Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY ^REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 4,1912. "I WAS AFRAID HE WOULD GIVE ME THE DOUBLE CROSS," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. r aw FEUU THERE IS A MAH^ OOWM THE WW >WA 0« TO mRt aOMEBOOY T ) WORK rOR H»M. HE Wai. »AC< GOOD tdMOHrf. BUT I OO VT LIKE / H »5 tOOISS. J 1.^ <30T TO OO WITH IT, iF ME »»AYS GOOD MOHEY. /!e;T.t,if. Professional Directory. •:• •> •:• <• •:• •:• •:• •> <• •:• WANTS-ALL KIND& ' WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming section In Florida. Address H. O. Gates, Arcadia, Florida. P. 0. Box 20. WANTED TO BUY-5 ROOM HOUSE one suitable to more. Address "R". care Register. WANTEO-HORSE RADISH RQOTS Phone 1066. • WANTED—TO ^ RUY A GOOD young cow. Musi be a No. 1. Dr. Shadwick. WANTS-ALL KINDS. WANTED—DININO ROOM OIRL at once; oxiiorieiiccd preferred. Portland Hotel. WANTED—Tq TAKE CARE OF sick; cliarpes reasonable. Call at .'12 .\. Buckeye. FOR SALE—FOR SALE, j FOR SALE—FOR SALE. ' FOR SALE—FOR SALE. ' STRAYED OR STOLEN. FOR SALE—A GOOD ORGAN, cpiire 312 S. Third. Phone S4. IN- ' FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISH- Ff)R SiALP:—TICKET TO HUNl.SG- Ings. Rugs and Linoleums. Trunks and ; ton. Ori-Ron froni St. Joe. Mo. Inquirt' FOR SALE-SINGLE COMB BROWN LeRhorn cockerels, range raised. 0. P. I Duncan. lola. Route No. 2. [Suit Cases! Bonnell Furniture Co., 9 N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. at .Te .-is lloward'.s Shoe Shop, lola. Eas WA.NTED—MIDDLE AGED WOM- an for house koopcr. Address •'S." rare Rp>;lslcr. FOR SALIC—WHITE NANNV GOAT waRon and harness. Louie H. Kiau- tnann. WANTED—ir. RANKS OF GOOD tt(M)d. sawed. 419 N. Tonn.St. . FOR SALE—RESTAURANT IN Carlyle. Will sell cheap. Frank Erase. Carljic. FARM LOANS—OUR RATE HAS been lowered. Give option to pay any time. No commission. Will loan 50 per cent of land value. Branch office of the Merrlain Mortgage Co.. Topeka. Kansas. Their rales and terms are unequaled for the borrower. It will pay you to see us. lola Land Company. WANTED-TO BUY SECONDHAND Violin Cello. .1. W. Becannon. I..:i- Ilarpo. Has. I FOR SALE—LU.NCH ROOM CHEAP good business, going on farm reasson for selling. H So. Washington avenue, lola. WAN7 .;n>— AN EXPERIE.NCED 'woman for housework on farm. Address Mrs. P. T. Hall. R. No. 1, Carlyle. Kas. Phone 9S0-21. WANTED—MIDDLE AGED WHITE lady to work In country. Wages 3 dollars per week. A. L. Townsend. Phone 992-12. •WANTED-/fOO BU. WHEAT AT the East lola'^'Fe^d Store. Phone 8.=i7 FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SATJ2—$12 00 GARLAND healing range; used one season, $6.00. ,"«19 E. Broadway. WANT*ED—SEWLNG BY DAY OR at home. Miss Ix)ttle I^Rue, 419 So., 3rd. St.. Phone I0S2. FOR SALE—LOT OP PINE SHOT guns and rifles. Remington automatics. Stevens, Marlin. Roberts. Winches fcr Pump guns.. I>ot8 of single barrel shot guns $2.S0 to $3.00. All kinds of revolvers. Several good repeating 22 caliber rifles from $5,00 up. These puns have been pawned and are un- voi !oamgd. Therefore I can sell them (heap. Bigus Pawn Shop. In fruit st'irc. East Side Square. FOR SALE—SHOATS. INQUIRE 419 N. Tcnn. FOR SALE, TRADE OR RENT— Nice four room cottage in one-half block of school. Box 12S. IjiHarpe, Kas. FOR SALE OR TRADE—I.,.VHARPE City Hotel, or will sell furniture and rent building reasonble. G. C. -Par- lasca. I.,aHarpe, Kas. URGENT SAIJC—SECOND HAND square piano. Arlington Co. Price $25. No. 1 Smith Premier typewriter, invalid chair, all in goort condition aiid very {•heap. ••Qiiifk" rare Register. UHIUIPE NEWS FOB TODAY HIGH .SniOOL A>D BLI'E MOIXI) ARE PL .VYLNG TOD.VY, Wm. Campbell Grts CHy (ontnict. 12 More Street LlghLx—Two Hbu!<eis to Jrissonrl. LAHARPE, OCT. 4.—The fostb-iU team of the high school is opening the season this afternoon with P'u" Mound on the MacDonald field. The Blue Mound team with a small crowd of rootera,arrived on the noon Katy. Mrs. F T A . Cooksey and Mrs. H. R. Martin drove to lola yesterday. C. G. Parlasca is engineering a Bull Moose movement in this city. U6ok out. you are liable to be called ui>on for campaign funds. rjr -S ;J- -r •5- FOR SALE—SOME HOU.SEHOLD i FOR SALE—SOME NIC furniture including stoves. Call at 301 1 pigs. S. A. .Morrison. Aloran South Sycamore. , \ phone T.'JO UiHarjie. j STRAYED OK STOLEN—SCOTCH ;i'olIie. tax lag no ITo. Return to F. .Mimorick, 222 S. First St., and receive reward. CICE YOUNcf. oran. Kas.. dr PEAKS FOR SAI.E-T.'.e Phone 2S1. R. A. Ewlng. PER nu. FOR SALE-ONK WVX.V. AND ONE hor.^c colt nionJIi old. Call 709 ICast Lllcoln St. FOR SALE—ORCHARD OF WIN- ter apples. 2.'>'i0 bu. 2 miles west, 3 milc.>! norlli of Morah. Tobias Kramer. FOR SALE—4 LARGE CALVES Chaa. L Arnold. 3 miles southwest lola FOR SALK-Ki>GISTERED. BIG honed. Poland China boar pigs from 1 the prize winning stock at the Kan- 'sas City Royal in 1911. There isno 1 Ix'tter. Come and 1 will show you. J. • R. Cline. FOR SALE—GOOD HOI'SE CI-OSE in. cheap on installiuenls. Also good lot close In cheap. Call phone lllCX. FOR SALE -1. ."0 GALLON COP- pcr kettle. 1. 1"0 egg incubator. 7 acres kafllr corn in tlie lield. Harry Davis, Second Hand Store. FOR SALE—ALL KINDS OF FEED ' nt tlie East lo'.a Feed Store. Phone FOR SALE—GOOD DRIVING AND light work hor.-!e in good condition. C. F. Barth. Phone 9SS-21. I LOST-ON THE BARTLETT FARM I soutli of town a lioys' lirown coat. $1 ' reward for its return. Phone 10;U. FOR SALE—REBUILT TYPEWTII- ters. all makes, like new; cheap. Ne* adding mach.ine. $la.O0. Call at once. If. V. Plant. Kolley Hotel. i FURNISHED ROOM AND BOARD for one of two gentlemen. One of the , nicest homes in the city. Inquire M. ; M. Care of the Register. I —NO BETTER LVSURANCE to be ; bad anywhere than at R. L. Thomp' son Agency. Phone 142. Erans Bldg. CASH PAID* FOR ALL KINDS OF. —Your Kodak Films are always hides. C. E. Meader. l.,:iHarpe. Kas. i right If Gibson finishes them. THE ours DOINGS AT GAS Gin Do yonr own Picture Developing. It is much cheaper an:i lots of fun. We carry a full line of Velox and Azo developing paper. Pictures printed on Azo paper are fully as good printed at night. WATERS & 1)A>F0RT1I Drncs and Jenrlrj. w w rsT rr tjr ST ' •••••••••• SATURDAY 0< TOBKR 5. Arhncklr'.s -Arlosa Blend" rofffo .'irned free lo errr}. one. H P will give Vt ponnd • free wKb eirry pound pur- ^LEBWARB TAYLOR. INTKRRIKIED, *! LI:AVES FOR .MEXICO. •:• I Fred long table .nniong rhem. The diri'ctors sc.Tttcrod in panic, thinking a bomb had been exploded. 4 .Miss Dopa was not hurt. Sh" had been j hanging out wet clothes on t!io roof j of an adjoining building and had tripped and f.-.llen thi-ough thi' bank skylight. ence last night for a visit with h«-r daughter, Mrs. Edith .Inhuson. Dr. J. F McGill made a business trip to Ft. Scott y«.slprday George Maleoni has gone to Neosho Falls on Vusiiicss connected with hi< property ther^:- FOR SALE—BUFF ORPHLNGTON Harley Dean made a short bu.siness roosters 7."c each. Mrs. H. Myor. trip to Emporia this we^-k. Phone 41. lj«Harpe. Kas. Tho Ladles'Aid societv-of the Meth-• Mr. Akers eamr in night from odist church m<t vesterdav afternoon Nevada and lias a nutnb.-r of ini'ii dis- in the church and made plans for the ; mantolinv his houses on Gartl.-ld years work. The many forth will » nblo to Ie» /nds of Eugene Danid to learn that h.- was tf hospital in Coffi\vv!ll«> last we<\k / will soon be ahlo to return to hl^ /(oiue in Dtx-rlng. \V, H T ^keiiL- was in lola yesterday A number rf cm! of town guests are riipected to .'itirnd tho dance glvon ".n the riwra house ttris evening The city yesterd.iy awardrsl tho contract for laying the new water mains to Wm. Campbell who will bo- gin the T.ork as soon as 'h*^ pipe ;>r- rlvrs There are over tweivo hundred feot of n«'w mains to be p<!t in during tlie n*>xt three weeks. f Walter McGinnis is horn* from Altoona for a visit -^h his family. Twelve new street lights are '•x- pecto one day this week. The now lights -will be greatly appreciated. Mrs. H. Adams of south of Gas City strnot. which lie will niovo to Vernon County, Mil. I'rot Getty will i:-ke the Doy Seo.its on a hik,> "ver the c"'iutry south of town Saturd-iy. .Miss Susif Honi .ui. of Moran. is a KUest at the Moll-nkoiif home this wiM-k. —A few high-lift sulky plows at a bargain. Hines" i?nrdwaro. .Mrs. Blanv-he Smith of El i*a.<o. Tev .•is i* her«> for a visit with li.-r ie .,)tlier. Mr.«. Atcn. .\ feu d'ieg.-ite-: from here will co to Wichita next wivfe to ailei-d the in .vting ef the grand lodce of the I. O. O F Mrs. Joh 'i Bacon is reporle<l some belter today. Mrs. J. E. Bibens of Kincaid, was in tin.- ciiy yesterday. —.lust received a fresh l>:»rrel of sauerkraut at Mitchells grocery. Pete Sehonarts is cnjovinu a visit % •>i • ! •> • •> •:• * •:• •:• •> •> <• •:• •:• •:• • • •:• •:• •:• • Minder Ships Foundry Equipment lo I.rininr, Colo., Where Ills Daughters Have .>Lned. TEXANS ARE SOFT HEARTED. Raised Purse of ?.V» for NeHsliiiy Who .ShiMved Courage. rhaj>ed. on fhi.s dale only. Sprrlul bargaiUK In groceries. CARL k HUNTER Gas, Kan><ns. HVRMONY. is visiting her daughters. Mrs. Barker ; from his brother and sister this week and Mrs. Adams of this city. Mrs. W. F. Owens has returned from \ a week's visit with her daughter Mrs. W. J. Hoke at the Anderson r.inch. Charles Reeder attended the lair at EXTERPKISE Uniontown this week. ; it ho sick list for some time is improv- Mrs. Anna Barker went to Ihdepend • ing anrt her sister. Miss Clara Fisher ' of Piqua is staying^ with her and as"... ^ ..... _ ' ' 1 sisting her in the work. ***SSwa-5J=Tsr!P*v5rfv .r5- Rpv. S. .M. Irwin of Geneva spent * Saturday night with Mr. ami Mrs. El^^<!ridge and preached Sunda.v at 31 (Helen Clark.i Oct 3.—Mrs. Zinc who has be^n on re. WL\DOW fiLA.SS All Sixes rOOKSEY'S DKIG STOKE Onr Prices Are RlpLt, Putty and Brads Free o'clock at Piqua. * ; Mrs. Barnhart. Dorothy and .May and ^,our school teacher. Miss Cooper at^, tended Mrs. Fefherngiir.s funeral. *i Mr. Lamban of Piqua is helping E *! L Barnhart with his corn cutting. *' .Mrs. Sullivan of Union. Mrs. Karl and Mrf. Cloud helped Mrs. John Smith with her quilting Tuesday. John Cloud cut corn for .lohn Smith the same day. Helen Ling spent Tuesday night with Hvleu Clark. (Mr*. C. Cloud I <Vt 1 The frost lust wiH'k was heavier and did more damage ti<iin x>.T.>; at tirsf thought. osp <^-ially in the low plact 'S and Ixutoms. Pauline, the infant <lauglit,x of Mr and Mrs. Dan Cornvll is suffering with a s«>v« re cold. Quito a number from here attend'-d the l)3rb.HMie and releliraliciti ar ^Iluit;- J>oldr i'aiurrfay. The displny of' fruit, farm products and fancy work was as good as the county fair. !.\ll it lacked was amusement for the crowd. Earl Osborn of .Veosiio Falls visiHnl r-Iatives in this vicinity last week. Lex Booe spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks. Cary Cloud .ind famil.v, Frank Booe and family, Mrs. L. J. Booe. Dan Cor- noll and family. Mrs. Frank Minster and children and Grandma Cloud were guests of Dan Cornell and wife Sunday Jack and Dnn Cornell Jr.. attended the ball game at Humboldt Sunday. Leon Reedi has started to school He is four yejars old and in the third grade. Mary Mc.\ite, the Harmony school teacher burnt her hands and face so severely Monday that she had to dls- mi.-iE school for a few days. Mrs. Dan Cornell. Mrs. Frank Minster and children and Grandma Cloud visited with the Mesdames Booe Friday. Mrs. Swank is better at this writing. Her niece is staying with her. Her sister spent a few days with her last week. .Mr». Lex Roo,^ spent Tuesday with Mrs. Ella Cloud. Zola returned houM- wlUi her for a few day'a visit llliniec down last - GAS CITY. OCT. 4.-The "Red Goose" was In our cit.v yostcrda.v advertising tlial particular brand 'of shoe.'!. A crowd of si-hool children followed it about the city. .Mrs. .A. v.. rtnrf .Tfon " i'l re 'iirn this evening from F. T U River. K.insas accoinpanii'd Mr. Batterton's mo'h- •'r who will vioii !i"re. Ed T.nylor has gone in Mexjro for an extended stay before retiirniii,; to Kansas City Mrs, Blan' he Siaiih of Kl Paso. Texas is visilin;; let dr.itlier. \V;il |er .\ten of IIPS ciiy :ind Iwr mother in La- Il.-irpe Mr. and Mrs l.en Thoma.^ of near Iluinhnldt wef,' ill |(i\vn in ilieir auto yesterday. .Mr Waikins of W-^t I. tCrani;. . l-s rejiorted on the siek list Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mrs G. F Robins iaiu> nipht from Girnelf. Fred Minder, owner of tli.- Gas City foiindr.e si ;iriiwd a car of m.ichln>-ry ; the first \-i 'tl,. «.-ek e l.lMiT. C.lo, where he w.Ii .s-tart anotl,. r fniiiidrv Mv. Mimlor a?id ttire,> daughters are, on th«lr Coloradv ir.nch and Fr .-il Jr. •iii.l Mrs Minder are here to look after •he-r (ri;y interests. The yoimc |«'opI,- of the Iota r'>it- e «I Brethren ehnn-h will ontertain t,w night for Miss I -ois Lenuett of this cit.v ,-it the Bennett home in lol.i. A few from here will attend Mrs. H. Adams has been spending the week In I-aH-iriw-. Today' ends the tirst month of flie, present term of school. .Mrs. R. W. Stanton and daughter. Mrs. Susie Burns and little daughter are here for a visit at the George Fenimore Ijome. J. L. Kaufman is somewhat indisposed this w»»ek. A number^ of the high school stud- etns altendetj the fodt hall game between I.aHarp <i and Blue'Mound this afternoon. The board of education will meet Monday evening in regular session. Miss Vica Eastwood, of lola. visited last night with Miss Iva Foster. .San Anionio, Trx.. Oct t ,-Af'er ^e.^^ling tho press reports Nllini; liow Willi.Tm Ruuh. a newshcy of Gary, Indiana, iiad sacrificed his leu to provide skin to cover the Inirns of Miss Ethe! Smith and save her life, the peoiili- in Kl rami-.e. .-i thriving little city in the Te.vas MIdcoast country, at one- rais.ri i.y I'lipnlar siiI)s<-ription a purse of S.I" aad forwarded if to him by wire Te\;'ns .-.ppreriate heroism and s.irrifT<". Mul ihe fund n'.ised in LI Campo w:i.^ mcrelyan outward ex- pps'ion of reypeot for tlie lioy and his va'or FOR RENT—FOR RENT DR. C. .>I. RisS Dentist; i:xtiaction without pain by the Use. of .Nitrous Oxiiie Gas Room No. 1 .VorlUrnp lildf^. Phones— omce 5,>3; Res. 852 <• • • •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •;• • •> • * * •:• • •> •:• •:• •;• •:• • •> •> •:• •;« •> • * • * • •> 3I0IVEY TO-LOAM * • Will lend on household good^ <>. • pianos, ors'ans, sewing ma- • •> chines, diamonds and Jewelry. • •> J. W. COFFEY ^ •:• Office, Ao. 110 Aorth Street <» •> r • •:• •:• •:• •:• • V •> •> •:• •:• •> •> •:• •> •:• •> •> •:• •> • • •? .'f • •:• VWMXAV UEIGELE • •> <• •:• ilAK.VESS .iND SAJ)DLEKr <• •:• Genera) Repairing « .:• . <• •> IIOV2 South Street—Idla. Ka». <• •> , « •:• •:• •:• • • • • •> •:• •> • •:• •:• •> • • • FARM FOR RE.NT OR SALE—| .j. south and west of city limits. 44 acres. .Mrs. O. L, Steininan, Lock Box 162. •> •> •:• •> •> <• •> •> * • •:• F. L. B. lEAVELL, ©. • •> Specialties: • •> Diseases of the Chest • Diseases of Children riione.* -Office 117; Kes, 147 * lola State Bank BIdg. <• FOR RENT-NICELY FITRNISHED room for gentleman. 4(»2 E. Miulison OFFICE ROOMS FOR RENT— ' ovur Ramsey's Store. Inquire in store. FOR lU'.NT—SIX ROO.M HOUSE ' So. Jefferson. T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuning and Repairing. Witfc Roberts Music Co. FOR SAIJ:—PAWNED SUIT CASES and trunks as good as new. Unless you see them before buying, we'll both lose. Bigus Pawn Shop. FORGED .MONEY ORDERS Oklnhoniun Proud Tb:»l He **IJeat Uncle Sanu" ' Oklahoma City. Oct. 2—"I have reached the goal of m.v ambition by putting one over on Uncle Sam." said Rert Gardner to Detective Charles Post, following his arrest today for robbing'the po.stoffice at Catoosa. Ok.. .)n the night of September 2'>. Gardner admits that he alone entered the postofficp and stole five books of money orders and the official stamp- and since that time he has been forging names and the signiture of the Catoosa postmaster to orders, as he needed the money to gamble, buy clothes and pa.v room rent- Gardner obtained .some $300 all told. IRA B. FRANTZ THE opToiaermsT Exeludvs eian- FltUng Spadktlak At Hanna'B , JeweliT Stor» OX FARM LOA>S My terms are a-s good as can be had anywhere, and my rates are the lowest to bo had in lola. Try me and be convinced^ R. L. Thompson, Evana Building. IF THE PAPER BOT FAILS TO dellTer your paper, csU 18 and we will send you a paper by a special carrier, the same efening. SCARED ASSEMBLED RAXKER.S. Welirhty Female Drops Thninirli sfcy' light. Land* on Table. Hammond. Ind., '>ct. 3. —The board of directors of th" Indiana Harbor .National bank was In session in the.hank office tiMlay when 23;'i.-i»ound .Mary Dopa fell through the skylight and landvd la a gittlug poskiva ou ttiu I To the Pacific Coast Short.- t nml ni<< ' .--cenic rinit>> Time. Iiixirs, n- » equaleil |iy any <'ilier line tan ei\e you choice I f route? Oiiiy one change (,t ear^ C<il"iii<:. on.-w.iy tirkels on sale Sept. L' to Oit. leth. inclusive Kates to — Los Angeles. Calif Sa<T;»n;ent«. Talit • San Diego, falif San Jose, ralif. San Frriaciseo f'alif. Baker.sfie:d. falif. Vancouver. B. C. Victori.i. B C .Vshland Oregon. • Portland, Oregon Umatilla. Oregon, ."^eaitle. Wash. Spokane. Wash. Taroma, Wash. .\nd to many other points on Pacific t'oast. Onlv $31.04 Plo«se call, phone or write, .ndvislng you/ addre.^.s and full information will be furnished. Passeniwr Offiro, Phone 160. Freight OffJw, Phone 175. E. E. .MUNGER, Agent WHY HUBBY QUIT PARADE. The husband of a New! York suffragist was finally persuaded to ^arch in the suffrage parade in that cit.v. Ho demurred for a long time, 1 hut was at last won over. His wife \ beamed with dell.ght whan she saw j him finally started with the gorgeous ealaxy. carrying bravely a batiner. Rut untold was her discomfiture when she discovered late in the afternoon that he had accompanied the parade for only two blocks and then had brat an nnniilitant retreat. "John why di'ln't you ear.ry thai banner this affernoon as I asked you 10"" she queried distresse.dly. "Did .vol! rotid the banner you p.ive nv 'V he replied. "No!" •"If vou had .vou wouldn't have PT- P.i'oted me to carry it. It said. "A man ean vo'e. Why can't I? "--Chicago Record-Herald. c. c. MCCARTY &SON Phone JIB »oi South St. Cafria.?e and -\utonio- bilc Painting:. Put on RuM>cr Tiro.'^ and do all kind^ of repair work. COLONISTS' MTES OK Sale Sept. LV>lh to Oct 10th, InrlHsiic. Llh«'ral Stop.ther prli ileiie*. » To San Franci-<«o. Calif. Los Angeles. SUM Diego and Inter- liicdtaio slai^^>ll^• To Salt 1-iUe Ogdcn. Utah tiiy. Utah"; To PrcB.otf Ari?-. and riiwuix. 51.05 To Port land. r>re 3L10 To .Spokane. Wixh. T,ii onia, Was'i Evercit. Wa<'c Se-ittU, Wii.-h To VanCceaver. U. C. Sl.t - SLfO W. E. Ralsion, Agenl- THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK iOI.A. KANSAS OVER FORTY YEARS OK tjONSERTATIVE BANKING IN lOLA Depository I'nr the United Sfatfs. State of Kunsa.s, and .Allen Coonty F„ J. MILLER. President MEI.VIN FKONK; Cashier R. J. COFFEY Asst. Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 Of-FUERS: i L. L. NORTHRU^P, Vice-Prest. F. A. NORTHRUP. Vice-Prost. D. P. NORTHRUP. Vice-Preat. SURPLUS $20,000.00 YOUR BUSI.XESS SOLiaTED Iwiftyst fald.on Time Pypoitlts . Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent,

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