Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on November 9, 1962 · Page 3
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 3

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1962
Page 3
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MIDAY, NOVIMUR », IM2 ANDUSON DAILY IUUIVIN f AOI I Halleck Plans flirt's Right 9 coniln£ House jpcakcr ended bylother stairs. Halleck said Wwliies- the results of Tuesday's election. RENSSELAER, Irid. Hous« Minority Uadcr Charles A. Halleck, R-lnd., his hopes of be- will co back to Washington in Indiana could beat (Republican January to "do what's right (or the country." Halleck easily won re-election re-election of Sen. Thruston B. O«OM NOW FUEL OIL W. Civi (IH G.«M Stwnp. MODERN HOME KJIPT., 314 (. JUl, Ml. *44-tl50 Tuesday in Indiana's 2nd District |but his hopes for the speakership were dashed when the Democrats retained control of Congress. Noting Republican victories in Elm Grove Church fish fry, Sat. cvc. 5-8 at Coon Hollow Club Bldf, East Cross St. day he "cannot understand how' Sen.) Homer Capehart." He particularly mentioned the ro Morton. R-Ky.. Senate -Minority Leader Everett M. Dirkscn. R-lll., and New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller and the election of GOP gubernatorial nominee George Romncy in Michigan. "llw Republican party is doing. real good." he said,. "I'll be back| MARCH OF DIMES., there (Washington! with more troops and trying fc\ to d A MILLION THANKS! To all my loyal friends and workers who so generously devoted their time and efforts in my behalf, may 1 say again—"a million thanks." Your votes, your enthusiasm and your expressions of good will have meant more to me than words can express. I will endeavor to REPAY YOU with a prosecutor's office that will be dedicated to prompt and efficient service for the people of Madison County. WILLIAM F. LAWLER, JR. AT MARCH OF DIMES MEETING-Morch of Dimes Volunteer Charles R. Swinford, 1620 Dewey St., talks with Jimmy Boggess, of Coy, Ark., 5-year-old Notional March of Dimes boy, at a meeting in Chicago recently. The 25th annual campaign will be held in January to raise funds for aid to victims of birth defects, arthritis and polio and for research into these crippling diseases. SALE!SAVE $ 20 ONSIMMONS NATIONALLY BRANDED SLEEP SETS DEEPSLEEP formerly $t ISM $OQ90 ' Twin or fofl ilzt let 99 Alwityi a wonderful value but now a tpectacular buy at ibis cloee-out price. Mattress has 312 Auto-Lock coils beneath the beautiful quilted cover. Also features prc-built non-sag border, cord handles and fresh-air ventilators. Be sure to come in today because these seU will go fart. SLUMBER KING formerly $99.90 $7Q90 Twin or full sit* set Yes, you can now enjoy night after night of sleeping comfort and save $20 when you treat yourself to this outstanding Slumber King set. With hundreds of resilient coils, Auto-Lock construction, pre-built non-sag borders and a beautiful, durable-quilled cover ibis mattrcss- box spring combination is a once* in-a-lifelime buy. SIMMONS CLOSE-OUT OF 1962 MODELS...NO MORE WHEN THESE ARE GONE 90 Days Same As Cash or Convenient Terms JUNCTION » t *7 PH. 643-6971 Open Sunday 1P.M. Til 7 P.M. Moil, thru Fri. 9 Til 9 Sal. 9 Til 6 Final Congress Family Forum Figures Given INDIANAPOLIS <A1>) - Com- evening 1U- was in pk'tc Associated Press uiiofficialichair. puffing on a stout cigar, returns for Congress: reading the evening paper and First. 3ttG precincts: Mwxly R J she was thumbing through •maga. Wi.237. Madden D 103,327. " | zincs in (he vain hope that she Second, ;ku precincts: Hullockiwould find thc sood word that K K-Mtiy, Murray U 60.881. jskirt lengths would remain "un- Third. 383 products; Ainlay R [changed." H5.8M. Brademas D U2.612. | All of a sudden she looked up KourLh, 31*8 precincts: Adair K!;uid said: "Now that I've slop- S0,50(\ Koss l) R.409. pcd smoking cigarettes, what Fifth, 354 precincts: Chambers i would you think if 1 took up K 85,713. Koiisli D 91.921. jcigars?'"' Sixth. 389 precincts: Romicbush with that he came out from K 75.611. Wainpler 1) 67.437. behind his paper, almost swal- Scventh. 405 precincts: Bray R| lowed his cigar, looked at her 82.292. Tipton D 59.701. fearfully as though' she hud sud- Eighth. 450 precincts: Meseman Uenlv lust her mind and dully K 74.000, Denton D 95.760. j aJ; k^ : "What did vou say?" Ninth 331 precincts: Wilson H| j n ono or hor magazines she fo.2iO. Pritchanl D 61,100. showcd him tbc p £ turc of , By RUTH M1LLRTT CIGAKS—FOR MKN ONLY? [went back to looking for a corn- It wiis a jwrfcctly ordinary forling word about hemlines, wisy ' Bean supper. Also used article sale. Park Place Methodist Church. 4:30 to 7 p. m. Fri., Nov. 9. Tenth, 389 precincts: Harvey R 80,422. Mitchell D 71.305. Eleventh, 548 precincts: Bruce R 126.0S6. Jacobs D 105,724. Election Coverage Review Requested ••* WASHINGTON (UPD—The nation's radio and television sta- ions soon will be asked by the Federal Communications Commission FCC) to answer in detail how they handled the political broadcasts during the l%2 primary and election campaigns. The FCC notified tte stations Wednesday that they would soon receive questionnaires. They were advised to "retain all records pertaining to political broadcasts." Astronomers generally agree that the atmosphere of Venus contains a great deal of carbon dioxide and very little free oxygen. LEGAL NOTICES DEPARTMENT OK PUBLIC WORKS CHy of Anderson, liidUrn Resolution N'u. 9, 1962 Anderson, Indiana October 2fl, 1962 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is herubv given by thc Bom-el of Public Works of the City of Anderson. Indiana, that it IK :leeincd necessary to make the (ollowing described public improve- inent in the City of Anderson. Indiana, uulliurizud by (lie fulluwiiiK iimi>«?ri'd Improvement Resolution, passed by said Hoard on the 2!Mh day of October, J»(12. Improvement Resolution No. 9, %2, for tlic Improvement of The forth Side of Mulberry Street— 'roin Broadway to Silver Street by roust ruction nf Sidewalks and Curbs (Concrete). All work done In thc making of Bid described public improvement hall be in accordance with the is and conditions of Improve- iicnt Resolution Nn. !>. 1902. passed iy the Hoard of Public Works on hr above named d»y. and the Pro- 'ilrs. Drawings, Plans, General Dp- ails. Sprcifications. and Ksltinnlcx o he adoplcd by Ihe Board at Vork.s of said Clly. upon the final idoplfnn and CUM firm,it ion of said ?rsoln(ion and placod on file In he office nf the City Civil Engineer of said City. The Board of Public Works will neet in its office in thc City Hall on the 12th day of November. HHi2. it Uie hour of 7:1)0 o'clock P. M. (Eastern Standard Time), for the mrposc of hearing and considering nil remonstrances, which may have been filed or which mny be prc senled and will hear all persons interested or whose properly Is nf fccted by aafd proposed Improve rnenl and will decide whether the benefit that will accrue to the prop erty abutting and adjacent to thc proposed Improvement nnd to sulcl lily, will be equal to or exceed the estimated cost or thc proposed im- Ji'ovcment as estimated by the City Civil Engineer. BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS /s/ Lewis E. ERKman. President /B/ Sharon S. Bell, Member /«/ Carl A. Coltom. Member Erpha Coburn, Secretary of tht Board C-8203—Nov. Z-9 glamorous woman, kneeling' in a heavily brocaded robe, her! lips obviously puckered just enough to blow out the daintiest whiff of smoke and holding a big. lat cigar in her jeweled hand. Then she said aloud: "Ways to ;ee yourself this autumn — at ime, in for the evening, wear£ a long Prince Albert smoking >al with a while stock folded the neckline. The eigar? . . . edical experts will (ell you it's 10 of the less unwholesome ays to lake tobacco . . ." For a moment he stared at c picture in disbelief and then :ad Ihe message for himself to ako sure he had heard il right. "What do you think?" she de- anded, and she finally got her iswer. "1 hope yon notice one tiling," : said. "They've picked an votically beautiful young model pose with that cigar. They've veil her a fancy hairdo and a •al glamour job to wear and ey've posed her seductively, ut even then they didn't dare it that cigar in her mouth for she'd look- like Groucho arx. Does that answer your Licstion?" "Yes," she said meekly and DEPAKTMKNT OF I'UHUC WOKKS Anderson, JiiiHanii Ktsolutfun U. 1962 Anderson, Tndian.1 October 20. 1SH12 BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board if Public Works of Ihe City of Ante r.son. Indiana, thai it In do CHUM I ici-es.ijiry in improve: TUK NORTH MUK OK MULMKHHY S'I'HKKT Krnm: I1ROADWAY To: SILVER STHE1CT By cimslnirlinn: SIDKWALKS AND CURBS. The same to lie done In accord- inco wiih the Profiles, Drawings, ""laiiK. General Details and Spccl- ications for such Improvement np- irovrd October 29. 1!W2. and lo be adopted by the Board of Public Works of the Cily of Anderson, In- dlana. Immediately upon the final xcceptanc* and confirmation of this Resolution, and placed on file In he office of the Hoard of Public Works of said Clly. nnd such Improvement Is now ordered. The total cost of said Improve' icnt, Including nil incidental costs such as advertising, abstracting. nspccMon, and engineering, shall >e assessed upon the real estate -ibtitting on said NORTH SIDE OF MULBERRY STREET >r improved, nil according to the method and manner provided for In m Act of the General Assembly ol the State of Indiana, entitled. "An Act Concerning Municipal Corpora lions", approved March B. 1005, am in accordance with and pursuant lo the provisions of all amendatory and .supplemental acts thereto passed by the General Assembly itf the Stale of Indiana, Assess in en I s, if deferred, arc to l>e pa it in ten equal Installments, with In teresl al the rate of six 16','r) pci cent per annum. (A bond or bond.s shall be issued to thc Contractor ii payment of assessments, as thc .several owners of real estate lipnii which they ,irc a lien exercise tht right lo pav the same in ten equal installments). Under no circum- ices shall the City of Anderson, Indiana, he nr be held rcsixnisiblc for any sum or sums from saic property owner or owners for said work, or for certificate or ccrlifi .itcs. bund or bonds, issued to saic Contractor in p.iymciU (nr sue! work, except for such moneys as shalJ have been actually rcccivci by the Cily from assessments for such Improvement, or .such moneys as the City is by said entitled Act and the provisions of all Actb sincndiilcry and supplemental thereto, required to pay. All pro cccdings had and work done in making of said Improvemcnl. as seshment of properly, collection o assessments and issuance of bonds therefor, shall be as provided for in said entitled Act and amend ment.i thereto. Thc 12lh day of November, 1962 al the hour of 7:30 o'clock P. M (Eastern Standard Time), is hereby fixed as the Time, and the office of the Board of said City as ...Place, when and where all persons whose properly may be affected hy such proposed Improvement, may be heard as to thc necessity for (he same, arid nil petitions and rcmon stances received and thc Boan will, on said day. decide whelhe: the benefits accruing lo abutting and adjacent property, and to thc Clly of Anderson. Indiana, will be equal to or exceed the cstlmatct cost of said Improvement. The sec retary of the Board i.i hereby or dcred to Riv* notice by two (2 weekly publications, of the Time and Place of hearing of this reso lution. Adopted: October 2fMh I f ifi2 BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS /*/ Lewis E. KRRman, Presidcn A' Sharon S Bell. Member i* ! Carl A. Coltom. Member Erpha Cohurn, Secretary of tht Board C-B2n4~Nov. 2-3 lack Label was elected fine beer. FOR Beauty and Shade NEXT SUMMER Plant Your SHADE TREES NOW! 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NO MONEY DOWN EASY TERMS PHONE 644-7822

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