Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1912
Page 2
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-J |A soft Tell dims the trader akles. i/Uid'half conceals from peiislTe ey«x, ^ The bronsing tokens of the fall;. A calm&eu broods upon the hills. ' iAnd summer's parting dream dlHUlB ' A charm of silence over all. 'Th# ahMkanor ebtn. In brown arraj^. Stand 'Waiting through th% placid day, IJke' tattered vigwams ; on the plfUns: The tribes that find a shelter there Att/fiSuAom^ p«oples, forms of air, ' ' And ghosts of vanished Joy and pain At evemng. when the crimson crest, Of~BttBMt passes clown th» west, I hear:the whispering host return, 'tog. On' far-off fields by elm and oak I see the lights, 1 smell the smoke— The c&mpfires of the past are burn- - • —Tertlus and Henr>- Vnn Djke. TgE10Ml)AltYvltEGISgl }fi, SATimbAY .^VEN^ 511912 THilEinS HIUI W IIMMI! H See ^iifcTOflkdaw-^dia^ play k high jri;^e^Rulh ber Go(i^a»'mannfactur« ed expressly for Rex^U Drug Stores.^ < TbeBiuUStMt W£J1T1 HtDBi- QW- SQUARE..] WEST WAS JfORC PLG.XTIFDL. :pr. and Mrs. J. S. Sutcllffe went to Kansas City yesterday to be with Miss Gertrude Sutcllffe who was oper. 3ted on for aupendlcitlB. Mrs. Sutcliffe remained in Kansaa City, but the doc-- tor has returned and reports that • Miss Gertrude is geftlng along jery nicely. There will be a called meeting of the Art club next Wednesday at the b'oiDe of. Mrs. J. O. Major. At thia tliAe the question of whether the or- gfthUatidn will be continued through the winter will be decided. . : * • + The'taembera of the sixth grade of Ltnooln school are spending the day at Deer Creek, gathering nuts and enjoying a general good time in the woods. >- * + + .group of high school girls met •^laat 'night at the home of Miss Lucine ^pnncer and made plans for a flve^biindred club. Those who will be. lone-are: Miss Helen Campbell, Miss . . MlllAD Koftbrup, Miss Ruth Thomp­ son.-Miui Adeline Lyons, Miss Louise R^jtlinun, Miss Glennls Bartels. Miss AbQa,Smith, Miss " Helen Anderson and ^ifs Iii6ene SpencerVrhe or- gaalMtlon .will "be comptefed next weel^^t aTineeting which will be held at the'home of Miss Helen Andcreon. + * + • Mjn. ,J. M. Robinson left yesterday morning for Unlontown, Kaa., for a brief .visit with her son, Mr. Elmer Robinson. In. the election of officers for the BeU B «U society of the high school the boys and girls won equal honors. PraocU McCall was made president; ABB «.^yer. vice-president. Martha Marker! secretary; Harris Hllscher, treaauVer. / / *+* Mia«[GJ )B Stover, who has been vis- Ittnit her brother, Capt. T. S. Stover, • -started today for California where she' will spend the winter. - * * —Get.your candy at Mundis Drug Store. At- a ^neeting of the Loyal Women's Bible class of the Christian church at the home of Mrs. X :W. Coffey, yesterday afternoon, the following ladie.s wert elected to :office for the ensuing year: ilri Avery, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. McN'eely and Mrs. Coffty. After the business session the company en- ojyed music by Mrs. Snyder. Miss . GferttgHe'McVeely. Miss Louise Jones, and 'Mlar Gertrude Watterson. The rooms' were made suggestive of the season with autufiin leaves and foli- aee plants.'and tea was served to about thirty members and guests. • •••^ Thertf IS k great'deal said nowadays about' the high cost of living and hou8ekee;>ers are .quite as interested in tbat question as anybody else be- cait^ It I9 they who have to make the "lltUe go a long way." A recent Issue of tlfe^^WlchlU Beacon tells of a poorl/ «*••**•*•• 'Wl I -*kn* mnc* OA,«*VA#I . *A ' n1 I man's dinner that was served to' a party of nie^spaper men In London. Thk, .memt' Included soup made from fi&rt'a of fish .thht are usually wasted, flab, toast Anatfallan' mutton, flank of Auitmlfan i>eef, steak and kidney pie Oakson, .Mr.'nnd Mfa."J. O. Roar, Mr. and Mrs. -B. -C. -Potter aqd-chlklraa, Mr. and Mrs.^ C. S Ritter, Mrs. Snodgrass Mrs. Robert Wilkens, Mrs.-'Nettie Baker, 'Mrs. Hattie Smith, Misses Jeanette Poll-jys, Ruth Potter, Leatior Wilson. Gertrude Smith, Josephine Forrest, Ntfva and Cassandra Ritter and l^iwrence Smith. - Mr. and Mrs. Ritter admit that they were genuinely surprised. * + + Robert N. McMlllen, of MtAllteter, Okla., is here visiting his parents. Dr. and .Mrs. R. N. McMlllen. + •+ • Miss Neva Ritter cditae down from K. laft night to visit at home over Sunday. * * * —Mrs. Gertrude - Chapin. Spirella Corsetiere. GI9 S. Sycamore St. Phone 813. * + 4 Thf Woman's Relief Corps had its regular meeting and ritual service yesterday afternoon in G. A. R. hall. <• • + Mrs. Carter, who-bas been visiting her mother Mrs. Alice Newman' returned to her home in Granite City, III., today. * + * An unplanned, but none the less most happy reunion is in progress at the home of Mrs./J. W. Christian in Carlyle township today, the members of the family all 'being together again for the tlrst time In sixteen yeaTS.- Mrs. J. C. Calhoun, of Ke^osaqua, la., Mrs. Fred Thomas and two children, of I'rioe, Utah, Mrs. Kleanor Christian and daughter of Bmporla, a daugh- itr-in-iaw, and Mni. W. S. Dickinson, of Carlyle, are all spending the week at the home of their mother. Dr. R. O. Christian, the only living masculine member of the family, will spend Sunday with the family. The Associated Press today carried this interesting Item: Miss Ida Olson. President of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Swedish-American Society of ralifornia has made a' golden cushion bearing the embroidered autograph of distinguished Swedish and Amerir can officials. It already bears the' autograph of King Qustav, besMea ttMse of the Swedish and American officials of Europe, and Miss Olson is now on her way to this country to obtain those of President Taft and the Swedish consuls here. When the cushion Is finished It will be raffled In San Francisco find the proceeds' 'will go toward the erection of a Swedish baildlng at the Panama Pacific International Exposition to be h€ld In that city. , * • * • There will be a meeting of the Allen County Equal Suffrage Association in the farmers' rooin at the court house next Monday afternoon at 3:30. A large attendance's desired asi there is a gr^at deal of business to be attended io. tLlfFlit^tar4ay Cattle Ri^elpts With ' Maritet iifnidy—Uaffs Mora SiitU. < ' erou. . .4Nrfet ie Off. (By the AtMciatcd PTM) Chlcagc, C^t.> &r-:^Iarged racelpta of-grain In the Northwest gave the bears an Inning In %be wheat pit. The opening waa a sKade lotfter to Mc up. December started at n%e to 9Sc and sank to-91%«)»l^c. •.WHEAT—Close. Dec. 9l%i:: .May CORN—Oct. Bh%c: Dec. h3%c: May .'••S^c. ', OATS—Dec. 31l<,e.'ll%c; .May 34«i.e. KaB.<ui!t niy Grain. .Kansas CIW. Oct. fi.—Cash Wheat— [MarkM unchanged to ^c lower. No. 2 hard. 87©91c; Nb. 3;'«6^89c{ .N'o. I' red. |1.0te >ll -lH: .\'o.'3,-94«>»1.02. CORK—Market nnchiaiged. No. 2! mixed «8c; No. 3. 66(g6V,4c; .No. 2 white. 71c: No. 3, 70c. . OATS—Market 'unchanged. No. 2 white,-34i;fec; No. 2 mixed 331i33^c. Close Wheat—Dec. 86t4c; .May spUt • • Clo.fe Corn—Oct. 48%c; Det-. 4!i.-: May 49%@49^c. Receipts vfheat 188 cars. .... - i\ / A big'shipmeDtt^ Acme dushion Sole Shoes, the best Comfort Shoe, on the market. liATV TK.UNK CKA.XJK - Knnaas City Live^itock.' Kan^ CIty,^0cB .5.— CATTLE-Receipts 1,000. Market steady. Native steers |S .75e >|10.90: cOWs and heifers l3.2O0f8.OO: stockiers and feeders $4.50#n.25: bulls <4;00©|5.S0: calves l.xOO^.aO. • H€)GS—Receipts 2000. Market I .x Steady to 5c lower. Heavy $8.60®|8 .8r>. Packers and butchers $8..'iO (ir»8.8 .'i; light $C.(>0fi'$7.25. . The .\eH Time Card ii«»e.'« Into KiTert Toniorrow. On Sunday Oc.ot.iT Otii. the M. K. & T new time card A-IK make the following changes: Train 24 for Kansas City l:0:. i> m. Train 7r. for .Muran .-ind south leav- Intr tola 2:;'.0 wiM noi ;un on Sunday lieieafter Train "< from .Mor.iti due at Iiila 4:4.*> will nut run on Sunday. Chinigo Livestock. Chicago. Oct. .1.—CATTLE—Receipts .'lOO. Market dull and steady. Beeves $.S ..*iO0 $11.Ui); stoekerx and feeders) U.^nGM.'i'i: cows and heifers |2.8:>l^ »8.00. HOGS—Receipts 90Ui>. Market slow steady .to Rc lower. Light |8.6Big>$9:2.'.. Mixed $S.65@>99.-1<l: b<avy $8 4.'i(^|9.2r.. Pigs $.''..50^18.40. KanAati fity Produce. * Kansas City. Oct. — BlITTEIl— Creamery 2'>.'; firsts 2Tc; KecondK 2 ."ic; packing sioel 22'n22VSc. EGGS—E.Mrus 2 .''<c: firsts 22<^fi:i3c; seconds Ifc. HAY—.Market steady; nncjiangeil Choice timothy >13.00fl'|13 .f .U; cholo«- prairie tl2 .00ji )|l2.ri0. BROO.M CORN—ffiO to $10U tun. Lend and .Spelter. St. Ixiuis, .Mo., Oct, J>—Lead—Market quiet at $4.97H. Spelter—Firm: 17.4.';. 4c: tnr- Locnl Xaiiiets. (Produce quotations furnished daily by Coghlll Commission Company). BUTTER—20c per pound. EGOS—20c per dozen. POULTRY—Hens, lie: cocks springs 10c; ducks 9c; geese .".<•; keys 9c; guineas- 20c each. HORSE HIDES—$2.00 to $2.7.".. BEEP HIDES—10c. (Grain quotations furnished daily by Smith D. Ray.). CORN—7.5c to 80c per bushel. KAFFIR CORN—85c per bushel. WHEAT—80c to SHc per bushel. OAT.-'—40c |ier bushel. HAT— 1 <5 to $7 per ton. * LIVESTOCK HETIEW. « Card of Thanks. \^''e wiRh to express to our good friends and neighbors our deep appreciation of (he kindness shown during the last Illness of Mrs. C. L. Sutherland and for the flowers sent and the sympathy shown at the time-of the funeral. C. L. Sutherland. Ed Sutherland. O. P. Sutherland. .Miss Editli I.eavett, of Geneva, returned lo her home this afternoon accompanied by Miss Susie Clodfelter. who will si>end Sunday in Geneva. O. P. Owens, of Colony, who has been here on business returned home this afternoon. + * * Mrs.. W., ^ Kauffman and niece. Miss Floy HoUser, who have been en- Joying their sumiifner in the north and visiting relatives in various parts Of the country, arrived home this afternoon. A message from - Chicago yesterday stated that they missed connections there ^nd had beeh"captured hy the Taylors," which means that tliey had a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C K. Taylor. * * •> Miss Eleanor Vincent, a member of last year's graduating class of thf loJa high school, has been engaged as Kansas City Stock Yards, Oct. 4.— CattI received here this week 84,100. last week 75,700, same week last year 82,200. ^ The total this week includes 11,000 calves, and the largest of t,he season. Prices on middle olass kill- Ine steers declined first of the week, which had a tendency to reduce shipments after Tuesday. Dealers say there will be two more weeks of hea- '-r shlnments In which case there may be more price rednetioDs on the middle grades, though prime cattle are safe, and butcher kinds find a ready outlet. Stock cattle held up firm this week, but feeders followed" In" the de- Ed Bussing of Chanute. arrived here Ibis afUTJiuon for .a visit wlib friends BREATHE HYOMEI AND feND CATARRH If you really want to get rid of vile Catarrh why not give Booths IIYOMEI reatnient a fair trial. C. B. Spencer & Co.. Is authorized :o refund your money if you think you lave not been benefited, and on that '>asls every Catarrli victim in lola night to start to banish Catarrh thlK very day. IIYO.MEI Is a soothing, healing antiseptic air made from Australian Eucalyptus and other antiseptics; it kills Catarrh germ.s and contains no polson- <us drugs. Simple Instructions for ise in each package. Complete outfit. 51 .00; extra bottle. ."iOc. Fint»]|«ii«l^Ch(ireli. Sunday ;ti<rtiiablf-9 :«-».. ni; Sunday School' 9:4a a. m. Jamea Rowden. Superintendent. • '•' ' Baracaa will prepare from .'lO to 200 words In story form as follows: Howard 'R chle. "Malignant Unbelief." ! .Mark 3:20-3&( Dendel I^enbart. ."Seeds luid Soil." Mark 4:1-20: Marro Brown- Oeld. "Growth of the Kingdom." .Mark 4':2b'-::2: Clyde Biirnslde. "Wlieat and 1|are.s." Matt. i:'.:24-30: Cecil Amer- inan. "Cause and Death of John the Baptist." .Mark ti:I-29; Verne Dorsett. •Worth of the Kingdom." Matt. 13: 44 -.'iS: LeO' Renner. ".Mission of the Twelve." .Matt. 9:3.-|-10: .\lvin Sliad- wiok. "Judgment and .Mercy." Matf. '1:2U-.10; Kirk Badgley. "Feeiling the Five Thousand." .Mark 6:30-4o. Our Motto: "Do all the good you can. hy all the means you can. in all the ways you can. to all the persons: .vou can. in all the places you can. as long as ever you can. Special invUatioti to .voung men not in Sunday Scliool. , Sermon at 11 a. ui. Theme. "What Think eV of Christ." Holy communion after sermon. I^t every member be present unless hindered by sickness. B. Y. P. IT. 15:20 p. ni. Sermon at 7:.W p. m. Theme: "The Heavenly Caller." Prayer service Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Subject: "A Test on the Bible Rul» of .Addition and Snhstraction." given In story form. Discussed talents. Mat*. 2.".: 14-30. Mr.s. J. O. .Major, addition: .Mrs. F. O. Benson, subtraction. Ten Virgins. .Matt. 2':: 1-14. Mrs. Brown- rield. addition; Mrs. Havenhill. subtraction. Unjust Steward. Mr. Ellis, addition; Dr. Shadwick, subtracti<m. .Matt. 18:23-3 'i. Ananias and Sappbi- ron. Acts .5:1-17. .Mrs. A. D. Williamson- addition; Miss Brown, subtraction. Good and Bad Trees, Miss Eathel Mather, addition; Miss Clara Wll llamson. subtraction. -Galatian.*: .'>: 19-2«. i.allarpe Sunday SCIKMII 2 p. m. Ladles' Aid Wednesday 2 |i. ui. PravHr service Thursday 7:3it p. ni I'nldlc invited to all services. (!. W. SHEPARD. Pastor. e' 1 have a customer who has GOOD FLORIDA LAND to exchange for good improved I<Ha property. I wili show you his land. Do you want to trade? Address H. G. GATES lOLA, KANSAS at once. I will leave lola for Florida October 15th. • * <^ -li « o f.. -V i « »:(-S>-«r«f r*. Start Next Week Right! Buy one of those VacadmWasliers and let it do your washing while you do something else. Best $2.50 investment you ever heard of. Just ins the place formerly held by Miss Munsony^It is unbecoming- to say an^l lugged hare all of which were, nlce'1l>ingB about the members of the cHoiip. but'good when properly cooked, j Register fofce. hut the. manager of The •toewapat>er men enjoyed espedal- j tne Register, who is >reapoD «lble for ly the letaon pudding which was this lietn, has been told many nice served for dessert. • \ thli >gs which might l>e said. However, « « A : the painr is that Miss Vincent will be Tlic- members of the lola Temple | very grateful to Register readers for . , »v n - I uui reeuers roiiowed'in the de^ society reoorter for.the R7'8'«r, tak- ^^^^ , init the olace formerlv held bv MUsli,,^^^^* Admitting the losses since the middle of August beet steers still remain about 11.50 higher than a year ago, and feeders are $1.26 higher than then. Indiana and Hllnola distilleries began buying feeders here this week for their winter slop feeding taking io loads weighing llOOO' to 1,100 Pvthlan .Sisters surprised Mr. and any a^sirtanc*'In makins Iter (ypart- year theae buyers got their cattle here - - - " In Augnn at $4 .60. These distillery cattle-sold in Chicago this spring at 18 .50 and I9.M; making the feedem a barrel of money. Colorado beef steers have aold- at to $8.50 this week, and quarantine ateera are selling at $'4.26 to $6.80 tbelaiter being highly mixed In 'quality.- Range grass cowr and heifers of decent quel Ity have sold thla'we^k' at $4.50 to $6.15. bulls, a quarter higher. Hoga received here this week 31,300, last week 29,900, same week last year 42,700. The market has exhibited ^reat strength the last tew days, based largely on a big spurt In provisions. Seoteinber sales of stocks of meat in packing bouses were unusually heavy, arousing some anxiety on the part of packers as tg future supplies. J. A. RICKART. L S. C. Mrs. C. S. Ritter nt their home last nlg ^t. ' The visitors took ice cream aiM 'K ^ilke with them which was served aftirthe evening of games and musii^. Those who were nresent were: Dr. aiiiQ:Mrs. Pollers, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. FViPM «t.-aitd children. Mr. And Mrs. men; a >lBompIete dully chronicle of club, sooiety and other social news, and for help In hcR effort lo make the "Woman's Page", the bright, particular feature of the paper. * * • Tlie first meeting, of. the Violet, club i .\ If you want to-give ^tbe bride sowetbing <iaie'lL \Blue uke pride in possessing and find continually ustxTuI—wouldn't a CUT GLASS .'PITCHER, NAPPY or some other dish be very welcome to her? There is no doubt about It. Come in and line of see our complete Libby Cut Glass Costs no more than ordinary Cut Glass. mm. Faa( 8ute^*<«44L K. 4k & I First Pnbllslied in The lola Daily Register. Sept. 2S. 1912) NOTICE. Before A. Knacker, a Justice of the l»eace. In and for The City of Huni- •joidt. Alien County. Kansas. O. H. Uewart, Piaintirr, vs. J. W. Goodwin, Defendant. To J. W. 'Goodwin, the above named defendant: You are hereby notified that you 'lave been sued before the above named Justice of the Peace, in the ibove entitled case, by the alwve named plaintiff upon a balance on a promissory note; and that said case is iet for trial on the 1.5th day of October. 1912. at 9 o'clock a. m.; and that •jnless you appear and answer said suit it said time or within one (1) hour thereafter. Judgment will be rendered in favor of said plaintiff and igainst you in the sum of $280.00 with interest at the rale of seven per cent, from December 18, 1910, and you are further notified that the following belonging to you, to-wit: An undlvide<l half Interest in and to: One hay baler, one buck rake, one sulky rake, one mowing machine, and your undivided interest In the earnings of said Imple- ipents during the year 1912; have been garnisheed in the hands of J. Shaver, a resident of Allen county Kansas, tnd that said personal property or so iiuch thereof as mav Iw necessary to satisfy the claim of .tald plaintiff and the costs of the suit, will be sold and that you, your heirs and representa- •Ives will be forever barred from any and all right, title and Interesi therein. A. KNACKKR, Justice of the Peace. O. H. STEWART, Plaintiff. (9)-28-(10)-5-12 PrcNhytorlan Cburrb. FIRST CHURCH—Rev. S. S. Hll­ scher, the pastor will preach morning and evening. The morning service will be a communion service with reception of members. SjtecinI music at both services. In the evening, aside from the anthem, .Miss McKnIght will sing. "There is a I.and Mine Kye Hath Si>en." The public is cordially invited to both of these services. Sabbath School at 9.45 a. m. rhristian Bnd.estyor at fi :30 p. m LITTLE BI'ILDERS' CHAPEL- .Mr«. R. .\. Jones. Superintendent. Sabbath School at 2 p m. Young People's Meeting 6:30 p. m. B A S S E T T CHAPEL — Sabb.-(th School to a. m. United Brthren Church. Sunday School 9: 45 a. m. .\lomlng Sermon 11 a. m.. Subject. "Religious Denominations In the Vnit- ed States." Junior and Senior Christian EndKiv- or, 6:30 p. m. Evening Sermon. 7 :30 p. m.. Subject. "History of Christian Missions." Thesf are the last of a series of sermons on church history in its application to present day conditions. TCveryliody invited. I. B. PRATHER, Pastor ners come home! God bless vou. E.\SIG.N and MRS. HARVKY. Officers in Charge. ed. Y. P. S. C. B. at 6:30 p. m. Preaching 7: :!i) p. m. A cordial welcome is extended to all to attend the services. REV. A. CASSEL.MA.\'. Sup. Pastor Try Elys Cream Baini Cleansing, Healing » Antiseptic Cream Are you half sick for two ur thm ooontlis every summer with Hay Fever- violent sneezing spells, running at the nose, intense itching In the ebmera ot the eyes, pain and soreness in the back it the throat, at nights BT 8tafr «d-titi r^line in the head and an'asthm^tle wheeztng in the throat and cheat? I{ to, you can get almoat instaiit'Telief V«, limply using a cleana&ig. faealhor-amf- leptie Cream called Ely^a Cream^An.'. Hay Fever ia doe to an tatreinttiy lensitive condition of the membtania ining the nose and throat: ''' Dtiat,' tmoke and certain odora irrftaftr tUa I lelicata inside skin, itbecomeamflamedi, Ref«rm«Hi Cburrli. I »using watery- discharge flNNn tlM Sunday .School 9:45 a. m. | wse and violent soasms of aneeafng. »^ Preaching ar 11 a. m. at which time' Ely's Cream Bafao will relieve all the Holy Communion will be cekl>rat- lAese distressing symptoma in- five p ,i jninates' time.* It opens up the air t passages, aoothes, heala and atrengthena ':lie weaikened, inilaraed memuanes, •estoree them to healthy, nonnalobni&' -ion, BO that you are not subject to tb^ Feverattadcs. ' - - *. " Get a fifty cent bottle from your dr^ ^st to-day. Give it a'fair trial, and get four money back If you are not satisfied. Ebr Sale, at Burrell's Brug Stora..., -waa held yesterday afternoen at the ^residence of Mrs. W. E; Eastwood. About twenty-five members were pres ent and the gueeta of ^>e afternoon were Mrs. W. Donnell. Mrs. Ivan Curtis. Mrs. J. Hildebrandt and Mrs. Julia Williamson^ This Is a^soclal club an dthe meetings are held every two weeks. - WA.NTBD TO BUY-GOOD GE.NTLB iiorse. Must be safe for lady to drive. Mrs. SIfers. lOOl East St. - Miss Sylvia Aadersoln, who - has been here visiting Mrs. O. J. Sboemak er. returned to her home in Altamont, this afternoon. "CHARGE IT' t« the'ninnliig mate of "Keeping JBp With I.isjle," by Irving ^acbelier. It h his Mest jijook ILOO .the Ked Lane ;| by Holmau Day 9lJti 'The Wind Before the Dawn i'j by Dell H. Munger tlJSi fatty of the Uospitiil .Stuff ) ( by Emma C. Doud 11.00 'ihe Recording .ingle :! by Cora Harris - net |1.2.» IStory of The boctoi*!* Telephone !; by Ellen Flrebaugb.-iiet (l.£5 ;' Other new ones soon. fcvaris Bros, BOOKSTORE. . Next week Is to be Riley week ita all book stores In U. S. Christian Church. Bible School 9:30 a .m. This will be promotion day and a suitable' program will be rendered and the certificates presented to those who pasis from one grade to another. - Morning sermon at 11. Subject "The Jew of the Home Land During the Period of Inter-Biblical History.' Sacred song sc.rvice in the evening No sermon. See program elsewhere in paper: r.arge cliorus and good music A cordial invitation to all. Young People's .Meeting 6:30 p. m Evening service begins at 7:3it in stead of 8:00. First .1. M. E. Church. ;. Preaching at 11 a m. by Pastor. Subject. "Obedience the Best Sacrifice. General class meeting at I2::M P m. Sunday SchoQl at 3 p m Evening services at H p. m.. Preaching by pastor. Subject '-Fighting With Faith." Let every one come out and worship God with us. All are welcome. C. A. WOODS. Pastor. First Chnrch of Chrlot Scientist. Sunday School at 9:43 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. and p. m. Subject, "Unreality." Testimonial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Services are held In the church, corner of East and Sycalnore streets. The reading room udjuiuing church Is open from 2 to 4 p. ni. each week day. .V cordial Invitation Is extended to the public to attend the services and visit the r-ading room. of St. TimothyN Episcopal Chnrch. Services Sundny October 6. 1912 Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Morning sermon and celebration Holy Communion 11 a. m REV. A. WATKINS. Priest in Charge. First Xelbodist Episcopal Charcb. Sunday School 9:4J» a. m. Morning worship II a; m. Tlienie: "The Church an a Reformer;" This Is t^^e third sermon of series on ".Christian Citizenship.'* Class meeting 12:l.''i. Epworth League devotional meeting 6:30 p. m. Evening worship 7:30. A deaconess from the Training School will speak at this'hour and represent the needs of wometi in the work of mercy and help. All are invited. B. M. POWELI.,. The Salvation .Vrmy. (218 West Madison). Come and welcome to our. bright spiritual meetings.. Saturday 8 p. m. Free and Easy. Sunday 10 a. m. Jail meeting. Sunday 2 p. m.. Young Folks. Sunday 3 p. m. Praise and Christian meeting on court house lawn if weath er permits and In our hall otherwise. ' • Sunday 8 p. m.. Solvation for "Whosoever Will." Backsliders and aln- Second Baptist fhurch. Sunday School 10 a. m. Covenant and Praise .Meeting 10:40 a. m. Ordlnaiice of the Lord's Supper at 11 a. m. B. V. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Pijeaching at 8 p. ra. Subject. "The Triumpfi Over Death." We extend to ail a cordial welcome. • J. W. GORDO.V. Pastor. Y.\TES CENTER HERE .SIXD.W Ball Team Comes to Contest WMh the White So.x. .SoTed by Hi« Wife. —She's a wise woman who knows Just what to do when ber husband's life is in danger, but Mrs. R. J. Fliht^ Brainiree, VL, is of lliat kind. "She insisted on my using Dr. King's New Discovery," writes Mr. F. "for a dread ful cough, when I was so week my frieiids all thought 1 had only a short time to live, and it completely cured me." A quick cure for coughs'^'aiid colds, it's the most safe and reliable medicine for many throat and juitg troubles—grip . bronchitis. u:r6np.' whooping cough, quinsy, tonsllltls. heniprrhages. A trial w^ilf convince you. .SO cts. and $1.00. Guaranteed by all druggists. . " . Manager Roberts of the lola White Sox slated this morning that flnal arrangements had been made with the Yates Center team for a game, to be, played W the Electric Park tomorrow afternoon: Yates Center will bave the same line-up which they used in the Four-OIty League, while lola will have Eulwlder (n the box and Tamer Gray behind the bat. With these men for lola. and the usual Yates Center team, a a game (s anticipated. THE m 'TY OF THE EDITOR He .Musi Scan His .News for Vaaue I / .Vssertlons. ^Tlie Fort Scott Republican insists that there is real work connected with the editing of a newspaper. In addition to the hundred and one other duties the editor must perform. It Is up to him to run an eagle eye over Items •~>and untangle# sundry ambiguous .statements like the following: "Mr. Wliite. while harnessing a bron eho last Saturday was kicked Just south of the fomec" Catarrh Cannot Be Cured with LOCAL APPUCx-nON-S. M tS»T oniiat nSub tbe aeu of tte ilMoar. c^tank u a Mood arrmS. tataUT. and ana dlncUy upua blood uS oncbul •art««L HaU-« titans C-!ite I. nSTfqSirF^- clne. It wu prRaerllMd by one oc the Ixat-nfenj to thlaca^t ^loryoanandlsarwalarpn^ It ti eonpoint of liie bcst .taalcm kxnra with the ben blood po^StTS ^iCdbMlT M two toimUau I* What p^ueo mMhT^MlT ran* m cuittc .oj^b. Send for tMUmontaSTSi'.'^ Tak* by DmoM*. price T5e. ' IIaa-| Famay t-Sl«.|gt TyiUnathm. mischievous lad threw a stone and struck a companion In the alley: last Tuesday." , . ".Mrs. Jones of Breezy Hill .let a can opener slip, last^ week, and cut lierseir in the pantry." "Isaiah Trimiuer of Lebanon was playing with a cat Friday night when it scratched him on the Veranda." "John Smith of the Buckeye nel^- borhoo<i. climbed on the roof of bis lioiise last week, looking for a leak and fell, striking himself on the back^ porch. * ' J. L. Patterson of WI<;;)ta_ waa a business visitor here this nio ^iUns., Wheiithe^bloodbecwnes infected-with atiy-iinlieilthy] feet is shown by boiLti-pimples. andrasbesoreniptiofascmtbe'ddd. 'Wtmim get Into the blood nsnally because of an inactive oonditioir of the eWaiwai^ • tive members^ Thns ttnbealthy matter is left in the system to sottr. aad .ferment and.lie absorbed into the drcolation. Remove these hnaiQZ ^Jfil. no skin 'tiioab^e can exist, because its very scarce is then' removed. ' Bi^ii. . rfV^-. rashes, pimples, etc: can never be dhred vtlvpSjpg^ the application of external medicines, hecaaae,^snla)L ^ trea^ent can have BO possible effect oa : the tdocid; tide most to be obtained from sodi measnre* Ja'taa** poraiy xelief. S. S. S. CURES all skin affectkau .because it purifies the blood. It goes- down Intp die dreolatioa and deaoaes itiof evexyparti^SiC vnhealtlqr matter. Then the' blood- exerdASi^ ifa •- nonnal-fractionof snpplyingitiouriahinenltotbee#^ ' ^einsteadof liTitating itwith. 4 fiex3^]ui^jL^:]U *,-',) yoir bave any skin.trOnble you coold not.d &l oepitii. .ilood with S. S. & does not "patch np" S^M- PlKaies and any me^ica) advice ^ee^ .. ; , ;r 4<> ^ THE SWIFT SFSmC CO. ATUKTA, GA^'

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