Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 2, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1889
Page 4
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THE EVE:NIKG GAZETT.K; M< \Vhcre arc you goin^ my pretty maid?" I'm going washing, sir," she said. What hold you in your hand so tight, With a face so gay and a step so light?" That which all prize their dearest treasure— Makes washing and scrubbing only a pleasure, Keeps the clothes so clean and white; doors and windows a beautiful sight For your own household you'll get it, I hope, Five cents buys a bar of SANTA CLAVS SOAP." SOLD BY ALL GROCER*. N Made only by K. Fair-bank & Co. Chicago, 111. RcrnoTntior thnt moral d^forta n.rfi often tho cauii'5 as they are the effect of i {ihysicril faults. ICrnoe €.'p. You are feeling depreaspil, your appetite is poor, you ar? bothered with hraclaehe, you are Ihlgetty, nervous, anci generally out of sorts, <ind want to brace up. .Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which have for their basis very cheap. bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you in a worse condition than before. 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I OOINO WKST. 8—Paasenger 6dO a.m. 30—Passenger 4:31 79—FrelgliL.....«:4fi p.m.|«— Freight 5:00iwm In any modern wars each man fkilled has cost about .510,000. GROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved ^by Shiloh'a Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock FaUs. Tonight and Tomorrow And each day and night during this w«ek you can get at all druggists' Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs, acknowledged to be the most successful remedy ever sold tor the cure of Coughs, Croup, Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma and Cor.- sumption. (Jet a bottle today and keep it always in the house, so you can check your cold at once. Price OOc aad £1.00. Sample buttles free. la TRIFLES, llt'l.--Joya mill lit!'" eir 1 lir,- U unil'-i, or frown it^. The fops thnt trump ur.h"rnM—l, No Imnnr-r cfirrifd nt thftr h''nd, Th<—.• If'nre the hr.".rt drl.-d lip and dead. A hnnd u]<v:p fit tho parden K^*A A xvlii^jn'r whi'n the moon In 'ato— Atnl Ktn-n(;th in ours to cwiqut-r fnto. O trilling nets for worxl or woo: Tin 1 p.iin would not hams* us so, Tlif (;lndnt"<* not ns middi-n po. If wo rfuld draw a fni-r hrvath, If we r..uld pn*h nH'lf dlvilil death. And hoar untlred tho words God p,l!Jh, So much to do ero hands nro cold; So f:ir t'i f:iro on,' liml:'< >;rou- old; So niiH-h to sny oro story's told— Tluit we lo-si- sL-Iit of botttT thinp?; Furp-t. in nil our wnndorin^s. To u^o Itive'R bnoynnt sweeping wlnfp*. And I. yos I. soniotlrnes forgot To lure away yuiir oaro and fret. And kiss tin; chorks that, tears hnve wet. Ht'n: let u>i j-lod.ct^ onn^'Ivos anew, T-noh to tho other, opt-n, true— Ix'st life lose all its morning dew. Who knows whnt ihiy wo say poo<l-tjy? Whop, mil- sli:ill in tho churohyarJ Ho— • Let us ellni: olosor. j-ou Bin! I. —KiiK^ue Field in Chicago Newa. • NAN. 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Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, large size $1. Every bottle warranted. A wow ball whizzed through tho air, and away over tho fence sailed the professor's hat, butUTed mid dishonored. A ripple of girlish laughter floated up from some one liohind him, and looking around angrily, the professor caught a glim|>so of a pair of dark, ru^ui.^h eyes peeping _at him out of a pretty liixnl, which did not hido the saury faco of the maiden who hnd thrown tho ball. She watched the professor as ho climbed uver the fcnco and repiiued his. disfigured tile, and tried, rather ruefully, to smooth its battered sules; then she scampered toward Grass yields no fruit or fragrance to the air, yet if it should fail to grow for one year famine would depopulate the earth. A New Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. H.-Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Acent STKBJLOTW EIGHTH POINT You should read Tun CHITA- CO DAI LV^NKWS because fj'try^~~ body likts it —it will not disappoint your needs. It takes into its purpose the farmer and mechanic, as well as the merchant and professional man. Every Tanner can now have daffy market reports instead of weekly, and at little more than the old-timepriceofhisweekly. The mechanic can now afford both price and the time for his daily - paper. The poor may now be as well informed on cur- feiit affaircas the rich.i Intelligence is within the reach of all. TBB CHICAGO DAILY NEWS-;Independent, non-partisan, fair to all—Is everybody's paper. Ktmlmltr—la circulation is 320,000 a day—over a million a week—andit costs by mail 25 cts. 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This is a terrible rellection ou the boasted enlightenment of the age; but we must not be over-censorious, while we daily see friends going down to death, ignorance or prejudice preventing the use of remedies which might save ti»em. Many a cold runs into consumption, while indigestion and impure blood debilitates the system, inviting fatal attacks, when the use of I)r. Pierce's Golden Medical Oiscpvory would have ensured health and happiness. Do hot delude yourself into the belief that you are an exception as far as sleep is concerned; the nominal average of sleep is eight hours. ~ •- Interesting Fact8. Changes in the brain and nerves are the most common cause ef disease. Their intluence on the body is wonderful. Shame flashes the palest and fear blanches the rosiest cheek and whitens the blackest hair in a night. Worry causes dyspepsia and hastens old age. 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For sale by Perry. the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. Never eat or drink hot or cold things immediately in succession. Hibbard's Klienmatle and JLlvor Fill* These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of rills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Do not read, write or do any delicate work unless receiving the light from the left side. Catiafi of \Vukefulnesa. The primary cause of wakefuliions la an increase in tho quantity of blood circulating In the brain; hoiicu uny fimdition or cause capable of inducing this state of thn cerebral circulation may give ria« to it. Aa these causes ore more or kiss under tlio control of tho individual, It k* important that they should be generally known. First—Excessive and lonp; continued intellectual action or powerful mental emotions. Second—Those positions of the body which tend to impede the flow of blood from the brain and ut the same time do not obstruct Its passage to the brain. Many physicians havo noticed the connection existing • between bodily position and wakefulncsi. It U evident that tho recumbent position is more conducive to A state of congestion of the brain than the erect or semi-erect. Dr. Forbes Winslow, Dr. Hammond and othur physicians have noticed on increa.-jo iu tho number.and intensity of hallucinations of insane patienta, or persons suffering from delirium tromens, as soon as they assume the rocumbout position. These patients have been found to sleep quietly for some timo lu an armchair, but to bo annoyed by hallucinations us soon as thoy lie down. Third—Certain substances used as medicine or food.—Medical Classics. O«iTTi, ttymptoiM *f lleart »«nea»p. Diseased hearte are aa common aa diseased lungs, ktdneye oratomucb, but far less uudeiBtood. The symptoma are shortness of breath, when sweeping, etc., oppression iu the chest, faint, weak or hungry gpelbj, dreaming, pain or tentlemeaa iu the side, swelling feet, sy, etc. The unnatural circulation of the blood in the lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver and brain caucea other »y«iplows. Th* only reliable remedy fi>r th« heart y«t <Ji3covi»r«4 i« Dr. Mii«»* Kisw ('ur*. Try it and be coti- !j«W by A. H, H**arlcJt« or J. Hard Fate. In an Italian restaurant on Union square T observed a short, stout, very red faced man eating his macaroni in the most skillful foreign style, and I bewail to study the changes that tuna had mode in the appearance of an artist whose operatic triumphs ore without equal iu the history of tho lyric stage. H« was roughly dreta<txl, his hair disordered, his mustache scraggy, ami his ukiu almost purple from tho beat uud thu labor of eating. 'Across one cheek was a long scar, said to be the honorable murk of n saber received in a battle for freedom. !u tho room where he sat wero several yuuug tuul beautiful girls, but not oue of tiw«* ever turned her eyes to the macaroni eaU'r. Hu nnUheit his dinner and left tho room, nnd only u few poopto i^raseut know that not many yearn U£o LhU tviia the Kre«t«»t tenor tiinser in tho world, the reclpi- Mit of a huinlrtKi iH^rfimitx} not*» a day aiui otw of tho moat piututi^in* ft»gur&i Ul tho |Htt«r <rf N>.tw Voric ik>»i<-min- Ouljt a i««r UaJWUM* stu-1 i/i«t.n/ svniy art'U'O ttuS th» frUi \ L* <>f) i f J'-k<xl M.4-Mi'lll! $$JK>J" WiW a S-.Hii.-r Joel Blierwuod hnd just emerged from tho univei'sity at W - , with considerable honor and the decree of giKid opinion most men of his age entertain for themselves.' Ho rcnlly was entitled to a great deal of credit for tho courage and stendfn-itnesH of* purpose with which IIH had toiled to mnko his way through the .Uilious university course. Ho had done it alonu, and nt tho snmu timo managed to help his widowed mother in keeping what had provwl to be a very gaunt nnd persistent wolf from the door, liut tho world, as is its custom, had ln-en somewhat Mow in recognizing his genius; so that when tho winter term of school at Weston was offenxl to him, ho was only too glail to accept it, hoping that meantime something bettor would como to him. He picked up his hat, with some sense of disgrace, nnd strode on io the schoolhouse, It was the eventful "llrst day," and it must be confessed that Joel's heart for a minute sank very low ns ho saw tho roguish face disappear 'through the door of the building which was to be his casllo for tho next few months. Ho had . a dim foreboding that trouble was in store for him. But shortly his courage rallied, and with lips closed a lit- tlo more firmly than usual, he stepped to his desk. ...... -----------Nan, with, innny n girlish giglo, wns relating her adventure to a circlo of admirers. "The idea of a youug[fellowliko him bringing a tall hat down hero. My! how mad ho looked when the thing went over tho fence I Well, it was rather mean after all ; but I'll never see him agaiiu rdon T t~know who ho Is. Some city chap, I s'poso, down to look at tho natives I" Just then the door oiK'ned and tho professor walked in. If Joel could have seen tho glorious crimson which swept Nan's face, ho might havo known how poorly prized was her victory. But ho was busy and had almost forgotten tho episode a moment later. - It was brought back again, however when ho chancivl to glance at Nan. Once more the flood of crimson dyed her cheeks, but sho buried her face in a boo!; and ivnitvd until it had vanished. That winter Joel Kherwood learned many valuable les-sons. It was a gocxl school for him. Ho know more tilxmt hiniself when tho term was over than ho ever had before. He put away the silk hat, and wondon>d why he ever should havo worn it down to Weston. By. this timo he did not feel himself so very much superior to tho people there as ho had felt. They proved to bo kind hearted and intelligent, nnd ho liked them better tho more he know them. He had found Nan a disturbing element in hlslittlo dominion. Not that sho meant to do anything wrong; but she had too much mischief in her nature not to be at -the bottom of many a project which brought tho new teacher into disrepute. Sho never pro- tended that sho had no hand in these plots. Thero was no deceit in Nan. Whatever she did was so frank that Joel's reproof was tempered by a strange feeling^vhich caused him to forgive tho spirit which prompted Nan's action — a feeling he knew not how to analyze. Once, when she penetrated some especially annoying trick on him, and he had met her out of school hours on the way home, her pretty smile and look jjf respect had driven every spark of auger from his heart nnd he broke out: - "Oh, Nanl Why will you" But she hud pulled her. hand out of his, and fled before tho words were out ot bis mouth. And Nan — she was the same thoughtless glrli'as far as Joel could see, as tho weeks sped quickly by and brought them nearer the end of the term. She led the boys and girls iu every game. She could outekato them; not a boy dared to challenge her to a race on the ico for fear of the defeat he knew would await him. Her happy laugh rippled everywhere. Not a boy but would have risked his life for her. Not a girl but fled to her In tiniD of trouble, for sho was ever to them a champion equal to every emergency. To all she was simply "Nan"— laud; loving, mirthful "Nan." About tho time Joel's school closed, the river, which had been frozen all winter, began to break up, and the ice gave signs of go ing out. Hore and there groat Beams appeared, and a warning roar sounded through the valley. Some of the older boys who had explored the stream higher up, very sagely predicted that there would be trouble before ulght; but this brought to Joel's mind littls fear. He thought tho stream might rise, and carry away the ice, but that would be all. lie knew nothing about the fearful gorges that sometimes dammed the river, and flooded the entire country for miles around. At noon the report come that a gorge was forming a short jlistunce above the school- bouse. Thero never before had boon such a pile of Ice crowded Into that port of the river, and water was beginning to flow over tho valley. A heavy rain set tn, falling for hours in tori-wits. Still Joel hod no Iden what danger was impending. This was iiu first ex[*rience with the river, aud when some of his pupils begged to go home, he thought it best for them to wait until the storm was less terrible or tluir parouts camo for them. This hitter thing hoppuned uoonor Mian he had thought likely, aud some of tho sturdy yemncn came for their little ones quite a whilij i*eforo> thu usual time for their riiamib.sal, and gravely advi.sod Jivl to close for the day, as thoy feared truuhlo from the gorge up the river. At longth, tun yomig man, impressix! more by tho unxioiw fan-* of tho ehiMrfrii than by any thought of real danger, h»!d them to go, ami quietly prorwxUxl U) help them get star t- «d fur home, Ntght w&ri drx>i,fj>{»^ down ov»:r thy valley. Tho »tct-m ki!ij£ wo.* tliiviul to all liw fury. Tlwi ui^ht $;.t*(* ^itm'm *f bt 'J.£ is itfirtibLt .'/'>•••!>! h-v.rt n;,v->v"l hi"lf..- :i,.t l-.-t-rn; tho rliiHr.'Ti L-.I N.-MH-I- nh-n li-- ^p-,,,..: !',.» diinr nn.l ln-ipl t'i" snllon r<-ir wliirh onni-> from !i'."C'.r-.:->. !4o INton'--'! Hh'iroly. t Yonder onui" n nriu on hnrsobnck, riilinp; 1 rnpidl.v. ^Vlmt wp.s tin: ninttorl The rush uf «-nt»rs ?inoto his ear. Tho truth flruOioil over htin. The ice c'"".eo h.iil given -vviwr. Tho yuuiiK ninn's fiico prow pnlo ns ho ilrow the rhilflron Imolc into tho hou^o anil shut, tho d(K»r. Ho could not let tliem go now. It . was too Into. A few minutes more nml n wiM current of n-ator swept nrouiul tho huiMln^, rutting ntT ill ho]xs of csonpo on foot. It was now plain ;hat thoy worn hommoil in. Tho horaenmn Traveil his hand towanl iliom, ami then wheeled nn-ny to Book othor nionns of ronchin^; the sehcxil houso. It was I trying plnoo for the younR lonelier, and toino cournpo wns required to lfK>k rnlmly Into the faces of tho nwe stricken children and try to quiet thorn. But iii this ho hud n helpor in Nnn. Tho girl's fnoo showeil nothing of the torror Joel sxpectod to BOO in hor. Tho vroinnn scomeil to hnve suddenly como Instoail of tho rollicking girl. She wns hore, thoro, everywhere, chooring tho younger ones in a most motherly way. How this crisis linil transformed her I Joel noticed more than ever now what a strong fnco she had. Ho had always thought her pretty; now a look had come upon hor features which indicated tho spirit which makes women heroic. Sho hnd liecomo a calm, self possessed woman. While Jool wns thinking of this, through tho dusk camo a Injat manned by two farmers. It slowly pushed its wny through the current, fighting hnrd against wind, ico nnd drifting wood, but it was not long before tho rescuers reached tho imperiled house. Joel could no longer open tlio door without lotting in a little ocean. Tiny rivulets were spreading over tho floor. The only way to get the children into tho bont was through nn open window. Not more than half tho numlier wero ablo to got Into tho boat. The rest must wait. "Hadn't you better get in now, Mr. Professor !" asked ono of tho men when tho boat wna ready to push olTfor tlio bank. "Not as long as there is any ono else to go, Zeb," was Joel's (Inn response ns ho gave the boat n Rtemly shove away from tho house. A half hour of susponso passed. Then tho dim outline of tho bout apiwared through tho gloom again. "Tho boat is full enough," said Jool, ns ho tucked the last ono of tho children securely Into tho boat. "Tho load would bo too heavy nnd trouble might como of it if I should got in. I hope th» worst is ovor, anyhow. Even if the water rises two foot more, I~can- still find n way to-l;eqr out of it till morning perhnps." " 'Tain't just tho thing to leavo you hero," said one of the men, hesitatingly. "Oet in and we'll got through all right, I guoss." "No," was tho quick resivinso. "tin ahead. If you can como for me, nil right. If not"— Ho paused. Something in' Nan's eyes awoke a tumult in his.brenst.. A strange light shono in them, nml as Joel loaned down from the window toward her, in answer to n slight movement of her hand, sho whis|«'rod: Mr. Sherwood, I'm sorry I'vo made you so much trouble this winter. I didn't moan it. Will 3 on forgive mef" : Tho only reply Jool gavo was a warm pressure of tho bund, 'flint v.,",i finii!;:li, > u ho undernt.ooil it. Thou tho limit pushed out. into the twilight. But it leftlK'hindnvery hnppy young man, In spite of hisdesporato position. After such a confession from Nan, what could he not endure? Floods could not sweep away tho joy which-thrilled him. Explanation of That Little Railway Unpleasantness. But on hour spoil by and still Joel was nlono. Tlio water ki>pt rising steadily till it drove him to thn tup of tln> dusks-. Ho noticed that the tide was coming up murh faster than at any timo before. Tlicro was no longer such a rush about the house-. Studying the situation for a while?, Joel' made, up his mind that a gorge must have formed Bomcwliuru lielmv him, mid thu water, no longer nWu to run out, was bucking up, leaving him in the 'mi;lst of a great soa. If this wero truo thu outlook was not at all encouraging. He peered anxiously out over the waters for souio sign of tho returning boat. Nothing but intense darkness met his ga/o. Another hour passed. Inch by inch tho river crept up, driving him from, place to place until ho was now on tho highest possible point. Now ho must quietly await his fate. But it was not very heroic to be drowned like a rat. He must do something to save himself. At length a stnr glimmered in the distance, llopo sprang up ngain. Some, one was kinder to him than ho deserved. How slowly tho light eame. It was a hard battle with wind and torrent. Suddenly tho awful rush came again. Hail tho gorge 'below given way? Then heaven save him! • ' Ho felt a shock. Thu building trembled. Something had struck It heavily and it was being carried down into tho raging flood. — It was-time-for—him— to act.—To^remaln- whore ho was would bo death. Ho flung up the window and looked out. Olio thing ho had learned well in years gone by—to swim.. It wotiuil almost madness to think of trusting himself to mich a currant, but there WOH nothing el.-w to bo done. The light woa Hearing him more swiftly now, although it was apparently 'a long way off yet. He. bravely leaped into the surging water and struck out for tho shore. Something below tho surface of the waves caught him and dragged him swiftjy down the stream. Ho struggled with all his might to get away, but in vain. Ono of his legs was held as if \u a vise. Ills head whirled. Then a Hash of light fell upon him. In another moment a strong hand grasped his arm. The rays of a lantern lighted up the face of bis rescuer. It was Nan I Joel awoke tho next morning with a delicious sense of peace. There was no pain anywhere. A woman's hand was on his forehead. . Ho was ill a (rouian's room. He lay with his eyen closed •uid tried to put things together. Then, he looked up into the face of Nan. "Don't speak. Nanl Lot me be still. If this is a dream I don't want it to end 1" "But it Isn't. It's real, and I thank God it Is!" said Nan, reverently. Joel reached up and drew Nan down toward him. and their lips met. "So do I," was all ho said.—E. L. Vincent in Now York Weekly, "Tho king,*' mid Augustus Hare, "Is tho least independent man in his dominion—the boggur tho most so." All anecdote of Hn •<»• centric Oxford beggar illustrates'the latter, pm't of Hai'e'j* aphorism. A person of disfcojie-st character mot the beggar one day us ho was walking without shoos or stockings. "Call at tny house, and I will give you a pair of shoes," said the man. "Excuse me, sir I" answered the beggan, "I would not stand in your shoes for all tho world!" . A striking illustration of the Independence which is the child of contentment and self, respect! Is one told of tho father of an English bishop. Bun HinchlilTu drove a hackney coach. His industry mndo him tho owner of a livery stable in London, and enabled him to send his son to Oxford. Tho &on graduated with honors, entered the church, and became bishop of Peterborough. Ou« day the bishop came to the llvory stable koiipcr ami said: "Father, you must be tired of business, and muiit wUh to retire uito tho country and live In your own way. Four or five huudrix! puuudj* a year art* at your norvico." "No, Jack," answered th<? Independent Bather, "I will stay ivhurn I am. i am proud \jf you, and i huj>a ymt oro not as. v tamtxl uf in*. Ali I h»vu I tuivo eunsi'.), Bn j it shall WVvST i«i iKiid Ulat old Hell Eliui-hiilfo Hits 111',•-> hb »o:i »r 1>.= any limit liv'.i.^ for hki STATEMENT OF MR. 0, E, BOLLE?, All In« mt ion of I>Nroiirt<««T to Hie Oil! Polcllnr DliclTilmrcl ami thn Chnrirn We- j fpnitliiC-il — Mn.l. Sli.-i-ni in If>|>rn»« III" Ch»rjr«—Onn. S1nirmnn'» Vlnw of It — Ho Think* Thorn Wiw Tool.lttlo r<illti>nnn« In tho \Vi»y Iln \Vn« "Flrrit." CHICAGO, Sept :!.— C. K. Ho!l.>s, of Phil BhoHdnn post, mnkos th>>. following statement in ro;:nrd to tlio nll"p>d ru.leness of members of 1'hil Sh»rid:ui post, to Gen. Shorman on tho cnrs between Milwaukee and Chicago. "An employe of the company took mo to tho ear ruvl informed !ho porter that I had tickets for twenty seats in tho body of tho cnr. I foun 1 tho car twc- thirdi full, and among others Gcn.- Bhcrmnn find brother. How many more bi> longe<l to his party 1 did nnt know. I hnd tickets for all the chairs. (T«II. Sherman in-, formed mo that n car was reserved for him, mid that ho had been brought to this one. I informed him, and also Maj. Slii'rmnn that natha party I hired'the cnr from brought mo to this car thero waH n mistnko somewhere, and lor them to keep their Boats until it was made right "While talKing with tho g.-Micrnl and tho major tho porter came in nod told him that seats wore reserved In tfco next car for him. Tho general told tho mayor to go and sc<», which ho did, and -roturno.l and went into tho other car with tho general. Shortly afterward the major camo into our car. I wont to him and stiiil: 'Mnjor, I regret that tho miitiik.) occurred and hops you found your car without any trouble." Tho major replied 'Sir, 1 will not talk about this matter, I will not say a word, 1 and turned and left tho car. I did not think any member of Phil Sheridan post-except tnysolf spoke to Gen. Rhornmn." Maj. Slii'i'man insists tint tho manner In which his brother'wn-« notified that ho wai'in the wrong ear wns very oir^u.sivo and entirely unwarranted, and s.o tlu matter rests nt pri-si'iit. • GEN. SHERMAN'S ACCOUNT. lie Doenn't Seoni to FrM Vory Ilmlty About tlio Aft:ilr. NEW YOUK, Sopt H —Cien. W. T. Sher- ..nmiv.wiiQ.ima orriyj'd from tho wost,_told yesterday of his experience in Milwaukee with members of Phil Sheridan pis', G. A. R., of Chicago. Ho said that ho ami his brother, Mnj. Hoyt Rherman, being liotrad from Milwaukee to Chicago, wero shown to n certain car by one of tho railway men, and they not only took possnMion of tho two seats which they supposed they hail engaged, but the general, seeing several adj.-icentseats vacant, hospitably invited* Senator ManilGr- son mid Gen. McArthur, who had joined them, to occupy two of them. . NotlfliMl ol a Mlatnko. Ho had scarcely dona this when the"colored porter camo to iiim and «iiii: "General ' Bliennnn, your.tiisntsni-o in tlio car uhcudi" Ho anil his brother accordingly wont to the next car and occupied tho two seats which they had engaged and paid for. General Sherman did not know tlio Grand Army men who causod : Iiim and his brother to UP ousted ..from -tlio- soats they -had taken- nt firs', but hn says they know him, and had him ousted with their opoti eyes. - Cnmplulnfl of Dlsrourtnsy. . F?* He thinks they had a perfect right to oust him, but he thinks they might have been more polite in doing it He said nothing to them, however, but his brother gave a piece of bin mind to tho initiator of th---movement. Although ho wns very tired, having spent tho greater part of tho previousjrlay_In shaking hands with "tho Grand Army comrades, the movo to tho other car did not inconvoni enco him, and ho and his brother wero quite as comfortably olT us they would have been in tho seats they had first taken. Mitn<l«rnoii ami AIoArthnr. Senator llandersoii and Gen. McArthur, however, were not so fortunate.. They worn bounci-d from Phil Sheridan Post's car with the Sherman?, and, as they had no seats, they hod to stand or sit on extemporized chairs for a long time. Gou. Sherman spoke of the affair good-tomporodly throughout the conversation. PWIFT'S SPECIFIC !H a ?imp!c vcjrrt.ihlo cnm- t>nnn<l prt' from K«I(M fresh from tliL 1 for^ls. Thn formula w.'i^ olitnlncd from the Crt-<-k Ir.<liat;s. H hai lii-cn n.«e<t finrp !H9, and lia« licrn l!ie prrat- c.-t hh'Fsing to mnnklnil In c««!ng disr.wn "f t!i« blrxxl. In many lii"t!inrrs nIVor nil oilier miu-ilii"" l,:;ii fii'.U-il. If y«u havo or limn li:-.'l nny 1 •'. • "-I tronW", d.i not. full to pcml for Treatise im JJ'UKX! anilfiUin Di^cascH, tnalloil free. Tire Sirirr Srrcino Co., Dr.iwrr n, n.a. Thoroughly clonnso tho hlood, which Is tho fountain of health. i>5' tisitur I>r. Pirroo's (lold- on Meilical Dl fair slun, buoyant and vliror will In- •ovory, pud (rmiil clIiriMtlon. I ' xjilritK, nnd lioslily lieultl , Oolilen Medical liisc'ov -i>ry cnri-a nil humors, from the common pimple, blutrh, or eruption, to thn worst Scnifulu, or hlndd-polcou. I'^t- poclally hns It proven it:i clllcaey In ctirlnff Halt-rhenm or Tetter, .Kcznmii, Erysipelas, Fever - sores. Hip -Joint Disnico. tfcrofiiloim Sores and Hwulllnprs, F.nlar^-d Glands, Ool- tre or Thick Neck, anil Hating ^ores or Ulcers. „ Golden Mpdlcnl Discovery currn Consimip- . tlon (which IP Scrofula of the Luniw), by its wonilerdil blood - purlfylnir, iuviiroratlnK, and nutritive proper! irs, If tnki.n In tlnio. For Weak LuiHru, Split Imr of lllooil, Shortness of llreatli, Cat,"rrh In tho Ilnul, llron- chltls, SOVITO Coughs, Astluno, nnd kindred affections, it la a Hovon-lun rctncdy. It nroinptly euros tho seviTi-pt roujrhs. For Torpid (,lvcr, UinouancKs. or "I.iver CompInlnO 1 .Dyspepsia, ami IniliireHtion, It is an uiutpiali-d remi'ily. Sold by drugguiUk Prloo 81.00, or Blx bottles for (5.00. Retailor Tor tlie According to Tour Needs. .TAMT5S M:KANS nnd styli 4 SHOE Mis lil.elt .OlilKI S AKIN«'IN."tH- llrst tiino It v (ho fur Hoys J. MEANS <fc CO., Boston. Fall lines of tho aboyo^BlipoB for imlo J>y ._ :J. R7BEI,]L & SON Mtnrllnc. An Kxtrn Svnslon for the Hlg Fair. PAHK, lid., Sept. & —Saturday tin president received a memorial, presented by Joseph H. Heal!, president of~ the American Agricultural association, urging thu calling of an extra session of congress to consider plans- tor the world's fair for 1RM. Mr. Koall urged that tho step ivus advisable, as the regular sossion would not be ablo to give sufficient tlmo to tho fair.-. Mr*. Mn3'l>i Ink's-Hrnlth-lmjiniTlnii.-— LONDON, Sept. 3—Mrs. Mivluiolc is taking a courso of exercisi -in Iho Wc.ktng prison yard and is rapidlv i nproving in liealth. She maintains (In rnol d- iiii-aiiiir which has c)mricteriZ'd hi'r siip-e Hi? commutation >)f her senleucu an I s ••nu to b- settling down to tho convic'.i'jii Miat s'.u will be a convict for liio. .. .JL -f clAS-S-KSRK <:<'ri'ii<it>il llur CupUul Stork, gg YOUK. Kopt, 2.—lu the county clerk's adieu tialunlny certificate) wns file 1 showing thiiMho cupilnl bloc!; of the Commercial Cubl» company has I'-'ou increased from $(1,01X1,000 to fl'UXXI.'ilW. It is signed by John W. Mackny, O -m-g ' W. l>o, Hector DoCastro, A. li. Chun HIT undJ. DiCaatro. IiONDON, Sept.—It is announced at Bl. Petersburg that the czare witch will shortly start on a tour of the world. His itinernry is not yet made public, but it is understood that it embraces tiov"rnl tif th'* principal cities of Americji mi 1 luclu-.k-a u fortnl;hl/N sojourn in 1'aria. Sunday, ttut H.kll IMuyor, Injured. NEW YORK, Sept. 2.—The base ball player Sunday, of'PitUlmi'g, wan to have addressed a meeting of the Young Men'j Christian association yesterday, but sout word that bo was unable to bu pre8eiit,owing to an injury sustained while playing. . .. GREENSBORO, Pa., Sept. 2.—Welty Me. Cullough, congressman from tuo Twenty- 'flrst Pennsylvanifi dlHtrict, diod early Saturday morning at his ix*sid.-nce in this city. He was a prominent member of tho Westmoreland County Bar nsweintion. Nolilled ot n ICeductlnn. WOBUKS, Mass., Sup!, i.—The Duncan Letter, Man uf act win 2 eonipany has notifle.l its employis o." a reduction iu wngis of from $1 to $1.50 p;r week to Ink- olluci Bipt S. Tile wurkniun havo nor tnko i auy action. There are 170,000 iloi'mons in Utah terri- <iry. A IliK <;ilt In Stanley. IxiNDON, fk-pt. 3.—Tnu lirltish Boat African conipriny hn» pi-wino i to Btnnlay, tho explorer, HAI.OOO Khan>a of its stock aa an acknowledgment of hu burvicod to the company. . The Wrntlior \V« Muy l;:xp«fit, WAJUI SHUT-ON CiTtf, K.-|.t. 8.-TLe following aru the wimther luiilcaluinn for the thirty- sit hours from 8 [>. in. yrntvnlay: For ludiunu nnd Il.inuU•• Liitht ruin; stationary toiiiit-Taturo rxi-vi-i i i jioiitb^rii Illinois, wunnt-r; touthvrly w-;u-.i«i. KIT Mtctilznu MsS VVui/iiurttu Kcih- weather, or 16 oonw for e la offered aim ply to ulit us m'tni' Illluur qurKdvwLlUiut invarliii I'fi," « Jrti b\ fall »ltiatb« 1 1 Uowml in by U$hl f'ut tn*»-- w*»'a«t\*jr, K 1 Is a monthly magazine devoted to the. hygiene and care of Infanta and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of tho nursery. It la now In Its fifth year. Tho Congngation- aiilt recently said of It : / "BABYHOOD deems almo«t IndUpenaabl* to the household tn whloh there are young children. It IB for the parent* and tile nurae. and 10 packed full of Important RUK- •geitlons of a practical character. From personal experience of *.fia uaetuineafl, w« oom- mend It warmly." And the Chicago Advance : '• No mother but raurt appreciate Its wtw and helpful Bugxcstloiis, ana bo praterul for the Bolrlugof perplexities and the helping orer hard plauofl which CTory one comej to who hoi tho oam of young children. W». oommend it to every mother In tho lund." Also the New York Oraphie ; "Th. tuooeiiot this periodical hai been enormous. It nmlce? yoiiug mothern feel that the only aubject worthy of Attention U at lost being recoffuu^xl." Every Intelligent father and jnother should read It regularly. Their children wfll bo healthier and happier. It will reduce tho work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Let- tori from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : " 1 am Kratotul to BABYHOOD; I have neon. but two numbers, but have leorn&l BO much from thono that I fool 1 nhould be dolnK my children* wrong U I ihould fall or tlio opportunity to learn more. " "The hi3p It hu boon tn us would havo aitonlBhrd me had It boon predicted beforehand." "HiyHlolan a» I am. your moKailne Is the mo»l wolcuma periodical that oomt>» to my talilo, and U the one I read flrst." " 1 cannot Bpoak toohlnhly of BABYHOOD. During the three years that I have Bubacrlbod to It. I havo f ult rop»!d k hundred times for the outlay by the relief and confidence It hoi given me in the man- Bgomentofmyolilldran." »w man _ You want a sample copy — Price 1C cents. Or to subscribe for a year— 11.60. On our .partwowlflh to know that you have seen this advertisement ; and In order to Induce you to mention this paper when writing us, Hudnut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (either "Violet" 01 "Whits Lilac," as preferred) BABYHOOD PUBLISHBIO CO,, 8 Beokman St., New York. no not confound JU for tkci ««!«,-,„.„« ,./ THOOD with i,!.-iu - iiravr, Vlp.

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