Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 22, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1903
Page 4
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ih^ Peter Karageorqevitch . May be a good king, but you can't remember f his name. Is a safe place to trade and you can remember ;; the name. Amid the general uproar of flood ; sales, |laught|fr sales, and all kinds of sales, * ddtaH fail wiglil our prices. I It makes ir^asy | selling for us and saves time for you. ' Br. Porter, Dentist. ! y' J. k. Chttiain, DMitM. Miss Irene Taylor Is quite ill. I ipr. .0. B. Bashfleid, Dentist ^ Kodaks and supplies at MlUer*!. Business men's lunch at the '•Our- .Way." j ' O.^E. Hair relumed from Fort Scott ithis morning. N^orthrup's quit business, A dollar for fifty cents. Remember the "Our-Way" when hunigry or thirsty. Mrs. Dr. Tozer went to her home at Keodesha this morning. Mone7 to loan on farms or city property. L H. Kasbeer. For tin work go to Ira E. Pattersonj 715 1 East street Tel. 63. AH kinds of rubber heels at shoe shop. 205' South Jeffferson. Have you seen the latest reduction at Northrup's quit business sale. John Thompson went to the harvest flcids at cillton, Mo., (his morning. Don't forget the ice cream •social at •Woodmen liall "Tuesday evening, Juno 23rd. Business men and their clerks will find it to their advantage to lunch at the f'Our-Way." Mabel Beatty, who has been visiting Miss Belle Cookey, returned home to Plqua this morning. Only a few more days and the greatest quit businAss sale at Northrups' will ".be a tbind of the past. Mrs.^.,Bair^, of Chanute. went to Harrispnville, ilo., this morning and For Rent—Three room house. Inquire O. A. Luckey, 210 N. State. Mr, and Mrs. K N. Horwltz of St Louis, are here visiting Mr, and Mrs. from there she will go to Garden CUy, to; spend the summedwith "her mother. j Agency For the OtiVERlYPElRITERS other Malces Cleaned and Repaired • Of the slightest mUrepresentation •or'fraud; everything' exactly as rcipresenutcd; all prices ,fair and l^w, Qualties considered, who can belat these prices: Motheri^OatB, perpkg, ,,,,08c Friend Oats, per pkg ,..,08c Grape'Niits, 2 pjcgs, 25c ^om KrisK, 3 pkgs....... 20c Egfe-O-Seej 2 pkgs .20c Crispo, with spoon, 2 pkgs ....,25c 5 lij pkgjCrlackers .20c tiallon ^ppkes J.. .25c dai Pie;Peeled Peaches .35c M«iw 308 North Side Sqnara ! lOLA, KANSAS. Schoenbrun. John Steinman, brother of O. L. Steinman, returned Sunday to bis home in Albano; Ohio. Glen Doyle of Chanute, who has been here visiting for a few days, re turned home Sunday.. Roofing and sponthig. AH kinds of sheet metal work. Ira El Patterson, 715 East street TeL 53. ' The White Mountain refrigerator Is the best on the market for the money. Buy It of Schell & Balrd. ^ * If you want to get your money's worth in a refrigerator buy the White Mountain of Schell .& Balrd. Too bad Northrup8'_ are quitting business. You can always depend on what you bought, at Northrups.' An eight, rqoin bouse to rent on South CottonwoOd. Inquire Mrs. M. E. Wagers, 201 South Cottonwood. D. P. Northrup, j; A. Robinson and Frank Smith have gone to the Indian Territory^for a few da^s on business. Schell & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the market for the money. Two good lots in lola with nineteen largo apple trees on for sale at a bargain if taken soon. Inquire at 624 E. Madison. H. C. Campbell and wife who have been visiting his father, Mr. James Campbell, went to Fort Scott this morning. The citizens will have to get busy if they want, to get some of the goods now selling at the closing out prices at Northrups*. Persons desiring stand rights for 4th of July should apply to W. Morey, lock box 762, lola, or 306 South Tennessee street. Do you need a refrigerator. If so buy the White Mountain of Schell & Balrd. You are sure of getting your money's worth. O. L. Graves, who has been drilling gas wells here, left yesterday for Lima,. Ohio, where he will take -up the same work. Cheap money on city property. Loans made at once if title is perfect Smith & Travis, room 3, NoHhrap National Bank hulldini;. \ The prices at Northrups* quit business sale are selling the goods fast It's only a question of a few days, when It will all be over. Miss Sophia Donica will give a te- cital on'"BrownIng" at the High school building Wednesday evening, June 24. Admission, 25 cents. lola comp, 3G5, R. N. A., will have an ice cream social and entertainment at Woodmen hall June 23. Everybody invited. Admission ten cents. Energy all gone? Headache? Stomach 3ut of order? Simply a case of torpild liver. Burdock Blood Bitters will make a new man or woman of you.' ' Leftvenworth Times: We have lost two ^mcs with lola and to think that the powerful Morgan goes in tomorrow! It is a cinch that we will lose the game. A car of Excelsior flour just arrived at Badgley's store, who also handle hay, grain, feed, etc At B. C. Remsberg's old stand. Call at 203 South street, or phone 468. , W. F. Parsons, who has bought the pool room on the east side, will go to Chicago June 30, where he will buy his carpets and other fixtures to, complete the furnishing of his ball. Price & Davis, House rumlshersi New and second hand!goods of all kinds. Watches, clocks,; and Jewalry. Fine watch repairing. t.oan office In connection. North side 1 square. ont the~irheat-rgnmer8;>^ We ciB make you ^ low flgares an fiimace heating. Ira' BL Patterson, TilS Bas ^t street Tel. 63. ' WnL ijanyoii,,sr.,jeft,thl8 afternoon for jtflneral Point, Wis., tot a visit with! his Wily during the hojt spelk !The father,of.Ben Bogani, day operator at the.Missouri Pacific, Who Is here: from Illinpls Tlsiting him, is ijquite ill, ' B, p. PInkerton left yesterday morning for South Dakota where he was called by a telegram announcing the severe illness of his brother. Hundreds of lives saved every year by having Dr, Thomas' Eclectric Oil in the house just when It is needed Cures croup, heals burns, outs, wounds of every sort. Scald head is an eczema oft&e scalp —very sevete soteetlmes, but it can \ CainneL;« nute. O&dtaiiBkex'^weBt^tDrcaia,- be cured. Dean's Ointment, quick and permanent in Its results. At any drug store, 60 cents. Today Is an off day in the Missouri Valley league. Tomorrow the teams resumes the fight-PIttsburg Is at lola; Springfield at Sedalla; Fort Scott at Leavenworth i Joplln at Nevada. Fred Cleaver and Roy Kelsey have bought L. D. Mize's barber shop on East Madison and will lake charge next Monday. The boys have a wide acquaintance and deserve success. The limit In paying dox tax was reached ; Saturday, Hector Ross, a young man, visited the city clerk and paid in an even seven dollars as dog tax. No, its nobody's business but his own. The North Side tennis club will have a business meeting on the grounds toAiorrow evening after the games are finished. All members are requested to be present as there is business of jlmportance. • Homer Wpght and Joe Dlebald, two boys, had a Runaway this morning that wrecked buggy and harness, gave the colt they were driving a taste of fastf living that may prove ruinous to him and endangered the boys' necks. Neither of the lads was hurt, fortunately. ' , The Commercial club Is uncertain just what .to do now that the glass plant deal which was believed to be all closed and settled has fallen through with. Several other plants have asked for a site and It is possible negotiations may be begun with some Of them. , Mr. Frank P. MacLennan, editor of the Topeka State Journal, and one of the most prosperous and able newspaper men In the state, was in lola today. He is visiting the gas and oil field and made a trip through som& of the local factories with the editor of the Register this morning. Curly Ault, a typical town boy, has been engaged as understudy for local news work on the Register. He-has been a hustler since he was a barefooted lad in knee breeches, possibly not a saint, but having the desirable merit of ambitious Industry. Any courtesy shown him in the prosecution of his duty will be appreciated by this paper. The police arrested a man at the Missouri PacificJ depot just before noon who was asleep. The cause of the^ sleep was a liberal amount of liquor, and he had two large bottles of It on him when arrested. He is a deaf mahj and gave his residence as Moran. He" was i)l «cted In the callboose to sle^ off his drunk and will be sent home tonight ^ C. A? Hayman has filed suit for divorce from his wife, pydia Hayman. They were wedded in Eldorado in 1894 and three children have been bqjrn to them, now aged nine, seven and four. He says she abused him and has been faithless. A man named Stickiand is named as her paramour and she is said, to be living with him now. Hayman asks for divorce, castody of the children and title to his property. It Is reported that the base ball' team is very' Indignant over a letter sent to Manager PInkerton and received by Captain RIseley aft^ Pin- 'kerton had left for home. The letter |:ritlclsed and advised the discharge of several players. The letter was shown to the whole team ,and the result Is a tempest of wrath With threats that a general strlkeaof players Is the alternative It the writer; of the letter Is not duly aipologetic. \i might be well for an concerned to consider the rights of the fans, whqse money Is being spent, as well as other claims. Mr.'Wm.'Beadick^ canie7Iii froni Colov. . Coolest plaee.,lii^wn for soda la the vOni^Way." . | /Mike Miller went to Humboldt on oil'business,' S, D. Ray left for Topeka this afte]> noon on business. , Mrs. J. W; Orabam went to Ottawa for a visit for > tew days,, Miss Marie Harte went to her home in Kansas City, this afternoon. ' Mr, and Mrs, P, S, Bennett went to Chanute- to Visit the oil field. Miss Durham went to Cherryyale, Kansas, for a short visit with her family. . . Mrs, Jobes~~ left this aftemooirJ'for Lawrence, where she will visit ^or a few days. '" . ."^ ^ Mr, and Mrs. Nachtscbatt, of La-j Harpe, went to Pittsburg for a visit o^ a month. The last week of the county normal began this morning with an attendance of 102. Mrs. E. W. Robinson who has been visiting at Chanute returned home this afternoon. Mr. G. W. Miller and Professor Owens went to Earlton, ICansas, to attend'to oil business, Mr. J. H, Peterson, who has bean visiting here for a | few-'days, returned to bis home in Des Moines, Iowa. Buy the Whlt^ Mountain refrigerator, the best on the market for* the money. For sale by Schell & Balrd. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Hutchinson left this afternoon for St. Louis and from there will go to Bellaire, O., for the summer. A party of ten young people drove out to Dunlap's grove pri Deer creek yesterday and escaped the heat by taking to the woods. C. H. DeCluto arrived home this afternoon from-Michigan, whore he has boon visiting his old homo and taking in the Derby races. Mr. Rick Hanklns arrived from Manhattan this afternoon and will spend his vacation here. He is a student at the State Agricultural College Mr. A. N. Mitchell has a letter froni his son, Lieutenant Burton E. Mitchell, which states that General Funston and he will start on their government expedition to Alaska on the 25th of this month. ^ Thos. N. Doutney, the temperance lecturer of Massachusetts, who speaks in the park here tomorrow night. Is an ex-saloon keeper and inebriate who has gone the pace. His talk will be given at 7:30. It is expected that the surveyors on the new electric line south of here will be working on the north bank of- the Neosho river between Humboldt and Chanute by tonight That Is with in a few mile^ of Chanute and the question is going to be childlike or change to business methods. Dr. R. O. Christian has received an offer of the position of assistant house surgeon at the Missouri Pacific hospital at Kansas City, and a pass from lola to the city. It Is a good position but means close confinement and the doctor has about decided to stay by his present Independent practice here. ' The report sent the city papers from LeavenworthHhat she ought to have won tlie game looks funny when the tabulated score is read and the team is,credited with but one safd hit off Root. Hataling, lola's new third baseman, 'go^ a home run In that same The Finest Line in th3 City /yOh-.'H S/DE H/iRDyrAhft been overwhelmed with orders, f 01^ a round of the lumber yards In lola thjs morning reveled \he f&ct that there'ls not a load of sand In lola. The stringency will doubtless be relieved ln= a few days, but ^n the meantime it hjis .^topped some building operations. ' ^Jlerman Kuhlman, who was shonjt- ed '^by electricity Friday night, is limping about with ia cane these days. The shock and the fall made him decidjecl- ly sore. C. E. Blrdsell is also crippled up. He got two shocks, one at trie Globe and one at Rosenberg's. The thiinlb of his right hand was blistovod and the palm of his left, in which he had a bunch of keys, was also badly burned. -A bynch of keys in,his hip pocket drew'i-fli'e enough .to mak^ a third blister and a shock which ran down his limb and made a sore on the bottom of his; foot. The Ottawa Chautauqua Assembly will hold Its 25th anniversary this year at Forest park, Ottawa, Monday, July 6th to Friday, Jiily 17th. - The management-.Is making special prepjt -J leroldieiliable. Lowest prices* test quality. Telephoiie 159. TfiE|l|EApER, game. The ft llowlng Is a dispatch from Abilene to the Kansas City Star of this morning. A telegram from Chcr- ryvale says the Federal Oil company, owned by Abilene and Topeka people, brought In a gusher, throwing an elgfit inch stream as high as the derrick. This is the only gusher in the Kansas field. Kansas City Journal: Mr. Zoomery a Servian, is just now the sun about : which all the lesser satelltes of lola have their orbit. Mr. Zoomery was a playmate of the murdered king In boyhood. He carries on his head a scar made by a rock thrown by the king In playful violence. Besides the : scar, fMr. Zoomery Is said to be possessed of other pleasing qualities. There Is a sand famine In this town as a result of the Ka-^ river flood. Ordinarily the supply is obtained! mainly from Lawrence, but of course that city has not* been able to fill any orders' for nearly a month. This has left Wichita as the only source of sup^ ply, and dealers there have "evidently rations for this quarter'centennial se^ sion. The department work is th^ same as last year. The platform is stronger that ever, Hon. John Mitchell, Hon. Joseph Folk (possibly^, Major Samuel Krobs, Qfo. L. McNutt, Dr. Herbert L. Wlllelt, Prof. Chaa. Lane, Prof. Geo. Vincent, Colored Jubilee fingers, Prof. P. O. HoUloii, Hon. NSt Brigham, Dr. Tliomas ,Mc- Cicary, Dr. Shallor Mathews are a tow of the attractions. One faru un ail roads. HaS'Pot In a Stock of... NEW CARPETS ' Prices ihe Lowest. pfieap Charley, New Brick, North St. Bassett Sunday School. : Yesterday; afternoon the na.saott Sunday school was organized In the hall tliat has just been completed by the cement company. The carpenters had not quite finished their work, but superintendent and teachers took oft their coats, cleared away the rubbish, set up benches and an org^n, and the school began. Sixty-six were in atten^ dance," bright-faced children and earnest older ones, who came with the entihuslftsm that means success. The school was opened with a brief ad dress by Rev. H. C. Culbertson, who took for a text First Cor. 3:11, "Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." He spoke of the building of the Sunday school. In which all had a. part,—biiildr ing a city, building homes and character, and the necessity for all of these of having for a foundation the teachings of Christ Mr. D. B. D.jSmcltzor also made an enthusiastic address and led In the singing. After this the school was organized and officers wc.'-e elected. Mr. Wm. Dayis, whose earnest efforts had been largely responsible for the starting of the school, was made su^.erlntendent, and then the following other oflicers were, chosen:; Mrs. J. M. Newman, organist; Mrs, Louisa Thornton, secretary; Miss Shields .assistant secretary; Mr. S. S. Slier, librarian; Miss Anna Grltton, assistant llbriirlan; Mr. Vernon Lemas ters, treasurer. The teachers are Miss Helfrick. Miss Caleb. Mrs. Wm. Baxley, Mrs. Hyson. Mrs. C. E. Stewart. Mr. W. Johnson and Dr. Wallace Ew- Ijjg. There Is no doubt that the Bible school Is a success, and that It wilt be an Important factor In the life of our growing suburb of Bassett. . Recital, Reception, Lecture. Mrs. E. M. Adams, of Mound City, national lecturer W. C. T. U., will give a poetic recital at the reception held atjthe W. C. T. U. Rest Room, at o'clock p. m. Tuesday, June 23rd. Ice Cream and cake wil be served. All cordially invited. At night Mrs. Adams will lecture at the M. E. church especially to young people. Subject: "The Ideal Home." No. 11 East Madlson.up-stalra. Henderson & Powell's office. On Your Vacation. Go through St Louis and see' the World's fair buildings. Take the "Katy Flyer." Only one night on the road. E.C. Pinkerton PINB CIQARSand TOBACCOS. Leadliu; PittoHeaU and 9 BAST BUtflSON AVWUVB CRYSmJCE Supplied to the Trade OlJrect at the factory or'irom (^r delivery wagOns. AJl delfvery wagons havo our name on them; IoIaIce&p)ldStor^Co. ' FRANK Rli>OLB. Mgr;! PhoMii6. PiKtory oa WMt Strairt. } &p-to-^(!ate Talior, ) J, M. JONES> "5 # Wes West Madl5on Ave Advertisement running In this oel" umn are charged for at the rate, of ONE CENT a wordTfor each^lnsertlon. No advertisements tak«n for^ iesa than Ten Cents and all:;ads payi^le CASH IN ADVANCE. jWanted—A White woman wjisli^d. dish Apply at Hotel Thomson. anted, to buy small tent. Travis Morie, Bartela blopk. Wantcd-4-To buy!some horses. Bring them to the Rlttc^ Llvciy Barn. S. H^llfr. . _^ . Wanted—Good pasture close in for; two. cows. Inquire at Pennsylvania hotel. • jCAnpetent stenographer wishes position' to begin work July 1st, Address "fe "|hi8 office. ' I. .For ; SaleCheap^A young poll parrot, just learning to talk. 721 South street. For Sale-fNuw three room house at cost. Inquiire at iil N*. Third.; Come quick.,: M : ' ^Feund-^One bay-jhorse, 8 years: old; v^jei^t about 1,0(^ pounds, black\ n^aiie, tail and legs'; fa>nt star In forehead,, slif in nsht;ear, indistinct "O" TJra^l on right hip, rough ' shod all. around. 27 Ohio street. . , To rooms. Rent—Nice furnished south Also large/bam. 210 -We3t St GOING ON vffmmt^q^ i rig: nd i &i |unitet[Op^Hdiii» mmmmmmm

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