Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 31, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1889
Page 4
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G. & N. W. TIMb TABLE. OOIKOBABT. .....2:*2 v m Bterling Pasn.-e :S8 a. m. Limited rasa. 8 :52 a. m. It6fl p. m 3:tOa.m.' Clinton Denrer OOINO WTtST. Pacific Ex 2:22 a. n. Sterling VMS. 8:00 p. m Limited Pass. 4:04 p. m CllntonPafts 1:13 p.m. Denver 8:53 PMXOOT TxAiNg THAT CABBY PABBKNQKBB ooma mAHT. OOIHO wrar. No. 18...—. ._...S.15 p. m. No. S8...—.....7:40 ft. to No, # ,_,-,- i .«r m a. m. No. 1T..._~..10:B2 a. in emeu, Bmsmjjpci a, s OOIHO KABT. I QODTO WB8T. 8—PMsenxer t-JO a.ra. 3«—Pastenger 4-30 p.m 7«-ITrel«lii;—* -M p.m. «—Krelght.—B :00 a.m ABBIVB AB&TVB FROM EAST. Ts»-PasBanger...9:Oap.m.!»—Pasacn •T—Frelgbt «:40a.m. - - • - WKST ieerlO:30a.m. 42 -Freight ...... 8:30 p.m, t; rassenirer No. Mconneelnwlth trains cjist ani* yyjii i>u Clinton Branch; with C. It. I a P. It. K. ft K<x:l; iKland east and west; with main lint or points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and bp yonr aud for Kansas City and mints beyond. NORTHWESTERN WW RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of (tee! track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, pemetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullimn Sleepers, .Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS Kor Tlckota, Rates, Map*, Time Tables and fall Information, apply to any Ticket Agent or ad> drew the Oen'l PaenoEger Agent, Chicago, 111. J. IL 7HI71UIT, H. C. WICm, E. F. WILS01T, Qnofa! Suugar. Tr&ffio Uwffer. Q«n'l PIEI. Afft. You should read TB ». CH1 ~ CAGO DAILY NEWS because l^fli *f^" ^ <TJ * caM a $ r ° r{ t '*'• Price POINT doesn't stand in the way. It's really the cheapest thing; on earth.- One cent meani prac-" tically nothing—until you spend It. Then you may make it mean a great deal, according ax you invest it, A thing is cheap ifit costs little, and is worth much. THE DAILY NEWS U like atcle- graph from the whole world to your brain. To keep it in con- aunt working order costs you but one cent a day. That's why It's cheap—because it render* a great service for an insignia". cant price. circulation \% 330,000 a day—over million a week—and it costs by mail 25 cts. month,four months J.I.OQ,— one cent a day. D O KOT fcfcU*AY *UUB BUBSCltll'TICN LiPPmCOTT'S MAGAZINE, which now Btan<Ji la tin front rank o! tlaiitf utd oodupiaB the poaltiou of A LEADER AMONQ LEADERS. Ewh aunlxr eoaUlK A COMPLETE NOVEL. »lm» QlMrBl quanUty of inlico lUn«o«§ inaU«r of BO {otermttng and laMruoUr* mtuio. Ona jnfl lubMripUon ;li»«a U3RARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS tr Amirlua anibcrn, tonthir with AN OrsHOHr BTOaiES. TPOEJIS. ESBAYS.auilmatleri «f Baiuaal i«t«w«* to general ruwl«ri;maMDgaTDlonMof HEARLY TWO .THOUSAND PAGES. Ttw noeeM of IrinrrKemr'i »t*Dd» nnpr«*d«tea ia th« baaalx of MuaslQA tmk)i«bii>& ""* to-dajr lu fa talllar tlrl« U ««lwatodla «TM7 htuoUt, TlUapJ,, town, and dtj . Ttui beit wiHten of the ue hAT* t*«a f*f arfid snd n*» ftttarM) mil. from Uiae to tha«, to sdd«d nhich willjiT* ' A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN Itn4 oat»f Mntrn win ooninuM 1 :* to UK P^RRH ior iw. full nrotp«ctiu, ftddrtmt Llpptneott'f M*(t»iln«, i!«ipBi&. IAe*nt«»ingltt »uuil*Jr, $>;i(X) \ur ytnt. A GLANCE ^Throrgh onr stock of cloths will be a reveLition to yon. Eflough of the extremely fashionable in fiUMy plaid* to meet the taste 01 ho care to wear them. of the plain solid colored for dre«a and old age, with a great variety of the neat, quiet thiuga that most men choose. The atteactiveaeea of o«r- gootia Is mirrored ia the radient suiiles ot oar patroEH, and ahown in their It is unlucky to ilestroy a Bwallow'» nest. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quicfely cured hy t*hiloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druegiBt, and Jr M. Bickford, ilock Falls It ia unlucky to pass under a rope or ladder, The Verdict Ilnonlmoan. W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bipptia, Ind, testifies "I can recommend Electric Bitters as tlie very beat remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in tevery case. One man took six bottles anil was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years standing." Abraham Hare, drnjtgist, Bollvillc, Ohio, affirms: "The best selling Itiedicino I have ever handled in niy 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands f others have added their testimony, s that tho verdict is unamous that El jtric Bitters do CUIB all diseases of t ie Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a mlf dollar a bottla_at I). B. Strickler'a Drug Store. . For every gray hair pulled out seven will come. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee K cures consumption. For sale by I'erry, the druggist, and J.M. Bickford 'Hock .Falls . It's bad luck for a bird to fly into the room. THE KEV. GEO. H. THAYEIl, ol Liourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself anc wife owe our lives to SHILOH'S CON SUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist,and J. M. Bickford Rock Falls. Lucky at cards, unlucky at love, anc vice versa. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible -cough, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford. Bock Falls. It is unlucky to open an umbrella in the bouse. OATAKKH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Ulckford, Hock Fait. • Small ears denote avarice, large o generosity. SHILOH'S CUKE witfimmediately relieve Croup, -Whooping Congh and Bronchitis. For Bale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls' flair and nails should be cut with n waxing moon. WILL YOU cough wher B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., BO cts., and 81 For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J M. Bickford, Bock Falls. A dream told before breakfast is sure to come true. A New IMscsTery. Weakened and deranged livers, stom acha and bowels should never be actec on by Irritants like common pills, bran etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint constipation, piles, etc., 4>y a new method. . Samples free at A. li. Hen drick's or J. M. Blckford's. It IB best to sleep with the bead toward the north. CBOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For gale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M.' Bickford, Hock FalFs. Tripfln I'llln »ro Rc-)fn!.ilH'a!!y com- lonntU'd, uniform in action. No grip- PR \>;\\n so c^rainonly loUowlnjr Uif is* 1 of 1'iUa. They are adapted to both dulta ami chiklren with perfect sutPty. Ve guarantee they have no equal in the uri> of sick headache, constipation, IjRpepsia, liiliuuane?s, and, as an appe izt-r, they excel any other prrpnrntion. A black cat ia considered especially inlucky to sailors. A Woman"* IMnrovery. 3"Another wonderful discovery bus '>e,pn rnado and thiit too by a lady in (fig country. Disease fastened itn :!utclies upon her and for seven years he withstood its severest teats, but her vital orjrans were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she coughed incessantly and ?ould not sleep. .She bought of us 11 bottle of Dr. King's Xew Discovery for ^onRumption and was so much relieved in taking iirst dose that she slept nil night and with one bottle has been niraculously cured. Her name ia Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W. 0. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby. N. C.— Get » fre« trial bottle nt D. B. Strickler's Drug Store. A. big bine vein over the nose is a sign of a abort life. Card of Thanks. If the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam should publish a card of thanks, containing expressions of gratitude which come to him daily from those who have been cured of severe throat and lung troubles by the use of Kemp's Balsam it would till a fair-sized book. How much better to invite all to call on auy drugglat and get a sample bottle that yon may test for yourself its power Largo bottles 50c and $1 00. 4a The left leg is always to be partially dressed first. Core* Achaa, feint, Cramps, Stiffness, Sweliiag*. Siratas, Tho Be*t ATHLETES S4OB23S, Tbe Most R». eU Abroad wllf as» 8-s n? Sr nml A new pocket-book shou.d be given with some money in it. A Female Paradox. iV lady, old and growing older still, As ladies will grow old, you know), became . In ppite of age, as young BS youih—but ill. And old, and wretched, feeble, lame, and sore, -. A lady young became in spite of youtli. As ladies will, ana why V Because the truth, And keeps a lady young, they fail to grasp, . Aud yielding to disease, die ia its falui clasp. That truth is that woman's weaknesses may be Subdued by Dr. Piorce's Favorite Prea - cription. When one sneezes it is proper to say: 'God bless you!" The Amcriran IMseuse. No people in 'the world are so subject to nervous diseases, such as nervous exhaustion, physical or mental overwork, headache, backache, neuralgia,- sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, and insanity, as the Americans. Every part of the body is controlled by its nerves aud when they are weakened by overwork or disease tho part is also affected. Now it is everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles' Restorative N*r- vinp.'a coneentnited nerve food and medicine, is the best remedy "In the world for these diseases. Ask for n trial bottle'at A. II. Hendricks or J. M. pickfords Drug Store. It is bad luck to rock an empty crad le, as the child to whom it belongs-will die. Mtartllnff Fact*. Physiologists state that with each contraction the hearts exerts (ifty Ibs. of force. This amounts to 3,000 a minute, 210,000 an hour and the enormous number of 5,184,000 pounds in a day. No wonder there are so many weak hearts and that people drop dead. 11 exercise makes you short of breath: il you have fluttering, pain in side, faint or hungry spells, swollen .ankles, etc , look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr. Miles'.New Cure. Sold at A. R. Hendricks or J. M. Bickfords Drug Store. A child must first be taken upstairs before it is taken down; otherwise it will never rise in life. UncUicii'n Arnica Halve,. The beat salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Khenni, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and. all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by D. B. Strict ler. Monday for wealth; Tuesday for health; Wednesday, the best of all; Thursday for crosses [Friday for losses; Saturday, no luck at all, ia the way marriage reauli s are forecast. Forced to lieave Home. -OverGOp^ople.wereforced toJeave their homes yesterday to call for a. free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order. If you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fail to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grana remedy. ..The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 60 cents. Never take your dog with you when making a call. Be Merciful to Yourself, And heed the appeals for assistance put forth by your liver, when the organ is out of order. Among these are distress through the right Bide and through the right shoulder blade, yellowness ol the skin and eyeballs, furred tongue sour breath, sick headache, and, above all, irregularity of the bowels. The mercy you extend to the afflicted organ ia wisely shown by a prompt course ol medication with Hostotter's Stomach Bitters, most genial of alteratives, anc the hepatic gland early reciprocates the deserved attention by resuming Us se cretive functions actively and regularly. Among the accompanying good re suits are renewed digestion, freedom from headaches, and a resumption ol activity of the bowels. All bilious symptoms disappear, and appetite anc sleep improve. Benefleeat are the ef fects of the Bitters in. malarial disease kidney disorder, rheumatic ailments and nervousness. tths Do not fidget with bat, cane or para sol during a call. From a JLady ot Clarence, Iowa. RHEUMATIC SYRUP Co., Jackson, Mich tients: For ten years I have been greatly afllicted -with inflammatory rheumatism and indigestion. M; bands, arms and limbs were bttdl; nwollen, aad, at times, 1 could not wear my sboca Upon advice I began aslug Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup. Two bottles cured me. It is a wonderful inedi cine, acting upon the stomach and dig eative organs as it does, eradicates the poison from the blood and puriHeH thi whole system. It affords ma pleasun to recommend this remedy. MRS. M. K. II. FUciD. Mrs lleid la well Known and he: statement can b* relsed upon. Htb b:iril'3 RheuuiisLtt; .->yrup ia a meiliciiifi of great merit. 0- E;SMITH, tth* t»ruj(g1*t, Ciaroiu'cj, low*. np "i"" 1 i|p™ ft n ip~^'~~nf ¥ n 1 iiiUjll lilf J) f Jllly i I liiL! s I Lady DUFFERiN'S Celebrated Irish Brtllad. -W-—-' l 1 h - R* _ Js» I t— . _T—T-—r-i—f.._-s-- r -. t ...-sf-- —** -s? 0 '# & -- I 1 ..„. r •£._ :z±iiz±r~~1^:=ii±;-—rH'-*i ._;n tz n n » <- ! -s ! h » 9 " ' ' > * ' ' t ! i •> 1! I I I I I II \ irv tit ti —^CTZ: 1 .:.i rqn=rrj=__TL-Li t -^__ 1 . N __K.i.rtrrrr^±r=| -L.-I- |. I— =^=^^ 1. Bo, my Knth - loen, you're RO - ing to lava me, AH a - lone by my - self in Ala. 8. Ochl them Eng - lish— de - ca • vera by na - turol Tliough, may- bo, you'll think them Bin- 3. It's a fol - ly !o lieep you from po - in', ' Though, fait'b. it's a niight. y hard 4. Eh,... cowl -what's tho no«l of this hur - ry? Don't flua - tar me BO In tliia i. I :,S: a tempo. c*~frT — ~ ~*TW— = -j— >» s* I J * _ Js 1 t ^t 1 _ __ E — --_]-...-, _| . L_J. •"^" * ' place 1 But I'm sure tlmt rouTl HOT .• er de - cavo me; Oh,.. nol if there cere! They'll nay you're a charm-Ing, gwcct crca • ture— Hut.. doa't you bo- rase; ^ For, Kath-loen, you know there's no know - in', When next I may wnv ! I for • got, 'twixt the grief and tho flur - ry, Ev - 'ry word 1 was 3: * r-4 1 __ — J— « 1 -*• _] — ~"1 il Inl- « r It H I I I r r ') li r I II IV 1 \ f. Ml ii r i i u > in i HI f r II ill (nil 1 I i i Is I I It t I n I 1 r I i II if Hi 1 II I I I i 111 I rt .JOHN H. iiKltii, Amoriomi llousr, Ilu|;:insl>tir F :li, N. \ An ir«>l>«>arn!>lpHUin l»lm«o«i«< Varf -r. I liiMvlwcn nfmiitPrt xlnw lint M;in-h with a ?kliuils<wie tho iloctorn c:il!«!rt l->z«-nm. Myiiu'ft covered wl'h scab" nun sorcn, fmcl thi; Iti'h- LIIH and liurniim were Almost milwimlilr. Hiv- In'g your CUTICHHA IIK.WF.HIIW sohluhlyrfcciin- menclivl, cimnliirtcfl t-> give them a trial, unlti* tbeCuTicuRA ami Cirncum SOAI* uxicriinlly. mid REROM'KfiT Internally for tour mnnl>is. _ I call mysell cured, In gratitude fur which I truiru) tills public statement. , „ Mns. I'LAItA A. FREDERICK, BroAil Hroak.roun. Cntloura KfiOTPrtles Cure (!very species ot torturing, humiliating Itching, imrnlng, scaly, nnd p mply diseases ot ttieskln. acalp. imcl blood, wii.nlossof hair, nnd all humors, blotches, eruptions, (lores, sciilua, and crusts, whether simple. Bcrotiilous, or contusions, when physlcliuiB and nil oilier romi-dles Bold everywhere. Price, OUTICURA. 50c.; SOAP, 2flc.; UnsoLVBiTT. SI. Prepared, by tlio 1'OTTKK DHOQ AND CHEMICAL, COKI-OKATION, rj?~Heml for''How to Cure Skin Diseases,"ft* pages, B" Illustrations, nnd UK) tcatlnioiilnls. RAHV'C Bklnand Sc*ip preserved and licau- DftDT O.tincd by-CuTicuitt. BOAI-. Absolutely pure. truth In that facet lave them, my dear! see your sweet face] man - in to Though Eng - land's .n beau - ti . No, Ivuth - leeu, a - grah I don't be mind - hi' The.. flat ful conn . try. Full of il i - p;aDt And when you come'back to me, Kalh-loen, Nono the bet - tor shall Now, just wait a • mlu - ute, I bid ye I Can I talk if ye 1 m -•£- i 4^=^=33=^= m PAINS AND WEAKNESS O( females ui>tnuHy r.!leve<! by tliat new, ehKiint, ami Infallible Anililote to raln.Iiitliuiiinatlnn.iind Weakness, ^> (ho «^«tl«-nru -Mi«l-rn»n I'lnn- t«r. The nrst, andonly.liisfantuncaui) paln-klll- For "run-down," (Ifhilltutcd nml overworked women, I)r. Vlorcr-'s Kavorllii Preserlptlon l« tho bt-st of nil UBitontilx-o tonics. It lanpotent. Spcclllo for nil those Chronk- \\YaknrfWinna DtBcance peciillnr to Women: n powerful, general 09 well ns uterine, tonic nnd nervine, It Imparts vigor and rti-rngth to the whole uypt™. It promptly cures weakness of r-loniii(jh,nnURoa, Indlgefitlon, hlnntlnv, weak li:u.-l;. nervoim pros- it tg TOreTnlly eompoimdcii l«v nu exjH'Hi'nH.:'.! . phyalcinn, nnd <idup!ud to v/mnitn-s tli-lkntu omanluitlon. Purely vegetnlile ami m'rfcctly _ hnrmlcBS In any conillllnn of tlie- jiT'p.ri'j.1,,. tloii" hi the only meilleiiio for women, ftuM 1-v dnipglsts, under a i>o«Hlv« gilHr- boys—ochl what then? You woulti - n't for - get your poor^Terencp, You'U equip buck _ to Bpoech-e8 they'll make; Just tell ~ them a ~~poor toy In Tro'-Tand ^ la;.... break • In' ills I be off then; You'll be Fpa • kin' such beau - ti - ful Ene-lish, Sure, . I won't know my bo- ther me • BO? Ochl Knth - lecn, toy bless-in* go wid ye, Ev - 'ry inch of the D.8. Ire • land a - gain 1 heart for your sake! Kath-loen a • gain) way that you go I anteo of entlsfnetlon In every cnse, or price (81.00) refunded. This (runrant™ limi been •printed on tho hot He-wrapper, mid Tnlthfullr can-led out for mfmj- yrnrfl. For larire. Illustrated Trcntlso on DiRenpes of Womon am imgea, with full dln-ctlons for home.trcatmcnt!. w'nd ten cents In Btnmpn. Address, WOHI.II'S T>ISI'KNKATIY- MrmcAt- ABSOOiATrON. OT) Main BtreeU llnlmlo, N. Y. In. Cream Linen Damask 50c. 56 inch Cream Damask 35. 56 -iu,-Turkey Red Fast Dje, warranted, 25c. Throe-tourths Bleached Napkins §1.25 per doz. Btith Towels lOc. Tnrkish Tidies lOc. We have the Finet-t and Cheapest stock of Table Linens, Doylies, Tray Cloths, Dresser . Scarfs, SpJasherSj^Napkins^ &c. 4 Jn thejeity. L__ ; A reporter of Tlio \\'anhlugton Post has made the iliscovery tliat Dr. Hammond Invented tliu idea of Imviiig tlio blinds closed and the bouse dark to kuep It cool during but weotber. Tho doctor, tultl tbo reporter—nnd the reporter, wbo is not a married man and does not li«'p Ijniiso. licliuvoil him—that "the Americans live with everything wide open, allowing the sun to stmmi lu." Get out; Dr. Hainraonil is u \vlso ninii and has a great deal of originality, but tbo scheme of keeping the house closed for ooolness is us old aa woman-, kind. There isn't a housekeeper in America who doesn't have mi ull'immmer battle with her husband—'Who Is of Dr.' Hammond's eex *—u> kuisp tho IIUUHO dftrli and cool. /rhe Urst thing a man does when he comes homo on a hot ilay is to cry out, "Good land, let's have some air in this oven of a bouse 1" and then ho throws open tho windows, lots (n a sirocco of boat, clouds of stilling dust, swarms of pestilent files and odore of varying degrees of strength from the whole neighborhood. Dr. Haimnoud, ludeudl He used to keep '.'open house" just like the rest of us, for years and years, until some woman taught him better. Nuxt thing you know Dr. Hc.nihioud wrt! claim that he Invented the method of putting ouo's clothes over one's head. Tho doctor also says if you want to keep cool "you must keep the mlud calm and tranquil." H'u); we see now how tho Hebrew children managed to ke«p their temperature down to refrigorator point in the fiery furnace; they simply didn't allow a little thing like a limo kUn in full heat to trouble them. Anybody can do that. —Burdette In Brooklyn Eagle.' • . MYRICK, of the firm or Mrrfck & Henderson, J'ort Smith, Ark,, s&ja he wlahra Us add tils testimony to the thrauaDd* which have elre&dy been given M to Swift's Sptciflc. He B&T* he derived tlwniott algnul beWiSt from Its use to core painful boil* and cow* resulting from lir.paro hiood. •' Bwiw 1 * Utteoina U & gnat btewiBg y," »aj« Mr. 1' K CXadoa, of TO Bawi Mmet, Jar It tw«S ffis ol r bad lj'p.4, wUU which I ii*4 at f cat fetut S. ii. S r!.f«S JOBS sttw I WPROVEMENTS ON THE HOMESTEAD In the busy, duwly city 1 dreamed 'Qf boyhood's days, And the old stone homestead far UK.IJ 'Mid quiet couatry u-ayx. Its HhlitRlcd roof all ITIOKM grown. Its walls BO cool and gray, And the vine clad stoop nhuro the 'old folks i To reut at tho cloeo of day. Then the dream becavio a loDglng, And, traveling far aud fast, I came to the llttlo village where My childhood's yearn were jjassad, _ And aoucbt the qualut Dtoue mansion. Bat O, what change was there! _• Bay windows, balconies, and, at One end, a porto cochnre. Tho walls were pumpkin yellow, The alilngled roof bright red, v.. •:, ^ And, at the Hide, a rounded toww Reared high \ta upsUirt head. ', ~^£ No trace of home beloved t . ' ^, No signs of daya gout* byl VJ T Note'eathe IODR well sweep tlmt used To point toward the aky. •••~J I felt as one who. bending • To look hu w>me old faoo He lovea, beholds It daubed with rouge, 4 Bereft of each dear grace. So now, when of Improvements Men talk, i*iy heart Usore, And longs for the atoop whom tho old folks at To rest when duy waa o'er. —Virginia B flarason In Horna-MaJter. -* Tho Amorlculi Urutunier Abroad. .' "I'll tell you-.what 1 saw In Manchester. Engiiuid," Bold n Michiguuder who lately returned from a trip abroad. "On tbo hotel register I found the name of 'G. Sidney Smith, U. B. A.,amba.ssador to England anil France, mid 8, P. D. to tlio czar of Russia.* It was a puzzle to mo and I gnidt a ino-ase. but I waited to see him before giving anything away. After a few hours ha called ac my room. Tlion 1 fuiuui him to bo aa ex- drunumer for a Chicago (-rocke-ry house. Ho bad fcavnl up a Few hundred and was making; the tour. M fc What Induced yon to register EM you didf I asked after o lift. " 'Simply to i-«c«ivo theresiwctuad cxinsid- eratiou tliio me,' lie rr|Uiu), , "'Dot's ft ctetpiiii \our tiiljsf ' " 'Ko, not to any extent, but it gives mo tbs best for my motioy, untl I have frtw car-* dug* riilw urnJ many invitjitiouii out to diiie. afjui to'lits rt-KtaU'j'g over her*?- a4 plain BuuUi or Brown get* msly common. I'm off for t'raaoa ooit wtok, iu,J t sliali rejftsUir tiiert* w "B|»i-)al ijuvov of tins A,mer.!oj«i congress aild JU» Dsuuly rt-pri<se!itativo of 70,(W,OW> S'lJ gvi 'Why don't you cultivate a little stylet" asked a Trout of a Sucker whom he happened to meet. "Why do you insist on living in this mud holo und never visit the clear, cold springs? Limber up your body and hire somebody to get a section of n rainbow and sprinkle it ovur you. I would uot live like you for anything, grubbing away all the time for a meal in the mud. Flies form a lie- llclous diet. Just iook at that beauty tber« which has just dropped on the water. Just waUih mo toko him and then envy the life of a Trout." Saying this, the Trout made a dash for the fly aud seized It. But the fly had buried lu it a steel hook, aud on tho hook was a line, and on tho lino a rod, and tin itugler held tho rod. The Trout BOOH disap|«ared from the water, and the next hu made was when be was staling over a (lit!. "It nmy bo nice enough to be a Trout," philosophized tlio bucker, "but ! would rather bo u poor, despim] Sucker with no rainbow-attachments In a mud hole than B proud Trout in n frying pan."—Now York Herald. f ®S^^I \^«=^. WHITE^ O-OUDg •fLOATINU-JOAP. VVRAPPERS UAROE 3\ZZ) Olli T3CCIVC Hard tu Uear. No one over had nio^ genuine delight-in the posdujsion of huid, ^id its uccompuuying wealth of growth and bloom, than did Emerson in bis orchard. Homo raviler. said to him: "Your pears cost you innro tbun'iniue, which 1 buy;" and tho answer was reatiy. "Yea, they are costly, but wo all have ex pensive vices. You play at billiards,.! ut pvar trees." A public spirited citi?.«n. ho took pleasure in ceniiing to the "euttlo show exhibition'' specimens of fruit from hix garden. Olio day, after thi.i exhibition, a p:irly of gentlemen visited his orchard, and were introduced to him by his neighbor us a coutiu!ttot» of the Massachusetts Horticultural society. He smiled with modest pride at havin;; bis orchard thus honored, but tho I'l'icirmftn r-jiid; " v Mr. Emorsou, the viiniinitteu iutve uiilvd to i*o tho »oil which prutiucos such IKKH- specimens of such IIuu VUI-.J-UM." . Itranybava been u Jump year, and • tho psars were i-uaty, but, as h.u MJ;I writva: "In all years thu i>rv>|irioti>r s-iw iiiu gold through the rust," -Youth's C'ouuuuiimt. \Vhaj; nml SVhhh. 4i \Vltat arc ttu. f^ur grt';i'. Inki^ bel Canada aud rhc Gulf of Mexicol" ut»J Ij*jivi>it''jis fiK'tber *if tit>r y'tun^^t o/ui *aki tb*.t Uoy. Tiirf- UK>!!.>?£• jx^jil^nHS hi error, fto»r»jK-U.!d Jolin I*. Sutllvuu'i* Mother Head* • ' BOSTON! Au..'. XL— Mrs. Catherine Sullfc van, mother of John L. Bullivpn, the piiyilist, died Inst night nftor a long illness. She wns 53 yows oliL . KngUnhineil ISuylnfi; Watnrworlts, ' BAN Dnsoo,~Cnl."ATip;"r3i;—Tlio"SniTUIcgb"" Wotorworks company have, sold out to an English Bj'ndicaU) for $1,'UK),OOJ. The Weather Wo Slay ICxpcot. WAsni.vaTON Utir. Aug.- ai.-Follon-lntf are the weather indications for thirtv-slx hours from8o'clock p. in. yesterday: i'or Indiana — Fair, slightly coaler weather In northeastern, stationary temporature In Bonthwii'nte'n portion: easterly winds. For Lower Michigan—• Fair, slightly coolar weather In sonthern, stationary temperature in noi them portion; variable winds. For Upper Michigan—Fair*slightly warmer weather; winds shifting to southerly. For Illinois—Fair, Hllghtly.tooler weather In northeastern, stationary temperature In suuthweH ern portion: »,utheastorly winds. For Iowa—Fair weather; slight changes in temperature, except In extreme northeastern portion, cooler: KontheUHturly-winds. For Wisconsin—Pair, slightly warmer weather In eastern, stationary temperature la western portion, winds shifting to southerly. THE MARKETS. CHICAGO. A us;! 80. Board of trade quotations Ki-ilay were as follows: Wheat—No. 2 Suiitcmbor. opened T^io, closed 57e: l)«ceiubur, oponnd TSfiic, cios,eil 78>iic: May. opened t-S-Jio, closed 8i%e. Corn- No. 8 September, opened *%•-, closed ffii^ic; October, opened 83^o, closed :j}>£c; May, opened l!&9fr', closed KJ^e. Oat,s-No. X September; opened llt^c, closed \^-%a; October, opened !UJ<io. closed )!%•; May, opened 2%c, closed i-%o. Pork—September, opened. $10.'1&. closed J10.75; (Jcto'ber. oi«:ned $i».a), closed -S10.75; January, opeuiKi $U.O?)4, closed §fl.!7M. Lard-Keptombfif, opened $a(BJ4 closed S0.10., Live stock—Union stock yards prices were as follows: Hot's—Market opened unoder- . ntcly active tuid firm, with light jrradea 60 higher; other lots We higher; lljtht graaas, 84.08144.76: rough packing $I,U&33.75; mixwl lots, sa.lOjif.US; heavy packlns and Hhin- piug lots, Sa.80SI.aX Cattle -^Market quiet: (food to prime, steady, Jl.3E4M.7tt; poor to Uir, weak, $)M&i,W, cowe, tl.2i<3.';,H); ntockera and focders, '8I.«0®3.<1U; Texas cattle, fl.tO 0^.80, Sheep—Steady; natives, $;!.X'oai.W>; lambs, tH.W&f.eti; western sheeu, J3.aii34.00, Produce: Butter: lilgm creamery, iiv^®l.So perlb.; funor tla'ry, 1091 to; packln; stock, J3. EgKS-lTresh laici, !0>i-g>Uo yfli- iltii. Potutaas -SOasi.10 pur bhl. i.»oaUry—Live ohlckoiw, lOc per lh.-. roosUsra, Bo; lurkoys, (Sijlii;; ducka, U&llc; KC«8i.s Slwai-TO per ilm.. C'huice. JS.tWiW^S par bbl; cooklus, bemefi—UusplMirriei). i!U/A'Juo pfn- lU W«ikb«ri-iu», uUtas?5c I -,,. t .-«.i i, u itn,, ^\ii«5. t*j n heat—No. :: ro.i winter nwii. fft'siS--!?^-; Cam No, :: ,uiU t if uv -h -!B 4 .- di'S-nt'em- b«r, i"^c: aoOri..tx.-r. ii^y: 0.11.1.--riU'siiJ}. fcuu «K !„!„,. ^,:;'\u, S;/;;;;.,u", _^'!T'''u^, Unrii-y --SoniiiMl. i'« t-» •• iiiill; ni.j.j, ^J.l,i£SiiiSi,;.'i f...' luttixvin], i .,i-,j i>u?i- ,..^,1 tuiiiiioi, s-.ji; ()<;,>-:„.,- , i j-;. I SO «, k 1 j, il , ( A . , KJ _ j. An., ,i,' ,1, „ „!,,,,, „ , < T naif t^ \~it *.^( y o

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