lour is happy. For sale at Lewis Reitzel's feed store. Also all kinds of feed delivered to any part of city or Rock Falls. CO to Xottre. Tho Sterling Gas &. Electric Lt. Co. respectfully Inform the public that it is now prepared to wire houses and stores for the incandescent light; and make the offer to all persons subscribing before the. completion of the line and plant, that the outfit according to our rules and regulati«ns will be furnished free. For further information call nt our oflice. C2-nr> tf JoiiNCnAUTEii.Sect'y. .. FOR Morrlnon Fair. The Chicago & Northwestern Railway will run a special train to Morri aon on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 4th and 5th, leaving Sterling at 0 A. M., returning leave Morrison at 5:30 r. M. Fare for the round trip 5Sc. • 70 3 Don't forget Sept. 10th. the date, Kock Falls, 02 tf , »ept. St. Joseph Fair and Kxpoaltlon » to Oct. 5. f4». On Sept. 13th and 30th the C. B. & Q./ R. H. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the round trip; tickets limited going Sept. 13th and 30th, and returning, ten days from date of sale. dOOw35-tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN For bargains in fine pianos and organs, go to Werntz & Co., Gait House Block. ^___ O3 ' tf Bananas 20c per doz., at Mann's. 00 to ST-We will insert three line* In this col--«| iimn one time for 10 cents, or for 40 cents a wees. Ksch additional line will Be 6 conta a single Insertion, or IB cents a wqek. FOK HAL.K. Murks, the riothpn (Mpnnrr And dyer will return about September 15th. 04 tf Only 10 cents for J lines under tltis Jlcading. CIOK HALK—flood fresh cow. X? Kast Kock-Falls. JolinB. Hrown, 7U-1U Auction Hair. no 1 Western mares will be sold at auction Saturday and Monday, Sept. 7th and nth, at one p. m, at the Sterling stock yards. 05 tlO 1 * W. S. STOCKiNn, Auctr. F oil SALE—My liouso and lot on West,0tli Street, between I! & 1) Avenues; ilii-a)) 11 Ilium soon. K. M. Wrlf.Ht. - ItM* ion SALE—A bill-Bain In three line resi- liences In 4ih waril. Inquire ot 1.1. Mush. til-tl The Wednesday Club will hold its firs' meeting after vacation on Wednesday evening, Sept. 4th. A full attendance is desired. Valuable Information to Boarding HOUHC Keepers. Do you want boarders ? If you do you can easily secure Vhem by putting a "want" In the EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. VOU KKSiT. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. \ GOODS of flv« rooms, on E.Third street, between (iili and 7th Avenues. Apply to P. T. VanHorne. Well _ __.! eisteru water. Imtuiru K. O. Underwood, Boom 2, Academy of Musle. M tl F Oll UKNT—0 room house;.<;ood cellur v ami lluy Yonr Wntohes Of Blossom, No. 15 East Third St. No such stock ever displayed in Sterling. Every watch guaranteed as represented. plating arrangements Tor the appearance of this company at the Academy next Monday night. When asked why he did not join the "Two Johns Fat Mens' Club" he said; "I'm too little, I only weigh 270 pounds, they have fifteen men all larger than I am, and if this hot weather lasts two weeks longer I'll be only a shadow." The "Ideals" have some well known artists of high reputation with them, and will no doubt pack the house as their are no- ing to reduce prices'' to compete with the hot weather. Mr. Fred Malcolm the female impersonator has a dress made by Worth, costing 8700 which he will placo on exhibition in Mr. Chester's window next Monday afternoon. The ladies will certainly be pleased to Inspect this a-la-mode dress from Paree. The only Swedish play ever produc- Td'IrTlSinTmca. •See~the~12" ft. snake, the Japanese Juggler and inanylother specialties. Millie Ills Fortune on n Slliffto Ciirco. Many 11 Maine fortune was made in tho UYst. India IrmU- in oldon times, hut fow in' tliu way tolJ (if a I'urtlninl captain. Toward tlio close of tho lash century this captain sailed from Portluml with n carp;o of lumber for Han Domins". Arriving at his destination, ha found Toiissnint, tho ticuro lender, in possession of tho island and was nfraid to land. As ho was about to put to soa ap;ain his ship was boarded by a squad of negro troops under command of 'tho renowned Christophc, ami ui-Red to land, as lumber was much needed on tho island. Noticing that the ship's papers bearing tho autograph of tho president of tho United Statwt, ns was tho custom in those days, made a great impression on Christophe, tho captain concluded to fry theircfTcct on Toussaint. Accordingly ho landed, and, furnished with an escort by Christopho,. marched to tho camp of tho leader. This personage U]Kin being told that a messenger with a letter from tho president of tho United States desired an interview with him, readily accorded it, and the result of tho interview was that tho lumber was ox- changed for an equal quantity of coffee, sugar and other goods of tho captain's selection.." exchanging bulk for bulk. No ship over sailed carrying so rich a cargo obtained upon such favorable terms. Tho fortune of tho captain was made. Ho retired from tho sea ami sott-l«l-down-t4>-iM J '- u *P m>ua - li: Portland.—Lowiston Journal. T IO LEASE—1'ownr and room for manufacturing purposes. In the biilMIng (ormorly pii il hy Church & 1'atierson. Address II. U Church, JJuluth, Minn. Bl-taij AND 1'OU Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. IjlOlt BALK—:i lots In Lipe'rs addition; also, lot J? (i hlk 6; also, my residents l'>t*, '•' fid 10, hik fl, Wallace's add., ou easy terms. Impure ol James Harden. "u-tu* F Hciites. OK SALE.— Type Writers. • E< 97-tf VOIt MALK OU TltAUK. TTHJHHALE o« TKA.DK-A well located hotel, -C cluing a good business, having Irom 60 to ttu Bartlett. pears for canning, quantity, at liunn's. in any 7112 ir hoarders. F. W. . Ha, mi Walzar US-tf IjOHT. Only 10 cents for J lines under thirHeading. —The council last night discussed the matter of placing the streets upon which the street railway will' run, at the established grade which has been surveyed. Col. W.atson, of the Street Railway Co., was present and stated that the company desired the streets leveled, so that riding in the cars would not seem like riding over ridges in a corn field. He wished to know if the city would require the road to be built at grade or on the present level of the streets. Aid. Platt stated that it would be a very expensive piece of work to place the streets at grade, and would cost about 810,000, if not more. Besides, he thought it best to wait until the aewers were completed along the route before a permanent grade was completed. To do this work It would be necessary to remove all the macadam on the etreef, remore or fill In a eulllclent amount of earth under the macadam, and then replace the macadam. The aldermen desired to place the streets in proper condition for the street railway tracka. but did not wieb. to go to 810,000 expense tbU ji>ar wheu lira. H. A. LlnebacU's Htateraent. UIIEUMATIO SYKUP Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For the past ten years I have been a sufferer from liver complaint and rheumatism. Finding no relief my condition became so wretched that 1 had no hope of recovery. Seeing Ilibbard's Rheumatic Syrup ftdveitlsed I purchased six bottles and am now entirely cured, both from rheumatism anti the liver trouble. Have also used mbbard's Rheumatic Plasters with the best results.. I can certify to the truth of the above statement. Mrs. Llneback was cured ot rheumatism and liver trouble by the use of Ilibbard's Rheumatic Syrup and Plasters. tths SOL KITTEKINO, Druggist, Lisbon, Iowa. There is DO But that "A Night In Jersey" is a first class comedy. The two jolly old Irishmen are very funny. See the new Co. ad of N. Carpenter & Head the Academy add. aud others. peritj niuoii^ them and In the whole eity. Wh»u people hays mousy, they buy more, liavu!** otit merefaSBW of thu «s*s>>o tt*iv«cit*lng Sat to fad SMU- i*v»J, wetter tfta dinseUoa of th* i the f untla were needed to badly in other plac«a. There was cousiderable discus *ion but It wu tlnullr reaolrtsd thai tho railway U»«k» abouid U) laid us near the Call at E. W. Hlossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w The ladies of Broadway church will live a peach and cream sociable iu the church parlors on Wednesday evening. A literary anil musical programme will be rendered. Everybody cordially invited. 10 13 Hewttvul of UurUrr Mhoi>. A. L. Parker has removed hi» tonaor- lal parlora (rum under Uopk'asou's to Uia WiukU«ton building, on West 3rd »lr«*t, opjM.wmsj CajjMHuej's. 71 la *U IlnncHty Itmvarihiil. An oyster ami clam dealer on Vesoy street set out a basket of fresh clams in front of his store the other ilay ami tacked up a neat little card announcing tho price. A bootblack sauntered by swinging his box and brushes and gently transferred one of the luscious bivalves Into his pocket. A newsboy standing, near observed the net, and in a secnml ho had imitated the bootblack's action with gratifying success. The boys both grinned, crossed over to the other side of the stn-et and innocently strolled up the block. In another moment they again passed the basket, and again rewarded themselves with another clam. Six times did "Hid gamins pass tho basket, and not once did they miss their prize. Kails. A policeman lounged on tho opposite of the ttreet iu full view of the piratical expeditions across the way. Filially ono of tho boys, probably having come to tho conclusion that honesty was tho best policy, turned his clams over to his partner and disappeared in n neighboring stall. Ho reappeared in n few minutes with a small sign rending, "Take one," which he deftly substituted fcr tho price list He then went in and innocently informed the proprietor that some wicked boy had changed his sign and that ho would soon be out a basket of clams. When the proprietor saw the sign and the diminished, number of clams ho thanked the boy warmly and told him to take a pocketful for himself. -New York World. Witches' Plants. Iu most countries certain plants arc to be found associated with witches anil their craft. Shakespeare causus ono of his witches to discourse of root of "hemlock dlgg'd i' the dork;" likewise also of "slips of yew silver'd In tho moon's eclipse." Vervain was in olden times known as "the enchanter's plant;" rue, again, was regarded as an antidote against their Bpells and machination*. Their partiality for certain trees is well knoVvn. According to Grimm, the trysting place of tho Neapolitan witches was « walnut tree near Bonowuto. In walnut and elder trt-es they are also said to bo in tho habit of lurking at night fall. Witches, too, hail their favorite flower*. Among the*o the. foxglove, was known as tho "witches* bells;" the harebell as tiso "witches' thimbles." Tradition assert.*! that on moonlisht nights they might be icon Hying through the air, mounted on tho itoni'i o( tho ragwort, r«v»1a or tm!ru.-4u«. Throughout Ovrm&ny It Is U/lieVt-,1 that witches career through tho midnight ski«a ou hay. Many planU were pr<-s««l Into tho wrvlce of ciianim ntul (H»1U (or itiv d.-ux-tinii of »iu-ha» mui evil npiriu whon »runl«rln£ nbout ou thair isofMUMM wnuKU, particularly lh» St Jutill'n WwrC, stUl i»r£>'iy Wi'rn t>> tho livf- aiaa portaaalry tat a kiml <>? «uiul«t ju. S3*. ' I OST—Thursday last, on Morrisonroail,nock- J-rtruoorcontaming£*MW;-eous!sl.liiK of two ten dollar nold pieces and two live dollar hills. Kinder leave iu Gazette olllce and receive reward. •'O-mw L OST—All parties are cautioned against purchasing a note o[ *Wr, made by Mark Bressler In favor o( Hressler liros., about March 1st, luS'J, wuleh was recently lobt. Dressier Uro FINANCIAL. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. { TTUNANt'lAL-Moiicy to loan-$1,500 at « per -•J cent.,on (arm security. I. 1. Bush, Itock - KL,l.iA.\ KOIIS. Only io cents for J lines under this Heading. M ISCELLANKOUS—Kcal Estate anil Insurance. Western hind lor sale and oxchaiiKO. V. W. Wal/JT, Koom 4, Academy o( Musi,-,. «-M TRADE O. and O.TEA Tho CMcest Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS HKVlIIunK. TRY IT. T« vUUeTtr KI 1:7 c'ic:. tt-It; jeru vtria. II U Ikn T'imir-T lii:»nn !.«»». plrke*! from tho l..-t ],:<>.:-;..!.,.•« I..I i ii-n.i u-i-.i »t*nlut.jly puro ami trv.t In ru i*U fttiulifr-ittout or colons)* Hl»tU-r. •lhl'l>,n-V»K>» ar- liBtlacllrJklljr Hmwd fcnd w&rruuUU full \Vfi,'.ftl. il ts xuura VOOU- Om!<*4l t* uittf tlitLi) ttm low*r gratis*. OrfoaUl & Occidental Tea Co., ItM), Huad <)0<c*, »a Starling HI If, KfW )T*rh, ft,

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