Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 5,1912. Dress Goods for Fall aiWinterlM • f ' • ' ••••••• S .. .T ' Every w.jinaii likes t (i plan her winter clothes a little ahead of time. This advance showinj? permits you to siv wliat l !u' new ,!i<i (.(l-^ will be. Buy some now if you like and then when the rush commences you arc propari^d and no need'to wony. An early inspection of these beautiful fabrics will prove interesting and he v.ell \\ovih yuiir while. The Preltiest line We Have Ever Shown, priced at 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, and up to $1.75 You Should See the Pretty Things in Silks-They Arc Beauties. T !ii< hiriro is Ihess(^()(.nls Headquarters. We always show the new things first and we are famous for tlif MUaliiV we .':i\e i'(!r oi'dinary prices. Select Your New FALISj CLOTHES Now! The styles (his season are p.'Piici'Jarly iin-jlintr. 'I'he one. iwo .nd Ihreo button riTeeJs on the eulaway jaek- vi- v.iih ihe sirai;:hl line de- sv.ur.ii! iiiiidi 'ls are very ])]•• asi 'i .sr. Ti-ieed from .SIO The stnnnini-- eri 'at'ons of the mastei- tailors in coats are especially worth, while seeing this fall. Priced from $7.50 to m. Come in and try on some of the new garments. Even if you don't want to buy you'll enjoy seeing the new thincfs. Exquisite New Fall MILLINERY! At ie-r--^ I nan ordinary prices. The season's very new- i .-I and smartest styles in Pattern Hats of rai"e beauty. ^Ou will find our ])riees nearly 50', lower than el.>^e- w !K-!V. Come and see and you will surelv buy here. 113 E. Madison RICHARDSON'S 113 £. Madison IPERSONAI MENT10N.J ( l .l>;lll^ i; M (."nil-] Mrs U S. n-fd. of rii:miito, was in I Thp. work on tlio now A. M A. li'-:- .^:u. ; il>.> '-iv this mornin.s omoiit.- to Y;iti>s : ,huri-ii. iilti-r sowrai months of dflay, 1 ei'nti r. j ii,,, asuin hocn takon up and It. Is plan i ned to rush tho building to comploiion ! I::;.:.'! ••. h::s '..k. n ih — W. A. UoMditi. p.i! 1 r h.\mr( r. 11 I' • * I ; lu t u&it iiii! iiiiiiuiii^ lu MJii»i'"-t ;„i i:. .M-wv,...!ii.i'f I i:. lii- j Mrs. 15 M. Clark and tiiiu.ehlor j.s aoon as possibl.-. TJi.- i-hurt-h asks . ,n > ..:ui ..:;.v. ' M.ii.-. wli.i h.iv," luvn horo visllinj; n,,. -M „f b.-n.-volrnt i-ili/.«ns of — Mrs ll.irry I..-wis. r.nnrn.'d lo th*'ir • ,1,^. ,.;,v j,, th«ir uud. naklnp. - I)r<. llnll Hull. 0>looiialh.s. Tfl-; lionu in Kiiliards. Mo., this morning. _ ;i;i»>iii> I".'ti. Of.!. — Miss Malil<> navis. of lnd.M>otiiI.'nco. — I J 11 I.adlum. of Wirliiia. who has. ^ho has I I.MMI Uvn- visitinj; friends I 1 . N.;:<;i. Ok. .n 1;. r.' on b;isiu>'ss nturn-'d honu- will riturii honu- tomorrow. . •.! ' • .•: 1'I: "1 II'- ;.i : !i:!s niorr.ini:. • _ " i""Oin'u • I , ' -If vou havo vmini; childn-n voi. n t, . n ~^ . .114 ••„«•• , • .. '.l!!'r. " l">ve P -Vhaps notiroU disorders of -Dr. H. I.. ncndrlrkK. Old "nrt . ...s l... n h.iv ar..I in . mboldt, on , . ^ ,„„.„. , ,^,.1^ ,„ost .on.mon UonM-. (Rll.s ans«.-rpd day ..r nlKht | bu-awss n turned J^on.o ih.a '"ormnp. „,„„^,„ „,i^ ^.„„ ,^.j„ fj,,^ ,. „, , ,. ,,. • Ciiaiulicrlain's Sti)!i:;it!i ami I.ivn C. K Shape- wo„,_,n K-'nsas C.ty ; Th..v an- .asy and M\'.<-:n:::z. . this mortiin^ lor a Kisil with friends.' '•'"»"«/'->^<'-";;n'- I ify are ,.a..y ari.l From ,.,.re „e will prorw-d to Cor-, 'V"^"- mona. C'al . lo spend .he winter. ' ">•='" - .)r. -VeMillen. I'hcnes and e -fJ.: — „ , —. — ^ I F rl':> of •Vns'ele'j Cil • ^ M'-nhant will : , v.- : r :-.r Ji.h r -lool fn „;-i..h„ {,;.:,; on h.isincsj vvi-nt ' ^" ?° """'"•'•ow for * brief ^' If ': M';: i.i.i;.'.! mil;:-!- to Mor.iit this morning. j , 1.. |„ rn.i at I",- pound. Saturdav :'"P h.'s.ness eollep.. •„ . I,awrence .; -! ;:<,'. ::.-o.t t- rtu .T, I,,,,', raa... or .<«v...ts Suntlay m lola. U . K Kim.- :• 111 •• \U\< inoiiiiiii: lutsii; —I)r. O. I,. Cox, <tcnIIsL I'hnne .>7. with h' j SIX COUPONS OF CONStCUTIVE^^^^^^^^^;:.: Cut r »iit ta~* v^v-vc cr'..~<ca. wri'.h f ;v9 Dtl' -n orcon»*cutiv« cl«le>. Mid {ir«ft«lll .1,.-. .r it • e I .r, „-.J Tlic $ l.CO I 1912 niCIIUN.-^RV i> lllu«(r«lrv| S ,ite i;i 1 - •>! • ^ r !e. •S .It tl 'I ; •I I ^ • 111. -M •'• 1 It inil Vt.iiliv,) ' ,.-..,1 1 . tli<- >'n^ j >'it» . . , )-\ l !irif ;..ivvr>> rs. 1 . •• ;. t.;li Ml ly O K - W «'rl>r» I n. ; i<i iMHi'iil ill . t ! t V '-l Kto't; and 3 > I • ! •e.>i»>«'r> 4 .. r , •.. . I > .••,,;!- t) • • •• .•, I i -t' •• . >•• ! ' tl • . V- . — I •y > pr^n» nrd this Uvnui •! 98c f $3 .00 T The u'n «sTtKiA»< 1912 .J. nmsxrastl . , ' , ' 1^ . An - fit. t> ..r» r=. r -»t»-,e i;i v'v^ ru^rh b*nH. ^ ••• 111 BiJjJ > n-r illustra* ^ , i • t a .i !'T- C 0|. SIX El Bomts of 48c ; I fl'orci- KdKar and wit'i- wi -nt lo Tart Mr.^. A. T:. nueU. of IlHffalo. who | ,yip this afthrnoon for a visit «ith i has lixn h<T.' visniTip frie::ds ^ relatives. ; itii ii« d home iliis inoriiinK. ; " '• ' i Miss .Juliti I'ow.Ts of fhaniite. and , Mrs. n. C. Cunninsham. of I.eanna.r Homer II. nd.r.son. of .loplin. I Wits iti !lf i-i'y this mornni): between „re h-r.- lor a visit with rela- i irtitf-. •nroiiii- to Vtiiis C'Utir for;|j^,.j i :i visit with fri<'nds. K. Simons oi' llutiilioldt u ;'S here litis iiioniinj; 'iiroiiti- to Vales Cei.t' r. .Mr ttiid .Mrs. M F. Christy wi 'ut to ; I-'t i^foit tilts niorninrj for a visit with I ri -lMtli 's. .\'rs 1. II I '.Tk.r. of Mmnboldt. I was lit till- eliy this morning belwoeii ' tniins ••iiroiit.' to Fort Siott for a visit j will! Iriilids. ^ 1 ,1. irv H .M I H. II i<tiirnid home last t iii;;!ii from Kanstus fity where h«' h^^s I iiei 11 (HI 'itisiiiesd. lil.iin Thompson will po to Mnraii Moiiiliv for H xisit with liw p iretits. Mild «il! Ill- 11 .i ;o to l-.'mpona 1": MllllieUe, of ll.>,t risolivilte. Mo, i who I;.!-- Ixtli lii-l>- oil bil ^IlK ss, re- !u!tni| Imme this moriilii); j Co' J I! !iiiir>oii, «M Oil. mute, \\.i> ; in :i ii:> itiiii luofuiiti; enroui,< to Ya'. > t'eitter ! .1 I' Kl< il ^m.iii. Mts.-iMirt IVeitle piliolli a! I 'ort Scott Wttn (tt the eltj !hu tinirnln;: \>> 'ttiM! nut biit!<'ieii |is Keciilnr i 41'.• i.T ji '-iind at l<'e iMiitnd Satiinl.-*) j ' o[i!y I'a'.iee of Sweets JLV IMUVATIC .MONKY TO \/).\S .\oi.ii li-r Js' "1 >:i>'>d (arm. Act •oulikly lo'a I-ind Co. Miss (aaiivK Sw.iin of Collinpville. Okla.. who has bwn here visiting Mr. I ii«d Mrs. I. S". Swain, returned home j this afternoon. Mrs. |i. <' riiillips ami daii»;hi<r nf ('olony wen- visitors in ili.- city today. .Miss r.lanehe l.ueas, of Colony, who has been here visiiiii;: friends returned home tliis afternoon. I^rt Conhy. who has ln^en work- inK in Humboldt arrivd homo this afternoon for a vi.Jii wiHi his family. NUNNALLY'S We liave just received n fresh line of NUNNAIXYS DKMCIOrS (WNDIKS by ox|uvss. .AjireiUs fo«^ N'unnally's, IVorlc-^s and Johnson's Candies. —1^— Morris 6 Howard rrptirriptiwn 1>nif :f;Utfi West Side Sq. Free Delivery Mrs. IraStongand daughter. Miss Maude, of Romona. Ok., are Tisiting Mr. and Mrs. R. H..Bennett H. C. Llndenberger, of Lane, Kas., who has been here-on business returned home this afternoon. J. W. Hall went to Garnett this afternoon. Miss Patti Metcalf, of Colony, was a visitor in the city this afternoon. K. Myers went to Garnett this afternoon on business. Rev. A. A. Parker, head of the Flor ence B. Nicholson Institute, of India, visited Rev. B. M. Powell today. Mis.s Ethel Seymour, who has been quiie ill, is much improved. L. R. Sauer of Chanute, who has b<;en here and in Wichita on business returned home this afternoon. AV. H. Achtor and B. H. Aohter went to Humboldt this afternoon to spend Sunday at home. Airs Frank Hobart went to Wolda this afternoon for a visit with friends. Mrs. Marcaret Thompson and srand son George Thompson, went to Humboldt this afternoon for a visit with relatives. .Mrs, S. F. Haney. of Humboldt, who has been here vIsltlnB her parents, returned home this afternoon. .1. I.. Dunsmoro. of Chanute was in the city today on business. ('. W. Battlt. of Cofrtyvillc, was in the fity today on business. e. H. Hoal. of Chanute. was a busi ness visitor here today. .1. L. Vreston, of Coffeyville, who has been here on business returned home this afternoon. Kvereft Rich went lo Cherryval< this afternoon on business. Miss Clnra Mlchler. of Independence who has been visltlnR In the city r<turncd home this afternoon. ^«-.. neo-s'o H.inkins went to Bartlesville, Okla.. this afternoon for a visit with friends. Mr."?, r. I.. Knowlton, of Geneva Is h.Te for a visit •*Ith her daughter. Miss Margaret KiMSwlton. Mrs. A. W. \Kirtin left this after, for DowA. Okla., to make her ioWBi ''V _ .Mfred Cornell, who has been In Ji K.-' City hospital returned home this afternoon. .Mrs. M. W. Kyner. of Xewton. who has been here visiting friends went to Chanute this afternoon. .1. P. Anderson of Cherryvale, was ;i business visitor here today.: Mrs. F. McCuler. of Humboldt, whr- ha^ been visiting Mrs. Henry Geer. returned home this afternoon. H. W. McCoy went to Ottawa this afternoon on business. Frank Morris went to Kansas City this afternoon. Thomas Moore went lo Kansiis City this afternoon for a brief visit. I>. H. .tones, of Lawrence, who has been here and in IjiHariHt returned home this afternoon. .1 U. Stewart has returned from a weeks business visit In the country. Oood Money After Bad. U la a curlou.-* lart that "nmiiy men. level he.ndert euou;;h about other 'bins*, seem to their wtis entirely !rl;en they tM-'tome Involved In law- uitt.s. J.T one case recentl.v conclude*; n the German courts a Berlin laer •hant paid out over JK^K) to re<-oTer he Y.iluc of a Bve cent |">-;.nge stamp He had written n letter n.-klng for ao •id'lre*; and In'lo-ilng (>ostace for re •l.v. Fallins to c-t nn .answer, he sui><l for tin- -itanip The .faue>ii^ Missouri waiermelon Rse iva" just as trinia;; and even tiore disH>trous Tl e -ee<| wa- •>!::ntrd on one faifn. 'tmt the vlp«- •rep' through a emrk in the rail fi-nee mil ih<' melon rrew on tic ofiier ide. Hoih fiirmers rialraeil it. and tistead nf pen elrln^r the hur.ior of Ihe :ituntlon th<\v wnf to law To add n the |iU7.7.linp features of the question if nwiiersliip there was Ihe rurtbet •(imiilleatloii l.n that the feu'e stood m a eoiint.v !jti.- v.-iii-renpon a que* rion of the )ur1<dirtlon of- the court* came up The fanners bankrupted themselves wIth"Ut obtaining a de- ;lalon as to the ownership.—Green Bag. Liquid Oynamit*. Tlia Mexicantt h:iv» a native brand.r called nr^iarOicnie, wUlrh Vt a »pecle« «f ItquUI ilyniimlte. n< |«lal«l>le u« r«>r rorUf oublimate and Mi« M\ of poten ttal dpxlltr.v «<•• an ess l» of moat WUrn you Pml a Mexican K«>nllrmat •«1onte«| with a l>elt full of deodl.^ wt«(>cnt* d«\'i>r«ttng and iteUiKlns hit (ntvrtnr with aRuanUcnte It U th«> lutrt nt |>rudeitc«> m reilr*^ to a bombproot Tt>MH» U another tli>pl«s n whUtv Inno- e<>iit looklug Hulil callvtl nivttenl, which •s dlntllMI-from a cactu* of the aMm* name, which hati In It alt th« eom- bincd cnerg.v, activity anil homicidal po'csdillltlct of a volcano mlxediup irith Iha gable *nd o^a mule. In W aier days the Apache Indians made a tnude dlstillatinn nf the same atlmu- liiut which they called tls-wln, and as « preliminary to a raid among ranches and (ettieinenl^ It was a great inccess m>m an Indian point of view.—Boiitua tlcrald. ' Designed exclusively for DANIELS. Each garment a distinct'novelty. EVERYBODY'S DOING IT! WHAT? Buying the Norfolk from us. As usual, Daniels produces the goods—they always lead. The Norfolk is a swell garment for fall. Order yours NOW! Made to your own individual measure. Wm. A. Daniels East Side $15 Tailoring Store. Geo. W. Jones, "Mgiri Flour! Flour! Flour! Try a sack of ZEPHYR. If you once use it you will use no other. Zephyr is Guaranteed . to give SATISFACTION or vour monev back. ASK YOUR GROCER PUBLIC SALE! I I nlll M-ll a( ^'ultlic Sale on the Old iioyd Farm. .'Pz miles !«outhiret<f of lula, and U uillcis liorth of Humboldt, on Tuesday, October 8, 1912 Beginning at 10 oVIock a. fiu the following described properly: C.tTTLK. HOR.SE.S. KTC. 7 cow.s; .". calves; 2.". sheep;' II iiioats; 1 black vnw; 1 .lersey Bed sow .vith lu i>igs by Bide; 1 driviUK horse ':; years old, weight loiio lbs.; 1 I*cr- .heron mare, mule colt, weight l.T^o bs.; 2 brown horses, 8 years old, velght l:ir.O lbs. LVI'Lk.MKMS. 2 sets double harnes.s; 2 sets singla harness; 1 one-horse wagon, new; 1 farm wagon; 1 Spider Phaeton; 1 buck hoard: 1 corn planter; 1 cultivator; 1 riding plow; 1 harrow; 1 9-bbl. galvanized tank; 1 set 1<4 inch tackle and blocks; r> acres kafllr corn; horse blankets, etc. TEB.MS OK SALK—All sums of $|U.iiO ami under, cash In hand. All sums iver $10,011. a credit of 9 months will be given, purchaser giving note with approved security, bearing interest from date if paid when due. If not liaid when due to draw 10'/. from date of sale. V. discount for cash-on credit ales. No property to he removed until settled for. !'0I„ CH.VS. BISHOP. .ViicUonecr. K. V. Mc(:L.Vi.>, Clerk. F.W. RANGER Public Sale I will !ien at Public Sale »t my fanu,..'> miles west and S miles north of loin, anil i miles cast and 3 miles north of Pliina, in Horse.shue Bend, on Wednesday, Oct. 9.1912 IteginnlnK at 10 oVIock, a. ni., the foiioninsr described property: 10 HK.\I> OF HOKSKS. 1 bay mare, n years old. half I'erch- >-rnn. wt. loOii; I bay mare. 7 years ohi. vt. U.">u; 1 bay mare 9 years old. wt. .1':;.": l bay mare 11 .vears old. wt. 1225. These luares are all in foal by Tom leffern's black Perchcron—sca- ;on paid for. 1 gray mare. S years old, vt. 10110; 1 sorrel mare 11 years old. .vt. 900; 1 yearling horse colt. 1 year- Ing mare colt; 2 spring colts, one of hem -Ti Percheron. i HE.\D OF r .lTTLE. 2 extra good milk cows, both giving nilk. ii HEAD OF HOGS. 7 shoats weighing 12"> to 2'>'> Ihs.; " ^hoats, wt. about 60 lbs.; 4 pigs ten weeks old. (HICKE.VS. .\ nice lot of s])ring pullets. ! • FAK.M l3irLE .>IE.\.TS. , 1 low wheeled wagon, tight box; 1 • spring wagon. 1 top buggy, I good iron roller. 1 good wheat drill, 1 2-section I harrow. 1 disc harrow. 1 good Deering j mowing machine 2 14-inch Cassaday ! riding plows. 1 heavy road plow. 1 hay ; frame. 1 sled, 1 set of inrrow openera, i 1 corn planter with SO rods of wire, 1 I stalk cutter, 1 4S-gal. iron kettle; 2 j sets good work harness, 2 sets single I buggy harness. 14 cords dry wood in (Stove lengths. 1 buggy tongne.<l good icoru sheller I 120-egg Sure Hatch i incubator. i GRAIN. i .".0 bushels Karly Ohio potatoes; 7 ' acres Rood bottom corn 'In field, will ' make about 70 bu. per acre. S0.1IE HOr.SEHPLU GOODS. I ^ sIx-Hd steel range, lair tight jieat- • er. almost new. cast iron top and botiloni: some chairs, bedsteads, standa l/Jind dishes, and other things too num- ; erous to mention. TERMS OF SALE- All sums of $10.00 and under, cash in hand. All sums of JIO.O". a credit of 12 months will he given, purchaser giving note'with Tipproverl security, bearing 4 per cent interest from date if paid when due If not paid when due to draw 10 per cent from date of .sale. 2 per cent dis^ count for cash on credit •'ales. No propeny to be removed until settled for. ; OL. r. .s. BISHOP. Anrlioneer. \i. H. HOWLIS, Clerk. Ira Townsend LIWCH ON THE GItOU.NDS. Fortunes in Faces. -Theres often much truth in the •iaying 'her face is her fortune " bu' Ms never said wh<-ie • pimples, skin •ruptions. blothes. or other blemishes llsflgure It. Impure blocxi Is hack of them all. and ^hl>\»s tie- Jieed of l»r Kings .New Life Pill.- They prouioie health and In-aiity. Try them 2.'i cents at all drugttists. * WANTKI* .\1 ,\K MK.N OF IM'St- ue!<,s and Mtle.'v ahlllt.v to Mihclt for us in* .\Ueti Countv clutiract. *UI pay It'" ;i> *2"<" iiMinililv lor ttve j.-rtrs •>o UP !nvestm««ut oi jait«> \v« teach \nu the iiu>.u»e»N, X Martin at KrNi|.-e Holrl PNEUMOMII l«ft mo with a frightful consh itiid very weak. I bait spells when 1 conid hardly bteathe or speak for 10 to iO Ijniniites. M)r doctor'could not help ime^ but I was completely cured by DR. KING'S Mew Diseovflry Mrs. J. I!?0«cr3r«ll«% 111." SOc iUlD 11.00 At iUi. DBilfiSISTS. STOVE>$ Coal. Gii« and Wood Healera! {'unihluatlon Coal aad Gat, Hot Blast and Air Ttglita ErOXOMY RA.VUES HornS rowMiwUoH Coal and (Ua K«liti«^the heat wa4% ' Frlre^Rillin TheUi.Wish9nipil!if. Electric WlrlB^^I Ottne by oK|>«irlenc«d ni«B Prlcra r\>Nsoaable. Canfteld & Thompson With Ihe 1.. II AVIshanl lldw. Vhone n. —Sick headache is caused by a dis* ordered stomach. Take Chamberlain's Tablets and correct that and the head aches will disappear. For sale by all dealers. .[ . .

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