The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 5, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1892
Page 5
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 1892. 5. CHE HUTCHINSON NEWS. , » • ———-• THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. JOHN SI'ONSLKtt. Secretary and llusluenn Munuger. BALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., . Wholesale Notions aoOaocy'Ws, K«. 10 Second Ave. East. Olose ~E*f ice to Dealei-s. EMERSON OAREY, it M las W! Dealer in HIDES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Yards and office opp. court house. Wall Paper and Room Mould, Latest, Designs, All Grades, Low PRICES, -ATH. D. WINSLOW'S. ty-onc years. It has a gold band around it, upon which are inscribed the initials of his name, while on either side is imbedded the emblems of the A. 0. U. YV. and the Knights of Pythias. It is a valuable nut, and one of which the owner is proud. JUDGE BOTKIN IN THE CITY- corning this camp, or write the' undersigned, who w'll mail the information to any address. J. \V. TKHWBII, Santa Fe Route. Experienced hungers furnished if desired. CITY. NEWS. EASTER SALE. EASTER 6L0VES See. our Biarritz in Spring colors. Easter Neck Wear EASTER UMBRELLAS Let April shower. Umbrellas from 98e to$10 00. Make expressly for us in 'Philadelphia. See our Trent's London made umbrella. EASTER HOSERY In cotton, lisle and silk. See our Hermsdorf, fast black, six pair for $1.25. Easter Uuderwear Xew stock—in all grades. Easter White Goods Exclusive Dry Goods House. This is election day. Did you vote? The air this morning was both pure and light. (Mi-plush rockers for $5.75 at King's. tit Several of our traveling men were in the city to-day to vote. Special prices on bananas at Cunningham's, 13 South Main. The hotels of the city have been crowded almost every night for a week past. Carey is still in the coal business, tf Special prices on bananas at Cunningham's, la South Slain. You can get cream puffs at the Clar endon hotel bakery. Try them. San-bed room suits for $1!) at King's. Ut This has been an encouraging day, after the past few days of unpleasantness! Buy of the business men who advertise. Considering the severity of the late storms the trains on all the railroads have been closely on tirnt: If you want hand-made furniture at a bargain see King this week. Ot Take your meals to-morrow with the Degree of Honor, in the new hall iu the Grand building. Mrs. Li raves has removed her hair dressing parlor from Pussiuore block to No. T,i South Main street. 5t T. E. Bowman and F. E. Poponoo of Topeka were transacting business on our streets to-day. Special sale of bananas at Cunning ham's, No. 13, South Main street. You can buy bananas there for 15 and L'U cents a dozen. Have you secured a ticket to the A O. 0, VV. and Degree of Honor ball, to be given on Wednesday night, April 0 As will be seen by reference to another column of this issue, the railroad attaches of the city have formed an organization with a fraternal feature attached. Leave orders for bread at the Bon Ton llakery and the wagon will de liver the same at your door. tf Sweet oranges at South Main. J. S. DUNN, OPTICIAN, 112 North Main St., HUTCHINSON, : KANSAS. We are ON WALL PAPER, And underselling everybody on all grades. We • havo-definitely decided to GO ENTIRELY OUT Cunningham 's, 13 Pentecostal meeting Wednesday afternoon at .1 o'clock in the Methodist church. Let everybody attend this meeting. For lame back side or chest, us. Shiloh's Porous Plaster.' Price 25 cents For sale by A. A. Drug Co. Gospel temperance meetings every evening this week at the M. 1'!. church. The, D. of H. will serve dinner, supper and midnight lunch in the new hall on Wednesday. They Bhowed enterprise in undertaking to assist in furnishing the third story of the Grand, and merit your encouragement. tiring your magazines and books to the NEWS bindery and have them neat ly bound. It is the best'/way to preserve them. There will bo a gospel temperance meeting this evening at the M. K. church, addressed by Rev. C. II. and Mrs. Eugenia F. St. John. Everybody invited. Of the wall paper business, as we need the room for our DRUG- STOCK, And guarantee to make the lowest i ures ever quoted in Hutchinson. 11 J. M. BEAM, Prop. Going into the Wall Paper Business. NO OLD PATEBNB. We are not selling it at cost, but at a fair, living profit. . NEW GOODS. Experienced hangers furnished to put It on the wall. COBURN & DETAR, AT THE OPERA. HOUSE BOOK S^TORE Are in the wall' paper business to stay « FOR MEN ONLY! ~~ raTor I06T or FAILING JIAKHOOD. SflOeueriUandHERVOUBDKBIMTt; " WeaknoBS frf Body and Hind, Effect* „_ , lifcf Errortor Bxcews In Old or Youor, Betuk Soklr HAKUOIIII full. IWorril. Haw lo Eiiltrw BtrvBjllcolVICH IMIKHSUli-JUlIhGASBiVjlHTSolVobl , Mlhilfiv MUllk ISUIUir. Hc.DU to attar. Early KiBers, Early Risers, Early Risers, the famous little pills for constipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and uervousncss. Beam's Midland plmriua- cv. Attention everybody. Yourfelfand lady are wanted to attend a great auction sale of mother of pearl pictures, now going on at No. 3 North Main,nest to the Golden Eagle. Come and examine the pictures whether you buy or not tf , COL. 11. C. IIAHHIB. Go to the Lutheran church to-night and hear an able sermon from Kev. Killingcr. llrlufcN IlloninK AccountH of FroH |ie «-tH In Bnirftrd Comity* Judge Botkin was In the city to-day and paid this office a pleasant call. He reports everything calm and serene 'on the border," with finer prospects than that country has ever known before. In speaking of the wheat prospects, the judge said: "Seward county has ten acres of wheat now to one acre at this time last -year. The plant is looking fine and farmers are jubilant, I look upon southwest Kansas as being in a more prosperous and promising condition than ever before. Should we get another crop this year as good as last our people will come to the front in good shape." A Token of negurd. The choir in the Christian church planned and executed a neat surprise on H. W. Smith, a tew nights since, Mr. Smith lias been clioirister for quite awhile until recently, when ,1. M. Mulkey accepted the place, thus relieving Mr. hmith, who is quite a favorite with the choir, us well as the entire church. They spent, a very pleas ant hour with Mr. .Smith, ,to whom they presented a beautiful Hiule, as a token of the high regard in which he is held by them. Mr. Smith will still take charge of the music at .Sunday school. • A Uuuil 3ttui l.o.M.. After this week this city will lose one of its best citizens in the person of | John M> Jordan, who • has been appointed special agent lor the Phceuix lnsurunce company of Hartford, lor Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, He will leave for his new work the last of this week, and his family will shortly follow. He is one of our best and most valued citizens, and while business calls him from our midst, Denver gains a good citizen. Success to him. . AVol-lu't. i-'ull' .Uuelilig;. Mrs. Judge llanback and Mrs. Mitchell, the lady world 's fair commissioners of Kausus, will be in the city on Fri day ApriL 8. There will be a meeting of the ladies of Hutchinson at the Santa Fe hotel on that day at 3 o'clock to confer with these ladies with reference to Kansas exhibits at the world's fair. The ladies of the city are requested to bo present at this meeting. '.it. Killed In u Kailwuy ColliKloli. Mrs. M. J. Condon received the sad intelligence last evening that her brother; C. A. Hoyce of St. Louis, was killed in a railway collision yesterday morning. Their mother, Mrs. M. E. Royee. wiU bring the remains here for interment, and will arrive some time to -morrow. Funeral services will be held at the First M. E. church. Time and particulars given later. Court i'roceedliign. The case of J. J. Woodard & Co. against David Stewart, to collect commission on the sale of certain property, which was up for hearing yesterday, still claims the attention of the court at the hour of going to press, and will possibly be up for hearing during' the remainder of the day. The case being tried to a jury. Keleanecl on Hall. ( Win. Glasscock, one of the .Stafford parties who worelodgcd in jail here on Saturday night, was yesterday released on bail, which was brought here by the hcriff of Stafford county. The' other gentlemen still hold cases on the Weekly de Jones. Notice to Vlaltlnc Workmen. Committeemen will meet all trains from morning until night, on Wednes day. to conduct all visiting brothers and sisters to the hall on the third floor of the Grand, wheremeals will be served all day and night. Kneiter Attraction*. Tin; enterprising dry goods merchant, A. W. Innes, is making a specialty this week of Easter attractions. Read about a few of them in the first column, page 5. :it Vim F«l ton, Mliyor. Mr. Van Patten was elected by a majority of 74, in Sterling, yesterday. Considerable excitement and a heavy vote WHS the programme. A Knock Down in Prices on ir AIM J.2> WE WILL SELL YOU A pair of $1.25 working pants for $ ,76 " 1.50 working pants for - .99 " 2.00 nobby pants for - 1.49 " 3.00 dress pants for •.-*.- • 1.99 4.00 fine stripe pants for 2.99 " 4.50 good value pants f or • • 3.49 6.00 custom made pants for - . 4.00 Yes we boast of the largest stock in town and we ar* the leaders of Married. License was issued by Judge Kon- tron, yesterday to Detrick Enns and Justina Dick, both of Reno county. "Who said Hood's SarsaparilluV" Thousunds of people, who know it U be the best blood purifier ami tonic medicine. Official Statement Of tin- ilnaiiL -ial condition op tin- Hunk nf James St. .John & Co,, at Hutchlnmni. Htate of Kansas, at the clu»e of business on the sjlllli flay of March, 1HII2: ItKSOimOKS; Loans and discounts on personal aii'l collateral security snu.iwtu a: Loans on real estate -Kid till Overdrafts .' ill Heal estate 10,000 ilu Furniture and Oxtures '-.'.UU0 00 ExiH-nne account 17:J ' Checks and other cash Items :t.7"~ 70 C.'learlng-house Hems 410 3t] Currency 2,01)7 00 Gold coin : 'J.ODO »0 Silver coin -110 10 Due from other banks, sl^ht exchange :i,s:i8 Everything new at Mrs. gallery, 10 South Main. PERSONAL. Berglof's tf E. M. Maxtield of Wichita, was in the eity to-day on buBiness. Joseph Hardy of Emporia was in this city on business to-day. Miss Mary Lovelace of St. Louis is visiting friends on North Main street. H. H. Everest came in from LaCrosse to-day and is the guest of his parents, Kev. and Mrs. Everest. J. W, Osborne of llurrton was in the city to-day. He reports business good in his town, and prosperous times for his Graphic. Rev. E. U. Killinger and wife came in on. the Rook Island last evening. They are old friendB of Mrs. Judge Atwood, and are her guests, Dupler, the grocer, has patented a machine for taking sprouts Off potatoes that knocks the sprouts off of anything that has appeared before the public lately. A. U. Caldwell of Arlington, passed through here this morning, en route for Salt Creek township to assess damages In a tire which occurred there last Saturday. Chas. II. Wilson of KanBas City, supreme secretary of the Railway Em­ ployes lienifieial association, was in the eity lust night and to-day, and paid this office a pleasant call. J. W. 1 Fisher, special correspondent for the Topeka Capital, was in the city to-day, but went west this evening. He will return to-morrow and remain overfor thoA. O. U. \V. and D. of H. . ball and supper. J. P, Beisinger was In the eity to* day, and showed the reporter a hickory nut which he has carried toy twen- t.tAmr.iTiKH: Capital stock paid in $\M,0(]0 00 Undivided prollts l .sia u Interest Sll.'l -1 Exchange 17 7 Individual deposits, 'il,4'^4 :1 Demand certillcates 7,ll:!"» s Cashiers Check Out r.S.'i 00 Total : SfiO.riO- fl: STATU OF KANSAS I „„ County of Ueno. f 8h I. A. W. McCandless. cashier of said bank do solemnly swear that the aliove statement is true, to the. hest of my knowledge and he lief. So help me Uod. A. W. MCCANDLAKS , Cashier Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 4th day of April, lHiis. [KKAL] v. R pnuiCi, Notary Public Commission expires "n the (1th ilav of June. lHt!!>. Correct. Attest. JAMEH ST. JOHN A. M. MCCANDI.USS \ [Owners, Vinit our shoe department, it may be the means ot saving you some money, TWENTY-FIVE EMPTY 110XES FOR HALE. DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE. I. GOLDBERG, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansin. -THE- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF- HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, $7,50« DIRECTORS. L, C. WKLTON, Farmer. JAH. GimuuB, Hanker. .TNO. J.INOAU.S, ex-Senator. T. E. ROWMAN, Capitalist. C. W. T 'EMi'i.Rii, Vice-Pres., A. J. HIOI.KV, Insurance Kan. Grain & L. S. Co. and Real Estate. JOHN HAIA , I 'reident. J. W. WILKINSON, V.-Pres. N. (}. llor .LisTEB. Cashier. CARPETS AND CURTAINS. Attention, Ladies. If you want neat Morning Wrappers, Stylish Tailor Made Gowns or Street Dress, Handsome Tea Gowns. Elegant Evening Costumes, call on MRS. E. A. CHURCH, .I'M 1 -/ North Main, College Ifuilding, Room No. .1. I'Yench, English and American fashion plates to choose from. AII work warranted to give entire satisfaction both as to fit ahd finish. I most respectfully solicit the putrouage of all who need my services. Atteutluu, Ladles. In another column of this paper will be found the card of Miss E. A. Church. Miss Church is prepared to wait upon the ladies of Hutchinson and make for them all garments in the latest styles. She furnishes you French, American and English fashion plates to choose from. Her place of business is room 5, College block. Dlrtvolutlou Notlee. The firm of lienediet Urothers have this day dissolved, C. C. lienediet retiring, and W. H. S. lienediet continuing the business, assuming all Indebtedness and collecting all outstanding billB. All persons knowing themselves being indebted to the old firm will please call at once and settle. Hutchinson, Kan., April 4, 1802. A Fine Wilguu. Jake Urchin, proprieftir of the Hon Ton bakery, has placed the most attractive wagon on the streets to be found in the city if not in the state. It is built on the most modern plan and is something of which any firm in any city should be proud. Notice. All personB knowing themselves indebted to the firm of Carpenter & Wood will please call at their store and settle. This call is made owing to a change in the firm and a desire to close and balance all accounts. St C'rlppltt Creek, The rush for this new mining camp continues and is increasing. Very rich finds are recorded daily and the town 1 of Fremont, which had no existence a few weeks ago, now boasts of 3,000 inhabitants und is growing rapidly. This new El Dorado lies to the southwest of Pikes Peak, about eighteen miles from Florissant, a, point on the Colorado Midland (Santa Fe) line, and nbout fifty miles from Colorado Springs. Daily stages run between Florissant and Fremont, Call at the Santa Fe ticket office and get printed matter iviaK much ?al " ' " Teacher of Piano, Organ and fornet Desires to form a class iu the use of either or all the above instruments. Leave orders with Hutchinson Music company, or at Mrs. Harsha's residence, on Second Ave. east. Saturday, March 19, we "opened the largest line of theBe goods ever shown in the city, consisting of Lace Curtains, Silk Curtains, China Silk, Embroidered Muslin. Art Lace, Plushes, You Want to Buy Hose, Do You? Well I eaut tell you the best place in Hutchinson to buy it. It is of f RAZEE & WILSON, The Plumbers, No. IS Second Avenuo West. Telephone 140. They have the Goodyear Rubber Com pauy's hose, warranted to stand pressure. Th«y also have a car load of 'i, 4 & 6 inch sewer pipe. ' ISyThey are the leading plnmheru <rf the city, and make a specialty of re- And the only line of Hartford and Lowell carpets in the city. Onr new illustrated catalogue for 1892 will be out about April 1. Send for one. I] 25° zs - FOR 25- ABSOLUTELY PI "

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