The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 5, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1892
Page 8
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HUTCHINSON t)AILY NEWS, TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 1892. 7 THE lv ! A ^ ET8 ' 1 ttomsr AND HTOURH. NEW YOUK , April .[stock letter furnished by the Kansas llraiti and f.,lve Stock company.]—A prominent bull broker tit the Windsor lust even n\g said that a prominent Jersey City politician WOK authority for the statu- n'icnt thftt the governor would nign the ^(tending legality measure to-day. The eal combination in strong the coal oads officials say, and they are pro- /mindly indifferent to the outcome of ;j the.Torisey legislation. The Grangers '../ gained about I per cent, (n the eurn- ( ( mgB and the feeling is strong on tho. Chicago, llurlington and Quincy and Ht. Paul and moderately in nortwest and Krlo. Specialties in the northwest are bullish, but we confess that buying is not yet of the right sort. Tile Richmond Terminal officials continue to ferociously deny that their re-organization scheme has • died out and will fail, but streot belief in it is dying. The stockholders this morning given the Hlchmond Terminal reorganization an underhanded ellp by deny the abandonment of the re-organ- Izutlon plan, but confess that the plan may sinck into oblivion, fade from view or become extinot owing to neglect. Next week the reorganization committee will doubtless announce that the plan hus been found inoperative. Atchison, Topcka and Santa Fe. 37*. MIBHOUI-1 Paclllc. ftS'/i. ltock Island, HSIi SI. I'aol, 71%. •Union Paclllc, 44. Western Union, H~K SIlTcr, RBK. KIIUKIIH City. ' KANSAS OITV, April Nn call on 'chaiiRe to-tlay on account of elections. llirri'mt -Qulel and weak: saaBac. -Higher; 8<fo7S, i lower WHEAT S4Wc: .Itily 77 (X>|tN-Ca8h May line; July .'in^c. OATS—H'KBeri cash HI l.'OUK-Qulet: Jin.ii-:!'; T<AllD~tiall: gti.OU ST. I.OITIS. April fi. cash m-j: May H4?„$i> ;>l»c; :»c; options higher; May tllUfc. I-'orittgn (Irfiln itiHrlirt.H. LrVKarooL. April r,.—Wheat slow ami probably cheaper: corn eunlcr; lower. LONDON, April 5.—Cargoes off const slow, .'kl lower, on passage slow, nrices Oil lower: corn very alow. .'Id lower. French country markets are mostly a turn cheaper. 1,1 VK STOCK. disapproval of the bill to legalize the Heading railroad combine and filed a memorandum setting forth his reasons therefor. He says there is no question of his right to act on the bills at any time when within thirty days of the legislature's adjournment. lie first considers the constitutionality of the act. Mrnrii* Mention. MKADR . Kan., April 5. —[Special.]— .ludge K. Skinner returned from Wieh- ta last Friday. Mr. ltingham has removed from Oklahoma to our county. It. K. Steele, one of our wealthy stockmen, shipped a car load of fat hogs to Kansas City" a few days ago. lie is an extensive raiser of alfalfa. He fattens swine on it successfully as well as cattle. Wheat is looking well. Some new varieties of spring wheat are being sown in this section. Persons are occasionally coming In and making purchases of real estate. Those wishing to buy lands in Meade county would do well to come at once, as the price of land is on the advance. The most severe wind-storm of the season visited this section of the country last Thursday night, accompanied by the odd phenomenon of a beating rain while the stars were shining brightly. As with one voice we say, give us Hon. A. II. lleljcr as lieutenant-governor. He i#the favorite f candidate of southwest Kansas. Hon. .1. \V. Jones would make us a good congressman. The Philharmonic society gave an excellent entertainment at our city hull last Friday night. "VTc as citizens of this place are proud of the talent and skill displayed by this society. The new presiding elder of Harden Oity.Uev. W. 11. Hose, preached an able sermon in the M. 12. church at this place last Sunday. Mr. Sam. I,awrence of Kansas City, is on our streets '•now-a-days." Mr. Herbert Johnson is our agent at Meade for the Hutchinson Steam Laundry. Herbert is a good business young man. A number of our people are sending east for fine house, flowers. J. H. Edwards, Hock island section boss at this place, is in Oklahoma. Mr. A. T. Hodle, one of the best lawyers in this part of the state, came up from his lands and ranches in the southern part of the. county last week, and while here was the guest of his father, Judge llodle. Itodle A Ilodle are an able law firm. it.srH'i: t.AII \n u,i,. CATTliK—Ucccipts, er. UOOS-liecctpts, 11.00(1. choice heavy. j54.()0©4.7n ST, bouts. April f>. 500. Steady to high- Higher; fair to mixed ordinary tocond. S4.lfJ@'i.(10; Yorkers, 84.»0(ff,4.7ij. SIIBKl'—Receipts 7(H). Steady. Kansas City. KANSAS CITY. April r>. OATTtiB—llecclpts. 4.'J00: shipments, 700. Steers active, steady to 10c higher at s:t. ir» ®.4.M: cows strong at si.nofif.lT.-10; stockers and feeders steady at SM.10S/.:i.4.">. notlS— Receipts.'I.lino: shipments. 4.00; all grades. S:i.r,(i(ir.l.r,r,; bulk, 84.40@l.r,n. SlilSKP— Kccelpts. -!.700; shipments. (100 Activestrong and :Mc. hlgherthan last week' Chicago. OmoAiio. April ii Evening Journal reports- OATTIJE—Rccclts 4,000. Selling lOffllHc hlgherthan close of last week on both steers and cows. HtXlS—Kccelpts. 18.000. Very dull: the few sold, however, showed little or no change rough and common. S : i.( l 0<a4.o0: mixed 84.il5@-1.7r>: heavy S4.7ofe4.K0: light, 84.iif>(f(. 4.7ti. HHISKP—Receipts 4,000. Barely steady, yet about everything was sold out at an early hour. Lambs $.i.ri(xfgu.7. , i. lUlTUIIIXHON NA'IIKKT. Hepurted to lit, snnVrln:- 1'rion n t.'omjitl- i - nt Ion oT lllsetiseK. WASHINGTON *. April (i.--The condition of Justice l,umnr. of (he supreme court, is much more serious thiiu the public generally is uware of. He has suffered j with hemorrlmges front the lungs for several days, unci in addition is said to have symptomsof Height's disease. His family is greatly worried at his condition. The recurrence of the hemorrhages precludes sleep and this greatly aggravates his trouble. Notwithstanding the gravity of bis case Justice Lamar is still strong enough to write ami when a reporter called at ills house to ascertain exactly how he was the justice sent down the following bulletin in his own handwriting: 4 'About the same, with some Improvement. Hemorrhages less in number and not so profuse. Complains of pains in the left side." 'The Jlltsnurl ItrncliCH I .thnit. LtHAl'. April ii.—The steamer Missouri from New Yor'n with food for the famine sunVrers was enthusiastically welcomed on her arrival here. Tho steamer t 'oueordia, having nlionrd •Consul ticneral Crawford, Count HohrinsUv. Mr. Edgar. Consul Unvnhold and a number of the civil and military authorities, went out to meet the Missouri. A band aboard the Concordia played the American and Russian rmtiounl itntlicins. The discharge of the Missouri's carirn ha.s already commenced. I 'roducc. PIvOUK—Highest patent. $-l.~iQ: second patent. S2"0: extra line. s-J.OO. nilTTlSR—In demand. Creamery Sue: llncst dairy atlc; line dairy lnc; common 10c. KOOS—In demand, Sc. POTATOES-Choice 50(8(10. AI'l'I.MH— 8.1.t)0ffcl .'-!,"• per liusllel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Red 75c per bushel: home grown Spanish fl.'iu per bushel. OAnBAOK-Falr, 4c per pound, TURNIPS—in demand 40c per bushel. BEETS— Steady, 50c per bushel. 8WKJ3T l'OTATOES-IMcnty, 81.00 per 1,l }lAV—Haled So.OO&fi.oO; loose ?:i.00 (i7 ). r ..50 per ton. Murder In Tennessee. ST. LOUIS , April 5. —A special telegram from Bristol, Tenn.. to the I'ost- Dispateh says: At 2 o'clock this morning J. It. Jordan, a furniture dealer of this city, shot and killed N. C. Adams, the husband of his [Jordan's] paramour. It seems that Adams was trying to keep Jordan from the. woman's bedroom when the latter pulled his pistol and shot him dead. >IfHr ,ourl Treusul-y Statement. JKFKBHSON C.ITV. MO ., April 5. —State Treasurer Stephens Saturday tiled with Gov. Francis his quarterly statement of the transactions of \bv. treasury department for the <]uarte.' ended March 31, showing receipts into ull funds for the. quarter amounting to SI ,85iV2S0..SS; disbursements from nil funds. ?01:i.4!i4.17, leaving a balance in tho treasury at the close of business on the .'IlSjt of March of tl ,0Sfl,:il )I .S7. Of this amount, the sum of $878,258.05 belongs to the revenue fund and S404,- 878.92 to the interest, fund. Of the amount disbursed the sum of #100,000 was used for the. redemption of state bonds. People's Ticket In Saline County, Mo. MAiiKHAr.l.. Mo.. April .V —The county alliance met at the courthouse In this city and nominated the following* county ticket: Itcprc- sentatives. A. Xclt; recorder, il, (Jaines Kobcrtson; sheriff. E. P. Hill collector. John V. Ton-ill: tivuvurer, John II. Herring; assessor, K. II. Leoy; judge First district. M. Zimmerman; judge Second district, H. C. Terrell: coroner, 'Or. Tom Hall. A tiri-nt Colliery limiHlalcri. I'I.VMOI ; in. Pa,, April •..--The Nottingham mine of the Lehigh ,V Wilkes- barre Coal Co.. having the greatest output of any colliery in the .-(illhracite regions, is flooded and will probably remain so for many months The trouble began on 'Thursday last and the. water rose so rapidly that on Saturday all the large pumps inside were drowned and stopped. Three Men Prowned In a tialc. CLINTON , la., April 5.—Yclt Wootens anil Lubbe tireede, married, and a young unmarried man named Lohman, all residents of Clinton. 111., had licen here looking for work to-day and attempted to cross the Mississippi in a small bont on their return. The high wind upset the boat and all were drowned. The government of Mexico has made a contract with Americans for the completion of the road across the Isthmus of Tehuuntcpec. This will be second in importance only to the .Vi--urnyuan canal. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest 0. 8. Government Food Koport these points. Counties G. and IT. are about midway between our Texas and Pan Handle line. County C. can be most easily reached via Guthrie and Kingfisher, or Oklahoma City and El Reno. 'Those desiring to reach the eastern portion of these lands should cither go to Guthrie, then by stage to Kingfisher or to Oklahoma City, thence via the Choctaw railroad, a new line having a double daily passenger service between Oklahoma City and Elkins. The Santa l r e bus issued a special folder giving much valuable information, including maps, etc., which we will take pleasure in mailing to any address. A113' information cheerfully given 011 application at the Santa Fe. ticket ottice. Inquiries by mail answered promptly. J. W, TUDKOUD, Agent Santa Fe lloute. WILL S00f ^B£ READY. Another One oriJncte Hmn'a Fnrm PatclioH Opened. It is expected that President Harrison by proelumutioti will open the Cheyenne and Arapahoe lands that adjoin Oklahoma on the west, by or before the first of May thisyear. People looking for a nico quarter section of laud can here secure it, and they should be prepared to make a selection. Kvcry one should remember that there is only one ruilroad that runs into these lands, and that is the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific, and its wide range of termini gives excellent facilities for the people of the United States to go by that route and file their claim. Its eastern termini is Chicago: its northern, Minneapolis and St. Paul; its western, Denver and Pueblo. Another eastern termini is Kansas City, and all parties from the southeastern States arriving at this great Missouri River metropolis secure through cars via the "Rock Island." Write at once for maps or folder, that gives correctly each piece of lond'open­ ed for settlement, and it will be mailed to you and on your request to your friends, free, by nddressing Jonx SKIIASTIAN , G. T. & P. A., 4-2 C., R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago. Little Judith, tho 8 -year-old daughter of Mr. Mullincatix, of the Inland Christian Advocate, Des Moines, Iowa, on learning that her special playmate, a child of her own age had taken tho whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and went over and said: You must take this medicine; it will do you good. Mr. Mullincnux was cu- OpenlnK Hay. Within tho present month the Cheyenne and A rapahoc reservations containing over 4,000,000 acres will be, by proclamation of the president, opened for settlement. 'The 'reservation will contain six counties, C, 1), B. F. G, and H. The counties 1), E, and F, in the northwest part are nearer the Pan Handle line of the Santa T'e than any other line. Those desiring .to enter these counties should xmrchase tickets to cither Kiowa, Kan., Woodward, I. T., llig- ens, Tex., or Canadian, Tex. Go/d wagon roads lead from all four of Oregon. WushltiKton »n<i the Northwcftt l'acltio Const. The constant demand of the traveling public to the far west for a comfortable and at the same time an economical mode of traveling, has led to the establishment of what is known as l'nllmun Colonist Sleepers. , These cars are built on the same general plan as the regular first class Pullman Sleeper, the only difference being is that they arc not upholstered. They are. furnished complete with good comfortable hairmatresses, warm blankets, snow white linen curtains, plenty of towels, combs,.brushes, etc., which secure to the occupant of a berth as much privacy as is to be had in firsts class sleepers. There are also separate toilet rooms for ladies and gentlemen, and smoking is absolutely prohibited For full information send for Pullman Colonist Sleeper Leaflet. E. L. Lomax, general passenger and ticket agent, Omaha, Neb. 5-31 (Irnln. soft c; hard 70c: No. a WHS!AT—No. ! soft 7Uc: hard 0 COUN-:i8c. RYE—No. fl, (Lie: No. II, (inc. OATS-24C. Livestock. CATTLE— Steadv. Stockers StI.2Aiftii.80; feeders S'J.ynta.l."ft; fat cows and helferB in demand, St.'.OOffi'J.flO: fat steers j.'l.ooiiM.OO. Iiogs— Steady. Wagon, tops, $4.10; car j SHEKP—in demand. S.'I.7,->(B4.00. Poultry and Wtld tiiime, CIIIOKKNS-Chlckens gl.7.Vft.S.00pcr doz.; chickens f>c per pound; hens 5c per pound; roosters 'Jc per pound: turkeys ,c per pound. tlAMK—Wild ducks in demand S1.00@a.00 per doa.; pigeons in demand,SI.00 per do/., geese 81.00 fiil.50 per do/,. Train lllsputehei-M In Council. CuiOAOo, April r>.— The executive committe of the Train Dispatchers of America had a meeting at the Sherman house to-day, to arrange for the transportation of delegates to the national convention of the organization In New Orleans, June 14th. Aside from this, tho committee formulated for the consideration of the general superintendents recommendations for o number of changes in the methods of train running ut present more or less in vogue. , • KucceHKor to Or. JiobertiK CHICAGO , April 5. —The special committee of the trustees of the Lake For est University is in session this afternoon for the purpose of selecting temporary successor to Rev. Dr. Roberts, who has resigned his position as president to accept the secretarship of .the Presbyterian Union in New York. The indications point to the selection of Rev. Dr. James G. K. McClurc, at present pastor of the Presbyterian church at Lake Forest. WoodrulV Again on Trial. Sr. LOUIS , April 5.— A special from Little Rock, Ark., to the Post Dispatch says: The second trial of ex-State Treasurer Woodruff, charged with em bcr.llng state funds, was begun in the circuit court here thi» morning. It oxpectcd that it will require a week to obtain a jury. The first trial of Wood ruif resulted in a hung jury. Dtiappruveii thu Hill* : TitKKTOK, N. J., April 5,r -Gavoruor Abbott this morning announced, his Two Hundred l.ost, Sr. I 'KTEHsnnno, April 5. —It is reported here that a steamer bound | from the Persian coast of Baku, in the Black sea, with aoo passengers and u cargo of cotton, has been lost with ail on board. It is said that the disaster was due to the fact that the steamer was greatly overloaded. Negro I-:\o,lns IVoin Memphis. MK.-MI'IIIS . Tenn., April' 5.— The exodus of negroes still continues. One hundred and thirty of them left Saturday afternoon in twenty wagons loaded with goods and provisions. Two thousand colored people gathered on the river front, to cheer and say good-by. llropped Head in an Orchard. CLINTON, MO .,April 5. — William Davis, an aged and respected citizen of this county, dropped dead In his orchard from heart failure. Deceased was almost HO years old. lie leaves a large family and an extensive landed estate. The appraiser of the estate of the late Samuel J. Tilden, of New York, places the aggregate value of the estate at ?.VJOO,000, of which 1*1,208,000 is to go to the heirs. Makes the Weak Strong Tho marked benett which people in run down or weakened state of health derlV6 from nood'a SarsapariUa, conclusively provec thoclalmthattlils medicine "makes the weak strong." It docs not act like a stimulant, Imparting fictitious strength from which there must follow a reaction ot greater weakness than before, but In tho most natural way Hood's Sarsaparllla overcomes that tired feel mg, creates on appctito, purines the blood, and, la short, gives great bodily, nerve, mental and digestive strength. Fagged Out ••Last spring 1 was completely fagged ont My etrcngth left mo and 1 felt sick and miserable all the time, so that I could hard)} attend to my business. 1 took one bottle ol Hood's B.rrsaparllla, and It cured me. There is nothing llko It." £. 0. BEOOU., Editor Enterprise, Belleville, Mich. "I derived very much benefit from Hood 't Sarsaparllla, which I took for gouerai debility. It built mo right up, and gave mo an excel lcnt&ppotltc." ED. JEXKISS, Mt. Savaae.Md. N. B. II you decide to take Hood's Sarsa­ parllla do not bo Induced to buy anything else Instead. Insist upon having Hood's Sarsaparllla Boldbytlldrngglstg. $lj six for gi. Prepared only bj C. 1. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, LoweO, Ha IOO Doses One Dollar The Doctors lire Guilty. Grave mistakes are. made by physicians in treating Heart Disease. The rate of sudden deaths is daily increas ing. Hundreds become victims of the ignorance of physicians in the treatment of this disease. One in four persons has a diseased heart. Shortness of Breath, Palpitation and Fluttering, Irregular Pulse, Choking Sensation, Asthmatic ISreatbing, Pain or Tenderness in the Side, Shoulder or Arm, Weak or Hungry Spells, are symptoms of Heart Disease. Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure is the only reliable remedy. Thousands testify to its wonderful cures. Hooks Free. Sold by A. & A. Drug Company. nous as to the result and on making inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who had been unable to rest at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms wore.,., neither so frequent, severe or enduring. The cough, under the genial action of this admirable remedy. wnj> loosened. The medicine liquefies the mucus and enables the sufferer to throw it oft. The attack in the beginning Have every evidence of being a severe attack of whooping cough. 1 ndecd il was a genuine ease; but this preparation, while perhaps it may not he u positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate it. If it does not cure it, it will give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to is Chamberlain's Cough Romedy. For sale hy C. B. WINSLOW , Drugget 1.5 a Main St, Thron R li car lloute, The popular Santa FC route in con- nectiqn with the "Frisco Line" runs through ears daily between Hutchinson, Kansas City and St. Lonis. For cheap rates and full particulars call upon the agent of the Hanta Fe route, Hutchinson, Kansas. tf Something Hetter Than Chloride or Gold Littlefield's Cough Candy cures all kinds of coughs and colds. Guaranteed to cure or money refunded. Price 10 cents. For sale by A. it A. dr,ug store, Hidlinger, Midland and llautn- hart Pharmacy. It costs you nothing to try it ; . 8 «t. "' Mrsl L. R. Ptitton, RocUford, 111 . writes: "From personal experience I can recommend Dc Witt's Sarsaparllla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." K Beam's Midland Pharmacy. CATCH ON To the best opportunity of a lifetime for buying cheap. Without any fuss or funny business, without any noise or nonsense, we are going to put a magnificent line of seasonable goods on the market at prices that will make them JUMP. It's a quick turn on very close margins to satisfy a lively demand. There is some money in it for us, and a good deahnore for customers who are quick to catch on to the fact that choice new goods can now be bought at prices never before named for values in any way approaching those we now place at the disposal of wide awake and discriminating judges of good bargains, who will not lose a moment's time in taking advantage of this phenomenal low price sale Of tlie Season, and secure their pick of desirable new goods at clearing prices, CATCH ON To the fact that our entire stock is made up of Choicest Selections and Latest OF Styles A Hound I.Iver Mukctt a Well Man. Are you billious, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, had taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of order and your 0 blood is being slowly poisoned because your liver docs not act properlj'. Hcrbine will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. Fine Shoes for Ladies and G-entlemen A SPECIALTY. They sell like Lightning at the prices we are now asking. "THE BAZAR," J E, BARROW, JR., PROPRIETOR. 14 North Main Street, Hutchinson. ACROSS THE STREET PITH AND POINT. —What's the use of calling a girl Isabella when she isn't? — llinghamton Leader. —The girl with the new gloves never fails to drop a coin in the collection box. —N. V. Herald. —One of the tilings that is not faithful to the end is a cheap cigar.—Union County Standard. —If every man was as big as ho feels there wouldn't be standing room in this country.—Texas Siftings. —There would be no mysteries in this world if everything were looked into as ofleu as a mirror is.—Puck, —Strange Fact.— 8bo wore a brand now Paris gown Ono ovoning, nt tbo danco, And, Ht range un It may Boom, thoy nay That it was inado in Franoo. —Cloak Keview. —Don't try to do too much, It is said that, a mau in Kansas is now bald-headed because he was determined that his Wife should learn to eat pie with afork. H UTCHINSON OPERA HOUSE. W. A. LOE, Manager. Street ears at the door after entertainment THURSDAY^ APKIL 7 The Kansas State University GLEE and BANJO 22 College Men 22 On a grand tour of the state. I^ollicking College Songs, Glee Club Choruses, Banjo and Mandolin Music, Solos and Quartettes. The Golden Eagle Clothiers have moved their IMMENSE STOCK OF GOODS to their own commodious quarters NO. 4 SOUTH MAINT ST And in a few days will be better prepared than ever, to show you the nicest line of Clothing, Hats, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Mens, Ladies and Children's Shoes, and at to the trade. Great Bargains in trunks. Just received a car load of them. Watch this space. We have some surprises in store for you. IS men In Glee Club in Cap and Gown. 10 men in Banjo CIUIJ—4 Mundolins, 2 Banjos, 4 Guitars. Secure Seats Eiil) «t Ike Of en None Duel Store No. 4 South Main St. A. MINCER, Prop

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