Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 14, 1907 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 7
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TRV THE GOVINA FURNITURE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE OF FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE W. Q. OUSTER, Manager Pooley's (ovind Nurseries I'hoioo ferns and potted pl-ints, rnscs. r.aniiitioiis and other nni.nncntiil troos in season. Snlcs yard, corner of First Hired ;ind San Bernardino Road. West End. Up and down the rows pass the blind beggars, and the dirty hawkers of fruit, and the palsied, trembling old women with matches, or the sad faced young otic with a j child wrapped up in a shawl. But we must not let our feelings bo too deeply stirred or Hie comedy will bo spoiled. The doors arc open and j tho crowd disappears with a rush, i There is a lull on the street till eight ] and thwu the real West appears. It comes in cabs and wears evening dress and is assisted to alight by obsequious porters. And by nine, it too has disappeared through the front door as the earlier crowd through tho side. We will content ourselves with .tho outside of those great pleasuio resorts tonight for there aro greater dramas to be witnessed elsewhere. j To get ho finest effect, lot us take , the tube to the East End, keeping ! "our eyes fast closed to hold the vis- 1 ion of lace and silk and diamonds. ! We come up the stepii into a different world. East London, too, is AS AMERICANS SEE_LONDON West End and East End Streets Pictured at Night. Whether one is delighted or disappointed in London depends on what he expected. If he camo looking for the beauty and splendor which be might naturally expect in the capital of the greatest empire, disappointment will be bitter indeed. To be sure, there are some beautiful things; the Elgin marbles rifled from Parthenon, the best pictures of Millais and Burne-Jones, gems that would like to lift up out of the gloom and the tumult and bear awav to enshrine fairer settings. There are even some architectural features which might be enjoyed if they could makin g merr y> and °n Whitecbapel be seen, Trafalger Square, especially alld Commercial, n throng is singing, for Landseer's matchless lions, the exquisite chapel of Westminster, and even the much criticised Houses of Parliament. But unfortunately the cathedrals, art galleries and national monuments of London are in London. That means they are huddled up with .narrow Streets congested with traffic, covered over with a leaden sky, swathed in perpetual gloom. For London is simply a vast level plateau in which the torrents of traffic cleave out narrow, winding gorges, in whose somber chasms the raging currents have no space for trees and grass and the open view. But if one finds human life interesting and its problems, social and political, he will want to linger long in this modern Babylon. In the living London then throbbing with business, dancing and parading with society, reeking with poverty and vice, here is a fascination that draws one back again and again into its maelstrom. This three fold life of the metropolis is centered in three sections, North and South London, and the .£ suburbs offering little of special 'significance. There is the city itself, by which Londoners mean the small section about St. Paul's cathedral, the Bank of England, and the Tower, a triangle on the north bank of the Thames. There is West London, the fashionable club and amusement center, with its costly but heavy and tasteless architecture. And there is East London, that, portion which the tourist may wish and fear to see, the London of Wbitecbapel and Ratcliff. Each has its special features: the city its tremendous crush and roar by day, its silent spectral streets by night; West London its gloomy splendor by day. its high life at; night in theater and music hafl, in club and cafe; East London, its grimy, filthy, open markets by day, and its low life at night, likewise in music halls and coffee houses. In a preceding article, we invited our readers to an inspection of London streets by day. If they are willing to undergo the hazards, we willj take them for another tour by night. The national museum has closed at five o'clock and we are outcasts on the street. We are now close to the heart of tho amusement center of London. Whichever way we stroll, we see groups of people gathering about doors on the side streets, undisturbed by the police. It is still three hours before the play but the pit and gallery entrances are already besieged. In our pursuit of art we have missed the afternoon tea, BO we seek it " now and may choose a place on Itegent or Pall Mall for five shillings and sixpence or step into an adjoining street and pay six pence. When . we oome out the shadows are well fallen, business is over and the multitude of the night begin to wrest the street from the multitude of the day. Of course they may be the same, only changed by their purpose. Here in the gallery group, a man is munching a cake and banana and tells you he could not go home for supper he would lose the chance for a seat. But now the groups have lengthened into rows and before the doors open at seven-thirty the line, four abreast, may extend f<;r a block and half, calmly patient. For everyone has brought a book along or a friend with whom to gob- sip. We note that though thi« \» only the gallery crowd, there is no sign of blighting poverty upon them. Usit the slum hangs like, a fringe even upon the garment of the gay the air is rent by a thousand varieties of insistent bellowiugs from stall and barrow merchants, and here, too. are music and dance halls, which from the typo of people entering and the type of music emerging, we will do well to t)ass by. There is no serious disorder or outward sign of crime, but we notice that the policemen always stroll about in couples here. It takes all our courage to leave the lights of Commercial and seek out the darker Katcliff Highway. We may be disappointed that there is so little of the spectacular in the new Ratcliff. But wo notice that every other door enters into a public bouse with its bar filled with men and women, though for the most part quite orderly. And if we watch and listen at the Hide streets we may discover all the old conditions have not passed away. Here comes a struggling, maudlin group. Jack ashore has fallen into tho toils; on one side a creature with hawk- like face, on the other her helper, a heavy-chinned bully. Between them, Jack is enticed and forced into the pub. It will be a while before be comes out, and be sure bis last penny will leave him first. Here one who was caught earlier is staggering back into the street. Down yonder in the light of a doorway, a woman is cursing a child somewhere out in the darkness. Sick at heart wo turn and find our way back to tho station, ready to cry out with Alexander Smith, "God! what base, ignoble faces! God! what bodies wanting souls!" Again we will plunge under the city, for that should bo seen later, and besides we must on no account fail to be in Piccadilly circus at, eleven o'clock. But that will have to wait until next week. wwwvwvs Mr. New Resident: Before you open your hank account in Covina come and see us. We can offer you every convenience and accommodation that safe banking will allow. Covina National Bank J. B, COUI.STON, Pros. I>R. J. D. KlCl'CD, Vice-Pros. V. (). KNGiJSH, Cashier Dr. J. D. Reed G. H. White V. O. Enplisb J. L. Matthews J. H. Cool man Chns. Nicolni Samuel Fosler J. n. Collision Madison Hashor We pay 4 per cent interest on term deposits in our United States Savings Bank We are new here ourselves and are here to stay and we believe that Covina is the coming city of the Sao Gabriel valley and are anxious to do oer part to make it so. If you don't want to open a bank account now, come in and get acquainted anyway. J. N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking-of purchasing-a vehicle os any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will g-uarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points tn-the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '4'), and across Great Salt Lake—"going to sea on a train." D. B. SCIIENCK, Agent. Ccvina Home phone H4 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phono fil; Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific Los Angeles onicc, 600 S. Spring St., corner Sixth Christmas in the Philippines.--The Trip of a Lifetime. How many of our young people would like to spend Christmas in the Philippines among those strange peoples with their queer customs, in. that far away country on the other side of tho world? And how delightful the trip going and coming! The U. S. government furnishes this trip and pays all expenses both ways to those who pass tho civil service examination. The government also pays 81200 to-8lf)00 a year, allows half pay while in transit, f.'ee quarters while there, medical attention and hospital service in case of Hick- ness and 'JO days animal leave of absence and .'SO days sick leave, both on full pay. Tho same its true of those going to Panama. The pay i« often as good or better in the U. K. The work is light and the hours short. . Pull information on this or other lines of the civil service can be had by writing the San Bernardino Business College. This is the only school in California making a specialty of training for this work am] assisting young people to si-cure government positions, examinations for which are held irj the school building. -Adv. Big Firm Indicted. Des Moines ciowm Nov. '2(i A federal grand jury returned indictment on three counts today against Hears, Roebuck A Co., of Chicago, on a charge of using the maild for fraudulent purposes, the specific allegations being that the company had hold articles which were not in accord with those described in catalogued. County Division Platform 1. GOVERNMENT Home people in full control of Home affairs. 2. EXPENSES The most economical administration which may be had with efficient government. Santa Cruz county cost (13th class) $04,211.81 New county cost (13th class) 96,534.00 Orange county cost (15th class) 103,227.18 Riverside county cost (20th class) 124,398.16 San Bernardino (10th class) 228,956.70 It cost less last year to run both Orange and . Riverside counties, with $34,700,000.00' than San Bernardino county on a valuation of $25,646,000.00 The small county is the, best and cheapest. combined valuations of Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Havings Hank, a safe investment at -J p«:r cent. 3. ROADS The best roads which can be built. The money to be raised by bonds or direct tax as the tax payers may determine through their supervisors. 4. HORTICULTURAL COMMISSION Citrus men in control of citrus affairs throughout. They know what they want and can pay for anything their industry demands. San Bernardino county wants to quit county fumigating, according to their supervisors' statement. Now is the time to let them quit. 5. FRUIT PRICES Citrus fruits sold on it» merits and by its well known brands. 6. REPORTS Such records transcribed as the new county needs and may secure without wasting public 7. VALUATIONS AND TAX RATES The increased valuations now being published make it assured that a tax rate for next year in the new county of $.636 will be more than sufficient to run the county. Thi» estimate is backed by unqualified approval by the auditors of Orange and Riverside counties. 8. NOW IS THE Tin E If organized at once the new county will begin with money on hand from this year's taxes amounting to a sura from $120,000.00 to $135,000.00, to cover expenses for the remaining eight months of the fiscal year. This will leave a balance of $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 above necessary expenses. To wait means to lose this revenue, to become a part of Pasadena's county, or to be shunted off from Los Angeles county with only the territory between Covina and Claremont for the new county. NOW IS THE TIME funds.

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