Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 22, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1903
Page 2
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Tine Underwear andTlo»ieri| in iliiirge ^boivinga loja, Pittsburg and Weir City Clothing: and Stioe Store For loo miles ground. lOLA DAILY raiGISTER TB3t.BPHONH NO 18., CHA8. F. SCOTT. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One week. - - , - - - Ten Cents (mc^iontIl - - Fort,y-f<iur Cents One year - Five Dollars and Twenty Cls •ntered at loin,- Kansas, Pontofflce as Second Class itatter. Advwtlslng rates maflo known on application. / Servian National Song.' From Omaha Daily News: My country, *lis of thee, Land of conspiracy. Of thee I sjng. Landof Pavolovitch, j iLand of Oljrcnovitch,. From every Pctro'.vilch Let vitches. fing. My native countryvitch L>and of Karagcorgevitcif, I Thy name I like. I like its gentle thrflls. Us ragtime breaks and trills. My tongue rebels and spills Each name I strike. Let sputters .swell the breeze, Spit out the c*s and v's, Chew^ all thg rest. Let mortal tongues awake, Let all a long breath take. Your face prepare to break In this talkfest. had been bought it would have rcquir cd an outlay of more than $100. Some (on days ago the Register suggested that Joe Brlstow would stand a good Show to get into the President's cabinet as Postmaster General in case there should be any change in that position. And now come papers from* Washington practically announcing that this is what will happen, although some enthusiastic journalises are Tjooraing him for Vice President. Bristow never won any prizes in a beauty show, but he has'a way of measuring up to the full size of whatever job ho undertakes. The P<»pe of Rome is a great and good man: and it is no wonder he gets out of liatiemce when he finds it cabled and telegraphed all over the world whenever he has a headache. Th6 Southern newspapers are full of the "xace Questton." ..The jcbances are that -if the negroes were treated as fairly in the South as they are in the' North there woqld be no race question. It is reported from Washington that Postmaster General Payne is weary of hip job. The exposure Of the way in which business has been done in that department is rather cialculated to giVe any man that Ured feeling. When Superintendent Brodie bc^n staking off the ground fop the great Cracre imap of' the United States that is to bfe shown in'growing crops, he found sticking in. the soil thousands of 'sky-rocket sticks,' the: result of -the great fireworks display during the dedi(^tion. These were Jiarvested and eerved admirably for the stakes used io| platting the gigantic map. If they Senator Hoar: '"The fate of the na- 'lion depends in the last resort In individual character. liuman government, like everything in individual conduct, depends in the end upon the jscnse of duty. Whatever safeguards may be established, however, cora- Iillcaicd. or well adjusted the mechanism, you come to a place somewhere where safety depqnds upon somebody having the will to do right Vhen it is in his i>ower and may seem to his interest to do wrong. When the people were considering the adoption of the constitution of the United Slates, one, of our wisest statesmen said that the real and only security for a republic is when th4 rulers have the same interest as the people. Iffits existence. The next morning ihoro they have not-constitutional restraints will break down somewhere, except from the sens^ of duty of the ruler. EDITORS AT PLAY. The obances' are that taken by and large and one day with another the year round, newspaper men are the busiest people on thV face of the earth. "When times are dull for the merchant or the carpenter or the lawyer,* it means more rest.; When times are dull for the newspaper man it means more work, for the fewer his advertisements the more: space he has to fill with reading matter. This is the reason that he is in a better mood than nearly anybody to enjoy the few and brief vacations that he does take. Ostensiblj'; the meeting 0 |f an editorial association is held for educational purposes, to discuss grave questions ^ gravely and. receive Vnd impart ^instruction. Really the object of every such meeting is to get away from the shop awhile and visit with "the fellows." Some sort of a formaf program Is usually announced,, in order that the proprieties may be observed, btit the real program is to have a good time. And so it happened that When the Second District Republican Editorial A.ssocialion mot nt Paola Friday and Saturday nobody was di.sappoint- ,ed that .some of those who were down on •the pr&gram for papers on one subject or another failed to aTppcar, and that those who were there remembered that brevity is the soul of wit. For thereby the more time was given for the real purpose of the mectihg. Technically W. D. Grcason, thcj local member and secretary, was the host of the Association and he performed that function admirably; btit as a matter ol ^act evcryl)ody in Paola seemed to regard himself as partly re.spon.siblc for llie' enlertain- niciit (jf the visiior.s. There is often a kind of humiliation in being billeted upon- strangers, because the hospitality seems'forced and i)crfiiuctory; but in the of Paola the giiests were made to feel a-i if they were conferring r-xlhcr than receiving a favor, and lliey enjoyed thcmr-iC'lvos accordingly. Under the diroction of tlic Commercial Cliib a piililic meeting was held on Friday evening at which ad- tlressc .i were made and this wjf.s followed by a reception at the Commercial Hoiel, at which music and dancing and a punch bowl and a large number of most delightful people united to give the Association about the best time it ever had in the seven years of there on tin; Fourth of .liily in tlio street' parade and as a reward they will got a bed room suit and a wedding trip. There must haveJj£pn a lot of "first prizes" given otit at the Ilutjcliinson musical jubilee.- Every cxchaiigc that comes to this 'oflicc claims one to three for its town. The names of tlio. two men yho are rocciving $100.00 a month each for distributing flood donations at Lawrence are in demand by the press. Why don't the Lawrence papers give them out? Tiie railroads at Kansas City are em- I)!oying the men on the wayj to the harvest fields to do their freight handling and the freight handlers j are going to the wheat fields. Work in the harvest pays nearly tv/ice as much as the freight liandlers' job. The ri'prirt that Ed. Greer had sold his Winiifid Courier to Geo. Clark is deniJil by Mr. Greer, who says .'the i"oiirier is not-for sale at any price. He further says that the Courier will never be sold as ksng as he lives. That ought to settle the matter. was a drive abottt 'one of the prettiest tov»'ns in the State—one of the points of interetet being the old J)rick school house whtrp VIsaiah C. Long" graduated a^ivay back in the eighties. And then back to :the old! grind. KANSAS NOTES. All rural mail carriers will have a holiday on the Fourth of July. A young Pittsburg man by the name of Dollar is lost. He is not the first dollar that [was ever lost, however. Ewing Herbert is making a fight on the "fry size" girls wlio go to the depot to see the traveling men. Herbert is right. Topeka Capital: How time flics. A good many Sampsons and Schleys and most of the Deweys will -- start to school next fall. Fort Scott bad a baby show last week at which seventy babies were on exhibition, • not including any of the members joi :tfie ball team. , It is thought that the,yv-heat, growers in Western'Kansa:s are going to have, trouble *(n%ettins- binding twine on account of thie flood. A Fort Soott couple will be married His Last Hope Realized. (From the Sentinel, Gcboj Montana.) In the flr3t\ opening of Oklahoma to settlers in 18S09, ihe ^ditor of this Iiapcr was among the many seekers after fortune who made the big racs one fine day in April. During his traveling about and afterwards his, camping upon, his claim, he encountered much bad water, which, together with the severe heat, gave him a very severe diarrhoea, which it seemed ^Almost impossible to check, and along in June the case became so bad he expected to die. One; day one of his neighbors brought him one small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as a last hope. A I big dose was given him while he wfs rolling about on the ground in great agony, and in a few minutes the dase was reputed. ^ The good effect of the medicine was soon noticed and within an hour' the paUent wias taking his first sound sleep Ijor a fortnight. Tlie one Uttle, bottle worked a complete'cure, and fie cannot help but feel grateful. The season for bowel" disorders being "at hand suggests this item. For sale by all druggists. . I — ^ \ — . . 1 No need to fear sudden" attacks of cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhb^ or summer complaint, Jf you have "Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild, Strawiberra* In the metUcine cheat. ' At the M. L&T. Bejwt lola, Kans., Jonc jb,.t?G3. To the people of lola and Allen Cotfaty: >. The undersigned Ltimbef Cofldpany has opened 0p a yard on north Jefferson ^znut, adjoining the M. K. & T.depoV where y(>tf wi|[ find a complete stock on hcuid at all \\mzi» Wi? ask for a share of y^tfr tra(de and hope to merit the same ,by fair prices and good materj[al. Come and see 0s luid get prices bzfore yo0 h(^. Yooirs Respcctfofly, 1- % Potter Has moved from tht> stoiu) barn on: East Madi- % gon avenue to I The Star Barn ^; on wJst street, where He will con tU)ue to buy ± I your nopses and mules paying at ajltiines the \ J . highest market pricei. i We aell.^ Boiler*, ^ Englnee, . fifrani Castlni^ priliing Tools, ^ Ciray Iron Ciistinm, ' Autofatlc and Plain MMiafactarcra »f rtoctabMry ...Pof... lines, Sim and iSpcciiSij. Ga«^parii|tor«( Stnic^ral yforic, ^taj|^ OK RoMters,

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