Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1912
Page 4
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^-4 r THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, 0 CTOBER 5,1912. The lola Daily Register TIM leu Dally R*c«rd and tha lola Dally - - Indax. THE BE9ISTBB PUBLISHING CO. CHA8. P ._8COTT. I>re«. and Editor r. W. BRBW8TKR Manager Entered at the lola rostofflce as Becolnd- ClBSS Matter. Advartlalns Bates Made Known on Application. Official/Paper City of lola. Official'Paper City of Basiett. Official Papar of Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lola. Gas City. Lanyon- vllle, Cencralo, LaHarpe and Bassett: One -Week -10 cnts One Month <« cents One Tear W-OO BY MAIL: One Tear. Inside ounty 12-00 One Tear, outside dounty J3.00 Rome yo >i have -o rio as itomans do. you know. Lord." "Demas forsook me. havinf; loved this present world."—2 Timothy. 4 :10. TELEPHONES: Business Office Jj Society Reporter mif Job and Bindery Dept. 4. 1 SATUBDAT SEBMON (Pastor Otho Moomiin of the ('hrlstlRn Church) . "DEMAS."' A brief, hut pathetic story flasher before one as he reads Paul's second letter 1o Timothy. The Apostle would divnige the Innermost secret of hfs heart to Timothy, his "son in the Gospel." Th»re was much to bring Joj into the^'^ison walls in Rome as the "chosen vessel to the gentiles" recounted his victories in Cbrist. But a rery sad word drops from his per here: "Demas forsook me." The poet has said. "Of all sad word." of tongue or pen. The saddest are these, tt migt have been." The wrltei of the letter to the Hebrews said. "11 is fearful to fall unto the hands of Ihr living God." But. hpw much saddt^ it would be to fall entirely out of the hands of the Living God! Demas. who had been honored with the title of "fellow-worker" and Joined in sending his salutations to the saints elsewhere, "forsook me." O. the anguish those nords. "forsook me." It seems to rac this Is the saddest word in the English language—"FORSAKEN." Think of mothers whtfae love follows sons who have forsaken them! Thoughtless, wayward boys. Sadder still, wandering, thoughtless, ungrateful girls. Only a little bit of human drift-wood" the carnal will say. Yes. but these storm-whipped branches haVe been torn from the heart of mother and father. O. the ugly heart-wound thai will not heal! O. the crime-dipped torches for perdition's fires! Why? Because the "present world" demands it—^"thc age" demands. Why' Because they have "forsaken."' love and right, for the things of this world Sadder still. Infidelity of a husband or wife to companion. A sacred tic broken. A vow broken. Hearts broken. "Forsaken." Men. destroj-ers ol souls, approve and laugh, while angeli-- wecp. Saddest of all. Ixtvc like that ol mother and father, or that of the groom for the bride, the true Church for the Christ. God lavished upon man. He is "forsaken." It is easy tr note the "how. o tthls estrangement- man spumed true love. But many I might ask the why? St. Paul answer? I this big question for Demas. "Having loved thi^ present world." For the love of the "present agf '• Dem.-is forsook not only Paul and the brethren- .but h« denied God. Love of "this present age." clainii- like characters today. God needs men- parents are anxious about children- husbands and wives are in derision Some will say. "peace." But Christ Is not Christ if He leave not the nlnet> and nine sheep that arc safe, to rescue the wandering one. and mother Is not mother if she leave not those who arc safely sheltered within the walls ol home and follow the wandering boy or girl in wakeful nights, in prayers ami .in tears—till she find. And the Church is not divine if she content herself while the great Eifemy is devouring > His name is legion:—Infidelity. Divorce. Crime. Deceit. Greed and Pleasure (?). These, spell TRAGEDY. Church members who love "thl^'pres­ ent world" more than they do God. cause the faithful much sacrifice of time and money, and bring their pastor to long vigiles of prayer and tears in mid -night hours, and worst of all. "they crucify Chjist afresh and put him to an open shame." Their note of departure reads:— "I love this 'present age.' my body to saUsfy. And It doth all my powers engage, and will. unUl Idle" "Where art thou. Adam?" said God on Creation 's e^'y morning. "Hid in the bushes of the Garden Lord, with 'The woman thou gavest me." we are not at our trystlng place." "Where art thou Demas?" "Over at Thessa- lonitk Lord' 'having a time." My old pais-are with me." "Where art thou .....r* "BuEloese. Lord-" "Politics. Lord." "Gomiiany. Lord-" "I would serve Thee. Lord .Jf I tad time, health, clotbes. money, opportunity, or if my SMAclatea did." "When are In r: • Lindsborg News:. When one remembers, says an exchange, in an ordtnairy column there are 10,000 pieces of type, that there are seven wrong positions each letter may be put In, and therefore 70,000 chances to make errors besides the millions of chances for transposition, he will-not be too critical. . In the sentence "to be or not to l>e" by transposition alone it is possible to make 2.795,022 errors. So you see the perils that beset }i printer. —Geo. T. Craddock, Ruble. Ark., says; "I was boihered with lumbago for seven years .so bad I could not work. I tried several kinds of kiducy medicine which gave me little or no relief. Tvto bottles of Foley Kidney Pills cured mc and now I can do any kind of work. I cheerfully recommend them to my friends." Burrell's Drug Store. Mr. O'Llttlc; the Hibernian editor of the Alma Enterprise, has returned from his vacation and the first thing he did w«s to borrow a chisel and mallet and engrsive into the stone sidewalk in front of his office the fol-, lowing offer to compromise with the Bull Moosers: ' "Whenever Chairman Dolley comes out good and strong for Taft and Sherman the Enterprise will print some of l^Uey's praise of Cap- uor and Stubbs." That looks fair doesn't it? —Mrs. Paul Wehllng. 316 Smith St. Peoria. 111., had kidney and bladde; trouble, with terrible backache .ind pain across the hips. .Iii-st lninG ;inr her condition. She further savs: "I wa.s also very nervous, had hoadaclie.^ ind dizzy Kpells. and was fast getting worse when I took Foley Kidnpy Pills and now all niy troubles are ciireo Foley Kidney Pills have done so muc 'i fot nie I shall alway.^ recoinnient! them." For sale at niirrells Drup Store. .Veodesha Register: The country editor who takes all his advertIsinc out in 'trade will he glad to Ic.irn that a new pill, just patonlod. will keep a roan alivp u whole week without eating. All he needs now is liver syrup that will make a suit of clothes last him 75 years. —Mrs. Peter Holan, 11501 Buckeye Rd. Cleveland, O., says: "Yes, indeed 1 can recommend Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. My little boy had a bad case of whooping cough some •Imes he was blue In the face. I g!>vf him Foley's Honey and Tar Compound and it had a remarkable effect and r.ured him in a short Jime." ContJ^•n^ no harmful drugs. Burrell's Drur .Store. . J. W. SrflfTT (JET.S A DIVORrK. Coffeyillle Barber wa« Raised In lo­ la—Well Known Here. J. W. Scott, the Cofreyvllle barber was granted a divorce by Judge Flan- nclly of the district court this week. The minor children wpre givfn into his custody. The five smaller ones have been placed in a Catholic schopl at Nevada. Mo., while Gladys will go o Pocatello. Idaho, to live with relatives. Mrs. Scott went to Kansas City Wednesday.—Independence Reporter. J. W. Scott, or "Winnie" Scott, is a son of .Mrs. D. H. Scott of this city, and is well known to a large number of old time lolans. He has beeii conducting a barber shop at Coffeyvillr for many years. From the brief'.ic- count of the divorce above given, it would seem that he sued on good grounds and that the action repre- se'nts merely sorrow for him and thf children. —Mr. .las. V. r.hurchiU. :m Wall .«;t. \uburn. X. Y.. has been bothered wilii serious, kidney and bladder troulile 'ver sincp he l"ft the nrmy. and savs: •I decided to try Foley Kidney iilli IS they had curml sn many people j.n<l I soon found the.v wen' just the thiiir My kidneys and bladder :irn again In a Ijealthy condition. 1 gladly HT" 1 mend them." For sale at Ilurreirf hrug Store. CHEAI? The best opportunity you will have for some time to make a cheap trip, west or northwest will be September 25tli tc October 10th. On these dates tickets will be on'sale to Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington and intermediate points at — , LOW COLONIST FARES Plan now to take adcantage of th€— lout fare*. For any information tztJt neareat Katy agent, or adJreu, W. S. St. George, General Piuseoger Agent, St.,Louu, Mo. Home Health Oub Bj- Dr. DaTld H. Beeder, Laporte. Indiana. V DISEA.SES OF W0.VF:>'. Some of tlie Factom In the ransation. Discussing diseases of women from any other but a purely medical standpoint is seldom done. The family physician. If he thinks of the matter .from any other standpoint at all, feels that if he attempted to enlighten his clientele, he would be misunderstood. He gets his living from a comparatively small following, therefore cannot afford to say or do anything that might bo misunderstood. Our position being different from that of tlie family physician we fM that we can discuss the subject In its true Jight There Is one surpreme truth which should n6ver be lost sight of in thinking and in writing about diseases and their causation, namely: local diseases are self limited and transient without a constitutional derangement to keep them in activity. I>ocal diseases cannot thrive in an organism possessed of a normal amount of resistance, or lo put the statement in other words; local disenfees cannot thrive in a healthy body. Readers who have been following thp Home ealth Club articles in this publication are familiar with the term .luto-lntoxlcation and the derang- ments brought on by It. Women suffer more than men. from self-poLson- ing., for they are more at home and •irnund where food is. .Over-eating' does not necessarily me.nn consuming unusually large quantitieB of food. Verve energy useil In other directions cannot be used for digestion of food. Wherefore, a nervous irritable, nagging woman is dissipaling her nerv energy, and has hut very little left for food digestion. In sueli liidlvidnals it tnkea comparatively little food to constitute overeating. <s WORRY: Worry ruins digestion by using up the nerve force; then the fermentation of food thnt must ueees- sarlly follow polpons the Mood .ind secretions checks eliminnllon. following which the injtired organs of llie body lake on disease. When this st;ite is lioinc evolved It will continue fn spite of the best treatment, unless the woman can be taught to give up worrying. Thousands of women are slowly committing suicide by the worry route. Women, on account of their sensitive organs are most su.seeiitihle to external Influence and must learn to cultivate poise. Women are subjected to many nerve depressing influences such as. discontent.> close- housing, envy. fear, jealously, domestic unhantiiness, and idleness. CLOSE nOrsiNG: This Is another iniiie for oxygen starvation and is a common source of much lost resistance. The air In the best ventilated homep is not nure enough for anyon<- to breathe all the time, therefore n certain number of hours should be spent in the onen each dav. Many wives and children suffer from en- emic conditions brought on bv livinc and sleeping in houses improperly ventil.nt;>d. Fresh air i>? fri'<'. bu' TiPPv ceeni not to know it. ENVY AND DISCONTE.N'T: Thousands of women live in n state of discontent. They do not appreciate what they have In environment, home r.imily and health. To them every other women's husband is lietter. kinder, and far more considerate. No amount of money spent on a chronic fault finder or complainer and grumb 'er can make her happy or look well One's disposition shows in the face and in tlie manner, and a -life spent in fault finding and discontent will con vert the most beautiful physiognomv into one that is ugly and repelling. Ttad mental habits bullil faces and figures to correspond. Nothing eise impairs health so insidiiouslv .-ind so surely as envy and jvalously. The woman who Is envious of Mrs.-so-and- xo because ^lie dresses, belter or eti- tertains more magniflcienlly is oil the tobaggan that Ifads to mental and I 'livsical disfructlon. .Many of these iinliappv orijiiturcs go from specialist to specialist and.finally to the operating table, once, twice and oftener if they survive the firs/ or second oi>er .T- Mon; but the surgeon cannot cut out the cause. DOMESTIC VNHAPPINESS: No matter'what cause may-be responsible 'or this state, the result is sur<? to be ill health. When jieople marry with the mistaken ideatha' marriage is n farm of ebat el "slavery, and the man or woJnaii who dominated with ide .-i proceeds to assert his or her aiithojv-: ity. the result' Is they have the kind "f lim^best 'de.scrjbed by the term Gen. Sherman used in referring to war. Children brought uii in an almost phere of strife and discontent siif fer in bodv and in mind, and their d-- vp'nnnienf is ereatly Imnalied. SELFISHNESS: Selfishness in either wife or husband is the gear of domestic life. .Vo husbands who would feast their sordid souls on the luxuries of life, and spend more In one day than they expect tlieir wives and families to consume in a week, do not de<jer\-e the ministrations of a faithful wife. They have no legitimate "kick" eomin? if doctors' bills, and bills do- Hje.stic help begin to pile up because of sick wives. On. the other hand, so wives are; ruinedi bv indulgent husbands. The man 'who will indulge a fepjieiess wife to the iioint of straining his credit and hampering his success in life will have an invalid on his :>ands: for a woman who will take advantage of a indulgent husband will play the sick racket if necessarv t" "Romplish her desire for k Change of rpmate or to buv a surgical oner.i- tlon. the fee for'which it i» sonieti'-'-s intiminated. she divides with the r ^V- siclan. Some families fall into the Anlear habit of dlsagr^ing and quarreling all the tira^ They seem to have agreed to disagree, and no matter what subject is broached it is a signal for a dispute and a quarrel. Their nerves are always worn to a ragged odce. and It is usually the wife who. because of her tsreater aeniitiveaeaa, chows the jstrain and finally breaks down. A ^hyaleian onoe said that every big quarrel a certain, husband and his wife had meant a gt>6d fee for him. THE SOCIAL ACT: Here Is another prolific cause of disease. The wo^ man who "breaks" Into society to "do it" us she must to 'keep up" will soon find herself frequenting "rest cures" and sanntorlums. and her husband seeking the bright lights. A certain amount of nerve energy is required to keep the various organs of the body functioning normally to maintain the body equilibrium. The woman who draws upon this energy beyond normal physiological repair, will find herself hovering about the offices of the physicians who make a speciality of treating the diseases of women. (LVH NOTES. Dear Doctor: I am" writing to ask you if you can give ine a good rerijie for making'a .good substitut,e for qoffee. Also tell me how 1 can get the books you publish. An immediate rejily will be greatly apiireciated.—.1. M. There arc quite a number of different so called cereal coffees on tly? market. Some cjf them may possess greater merit than others. It is claimed by some that if they are taken to any extent they der.ange the stomacli and cause heartburn, and 1 believe it.! One of the simplest substilutes for the coffee bean is barley. If you do not care to send'to headquarters for any of the varities of substitutes for coffee advertised, try browned barley and you will find it to be just about as good as any. A ix'r.sonal reply has been sent you regarding the books. All readers of !this publication are at liberty at all times to write for in-^ formation iiertaining to the subject of health. Address all conimiinicalions to the Home Heailh Club. '.D'M Cottage flrove Ave., Chlcagf>. Ill . I', A. with name and address In full and .'it least four cents in postage. A Log on fhe Trark — of the fast expre.-<s nie;ins .'^eiioii.^ trouble abend if not reuiove<l, so doe- loss of .•i|>pcllte. It MiealK< lark of vl tnlity. IDS .'-, of strength and nerve we.ik •les.-i If appetite fail.'!, lake Eleelric Bitters 'luiekly to overcoiiie tin- r:iiisi by toning up the t-tomach anil ciirint: the Indigestion. Michael llesslieiiiiir of l.inriiln. .\eli.. bad been sick ovel three years, but sj\ bollli-s of Elec trie .nitl 'Ms pill him riglil on bis feel again. .They have helped Ibousaiids They give pure blood, strong nerves gofid digestion. Only .'.0 cents at all driiggist .-i. • STONY POINT. Il,ela McFarland). Ort. I —.Mr. H. Vollmer is He.lplnr. Wm. M (KarI:ind make molasses. \Vm. Dickson is spending a few days !it Wa'Inee Hairs Mrs. Frances Parsons, of Goodrich, is lielpinc fare for her brotlier Wallace Hall who is quite sick. Mrs M .1 Mattocks JMUI Mrs. Myrile Mattocks .Tnd children spent Monday at Wm. McF.irland's. Mr. Hanmer. .Mr. Lauclilin and Mr. George Hroiighton plumbed Mr. W.-ill:ice Hall's house the first of the wfek for gas. .1. K. .lones, of I'jirsons. i.s visiting his ilaugliter, Mrs.- .1. R. Ilnrclerodc. .Mrs. Lottie Hroiiglitoii spent Friday with hel" mother .Mr .s. Bledsoe-who is quite poorly. Uoss Hall was called home Tliur.s- day by ihe serious illness of his brother Wallace Hall. Mrs. Lizzie Ixjwe of Spring Valley spent Thiir.sday with Mrs. .McFarland. Mrs. Broughton and .Mrs. Cora Hamilton of Itroiison have been making apple butter for .lolm Burrows this week. W. T. ll.:i| jirriv.-d Iionie Thursday from Wa-'^lilngton where he spent Ihe summer'.^viMi hi.s daughter, .Mis. By- rutn. Misses Ibi :ind .Mamie Broiiglitoii anil Leiii Ml r.irlaiid w <re loia vislt- orji Saturday I SCIENTIFIC HISCELLAXT. S' m »i It was discovered in 1S9S that the virus of the foot and mouth disease i would pass, through the finest jwrce- lain filter and a recent summary by Dr. S. B. Wolbach of the Harvard Medical school, shows that 30 dis-^ eases—including some of the most! imporla;it In f man and animals—are now known to be due to micro-organ- lams to small to be Intercepted by filters that retain bacteria. These organisms constitute the so-called "filterable viruses." The diseases include yellow fever, molluscum contagiosiim. denguo fever, verruca vulgaris, trachoma, sand-fly or three-day fever, poliomyelitis, those peculiar to man; foot and mouth, rabies, and vaccinia variola, of man and animals: pleuropneumonia of cattle, African iiorse sickness, sheep-pox, cattle plague,>. hop cholera, swamP fever of horses, catarrhal fever of sheep, distemper of dogs and a number of others in domestic animals; fowl pest, fowl diphtheria, and chicken sarcoma in fowls; and one plant disease- the mosaic . disease of tobacco. The organism of fhe pleuropneumonia of j cattle has been re<-ogni7.ed with a magnificalion of 1.500 diameters. The others—smaller—remain unseen, although there is evidence tliat home may he, enlarged lo microscopic size in .somrt stages of growth. Ten stars with luminosities more liian 100 times that of the sun .-ire named by the astronomical Laboratory at Groningen. Beta Cenijmri i:; .'>'J0 times as liiniliioiis:Reuuliis. 4-;{; Achernar. 350; Caiiella. ?.i>(>: and Are- liirus. 'SW. In the early development of Iron ami steel maniifacliire by eli-nrii-ily. an enormous siiiqily of eb <Mp waterpower has given the lead to Norway and Sweden. In these eounlrirs th<success has been encoiiracing and l)r j Taussig, in ii review at tin- interiin- tionai Congress of Applied Cliemisirv showed that l !.'i .0OU hor.<e-power i:; Mready used for tliis purpose at Troll. hatLan. Domnarfvi-l. Hagfors. Hard anger and Arendal. , In liiuh grade stei'l niariufactnre the charcoal fuel necessary for the ordinary process may be valued at about t2n for tli"-, etpiivjilent of one horse-power per ye:ir. hut the hydro-eleetrie iwiwer costs only ahpiir $I0 per year ifi Sweden and $0.2.'> in Norw .Tv. B<-- sldes the fact that Ihe electric furnace costs so much less than the hbist furnace, the electric proi-ess VfTers a great advantage in iitilizin.c low grade ore. One form of electric furnace, for instance, can use as niucli a.s Sft iier Ci 'ut of ore dust, a matter of much importance in Norway wjknre ilie ore has a great tendency to^teeonie pulverized. Momentary lanses of atlenlioii like liltle hole.s in the air. have Iieeii broiiglil to notice as-a serious danger in modern traveling. A tr'iin nisliinu at 40 miles an hour into the st;ition •M Harrishurg. Pa., was switr-hed lo a sidetrack just in time to save a we !l BAKINGPOWER ABSOLUTELYPURE Cooking is a matter whieK coii^ cerns the whole fainil}', and under modern inctliods and conveniences it h made ?n nftractive the whole family k Lccoming interested, if not IS r.-^y. fiic fallicr. "I made them," ' father and ^^?.y:, \h-:. dau.^litrr, and both dauglilcr beam wilh pleasure. It is a crime, willv our modem aprncies, / helps and faeililics, to have soggy biscuit, or wooden cake, or leaden pastry. Royal Baking Powder has made home baking a success, a pleasure and a profit, and the beot cooking today the .world over is done* with its aid. ' I.IBKI5TY. (.Mrs. .lohn.sonK "i-l. I- Mrs. Kd Braniiuin ainl f .i -tii.; visii'-d .Mrs. .\ C. Cornell Tliiirsil.iy. .Mr. Alderson's motlirr iind lii:-. sis- liT. Mr.s. It;iyl>y. of Kaii?.-is Cily. ri\ed li '^re larst Friday for a visit with liiiii. Mrs. R;iyli'y rdurned liont'e Tu.-.-^day. .Mrs tli -orai- .Ion-:: ami iwn i-liji<i- r .-ii visiii-d lnr sisl<r .Mi> Tii.'iycr. of Lyons county froui Satuniriy nmil Thursday, .Mr. .1. C McKiniU'V.. of nit.iu:i sii'-iil Siiiida.v witli .Mr. Biinili.irl. Misses Ida and Kinin;> r Mr. ('oriK-irs .-xiK -f I .\lph;i lio.m" from Ciiy .s'.-iiiinlay He ha.i Iiail an oix-raiion |i<r ri .rni .-<l lur .'ip- pendirilis and i.s jilmoiU enlifly r*--' covered, .Mrs. Sl'-phen 'r (nvrisrn <I stL ^nt i'Vl- d.iy with .Mrs. Kraini-r Mother Harris is vi-inni; h'^r 8i.=;- fer, .Mr.s. Kverli.iri itf r ,;n"v .Mrs. Kd OslKirn. Mr; .I'llin. Harris and >lc.s Cli.-irle.^ Iliirri.; viiiitivl .Mrs C;isi.'ilor 'rtiesfl:*y, Mr. aiHl .MI .S. kr^-m 'i. r <it. titjod rb = Siilln -rl .'Mid. fiiiKr.'il \V '-(iiiP ",tl;iy. Miss Kiiiina I'.arilltiiri spent Tuesday wilh .Mrs V.<rl .Me .Vi -il of fola (ir;indnia Lowe, who li.-i.-; Iioen very filled p.issenger train, and the en uineer, wlio was fatally iniured. lived long enough to acknowledge that he had gone to sleep, "iiist for a second." Yet it was found that he had been resting for 3 .T liours. The sli.uht wandering of the mimi. the going to sleep for a second, is not an unusual experience, but it may lirinc grave risks. To keep the human faciillies in continuous operation— .-i? ]e:'-i diirinc •leriods of resjionsiliilily- 's likely to b<-<-ome a <-eaI probl'-ii! . i visited Ijist;iy v.-lili .Mr .'irid i sick i.s iiiii'ii b<ll»T at present. Mrs. R. W. Sr-. of !.>!:; .Mr. .IIMI Mr.s. See left for i 'i )nioti-i. C.-iI.. on 'I'li'S- day. George Dugcan and wif.- spent a few day.s last week wiili Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Cornell. Miss Bertha Branniim called on the The "Williams M;irl>Ie company of IoI:i, act a base fr.r a inonunient on 111.' Barnharc lot in I'l'iua ceni<>t-i->- Tiiursday. >i>n r .arntiart r-iur:e-rl luirno W-MI- ni sil.iy frill!, ;i itinnili's sojourn OVIT s '-vi-; al w.-?iern s»:i<"S. He n' The t'hemistrv of flower colors has j eonnell and family look .linn.- een for sevei^l years tinder inv-sti- p''' "'"I -McCutre Sunrlay. A. I.. Boatiicht went to .Moran this morning on liiisiness. MOTHERHOOD SUGGESTIONS Advice to Expectant Mothers been gallon by n snecial coniiniile.' of i!i> British A-ssociiition for llie .\dvaiice- nient of Science. Among resulls re- •.•oried by I'roi. K^-clile ;ind lir. K Armstrong is tiie findiii-; that t|i.. n..- ci -ssar.v color components are ehro- mosen. a siibs'ance tli:"l aeqinres eol- or wjien o.vygen is adib-d: ex \ da .se or nerox.vdiise, a liighJv^ o\idiz>d substance that remains isoI .-i|. d in Individual cells; another suli-«tii :ce rehil- "il to tlio far series of productV thai school teacher. Miss Cepliart 'I'iiurs-; I'alisaides iluriiii; tlie Klb.-rta pe;i.-!i day evening. Ii:irv.-si ;:nd saw some LS.Oiiu. ho.\es 'tev. Mrs. Bowman and li'-r hiisliand : pi'-k"'!. T^r-e of i'-.. boxes make a e^H.-d on Mr. Wlie.-lrr's and A. n. !,ii--hel. T:!is w;i.<-- in one small vi- Cjii-nelel's Tuesday. : <inity of lli<- distrji t frr>iii which T^s -loe llen.-rn ami family :iml Jnr M<--; ,-;ir loails w<;;-e shipper! one ev'tiint; r with Th" si.i! ne.-.r .< is W.-II adapt<-ii •(> -h" r.'i.sini: ct iriiii. tlie water i.^ ::oiiii :ind tlie rlitii.i'>- ideal, but Mr n:rr ;il!arl li'iiiks '!•..-, pric.> cif luiid i.i :i>.i for IIM- reiiiriis tlii.s Ttii- ( rops beins ninisually larg.^ pu' and ', til-- T >i of p) -11 lu-s down Miid piekers :im I ill- (laid it j'' \ per hour. Tliev" seems lo varv tii'- shades of col- ior; and a final .«:i;bstanre ihit seems ! I'raneli. Midi. !to have the pow-r of perm-alin- i ""a Town.send will lir.v. Lute Osborn spent .Saturd.iy nitht Willi George Corn.-11 ;iiiil on .Sunday lie and his father v.v-iii i>i r)klaiioiTi;i Cjiy. I .iil<' will work :ii th:ii p.-:<-'and .Mr Osborn will \i>ii .Mr. .MIS ft .se.-ir Keillily Mrs. Vaiislit. of lohi. is visiiins r<-l- ' ;ir.- Ii-.",- r-o:-l iniii'-s ui the viciii- alives in this nei-.;liluirlit)od this week ' iiv nnd c-...'! ..;eH.s at lu eents a bus'itd. .Mr. and Mrs. Cliarles Sl.ick will 'Th'' m-w l"-ating is le"S|»en(I the winter" ill .MiehttNiii 'I'liey jnc instill-^^d in the .school hoiin-^ .iiid will visit for a wliil.- wjili i)i,. I.itier's ih.-r.. t>ii srliool tod:iy sister, Mr.s noli.-r; Bigcs .inrl Char-' .|.i; u .lohnson and fnnily attend''1 b s exiieets to .-icc"'-,!! a piisilion in lii.- ~!ofk show in Yal-s. C'liler Thtirs j plant and brinciiic together the i-si senlials of the -.•arious colors. Many I flowers remain white because the e'd- | i j or elements they contain cannot be brought into contact Bv means "M dilute chloroform, alcohol or elli'r. if/ the oxidase of such plants as primu­ la andVweef willi.aiu been liberal- f)etoh<r !> Bend. •H liis lioni'' in a s .-il" on il 'irj- sliiK- Mr. and Mrs Allen and , Neil « att'^lt-icd th" Gre-'ii sab> I (;eiie\;. Thtirs'day. The experience of Mofhefhoofl is R tryl inKoneto mo.^t wom.-n and marks dis- |.^^ ^,„, ,.„,„^ „f ^j.j,, tinctly an epo,-h in ne.r live-. Not on.i ; ,|o,vers has been thus brought out woman in a hue- .••<i i.-i prepa:"<l or un- i ^erstAnds how lo prop.-rly c; e for her- ; An application of the nl- self. Of nearly cv --ry woman nowadays hiia m<-<iical tr .itment at If J9m want apecltl adrice urite to Lr41« B.PlBltham MedkiM Ca. ( CSBH- 4«itIal)£raii,Xaaa. Toar latter wlU b* «peiM«> iwi aad aaiwend .bjM^ woaua «H IwU in •trtcfcoaSdeaiee. • . I i- ira violet light from the norili lias been reported of C.ermanv. Th^^.se such times, but many approach thefrays constitute the. chemieally aettve experience with an orRani-sm unfitted for the trial of stronpth, rnd when it is oyer her ."System has rece" -ed a shock from which it is hanl to re over. Fol- lowinK right upon this comes the nervous strain of cafing for the child, and a distinct change in the mother results. There is nothing more charming than a happy and healthy mother of children, and indeed child-birth under the right conditions need be no haz.ird to health or beaut}'. The unexpiainabb thing is that, with all the evidenc of shatterod nerves and broken health resulting from an unprepared condition, and with"ample time in which to prepare, women will persist in going blindly to the trial. Every woman,at this time should rely nponLydia E-Pinkham'sVegetable Compound, a most valuable tonic and invigorator of^the fema'e organism. In many, homes once childless there are now children because of the fact that Lydia E. Pinkham's jVegctable Compound makes woroea normal, healthy and strong. portion of sunlight responsild'- for such effects :a8 sunburn and tli.- fa<l- ing of colors, and the light of the new mercury-vapor lamp—the form iis'nc lubes ol* quariT: Instea/l of glass- is exceedingl.v rieb in them. Th" (;er- man carpet makers .-.iid dyes were formerly obliged to .send their products nway to be testeii in the strong sunlight of the south. This is i no longer neces .sary and the active rnyt of M>e artificial light have proven very effective, in determining the dur- , ability of their colors. The new divers helmrt of ,i French inv'-ntor consists of a riil>ber rap protecting fhe ears and a device strapf>ed ovf?r the mouth to bring air from the , pipe coming down at the back of the ' neck. The old inflated suit is di.«card• d. By this means the diver descends ' more readily, simply grasping the cord of H light .weight, and he can : swim and move' .ibout freely, work- l Ing much more elfeciively. Cream of Rye FOR BRKAKFAST—THAT'S ENOUfMk lliii'k ft a dell' itms. healthtil iiieil at a cost of l"s.^ than oti" cen* f!.-f<-r .;lil!. yini an- •••edini; your b'"lv with tiattirc's food andpro- ilmin;; an alii :"daiMr- ri| li<;ilthfii| "ilt-rgy Where other rer<-alr. t-iid to (•fin!.ti[i;ii.-- Ci' i!n iif live is a naniiHl la\:ifive. There i.. noHiii)g in Creani pf L'ye fii;ii j.; im^o'nfile. hem -e it i.^ a natural b(.<|v hfine and hrain food. Ihi-rc-fore the frmd l"r both growing children and L -ro''.ii up:; It .;ave.; your lienlih ,iiid pocketboi^k. ... THK TASTE IS TII E TEST... Sate* LeK of Boy. — ••It seemed that my 11-year old -»i l>oy would have to lose his leg. on account of an ugly ulcer! caused by a i bad bruise." wrote n. F. Howard. Aquone, X. C. "All remeiUes and doctors treatment failed till we trie^ i Burklen'a ArnUra Salve, and cured him i wlibonn box." eures burns, boils, skin > eruptions, plies, ^.'ic at all drui;glsta. O. S. Mors«.went to Fort Scott this morsiins OB basto«9S. Kve l> Ihc ChraiirNl and Best FOIMI —l/'o-^. giMrrnnirnt |es^.s prove it. Amount of Pjnerjry 10 Cents Will Buy ( ALOKIhS OK K.N'tRGY ' AKTlcLi;;; ( AI Kccs . ;;:%ft Beet. Mirloin - ii'i M'tiion. I .ef: . _..44.-. .Milk . . • |i»;;'i Pork Loin t'<:\h Chce .se . lis • Butl»-r . . Rice - I 'Otatoe.- Beans. Pi ied . . Rye .... 6050 FMKtiY I.S VITAI.ITV. VITAMTY IS I.UK. rH» not fall to try Cre\tn of Rye bread, the most healthful and delicious bn'ad known. See recipe on packugck- .-\sk y-jmr grocer for a package today. If he can't supply you. write us. I 1^ Minneapolis Cereal Co. Minneapolis, Minn.

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