Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 14, 1907 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 5
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(local Events, V====^<w*«v===== ; ==^ Xmas postals, nt Clupp's. cards and booklets The finest oysters in bulk dozen at the Depot Grocery. 2T)C a Holly tags and seals for Xmas at Clapp's. Cigars in Christmas boxes. Covina Pharmacy, K. U. Smith, Prop. Mrs. C. O. Glover has been ill this week with the grippe. The finest oysters in bulk 25o a dozen at the Depot Grocery, Decorative calendar pads at, Clapp's. Chas, Harris has returned from the East to spend the winter at the home of his brother, Louis Harris. Get your orders in for turkeys, ducks and geese for Xmas. Phone 1128. R. C. Casad. Itp Miss Marie Widney has been sick all the week and absent from school two days. For Rent—Comfortably furnished room. See Mrs. Martha Hibsch, Cottage Drive, tf Prescriptions carefully compounded at Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Jack Fletcher returned home on Thursday last for two weeks' vacation. Axel Anderson lost one of his beautiful horses this week through sickness. Mr. aud Mrs. J. T. Lovell, Sr., of Long Beach, were eucsts several days this week at the ranch home of their son northeast of town. Now is a good time to put in that cement walk around your house. Call up G. W. Griffiths, Jr.,, Phone 70, and be will attend to it. The Pastor's Aid of the Presbyterian Church met on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Stevens arid had a busy and enjoyable meeting. Mrs. Anna D. Dudderar, Worthy Grand Matron, attended the meeting of the Eastern Star on Wednesday night at El Monte and installed new officers. The regular meeting of the Eastern Star was held on Tuesday night when Mr. W. M. Griswold was installed as Worthy Patron by Mrs. Anna D. Duddorar, Worthy Grand Matron. • ;.' •• •.'•'. -i . . : Guests at the borne of Mrs. John Coolman for this week are her' aunt and cousins, Mrs. L. M. Parnin and eon and daughter, of Fort Wayne, Ind. J. T. Lovell has sold his ranch northeast of town to his brother, Robert, and is packing up to move at once to Modesto. Mr. and Mrs. Lovell will be much missed by a large circle of friends. . Paxton Carnahan and Abner Miller spent a glorious time on Monday evening when they attended the "plub-uRly" given by the Junior class of Clareuiout College at Holmes Hall. The ladies of the Holy Trinity Church Guild held an all day meet ing and sale during the afternoon and evening in the Mann building on Thursday. A basket lunch was Herved at noon and refreshments in the evening. A considerable sum was netted for the cause. Much sympathy ia felt with the telephone employees, who, on account of the illness of MissFollowell, one of their number, with diptheria, have been quarantined in the office, eating and Bleeping there. Tho young lady, who is one of the family Gold cord for tying packages. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Baled alfalfa at J. Citrus avenue. H. Matthews' Box paper at out prices. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Give her a box of Gnuther's for Xmag. Swe.ets to tho sweet. Clapp's drug store. Mr. and Mrs. \V. M. Grinwold are rejoicng in the possession nf a brand new four cylinder Stoddard-Dayton auto. Miss Anna Headley, Herman Headley and Mrs. Rice returned last Saturday from a long visit in the East. Prof. Stevens of Berkeley University will be the guest on Sunday of Rev. A. Fletcher. W. W. Nash has installed a Home telephone in his residence on EaHt enter street. Phone G7. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Winder returned on Saturday last from an ox- tended eastern trip. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Ebersole and little son of Pomona were visitors >n Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. White. Don't delay buying your Christmas presents. You will find choice ferns at Pooley's Covina Nurseries. Prices reasonable. 12-21 Guests at the home of Mrs. Louis Harris for Saturday and Sunday were Miss Nelson of Monrovia and Miss McCoy of Westminster. Miss Lulu Harris of Pomona, who sang at the Max Dick concert Wednesday evening, was entertained by Mrs. Geo. W. Van Vliet. Have that coping or curb put in on your cemetery lot while we are at work there and save money. Phone G. W. Griffiths, Jr. Phone 70. Mr. and Mrs. Harris of Pomona attended the Max Dick concert Wednesday evening and were entertained over night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Reynolds. Great sale of millinery at Miss 3. Reckard's millinery parlors on North Citrus avenue. Every trimmed hat greatly reduced. Also all street has and fancy feathers. E. W. Coe of Clarence. Iowa, was the guest of bis old friend, B. Miller, this week. While my cement outfit is at work in cemetery I can do your plot for less money than to make a special trip. Phone your order in at once. G. W. Griffiths, Jr. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Spence 1 ! 1 on Thursday last were the former's sister, Mrs. Clara King of Los Angeles and Mrs. Atkinson and daughter of San Francisco. The ladies of the Christian Church served dinner to the "autos" of the auti-divisionists in the basement of the church on Thursday noon, thereby netting a considerable sum foi their organization. "All the Comforts of Home," the Senior class play given last evening in the Womans Club House, was f big success. Tho play will be fully reviewed in the Argun next week. A second performance will be given this evening. A "birthday social" will bo heli in the Baptist Church next Frida; evening. A program will bo run derod and refreshments nerved. .' OUR AGENTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. SUntoo Bros. & Keelinf POUND! Sanitary Laundry For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Guiither's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Fine line of perfumes. Covina Pharmacy, B. U. Smith, Prop. Red and green bolls for Xmas decorations at Clapp's. Saner kraut at the Northaide Market, l()c a quart. Brush and comb seta. Covinn harmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. The finest oysters in bulk 25c a ozen at the Depot Grocery. Harvey Brubaker of Corona was be guest of his parents hero on Sunny. Come early and avoid the rush for joliday goods at Coyiua Pharmacy, U. Smith, proprietor. Mrs. C. I. Smith of Prospect Park was the guest on Thursday of her sie- er, Mrs. Oscar Miller. Mrs. deorgia Chapman of Los Angeles is a week end guest, of her cousins, Oscar Miller and Mrs. Emery. Mrs. F. J. Cline entertained on Wednesday noon with a delighful uncbeon in honor of Miss MoGrnth, ;uest of Mrs. Peck of Pomona. Others present were M tries. Clizbo, Kerck- joff and Louis Harris. Week end guests at tho home of L. Nash were his brother, Chas. Nash, and brother-in-law, Frank Packard. The Palace of Swwots wishes the iiiblic to call and see the elegant ine of fancy boxes and their large issortment of fresh home-made can- lies. Leave your order now. Mrs. Geo. B. Scofleld is expecting the arrival of her parents this week, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cole of Missouri Valley, Iowa. They hltye been visiting in Idaho and will spend the winter here. to whom the outbreak has been con- ; fish pond will also be an attractiv fined, has been removed to her home ' feature of the evening. Each permit and as the others are all well tho ia requested to bring one cent f quarantine will soon be raised. leach year of his or her life. Adv. Orange Groves, Lemon Groves, Business and Residence Property FOR SALE AND EXCHANGE See us for the best buys in and around Covina. HAZZARD REALTY CO. phone 54 Corner Citrus and College «Sts. COVINA. CAL. Cheap Land. Rich land; crops can be grown without irrigation; situated on line of Sante Fe near the town of Corcoran, Kings county; price $60 per acre; easy terms. Sole auont, J. H. Matthews, Argus block, Covina. These stores are recommended foi Xmas shopping when in Los Angeles. S. B. BAILEY, Jeweler and Optician O Hizc wateht'B, ifuurantccrl 20 yrH $12.00 12 aize watcheH, KO!C! filled 10.00 18 Hize El|?in or Wultham comp B.OO Bring thm ad and we will (jive you lOtf extra discount on any puruhaae. Jewelry cataloKUO HcnL free on request. 353 So. Broadway, Lax Angelee, Cal. SING FAT CO., Inc. Importers, wholesale and retail dealers in Chinese and Jiponese Fancy Goods 3rd Floor Central Dept. Store 609-19 So. Broadway LOH AnsfeleH, Cal. "STAMPERS" ¥*&\&c& StuiciJo Highest awards on Photography 351 So. Broadway Los Angeles ('al. It is Unreasonable Other /.'iilK may please, the child for the moment but tho 13KHT of all holiday \iruuni\tH in a Bank Account. It contH nothing, iHhtiiiK pleasure and tho KfiviiiK Habit. Young people, wli Have live wholesome thoy do not upend their riioney in wayH Hint are detrimental to health and character. You cun open an account for th<< boy's or girl'H C'hrintniHb at this bank with ONK iJOLJ.Akor more. We givo you a neat little bank book with the record of tho II rut deposit therein, to bo i/re- on Cliribtmas morning. it it teaches learn ID liven, for (ovina Valley Saving Bank For Sale -i Kiiglish wnlnnta. Phono 1038. G. ,]. Reynolds. Itp If you wish any clioioo swoot pen seed soo Pooley's Covina Nurseries. For Snlo — RiionlyptUB wood, 812. 50 cord. Phono 3211. tf Don't, forgot to renow your mngn- ?.\no subscriptions at, CJnpp's. For Salo Pickling olives on tho troos. A. P. KorckholT. Phono Tti. For Salo -—Ten in, wagon and harness. W. H. Daniels, Phonft 2090. For Sale --One family driver or orchard horse. P. F. Feslor. tf Clapp can dnpllontn any combination magazine offer, Seed rye for sale. San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. Snner kraut at the Northsido Market, lOc a (]uart. I nm well prepared to do a limited amount of tenm work. Phono lll!)0. W. M. Warren. For Sale—20 cords of good walnut wood, 810 a cord. Archie Vincent. Phone 38 tf For Sale—100 cords of gum wood in stove lengths. See J. H. Matthews, Argus block. 12-21p For sale—Surrey, buggy, wagon, plows, ridgcra, dumpor, harrows. Phone 31'JO. W. M. Warren. Chickens Wanted -Flock of young roosters, laying hens and pullets. Motel Vomlotno. Place yonr savings in the United States Savings Bank of Covina and secure 4 per cent. If possible do your shopping mornings and secure better service al; Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop, For Rent:-—Good office rooms, tho bast in tho city, suitable for professional men. See owners, Reed <fc Matthews. Wanted—Two good second-hand ranch wagons, nxle 3 in. or 2 % in. -Twoiuey & t-Diller,, opposite S. P. Depot, Covina. For Sale—Victor phonograph and records, first-class condition, Ltilf price. C. D. Barrett, corner Grand and Bonita Aves. It The Covina Valley Savings Bank offers you a safe investment for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start un account today. Chickens! Chickens!! Chickens!!! My entire liock of fine young roosters and laying hens for sale. R, J. ( Pollurd, San Bernardino road. We have several cash buyers for residence lots and ranch properly. Also from 811000 to 8f>000 to loan on first mort^n^e. I. C. Fairly Co. For Sale-A grey horse, single barman and light spring wagon. Pine all-purpose hnreu, weight about 1'250, good disposition, an all-round good borne, Call at Stanlon'H livery barn, West Badillo titreet. 1 tp For Kali—One all-purpose horse, perfectly hafe for lady to drive anywhere, single or double, weight. 1200 Ibn. Phone 101, Irwindale. C. II. Cofl'rnan. tf Mrs. Kittdiihouse ban returned from the North and haH opened drenhtnak ing piirlors in the Covina House, up posito I'. O., room (i, If Wanted To buy »<) to 10 Chares Covina Inigiiting Co slock. Ad drchr.J. U. Cniili-lon, Pasadena, ('al. tf l''or Sale 'J'ent house, boi.rded sides, li feet high, double! eanvas roof, cheap; to he moved from prem- wieH. Kmpiiro of lla//nrd Keally Co. lip. Where nmbi'-lhiH are made '<eo H. iJct.u iler, umbrella maker, lilcn dora. ('overing and repairing. i Huggy iimbrellaH and parasul-i n-pair |ed. ll<-ad(|narte/'H at. K. A. Sei :m-ui''h furniluro Hlore. 1- -I I '• |-'il/(ierald A Harry o' Pasadena loan money on ranches anil improved leal (Btiit.e at loweHt current rat(;H. : They charge no commihuion. Write ur tele];hone them at I'ar-ailcna or ,call up,). W. J'rentiHH, (.'(<vina (ihone 'Jl'il, a/id iihk to have a represenla tive of t)je firm call (<n yon. ALWAYS IN THE LEA D Covina Peoples Store (iNCOKI'ONATKn) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILN Only 8 more Shopping Days before Christmas Come Early and Avoid the Rush We have on display a complete line of for Young and Old The best we have ever shown and affords. the host the market SUNSET EXCHANGE CLAPP HOME PHONE i IK DRUGGIST and STATIONER "A STITCH IN TIME SAVES- NINE," IN AGKS PAST, plHtfups wiped out whole communities. They could not be averted. Antiseptics and disinfectants were tin hoard of. Precautionary steps could not he taken. TODAY an epidemic means someone has unintentionally overlooked the welfare of the community and fellowman. Two minutes a day spent in using' an anti- Heptic or disinfectant is nothing- compared to human life that may be wasted. Powerful, trustworthy antiseptics, such as Ivisterinc or Peroxide can be procured at a small cost. 3.S cents will procure a. pint of the best Formaldehyde. Sure shot. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••J Prices Lower than the. Lowest * Ke-cleaned wheat, 125 Ib. sack. Utah bran mixed with shorts, 100 Ib. sach, $1.60. Cracked corn. Feed Meal. Shorts. Kaffir corn. -For Sale by •* i SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. V I : *c ! A. I'. Kerckhotf 11. M. i!oii.,c.r . . ./. ('. Hutchison, W. M. (,ri.w,old. Vi< Jr. r.anhii.-r MHK'.TOKS A. P. K-:rckhoff ./. K. Kl'iott H. M. Hoiiicr Marco H. M«.-!lm.jn W. H. Holiday (ieo. K. Andcr.v,n 20 6TYL.I* TO CHOOSE FROM AT $2,90 PER DOZEN 54*; •&!»»!* Broad w»y Corner M •rcftntilo ANGfcLBS, Sanders Real Estate Company Have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of ' electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities as are calculated to carry to a successful issue any business entrusted with them. Call and List Your Property or phone 88--Home •^ i ************************ £*

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