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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 1889. NUMBER 170. jf*»-sT~- ' 1-r'. t ~,IJ/ ^. DILLON C5SLL3 Goal, Lumber and Salt Ch and pays t7ie market price 1 8 called tlio " of .)>|SPH.IPS," because there IB no medium tlm>m;h which dtapaso ao often attor-ks tho system ns by the absorption of jmisonofiH c:\pes in the retention of dornyt-d and effete, matter In the, stomach nnd bowels. It la caused by n Torpid Liver, not enough bile being excreted from t fie blood to iirodnco Katnre's own cntlmrtlc find la generally accompanied with such results a* to sa of Appatlte» Sick Headache, Bad Breath etc. r The treatment* of Constipation docs not csn- Elstmerely in unloading the bowels. The medl- clno must not only net as a purgative, but bo ft tonic R8 well, nnd not produco alter Its use greater costlvenesn. To secure a regular habit of body without changing tho diet or disorgaul Ing the system V My attention, after suffering with Constipation lor two or three yearn, was called to Simmons Liver Regulator, and, having tried almost everything else, concluded to try it I first took a wlneglossful and afterwards reduced the dose to a teaspnonful, as per directions, after each meal. 1 found It hod done me so much good tiiut I continued it until I took two bottles. Blnco then I have not experienced any diniculty, I keep It In my house and would not be without It 1 bntliavenonseforlt, Ithavlngcured me."--GFO' W. BIMH, Ass't Clark Superior Oour Bibb Co.. Georgia.* Take only the Genuine Which haa on the Wrapper the red 25 [ mark and signature of J. II. ZEIMN A CO. IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OP FOOT. If rouwnntiJerfeetlori In nt, with freedom from corns ami nil discomfort you will always wear S.o Burt & Packard Shoe. « l« acknowlmlecd as tho mart mn/rirtiMt, tho txtl \rmriiu/ and tnati *yltil> gentlemen's «!ioo made la tho world, Don't spoil your feef by wearing cheap shoes, The Bu rt & Packard Shoe costs no more thaasny other flno Bhoe.MoiwA nans apprrwcA (Mnwwu*. All stylos In Haiid-nuoX Hand-wclt, and BortweH] •Iso BOYS' and YOUTHS'." If not sold l>y your dealer send his name nnd your address to ' .^ (nncceiwors to Hurt 4 Pactar* n l j I r 1 I J Packard ot Field, brocKton, Mast. J. IP. Overliolser, Htcrllng;, 11U, The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, (Easiest Running and Latent Improved Sweeper made. -Fancy Patent, per sack, Jl.Kh—Two«acks I2.BC Half Patent. " ..1.40. " " ZOO Borne of the oldest resldents'of this city claim this to be the best flour they ever used In tho State of Illinois. Ore am of Patent, , Daisy and Minn .Roller in stock. A Oood Stock of Tlrf Tomato Cans Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ot] MASONS GIASS FRUIT JABS AM JELL.TOMBLERS. LEFT AT L. L. JOHNSON'S NEW AND SECOND HAND O.A.Oliver >Va win fttio Mod I r*« * KVIP P"* 1.3* vt our tnM*j *jui *>Ufl»!-i« H I* *Bfam *»<• M* APlnDgeforGlorv. O i) raham, the Barrel Man, Takes a Fearfyl Ride. SHOOT OVES THE NIAGARA FALLS he Jntrophl Kxporlmentor Ilrnr.lir* the Holght ii T 111* Ambition nml rr»v«« Til [it. Fie WitMi't Horn Ta Un Dr.MTnoil, lit Any Bute—Tlio Font Performed for 1'nre ReekloRnneAft Apparently—lie Comes out of III* Dnrrol Only Slightly Hurt, lint SntUfted. NIAGARA FALLS, N. T., Sept. '2.— Carlisle ). Graham, tho Philadelphia Cooper, shot rer tho brink at the groat Horseshoe falls t 7:10 o'clock yc?torday morning. Ho wns ghtly cased in his barrel-boat, and twenty- ve minutes later "was picked up in BOBS lock eddy, comparatively unharmed. The enturo, never before accomplished, was by not less than fifty spectators. 'ho friends of Graham had become well nigh iscournged by tho frequent and dispiriting allures that hnd marked his early eTorh. A Successful Kxperliuent. The gallant hero of the rapids, by untiring (Torts, collected roonoy nnd at last succeeded in building a small barrel that wont ver tho falls intact This sank at the bat- om, owing to the manhole coming open, but his w^s regarded as a preventable accident, ,nd funds wore quickly turned over to Jraham by secret admirers in Buffalo to ulld him another barrel. Tho craft was oon constructed of Chinoso tulip on lines dontlcal with its predecessor, and on Aug. *5 Graham redo In It through tho whirlpool nd Devil's Rapids down from the foot of he falls tq_tbo villagn of Lowiaton," S diS- unco'of flvo miles through tho ugliest water itienrlb. Drank to l» Perilous Venture. *'•' The barret had hardly been scratched, and he party were BO pleased that then and hero a solemn vow was made to uso it .to go iver the falls in nt the earliest possible date. Standing on the head of tho submerged bur- rol, which shifted about on tho uneasy vutcr, Graham lifted a glass of liquor to his ,i|», and said: "J drink to tho health of .» ;reator venture than this, which, God holj>- ngjiie, slialLbo—accomplished—Uiforo the oaves turn." His companions were nlinost rightened at this solemn vow, which looked to them very like a health drunk to certain leath. . ° Difficulties Overcome. There were difficulties lu tho way however. Tho police officials on both sides of the falls md given it out In dead earnest that tho bastilo would bo the fato"of any man who attempted the apparently suicidal piece of justness, and consequently Graham had to about it vory slyly. He made tho ar rangements, however, and got himself and barrel inside of a hack about 2 a. m. yesterday, and hia friends following, proceeded to a point about three miles above ;he falls and prepared for the trial. A policeman came up to tho carriage in which ;he barrel was ensconced and was told that [t wan going so be sent over tho fulls as an experiment, but assured that Graham was not along. At this time the subjjct of conversation was speeding along behind a board fence leadign toward the hotel doubled up llko a jack} knife in a frantic endeavor to keep out of alght The brief colloquy over, the party went on around tho curve, out of the official's sight and took Graham aboard. He ttntora the llarrol. Arrived at the point of departure Garry K. Staley now appeared in a row boat, in which he had come do,wn from LaSalle, am the men quickly embarked, and taking the barrel in tow, pulleJ out Into the river, perhaps three hundred yards from tlio shore. There the manhole was opened and Graham entered tho barrel. He was dressed in tho tighta in which all of bis famous foata have been performed, in addition to which he wore a heavy outer-shirt—Ho-first placed a coat in the bottom of the barrel on top o two thirty-pound bags of sand. Then ho knelt down, thrusting both logs and arm through a broad belt of webbing stretched across tho barrel." The M anhole Secured. The little craft is to small that even then bin head projected, but he bowed it, and tw< thicknesses of tarpaulin- wero thrown ovei tho manhole, which was'then battened down and fastened by two iron cleato an inch and a half wlda Thene were locked with bra; snap locks. Fifty feet of inch rope was at t ached to the top of the barrel to keep it upright, acting as a drag. To help effect th same purpose 100' pounds of railroad Iron was fastened to the bottom. When all wi secured Horn rapped on, the end of the bar rel and asked: "Are you all right, Gra bam»" "Yes," was the muffled response; "bulge me oft »s quick as pos-slblo,or I shall smother before tho triuii begun." Speeding for the 1'Eunge* He was at ouco started on his downwan journey, and In a moment was whirling toward the lino of foam that marked tb flrst rapids. This was at «:45 o'clock. Th long drag rope retarded the progress of th barrel, and it was fully fifteen minutes be f ore it was hidden from tho view of the am ious watchers in tho little boat. They saw whirl over as it wont down the tall of fil teen feet at tho second rapids, and then right itself as tbo slack of tho rope wti drawn taut This, it subsequently appeared nearly cost Graham his life. At a minute o two past 7 o'clock three men waiting ou tin brink of the falls uaw tbo red upper end o tho barrel eerne into vlow ovor tha Hue o breakers due north of Goat Island. Over the Terlble Drink. Then it shifted toward tbo Canada shore and at precisely 7:10 o'clock ran up on line of foam on the verge of the center o the Horseshoe, topped gracefully backwarc and disappeared over tho brink. Tho me shouted hoarsely at each other, and tho started at break-neck for the Maid of the iliat landing. Tho newspaper men o Table Rock also saw the plunge, and Hatches in hand waited for Graham to emerge. •'One minute, a minute aud a quarter—* half—he is lost," shouted a woman, who began sobbing. "He is not lost," shrieked a bystander, i reply to the woman, aud the next inalan every eye was rivotod ou flfteon inches o diameter rrptYsonted by the neck of tho littl barrel. A jtfuiaent of ifo]» nad Knar- It bad eoitio up twoiily rods down froi Uio foot of lhi> fall* ami was floatiat; nbou uninjured »!iis»rtiutly. Iror tw.mtT-fiv ailnubw It clroUHt alKiiit iu H**a Uock <xi.! jitat about whrre Aliuor J.JIUBI WM naltiii to recover it Thau it >.tru?u»l down wlti.u !*-ts faot jf tli* «h,*!« ait t llion J w r 1 i«_^i ii< iu i ftwaat to tk "Sirv' 11 ti 4*" rid liennl an inarticulate reply. Hi could ot O[wn it so he tosve 1 it ashore. Tho Voyii£eur Only Slightly Hart. Onco ashoro a dozon willing hntuls piled ammer nnd clrsil, and tho cover wa^ ulckly wrenched ofT ojid Graham pullod ut There wns blood on his head whore it angod against tho side of tho barrel, andhis rms were skinned at tU> elbows, but on the whole bo was In remarkable condition for ne wbn hnd beon through tho jaws of death, 'he stifling air inslile the burrol was rospons- >io moro than anything clso for his faint- ess, which quickly disappeared na be real- zed I hat ho had accomplished 10 nrdi'nt deslro of a lifetime, nd dono something no man ever arod attempt before. Brandy was poured own his throat, nnd he woa led as gently as ossiblo across tho rocks to tho landing, hero ho was taken in a carriage to tho 3 rospect house, rubbed down with whisky and put to bed. What He Think I of It. Graham says lin has had enough of tho alls. Ho remombors nothing but the tor- ible roar, and that ho snys ho will never orgot His wife arrived just after bo had wen taken to the hotel nnd was terribly moved when she heard the story of the ip. (Bart in Irons. Wisconsin's Bandit Not in Busi- ness Any Longer. THE LAW GETS ITS GEIP ON HIM. rxaminod by both sinVs, but not pns^il upon by tho defense. Tho dilllculty is tbo uno that usually comos up. Sotno mtMi say they have rfad the newspaper reports anil arguments on the cnso and havo fi.nned an op'ninn, which ono will dorlnro Is invincible and aViothor that it can bo change,! by evidence. Those tbo defense peremptorily challenges. Others say they would bo slow to a hang a man on cirrumstancinl evidence, and those the prosecution doesn't wont, CHICAGO CRAWLING AHEAD. The Windy City Hull Tlnimporn Doing • little Hollor— - Weekly Kocoril. CHTOAOO, Kopt. 2. — The the lubst in tho National Buso Bull l.'aguo did ibt clmngo lnnt week, but Alison 1 * "babies" >ave climbed within Hvo points of third iluco, while Cluvelniiil so,<ms to hnvu lost its rip. Tli(j, Ktanilins nt tho closo ot lust, reek's playing was as follow*: Nntlorml I-rtnirue. Phifml \Vtrn.- 'Lml. loston .................... t<s 03 New York ................. loci (12 3H liliadi'lptiln ............. 101 ft:i . 4* cniro ......... ' .......... ion r»ri r>i levolnml ................. 104 r.o r»4 MUnbnrr ................ ;I07 4H la hiimimMfi .............. ion 45 (il slilnuum .............. m 34 04 Pr. et. .n-u .fan .4Ho .44H .424 :ttii Vcatern. ' Won: Lost.I'.c.Anierlcnn. Won.Ixist P. utunhu... .. "'Bill... Min'npotlH loujc City . . . : t. Joseph. 'tllwnukeo 11:1 (l-j :m 4ll 411 •1!) 5(1 45 IH 40 53 41 50 34 Ul •lljllnmklyn.. 71 71 .17 till H4 -IIU - 4-t ' 5H 51 43 04 43 IIH •23 8r> .rind HiLlUiimro. .4IM- Athlnltc... .4.*>i-'Cin»!lnnuU 5H 51 .5:rj .43U Kiin*. (,'lly 4:) ft4 .4111 .4^2.CM)umht]'i. 4L1 I1H ,:IH7 _ .:)57ll,uuisviiiu aa ar, .aia tSnturday's League play ing gavo tho fol- owing scores: At Pitt-tburg—(first •) 'itlsburg 1, Chicago U; (seoon I gaiiif) Pitliburg 11, Chicago 11—thirteen iuniii^s, darkness; nt New York—Now York ijustun It—eight innings, darkness: at Washington— Wnxhlugt»n 1!J, rtiilnilulphiii II); nt Cleveland—Cleveland U, Indianapolis American association: At Bronklvn— ^First giune) Brooklyn II, Kansas City 4; .second game) Brooklyn 8. Kansas City 3; nt rhiladeiphla— Athletic 7, CincninntTli; at Baltimore—Baltimore 11, Louisville .'J; at Columbus—Columbus 4, St. Louis 1. Sunday: At Philadelphia—Athletic 4; Cincinnati 0; at Columbus—Columbus 0, St Louis 5. Western association, Saturday: At j)es Motnes—Des -Moinos 7, St., Paul 8; at Mil- waukee—Mllwnukno 1, Mimionpolis 2; at Uenvor—Denver 4, Omaha 15; at Joseph— Sioux City failed to arrive in time and the umpire gavu the gamo to St Joseph—9 to 0. Sunday: At St. Joseph—St Joseph 2, Sioux Ciiy 7; at Denver—Denver 8, Omalfn 8; at Milwaukee—Milwaukee 4, Minneapolis 0. STILL BREAKING RECORDS. The Cour»o at Went Choitor Has Two More to Report. WEST CHESTER, N. Y., Sopt 2.—Tho crowd at tho Morris Park raco track Saturday was almost unprecedented, there being nearly .10,000 persons present to witness oho of tha most successful meetings ever held in America. Tho events of tho day—events that are almost of daily occurrence sinco tho opening of tho course- were tho smashing of two records; the % aud % mile. •: Britannic was the first horse to add to tho reputation of the track, going tho % mile iu 0:59—one second better than had over been dono before. Tho next horso to comu out strong wns Til *Rlo Rey Ho took a second off tho % mile record, doing his % in 1:11. The peculiarity of all this record-smashing Is that it is in every case for distances loss than a mile. Four other races wero run Saturday,' all of them a mile and over. miles, 1:50; Tonncy, 1}£ milos, 2:0<,l%; lily- ton, 1% miles, 2:S ( J; Golden, Reel, 1 mile 1 , Iluccn lit Chicago. CHICAGO, Sept 2. — The winning horses nt the Wost Side course Satur.lay were: Martin Russell, 7J^ furlongs, l;:ri;Sis O'Loo, % mile, 1:02; • Arundol 1 mile, 1:11; Fred Fink, \% miles, \M%\ Governor. 7Ji furlongs, !:*>%; Lizzie, % mile, 1:02^; J ohn Rebor, steeplechase, full course, 4i!jf. RELICS OF ELLSWORTHS DEATH. The Gun Ho IViu Klllutl wllh and That Which Finished Ills Slu.yor. VVASHINQTON CiTr, Sept. 'J. — Private Brownell bus presented to the National museum tlio weapons used in tho tragedy in tho Marshall house In Alexandria on the 24th of May, 1801,- when Col. Ellsworth went into the house to remove a Confederate flag. Accompanied by tho chaplain and Private Brownell he had taken down tbo Qug, and was returning when be was mot on tho Blairs by Jackson, tbo proprietor, who shot him dead. Private Brownell, who was jubt la advance of Ellswoith, in turn shot Jack- Bon dead and pinned him to the stops with a bayonet. Tho gun used by Jackson Is a double-barreled fowling piece of light weight.. Tho ramrod is missing. Brownell's piece Is an old-fash ioriod army musket, armed with tho sword bayonet, with which Jackson was thrust through the b,ody. An Indiana M»n Killed. OMAHA, Neb., Sept a— A Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Volley passenger train, while crossing the junction with the Union Paciflo, six miles west of hero, Saturday morning, was struck by a freight train on the latter road. Both trains "we're badly wrecked, and John Shinbarger, of Bristol, Ind., who was stealing a rido on the freight, was instantly killed. Ethan Allen, from the same town, was with him and had his right arm broken. _ _ Gov. Flfor and tha Illlnoli Striken. CHICAHO, Sept U.— Governor Fifer held a short conference Saturday morning at tho Grand Paciflo with Goorgo Martin, of LaSalle, and Samuel Skolton, of Coal City, rtiprusoutativos of iho striding miner*. The result of the mooting was a dottinulnatiou to hold a rnt'uting of miners at Juliot this mommy to which tho o|K>ratur» will be invited. The governor will i«aue a proclamation asking for contributions to aid tho striking nUnsra' ftunlHe*. Over Her Uu»rto-Mi»lcunl*l. SANDWICH, Mima., Sept. i — -Th* eitsrcifca attending tha aauth «um!v..r«iry of op*>ra»i yant^r^Uty by th » (^ti A Isu A Well Mnnacod Cnpturo of n I)o^pernt« nnliher—He r>pplornn thn Fuot Thnt Ho Hudn't n Chnftpo to ArrrtU^o Another Fttilnrul unil Admit* That Ho IH thn M.-ITI Wnntmt So Iludly—Ituco Hlots South— niHOk Record for Ono Day. REPUBLIC, Mich., Sept.- 8.— Roimund Holzhay, alias "Black Bart," tho highwayman, who for flvo months past has boon robbing trains, waylaying stage coaches and holding up pedestrians, is in custody. Ho was captured here Saturday morning by City Marshal Glorlo and Justice of tho Peace R E, Weiser, and has been taken to Bessemer to answer for tbo killing of A. Floisclibein of Belleville, Ills., at Gogobic, Monday of last'W eok, . Holzhay confesses to all tho stage and trail! robberies Tho Rnhbor Idontlflnil. Holzlmy's capture was easily effected. He applied at tho Republican hous'j for lodging in tho evening and was assigned to a room. This was about fl o'clock. Ho ato slipper mid an hour later was shown to his room. Tho landlord observed a striking rosom- blnncc between his guest and tho description of the Gobble stnge-roblwr, nml Informed th" village marshal, who had also been notific'd by E. E. Weiser, a justice of tho peaco, \vho had seen him on tho street. It was determined not to attempt the arnwt in IMzhay'n room as ho was knowM to bo ht'Mvily nrmoil, Ilolzlmy nroso at U o'clock Saturday morning, ate n light breakfast, and paid his bill. Ho had a chockon*! quilt rolled up and hound with a small rojio. In this Improvised way ho carried a change of clothing and n small botLlo. Slinging the bnndlo over his shoulder ho stnrte-l olT, intending to make for tho Wisconsin lumber camps. Mnnnrroftho Cil|iturn. As Holzhay approached them they walked toward him app«rently engaged in earnest, conversation and paying no altontion to the stranger at all. When they came near they parted to allow Holzhay to pass butwtwi them; NoFooncnvercrtboyTibroast-ttmTrthtr ofiicers seized their man ono at each arm and shoulder and throw him to Urn payment, Holzhay struggled and tried to reach his hip pocket, nearly succeeding in doing so. At that moment Policeman Pat Whalon cama tip and with his stick gave the prostrate man a rnp on tho head which quieted him, •and he made no further resistance. Unit Hln Artillery Aboard. At tho jail ho WIN searched and throo revolvers, thrco gold watches, four pookot- books and other articles wore found on his person. One pockotbook boro tho name of Roimund Holzhay, the robber's naino. Ho broke down under tho examination, and acknowledged committing tho robbery of tho Milwaukee ami Northern tain at KUis Junction last May and tho robb-iry at Lake Gogobic Monday of last week. Among the pockotbocta found,on Holzhay was the ono that ho took from Fioischboih, tho man whom ho killed and robbed when ho hold up tho stage at Gogebic, and which contained letters and papers bearing Fleisch- boin's name, A Blighty Cool FrUnnur. When seen by n reporter he said ho know that men and bloodhounds had lieon on his track, but ho had not tu<ufi them. When asked how ho felt about his capture ho shrugged his shoulders and answered: "I don't know. It's about nil that could bo expected. I am sorry, though, that I was caught alivo. If tho marshal had boon a little slower there would havo boon a funeral in Republic to-morrow." Ho would neither admit or deny that ho was tho rob bor of tho Milwaukee and Northern (rain or • the Wisconsin Central train, answering to pointed "questions, ."I don't—know."— He . did tho work for fun, ho said, and when It was suggostod that it might be expensive fun for him remarked that "He laughs best who laughs last." Ho was manifestly uncomfortable when lynching was suggested. Holzhay began his career on tho road last April and sinco that timo has robbed two railway trains, five stages and a general store at Bonduol, Shawano county. Ho got comparatively little money by his exploits. ' HOLZHAY CONFESSES HIS CRIMES. The Process of "HniaiiiB Up" tho 1'asaen- gera He Kohhetl. MARQUKTTK, Mich., gopt. 2.—Bandit Holzhay, long the terror of tho northern section of Michigan and Wisconsin, surlily paced up and down a cell in tho strong jail of Marquette county yesterday until 5:.'!0 o'clock, when ho was placed in a special coach bound for Bessemer. Ho is n Gorman, 23 years old, and by no means a desperate- looking fellow. Tlio prisoner has confessed to all his crimes, and inado tho following statement to tho two officers who captured him: "I did hold up tho Milwaukee and Northern train. I don't just remember tho data,, I got a haul of about $50. I boarded tho train at Maple Valley. I went through tho train and spotted such men as I thought would be likely to have monoy. I then walked back and the first man I held up was tho brakeman. .1 then hold up a passenger and got $30 out of him. I also held up several other passengers and got small amounts. I had to take what they gave, and I could not search them as I was playing a lone hand. A also got a few watches, but none of them were of much value. Didn't Have a Suck for Boodle. "I did not have a sack to collect tho boodle In. I held my gun in ono hand aud received tho donations with tho other. 1 got off at Ellis Junction and took to the woods, I also held up tho Wisconsin, Central railroad train. I think it was August 7th or ;Sth. I got only a small amount la cash. I got a few watches, two of which you havo taken frijin me. The black pockat book found on me was taken from n passenger on tho Wisconsin Central train. You will find a ?M> note, and a lot of cards, which I think gives the passenger's name. I havo dono several other little job*, but ttege don't concern you and will do no good to tell, as they did riot amount to much. I commenced business In this wctiou tome timo tl.Ls spring." (letting a Jury lu the Cronln OH so, CHICAGO, SH vt - 2.—Tbo wntnui day of tha exnmluutioit ot jurcra ill tbo I'runin trial cluiod with a r« cord nt twcnljf-Hva cn-uso 1 for CHUM), f. ur i-lmlk-ujjwil |»>iviuptorily by ttM»lt!ff£<*>, and «IH> b? ll:« |UM*>'«-U(H,(L Of Ilia fi.ur j«rv.m ». iv^ by tl«! «wi» 1'Ynlay, t,,it I*.i ivi!i->in,"<l l:t !y-J jilt-; i.<J 4t Siirt cii.*» '4 fc.--' i-i •« i'. ti«lu".i»y Vb>-n>-'n*iiui>,j RACE RIOTS SOUTH. RIclrmUh Rnoo nt Gretnn, r>n., nnd Vtnr lit Slioll Mound, Mlm. NEW OIILEANS, La., 8»pt 2.—A train load of colored excursionists arrived homo at Gi'flna fron Baton Rougo yesterday morning nt '.'. o'clock. An alarm of flro hnd brought many white people on tho street and a largo number of colored people wero waiting tho arrival of the train. O:io of the negroes in alighting foil, and Honm ono in tho crowd cried: "Look at the black dovil." Tho negro got up and immediately began shooting into tho crowd, ono of tho bullets lodging in the back of tho white man's nock. Tho whites replied,and 400 or so shots wore fired, the only fatality being the case of n colored woman. There was a fearful panic among tin; excursionists. Tho above is tho police statement. Tho negroes say tho whites be^an shooting before tho train stopped. Later a negro church was firod and destroyed, and when tUo fire department arrived they found tho church surrounded by armoil white men. No water could lie obtained. Ktill later a negro waa seriously shot in his l>ed through tlio window, whiio asleep. Unco War lu BIlnnlPBlppI. A Times-Democrat special from Grenada, Jlins., says that n raco. war has broken out near Shell Mound, Lefioro county, Miss.; that the negrcx-s wore massing and outnumbered tho whites nix to one. The whites of Grenada a company and left at once for tho FC >ne, and besides several com- pnnies of state militia were, ordered out and are thpi'e by. this time. ^ FOUND DEAD IN HIS ROOM. A. -YotiMK . Itnl l.inupollH I'liyHlclun l>le* Myilc'i Imnlv—Sulri.ln or WllUky? . INIIIAN.M'III.IS, Sept. 2.—Dr. Tcrre, one of the mint, |iroiiiiiu"Mit young physicians in the city, was found diiad ill liis room yesterday (norniir^. He wns drinking .heavily H:itur- dny nijj;lit and before entering his room entered .the dispensary olll!.-» and took a -'drink of whisky. Yesterday morning tho woman who Oiites care of his room found Terro dead and a Jliss \Valdron, of this city, st.'unl- iufr over liim. Siio said sho hnd returned to ttrthircity-Saturflny—TrTglTtrfranrtlrecnrnntltr and had given Terre her cheek, asking that ho have, her IVngnngo sent up to her. Sho had called at tho ofiice and found him dead. Terro was unpaged to b» innrrioi', but his.. mother, objected . to tho matrh, and tliis is said to havo preyed heavily upon IUH mind. SHOOTING AFFRAY IN COLORADO. Thrift Blen Kuch Itecclvo a Loud of £.L<:kit . —Forty H.nots Fired, i ROCKY Foiin, Colo., 8.'pt.2.—A feud, growing out of a law suit Saturday night; resulted in a shooting alfrny here, in which Cattle Inspector Joo Wyatt, United States Marshal Maxwell, of Pueblu; John Miller nnd several others tool: part. Miller received a shot in tho groin nnd another shot which broko his leg. After ho had fallen Miller shot Wyntt in tho neck with a Winchester rifle. Ike Freshour, an innocent spectator, received a serious wound in tho shoulder. There had been bad blood for n lon^ timo Imtwoen AVyatt ami tho Miller boys, who are old residents of Ln Jnnaln. About forty shots wero firod during tho scrimmage. All tho participants were arrested and hold in $1,01)0 bail each. v MTH. Muyforlck'H Purauiour. BOSTON, Mass!, Sept. 'J.—Albert Briorly, tho Liverpool merchant .who had gained world-wide notoriety through his connection with the Maybriek murdor, was a passenger on tho Scytbia, which arrived hero Saturday. To a rojiortcr he refused to make a statement,—saying that ho had come to this country to eseai« notoriety 1—any further than to admit Unit h« paid tho cost of tho trial for ..Mrs.. Mnybnek—. JK0.500—and _ that ho hail figured iu the caso in print much more than his real connection with it warranted. $21 ASLEEP AMID THE FLOWERS. • Henry Sluiu, tlie St. Ixiuls rlilluntliroplst, I.:iM In tint Grnvo. ST. Louis, Sept. 2.—Tho funeral of the. late Henry Shaw took place from Christ Chunch cntho.lral at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. At noon tho church was closed to the throng, which had all morning streamed by tbo ci-filn, anxious for a last glanco at the face of Kt Louis' dead lx>uefactor. The church was then entirely draped iu black, and when tho doors wore opened for tho funeral services tho effect was strikingly impressive and mournful. Tho services wore conducted by Bishop Tuttle, assisted by lie vs. Dr. Montgomery Schuylor anil Cur- roll Davis, ilio Episcopal service for the dead.and n short" sermon by the Rov. Dr. Schuyler bein.-j tho programme. • - ISurlc'd iu the Botanical Ourdon. The remains wero then placed in tho hearso and tho funeral march began to th« beautiful spot by Mr. Shaw himself as his last resting place, tha masoloum in tho centre of tho famous botanical garden which bears his name. Tho procession was the most imposing ovor seen in this city, and as it slowly wound through tha principal streets to tho mournful music of tolling bells, was viewed by thousands. Reaching tho gates of Shaw's i garden, tho coffin w-as borne to tho mausoleum upon the shoulders of six stalwart gard.mers. Tho burial service was read, and Henry Shaw was laid U> rest amidst the fragram-e nnd beauty ho had brought into tho world. THE FAITH CURE HUMBUG. Cuugreuo Curries Oil it Youthful Victim of tlio .'Abnunllly. FHJULA.Y, O., Sept. 2.—Bert Williams, 17 years old, while playing ball bruised his log just below tlio kneo. In a fow days the limb gns'o him considerable pain, ami a doctor was called, who treated tho injury and left tho boy in go<xl shupo. Unfortun.itelv for the U»y, thu fauh cure pooplo got hold of him and made, him b-'lievu that if ho had faith thti I.oi-d would perform n miracle by hex'ling him at oueo. Tho stit-chod woru re- movtxi and tho |>i'n$ers be^un. Thu il.>.v<. lliiri-lhli, Il.'illh. Ynuni; WilliuniH was taken tothe^ani'tuary at Ulnlfton, whero nu attention whatevoi- w-ia &jiveu him l>t»*'i>ntl pruyi-r, tian^rone set in wml the limb mvarly rotte>l otf. , Tho uiiifll from lln> d-e»:ii|Kuiiu • ineinUn- b-cainn »i> i.IfHU-dV 1 ; tli it im Kvi.luy bo w:v* rumovtxl t<> hi.5 tioitu'. wh-.'i'ohe Uiod Srttuftl.-iy. Or.J) A ffrt li .1) H K-tore U iNXlHlllUi'ttVU fl'V'in r'inUliiy, uvv-r whmu lht.«>- tui.i U«.AU ikr-iyiuK Absolutely Pure : Tnis powder never varies. A^marveUot pnri> sirenath and wnolesoineness. More economical t'lnn the ordinary kinds, and ran not be sold In competition with tho multitude of low test, short M'Uht, Hiiiiim or imospliatc powders. rioldotlri i cans. ..UYAI. » v K>NII 1'pwnFK Co . 4<W Wall «t.. • --V >o ' fiLE FLOODS FLACK GOODS AT 3;«>i»-:lt.-lTr: flllcKA. e USJT V *'' '' nr! V ""• I urgent and jTrf I »'<>*l «>'lt'l, Tli ItCarlC IMJfl '**•'«' ** Ill'iHf orl" lllltl f*, nrtUtlr nixl ISt:s, ,1,. ($ *\snr< in ihi* ,-..i,ni,,.i> q We-linll l>e ple:li-c,l •<: enrr.--pini<l wi Inc pni-Hinm-ia oi iiivi.f .i.-i eeMnn or our com- liliiu; HtocK. Wn HIL ihr.iiuiiu-tnrera. (•.J.LHeyarftSoiisCa 307-309 WA8ASH AVE.. CHICAGO. (U, PER LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads In (be Guttt*> OF A 8ERI6S OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COFFEE CULTURE. WATCH FOB THE NEXT. ^S^^wv- SCENE0 ga A MT R °oL F L E E E D p tiy NTAT ' ON CHASE & SANBORN. OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. ' and SEAL BRAND COFFEE 6urps Ba ir^au <*&» in its richness and delicacy of flavor. Justly called The Arlstpcratlo offee -of-America.—Alwiys-pacJEed-wtiola-rooatosl (unground) In a lb.- nir-tlftht tin cans. St! H. W. BUNN, SnlE Agent far BterlinD. J3y I>ea.lingr \vitli. Him "^ToiT "Will A.voicl the JVHcltilemixn'/s IProiit. IBest -OofSees in. tlae TXToxlcfL. Division of the Town. In numerous places in Sterling as well aa in the country round about, it was unanimously resolved that Barney llickle was right in saying: If e'er I furnish a house again, From bureau through to table— I'll buy of Reynold's IJros.—that is plein, 1 As soon as I am able I'm tired of all the liimsy trash,* That now my house doth fill; In sitting down there is a crash I And auo her mending bill. Here, wife, you go to Reynolds Bros, now, " , And buy our goods anew— . And if I'm caught again, I swow, ' I hope a fire may burn them too. :-. MANUFACTURERS AND DKALEUS_IN _ Have now on hand in their large store room, the largest and best stock ot House Furnishing Goods ever brought to (his city. We invite the public to call and examine our stock of Furniture, such as I'arloi- Sets, . r>iningr Room Seta, Bed Hoom. Set», W all Paper, \Vinclo\v Hliades, Picture Frames, EVraperyv Carpets, ng Machines. Prices Ihe Lowest We will not be undersold. Re-Upholstering a Spalty, Reynolds Bros., WKST K HTOUK. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at those brands, from $2.40 to $3.1O per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CHOWN, ' PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, ' CAPITAL. CREAM KANSAS WINTER, . SUN, DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, We are selling nothing but J¥a. i Meaty. Low aj tha Lowest,

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