Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 2, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1889
Page 3
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THE ETESIHO GAZETTE: MONDAY, BKPTEMTIEH ',!. 1~"9 igoK73fqv California Pears, Peaches, Plums, Grapes afllMlArOn ^-ESIST-TT-E D-A-IX-TZ- f P .1, v«« Urior to Unit UO<IH<-. Don't Look atijMe.'.lrat Evening Gazette. —The Wallace and Lincoln schools began today, with Die corps of teachers heretofore published Th« Wallace school Is considerably crowded, but will have relief as soon as tho now building is completed. —A railroad man was crushed by a train at, Tampico Saturday evening, and his life is despaired of. He made a coupling of cars and waa knocked down by a car before he got out of the way, and run over. —Tl'e burial case factory ia making the largest cases ever made here. An order for three, from Bnatrop/Texas, ia now being filled. The cases are to be G feet 3 inches long, 20 inches wide and IS inchea deep. Each case will hold any four men in the factory. • —-Yesterday the Congregational church greeted their pastor, Rev. Martin Post, very kindly and appropriately, on hla return to hia pulpit, after an absence of two months. The audience was large, notwithstanding the extreme heat. The pulpit was handsomely decorated, bearing upon its front the inscription, "Welcome, September 1st, 1880," and in the center a beautiful figure of the cross. THB Bvnnzra Q AZBTTB can be had at all the newHtendB. Price TWO rmim. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Uniform Rank, K. of 1'. Regular. 1. O. O. F., 174. Election of officers- E. J. Rosa. —Miss Dora Brookfield is home from Canton, 111. —Josh Oettlnger is in Chicago buying more goods. —The city council meets in regular sesaion this evening. ------ John- -II. Conner la—now—Helling clothing at Goldsmith's. ' ; —A bay-waa born to Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy this morning. .. —Mra. L. Stoeckle haa returned from a vlalt to Escanaba, Mich. —Many from here attended the Lyndon S. S. convention yesterday. —Mlas iDurr, a teacher in AVallace school, returned home Saturday evening. —Deestrlck Skule will meet this evening in the Library Rooms at eight o'clock.__ • —Fred Ilein was fined 83 and costs Saturday by Justice Goltnaan for rejk- leBB driving. —Charley Page • waa fined a small aum by Justice Goltman on Saturday for assault. —Mr. John McElroy la very sick and his son Al la expected here from Chicago to see him. —Rev. Mr. Pieraon and wife, of Pawnee City, Neb., are guests of Dr. and Mra. J. X". Lehman. —Rev. Mr. Brlttaln, of Morriaon, preached t.i an appreciative congregation at Grace church yesterday. —Rev. Mr. Smith, of Cannonsburg, Pa., v delivered sermona to large congre- gatliinB at the Presbyterian church yea- terda^. —Mrs.O'Bdyke. guest at Mr. J. E. McPherran's, returned to Chicago thia morning. Mlsa Mabel McPUerran accompanied her. —There was a nice rain ia thia city and east of here last night. At the west, there waa little ttiat fell, and only in narrow belts. Mrs. J. D. Wilbur returned home Friday from a visit in Michigan. Her daughter, Mrs. Norwood, of Cedar Rap- ida, ia now viaiting her. , —Miaa Mabel McPherran returned home from Central City, Colorado, last Friday, where she has been vialt- Ing relatives and frienda for the paat three months. —The school supply stores will nbw have all the business they can handle for the next month. For the next three days the proprietors and clerks will know little sleep. —Capt. Wm. Smith leaves this evening for DesMoinea to engage in Salvation Army work, and aa he is a steady, upright young man, he will no doubt succeed in his mission. —The ties for the street railway are now being strung along the line of the road.. Four more carloads of poles came today, and three of the loads will be used on the Rock Falls branch. —A large number of pupils from out of the district, came in today to enter the "Sterling"school. The school opened with a largely Increased attendance, and everything Is favorable for Increased interest in the woak., —RCT. W. B. Gallagher, of Rockford, so says a paper of that city, has concluded his pastorate of the Christian church of that city, and is about to enter evangelistic work. The paper says he will visit Sterling thia .week and then go to Iowa. —The Sterling base ball club have begun their tour under favorable circumstances. Their first game, which they played with the famous Galesburg club, they won after a hotly contested battle, coming off victorious with a score of 0 to 8. —A telegram waa received this morn- tug by Mr. George M. Robinson from James U, Wilson, of Streator, 111., con. veyiag the uaws of tht» death of Dr. Samuel Wilson, his father. Dr. Wilson wsta th« father of the wife of the late C*pt. Kofcioson, brother at George M., and r««l4«<i ber« about eight years ago with bJUdnugUUK. For |tt*rs he h*s b#f4iriii4*a with —Dixon Telegraph: Old man Castigan, who is undoubtedly net in his right mind, has been suspiciously about St. Patrick's Catholic church, in this city, lately, much to the annoyance of Father Tracy. The Reverend gentleman waa startled recently to find that the old man had piled kindling against a door of the church that leads into the basement from the rear; undoubtedly preparatory to the starting of a fire. It ia susplcioned that the church was destroyed by (Ire that was started in a like manner a couple of years ago, by some crank. That would, however, be a natural suspicion after the developments which we relate above, though there-might--bo-no foundation in fact for such suspicions of incendiarism. •—Marshal Fitzgerald ami-Policeman Howard, on Saturday afternoon, found a party of men carousing over a keg of beer under a clump of trees west of the Novelty Works. Several of the men being black-listers, and such a proceeding being contrary to law, the party waa at puce dispersed. One man waa shaken up for using back talk to the marshal, and afterwards vainly visited nearly every attorney's office \in town to "get law" against that official. Rob- ins6n,~whirdeTivefed "the beer to~the party at the place where it waa drunk, haa been sued by the city for violation of ordinance which {prohibits deliver ing beer at such places. If the tougha and black-listera peraist in procuring beer and having parties such as thia was, they will be "reached" by the ofli- ciala and severely dealt with. If they have no respect for themaelves they can expect none from the officers. —The Telegraph admits that Sterling ia all right and saya there ia nothing aarlous about the, malady that alllicts Sterling; "it haa only swallowed its cud, as the milk men say."- That's all right! A healthy cow always swallows its cud: it's a flick cow that can't raise it. Sterling has raised its cud and we fear it would be too big a mouthful for Dixon to chew. Let's compare notes: During the present year the cud raised In this city for public Improvements amounts to more than three hundred thousand dollars, most of which will be masticated be fore the snow flies It is distributed aa follows: For railroad improvements 8100,00000; for the sewers, already commenced, about $00,000 00; for street railways, 850,008,00; for city hall, 825,000.00; for street macadamizing, 810,000.00; for school house, 87,000.00. The above is for public improvement only For private improvement we will not attempt to give figures, but it would — (Jen. Aleer, the newly elected Oom- mamliT-in-CliH-r of the <:. A. 1!, will address tho people at the Winnebago county fair at Rockford, on Friday of this week. —Mr. and Mrs. I). D. Brown ami (laushterH, Z-.iida and Louise, of l)e- Kalb, who have been visiting Mr. and Airs. W. II. Blgelow, returned home this morning. —Kdward 8. Ilamaker, a graduate of Sterling school of the class of "in, now a merchant of Abiline, Kansas, lias been for several days the guest of his classmate, Attorney Frank J. Bowman. He left this morning for Chicago to purchase a stock of goods for liis store. —A special telegram from Chicago says: Labor-day waa observed here by immense parades of workingmen's organizations. There were two pro- ceasiona. The Trade's Assembly faction turned out 10,000 men and Hie Knights of Labor over four thousand. The printers ma<le an especially line appearance with 850 men wearing gray hats and linen dusters. Two bodies came together at one point, but there was no disturbance. —Col.Clendenin, of Moline, has a letter from Assistant Secretary F. II. Burt, who had charge of the Y. M.-C. A. at Camp Lincoln, giving some de tails of the work of the association during thejstay of our militia at Camp Lincoln: Letters written, 450; namea left on the visitors' register, 17ii; one gospel song service held. Mr. Burt says that tlje Sixth's attendance on the association was perhaps the must satisfactory of that of any of the regiments which were at camp. The Sixth regiment attendance was large and continual, and the men spent much of their leisure time with the association. —We understand the street railway company will-begin laying traclrin this city next week. Aa the ordinance granting them a franchise requires them to lay their track at the established grade of the street the company wijl, without, doubt, comply with the requirement. Aa part Of Third and East Fourth streets are not at grade, part of the road will be two feet below the leverof the street, and part about the same distance above, unle?s . the city places those streets at grside, aa they should. A sufficiently large force of men should be employed so the work can be completed before the track work reaches that part of town. Mc~- IlllnolH'Htatp Fnlr. I'porla, 111.. Kept. From September 2-'ii<l to'/7th, inclu- sivp, thp C. 15. & Q. K. K., will sell trip tickets from Sterling to I'poria for 84.211; tir.kctfl to bo limited fur going passage to Jute i.f ssln aud limited for return Sept. 2*th. fiitf Second ha> d school books,at Oliver's. A Night in'Jersey,.'. la n aide-splitting Irish comedy, of the "Aluldoon 1'icnic" style. The misfortunes of Timothy McFadden and Tracy O'Djolin are excruciatingly funny. Hock Falls, Sept, 10th. 02 tf Miss Hose dishing, Hock Falls, Kept. 10th. 02 tf l>. W. Bloiiklnmin Will close out his summer foot-wear at cost. Gents'low shoes at f>0 cents on the dollar. • V> tf Very, Very Fuooy. Every where they say that "A Night in Jersey" is the funniest Irish comedy ever written. . Mias Hose Cushing, Hock Falls, Sept. 10th. - 02 tf K. W. Blossom hiia taken the agency of the "I, C." brand Spectacles and Kye glasses. Thesfi cppctucles are different from ordinary frl:in?e«, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rajs of light, maliingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be aure and try them, see that that trade mark "i, c." is on every lens. 70-d&w Not ire. Tho .Sterling Uas & Electric Lt. Co. respectfully inform the public that It ia now prepared to wire houses and otores for the incandescent light; and make tho offer to all persona aubscrib- ing before the completion of the line and phmt, that the outfit' according to our rules .and regulations will be furnished free. For further information call (it our office. 02 35 tf JOHN CnAUTKH, Sect'y. FOR «t. JoMfph Fair and KxpnHltlon, Hept. :»to Oct. 5. '«». On Sept. 13th and 30th the C. B. & Q. R. R. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the round trip; ticketa limited going Sept. 13th and 30th, and returning, ten days from date of sale. dOOw35-tf School Books at Oliver's. Bllllortgevllle HUH Ahead. Everybody using the Miliedgeville flour is happy. For sale at Lewis Heitzel's feed store. Also all kinds of feed delivered to any part of city or Rock Falls. . COtO 3IorrI*on Fair. . The Chicago & Northwestern Railway will run a special train to Morri son on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 4th and 5th, leaving Sterling at 0 A. M., returning leave Morrison at f>:?,Q-v; w. Fare for the round trip r>8c. 70 3 Don't forget Sept. 10th. the date,. Hock Falln, G-2 tf —Prophetatown Spike: Luther Kenzie, who now owns the old Oliver Olcostead farm on Washington street, met with a serious accident lust Saturday. With his son Nate he was mowing m the slough, and the ground being rough, each was walking behind his mower, Mr. McKenzie just in front of hia son, when the latter's team became frightened by coming in conlact with a neat of bumble-bees and running, caught Mr. McKenzie in the mower to which they were attached. He was severely cut and bruised about the head and limbs, and waa unconacioua when carried to the houae, but medical aid waa quickly summoned and he is now recovering aa rapidly as can be expected. One of the horses was so badly out was found necessary to kill it. ' KOCH l Is what Denman Thompson paid the editors of Texas Sittings for their funny play, "A Night in Jersey." Patrick Neeson (a tJiorougJibred frinhman) is said to be funnier than even Mr. Thompson in Timothy McFadden. For bargains in line pianos and organs, go to Werntz & Co., yalt House Block. : 63-tf— Union Hose Co. No. 1. Regular meeting and drill Tuesday night. Second hand school Oliver's The I.V. Itrniid Spectacles and Eye glasses, made from French Tin'ed Crystal are the best yet. K. \V. Blossom, the Third St. jeweler, haa the agency of these goods and would be pleased to have you call and examine them. .Bananas 20c per doz., at Mann's. 00 10 PEOPLE'S COLUMN nsert three linea In this ool-"«J mm one time for 10 ecntd, or tor 40 cents a week, inch additional line will be B cents a single insertion, or IB cents a week. WANTKU. Only 10 cents for 3 lines this Heading. \\TANTKO—I'unililieil room for one gontle- >V man. Address X, Gazelle cilice. FUK MAI.K. Only TO cents for J lines under t/iis Heading. oil HALK--Unod fresh cow. East, Kock Falls. .lolrn S. Brown, 65-ta lOli HA I.K—My house and lot oil West nth Street, between (J & 1) Avenues; fhfiip If taken soon. 1C. M. Wright. . OitIV! line rent- ush. (ll-ti GOODS TilOH HALE-A bargain In threu X? donees in 4tu ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. KO»t 11KNT. Only 10 cents for 3 lines I ilOll KENT—9 room house; n;ood cellar. Well 1 auct cistern water. Imimro K. U. Underwood, lloom 2. Acir.temy of Music. 64 tf And dyor will return about September 15th. 0-1 tf mi) LEA8E—Power and room for manufactur- JL IUK purposes, in the huilding formerly occupied by Church & Patterson. Address 1). t!. Church, Duluth, Minn. FOH IlKNTOKMALK Only 10 cents for J lines under t/iis Heading. AND JjlOK HAI»:i lots in Llpe'saddition; also,lot J? <i, blk. 6; also, my residence lots, a mid 10, lilkS, Wallace's add., on easy terms. ' ' , James Harden. Inquire of 7U-W* School Books at run up into the tens of thousands. Ben, when you want to resucltate a dead town with elixir you had better administer it, lu an experimental way to your own town. The public Improvement of Dixon will not compare well with Sterling. Replanklng your bridge and graveling a few streets is all we have you credited with. If we are wrong, please give ua a statement. Don't wring Oporto in on us; we do not give estimate on the Improvements in Rock Falla. > ' ' —Col. Watson has taken steps towards ascertaining the amount of travel on the main thoroughfares leading toward the business part of Sterling, and the result Is surprising. For three days of last week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 0 a. m. to 8 p. m. he had a boy stationed on the free bridge leading to Rock Falls, one at the corner ot 3rd street and 4th avenue, one at the corner of 4th street and D avenue and one at Locust and 6th streets, counting the teams and persons that passed those polnta. Each boy was provided with in which to keep the records. The results have not yet been footed up, but from a little rough figuring it is found that during the three [days there were nearly 0,000 passersby on the bridge on foot, and about 3,000 vehicles, which carried 2,000 more people. The records kept by other boys are perhaps about equal to this. 2.000 passers by each day on each of the four branches or the road, makes 8,000 per day over the whole line, which la 8,000 possible customers for the street railroad for each day. If one fourth of this number, 2,000, ride each day at 3 cents per fare, the reciepts, $100 per day, ought to pay expanses. There will no doubt be tunny days when the traffic will t>e much more than this, and again, when U will b« leas. Th« Kock Falla routs will pr^bably pay o$ w«U *» *»y. -i-The city fathers will meet in session tonight. H-George Leland, of Chicago, is visiting at Mr. J. J. Allison's. -+-Dr. C. C. Edson has removed to Dixon, where he has been practicing for some time. -t-Mr. F.F.Sheldon is taking, a two weeks' vacation from office duties at the Keystone. H-James E. Kelly has gone to Morrison to conduct a refreshment and fruit stand during the f ^ir. n-The setting of poles for the street railway has begun here, and the line completed but a short time later than the branches at Sterling. Henry Little was lined 87 and costs by Justice Cad well on Saturday for disorderly conduct, the complaint being made by his wife. -i-The artesian water from the -'gas" well is increasing in popularity. Parties carry it away in vessels and use It constantly. Hundreds make an effort to paas the drinking place on Main street to get that water. On Sunday over fiOO persona stopped there, 302 of whom came in the afternoon. -^-School began thia morning with a large attendance. The instructors are all feeling vigorous after their summer vacation, and are looking forward to a good year's work. .And besides, having a comfortable new school building* to work in, the work will be done with much more pleasure by both teachers and pupils. The Auction Male. 50 Western mares will be sold at auc r tion Saturday and Monday, Sept. 7th and 9th, at one p. m. at the Sterling stock yards. 05 tlO* W. S. STOCKING, Auctr. r?OIl KENT OH 8AI.K.-Type P Scales. Writers. E- B7-II CAMS! fr'OK WAI-F. OB TltAUK. I JIOli 8AU! OH TKA.DK- A well located hotel, ' dnlnir a iiood business, haflug from 60 to 00 regular boarders. !•'. W. Walzir. Otj-tf I,OHT. Second hand school Oliver's. lirst meeting after vacation, on Wednesday evening, Sept. 4th. A full attendance is desired. • Call at 15. W. Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w . The ladies of Broadway church will give a peach and cream sociable in the church parlors on Wednesday evening. A literary and musical programme will be rendered. Everybody cordially invited. . 70 13 Valuable Information to Boarding HOUHC KecperM. Do you want boarders? If you do you can easily secure them by putting a "want" in the EVKNINO GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading.' 1 OST -Thursday last, on Morrison road, pock- J et boon coiiUlnliiK SMO.oOj consisting of two leu dollar gold pieces aud two live dollar bills. Kinder leave at Gazelle olllce and receive reward^S" TO-tBw T OST—All parties are cautioned against pur- LJ chasliiK a note of *. r )47. made by Mark Brassier, In favor of llressler Bros., about March 1st, lss», which was recently lost. Bressler Bro*. 09-13,. FINANCIAL. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. . ITIINANOIAL-Money to loan-*l,500 at 6 per JO cent., on farm security. I. I. Bush. Itock Fulls. 32-tf Softool Books at Oliver's. See Co. the new ad of N. Carpenter & "Something new in the wind." Christian church In this city promises something rich in the near future in the shape of a "Merchant's Kaleid- scope" entertainment. Look out for their advertisement giving particulars lu a few days. Refrigerators, Ice boxes and gasoline stoves at cost, to make room for fall stock. Crawford Broi. 05 to Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. Notice 1 On and after September 1st the price of cabinet photographs will be ®.'i.OO per dozen at our gallerya. J. HAYKKS, w 04 0 ED C. BUOWN. J. E. I'hilipa&Co. have just received a nice lot of the Kiv«jrstd« Cook .Stoves, Call la ftod wiaaUae tUetu. SO u Umalia Fulr Wept a to O. On Sept. 3d, the C. B. & Q. 11. E. will sell round trip excursion tickets to Omaha for one lowest fair for the round trip, plus 25 cents. Tickets will be good going Sept. 3d, returping, ten days from date of sale. dOO W35 tf "Tnere 1» a Happy Laud." How many of tho myriads who In childhood have sung "There is a happy laud, far, far away," know anything of its writer? Ills narao Is Andrew Young, nnd ho Is. now feO years of ago, still mentally and physically vigorous nnd retainini; in all its early fresh ness bis sympathy with children. Tho hymn was composed in lS)i3. Tho tuno to which it is marriM is mi old Indian air, which liiondod with the muiio of tho woods in the primeval forest, lorn; before Sunday schiiola wore thought of Tho .hymn was composed for the melody. Its liri;;!i! n:id strongly marked ph.ra.sns struck Mr. Young's musical ear the first thno ho luutnl i'- i-usunlly pluyi-rt in the drawing ro*im. 1U 1 uskod tor it a^ain and again. It IwuuUHl liiin. ilt-'ihg accustomed to relievo tho clam-ir of his thoughts and fec'linjjs in rh\im>, words it.itunUly followe<l, and so tho hymn wii-s croat'xl. Mr. Young Uapivncil to h;»vo iii-i h>mn porforiiuxl In tua M ISCELLANEOUS—Real Estate and Insurance. Western laud for sale and exchange. V, W. Wiilzer, Hooin 4, Academy ot Music. 4i!-U O. and Q 9 TEA Tio Choipest Tea Svor Offered. AOSflrCbTELY PURE. & MOHT rKIJCIOCS nKVKRAdE. TRY IT. Tea trt!l so7« BM si; c:it:. U-'.'tj' aev«f nrio- It U ill"»."T (lii.irir. I.rAir, picked from tholx-.-l !>'•'• ir.:i'io:,,-i M..!, u.miiiUi-,1 ubtolutsly puro Mul Uco finin all Ejult«r.iti<i:m or coloriue hcrmi-tlralljr tcaloi la» tl;i> PIVMIU.V of momlror of lujjlK It itol into p hil«il Into niiirt-vii U yi!l tlul Olitll"!' lull iUv.1. iniMii.iti. H •. (rientl, Mr. Gull, R t! llrm of Uall & It IIA-H U-.MI traus- f l-ui ;im,i.ui. Aud iViviVi-il, ami, Uv -ul, .« jwtu'.y r»uui> Mid warrtuilol lull w olulr&l In u»o Ih&n th i'UrM. Ill* more eoou- lower ^rftde*. Yorii 'JVliiurt*. OriocUl in Occidental Tea Co., L't'di, Ilrad ()/;(>•«, SS H*rt(ng Mip, Kcv> for*. For sal* by W.

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