Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, October 5, 1912
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liUMEXV. NO. 297. lOLA, kAg.,"0(DT. 5,1912:-;^SATURDAY EVENING. tueecMor to th* lola Daily ll«glttM>. th«. Iota Dally Raeerd and tha tola Oally^liulM EIGHT PAGES AS THE PDBITAX :.AT BOSTON fOSYENTIOX. ^lOLA AS CITY ITHERE RE- ^^»0B« IS IS EXTREME. 6 GMiPJUEN MtTEBUL tiM BMort That it h a rrim<> to V»» Tobwco and Per. ««IIR AiTPstfd (or It. ' yfiit are the Brewers saylug about Wbtt toJefl of nilsrepreaentation fin^-aiius^ are tbey telling tn order to mik9>,caj|ipalgt) material for locnll- tidi^bere the issue of prohibition Is 'what Mayor Bollinger and oera Glynn and Freeman , lolans would Nke to know, 'foipe libelous, daroaglog and us.. BtQry • going . the rounds aboi ^J '.tbta muolcipality ^aod Mayor BollQ^r lAeaha to' tlnd out whet It is. Iniibe jnomlng mail, the Mayor re- e«l^' tHe following letter from .Wm. P. mgason, wlltpr of the Venango Couoiy DaHy Herald, published at Franklin, Pa. " *'jHi« Honor, Jbe Mayor, Tola, Kkiiaaa. Dear Sir:' A'paper pub' Itafaed at Padiicab, Kentucky, recently published the statement that in your town it has be^n n^e:unlawful to use tobacco 8|ii['.tDtii; any person found or detalited ;in lislng tobacco is ar- rtotM. Tit publication commit- tM'ot ttae-firewers Association at t&^ rraeiit convention in Bos- tbn',- liaa a good deal to say about tJMf^ Will you Wndly give me the taf^B as to whether anything of th« iBort has been done?" ffntiortunateiy; editor Ferguson neg- Jested to •inclose a atatemrat of just tb<^ iiidiot|l|j^t:~gP9tt wUch the jyoBaejKf^oiwaing curgeiT have n>i4|^-)Pma. -ErhfrnUy. the brew- » SCRIPTURE. « I Kings 17tl.«. And Elijah the TIshbite who was the Inhabitants of Gllead. said unto Ahab. as the Lord God of Israel Uvetb before whom I stand, there shall not l>e dew nor<rain these y^ars. but according to my word. And the word of the Lord came unto him. saying. Get thee hepce. and turn thee eaat- ward, and bide thyself by the brQok Cherlth. tbat is before Jordan. And it shall be. that thou shatt drink of the brook; and I hare commanded the ravens to feed thee there. So he W4»nt and did according unto the word of the Lord: for be went and dwelt by the brook Cherith .that is before Jordan. And the ravens brought him bread and flesh In the morning .and bread and flesh In the evening; and be drank of tife brook. THE MILLS MTE GIUIGEILED «FiiJ)£ri been world^g.on-the theory tjiltti^fooa woyjjvi rffortn iff banilljBir ; Totebs with irto -ibb« thilSc &'l^l^^ re" btdl-taecM. btilciat-akull«4; blear- eyeB' Sarttodcr has stood upon the <iaatf6m tn Boston, and barrangued ;^hlt%eafera with a lot of hoosense and uBiniUi-about Purit&nioal lola. •'Se^'^how absolutely foolilh the re. fotaiers bare acted in lola, Kansas" aljS^ita.tbe brewer. "Out in that for^ .lorn.'reform erased rlllAge tbey l^ve carried things so far.t/at it Is even -*-crime, even a "iw-rr-lme, fellow ciiitens for a man to smoke or chew tobacco: If h« does so, h»- is immed- ialelr, »Trest^]l and fined. Laws -hsre-been «nacted prohibiting the usej oftblwicro.AIi, fellow citlsens, where^ Is-our boasted personal liberty f* 'And then the audience, bade tip pi^baVlv^of wet sympatbiaers, cheers and- pitlies lola. Kansas. 'Mar the effete East be calm. lola needs no t>ity. 'luln i^ acity of sober men and chia«te women: a city where twote has long since been banished; w^here th^ are no bbuesJn which the trag- e^ of the cup has t >eea enacted; a cigr.where the wage earner takes botaie his pay envelope and spends it foi> bread instead of taking* it to the grog isbop and spending it for boose. 4U people are happy and contented with tempUtion out of the way of man, woman and child. And, lis to tobacco. , Nobody claims that it does the hur loan system any good. But people 'Use K Just the same and no one denies Ibcm^tbe right. It is not a crime to ^^mibKe'or chew in lola— unless it is a crimfe Against n^ure/ No one is arrested—unless a minor—for smoking or chewing and the sale of such lux- the chief means of revenue in a. number' of stores in tb^ city. •The sale of .tobacco IS prohibited on . .Sunday^ The commissioners take the 'position that the sale of tobacco is un- neeesaarycai.Sunday. A person who .OMs tobacco may lay In bis Sunday sap9lj.4i>nlSatnrday night The en- m<iu*«t and.enforcement of this law bfMlniUfbt .a. number of enemies for t^^maySr and commissioners and Jiaie]^ )mow. it But tbey are confident - tSit tlteir stand is right and if- there is to be^ blame for tile enforcement of law. the commissiop will . willingly J^e it This Uim, is tbe'ekteAtof itbe foun- iation «imn -which .the Ules about loU bar*, bees- mannfactured. . The tale of tobacco on< Sunday is prohibited an^ iU ose by minors is probibitn Otherwise otbacco is sold and lUtfed 'bere as elsewhere. Tbe brewers ane running them- aelTes into'a comer, s aiayor Bollinger is writing editor Fifcrgtison a letter that will make this (TwA reliClous faaatles atruck this diy this afternoon and proceeded to tncmch tbeljr.. doctrine on the street ' ,Tbey teemed tbenuelves Si" and. amonK the various u^a prioelplea which tbey to-their listwers, wer«: Calm got bU wife." Vlt la only "'^Mrnbc^ to' wear long batr and whis- ^Jamn ana "all wito - belief e lb o«jr doetrtna 'Will gain eternal aalvatlon" 3aatf\4uuiy otbera. ilf there was any OMJv the crowd who listened and be- .'-nitWl, ao ajgna of dooveraation were \jBRBifM by that party. Chris S. Ritter has received advice from William Allen White to the effect that Rev. Benjamin Fay Mills, who was billed for a speech here on the evening: of October 8th, will jiot coine. • Arrangemenu had been made. Mr. White Baya,'.for Rev. Mills to spealc in St'Louis before Itae lola date was made; and tbe-train eenrice from St Louis ta lola is such that'the speaker co\i|d not reach here in time to der |i^«- headdress on schedule time s6 the date has been cancelled. tHE WEATHEB. FORECAST FOR KANSASt Fair t«- nlirhtl probilblr showrrs and rooicr Sanday. Data recorded at local office Weather Bureau: Temperature: highest yesterday- at 3 p. m. 88; loi^est this morning at 6 a. m. e.*!; normal for today 69: excess In temperature yesterday 4 degrees; deficiency since January 1st 334 degrees.' Yesterday: 6 p. m. 79; 9 p. m. 72; 12 mdt 6. 9 Today' 3-a. m. 68; a. ni. 65; 9 a. tn. Tn. • . Precipitation for 24 hours ending 9 a. m. today 0; in precipitation since Jsnuary Ist 4.35 Inches. Relative humidity 7a. m. today 73 ler cent; barometer reduced to sea evel 30.01 inches. Sunrise today 6:21 a .m.; sunset .i :59 p. m. 4- ETangellst-Polltirian Will >'ot Cone to lola to Speak. y (By the Associated Prexs) r I.Aulsburg. Kan.. Oct. 5.—Three hundred men. practically the entire male population of the town lined up today while a bloodhound walked behind them. By that the auihori- tie# hoped to find tlie person who last night shot Postmaster George McElheny to death In his home. The dog did not stop to sniff at the heels of any and the olScers are baffled. ^ Ijoulsburg. Kan.. Oct 4.—George Mc- Blheney. postmaster here, was shot and killed at his home about 10 o'clock tonight. The murderer fired from dark ness through a screen door wblle Mc- Blheney was sitting In bis hoine. No reason Is known for tbe crime. Mr. McEUheney. who is about 30 years old. had Just returned with his wife from the band concert on the town square. He had been postmaster, here about three years, and alsb was treasurer of the Loulsburg f^lr. which closed a three days' meeting today. The fair's receplts were about $^0 a day. It Is not known whether Mc- Blheney kept his money In the boUse. Mrs. McElheny was unabl to talk about tb' shooting tonight. McElheney was bom and reared in this (Miami) county. He had two child ren. FAMOUS YIOLINIST rOMIKG. SkoTgard and Company Seeared by the Christian Chnrch. The Young )*eople*s Society of tbe First Christian Church have arranged to present Skovgard, the famous Danish violinist and his company, in concert in lola on the evening of De' cember lltb. Skovgard had ran open date following bis engagement at Wichita and the t^brlstian church people were fortunate se- .cnre this oi>en time. - - Skovgard is said to be one of ^e leaders in the professional 'class beaded by Miss Maude Powell -and Jan Kubelik. lolans will doubtlaaa substantially appreciate tbe opportunity to hear him. THE BARKER TRIAL SECRET Hi'ews of tbe Hearing of the Fmbyter- ten Minister Yesterday not PaMi2 The Neosho Presbytery of the Presbyterian thurch held a session yesterday at Cbanute to Investigate the- charges against Rev. P. H. Barker, formerly pastor of the First Presbyterian church jit CoffeyvlUe. Thcproceed- ings of the session were not given out yesterday and all outsiders were excluded from the meeting. Rer. Barker, it is said, was accused of tendering "irregular" credentials from the Maywood Congregational church at Chicago of which be was pastor before entering tbe Presbyterian ministry. BOARD MEETS >'EXT WEEK. Connty Commissioners 4)narterly Ses- slon Will Be a Busy One. The quarterly meeting of the Board of County Commissioners will be held next week beginning Monday. All persons having business; with the commissioners should take such items up promptly for there are no longer monthly meetings of the board. 'The budget of business for next week is a large one. Many items of business bavei accumulated until it will probably take all of the week to dispose of them. TO ATTEXD; LEAGUE MEETING TEXD LEAG ad City Com t« At^ad at Mayor and City Coaurfssleners Flan ^ - salfaa. Mayor Bollinger and Commissioners Glynn and Freeman are planning to attend tbe annual meeting of tbe Kansas Municipal League to be held at Salina next week. Tbe Bute Municipal League Is composed at t^ city oIBclals of the citles- of Kansas and annual meetings are to be held at which plans and methods of handling municipal problems itre dia- cuased. Ideas are intercbanged and much benefit results. Col J. B. Atchison retursed today from CbecoUb.-Okla.. where be went] to.attend the cdnventioa of tbe National Anti-Horse Tbief-akabciatioB. Officers wera follows: Jcbn Wall. Parsons. Kan.. Pratldent; B. W. Crow, Carthage. Mo.. Vice-President; O..D. Adair. Holdenville. Oklahoma, aecretary and treasurer. Keokuk. la., was elected «s' tbe city to anterttla tht next coavaaUon. TO KM POPriATIOX OF LOUISBCRfl IX QUEER EXAMIXATIOy OFFIOEAS SEEK t MURDERER IIU -VTISiG ^MAX WHO SHOT FOSilr. MA.STER FROM AMBUSH Male PopnIatloB of Town Lined Up .^hlle Bloodboand^ Passed Behind Them—No Resnlta: MORE ei6 RU6S TO TESTIEY Cnne. HDIes. Wills. Taft and Others Will Appear Befare th* Senate ConnUttee. ••t IBjr t»H ASMcJat 'ita .^M!, . Washington. Oct 5.«-CUarle8 R. New York, and Cfaarles E^waisa Russell win testify Monday • before tbe Clapp Committee Investtgatifag' campaign funds and Cbarles Taft. brother of President Taft. Charles 'D. 'Hilles, chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Judge R: S. Lovett. head of the Harriman lines, will testify on Wednesday.' Matthew Hale of Massachusetts. Sen ator Scott of West Virginia and Lewis Hammerling of New York, will'testify Monday. These announcements were made today by Chairman Clapp. OIL STORE IS REDUCED September Saw Sapply Decreased 27ft3M Barrels. The total pipe line runs of the Prairie Oil and Gas Company for tl^e month of September.(short month) were 2.625.978.12 barrels, while at the same time tbe deliveries were 2,901,817.20 barrels,.showing a draft upon the reserve stocks of 275339.08 bar- rals. The averages per day were: Runs, 87 532.60; deliveries 96,727.24; draft 9.194.64 barrels. It will be noticed that the runs and deliveries are stronger, than they were. There is an indicatidn of a gradual increase in the output of the field. The reserve stocks on October 1. were 39,383,432 barrels.—Independence Reporter. >ow Taft Is BUmed. Colonel Roosevelt, who now attacks Canadian Reciprocity whenever, he is talking to farmers, consulted by President Taft in regard to It ten days be-, fore tbe latter made the agreement, and strongly, recommended it In his letter wherein bd-^^ declared bis Ann' belief in "free &ade with Canada," be wrote: "Whether Canada will accept such reciprocity I do not kqow. but It is greatly to 'your credit to make t)ie effort."—Ottawa Republic. An observing, farmer is responsible for the following says tbe Sylvan Grove Ne^s: "Wlken you pass a <arm and- see a large bam and small bouse you may know the man Is^tbe Iwss; when you see a fine bouse and a small bam. yon may understand that the woman has things her own way; apS when there is a good bam-'and a nfce house you. may take it ifor granted Uiat the woman and the mati are equals and work toisether In harmony L,awrence Gasette:. "Chuck"-.,Dolae University cheer leader, annonncieb that tbe ^nual nii^t. shirt' parade will tal(e 'place following tbe game tomorrow win or lose. Tbe prelim- mary rally usually held the. day her (ore the gkme was omitted after the chapter exercises today, as Dolde wanu the students lo put all their enthusia'sm into the parade tomorrow night Her many frienda .over the obunty. will be sorry to learn that' Mrs. J. R. Dunlap.'of near Carlyle^'ls serlotaialr ill with pnaumonia. .Owing to-bet •ge a^venty-fiva years.- her chances of recovering are not so bright as could be wished. J. F.- Forrest, of Cherry vale who baa l>een h«fe on'business, retursed homa thla alteraoon. OM SECOND THOUOHT, MEN' TOTE FOR THEMSELVES. IILUINWIIHUS.'!IJITSSULTIIII TELL OF DYNAMITE CREW TURKISH RULER ADDS TO FANATICISM OF HIS PEOPLE. . M«l» at Italian Hoibassy— Bnlgaitei FarllMlient Refnlns iron a Deetanitfen of War. (By. tb« Ax .iociated Fre.<n> \ donstsditlnople, Oct 0. — Turkish demonstrators ismashed windows at the Italian embassy and: Greek consulate last evening. The police dl.**- persed the crowd. Tbe Sultan, replying to a deputation of Unionists, said today: 'Allah will not {lermit our fatherland to be trampled on by a few enemies.. I am confident that Allah Is with us." ' Sofia, Bulgaria, Get. 5.—King Ferdinand of Bulgaria. In a speech today at the opening of Parliament referred to the military measures taken by the government and said he and his ministers relied on tbe people's representatives doing their duty. As today is the anniversary of the j)roclamatlon of Bulgarian Independence from Turkey, the meeting of the extraordinary session of the Sobranje, or Parliament was awaited with liome apprehension,, as it has been reported that war would be declared. The deputies, however, merely aiiproved tbe proclamation of martial law. The powers have advised the Balkan states not lo withdraw their repre- .sentatives from Constantinople, pending the result of steps l>elng taken by tbe aiiibassadors. In a letter to an lola friend, among other things Judge C. H. Parmelee of the Fourth Judicial District of Wyoming, said: "The campaign is Just opening in this state, but the entire sute Is strong for Taft and 1 am sure it win bold in line for him on November 5th." «STORYofteii \g\T\s and one !|inan at a summer tresqrt, in the days I of universal suffnige Canididate BY BYRlQN VILLiAMS Held gnaoiMr by-a hny of dejtermioed iyoong ladiey; His Hoxaor. th« -Mayi6r. iaiorcwUto b«a diplomat—mlao a Lochtnvar iiA bv*. /•r**«iArairlM«< mUimmmi, Another Man Will Tell What He Knows of Gang:. (By the A-s.iocfated Pre.ia) Indianapolis. Oct 5.—Herbert S. Hockins said by Ortie E. McManingal to have been one of the organizers of the "Dynamiting Crew." has given Information against the other defendants In the trial of the accused "Dyn- amtte plotters." according to a statement by District Aattorney Miller in court today. According to McManigal. Hockln. who is acting secretary-treasurer of the International Association Bridge and Structural Iron workers, was as bold as tbe McNamaras in causing explosions against employers of nonunion labor, aitd was the "inventor" of the alarm clock scheme by n'hlch tbe Eo.s Angeles Times was b -.<>7 --n up. Hockin was in the court-room with tjie other defendants today. He Just had been severely arrainged by Attorney Miller as the prime mover in the dynamite plot. "Hockin has been (louble-cossing everybody," said Miller. "He not only double-crossed Mc- .Munlngal. but he even double-crossed •the. Union." m CITY FOOD 'TRUST'. JUDGE DISSOLVES PRODUCE EX- CHA.NGE ON THAT CITY Memliers Control 7a Per Cmt of Produce Business anil Seemed to Fix the PriMs. OMtlNB DEIITII FOR $10,000 THE GRAND PRIX EVENT IX AUTO- .MOBILE RACING Bob Biimam QoH'When Piston Broke After li Mlles-«amry OldOeid Lost to Start. (By th« Aasoclatrt Pres.O Wauwatosa. Wis.. Oct Ji. —At the end of 27.'! miles. Bragg, in a Plat car. led in the Grand Prix race for $10,000. Race Course Wauratosa, Wis., Oct. 3.—The biggest crowd of the week gathered today to witness the <10,000 grand prix automobile road race. Uii- ,der ideal weather and track conditions the drivers lines up. expecting to lireak all records for a new course In their desire to win tbe big purse. Bob Burnaro was the. first of the twelve contestants to get away, but was forced to withdraw because of a broken piston at the end of fifteen miles. Barney Oldfield was the last to start TURN TABLE.S IN MIS.SOURI. MeoKPrs May be Raled Out of the Ballot There. (By the Associated I^reits) Jefferson City, Oct 5.—The Injunc-: tion suit of the Republican candidate for state-auditor against the Secretary of State to prevent the printing on the official ballot of the Progressive party's state ticket, was today set for bearing on next Thursday. "FROM STUBBS DOIIN." Candidate Brady Tells Hew He Divides Ticket The Republican candidate for Congress in the. Second district has been from tbe start supporting tbe straight Republican ticket. He Is for-«very man on he ticket from Stubbs down to road overseer. He believes, that a Republican Congress Is good for,tbe country and be Is running as a Repub lican for Congress. H^ is going to lose some reactionary votes because be is a Progressive Reptibllcan.- but Ac 1s going tn gain twice 'as .many as be loses from the independent voters who have generally been voting tbe Republican ticket.—Lawrence Journal. ' (By the Associated Press) Kansas City.,Oct.5.—The; prosecution of the Kansas City Frultand.'Prp- duce Exchange, a "FoQd Trust" ended today when Judge Seehcirn; In the district court, assessed a fin^'of $18,000 against the exchange aiidits sixteen members. Later he reduced tbe fine to S .'t.OOO and granted an injunction restraining the exchange from meeting and fixing prices and ordering Its charter fqrfelted. The defendants fllied a motion ^or a new trial. The exchange comprises seventy- five per rent of the wholesale produce dealers here, handling about 60 per cent of the butter, eggs, poultry, etc., sold here. The courc held the exchange virtually controlled the mer- ket. n -ERE IX A SUICIDE PACT! St. Lonis; Woman Says She Agreed With Wichita Man. (By the. Associated Press) St. Louis. Oct 5.—Mrs. Dorothy Swinney told the police today that she and Fredrick L. Klnsey who was killed by dropping from a window at Wichita, Kansas, yesterday bad a suicide agreement Before dropping fnjm the window Klnsey Is saldto have unfolded a plot to rob a local bank. This plot is said to have involved tbe woman at whose home Klnsey lived. Mrs. Swinney denied that she knew of a plot to rob a bank, but declared that she and Kinsey had agreed to Jump off a bridge into the Mississippi river and that Klnsey had "backed out" Kinsey left his boarding plai:e here Tuesday and when be didat return Mrs. Swinney drank polsod. She was released from the city hospital today and her condition is not serious. OMAHA WELCOMES WILSOX (•'evemor Slept Throagh a Near R. R. Wreek Last Night (By the Associated Press) Omaha. Oct. 5.—Governor Wilson was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd on his arrival here. Tbe Governor slept peacefully through a near wreck last night A freight engine sideswipi- ed a car in the governor's train and his car was slightly damaged but he didnt know of the accident until informed df it this morning. C. J. PetersoiL and James Smith went to Humboldt this afternoon. J. W. Jones of north of LaHarpe was a visitor here this afternoon. L. Smith, of south of Gas, was a business visitor. her;a .ihia /^ifternoon. W. H. Parkbin of squtl^lteat of the city was here on busloesii.stbii afternoon. .' /t > Jack Malonv retnrned doma this afternoon from a business visit to Pittsburg. Cbris Ritter went to Moran last night to work on the Fraternal Citl- zenf' charter. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charley (Uirrlson and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Hunt, of Garnett will spend Sunday with Mr. and Un. C. J. Balilett of this city. KILLED III IITLE CABLEGR.4V BRINGS NEWS4)F THE TAKING OF A TOWN. FSHTING'IOilT NOT KM ADMIRAL .SOUTHERLAND ACTINO > WITHIN THE LAW; | Nlcaragna Expresses Sympathy and. Town of Granada Asks Honor et Marines' Grates. ; (By the As!?ooiat«l Pre.«.s) Washington. Oct. .'».—Four American , marines were killed and six wounded yesterday, when tbe American forces took the town of Coyotepe froiii the- Nicaraguan rebels, according to a ca*-. ; blegram today to Minister Castrild from Chamoro, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua. The cablegram to Minister Castrilo dated Managua. October 4th, was as follows: ^ "Massaya wa^ taken today by as-r sault . We bad a bundrea dead and two hundred wounded. The Americans early took Coyotepe, with four dead and six wounded. Correa simultaneously took Barranco. Zeldon .fled with bis foilowWrs and was captured eight leagues from .Massaya. wounded and died later. Today I've asked tbe American legation to express our deepest sympathy for the marines' death. The Granada municipality has requested the marines' bodies for burial In that city. 1 beg to express to tbe department of state my deep sympathy. .Minister of Affairs, Ckomlrro." The Zeldon spoken of in the cablegram is a rebel general, a Honduran ' in the employe of Mena. the fallen dictator, who was recently captured and uken to exile.' ! Though the lives of the American marines have been lost and other Americans .have been wounded In ^bat appears to have been one of the most sanguinary battles' fought In Central Amerjca in. many year^, yet, tecbni-. cally the United States js; not' enfagtKl ' in war. As defined- by-t^ State'~-|)»- ' partment. the. status ofL-relationa'.ite- tween the United States and Nicaragua is one of friendship; Wbat Rear Admiral Southerland. has done in it-> tacking the Nicaraguan rebels la da- ' clared purely in the pundance of hia duty of forcibly protecflng'Am^^cStt- Uves and property as Well as that df ~ citizens of European nations. It is believed one result will be^^to clear the railroads. GONCEAL flOLBOP FI6URES City .Soathera Rabbed In Ok- lahonm La.«t|Nlght. Bat Amoapt Taken Unknown. (By the AsMWiated Press) Kansas City, Oct 3.—The Kansas. City Southern passenger tr»in wbtcb was held up near Poteau. Okla.. lu^t night, arrived here this morn'ng "on!" time but badly shattered from effects of two charges of nitro-glycerlpe. • Neither the express nor the rallwav officials would give tbe amount of the loot taken. The express company wouldn't admit that more t ifn two thousand dollars was missing. General Passenger Agent Allen was with the train. He said the train was not delayed more than firo minutes by the. robbers and that tbey did net bother the passengers. Warned-of their approach the women concealed their valuables In their stocking-). $300,000 TO ROAD FUND Goodyear Tire Co.. Adds to the National Highway Parse. Indianapolis. Oct. 5.—Impetus, to a tune of $300,000 was given to the pro— posecl Ocean-to-Ocean National Highway by tbe Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Akron. Ohio. Over* one- million dollars bas already been pledged, and some of tbe largest makers of automobiles have yet to be hear^ from. The plan, as originally outlined-bn Carl G. Fisher.of Indianapolis and-ju^ associates, provides for tiie purdw*^ of materials for the building of a ^tius^ highway from New York to San inastt Cisco to be completed in time* tot-g^i eral use to the Panama ExlilUtioB itf 1916. It will take ten mllliofr d^l^ lars to provide $3,000 worthy of maCec- lal for each mile—biit' one-tenth of the amount has already been secured and the surface has not been scratched. "We'U do it." says Mr. Fisher. "The only thing that I am anxious about fs getting the Job done in time Xor the Big Fair." I I if. THE DEADLY SAMPXE PILL. The Lives «f Three Wlchlto ChlMren Xr* Endangered. Wichita. Kas.. Oct 4.—Johnnie Pbil- llps. aged 4 Francis Phillips, aged 2. and Franci& Baabam, aged 2 yesra. found two boxes of sample pills on tb.f. doorstep of Dr. W. D. Basham's home today, and ate them thinking they vera candy. Stomach pumpa are belhg.naed in ai> attempt to save the lives of tbl> children, all of whom are dangeroua- lylU. Dr. F. S. Beattte bas uneart}ied a badge he won in 1892 for trap ahoot- Ing at some gun club in Canada, and' threatens to wear it / . _

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