The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 5, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1892
Page 6
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 1892. i'Vom Now York. ' Our Mr. Scott, K Winno writes uu from New York as follows: NBW YoitK, March iio, lmiB. OKA* FATJIKK: I am happy to nn- wmuce that I have completed arrangements hero in Now York whereby we arc to lurtc permanent connections for the placing of loans on c-lty property on terms tally as favorable as tlione cabled trom London Homo days ago. With the connections wo now have both in New York and Ixindoii we are in position to make snob rates and terms as will secure UK the bnMine.HR without a doubt. Wo will ift'.so be in a position to handle Borne, short time loans on both personal and chattel sc- entity if we care to bother with that class of business. I expect to be homo" about the middle of April and will then arrange all minor detailH peparatory to making a push for busi ncss. Incidentally I have increased our facilities in the insurance line considerably. I am through with all busi news matters and leave to-morrow for centra) New York where I will visit with friends a few days and then slnrt for home", stopping over a few hours in .Cincinnati, Ohio, on the way. Mail will roach me there in care of Union Central Life Insurance company. Yours affectionately, Scorr K. WINNK We publish his letter thinking that it might Interest some of our patrons WINNK A. W'IN.NK, Hutchinson, Kan. Telephone No. 20. THE COLLEGE BOYS. A BIG FRUIT. SCHEME. A COMPANY ORGANIZED TO CARRY THE SCHEME INTO EFFECT, .Tin- ltock <}liulki!r»t (llvoii l-'Ino ISnlerliiln- mniitof Kunjc* liml MHNlr. A fino and typical looking erowil of college men is the State university Olcc and lttinjo club, which gave the llnst concert of its state tour at the Grand last night. Tho friends of the university in Topeka are numerous enough to more than 1111 the Grand, but Inst night owing to threatening weather and the somewhat limited manner in which the concert had been advertised only a fair audience greeted the boys. Everyone present, however, was full of pride and enthusiasm and appreciated tho excellent programme given, and the times were numerous when the applause was deafening. The concert was good and showed excellent training, and many of the numbers were highly meritorious. The Glee club is strong and renders its selections with the true fervor that adds fascination to the songs of college days. Tho Hanjo club was a surprise to every one. The music was well selected and splendidly rendered, and in every particular did the club please the audience. Encore* during the evening were numerous. There is every reason to bcliovo the boys will have a successful tour, us they well deserve.—Topeka Capital, Hutchinson people have an opportunity to hear the college boys Thursday evening. Seats now on sale at Die oper house hook store. An KiiHtcr Htory. The little town of Hunter in this county, which is known us a great I place for the origin of "novelties" as well as'new ideas, just now comes to the front boasting uf the champion egg sucker in the person of Addison A. Wilcox, a young man of that vicinity, who ou last Saturday sucked 2!> hen eggs and one goose egg, besides eating four oranges and one-half pound of candy— all this being done after relishing a good sized supper. The truth of this will ho vouched for by the postmaster, and other eye witnesses of that place. Is there any one who will venture to •; ..over-reach this mark.—rlurncsville i (O.) H epnblican. A Ilea* or IH'JO. When grandpa went .'I-IVOOIUK. He wore a satin veHt A trail of running roHes Embroidered on the breast. The pattern of his trouncrH, His linen, white and fine, Were all the latest fashion In eighteen twenty-nine. Grandpa was a line-looking young follow then, so the old ladies say, and he is,a flno-looking old gentleman now. For the pust score of years lie has been a firm believer in the merits of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. "It renewed my youth," he frequently suys. It Is the only blood purifier and liver invigorator guaranteed to benefit or euro, or money promptly refunded It cures liver disease, dyspepsia, scrofulous sores, skip eruptions, and all dis eases of the blood. For lingering coughs and consumption (which is lung scrofula In its early stages) it is an unparalleled remedy. GoNpnl 'lYinporauoo Meeting The gospel temperance meeting at the Tabernacle, last night, was lnrgoly attended. The subject was, "Tho l''ute of the Republics," and was most ably handled by the speakers. There will be Miother session of , these meetings at the l''irst M. E oburch to-night, to which the pnblio is invited. If you have not heard Mr. and - Mrs. St. John it will pay you to do so If you have heard them, of course you will want to hear them again. Prevention 1H Hotter Than cure, and these who nre subject to rheumatism can prevent attacks by , keeping the blood puro and free from the acid which causes tho disease. Vor this purpose Hood's Sarsnparilla is used by thousands with great success. It is the best blood purifier, Constipation IB caused by the loss of the peristolic action of the bowels, Hood's Villa restore this action and invigorate the liver, a A Largo Trnet of I.mid In tho Suml 11111K Will he IMirrlmHed for Hie Purpose of rriilt Knrmbiff—TIui Cnmiliiff Fnctory Will lie R Help B"'l CnM S*orllR« Will Follow. The reporter came into conversational contact last night with three gentlemen, one of our own city and two gentlemen from the cast, who have a scheme on foot which is feasible andwill doubtless be a grand success. We refrain from using their names I at this time, as all arrangements hnvej not been completed, and secrecy, so far as names aro concerned, was enjoined upon the reporter until such a time n* all arrangements for lands have been completed' Tho scheme is this: These three gentlemen have formed a company for the purchase of a largo tract of land in the sand hills, for fruit purposes. They have spent considerable lime in investigation and inquiring among the fanners in the sand hills, and have come to the conclusion that that country is the coming region for the growing of fruits in central, Kansas, and while much of that land can not be used for farming or agricultural purposes, it is valuabl for the growing of certain fruits. The fact that this is a good shipping point, and that central Kansas fruits command the top of the market, as well as the fact that a canning concern and cold storage nre virtually assured for Hutchinson within the next few inonLhs, it is looked upon by the promoters of the scheme as feasible and consei|ucntly profitable. This is a correct view, for there is no doubt in the minds of those conversant with the facts, that central Kansas is the coming fruit region of the west, and that no part of the country is better adapted for such growth than the sand hills. eventful career, having tasted of the bitter as well as the sweets of life—in minstrelsy—but in the meantime he has ever had bis eye out for the best people that money can secure, and his work has been a series of successes in that particular. lie has a large company of men, and each one is an artist. It can be truthfully said of Fields' entertainment, that the interest does not lag, from the rising of the curtain until the going down of the name. Bach one present gave it as his opinion that the contortionist is the best that has ever visited the city, while many persons with several pages of history attached to them unqualifiedly say, that it was the best that they have ever seen. Al. (!. Kield and his peerless company can always have a crowded house in this city. THE ELECTION. .SAVE YOUR, >DOLLARSf r BY TRADING WITH US BpotLARs m Sr BY lxH ,NG i us Hoard of Ktliieatlon. The regular monthly meeting of the board of Educntion of the city of Hutchinson, Kan., met at the office of Moore A. Chrisman. The following members were present: A. W. McCandless, president; A. W. McKinney, T. ]<\ lxudigh, S- K. Ilawley, S. Ely, V. K. Chrisman. The superintendent made his monthly report, showing the schools in a good, healthy condition. The report was received and after some general consideration was ordered placed on file. The action of the clerk in issuing orders in payment of teachers and janitors was ratified. The following bills were allowed: Water Power Co 830 70 Hcncdlct Bros 3 75 KaiiwaK Lumber Co 10 4" Coburn & DcTar 1 30 II. D. winslow ao so Hirst - 70 Kmerson Carey ~H 24 C. Kytle "> 70 John 1). Truemllll 0 4! News Publishing On '. 11) 00 Hutchinson Wholesale Grocer Oo 3 7"i K. H. Clearwater 6 -is Petition from the senior class asking thaf the diplomas issued to the class be on parchment, was received and placed on file. 11. C. Minnich and A. W. McCandless was appointed a committee to procure 100 parchment paper diplomas. On motion the board adjourned, i V. R. CuniRMAX, Clerk. A l.urjfe Vole Ruing I'olled—Wliero Thoy Are Voting. Election day dawned bright and clear with a bracing air stirring; Vehicles to be used in hauling voters to the polls were early on the streets, Everything is passing off quietly .while the friends of. the various candidates were on the move. The First ward voters have their polling ploce at No. -40(1 North Main street. The Second ward voters are voting at the oillce of the Kansas Lumber company. The Third warders are voting at police headquarters, and .ludgcGibbs is not doing anything in his court, as a consequence. The Fourth ward voting place is in miller property at the corner of Avenue A and Elm street. At the hour of going to press, indications arc, that almost the entire registration will be polled. Now Firm. Messrs. A. It. Caldwell. .1. II. Mungor and G. V. Rickseeker have opened a general real estate, loan and collection office in the Masonic Temple building, under the Arm name of A. Ti. Caldwell & Co. They also have a branch office at Arlington, Kan. Messrs, Caldwell and Kioksieker will be found in their principal ofliee in this city at all times during business hours, and the branch office at Arlington will be in the hands of Squire Mungcr. They have on their lists between three and four hundred improved and unimproved farms for sale and rent, in Reno and adjoining counties, and can offer unequalled inducements to those seeking homes in this part of Kansas, frENWORTR KAHS Try a Sack of KING KANSAS Flour, The Best Flour in the Market, and only $1.25 per sack, at THE To Old Solillo™. 1 shall open in a few days a real estate, locating engineer's and survey-1 or's office at the new town which will be located at Red Rock, on the Santa Fc, thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. I have J. O. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of that land in my employ. 1 will locate claims, re-establish corners, do the necessary improvement and filing for 825 apiece. Forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and I will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of ' lands showing w'atcr and other advantages, with tiling papers. Send check for 825 with power of attorney to me at Winfield, Kan., until the strip is opened. CAPT. .IAS. W. HAMILTON. 21 South Main. And allow anyone to bulldoze you into buying clothing, but come and get our>prices and compare our prices, make and fit with com- etltors' and we arc sure you will deal with us. DON'T BE A CHUMP And allot and get o petitors' i WHY? Simply because we don't misrepresent, and wo will SAVE YOU 10 PER CENT Is not that worth saving? That moans fifty cents on 8ve dollars, one dollar on ten and so on. Come to us. We have the largest stock of clothing in Hutchinson, without dispute. 1000 dozen men's and boys' LINEN collars Re each. Linen cuffs, 10c pr 800 dozen men's Demost fl a n n e 1 shirts, 15c each. Boys' knee pants | Hoys' sateen in endless variety, shirt waists, 25c. from 15 cents up- Mothers' Friend ware. waist at low price. Men's suits from S2.!i0 tojav See our light col ored I'rinee Albert suits. $15 to $2.1. Agency for the 1 'Christy" hats. See our spring line of men's suits. We will open your eyes on prices. GO dozen men's jean pants for 50c a pair. Hoys' suits, SI up to the very II nest made. 120 dozen men's sateen shirts, 45 (• all new colors Hoys' hats and caps, 20c up to 50c See our novelties. See our line tai- I We have what lor made pants. ?2 | you want and war- to $7.50. They are 1 rant a, saving of 10 swell. ' I percent. See our 25 cent | See our under- und our 50 cent I wear; From 20c neckwear. It is I up to the finest. fl ne . j bontons. CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. the time or nearest the time it will $100 IN To the party or parties guessing — . ,. , , take our candle to burn. The candle, is 12 inches in diameter, about 33 V.-: inches in circumference and H feet 5 inches in height. Come and get'guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4. 1892. VStt ^ LEADERS LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING-, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS No. Hi North Main Str.iet. SAVE YOUR, i DOLLARS i r BY TRADING • . US SAVE YOUR. • DOLLARS < BY TRADING 1 WITH US THE Hutchinson: COMPANY Music DKAIiKKS IN Pianos and Organs. General agents for southwestern Kansas for Ilnril at Work. The various committees of the A. O. U. \V. and 1). of H. are hard at work preparing everything for to-morrow and to-morrow night. Every train coming into the city to-morrow morning will bo met by the various committees, and the visitors will be conducted to the hall, where meals will he served three times to-morrow—breakfast, dinner and supper. Large donations have been promised, and every one in the city, whether a member of the order or not, can have an opportunity of assisting in a work which deserves encouragement, and at the same time assist in raising a heavy debt incurred by the lodge, which by its enterprising spiritseeured the building of the third story of the finest block in the city, (jet your meals there to-morrow, and encourage the good work by buying a ticket to the hall to-morrow night, whether you attend or not. Meals will be served in tho reception rooms of the hall, at all hours until midnight to-morrow night. A large number of invitations have been sent out to persons outside the order, but many persons have been overlooked in this way, who, it is desired, to have present. To all Bueh persons, the lodge extends a cordial invitation, whether you received a formal one or not. A. Ureal Show. The opera house was crowded to suf- focatiou last night to witness the performance by Al U. Field's famous minstrel company. They were present with the expectation of seeing and hearing something out of the common in the line of minstrelsy. That they were not disappointed was attested by the incessant cheering. It is a fact, the announcement of which preceded the company here, that this company has more specialty work, and of a better quality than any other minstrel troupe on earth. Al G. Field has had an Tlio Commercial Club. The Commercial club met at Whiteside &• Gleason's office last night for permanent organization, the election of officers, etc. Owing to the fact that a largo number of the members could not be present, the meeting adjourned to meet at the office of the Kansas Grain and Live •; Stock company on Thursday night. The chair appointed a committee to wait upon the members of the club, in the meantime, and to secure their signatures to the constitution and bylaws, collect the fee and deliver to each one a certificate of membership. It is earnestly requested that a full attendance of the club be present. Boloet Knltfhtff OrKUUl/.e. A Legion of Select Knights, A. O. U. W., has been organized in this city, and they met in the Ruddy hall last night for degree work. It was determined by the Legion to hold the charter open for thirty days more, and during that period admit members on the same terms as those already belonging under the charter. Dr. Green, past grand commander of the state, was present, and stated that the Legion which has just been organized has the largest charter list of any Legion ever organized in the stnte. As soon aB the new hall is completed the Legion will meot there. Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. D.I. Galliher, LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams md the finest funeral ;ar and white hearse i o the state. ROGKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. iHL F 1 . PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. JUST RECEIVED AT Notluo to Kaiiftus Contractors* Sealed proposals for the construction of the Kansas World's Columbian ISuilding will be received at tho office of W. II. Smith, 722 Jackson street, Topeka, Kan., until S o'clock p. m., April 28, 1802. Plans and specifications can be seen at the ofllco of Seymour Davis, architect, Rooms 35 to 37, Crawford building, Topeka, Kan., after April 4, 1892. W. II. SMITH', Secretary. Administrator's Sale. Notice Is Hereby given that on Friday the 15th day of April, lsua, at 8 o'clock p. in., I will offer for sale and sell for cash at public auction all the household and kitchen furniture and other personal belonglue* of the late 3. K. Swlgarl, deceased, at W» late residence, No. 417 Sherman etrcet east L. A. BIUOIB, AdmluUtrator. TOM W A large line of Ladies' FINE CLOTH TOP SIK In Button and Lace. In four grades, $3,00, $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 13 North Main. lutchinson Ondertaking Co. F. S. MITCHELL, Funeral Director and Embmlmer. 10 South Main. Opeu Day md Night. Telegraph Orders (3-iven Prompt Attention. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, (II ) OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bull* seeds. THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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