Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 31, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1889
Page 3
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fi i S rfn r n 11 PA-li'^ tPpifMTPQ IHill lUI 11 lei I V-C3.1 *5. i v>tlvsi lv>??» 1 IM Next f>oor !O l.'nlt Ifonnr. to »«nlt Don't,Look af'Me. but Evening Gazette. Tn» RVBHIHG a Aznra oan to had at all the newntands. PiioeTwo O»HTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. —Harry Spencer, of Iowa, is visiting Fred Spencer. —Mrs. B. C. Church, Sen., baa returned from Dtiluth. —Mrs. Dr. Aldrich, of Galesburg, is viattlng friends here. —Mrs. Samuel Patterson and daughter have returned home. —A Qneglrl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Platt this morning —Mrs. W. A. Fowler has returned home from a visit near Chicago. —Miss Julia Webb, of Dover, 111., is the guest of Miss May Hubbard. —Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hempstead have returned from a visit in Michigan. —Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Crawford haveTgonelo visit relatlveslu Iowa. —Miss Nolle VanSantford baaTre^ turned from a long visit in the east. —Four hunters of Tampico bagged one hundred prairie chickens one day this week. —Mrs, A. Heckman has arrived home from a visit of one month at Ogden, la. —The funeral of AmbrosS Woodard, of Harmon, has been postponed until Sunday at 10:30 o'clock. —Mrs. J. B. Uroaddus and' children have arrived home from a two mouth's Visit In Southern Illinois. —Mr. A. W. Reltzel, of Braceville, 111., baa returned home after visiting his cousin Lewis In this city. —Rev. J. B. Hamilton returned today from Argyle. Wis., and will occupy the Broadwaj pulpit tomorrow. —Rev. John M. Smith, of Cannonsburg, Pa., will preach morning and evening In the Presbyterian church, tomorrow. . —Miss Anna Parmalee, principal of the "Sterling" high school, arrived here from Polo, where bhe spent her summer vacation. —Win. Reagan was placed in jail early this morning for seeking lodgings on a sidewalk Instead of a hotel. He was intoxicated. » J. H. Marshall, who has been- ill BO long, is about recovered. He left yesterday for Galesburg to visit a brother who resides there. Henry E. Russel, of Carr«ll, Iowa, visited his brother, Mr. C. N. Russel, today. He stopped off on his way home from a visit in the east. A vigorous looking one-armed alms seeker secured about twenty^fl ve' dol- •lars here yesterday. Beggars and tramps this town has no use for. —Misses May and Nellie Newell," who have been visiting Mr. Frank Newell, were called to their home at Rockford by the loss of their father's house and store by a fire. —Fred McBrlde, who several years ago was employed in newspaper offices in tbli city, has returned here from New Mfxico, and will reside with his father. —The Sterling club played another fine game yesterday, and won the game by a score of 12 to 4. The Sterlings defeated the Jenney-Grahams in three successive games, which is a good record to start out on a tour with. —About a dozen members of the Unlversallst Sunday school of Morrison, accompanied by their pastor, Rev. Mr. Colgrove, drove up to Sterling In a 'bug this morninff. They took In the sights of this city for an hour or so and after dining at the Wallace House, went to the 1:18 train, where they met a large party of members of the Dixou UnireraallBt Sunday school. They all went to Woodlawn this afternoon, where th«y are having a picnic. —There was a heavy rain In Carroll county yesterday afternoon. It just reached the northern edge of this county. The storm was accompanied by lightning and the barn on a /arm In northwest Genessee, owned by Mike Suker was struck auti burnod to the ground. The baru contained all this iyaar's crops, owned by ths tenant, John MUler and oil waa lost. Miller lost 630 boshol* <>f oats, bcaUJas much rye, M!- U»y F ft!*o ait his —Oraon J, the trottor OWPPI! by Mr. S. F. Gleaaon, of this city, won the ti:"o trot at i he Albany fair yesterday in three straight beat?; time.-2:3 r i'X, ii:l-i and 2:42. The horst-3 entered wtr« Orson ,1; Queen Maud, of Albany; and Dnrby of Davenport. —Frenport Democrat: S. Lewin sold The Hell stock to George Wright, oi Skldniore, Mo., for S:i,000 in cash and some land. Lewin is notsatislied with the land nnd now wants Sl.KOO more from Mr. Wright. The goods were stored here and Wednesday Wright had a writ of replev'n issued. —The greatest storm for a hundred years ia predicted to coma between September 12th and.lOtb. It will be universal. and Include earthquakes. But the worst will be along the gulf and Atlantic shores. George Root, of Canton, Mo., is responsible for thi?, so dou't blame Wiggins.—Rev. Monroe Drew, the young divine of LeClaire, who got some notoriety and slaps by letting hia mouth off too frequently is going to leave LeClaire for labors elsewhere. It seems he "drew" too much water for that river town, hence he will-be pilot on some other steamer sailing toward the pearly gatee. —"A published card, thanking the friends for their service in sickness and death of a relative is decidedly out of taste," says an exchange, "and is now followed only in backwoods counties. If a man's friends cannot wait on him in sickness and bury him after death without thanking them for it they are very poor friends Indeed." —Residents along 1st avenue will have a meeting in the city council room Monday afternoon at .1:00 o'clock to come to an agreement regarding the permanent sidewalks to be built along that street Oils summer. The location and grade of the sidewalks has been that the walks can be built at once. The city is building a permanent walk around the city hall. Several new modern residences will no doubt be, erected on let avenue- next year. —The Sterling base ball club left on the r> o'clock "Q" freight this morning for Galesburg, where ..they will play a series of games with the Galesburg club. From there they will go to Mou- mouth, Ft. Madison, Keokuk and other places, and will probably be absent a week or ten days. Frank Briggs accompanied the club as financial manager. The club is composed of the following players: Dow d, captain; Poole, Smith, Rlspln, Johnson, Olson, Zeis, Browner, Noll and Welch, the two latter having played with the Jenney-Grahams, of Chicago. —On next Friday evening Mr. Patrick Neesou, the popular Irish actor, will appear at the Academy of Music in Denham Thompon'a Irish comedy entitled "A Night in Jersey." This play was written for Mr. Thompson by Messrs. Roach & Knox, of Texas .Sittings, and Is said to be the funniest Irish Comedy ever written. Mr. Thompson produced this play In all the principal cities, and when he secured his Yankee play,"The Old Homestead," (which better suited his style) turned over his Irish comedy to -Mr. Neeson, Those who enjoy two hours of solid fun will no doubt be suited with "A Night in Jersey." —A small house greeted "Aiden Benedict's Fabio Roman! company at the Academy of Music last night. This was on account of the extreme warm weather, With cooler atmosphere, the house would have been filled-- Mr Benedict rendered Monte Crlsto. so well here last year that all would have gone to see him In his new play had the weather been favorable. In Fabio Roman! he displayed the work of a liQished actor, and every part was given to perfection. The scenery and sittings were wonderfully realistic, and everything connected with the entertainment was very satisfactory. We shall be pleased to have Mr. Benedict visit this city again. Loud' praises of the new orchestra come from all who heard their playing last night. It was elegant. —The Denver Express on the 0. & N. W., which usually gets here from the east at 2.22 in the morning, was four hours late today. At E'mhurst, about midnight, a freight train ran into the rear of the passenger. The freight engine, which was a small one, crashed half through the rear sleeper, and Injured several of the passengers and one brakeman, although no one was seriously hurt. The shock to the train was communicated along the train from one car to another, and caused the last or front car, the mail coach, to bump hard against the engine, which damaged the mail coach considerably and injured one of the clerks. The sleeper and mail coach were detached and left there as no mail was brought here on that train. —A new letter box has been adopted by the government. The style now in use is deemed objectionable because of the facility with which robberies can be perpetrated and the fact that it Is not weather proof. The new style has no visible opening for the reception of letters, but there are two knobs at the top, by pushing down on either one of which an opening is exposed by the re- ?olving of a hinged plate. This connects with a tray, and as soor/ as the knob Is released the tray falls down »nd drops Use iaitwr below. There are two compartments to ench letter box. and it is Isnposaibla to get at the lower li^whioh all letter* ar» bf tb« tray, until tht box is — Ab'-> Kreidor wm up from Rook Is- I in*! today. — Kx Governor K. .1. Ormsbpo, of 1'ratulnn, -Vermont, w:is In the pity today on business with Mr. W. A. Sanborn. Mo ir, now pnirticiiiK law :it ISrandon. —A special telegram from Marquette, Mich., Rays that tha Gngebic stage robber was arre»tedat Republic this morn- Ing, An account of the robbery was given in iho telegraphic news of a previous issue. —Con'ractor Carter has almost completed his part of the work of constructing the Northwestern depot buildings. Tho carpenters have begun their part of the work, and will no doubt have the whole job completed within a month or six weeks. When the work in this city ia all completed, we will have the nicest railroad yard on the C. & N. W . on the Galena division. —Local chicken hunters say that there are not many young prairie chickens this season. They think the heavy April rains drowned out the nests and that few were "hatched. Another cause for the scarcity is the draining with tile of the sloughs. There are very few or the old sloughs with long grass left for the chickens to neat in, and tno grass is burned off tho few that are left every spring. ' —Freeport Journal: On July 20th, 1835, Smith D. Atkins, republican, postmaster at Freeport, Illinois, was removed by Grover Cleveland, democrat, president of the United States, and John F. Smith, democrat, was appointed. A telegram from Washington, dated August 30,1889, says that John F. Smith, democrat, postmaster at Freeport, Illinois, was removed by Benjamin Harrison, republican, president of the United States, and Smith D. AtUius appointed. See-saw. —The G. A. R. boys while at Milwaukee were nearly all shown through the Immense Pabst breweries, of which Joseph Burke & Co. are agents here. Kach visitor was given a cane, a small sample bottle of beer, an<l other souvenirs of the occasion, advertising the product of the brewery. Mr. \V, 1'. Roas has our thanks for souvenirs. Mr. Pabst, who Is a G. A. R. man, considered the G. A; R. men his especial guests, and did much to make their stay there pleasant. —The Grand Commander Norman T. Gassette, has issued a proclamation to coramanderies of this jurisdiction, commanding them to appear in public for drill as often as expedient from now till Oct. 8, In order to acquire proficiency in tactics and drill for the conclave. Advices from the triennial committee evinces the fact that very much is expected of Illinois In the way of attendance and efficiency. Illinois, alone, will constitute the eighth division in the great templar parade. The Illinois triennial committee appointed by the Right Eminent Grand Corn- manner will, before long, give additional information relative te transportation rates, methods of payment, etc., and such other information aa shall seem to them necessary and best. The work progresses rapidly. —Judge Gould, of Moline and Dr. Wines, who were appointed by Gov. I'Mfer to Investigate and report upon the Northern Illinois miners' troubles, have made a voluminous report to the governor. They find it impossible for the miners to subsist .upon the wages offered by operators, but declin'e to state any conviction that the present market and controlling conditions will justify operators In offering any higher rate of wages. They state that the facilities with which coal can be mined In Southern Illinois places Northern Illinois miners under a decided disadvantage in the matter of output and wages. In the report" of 12,000 words the commission' falls to recommend any panacea for existing troubles, and concludes with the reflection that the situation Is as hopeless as it is distress- Ing. tlllnoln Fntr. P«-orii>. III.. »<-p». From >Si'pl(-mb(;r i^-nd to :'7tti, inclusive, the ('. B. & <!, It. ».. will sell round trip tickets from Sterling tti 1'eoria for ,?4.2!i; tickets to be limited fur going passage to date cf KU!H and limited for return Sept. 2sth, 02tf Second ha>'d school books, at Oliver's. (52 tf. Kock Falls, Sept. loth. Miss Hoso Gushing, Hock Fulls, Sept. 10th. 02 tf ' : !Votirr-. I The Steilirtpr Gns . f c Elfctrlc Lt. Co. i re.sjiectfully inform thn public that it i Is now prepared to wire houses and ! stores for the incandescent light; and i rtmbe the offer to all persons subscribing before the completion of the Hue nnd plant, that the outfit according to our rules and regulations will be furnished frea. For further information call at onr olllce. ' (!:!•:',"> tf JoHN-CltAHTKK. Secl'y. n. W. HnpkifiMnn Will close out hla summer foot-wear at cost. Gents'low shoes at 50 cents on the dollar." ir> tf Miss Rose Cushing, Rock Falls, Sept. 10th. - 02 tf School Books at 01 ve.'s. Mtill Ahead. Everybody using the Milledgeville (lour is happy. For sale at Lewis Reitzel's feed store. Also all kinds of feed delivered to any part of city or Roik Falls. CO 10 Don't forget the date, Hock Falls, Sept. 10th. • 02 tf For bargains In fine pianos and organs, go to Werntz & Co., Gait House Block. . 03-tf Ht. Joseph Fair ami P.xpnnlllon. Hrpt. 3 to Ort. 5. X». Oa Sept. i::th and r.oth the C. B. & Q. R. R. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for tho rou> d trip; tickets limited going Sept. t.'itli and :!0th, and returning, ten duya from date of gale. dOOw,'ir>-tr PEOPLE'S COLUMN e will Insert three lined In this eol-^B| uinnone time for 10 eents, or for 40 cents a week. Kach additional Itne will be 6 cents a single In- sertlen. or 15 cente a week. WAJKTKI>. Only ro cents for j fines \ under this Heading. Second hand school Oliver's. Bananas 20c per do/., at Mann's. CO 10 Marks, the Clotlip» Cleaner And dyer will return about September ir<th. C4 tf School Books at Olfoei 'd. Auction Hale. GO Western mares will be sold at auction Saturday and. Monday, Sept. 7th and Oth, at one p. ra. at the Sterling stock yards. — •"""'•' 05 HO' W. 3. STOCKTWI, A.u'ctr. tfe Acafay Ad, Another good show is coming—it is very,very funny. ' Grand ball, Wallace Opera House, by Sterling Cornet Band, Friday evening, Aug. 30. O.T ttt Second hand school books,at Oliver's. Valuable Information to Boarding HOIIKC Keepers. Do you want boarders? If you do you can easily secure vhem by putting a "want" in the EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. Scnool Books at Olivei's. See Co. the new ad of N. Carpenter Omaha Fnlr Hept. £ to O. On Sept. Sd.'the C. B. & (J. R. R. will sell round trip excursion tickets to Omaha for one lowest fair for the round trip, plus 25 cents. Tickets will be good going Sept. I!d, returning, ten days from date of sale. dOU W35 tf Refriger itors, ice boxes and gasoline stoves at cost, to make room for fall stock. Crawford Bros. ors-to 6T-t3» W ANTED—A good girl to work at tho Wallace House. W ANTED-Oood plrl to HOUH-, Keck Falls. work at Brewer 64-10* FOU Only 10 cents for j under this Heading: lines LHOK 8ALE—Tbe late residence of John N. -C Stevens, between I/ocust and Mulberry «t9. Apply to U. O. Cue. OT-usat C10R HALE—Good fresb.cow. Kast Kock Pulls. John S. Brown, 85-tfl HALK— Two Chicago lots; two lots on - ummlt 1'liico, Morllng. and a barber shop, do'inn good business. Apply to W. H. Sconeld, No. luff K. 3rd street, SliTIIng, III. 01-18 F OH SAI.K— At a barica'n— A neat cottage, new. Also, Hfi'w lots, all nicely located at Chicago Uiwii. J. V. Bcott, Kock Kails, III. W-t8« F OB SALE— My house and lot on West 6th Street, between O & I) Avenues; ilieap K liikun soon. K. M. \Vrlnht. B2U2 T710U HAI.K-A bargain In three fine rest. JL 1 donees In 4i.u ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush.. Ol-tl KOU HKftT. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. F OH UENT—Good pasture, on Cook place, east of Kock Falls. Apply U> O. W. CliamberHu, or (Jeo. Mohlor. • F OK HENT-0 room house; Rood cellar. Well ,and cistern water. lnuuire-K. C. Underwood, Itoom a, Academy of Music. M-tl rpo LEASE—Power and room for manufactiir- J- Ing purposes. In the building formerly occu- ed by Church & Patterson. Address B. 0. burcfi. Duluth, Minn, 61-tai Five The Bnrlington Route, C. B.&(J. R, II. will sell from principal stations on its lines, on Tuesdays, August Oth and 20th, September lOttrand 24th and October 8th, Harvest .Excursion Tickets at Half Kates to points in the Farming Regions of the West, Southwest and Northwest. For tickets and further information concerning these excursions call on your nearest C. B. & Q. ticket agent or address P. S, EUSTIS. Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Chicago III. w30 t7 d-ws CVJK RENT OH SALS.—Type Writers. E' • Scales. 87-tf J. E. Philips & Co. have just received a nice lot of the Riveraide Cook Stoves. Call in and examine them. 69 t2 J.K.Chester has just returned from New York, where he spent several days looking up bargains for, his customers., His stock is arriving daily and he will show some of the greatest bargains In dry goods ever shown in Sterling. Call and see them. The ladles of Broadway church will give a peach and cream sociable in the church parlors on Wednesday evening. A literary and musical programme will be rendered. Everybody cordially invited. . A large line of boys' pants' goods just received at Lendman'a. Sold at exceedingly low prices. Just the thing for school. One of the bargains J. K.Chester picked up in New York was a lot of Arnold's wide Indigo prints, best quality. They will be sold for 9?4 eta. Usually sold at 12^ cts. > Another bargain at J. K. ChesterV. Good, heavy brown muslins, full yard wide, only 5c, worth 7c. Of Forty-five Vrnr«' Mtnudlur. RiiKUBtATioSYRur Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For forty-live years I have been afflicted with blood poison, liver and rheumatic difficulties. Part of the time confined to my bed. My blood was badly diseased. Six bottles of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup did me more good than all the other medicines I have taken. My friends have used it and in every case it has proven a won derful remedy. I have known of some wonderful cures of dyspepsia and neuralgia. Miis. MARY BIDULK ilibbard'd Rheumatic Syrup and Plasters are remedies of great merit I believe they have no equal in the cure of rheumatism and all blood diseases. tths Du. II. REICIIAKD, uruggist, Mitchillville, Iowa. 4911$ jf^Ntoatt te?j«» #«* **S Sir a. Hnmllton'o Victim U.'lllinf W«ll. ATLANTIC CITY, Aug. 31.—Mrs. Mary Donnelly, tbe womuu who WHS Blabbed !n tho aUlonien by lira. Robart Ray Hamilton, baa been liecluroti out of dungiT by tha physician attoiidiu^ hur, aui.1 a i?ortillc&U) to tluit elfset was yeatorday lianJetl to ttia prosecutor of tho ideas. Mi's. Hamilton will uro- b«b!y bo on bivii. If aha guts th» limit of th« law on bur trial it will be flve jears iu tlm (>aiiitenti:try. The lun^ttahlvl ^»^tln)» Syl3(Hc»t«. Bosi'o:y, AVI ,;. S!, —Ai» Eiyhali syudiuato . », 'l V, • j { i I" l<« «S, • r- . «t.fU» Notice lor ISldH. Bids will be received for the finishing of the third lloor of city hall. All work to be done according to plans and spec! tications now in the hands' of city clerk All bids must be in by 12 M. Monday September 2nd. The committee re serve the right to reject any or all bids 055 D. L. MILI.EH, Chajrman Committee. JSIotlrr! On nnd after September 1st the pric of cabinet photographs will be £>:!OC per do/.en »t onr gallerys. J. HAYNES, W 6-1 0 Kl>. 0. BltOWN. .Vow We H|>i'oV. On Monday moruiug, Sept. 2, 1 wi open a choice atosk of cigars and t< bacco at No. 17 W. Third street (»5>po tiite N. Carpenter's). I will keep notl ing but tho choicest brands of both e gars aiul tobacco 1 would tu h,ut» my fsifHiU .»ud AC be KOK Only 10 cents for J fines under this Heading. FOH WALK OK THADK. GOODS AND 710H SAI,E Oil TUADK-A well located hotel, L 1 uolnx a good business, liarlng from 60 to 80 ugular boarders. V. W. Wafer. 88-U Only to cents for 3 fines tinder this Heading: L OS r—All parties are cautioned against purchasing a note of $517, made by MarK Bresler, In favor of Breasler Bros., about March 1st, 880, which was recently lost. Bressler Bro«. BOAKO1NU. B OAKWNO.—Nicely furnished ro',m, with board for two gentlemen, at Mm. Al. H. trelder'r, Hecond Ave. «4-tf FlftASttUAU Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. P INANCIAL-Money to loan-Sl.500 at 6 per cent., on farm security. ' Fulls. Busli. Itook 33-tt M1 {*<:*: Li Li A N KOII S. Davisllb. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. "\TISCEI.I.ANEOUS~-Rea! Hstate and JJJL rancc. Western land (or sale and Mxch I-. W. Walzer, Uoom 4, Academy of Mu.sin. Insu- y, TRADE MARK O. and Q. TEA Tie Choicest Tea Ever C£T««d. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DKUCUJDS BEVE1UQK. THY IT. T<m wfil MTM «« It U the I!iBK»«T Oi'ftpn IJSA», pirikw) fnssn tbe b-jr-t ji^ti'.tuKM.H i- lu) !.• uarstj u*-a aksoluialy paro auil li>-*> Irmu aU Aautu-rut ' and warmitvil tuU" wei^iit. It i» ni ornicAl lu use ttusii tiu* townr grade*. Oriental i) Occidental Tsa Ce., Lt'dj, OJJe*. S3 fc-«Hf»e iUij», ftfte Tel*. ill* tty ti. w* V- i;<*.

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