Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 14, 1907 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 1
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Mrs. H. M .F«uld«r \ H. RAEiRICK —SELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils and Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Kutter Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at RABRIOK'S HARDWARE ARGUS . a a COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, DEC. 14, 1907 PROFESSIONAL CARDS DR. ROXIE E. BATES Office and residence 4 doors west of Episcopal Church oti car line. Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. . CAPPS, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Residence, Hotel Vendome Office phone 75; Res. 1075 Hours, 10 to 12'm.. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8p.m. Other hours Dy appointment. & JENNINGS, v, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. KBBD 8-10 a m G. D. JENNINGS 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo at. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 53. COVINA, QR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. LOUISE M. HYATT PROFESSIONAL, NURSE Graduate of County hospital. Four years' experience. References: H. D. Briggs of Azusa; C. M, Frazier and D. F. Hendrickson of Glendora; and Brs. Reed & Jennings of Covina. Home phone 40. Reed block, Covina 0-vM Office houm: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office:' Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF COVINA Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. "ANTIS" STIR COUNTY PRIDE B. BID WELL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home phone 3164. Glendora, Cal. E. P. WALLACE, M. D., D. O. Wallace Sanatorium, Alvarado and Palamares Phone, Home 274 Office, McGowan Block, Second and Garey ~ „,,. I Home 273 Pomona, Phones -J Sunset( Red 1621 Cah ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public. Reed Block Covina, Cal. DANCING SCHOOL. In the Womana Club House, Cu- Tiiia, Deo. 19, and continuing every Thursday. Chilrden's class for beginners, 4:30 to 0. .15 cents a lesson. Adults 7:45 to 9, Dancing until 11 p.m.; gentlemen 50 cents. Ladies invited. E E. WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , Large and complete stock of everything' in the line. Repairing- of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. Johnson &. INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave Petitions for Exclusion Are Put Into Circulation. In a whirlwind dash by auto through the western portion of the proposed new county of Pomona, opponents of county division covered expansive territory Thursday. Nine petitions for exclusion from the proposed county were put in circulation. People of Son Bernardino county who object to going into a new county were at the head of the procession in the "anti" tour. They were returning the call made by Covina, Azusa, Glendora, Rowland and Puente two weeks ago. In the Sau Bernardino county party were men from Ontario, Upland, Cucamonga and Chiuo. The visitors were met at Glendora by a large delegation that started in autos from Covina at 10 o'clock in the (morning. The machines were decorated with flags and banners and there was much tooting of horns as the party started out. When the San Bernardino county contingent reached Glendora in its benzine wagons there was a big street meeting, at which Col. F. M. Chapman of Covina welcomed the visitors and assured them that the region west of Pomona never would stand for inclusion in the new county projected by Pomona people. 0. P. H. Ben- ninck, fjtiy goods inerchant pf On- t«rio, ; Mid -hiH people ware mote than satisfied - to remain in San Bernardino county. G. D.' Whitooiob, founder of Glendora, who bas taken a leading part in opposing a new county, eppke glowingly of Los Angeles county as the foremost county of the West and of the nation. "Let us drop this secession talk," be urged. Mr, Wliitcomb, who returned recently from the East, and who has been quite ill, was cheered heartily. With "No Pomona County for Us" banners flying, the automobile train, made up of twenty-seven machines, left Glendora for Azusn, where A. P. Griffith presided at the meeting, and spoke strongly against county division; in his case it means tho division of his ranch, leaving his residence in Loa Angeles county and his ranch in "Pomona county." J. T. Lindloy, representing tho extensive Slauson ranch interests, declared that no part of tho big territory along the proposed western boundaries of the new county wa.s in favor of leaving Los Angeles county. Azusa, he said, is solid against tho movo. Covina nearly unanimous against the plan, and (ilcndora strongly opposed. Supervisor "Sam" Pine of Chino said that four-fifths of tho people of that place urn a^ainHt division. Samuel Rowland of Puente declared that his neighbors would "petition out" unanimously, preferring to remain in Los Angolcs county. Col. Paul arid H. D. Hlaknle(; of Upland. Carroll Whilcomb of (ileii- dora and \V. R. Powell of A/iimi woro among the other njieakerH ugniriHt division. From AKU.HH, the party traveled to Covinu, where dinner WIIH served by the ladies nt the (JhriHtian Church i'i tin; basement of that building. One hundred and fifty wit (it the long tables. A HIM' dinner. Mayor K. H. Lahee of Covina presided at a ntreet, meeting, and A. J'. (jrilUlhof A/ created a sensation by denoun- ciug the mef.hodH of Rev. It. I'. Shepherd of 1'umonu in hi.s conduct «t the division campaign, charging that Mr. Shepherd had t<;ld only half-truths in his Htatementb aH to the merits of it new Bounty. Kxceptions to Mr. (iriflithN v,«rdn wcre taken hy Home of Shepheid'H trienda, the result be. ing an agree- rnent that there nhouhi he a joint de- hate at HIVOM between Griffith and Shepherd. Later in the afternoon, the"anlis" Cyntiuued 0:1 OPEN LICTTER December 12, 1907. Mr. A. P. Griffiths, Azusa, Cal. Dear Sir: You are reported as having said in the course of your speech on the street at Covina Thursday last that you were not able to debate the county division question with us because you were not a resident of the new county, but that If I would come to Azusa you would challenge me to debate the merits^ of the issue. Now, Mr. Griffiths, I credit you with being sincere In this matter. And yet, you know that for months we have been seeking without success an opportunity for ap ublic discussion with you or any other opponent of county division. For several weeks the Argus has been carrying In its columns an open challenge to a public discussion of this question.. You are now on record as being willing to discuss the question in Azusa. Please select the place of meeting, large enough to accommodate a large audience, open alt- preferred, choose the chairman from the Los Angeles county judiciary whom you wish to act as moderator, state the question In terms satisfactory to yourself, name the time and notify me of the arrangements. I will be there. I await an early reply for In your earnest sincerity you could not be guilty of either dodging or bluffing In so serious a matter. Sincerely yours, 11. P. Shepherd. MR. A. P. GRIFFITH DELIBERATELY MIS-STATES FACTS Mr. A. P. Griffith, of Azusa, deliberately and knowingly mis-stated facts in his passionate tirade against county division, from an automobile on the public streets of Covina on Thursday when he said that the county division committoa ha% stated that Pomona county could be run for 108,000.00 as ' and over $200,000 each for' Orange and Riverside counties. We quote tho following from the "Report of the Special Committee, Pomona Board of Trade," a copy of which was mailed the members of the antl-dlvlslon committee last August: Page 8 — Cost of County Government ............. ... $96,534.00 Page 10 — Cost of County Roads, etc ........ . ....... 42,000.00 Add state taxes $i6,noq,ooo <Q> $.445 71,200.00 Total, dead Colonel of $209,7U4.00 Imperial County $149,000.00 Difference $00,7:54.00 Now Dear Colonel see! Tax rates County Government $16,000,000 @ ?,00 1-3 $9(i,7.'{4.00 $ 8,000,000 @ $.525, RoadH $42,000.00 $10,000,000 @ $.445, Stutu $71,200.00 HOT TIME IN ONTARIO Total tax rate $1.57 K!, TUXOH ....... $209,734.00 Our rate $1.571-:',; LOH AiiKolon Co. $1.71. Mr. Grlfllth and Auditor Wanner an- In tho Hame claKK whon it OJimtti to figures, (Setter chango your ociuipa- tion, ColoiHi] and follow WugniM 1 to tho "tall timbers" of Mount San Hordo'— Mr. Griffith further Ktated that no reference had recently Ijeeri made to Riverside and Orange countleh. Had he been at the^Ontario meeting the Col. would have lu-cn better Informed no doubt. We <|iio(e for hin enllgliteu- ment from Mr. F. VV. Malfour'H H\>imt:h: \('oni of Ojunty government, l!)l)7: u county ......... $152,000.00 county .......... $125,000.00 I'omona eKiimuti! ........ $'JO,r,,'M.OO nu county ha:s $10,000 IBHS in children ° ai $7.00 per child. iia f.-diiniy lias $10,000 len.H In tK, criminulK, cdiiHiable and ju.-itlci-s as shown plainly by the records at I /OH Angelen and an comjjart-d with the record H of Orange county, and a« further demonstrated in Mr. Uul- four's Hpeech: I'dinnna etjimty haw 200 ICSK square rnlli.-H and thin wil nave some $2000 in mileage. l'<,nidiia county'u nalary list IH $;',5oO lesH. And then consider the difference In population : Now compare the figures: We pay Into the tw.) olr| connlii-:; this year $Hil, lOl.'iU. Thlh JK oul..idi- (/!' :-,tale taxes: (Idloiifl try again after you 1,,-ive takin a few |i-.~;-,oii.-i from Ham I'ine iji cnuiily K-'jvernment or from Arcadia ui "handicaps." Is the only hope of Ihe "Antis" in misrepresentation Y Are \«u j-'''i'ifi in follow meij wiio will HO in i.irep> e.-f nt. fact.-,? You have heaid ih<: "fact,-;" plainly slated fioi/i the pla'forni and p;int.'-d in the "Ai>'i).--" (Jill' challengi; Id d'-hal.<: ha;-i n- . t been ha.4 acce;,! t.,, Hi Hi// to .(Jehat;: at A/,u.-,a ftln I d'.-r/ali. elhev. tjeie becai|-.>; ?. vvifijin me new co'inty. i ol- v,f.a.t were i«u doing (,'cunty Division <'(;,HIU Eight Hundred County Divisioiiists in Torchlight Parade. The trninload of eight hundred couuty divisionists of Covina, Sun Dimas, Charter Oak, Lordsburg, Pomona and Chiuo which went to Ontario on Tuesday evening mndo the "antis" look nud, listen. The largo crowd of Ontario citizens who stood upon the city curbs in tho drizzling rain witnessed a sight which they will not soon forget. Marching up and down tho avenno, unmindful of the mud and moisture, bearing flaming torches, and aptly lettered transparencies, tho visiting divisionista presented a spectacle which stirred tho heart of tho most casual observer with the exhiliration of the spirit of victory. Down with tho court houHO push! Hurrah for county division! Hurrah for home rule I Representation and a square deal I These were the shouts that greeted tho "autis" who stood about tho streets. How 'they had been wishing it, would rain! And it did! What was their chagrin when they saw tho welcome showers augmenting tho success of the occasion. I.O, O. F. and Somerset Halls were thrown open and people thronged in overcrowding inadequate accommodations. A mooting was held in each place, the speakers pacing frqno>*nfl Imll to tho Other. The meeting Jo. Somerset Hall was called t> order by C. P. Huey of Upland. The meeting in I.O.O.F. .Hall was culled to order by R. P. Shepherd of Pomona. Speeches wore made by C. IT. Converse of Gloudora, C. C. Caruthors of Lordaburg, F. W. Balfour of Pomona and Andrew MoAllon of our own city, who more than sustained his reputation as a campaign orator, his magnetism nnd onthusluHm elec- tricizing tho vast connotiifo f people that repeatedly choorod him. Mr. McAllon 'said: Follow cltlxenH: I am a-HKlgnod t.ho great ttiHk tonight of making a ton hours speech In tan minutes. The fact. of the, pro.Htmco of H great company IH always an in- Bpiratlon. I do riot know haw many mcr urn lion.- tonight who am agalnut our wuiHO. I could wlHh that, a groat number were here who repreacnt the other Hide, In thin groat light for freedom from the two old counties, 1 have been reminder! time after time of an epoch politician and fighter ior civic right- eoiiHfieHH, Senator La I''olle|,(e of \Vlw- coiiHln. During one .jf hlH campalgiiH for governor of the Htate of WiHCOiiHln tie nulled In all hiH HeillenitntH OIK: day from all over tho ntale. They held a hurried continuation, and he KU| dlo them: "boyn, how IK thin?" Wltlioiit an (ixcciptlon UIOHO who had been out over the Htate, working for tin- new Henator wild that their caime was lout; that, there waH no hope and that they may aK well give up (he fight DOW ;uul he ilone with II. Running tils t\iiK''i'H through hlH hair and lirri- IIIK to hln Hiipjiorlei'H, he mild: "gentlemen, out of tli,' nlxht that covers me black ah the pit (pan [Kile to pole, I i hank whatever KOI'IK there may he, fur my unc'iiHpierahle KOII!." So. tonight fro mt.he wchlcru edg(! of Han lleniardlrm county to the eitnl (•i'ii edK'- of Los AngeleK county, and from the eas-tern edge of LOK AligeleH eounly U/ the wcHlern edge of Han lii-riiiirdinn eounly Htrong men are gathering together at lh«-lr own lire .-iiili'K and (ilaccn like thin, and t.hont- IriL'. to whatever J;O<|H there may lie for 'hi'ir iincon(|iiei aide HOI;|K. We will not down. .11 HT TO SHOW Til KM I am reminded of a til|> thai wan mad" Id I hi;'. town a ft lie' 1 ' "f '''»''' ''••• a:'o. ll came from tie- :aim : dii'ec 'i'-n frorn wh'-nci- we i if.n' Th'-i'e v.i'ii- iinloiii'jliiio.-. I laiii'li'i-i- . i llie.-i: '.•>..•:. a II-JIOJ-IIT (;l tlie l.d:. Alige|i-h Til."' •!-:. and Ihe genial K«-ll< y wan aloiii-'. The next moi nln;.' v. e n-ail ,f,[in evil |il.~, ol thin:'. Mial v,i-re .-.aid in Ma.-ionlc hall in thin In'vu. .\'o'A'. I -iin !he di l'.(-i hall lit ill,'' I half ilia' ''ami- over tieie Icnu '' .YMi.i, I am '!•> oilier jioi (ion <,t r|,c In Id •< d !;a:.'i The <\IK -lor iemiirli'1 '•'"! '^a,! Cd'ild HOI h'-ip jl. i'e A : <i'f,i\ ll.'i'- I •;,.•. a Mi -:-.idin ian \i ; choici-, m;d '••• v.'i-i e in. i , i Jed in Ml;-, n.'i: I li> '•;, i< > ; ccjiini IK/I Je-lp ' hat ">' i,'- 1 'I ',••• i|'i'-ldr .-aid ':/ '• d'l ' vi,. | t, , !! (,;. , i- K; ,1- o. ' : 'diiight t;d;ii ( d'.ii.a )>i .1. rj la-.t No Need to Be Without | Good Things to Eat on Christmas Day '»• PLUM PUDDING MINCEMEAT LAYER RAISINS SEEDED RAISINS PEACHES CHERRIES CRANBERRIES APPLE BUTTER CITRON OLIVES PEARS APRICOTS Everything- for the Christmas table. Only one quality—THE BEST. PURITAN BUTTER CHASE & SANWORN'S COFFEE Warner, Whitscl & Co. i FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COVINA W. H. Holliday, President W. H. GriHwoid, Cashier W. H. Holliday J., R. Elliott J. O. Houscr . Marco H. Hellman, Vicc-Preatdcnt J, C. HutchiiiHon, Jr., A»u't Cashier Marco H. Hellman C. F. Clapp C. Menefec DIRECTORS— A. P. KerckhoJT H. M. Houser Geo. E;. Anderson Hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. in. BEN E THORPE Successor to J, R, ELLIOTT CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All si/,cH of well cured pipe always In Mock. WXCAVATIWJ AND IIKAVY <!KAWN<i Building Blocks, Cement Fence Posts, Cisterns Brunch Yard in Glcndont. 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