Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1938
Page 3
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NovGmb'er 29,1988 HOPE S?AB, HOPE, PAGE THREE Sunset I snw the day lean o'er the world's sharp edge, And peer into night's chasm dark and damp. High In his l>and he held a blazing lamp, Then dropped it, and plunged headlong down the ledge. With lurid splendor that swift paled to gray 1 saw the dim skies suddenly flush bright. 'Twns but the expiring glory of the light Flung from the hand of the adventurous day.—Selected. The Pat Clcburne chapter U. D. C. will meet at 2:30 Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. G. Allison Ave. B with Mrs. J. F. Gorin, Mrs. J. E. Schooloy and Miss Mary Carrigan as associate hostesses. Mrs. J. A. Henry will lead the program. Miss Katharine Coulter ot Leslie, Ark., Edward Coulter of Dallas, Texas nnd Miss Mary Walker Hill of Strong, Ark.( have returned to their respective homes after u Thanksgiving week 'end with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Flctch- Qr. As special compliment to her sister, Mrs. J. C. Broyle.s, who has lately returned to her home town for residence, after several years in New York city nnd Scarsdalc, N. Y.', Mrs. Dorscy McRae entertained at an informal ten Saturday afternoon at her home on East Third street. Beautiful fall flowers brightened the rooms and a num- btr of friends called during the tea hours. Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. McRae invited a number of friends to meet Mrs. Broyles from 4 to 6. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Brocning who have been in residence on South Main street arc now domiciled on the corner of Fifth and South Grady streets. -O-Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spragins and Mrs. TUESDAY— "SUEZ" Our Better Wednesday Pictures 'HARD TO GET' — with— Dick Powell OLIVIA DeHaviland THUR--FRI Constance Bennett "SERVICE DeLUXE" TUES-WED-THUR DOUBLE FEATURES 8th WONDER <of the World! "KING KONG" And "Nancy Drew Detective" Gifts That Last CHAIRS • Lounge • Rocking • Stationary • Windsor • Desk LAMPS • IES Floor and Table Lamps • Vanity • Bed DISHES • Open Stock Patterns FOSTORIA • Full Line Hope Hardware COMPANY B. C. Hyatt had tfs Sunday guests, Mr. mid Mrs. J. S. Rngland, nnd Miss Louise and Henry Holman all of Tcx- nrknna. Mr. nnd Mrs. L. D. Springer had ns Thmiksgiving .week-end guests, Mrs. Springer's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Griffin ot Tiptonvillc, Tcnn., and a brother from a Texas point. -O- From the Atlanta (Ga.) American of Sunday, November 27: Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lamlxlm announce "the engagement of their only daughter, Clara Han-is, to John Sidney Waddle, of New Orleans, Ln., formerly of Hope, Ark., the date ot the marriage to be announced later. Bland Is to Delay Resigning of Post Governor's Secretary May Remain Until Last of March LITTLE ROCK.-(/P)-Usually reliable sources said Tuesday that James L. Bland, Wnlnut Ridge, would resign as Governor Bailey's secretary at the adjournment of the general assembly in March. The same source said Bland originally planned to quit January 1, but had been persuaded by administration leaders to n&ritiin through the legislative session. P. L. Aslin Home Is Destroyed by Fire Fire last Thursday night destroyed the home of P. L. Aslin, six miles south of Hope. All the household goods also we're destroyed. Total loss was estimated at $2,000. No insurance was carried. The fire occurred while meVtvbers of the family were spending Thanksgiving-with relatives in Oklahoma. Origin of 111 blaz has not been determined. I don't feel bad, but I fell I ought to .see if there is anything the matter with me.—Mrs. Annie Durganian, when she reported at the Coik County Hospital ut the age of' 112 for a physical .check-up. I love to hear jazz music. It soothes me.—Erica Morini, Vienna violinist touring the U. S. in concerts. THtATW TODAY—ON STAGE] Shows 3:30 & 8:30 "Lee's Society Circus" Trained Dogs, Monkeys, Goats . .. and Educated Pony, one of the] three living Teddy Bears in the U. S.| —ON THE SCREEN— TUES. & WED. CLARK GABLE Loretta Young Jack Oakie in—JACK LONDON'S 'CALL OF THE_W_ILir —ALSO— ANN NAGEL, ROBERT KENT "GANG BULLETS" (No liaise in Prices.) Coming; Sat. 11 p. m., SUN-MON. Loretta Young, Joel McCrca in "THREE BLIND MICE" Master Shoe Rebuilders 123 So. Walnut St. Anything in shoe repairing, New Straps, New Elastic, Toe Lining, Dying. No job to great or too small. SALE WINTER COATS Sport Coals for All Around Daytime Wear. $10.95 LADIES Specialty Shop —Paid Political Adv. President, Spare TKose Trees! Indignant V/ashington cherry tree partisans in chains to beloved trees, threatened with George Washington hatchcting to make room for Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Farm Debt Group to Meet Friday Session at Farm Security Office Here to Begin at 9 o'Clock Debt-burdened farmers who find themselves facing possible foreclosure because of top-heavy debt structure will have an opportunity to enlist expert .assistance in trying to find an amicable solution to their problems when the Hempstead County farm deft adjustment com'nviltee meets at the Farm Security Administration office at Hope Friday, December 2. The meeting will start promptly at 9 a. m. The committee in htis county is made up of the following members: E. M. Osborn, chairman; Otis Johnson, Mark Jackson, Shep Lane, Hatley White. The group serves on a voluntary basis to bring worthy debtors and their creditors together to work out new debt agreern'ents that will be acceptable to all concerned and will avoid foreclosure or impairment of assets. School News Glances By George Citric The Library Read the following interesting fic- tio nand non-fiction books from the schlvcs of the City Library: Fiction. "Ransom's Folly," by Richard Harding Davis. "The Victim," by Thomas Dixon "The Old Ashburn Place," by Margaret FHnt. Non-Fiction. "Rede'm'ption of a New Birth," by T. . Martin. "Home Fires in France," by Dorothy ^anfield. A column of nr one mile square ox- ending for 50 feet to 14,000 feet above he earth contains, on an average ofr il seasons, about 25,000,01)0 insects, ccording.to tests conducted in Louisana. Just a slight political recession.— Senator Tom Connally of Texas. So They Relatives.—Martha Raye, when someone asked her in Hollywood what she was having for lunch. In the railroad business, red means proceed with caution. He was doing that.—Mrs. Drake Woernley answering a municipal judge in Cleveland as to whether her husband dhove through a stop light. 1 had toask Gable to leave Lombard Ozan. Pupils Vriaking the honor roll for the third month of school arc: First grade, Juanita Jones and Irma Milwee; second grade, Ralph Webb and Buster Lecwood; fourth grade, Alyce Futrell and Billy Joe Nelson. The fourth grade has had a perfect attendance record since school opened except for two clays. The P. T. A. will meet at the school building at 7 p. m. Monday. All parents ot children attending grade school or high school are urged to be present. Some problems concerning the school district will be discussed. Wilbur Maroon, who has been ill for two weeks has return to school. Hear Civil Suits on Kd M'lkmald __ f;, Ex Secretary of State Defendant in $16,656 State Suit LITTLE ROCK.--W)--Suist to recover $16,656.62 from former Secretary of Stale Ed F. McDonald and his bondsmen Tuesday were set for trial Decem« her 12 and 13 in Pulaski circuit court. Special state attorneys allege that the sum represents excessive payments on statehouse supplies during McDonald's administration. 666 Liquid, Tablets Salve, Nose Drops relieves COLDS first day, HEADACHES and FEVER due to Colds, In 30 minutes! Try "Rub-My-Tlsm"—t Liniment Wonderful "These amateurs have shot this business to pieces." It was noon and time for paper sack lunches and filled lunch boxes to be taken from beneath the chairs in the primary room. Quietly the little folk ate. A chubby, brown-eyed little fellow seemed to be particularly enjoying his lunch. Suddenly, he frowned as if a piece of food had become ensnared between his teeth. Teacher smiled, at home when he came to look'at :his' said nothing, and continued her lunch, car.—Howard Darrin, custom auto' In a few moments the child spoke in builder in Hollywood, explaining that his usual low, deep plain voice: his men would do no work while Carole Lombard was in the factory. "Teacher, I got it!" There on his desk lay a tiny ele tooth, which had „ ,, ., .. . . _ . . been too loose to do its part of the He d melt the iron bars.-Samuel, chewi The lad rushed to the pump, Licbowitz, counsel for Robert Irwm, I „.„„,, ti. „,„„«, ^*h*A ),i= hnn r l<= confessed murderer, telling how. his client had hoped to escape from! prison. A good 'description of. a scentisUjs a a'n who does'n't know what^ne'v'is working on and is afraid to make it{ public. — Charles F. Kettering, automotive engineer. QheSNAPSWOT CU1L SNAPSHOT PARTIES rinsed his mouth, washed his hands, returned to his lunch, carefully wrapped the .precious tooth and declared, "I'll put this under my pillow and have "a nickel in the morning." Perhaps he did. Film Beauty's 'Happiest Day' Cagcr Turns Author CHICAGO—Joe Reiff former Northwestern All-America basketballer, is the author of a pamphlet on the sport published by the recreation department of the Chicago Park District. The thief who robbed a lingerie store in Indianapolis has given police the slip. The sale of goats to the Navy for mascots is controlled by a monopoly. Must be kidding. FRANK NOLEN CANDIDATE FOR ALDERMAN WARDS Stands for a progressive, businesslike administration and will appreciate your vote and influence. Humorous pictures—such as a series of a man eating a squirty grapefruit —provide fun at a snapshot party. Arrange such a party for your fellow camera fans. W HENEVER snapshooters get together, the season is ripe then for a snapshot party. Such a party is a splendid entertainment idea — whether its intention is serious picture-taking or just plain snapshot fun. The' party can take two forms. Guests can be sent out on a "picture- hunt"—each one assigned to bring back snapshots of a certain type. Or, a room can be fitted up with a few photo lights at the host's home, and each, guest given a picture idea to illustrate. Guests should be (old to bring their cameras, loaded with suitable film. Since most parties will be held at night, the preferred fllrn is one ot the new high speed "super" type. The host should also obtain a few simple exposure guides, to assist guests who have not had much experience in taking uight pictures. For a picture hunt, one guest can be assigned to picture street scenes; onotner can picture flhop wiudowa, and another can take snaps of else' trie signs. Brightly-lighted subjects without movement should be choseo, since outdoors at uight short time exposures will bo necessary with most cameras. Though if any of the guests have ultra-fast-leus cameras, give them stiffer assignments. For an "at home" party, a list of picture-titles should be prepared. Humorous titles or assignments ore preferable, and guests can serve as models for each picture. One person could be assigned to picture a characterization of Napoleon. Another could picture an Indian climbing a mountain, and a third might be told to portray a dachshund viewing a skyscraper. The more outlandish the titles, tbe more room they leave for the picture-taker's imagination—and the more fun he will have arranging his picture. Properly, snapshot parties should be planned- as a series—each member of a group holding one. Then, pictures taken at one party could be exhibited at the next. Such a, party series cau provide entertainment all season for a group of camera fans—and it would ful project for a camera club. John T»n Guilder! A Missouri poultry farmer has been elected to Congress, where he is expected to talk turkey. Raising of Race Issue Stirs South City of Birmingham Asks .. Probe of Human Welfare Conference BIRMINGHAM, Ala— (/P)—The city commission here voted Tuesday to ask a congressional investigation of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare. The commission's action in enforcing the segregation of white and negro delegates was criticized in resolutions adopted by the conference this week Vienna-born Movie Star Luise Rainer gleefully inspects her U. S. citizenship papers in Los Angeles federal court. Old enemies of Ataturk turned out for his funeral in great numbers. A little impatient at the delay, no doubt • i • Some people believe the election in dicates the time has come for the vested- interests to put on their seconc pair of pants. Attention VOTERS Your Vote Will Be Greatly Appreciated Re-Elect KENNETH G. HAMILTON Alderman Ward 2 —Paid Political Advertisement Don't Order a Worthless Truss That Does More Harm Than Good You can inspect and get the best fit right here at home. Our fitters take a real interest in fitting them correctly and adjust them until you are pleased with your selection. OUT Truss, Elastic Hosiery and Abdominal Support business .is rapidly increasing becaue of real interest and experience in fitting. JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. TO MY FRIENDS Hope will continue to be my permanent home as it has been the past eight years. True, I have sold my lumber business but I have other business interests in Hope that will require my time and necessitate my home being here. I ask your support on November 30 for my candidacy for Alderman Ward 1. Phone 840 or 337 for Free Transportation to the Polls. J.R. WILLIAMS America asked and PONTIAC DELIVERS ! THREE NEW SILVER STREAKS packed with new and exciting features plus the added thrill of lower Prices ...... What do you want in your new car? New styling that stops the eye like a Honolulu sunset? New comfort as soothing as an afternoon nap? New performance that lets you say "hail and farewell" to every car you meet? New economy that means money in the bank? If that's what you want, see the 1939 Pontiacs— the new Quality Six, the new De Luxe Six and Eight- b'uilt to America's specifications for the ideal low-priced car. Yes, you read correctly— these are low-priced cars— substantially lower-priced than last year! America asked — and Pontiac delivers more car for less money— and that means top-value in anybody's language! AMERICA'S FINEST LOW-PRICED CAR . . . THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING ON WHEELS GENERAL MOTOR* TERM* TO SUIT YOUR PURSt YOU'LL is mm TO OWN A PONTIAC East 3rd St. Hope, Ark. Hempstead Motor Go. MAX COX Owner

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