Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 23, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1903
Page 3
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AN UAffi#yM.^ HOWE Within a few minutes' ride of lola, LaHarpe or ©as Oity, and about three blocks to n^w Gement Pl€ttit. Fresh air, healthful surroundings, ra^^ transit and gas maJke it the most desirabje location for hOfines in Allen county. wo- TERMS:—Prices are from $70 to $100 per lot. Lots are 50x100. $5.00 down and $5*op a mpnth. Location:—Electric line oq the south. lola public road on the north>and just ball way between Qas City and LaHal-pe^ Write or call on : :iU ,J i;>.> ;«"U .-i;-: . ' • • ' Office at Termihus Electric Line R. R. 'By GEN. CHARLrCS KllfG. to be had for the digging, they couM hold put like heroes until relief should ci>mo from the south. Ob\iuusly, therefore, the cotton- uo<!d grove ivas the place, and t^iither at thundering charge Field led the foremost line, while Bay dred.\that brilUant autumn.morning, i ^^'a^'^'' second, all hands cheer- Ihat their leader had had gfTmany a 1 '"''^ ^^"^ "'S^t ot the bioux vear of Indian campaigriing! Re | "P^^^ north! ward'. 'Irii men in line, far ex- CHAPTER XI. The noonday- sim was staring hotly down, an hour later, on a stirring picture of frontier warfbre, with that clump of cottonwbcds as the central feature. Well for Ray's half hun- now seemed to know --by-iuatiaot- every scheme of his savage foe and to act acccrdingly. Ever since the command had come in sight of the Elk Tooth the conviction' liad been griming on Ka^- that Stablicr must have received many accessions and was counting on thi' sj)eo<!y cf>niing of others. The si;;tial smokes across the wide valley; tjie frequent issays to tempt his advance guard I o charjge and chase; the boldness with wl!i,!<*li the Indians showed oa front ftiid llarik; the daring pertinafify with which tliey ilung t<* the stream Ued for the sake of a few shots at the foremost troopers, relying, evidently, on the array of their comrades beyond the ridge to overwhehu afiy force that gave cl'>se pursuit; t^ie fact that other Indians opened on the advance giiard and the left flankers, and! that a dozen, at least, tore ^ard .'^h'pi'. Ten men in line, far extended, wi -re sent right forward half way across the tlats, ordered to drive the Indians fr<im the bottom and cripple as many as possible; but, if irtfuacfd by superior nimibers, to fall bark at the gallop, keeping well away from the front of the grove, i .o thill the tire of its garri.son might not be "m.'iskcd." The tan had darted after the ."^iiirr^ iiig warriors, full lialf \yiiy to the beginning of the {(Ic>pv„.Jind then, just a.s Ray had pri;- ijiel<:d. down laiin- a cloud of brilliant foeiiien, .-ieekiiig to swallow the little tt-ii :illvt . lusiantly llieir ser- gi-aiii lender whirl<'<l them about and, pointing liic way. led tliein in wide circle, lior.-er. well in hatid, back "to the dry w.ish, then down into its san<ly dipt lis. Here every trooper sjirnng from .'.addle, and \vith the rein looped on the left ."irm, and from the shelter of the straight, stiff awav out of the sandy arroyo the j- moment they saw the line .start at i "P^:"«*i -^h.-.Tp fire "n thei ^r the gallop—all these had tended to convince the captain that now. at last, when he was miles from home and succor, the i^iou .K stood ready in abundant force to gjve liim desperate battle. I To dart chase of the three warriors would simply result in the Bcattering of his own people and thei^ being individually cut] off and stricken down by circling sWarms of their red foes. To gather his men ai»d ^t- pur.suers, just as Clayton's platoon, dismounting at tiic grove, sprang to the nearest cover and joined in the tierce clamor of carbines. Racing down the L,li>p- at top speed as were the Siou.v. they could not all at once check th-' way of their nimble mount.s, an-I the ardor of the ch'ase had carried them far down to the flats before the fierce crackle began. Then it wcs thrilling to watch them, '^eeri'^.'^ic'Hng, sweeping to right """^A^ or k-^Vver at fnriou.s trallop, throw- tempt to force the pass .nge of- tlie , painted bodies behind Elk Tooth rnlge m-.n eertn .n do- .,i„ging with .truct.on of the who e command^ , The Sioux would be only too glad to; .^^^^^ ^^^^ scurrv let . Sioux would be ^""^"'^ ^"Unuch a. -.n eyelid, yetf yelping andl rry away from '''-r ^'-n* | HUo%. them through and then .ng;_ ,f ,heir number coming within circle wh.rl all f ''\"\^.r '/'"f i ,00 >-h,^s of the slender fighting line L -entric fire that wotild be , . . . ., in a conet sure to hit some, at least, exppse<l sts they would be on the open prairie, while their return shots, radiating wildly at the swift-darting warriors, would be. almost as sure to miss. He w-ould fioon be vyeighted down with wounded, refusing to leave them to butchered; unable, therefore, to i in the Stream bed; some of them, indeed, disdaining to stoop, riding defiantly along the front, tiring wildly as they rode, yet surely and gradually guiding their ponies back to the higher ground, back out of harm's way; and, in live minutes from the time they had flashed into view, c<nn- move in anv direction, and'so'cotii- charging over the mile away /l^eUed to keep >u> a shelterless. hojMi- 1 ri'lire. not a red warrior was left on le.^s fight until, one by one., he and ^he low ground-only three or four • • • luckless ponies, kicking in their last struggles or stifl^ening on the turf, his fjallnnt fellows fell, pierced by Indian lead, and saerifice<l to tliei se.nlping knife ns were Custer's 3Uo!^**'''i' ""^••"' riders, wounded or un- u decade before. J'"rt. '>ad been pickt-d up and spirited Ray knew to<. much of fn,n- "'"^y >^'M'' marvelous Hkil! only tier strategy to l.e Wo caught, 'JV ^e ^" warriors of the stood the lit'tle grove nf dingy green I f*'*''>'*' u jirairie fortre>.s. if <uu> knevv- hov» to Use it. Tliere in the tand of -thi •tream. bed, by digging, were Ihcj Burc to find water lor the wounded, if wounded there hud to be. Thero by the aid of a few hastily thrown intrenchijients he could have a littlo plains fort and be ready to rfpel.eiv#n an attack in' force. Uorses could be herded in the depths of the sandy shallows. Men could be distributed in big circle through the trees and along the l»arik; and, with abundant rations in their haver^cks and water Then Ray and his men had time to breatiu] and xhout luugliing-comment and congratulation. Not one, as yet, vrns hit or hurt. They were secure for the time in a Rtron;? poHition. and had signally whipped off the first assault of the Sioux. i -.Xo«dIy, excitedly, angrily- these latter were now conferring again far up the slope to the north. At least 100 in one concourse, they were having hot discussion over the untoward result of the dash. Others, obedient to orders frpm the chief were drclinir T-W I U U I I 1 U M MI I-I H •! !• 111 I.i 1111 ill I 11 U I III! I HI 1} Delisfht of ^ttmnier Are the beautiful Wash Goods we are selling. 60 jpieces juat received, styles not equalled anywhere and prices the lowest—Fans", Trimmings, Laces, Embroideries and Jtibbon 8. Oar Grocery ^epartmept 2nd to none in the city, everjything at lowest prices. When buying your payjday gbpds come and see us. A car of Ebccelslor flour just arrived at Badgley's store, who also handle ^ hay, grain, feed, etc. At B. C. Rema- I HcCall's Pittenu, Brj inls, Sfca^, <ii9C0«K G TMS t Ejl^r Z {berg's oia st«uid. cau a^ 20? soUh far out to east and .wps"t and crossing the valley above and below [the position of the defense. Others, still, were galloping back to the ridge, where, against tjie sky line, strong bodies of warriors could be plainly seen, moving excitedly to and fro. Two little " groups slowly making their way to the crest gave no little comfort to the boys in blue, gome, at least, of the charging force had been made to feel the bite of the cavalry ^weapon and were being borne to the rear. But no time was to be wasted. Already from far up the stream bed two or three Indians were hazarding long-range shots at the grove, and Ray ordered all horses into a bend of the "wash." where the side lines were whipped from the blanket straps and the excited sorrels securely hoppled. Then, here, there and in a score of places along the bank and again at the edge of the cottonwoods, men had been assigned their stations and bidden to find cover for themselves without delayJ Malny burrowed in the soft and yielding soil, throwing the earth forward in front of them. Others utilized fallen trees or branches. Some two or three piled saddles cnd^ blanket rolls Into a low barricade, r .nd nil, while crouching about; their work, watched the featjiered warriors ns they steadily completed their big circle far out on the prairie. Rullets came whistling now fast and frequently, nipping off leaves and twigs and causing many a fellow to duck instinctively and to ]nak about him, nshnnied of his (lodge, yet sure of the fact that time had been in the days of the mpst hardened veteran of the troop when he, tort, knew whht it was to shrink from the whistle of hostile lead. It would be but a moment or two, they all understood, before the' foe would decide on the next move; then every man would be needed. Meantini 'e, having stationed Field on the north front, with orders to note every movement of the Sioux, and having nssignejl Clayton to the minor duty of watching the south front .nnd the flanks. Rav was moving cheerily among his men. speeding from cover to cover, suggesting here, helping there, alert, even, joyous in manner. "\Vc couldn 't have a better roost, lads," he said. "We can stand oflf double their number We can hold out a week if need be. but you bet the major wiU be reaching out after us before vVe 'ro two days older. Don't waste your shots. Coax, thern close in. I)f>n't fire at a galloping Indian beyond 31)0 yards. It 's waste of powder and lead." Cheerily, joyt ^sly they answered hitn, these his comrades, his soldier children, men who had fought with him, many of their number, in a dozen field.s, and men who woiild stand by him. their dark-eyed little captain, to the last. Even the yotmg? j est trooper of the 50 seemed in- i spired by the ca .sy, laughing confi- j deheo of the ll/'htcr heart.s among ; their number, of the grim, matter of fact pugnacity of tht> ohier campaigners. Jt was significant, too, that the IndiaiLs seemed so divided In mind as t« the ne.vt move. There was loud tyraijgling anri much disputation going on in that sarage council to the north, Stnbber'W braves an .l Ijime WoIfV folliVeni seemed bitterly at odds, for old hand .H in the fast-growing rifle pits pointed out on one aide as many *as half a dozen of the former's war-" riors whom they recognized and knew by sight, while Ray, studying the shifting concourse through his gln.sse.t, couJ4 easily ^ee Stabber hlmj^elf raging among them in violent altercation with a tall, superbly built and bedizened young brave, a sab-chief, apparently, who for his part, seemed giving Stab!ber as good as he got. Lame Wolf {was not in sig^t at all. He might still be far from the scene, and this tall jrarrior be acting as 'his representative.. But ; whoever or whatever he was be had hearty following. More than three- fourths of the -wrangling warriors in the group seemed backing him. Ray, after a few words to Sergt. Winsor, crawled over beside his silent and absorbed yoUng jsecond in command, and, bringing his glas ^sas' to bear, gazed across a low parapet of sand long and fixedly at the turbulent throng. 1,000 yards awa^r. (To be Continued.) ' White Obods Colored Qoods Woolen floods It makes little difference to i,is what kind of material. We have special soaps and special methods for washing everything that will wash. We handle everything with great care and precision. If wc are noit getting your work send us a trial package this week. Wagons call everywhere. lola Steam Laondry, WM. LANYON, sr., Prc«. J. B. CASE, Vice-Pre*. A. B. ROBERTS, Cash. Ida State Capital Stock, $50,G< W). DIRECTORS: Wm C.Hood. Geo. E. Nic.holsoii.1 A. Lovr, 3. A. Bobinsoo. IJ. Lu Henderson, Frank Kiddle. A. B. iicrberis. J. B. Cwe STOCKHOLDERS:, Geo. E. Nicholson. J. A. poblnson., Frank RWdle. A. L. Taylor i. H. L. Hendctbon.^L.'uPonsler.'H. KladiDJui, J. VT. Coutant, J. B. Case. Wm. Lanyon.! •W. S. Hendricks. David Ewart. E. P. ScheU. A,. Bcvlngton. J. S. >Yalfeer. CalTln,Hood. M: A. Low, n. A. Ewlng. A. W, Howland, J. \V. Edwards. B. EI. Bennett, flvans Bros.. A B, Kolierts. . Notice to Bidders. Sealed proix>sals will be received by the county ciimmissloners of Allen county, Kansas, at the ofllcc of the county clerk, lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, 1903, for all the labor and material required in the erection of a court house located at lola. Kansas, In said county. In acqordance with the plans, details and specifications furnished by J. C. Holland & Squires, architects, Topcka. Kansas, and now on file at the office of said county clerk. Parties bidding upon the work will be required to furnish a certified check with their bid in the sum of tv/o per cent (2) of the amount of said bid and payable to the county treasurer, to be held as a guarantee that the successful bidder will enter into contract and furnish satisfactory bond within tcai days after award of contract. Said- check to be forfeited to the county in the event of said contractor failing to sign said contract and fiimish sa,tisfac- tory bond in accordance with said bid. Bidders will be required to make out their bids on a uniform blank, fur- nishe<l by the county clerk. Same to be enclosed in envelope and addressed to county commissioners, lola. Kansas, and marked, proposal for court house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on file at county clerk's office, also at oQice^of the architects. The county commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. By order of the county commissioners, Allen 'county, Kansas. J. W. KELSO, County Clerk. PROFESSIONAL CARDS Soda Water Yoit'll Like There iin't any betlersoda water than what we make, because we l|^ow how to make it, what to put in it, how; to serve it, and that's what makes the beverage we sell GO popaltjr. Not a bit of a trick about it, only careful attention to giving you the best beverage. ' W. L. CRABB & CO. Band Concert Tomorrow Evening. The (ollijwlng is the program which will bo rendered at the roKular wfckly concert given by the lo'la Concert band on the public square tomorrow evening: March, Seven Times Seven Dalby Sounds From Ireland Rcncdix Waltz. Blue Danube Straurfs March, The Eagle and the Lion.. Flemining Overture, Poet and Peasant Suppa Among the Roses Waltz. .Baruhouse Dlaze Away Twostep Holzman Oom Paul March Wheeler A Called Meeting. 1 earnest urge and request all the members of the Women's Relief Corps to come out to G. A. R. hall tomorrow (Wednesday, 24th) afternooh at 2:30 o'clock, as business of great impor-i tance is tp be transacted. MRS. H. M. MILLER, Corps President. HOUSEWIVES HEADACHES You don't know why you suffer from headache and you arc apt to believe you have some dtrc female trouble, but its dollars to doughnuts that you. arc wrong. vVomcn arc proue to put off the duties of Nature to attend to the duties of the home and when they do get time to go, the feclin{i^ has passed. Constipation.results and then the awful-rjacking headache. Takd of BUSH «. LEPFLER, iWatchnnaliilerii and Opticians. Watches, Clocks. Jewelry, Mtuical andj Kodak Siipplies. Spectacles 26o to 91 .00. Waich repairing a apeciaky. We^t .Side, lola. Kaasaa. ; PhysiebiiM and •vrfeom. A.y.LopaKi| Phyaletan and liirflaem (^rbnlo dlaeaaea aacoeiBfiilly traat* •d. Ollce orer "Oar Wajf raataonuil Phone W1. Res. 901 Easli St. 147 O. w. Reid. Jaa. T. Rata. RCIO * REtO, Physlelina and turfleona, Ijre. Bsr, iioBB and Tkroat »pwiiil .attanjtUni firin to *uJ^^. -M I J - all- chronic dises^es. Offlce, Room 11^ Northrop Balking. Fkoaa Ul, OR. B. E. JONEt, Head Physiolaii M, W, W, Female diseases and Obstetrlca m :8peclaltr. Oiice prer Barelay-SUalda 710. Co.. Phona 190. RailaeBaa Uft iivs. yaahlhgton. shone 3M. r ML A..N. MlNeAR* , Chronte an<t' Marrooa lOMmam fpeclalty. O^ca orer'Oor Way raiK taurant. Officfe phone 147. Residence phone 454. ' ' a s nfu Under Canvas. The Mobile Minstrels played here last night to a crowded audience in their, own big tent. The singing, danc(n^ and specialty acts were all followefl with ond continuous round of applausje. Tonight the show will be given It Gas City amd. If the. people there wish a "good thing" they'will attend with all their children. ^oo Dr. Caldwell's Syrtip Piepsin every nigli t before going to bee Keep it up for a few week A F. Klopr. of Troy Olilo. mllier mt H» ner'B DlatUiet}. writes under date of Jane ] 1901; "TJy wife and selt soS^red off and on f three or four years wlUi OonstiiiaUon and Slo Headache, wai we received; almost inst». relief by takini Pr. CaldweU'8 Srrup Perat The use of sere ral tmtUes rei^tored our-diva tin onntns to i onnal ooodltian. and alkhona w* are free froi n any nstrfc trouble; we db n; eooalderbeliicirUtaoutabottia fbr*BinaU.. If n'Swl^lkNiSlMraa KPSIiSnivP CO., MMtls^ U j *• A Famous Train, "The katy Flyer" for St. Louis. Direct connections at Parsons. Bej^t service. Q jilt^^t tioie. I Waqt We Wsqt te FIxure That ForYpju. ^tufsfctloa .Qaaraiisced. F. M. ANDERtON, u Praei^tlcal Architect Plaas, BpacUcaiiona aj|d MttiMMOii on all dassea.iDf bolldlns. BfMdal al- tentkm stTen^modamimproTaMBta. and anperhiteadlns.. Oflea nMnp;17| aecond floor M^rtlirap BaUdlag. bR.McMILLE^ Otilim PhoA* ML , tfreclal atteiitloii liven .ta t(M Iraafr meat of al! CHIRONIC Dll^EAIiEt and DIaaasea of CHlidron. • Offlce In UtM. Turoer's .Bldf. West Ifadlaoo. Real^ca lit •. Walaal Revldence phone tit. C C OLYNN, D. Kaaa aatf Tfwoaili - OOM b Kir Xarll Km liw. THE LUCCOOK Storas* M 4 Tr«««f*r Une. Uolon Une. Dates 'Contract Work, Genera Transfer work. Bpose. Safe and Piano Marth* Traohs »nd BacgsiKe Haaied. Household Goods Packed. Stored »i)d t;bipped. Offlce and 8vire Boom IM West M&di>>on Avenue. Pbone asd- Catarrli, Kta|iimatl«m and.Cancer, Latest roetho4s and mild medicines, Electricity, X-Ray, Hot Air, OEone. W. m K^LLEY. » liUr avlinpc^. wltfeT teajrr and prtpcamy^^Oee ia Moaef Qro- •mjr. Onefn tefletraday .!tf >Mee- TREmdtttLUNStMtQQM AalythlBF in tbc Eatios Un« Steaki, Obops, Outlets^ 8Biidwttob*5|. CUm Etc CiKaT«.Tob»ooo.SYolt. Cakes, : JE MS. On Voiar "(faca «on. = Go through ;St. Lonia-and see the Wqtld 'a fairbiOldinga. Ti^e the «^ty Flyer." OnV nl|^t U>e nwO.

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