Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 4, 1912. / A Newspaper Man Writes an iSpm Letter to Dr. HartMain I give below air-extract from a letter written me by the business manageroE one of the leading newspapers^ of this country. He paid in part: "I was \-ery much interested in TOUT article about the use of alcohol In patent anedicines. AE you know, your ad... has becfn running in my I»»;M>I > P*Pe>" ™ore or less for the last twenty yean;. I have baen frequently criticized for advertising your remedy on the ground thvt it contained alcohol and was therefore harmful. "i am npt a doc^r myself and do not profess to know anything about •sucli subject*. But 1 wi.<!h I had been Buppiied with the icformation con- iained in your article :'>ar« ago. Your article exactly meets ail objections that I have had to cbntwlih. "That alcohol Is ia uafei ii I'rng and is the .active principle of v. , bpcrs. cider and other beverages ; t> me a new thought 'That It is a rrr -ul remedy and assists the other icfrpdienls in joaking a cure, I cannot v. -.rt after ireading your article. "I think so much of j-' : irHcle that I am going to have a icyr.iil of h made and strike off thour-.ud& of them which I shall mall to objoaors a', they may arise In the future. "Your articles convey a grea: dral of information to the public. 1 think thciiiewspapera'can well afford to pub liah them gratis, for the -ahicles you have been furnishing -me lately constitute some of the beat things ^at oc- «ur in my paper. I wish you.«ontin- Hsed surcoss in your magnificent work." My dear Sir:—I appreciate your letter. It Is noj/ the only one of the kind I have received. I I;nnw that Peruna has been greatly ~; ;ire8ented and misunderstood. 1 ti V not had time heretofore to iinswei these objections. 1 taa^-e 1}een too busy in my many enterprises. My great farm, with Its various departments, has so thoroughly engaged my enthusiasm and attention In times past that I could give little heed to critics. But I have taken up the matter now. -My farm i; in the hands of intelligent overseer s and my other business Is all organized in such a way that I-can give my attention to these matters. I am proposing now to explain fo the public all there is to say about Peruna. knowing full well as .<;oon as the public understands it the maliciou!> things said about Peruna will be quickly forgotten. P<vni-na. Man-a-lin and Ivi-rn-pla ) manufactured by th^ Pe-ru-na Com-' pany. rolunihus, Ohio. Sold at all drug stores. BULLKOOSEWHO Wm SPEffVL >OTn'E— Many per.-^on.s are maKiiii, inquiries for the oldtinio Peruna. To such would say. this for- mnla is now put out under the name '• of KA-TAR-NO. manufactured by KA-: T.VR-XO Company. Columbu!:. Ohio, i Write them and they will be pleased , Jo send you a free booklet. TO HELP SAVE ^ni.lT fROr. 1,000 >'nrtk Dakof.i ^<udenU CtT.<n YaraHon io n .HrT (>.<t F^eldn. Fiargo, N. D., Or: -To aid i-: • .o tinving of the thoiis-r''.s of bushc '-.-.f grain yet uiicared tor because of «.;•.«• recent wet weather i ^^p ^y l,0(>0 yonng men in the various ri'-rges and high pchoola of Fargo have br-n given two weeks lea%-a of absence •'• work in the harvest fields. Many members of the Fargo Commercial Cub, which has • been taking the load In securing hary- rst hands, personally will go into the fields, hoping that by their example they may be able to inspire general • co-operation. AVIATOR Fri.I. 2,000 FEET. Trenton. N. J, Oct. 8.—With many persons watch''" ^ him at the Inter- elate fair gro"n<?s this afternoon, Charles P. Walt ^ tvhile making a spiral descent in a Curtis biplane, fell . to InsUnt death rbout a quarter of a mile outside the fuir grounds. When - physicians reached Walsh was dead and hia machine was,a wreck. Vearly overv bone in his body was broken and his. face and hands were cut. He had fallen L'.IWO feet. Walsh was n native of San Uiogo, Cal., L'."> years old ar.d married. MAKES PIMPl.K.S iH\. Kemarkahle How Zonio rienrs (he Faro of Pimples and All Other Blemishes. With the finger tips apply a little Zemo to tlie skin, then sec the pimples and blackheads vanish. Zcmo is a liquid, not a smear, leaves no trace just simply sinks in and does the work. Vou will be astonished to find how quickly eczema, rash, dandruff- itch, liver spots, salt rheum and all other skin dise8.<:e are cured Zcmo Is put up by the E. W. Uo^e Medicine Co.. St. Louis. Mo., and is regularly sold by all druggists ai $1 for the large .bottles, but yon can get a,inier.Tl size trial bottle for only 2i> ccnt^. .\nd this trial bottle Is guar anteed. You surely will find Zemo a wonder. Get a bottle now from Howard & Morris Drug Store. Scholam Find Record of Disease CaUcdH^rThatHrane WUch Pro. diced Great Hunger. Chicago, Oct 3. —Hebrew scholars have discoTered a new meaning for "bull moose," the emblem of the Progressive party. They have found words in the Hebrew language which have the sonnd "bull moose" bu which mean a "distressing disease," and are spelled !'bal mos." "Bull Moose" has been recognized as a disease found by the Jewish Rabbis in the Responsa. Hyman Llderman, editor of tlie Dally Hebrew Call, Chicago, said today that "bull" or the Hebrew" word answering to that sound means .<i disease. "The sound 'moose* in Hebrew," he says, "means the opposite of nice. It means ugly or unpleasant." Accordlngto Talmudic interpretation a man suffering from "bull moose" may disregard religious laws In' order lo cure himself. The Talmud says that "bnli moose" is a peculiar form of craving for food. A literal translation of the passage is: "^^1len one is taken sick with "bull moose' he may eat even on the day of atonement, else hu may die. He must CHt until his vision comes back to him an he can distinguish lif ;ht." Scholars say the "bull moose" was probably known as a hungry feeling which may have been due to an ulcer in the stomach or a symptom oi diabetes. Impoverishment of tho blood is a result of the disease, and it causes lilindness, as the arteries which supply blood to the, optic nerves become affected. ^ "It may be." said Mr. I -idtTiiiau. "that the historian in this passage spoke in parables and 'bull mocse" may signify starving for fame as w,-!! as food." A local rnbbi said: "ll would not surprise me to learn that Roosevelt or somoouo else mlsinterprete«l the Talmudic passage. Roosevelt has shown a tendency to apply biblical terms to himself. This, nevertheless, may depict the leader, who. perhaps, is suffering from "bull moose.* " of Bajard lat %e«q Ulna at their farm east ytl&KSnil Saturday oI..Uuit "WllUe Frame visited Sunday atitte Higbbargin home near TUaing Star; Mrs. J. F. Eastwood la visiting relatives and friends in Oklahotnft. . George Remsberg has l^jk'n helping the Remeherg Brothers south of tias City with their kafflr com this wecl?. Bert Scott is finishing the^haying on the Shumard farm this week. Mr. .and Mrs. W. M. Pi*ce were shop ping in lola Friday. J Chas. Muningcr of GaiClty has been cutting corn for Jo<« •rfice this week. A man from m-ar Wesley Chapel; has been helping Jim iJavis with his: work this wi '»'k. . . : W. -M. Price was in I^Harpe Wed-; hesday and brouglit home a new bug- i gy. Mr. and Mrs. I'rice will spend i the week end with rt 'Iatives In Slapleton. Jim Davis l >as been doing some fine i work on thr roads th<- past week. ; A. T. Rallavil has tinialied filling his! silo and ui'l licKiii «ork on his hay' bam soon. I Will Pric.. visited Saiurday .ind j Sunday ai ili.- .lefT Folk home in Oas i City. ^ : Jess Pri.f aiiJ J. H. I^iiepp visited | friends in lola Wcdne.fday night. • Cha.. ^' r.!nu<'r Is hi'liiing with the! work on tli- Heikihi.ser farm at pres- 1 ent Fall moving snems to have gotten under way IHT ." lliis woek. Mr. POUT has moved lo L.iHariX'. All»ni Ens- Indoor Occapations of every kind prevent the freedom of sunlight exercise which nature intended, and vital body-forces are slowly reduced. Scott's Emulsion is the concentrated pure food-medicine to check this decline. It refreshes the body by making healthy blood and is nature's greatest aid to fortify the lungs and prevent tuberculosis. Scott's Emulsion makes energy, health and strength. Scott iIo»n<. u!i>omBcl<i. .N.J. t2 V the bodv to ilif old liom<' in for burial. The boys nioth.-r minger has moved 'o fl"' place vacat- some yi-ar.s ago. PLEASANT VAI.I.KV. (Berklhiser). Oct. 3.— Business is, sure picking up in the cane and kaffir corn flelds. Chas. Robinson has finished cutting kafllr corn and is working on thn foun 'dation for a new. hay barn. .Mr. Ixiw- cr of Gas City is doing ih.> ciirponter work, Jas. Culier.lwho was called to Kansas City Sunda.v on account' of the serious Illness of his father has returned home and reports his father improved. Rose Smart has been stayinp with Mrs. Culler while Mr. Culler was in Kansas City. James Davis is taking in tho Oklahoma State Fair this week. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Frame wore vis­ ed by Mr. Potter, Mr. f;ri*>vi' has moved to Ihf Knstninger farm and .Mr. .lames has moved to tin- Grieve farm. Several other chanscs will be mad<' here before spring. Rose Smart is h'-lpiac Mis. firi-v with her lious^-work :ii lU'seiil Oct. NKOSIIO VAI.l.KY. (C. I. Arnold 1. :!. Qciif a .sprMikliii;; of Ui<people in this nriKlilmrhood attended the festlviiii 'H »i lluMiboliii Thursday and Friday of last u.-ik and Satur. day the att<'ti<Iiini xvii.-; cpiiti' general. R. V. Hale and wife at .My.. Piirdom's Sumlii.x alt.iiiodii .Mr. and Mrs Ce.-iis. Iturns attended the of Mvs I M atlierin>:ill near Carlyle Saturday. .Mrs. Uert ("leaver i.s offering fi>r sale some tine yiiuim harrrif IMyinoutli .Mrs <;eor>;e Burn's siller arriv.d here last Friday from Iowa ami :\]U reiuain for an i'x;en:!ed vi.-;!'. Sam Baxl.-y. IJ;.ii Hunter and otli- ers helped move the piiieljne i aiiii' I'artliei- u]i tile line Tuesday. Tli.' )ln« is uncoveivd t :>r iiortli as liie iiv.>r by I'll- iliscoiriiiMiini; pinn l'a.< net re.-iehed there yet. Kl. 'ii.l>er.a.«si!.'e<l (• It. I'.. I; i,i ^,.f. tillK Ills >'as well rei;ill;;!.'il In 'ijil-' reliable Mow, K \ liMok 'iiirpris'"! ili.' •;; -n- peetiug l>uhlie l.y (UishiUK, avoi;!:'! w. IIIiii .oiB |a now automobile the liist of \\,^ died «''''k. Tile rliili.ii that |'i.jnu<;e,I i-.a ' to make tlie pufclias.- in the mrii'ls o; some is a ijucry. Did he i il ilw auto ill hi.-; busine^.K or is he .~;ylv piniim til'- way to matrinu>ii> •i"lii> on-' tliiiis may lie true and tl:- lair I'liiiris will otTer every attention ili.ii jiro- jirieiy or leap year will jii.<iify. The total foiv wirn .li I M fii woriiiiig on the railroad r.. ar V.ii'!- CelU-r lias romplete.l ill.' ai;il returned home. Mr. Kl 11. y. who lias 1: .il on lii. He^.in pii'ce of land iliiiiiiu ;!.. -..j,,, i!i"l will move u> .\li-.-.<>iil i in a ita-. i I wo. ' \ K il. HuU" r ami .1 I" .•^niiii. \\h, \ hav<> had lUctr stock out on pasturo • drovp. them in-Tuesday. Wm, Dinginau has pureUaaed a ten acre tract of land tlia' belonced to .Mrs. Regan,'three-iiuartors of ^ wile west o ftiio river bridge, and lias rented it to Will Stravvdorman for next year. W. A. Bassett is: looking after the rock road work tor ili.' lowtiFhip boa Ml.' Clarenee I.utz ami wile < uiie down from Kansas City and have .sii.'u; a month w'Kl! home fol.ks here and wjih friends in lola ! liick.y attended tlie, sale in t'arlyle neiphhorliood nesiiay. . Mrs. Hick.s. who fnrm.'d the ar- 'Hi.-iintatire am! !;;'.iiiei| ili.- frieiKlsiilp j of f|uite a" imnilier OI r .i 'opl.. v.hih vi.' ilintc her son W. Hi. ks. l-ft tor KaM- S3S City Tu.'.silay. WKST (IK rili; KIVFK. .^Saraii I'r.sti.m O.'olier :: - Kverylii..;v an.i !iis hrotli i .-r are l>ii..;y In the ka'tu IIMII. .'Iraiiilina lliiks v.rn; ii> Kansas City Tii'sday to visit I I.T ilaiiKiiter and frinii ther.- .she gfx'.- • liotiie in Hiawatha. .Mr P.-ek is dipiiint il;e water out of hi> k;as well in the lioM nf iiavinR u> lniiii tli's winter. '• Several are usinR thci: wiii:r I>inil- i 'rp to ent. kaffir eorn. Frank I'.liss is vciy nnah i >lilii;cil : n the party that donated, liiin a \yT\ ;')f i!VM>.;> ;inil ^r'lirie.s one cla.\ la^'week Tl .t rMn.cs were i.iirclia .M"! .if • 'iiwan - aiiil tliiiiUiim i>eriiai>-'' in-v «.'re [Kit in Iii.s r'luh'. l.\ nii.siak.'. .wtii-r ean find "nt rtliont ilw tliinj;:. l.y eailinir !':il -22 and ;;e - i;: either take ti'.em h.ivk to tlie stn;. or Uie\ •an p.-' til' iu.nt liis plaee (^v.H" O.'^lmWt and Vie llairis v-vited laii- Ca-tator's T'lesilay afteinnnn >!'. Ti'iner ;'ni.~i'>ii l>-iiinK Siis ser- iiii! iitiin-.i ol" hay .Saturday •.' '-tl. !'ii-S . h;'>- l.f.'li iie'.pilli; Ills ;i,ss • t 'i" ii\ -r '!,'• iia-1 ten lay- When the blood becomes infected with any unhc.-iUhy humor the cf •••lank '•" ("II. il * a'iv.. .Ion. s lairily liaie i'.^i H r..:,:s t; is W.'ek iTeston tiaiilftl IL':" ,'.el . :• rlie Knt.ri'ris- h. l.-.->; N',..n- mSTKMT III. jil^aiT.ii • I T.,. ue;r' . • •fn an i •• • • fer .1 in .Mrs V. H. Crook and children spent i no skin trouble can exist, it.-; vtrj' source is. then rtnio\xd. I?nil::. r .ishes. pimjilc>, ct'..-. can nivor be ctirfd llirou-.::. theapplic.itica of r.u'.rciiic.^, b'-'^.m .-i.- stui. treatment can b.ivc no possible ctkct on t!ie blo<»i- the lo be obt;iim.d fi<.;;i .^tich iticn.'-iircs i.<; tc:-, porary relit;!". S. S. S. CLK1-:S all skin aJTcvlior. bccau.-^c it ptirifici t'-e blood. It jrocs do«n int- the circitl.-ilion and clean .sts it of every p.irticlcj.; unhealthy iti-itttr. Then the blrMwl cxercii'.s it normal function of pupplyintinourislmtctittutlic cti tide instead of irritalinff it with a fiery h!::nor. I j-ou have any skin trouble you could not do bcttv than ptirify yonr blood with S. S. S. It does not "patch up" it curt.s Book oa Skin Diseases and any me<lical advice free. THE smn* sf^asiz co., AHMJA, QX. a day or two at tlie home of .\'enl Van Fossm's in the vicinity of Hiiinholdt last week. I K. H. Crook was lalleil to Kan.<as I City we.k >,y the illness and death of an old f-riepd Mr. Webb of'J City arrived \ here I 'arly Tuesday iiiorniiiK in re- j spouse to a tele^:r:'m tellinc of 'he i serious iliiiei..s ol his .stin w-|io while working at the roi'd eanip two or three weeks ai;o was takes down with typhoid fev<.r and removed to tlie sanitarium. Tlie boy h.-id been d'\id several hours when his father .-irrived. Arrangements were made for takiiiB The Only (Hrl I Ever Loved 'I As sung by the Vaudeville Beau Brummel GEORGE -LASHWOOD . Ue can dove, be; The Toa'TO on - aU got girl cauao i I to I) 1..! , iiltiii:; kaK 'iV •••n. rat T' . finniver-;;(ry e'eij: a:''.n at Il'ini '•MI <!' uas a .sii, cess .-s j; ai-.vays is i*;\t •..liv |..;ui; 111.' l>anr,; r A I.Trye •.' • d \. a'- iiresent. -lir. ,Ia k ;M"K(>wn al.!', : '•• ' K Kaird"- .--Mm 'ay K'liia .I'-n-.-n lunn Vila- i- ';'>n'i f'.r a i.-:; i:.. last e; • ind finaiu v. iiii !'V Mrs no-.l ... while .Mr l:- , i !'.): kiT , ili.- .-iii-nd ;;e ". • • . fa;': II wir ••, j- i..-!,! • '^•i:-:;.- .\I K;--k-, li.iir.i .Mr Haiill i- .'iiiM a l.-;.li .\ vn; • Iierted •; • werk. r r,:.)ther. I II -ties \i> Ai;• ' pla.-e f.c for K . ijnK to e'er re " mem could ber love; me. 75i S'^ii.ctxi AT KiKsi Ueconl Kerei)dv K^perfed it Opt-niUK in >e« Viirk. N'. v.- Vrrk. f)rt. ?.. -\\ \s .-XJ 'ert.'l 'i I '.^i e r. (ii|its from t'l.- "i^eninn n: Jo- wn.-!ils .-^e.-ic- lii;-.- will • \f-etl ?>> Til'- hisii '.sat. r rn.rk ias' V. ir «-s $77.1""'. 1 I 't it wa-. ••lurr'.'ed liar manv .s'-at.- vvliit!> fell ii-;.> n;e h:ii;d.q of : |>eeiilal(>r.s re- nviined nn.'iold. I'nder flie ne-v ar- rant:-:i7ierit it is fisriired tliar ail ..i ;j,><.ofif, .s,:il.s will be taken, aiii! '!::i' there Will be stai:dinE room for ;i few mor<- in the hroad prom'-nade in th-; re:;r ol the gr;uidst;ind " Written by ALBERT HALL Composed by ORLANDO POWELL CHORUS. -^1 For they're the on - IT girl.i I ov - er lovoil, Tho ' on -\ ly girls ] For they're tho ou - ly girls I ev - er loved. The on -' ly girls I, 'call my d call my Personally Conducted Excursions to California ^ ^ ... t -m - • ^— — 1 :3X-- 1 1 1 1 i •*r 1 J. r^r —r • —:-:*--.-§^1. Of all the niris in Foht-moiith Town, 1 ne'er lored one like 2. Dear Pol - Ij Jtmes, I look »t yon Have yon been trae as own; "With their por-lr.iits next my heart, On life's sea-<! the-r'vo been a chart. For I'm own, And the girls that I a - dore. For 1 don't watit an - y more, I am La - CT I Brown; TwonW br«A B»y hmA I to yon? And Be« • «i« WWta to think that she Had ud Sal • ly Green, I've Are you {joing to California ? Do yoii want to be extra comfortable on tlie tiap at no extra cost ? Would you hke to h.ivo a first rate. Kood natured, thorou,<Thly competent and well informed conductor go all the way through on the trip v .ith you, a man who is specially selectc!, and paid hy our Railroad Company to look after your comfort? Such a man pocs throuph with earb of o'lr "Personally Conducted" parties. We chose men specially fitted for fins work. Men who are courteous and kindly, who havd made the trip many times and tJiorooKh .'y understand their business. * Jaft call or write and l«?t me tell you all about the Personally Condticted. low fare parties to California that have helped lo Biatte the "BarlinKton Route" service A. I>: TravilJig I'a.«.-c-nK<^r AK'"' J. H. & C). K. R .,£3 Main St., Kansa^ ' iiy. iiii illlETEIl To •.-,•1 •Hair ReGrr: to i: loT -ing them and them a lone With'their por-(raits next mv be .-jrt, Ou~lii%s lov-ing them and them a lono And tho girls that I a"-donl lor I Kled Hair Color. for one bonr loved ^OQ all for - got • ten •me. And Pol ly Saltb, the mrber - e'er I've been. I knov." our IOTM ne'er' r 1 GemlgU;ll (9 >VlII.kTT.B.BASMS«FRAVCISDAT* HtJIITXK. Itw Twk AaB4M>teMm« Intenutioaia CopjdcM SKOrti aess they've been a chart. For I'm lor > ing them and them don't want an • y more, I am lov - ing them and thorn J 1 1 a a loiif lone. I -nM <Mj Gill I Evet Loved. -p: »r- I It i? ra-ier 11 ; rog/rv.; the color oi the '•••..'r I; -i.n to ri ..tire it, .-ilthouKh it Ls i'<>.ibi'j t" d) b.*i. Cur prand- i:.'>ti."..i v.r :'l-^rst"'3f^ th:? necret. They '•• .- ••sa-re t ''.-i.'' ar.i! their d.irk, '-y c.air i.-..^ alter midiiie life waa •In- Mti.u ;".-.ct. G-ur mothers have pray i ui'.-: i .etor.' they are fifty, but ih.-yare !> Xu-.'-.inff I'l ::r>nrecia _t.-' the wi '^do .-n of 'jr > i-indin >t!:> rs in u.-?iTi '2r "sacji tep." f 'T 1 11. ':r hair a.".;) ar-^ f.-ist f"iIowin)f suiti •» r.-)irc-i..t.i K'"*"" ration has the advan- f..'. of ihii rast in t .'iat it can pet a •• •;. ; '."-cparati'i .-i called Wyeth's . :t Siiinhur Hair R-.-aedv. As a : (••.:;) l.niic a::d color re lor thi.<; prep- ition i.- y:'„-i!y piiiierior t'j the ordinary •".-•i ;e f.iul' \ y our prar.dmothersi. •j e.-".';'.i and beauty of the hnir I- •••;ius o'< a 'r ^'Tlthy condition of the . W;.' th .« Ne ,-jand Sulphurll.iir - .1 .j 'j;,'' iy kills thedandruff peprntt V\: rob iirt'hair of itss life, color and I'j ire, mai: ^ tho scalp clean and t alihy. i;i.c3 the bair strenptb, color ar .d beauty, andmakes it grow. . • II. I aTjO c.-ntUottlo fromyourdruegist to .!ay. • Hi> will ffive your money back it \ ou art not after a fair trial. Speclal^Agent—S- R. BurrelL

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