Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 14, 1907 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 8
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Death Notices. John E. Bosserman, Glendora, Sunday, Dec. 8. Funeral services were held Monday. Mrs. Hannah Berry, beloved mother of Mrs. J. S. Chapman, Ktin- dny, Dec. 8. Tbo remains wore shipped to Mount, Vio.tory, Ohio, on Monday. M. A. Lopez, nt Aznsn, on Friday, Dec. 1•?, ,'igod SO yenra. Arcber E. Clurkfc of Los AngfleH, brother in-law of J. I). Bixby, formerly of Independence, lit., died yesterday morning of piirewis. Clean Up. Acting under instructions from Hie Board of Hoahh, City Marshal Fairly ban mailed notice to a number of citi/eriH instructing them to clean up their buck premises. The Board of Health nnd Marshal Fairly tiro to I.e. commanded and our citizens should cooperate with thorn fully iti Hocuring bettor sanitary conditions Without a sewage (system only the utmost vigilance nnd caro will prevent diHoaso. Duddcrar's Christmas Candles. Tbe attention of tho roi.dors of the Argus isdiiectod to the beautiful dis- jdny of Christmas candies in our show windows. Wo solicit, your trade, bol loving that for quality our cnndie.s cannot bo excelled arid knowing that no confectioner in Los Angel OH can furnish you such goods :it tho prlc.cH wo nro asking. Notli. ing is rnoro appreciated than a box of our chocolates. In our window is a largo candy cano to bo given away on New Vcwra day to tbo por- son guessing nijiiroHt its weight. Duddorar Hros, Real Instate /Movements. Tho Ibi/'/.ard Realty (Company reports t.ho .Hule of tbo !j acre ranch owned by Chun. A. Linnloy to L. D. HisHon of Los Angeles. Coriflidcra- Uon 810,000. A hoiiwo and lot in LoH r Angol(!H vnlued at 87,500 wan taken IIH purl, pnymont. Tho Hitmo firm reports tbo snlo of 10 (lores of orarigos at Charter Oak owned by I). A. Peters of I'lismlona to Mr*. E, L. Godfrey and hor HOII, ,I(iB(!(ih VV. Hooker, of Hollywood. Consideration 811,000. R. A. Wcdch reports tbo wile of lot 20, Shorwood tract, to VV. E. Monday Afternoon Club. At tho mooting of tho Monday Afternoon Club on December 9th, Mrs. (jingo took charge of tho program in plaoo of Mbm Hawks. A HympOHium by club members wan given tin oouvonionooH for tho home, many wood ideas being exploited, in- c.Iuding (!xp«ri<!Wi(!H with tbo "flre- IOHB cooker. " A resolution of H.ympUiy in her recent bereavement was nonl, to MJHH E. L, Hawks of Han DimiiH. There will lie a meeting of the chili on Doc. ] (5th in plaoo of tho one, uoHtpoiiod from Oct. '21, on account of tho nhsotioo of Mrs. W. M, GHH- wold. Mi'H. Grlswold will give a talk on Iho Jamestown Exposition and Miss Uawk.s will give a book review. {Conference and Feast. A largo number of the members of tho Cbrbitinn Church gathered at tho church Thursday evening for a ronforonoo in regard to tbo coming oviingoliKlio campaign under the li!iideruhlp of tbo Brooks brothers of Ladoga, Ind. An able address was delivered by Kev. W. S. Myers, pns- tor of the Naomi Avouuo Clir!nlian Church of Los Angeles. Tbo speaker congratuhile.l tbo people of Coviiia upon semiring men of such high grade to load in the work. Ho thon outlined the tilings needful in thu way of preparation for their coming. Ho gave an account of tho grout, revival recently held in bis town church, rcHiiHing in 1HT> additions to t bo membership. After Iho addre.s.s about, 151) sat down to a delighfu'l repast prepared by tho ladies of Ihe congregation and served in Iho social room of the church, which had been tastefully Notice to Tax Payers of Covina. All taxes arc now due and payable.. All tnxi-H \\ i 11 liiifomo delinquent on tbe last Monday in December at ft oV!i;;'k p. in. and if not paid prior therein ii penalty ot \U per cent. will he added (hereto. Taxes may be. (aid at (be otlicn ol' the City Tax Collector in the Home Telephone building on and after Oct. fith, Ji»D7. J. C FAiKLV, Tax Collector. Pay With Check or Scrip City taxes may be paid in either cheeks or scrip. J. i 1 . Hutehiiison, Jr., City Ticas urur. 1. C. Fairly. Tax Collector. Auto Demonstration. ! ONTARIO'S MEETING Continued from l«t vifiitfrrl I'unnte, where the soritiment was found to he strong against a new county. The return trip of tho Han H'Tiiardino county party was made through Pomona, just to show the enemy that, something was do ing. The petitioriH that wesit into circulation Thursday provide for the exclusion of (ilen/lorii, Covina, Axusu precinct, Irwindale, Charter Oak. The Klrmtns a Success. • Covina society proved its loyalty to home talent on HHturday aud Monday evenings, when crowded audiences greeted the productions of the "Kirmnss," given for tbo benefit of Holy Trinity Church in the VVo- miiiiR Club House. The performance WBH a uubjiie and pleasing one and throughout the entire meeting there WHH no bitch to mar the smoothness of tbe produc- • tioif, which WHS full of vim and 'animation from beginning to end, i Every number illustrated some special feature of the tcrrsicborean art, •from the stately gavotte aud minuet j to the rollicking jig and coon v.'cn- for 'county division all over tid'n ! dances, arid the costumes were tcrritoiy, and I r-oneliKlon' (hey were; beautiful and appropriate. Great men, that is all. Do yon know m ,,jjt 1 H duo to Prof. Speedy, who bo ' Continued from 1st page Thft Personal of the Campaign. Now, I want, to speak a few minutes on three topics hearing on this campaign. The firM Is the personnel of the army that is fighting for county division; the next, the territory; I and lastly, our cause. When they brought their aut .mobiles Into Oi- vinn that beautiful mornlr\K. ( *aid ; to 'he iloritor "wiiere are the rest, of 'your people' Oh," he said, "we • are biiKlrn'sst men." Well, that gave me; iny rpi<:iif, and style of campaign ! that. SV.IK to !)'• .waited hy the "antif." iari'! th«- kind of men that were waging tiiat. campaign-- hiisInoRM rnr-n. Then I1 hf-gan fo find on' what Mnd of that the highest Brethren Church: Munday-sdhool 10 a.m. Morning servico 11 a. in.; Huhjoet. "Workers With God." Christian Workers 0:10. Herrnon at 7; suhject, "Full Assurance of Faith." Stranger-Hand friends cordially invited to attend. Herman 1'lvatigollcnl Lutheran Mission services will-he hold next Sunday, tit '2 p. m. at tho Wornans Cluh House. Kuv. A. Hanson of Paaa- denii will conduct this service. A cordial invitation is extended to all Herman Lutherans. Christian Church: Kev. W. G. Conloy, pastor. Sunday-school 9 :45. Preaching at 11 o'clock hy tho pastor; suhject, "A Now Birth." Junior Kridoavor .'1. Henior Endeavor (i:30. Preaching 7:110; suhject, "The Door WHH Shut."' A cordial welcome to all, Tito regular monthly meeting of the \V,F. M.H. of tho M. K. Church will lie held on Wednesday, Dec. IHIh, at 2::U) p.m. at »ho home of Mrs. K. I'. Warner. Topic. "Kvan- (.'olistio Missions." All the ladies of the church and congregation cordially invitfld. Preshytoriari services: Sunday- Hutiool !):4n a.m. Kev. (iage of tho IJaptiHt Church will preach at 11 a.m. V.P.S.C. K. (i :.TO. Gospel sorvioo conducted hy jiantor at 7:1(0; HiihjfM't, "How Man IJccomes His Own Haviour." All strangers are most cordially invitod to thoso aor- vicos. Paul G. Stevons, pastor. At tho Methodist services held in Reed's hall tho pastor of the church, ftov. it. W. White, M. A., will preach in tho morning at 11 o'clock on "Treasures," and at 7:30 p.m. on "Tho Fact of the KoHtirrection, " tho hint in tho series on tho groat facts of religion. 8iiiida.v-nohi.iol at SI:-!!). Junior Loaguo at M. In- tormodiato and .Senior Epworth Leagues at, (!::iO. You will ho welcome at; all of our HorvieoH. Wo aim to make this a homelike church. HorvieoH in tho Church of the Holy Trinity, third Sunday in Advent: Holy Communion 7 :UO a.m. Kun- day-achool 0:15 a, m. Morning prayer 11 a.m.; suh.joot, "Our Relation fo tho Kocond Coming of Christ.' 1 Offertory anthem, duet hy Mrs. Orunje.H and Mr. Marshall. 10\ensong 7 :!10 p.m. This will ho it musical sorvieo of which tho order, in part, will ho: Anthem hy tho olioir; solo, "Fear Yo Not, () Israel,," Mr. Johnson; duet, "Calm as tho Night," Miss Wetitworth and Mr. JoluiHon; solo, "(J Host in tho Lord," Miss Goniona Uruiijes; duet, "I Waited for tho Lord," Mrs. Hrun.jos ami Mr. Marshall; solo, Miss Wont worth. praise- that can e] w j t i. given any Individual is to Hay of him 1 that he IH a man. Yon do not. have to call him a business .man- -JUKI a man, that is unite enough. We for the county division cause, e/:me from the plow, from the orange box, from the store, from the blacksmith shop, from the marts of trade, from the firesides, if you please; Just men, that Is all. Just men, not business men, not ranchers, not plowmen, not artisans; Just a great aggregation of men, who stand for a principal. You know that the greatest compliment that can he paid any-Individual, aside from the fact of his helng a man, IH to be called a part, of a great company of men called the common people. Oh, f l<;ve to think of common people; [ love to think of them from the aland point of the rallsplit.ter, and Win. McKlnley, and many others of the great, men of our day and our generation that have gone before us—men from the ranks. You know the man from the ranks is theman. who always rloes the business. Not the kind of man who publishes Ills face In the paper at, six hundred dollars per Issue, with his whiskers parted in the middle. Not. that sort of a man. Not. the men who desire to stand In the limelight, so that, the public can kok upon thorn, and gaze upon them and wonder about, them. Not that kind of a man. THK COUNTY OF POMONA Ho much for the personnel. Now, If you could go with me tonight from Han Diego to St. Augustine, and from the lakes to the gulf, from the lime clad lilllH of Xcw Kngland, hack to where the brooks of California roll down their sands of gold from the mountain tops, fro mthc fertile plains of Ohio and tho wnlden harvest fields of Indiana and Iowa, to the sliorea of Michigan, from the beautiful forest and Jake.s of Wisconsin and Minnesota, to the waving wheat fields of the Da kolas; and from the hot winds of Oklahoma to where Taeoma spreads her placid waters over the face of Pit- get sound—yon could not find in all this territory, a territory bo matchless as the territory to be found In Pomona county. Think of It, what a great territory this Is. Surrounded by beautiful orange groves and roses with their perfume being wafted out upon the evening breeze in summer tide, with all the pleasures and luxerles that can come to the man who desires the beat things of this life. You stand and look away over this beautiful territory, to the top of San Antonio, and there a million diadems are sparkling In the moonlight—in the county of Po- |mon'a. WILLIS Wlien I am off by muself in the solitude trying to concoct, schemes whereby we may bury the "aiitis" there comes to my mind the name of one man who lives in Rertlands. I think of him often, and wonder what he has agalriHt the people anyway. And then all the Irish that Is In me Is stirred up and I say to my self, "wo will lick him, and we will come- out victorious. Why, we ought to lick him." The (Ireen-narsliall Co. Pure Mixed Faints. am! their high grado varnishes will give tmtisfucUon, ovon to tho most skeptical painter. Their mixed paints will stand this coast climate longor, owing to tho fact that, the Green-Marshall puro paints are composed of pure whito load, puro oxide of xino, ground in puro linseed nil. These paints and varnishes can ho ol/taincd hore at tho paint, and paper sloi-ti ot Mr. C. 11, Kinder. New Schedule For Hlectrlc. Warren Funk of Santa Barbara was 11 week end guest of Abnor Millor. Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Hank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Fancy Christmas boxes now on sale at tho Palace of Sweets one of tho largest assortments over ottered the public before at popular prices. Now ifl tho time to buy and got llrsl choico. goe* The following schedule .•Hi-el Sunday, November 17: .os Angeles Leave l, ,i. in. 2.4-. ) - lii.l; * * *• * * * * * * # * * * * Say! Mr. fflanobcr You are ivtmluctiii^ a bi^ business mure iu<>|i<;y invested th.tii many business ilo a ^ood deal of runv*[iimiletice, don't j on : !><> von always have suitanle paper liuiidv when you \\Uli '.o write.' Do you know that .we can furnish you with the very best ot writing paper ami envelope*, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, jilaoj of residence and date line, v'heapei than you >-an eevure tablets and envelopes, in small ouan- titie,.' Thi> will in.ike v-nir curri'spotideiKc businesslike ami more convenient. COVl.XA AKiU'S, PKINTKKS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * •* * l«sa than fifty performers and only two weeks' rehearsals, by dint of ({rent executive utility ami firm and tactful discipline, evolved micb a difficult and perfect performance. The first number was tbe "Flower Gavotte," bv the Misses Broadwell, Sherwoifd, Green, Delancey, Reetz, Cheney, Griffiths, Hazel aud Marvel Mann and Irnogene Arthur, a dainty dance well executed by the white- dressed and garlanded maidens. Quickly followed the "Old Woman in the Shoe," with her numerous progeny, Carrie and Polly Chilton Margery and Lewis Clarke, Gwennie Sherwood, Hazel Potter, Robert Broadweli, Imogene Arthur, Wesley Leighton, Adria Neil and Phyllis Bruujes, who sang and danced to the delight of all. Tbe part of the Old Woman was taken on short notice by Mrs. Clarke on account of the sickness of Miss Alice Atwood. Mrs. John Brunjes, looking very sweet in yellow organdie, sang "Carmena," aud was encored. The "Court Dance" of France, with dainty minuet steps, was well suited to the dames with Wattnau dresses, powdered hair and patches, who looked as if they had come straight down tbo ages from the court of Versailles in the days of Mine, de Pompadour. Those taking part were Mines. Ilazzard, Van Vliet, Pratber, Burpne, Clapp, Johnson. "Neath tbe Old Acorn Tree, Sweet Eatelle," was a solo by Miss Evelyn Fletcher, who sang ay sweetly as she looked. She was accompanied in both dancing and the refrain of her floug by a chorus of pretty girls with flower-decked wands forming an archway and other pretjty figures. Those in tbe chorus were the Misses Burpee, Bess and Marian Given, Crook, Aschenbrenuer, Waye and Leighton. The dance of the "Greek Ladies in Art and Sorrow," was a picturesque illustration of the classic poses of tho Amphion and was admirably rendered by tbe fo lowing ladies in robes of gold aud white with Psyche- banded bai' 1 : Mines. Crawford and Arthur'and the Misses Vic aud Byrd Reynolds, Kua B 1 ott and Horron. Tbe solos, "Sweetheart, Sigh No More," aud "Carissina," wore well chosen to suit Miss Fletcher's clear soprano voice and she shows evidence that hor vocal lessons are having good effect. The "Dance of the," by Mrs. Howland and the Misses Vincent, flail and Fletcher in dainty costumes and lorgnettes, was clever a"d funny. Tlie "Poland Driving Dance," by tho' Misses Adah Waye and Marian Given, in bright red military costumes with gauntlets and whips, created much enthusiasm. While "laying onto" imaginary horses vigorously, they never forgot to bo graceful. Tbo dunce of the six Irish colleens in becoming mid traditional green was ono of tho gems of the evening, and the difficult jig steps were splendidly done by tbo Misses Bess Given, Loigbton, Burpee, Aschon- brenner, Gertrude Elliott and Crook. Next followed the grand march, led by Prof. Speedy. It, ia wonderful how the small platform bold so many an in and out they turned in bewildering rnazo, quicker and quicker, ending in u grand twirl at tbo onil. . Germany was represented very laughably by the wooden shoe dance by Fr.iiiloins Anna Chilton, Leila li'Aiu, Brun.jcM and DougbiH. Messrs. Holland am! Marshall were realistic and laughable darkies, and their acting was us good as their singing, which is saying a good deal. The pt!i'fonn:iiiCt) wound up with the "Cowboy Keel," an excellent * I number well rendered by the Mjsses Hea Elliott, Byrd Keynobbi, Faiibb r and Josephine U idnoy, and Messrs. Clapp, Graham, Platt and Taylor. This WHS preceded by a pretty solo by Miss Wldney, "Colorado, " and ended with rovolver iih.ioting and tho un- tmiing ot the St;irs and Stripes. * * * * * * * •» * * * * * * Electric Motors tMOL'TM - cur'i jo Among the things Covina is fortunate in is a cheap electrical current. Cheap in price—not quality. The new nine cent rate makes it possible for the housewife to cut the labor bill in half, Covina £Uctric Company Office hours, 8-9 a. m. Telephones 121 and 3121 A. G. Qant CEMENT CONTRACTOR We do everything in first-class cement work and it will pay you to get our figures on your job, large or small. Home Phone 59 Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA. Building Contractor CAL. Stowell Fumigating Co. EXPERIENCED, PRACTICAL FUMIGATORS C .Work Guaranteed. Prices Reasonable. Phone 177, Charter Oak Phone 199, Covina unity of a Life Time $2.70 Worth of Hoii'l forget that the Palaoo of Sweots serves Eugie brand oysters any style. Also tamalea and hot liriuks. for $1.00 You can secure ten of the most delightful toilet preparations in the world for $1.00 if you take advantage of the Sanitol Chemical Laboratory Company's great introductory offer. Regular price of the assortment ia $2.70. Sanitol Tooth Powder . Sanitol Face Cream . . Sanitol Tooth Pa&te . . Sanitol Toilet Powder . Sanitol Liquid Antiseptic . Sanitol Bath Powder . . Sanitol Tooth Brush . . Sanitol Shaving Creme . Sanitol Violet-Elite Soap Sanitol Face Powder . . Total retail price . . No other toilet preparations have given such general satisfaction or are as widely used as these. They are refreshing, beautifying and permanently beneficial. For full particulars call at CLAPP'S DRUG STORE This offer expires December 31st. R. E. Knight Healer by Laying on of Hands or Anointing THRKK DAYS FREE, commencing- Monday, Dec. K., 1VU7 Office in Covina House, Badillo St. Hours: 9-12 and 1-5.

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