Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1912
Page 8
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8 ^ " TOE'TOLA I|)AILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENmg OCTOBER 4, 1912. m In Is " Showing of Fall and Winter Meretiandise just opened up for new season and you will be sur- pnsed at the variety of our assortment. Never in the history of lola have you had the opportunity to buy High-grade Merchandise at so reasonable prices as we are offering this fail and our assortment i is the largest and best we have ever shown. Coats, Suits a|id Dresses THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LINE EYER IN OUR STORE AT PRICES THAT WILL SAVE YOU FROM $2.50 TO $5.00 ON THE GARMENT! LADIES' COATS. . / LADIES' COATS in all the winter materials and make ups. Priced from. .$5.00 to $50.00 Also the beautiful new JOHNNY <^OATS, priced from i.^ $11.50 to $25.00 LADIES' DRESSES in all the new r-aaterlal and'shades, such as Serges, Ghameuse, Pebble Cloth, etc. Priced from .. •.. $7.50 to $35,00 KIMONAS. Indies' Fleeced Kimonas $1, .$1.50, $2 Ladies' Crepe Kimonas, a.-sorted colors, i)ricod at $L50, $2, $2.75 FURS! Just received a big shipment of the swellost I'urs we have ever shown. Ail pi-iced very special, from $4.50 to $250 a set SCHOOL DRESSES. Misses' School Dresses, long sleeve and high nock; beautiful styles and patterns; made of ginpham and percale; price . $1, $1.50, $2 up to $3.50. LADIES' HOUSE DRESSES in )ercales and Ginghams in a fine a.ssortment of co ors and styles. Priced at $1, $1.50, $2 to $3.50 Our Buying in large Quantities Gives Us a Tremendous Advantage in Selling SHOES If you are looking foi* the newest and best in Shoes, you will save time and money by coming here first. Our astsortf- ment is the best to to be found and our prices are right. Ladies' Shoes, priced at $L50, $L75,-$2, $2.50 to $4.50 Finest & Best For Boys & Gil^ls School Shoes We are headquarters for School Shoes. We carry the celebrated "RED GOOSE" SchoM Shoes for boys and girls, in patent, gun metal, tan and kid leather, button or lace, e.xtra heavy soles- priced at $L25, $L50, $2.00, and $2.25. Jockey Boots, ' priced at $L35, $L50, $L75 to $2.50. Our Attraction in High Qoality is low Prices y WOOL DRESS GOODS We h.wc tlip prrKifst lino of iJro.-s Cnrxls i \cr siliown ov.>r o:ir c-niiiilors. in Ihi- itf -n- Km,,.. :,„,| coloriiiK.'i. aU o FMiiin Scrfios; .ill inaikfil IOWIM- HI.-U, v .m usually have to. pay; iKT yard . .Mir.';.-,,-. ijSI j„ !J;-_>..VI BEAUTIFUL NEW SH.KS .\ l.iicc aKiJortnionl i«»sp|<ri rmin in rvprvii.iiiK (hat ii? new. .Ml niarkeil vory f|MMi .il. OUTING FLANNELS Our Htork of Oiitings is very larRi'. In nil «^Iors. li^ll^ anil ilark Wt- ran savo you niom-y on your Ontuius. Kxira heavy; luarkod. por yard . s'sc^juid lOc NEW DRESS GINGHAMS A line assortniont of (lattcrns to rliooso from, I'riood at. por yard . . lllr iiiul Wc Can Save You Money on Your Purchase. Our Assortmeritj Is Large to Select from. We Pay You^MBeage iOl East Madison Lake Side Blankets are made of selected stock and contain n<» shoddy or waste material. r)l.\72 Blankets in white, gray and tan, priced at, pair 75c (>4x76 Blankets, pair $L00 66x80 Blankets, pair $1.25 72x84 Blankets, pair $2.00 72x80 extra heavv Blankets, priced at .$2.50 and $3.00 W(k(l Blankets in i>lain white, colors and fancy plaids, i)riced from, per pair, $S.OO to $10.00 If you see our Blankets before you buy you will not buy elsewhere. mm m m ems i BOCK JURY UNABLE TO AGREE ; WHAT WILL BE POLITICAL EFFECT OF SENATEINVESTICATION? PROBE MAY SETTLE QUESTION OF WHO'LL BE NEXT PRESIDENT, ],000 ARRESTS IN GHIGA60 TO LEARN THE COSTOPMEAT Associated Press Will Send the World Series by/lnnincs in Addition to I'sual Repoj ;4-— An AU Night Dellbemtion Failed to. Tltfld Resnlts In the Slander Suit for mfiW. \ The Register ha-s arranged with the Associated .Press to get the scores of the' world 's championship between the Boston Americans and the New York . Nationals. The series starts next Tues • day in New York City and thanks to the difference in time, it is hoped to : cnbw the outcome by the time the legister goes to press. Annually the • Register has printed these Scores '• which have found favor with the fans here and over the county. The report Till be in addition to the regular prpss » sprivce and will cost the Kegister additionally. Down at Indejiendence arrangements are being: made to show the- games on a score board at the air, dc^e. the plays being indicated so - that the crowd can follow the game. A 25 cent admission is charged, as the expence is considerable. Such an .arrangement here would prove attractive but probably not profitable. Ottawa Herald: A traveling man a( the Santa Fe depot left bis grip In the southwest comer of the ladies' vaitlng room last, night. A tail girl .was standing near the grip when she struck up a flirtation with a young htni. Both left- on the southern Kan eaa train-and and •^ach supposed that tie grip was tho prop*»rty of the other'^-hen the young ni:m i>ickrd it up a ^d took it along. Before the train . r^ched Garnett. they discovcrpd that . the grip was the propeny of neither. The grip wa« sent back to Ottawa. j- •. • 'In today's issue appoars the music 1 Ai words of a son;! which was fur- ]i(ehed the Register by the publishers. •From 41me" to ti!ue this paper will 'print similar music free, in hope that It' may interest a considerable num- h«r of i(a readers. Tastes differ in niasic as cioncerning food so not everybody W expected to be enthused, but if aiiy considerable number of subscril>- ei^ are. the Register-will feel arapiy regarded, L. J. Marshall, of Chanute, is in the cHy on business. The jury in the^ slander suit of Mrs. Reha Buck against L. D. Buck was discharged from further consideration of the qase by Judge Poust in the district court today. The case w^as submitted to the Jury yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock and an all night deliberation failed to yield results so far as a verdict was concerned. Mrs. Bucl^ sued L. D. Buck for flO.OOO damages, it being alleged that Buck attacked her character by saying to Poor Commissioner Al Abrams in the presence of Joseph Taggart that she, Mrs. Buck was a woman of unchaste character. BRICK MAKING LOST VOLUME Out pot Fell Eight Millions. Due to Hollow Cement Blocks. Clay producu. chiefly brick, tile and pottery, in this country last year were worth $1€2.236.1S1. a decrease from IDIO of nearly 8 million dollars. All of this, over S millions, was in the brick and tile business, pottery showing a gain of IT33.SS2. Paving brick gained but building brick lost, dne largely to the use of hollow concrete blocks. We imported over l5 million dollars worth of clay products, practically all iK>t- pery. and c.\ported $3.66 .1 .720 worth. Ohio led in production with (32.663- S'.tj. Pecnslyvanla. New Jersey. Inn- Inois and Now York. followed in th«< order named. No otiier state had an output worth $10,000,000. The government order for all daily papers to publish a sworn statement of their paid circulation has started a giddy war in towns with rival dailies, each analyzing the other's claims and intimating in no uncertain tone^ the the "esteemed but loathed" is a meoafber of the Ananias Club. BRICK PLANT IS BURNED Fort Scott Snffers Serloos Loss to an < Induittry. Fort Scott, Kan., Oct. 3.—Fire tonight destroyed the main buildings of the Fort Scott Brick Company. • quarter of a million dollar concern, employing 100 men. The loss is estimated a^:^iQ|p,000 partially insured. Greatest VIre tinisade Ever .Seen in i H „ror of Snnlmn. niii n-. This Conntry Started in the Red ^ ,«« l(>leh F-.Si Li?ht IHstrIf t ThiTe. ' ""^ .a Beef. Weigh and Estimate the Priper Cost. Chicago. Oct. 3.—Various movc- I ments that havo met with some sue ; cess in attacking vice conditions here wore given impetus today when John Spokane. Wash.. Oct. 4.—Mayor William J. Ilindley of Spokane has taken the warpath against the encient enemy, high cost of living. His fight E. Wayman state's attorney and his!Promises to be a novel one. The first i first assistant went before the municipal court with more than 200 war- investigation will be into the cost of beef. In the presence of the mayor I rants for the arrest of disorderly re- | special sommittee a beef will be isort keepers and other violators of the ,;Cut up, weighed, invoiced and priced I law. Officers began serving the war- iP ^r pound for various cuts and parts. • rants at once. ! will be issued Hundreds of warrants tomorrow it is an- •tnato iRvMtlgatlon CommltiM,- Kft to M right. •eMMM Ollvw, PeiiMr «n«. r Clapp (chairman) and Payntari at th« bottom, C C TaflCthoff and Ormaby MeHarg. —Tha aaatlona of the aenato commit- tea Inraatlsatlns canpaign azpen- 41tur«a raveal th« tact that Senator Clapp^ an aettva Roosavalt aupporter. and Sanator OUvar. juat aa ardant lor Tatt. ar« IneUnad to avoid U poa- •Ibia dladoaurea irhlch will ^lajur* their prealdentl&l candidatea; KapubUcaaa and Dcmocrata ara at- ready making capital of tha fact revealed by tha taatlmony of C. C. TegathoO; W. H. Harrlman'a tarr, that Roosavelt dined with Bar- riman on aeveral oocaatona. Tha tea- tlmonr of Onnsby UcUarg next week •wiu be Important. a<lt wiu throw a flood of Ught on f ha methoda uaed and money apent by tha RooaaTCltjj managera In tha campaign to aectit* Itooaevelt delegatea for the Chlcacco .Mnvantkm last Juna^ i nounced, for owners of buildings and • rental agents who handle the property ' used as disorderly houses. • One thousand arrests are expected to be made in the crusade. Prosecutor Waynian notified the police captains of the various precincts of his plans and demanded that police offi- i cers be in readiness tomorrow to serve the warrants. Wayman says h • means to close up every disorderly re I sort in Cook county -and to banish every Immoral character from his jurisdiction. Eight other arrests were made today by Federal detectives working sl- I multaneously with the local force. ' The- eight persons, a woman resort ! keeper and seven alleged white slaves were put on a New York train tonight ' in charge of detectives under tJeorge ' (*. Craft, assistant superintendent of ! justice of New York city. The women will be taken l>eforc the Fcd.^il grand ' jury in New York which is investigat- ' in gan allegetl vice irpst with head- i quarters in New York and Chicago. A rOLLKGE Bins FAIRCIIILD. according to the present scale of retail prices. Two of the veterinarians jof the Spokane health department will 'be present to check the weights and cuts and to render expert advice. By this means the mayor, who is' acting on the request or retailers, who claim they are not to blame for- the high.; living co.s-t. hopes to l)e able to do-.^ ternilne just what class is reapooyl- ble. -Mayor Hindley has not Intflcgt- ed to what other fields his probe of the national question will extend. • Bf. Delma, of Chanute is in the city today OB bas^ess. L J Kirkland, of Chelopa is a business visitor in the city today. J. T, Adams of Kansas City went to j Colony this afternoon on business. Offered Prpsldener of New Uamp- shire Agrienltnral School. ! Topcka. Oct. 3.—^The presidency of the New Hampshire Agricultural College has been offered to EL T. Fairchild, state superintendent of education and president of the National Educational association. Mr. Fairchild has not decided whether he will give up his work in Kansas to accept the new offer. Charley Freeberg. who is personally conducting his campaign for tb« ofHce of county clerk on the Democratic ticket, spent part of today In lola. meeting the autocratic voters and re-, minding them that there is an election in .N'orctnber and that It will be 'i l>oor citizen who allows the news- tiaper.*. campaign managers and other unreliable ciiizena to distract attention for the big. burining issue. —vr. A. Bovdeo, paper kanger. Volume 1. Number 1. of the Woodson County Jnnrnal. the new paper atart- e<I at Yates Center by C. Bortn. for-' mer editor of the Allen County Jour- ' nal at Lallarpe. was issned yesterday. " In general appearance it closely resembles the LaHarpe paper, the front pag.e being filled with timely editorials frcm the K. C. Star. Topeka Capital. Emi>oria Gazette and Salina Journal upholding the "Progressive" contentions. There are eleven display ads., an auto firm taking a page, two other flrnis taking half pages and a dei»rt- ment store having two ads. Mr. Borin announces that he has a five year lease tion for the big. burning issue. be "sot" in tils location as he i» tn his political views.

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