Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1974 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1974
Page 7
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a.V. August 12, 1974 SIDE GLANCES By GILL FOX "Poor Larry! The barber cut his hair a couple of inches and ruined his entire life style!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN / YOU POMTHAVE TO I STICK AROUWP, AAARV- \ 1 POKl'T NEEP AMV- > THWG.' AFTER 1 SET / RIP--UH--SWALLOW THIS VILE-TASTIU' V STUFF I THWK I'LL x -i TAKE A MAP.' &O AHEAP AMP TAKE YOUR MEPI- > CIWE -- I'LL JUST STAY LOWS EMOUSH FOR A SHORT CONVERSATIOM ABOUT THIS UWU3CKEPSCREEM AMP THESE SPILL SFDTS OM THE SILL HERE. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOPPLE TrfE CREEPS RUNMN' THIS HORROR HOUSE MUST BE EVEN MEANER THAN I TrWUSHT/THEY TAMPEREP WITH MY <SEAR TO CUT TKE WE.P BETTER MAKE A RUN FOR IT! IF TU6 CATCHES U5 TRVIN' TO ESC^PE HE'LL BE MAPPER TrfAN A SNAKE CHARMEf? WITM A ?IU66EV FLUTE.' HORSEPOWER? THIS „ HEAP COULPN'T OUTMU5CLE OF A MOOPLE IPEA? 974 By NEA. Inc T M 8ig U S Pal On EEK&MEEK Number Two Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Twofold 5 Group of two 9 Sierra —— 10 Resistance 1 lo attack 13 Arab potentates U Hun 15 Not any IB Destroys 17 Individuals 18 Learner's start 19 Uiml formation 23 Towering 25 American fur merchant 2fi Evil 29<;olfmouml 30 Rigorous 31 Mring together 33 Astern 35 KixMlikeparl 36 Fills compact ly STKlippiinl 3!) I.eander's Ivloved 401Spelling event •41 Egyptian goddess 45 Pieee of rock •17 Ibsen heroine 48 Sediment 51 Uiblical lower site 52 \'itreous compounds 53 Verbal contraction 54 Aiifjlo-Saxon sort 55 Uiblical city DOWN 1 Friend of I'vthias CARNIVAL 2 City in Italy 3 Take into L'UStlKlV 4 Masculine nickname 5 Continue firmly 6 Misci'llany 7 Devotee 8 Sheepfold (Scot. I 9 Less(music) 10 Deceitful operators(2 wds.) 11 Poetic form 12 Marshy land lediesl rattle 20 Two (ballroom danci'i HOPE (ARK.) StAR f LASH GORDON Page Seven 4 By PAN BARRY 21 Learning 22 Sea eagles (var.i 24 Philippine swectsop 25 Italian city 26 Shrub 27 1'okir slake 28 Fashion designer 32 Couple 34 Runaway from 38 Composed of two 40 Seel he 42 Temperate 43 Goddess 44 Seasoning 46 Mao tung 48 English river 49 Printing measures 50 Cooking utensil 51 Baseball item ^~~ \/..6R YOU'RE 60NNIA v y OUR TAKE US TO THE 2STH CENTURX, EGON... PO AS; TAtTABOy/ ^ YOU'RE HE WOULPN'T, ] HE WOULD, WE'VE HE SAYS/ / NOW HOP COMING 7 ' THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAYEGRAUE By DICK TURNER LET'S KEEP OUR RISHT-' THE LESS C^SSEETAND HOPE) INTERFERENCE WE FRIENDS AT THE ~J HAVE FROM OLJT- K3AD HAVE /SIDE SOURCES.THE THE 5AME KINDA LUCK/ NO, HE NEVER EVEN LOOKED TMIS WAV DID THAT LOCAL SEE US By CROOKS & LAWRENCE CAPTAIN EASY JU$T PRETENP YOU'RE FROM THE MIMIM6 COMPANY... HELP ME CON- VIWCB AL6ERMOM 5HAP THE PEAL'5 ALL5ET1 WHAT EXACTLV D'YOU W£MT TO DO PEW- BERRY? V M£ASJ 5HAP5 NEPHEW MISHT HAVE VOU FOK __ I'VE A BUYER PAPPV'5- MIMIM6 THAT S WHY THE CALL FROM NEW YOfTK WA-5 5O UPSETTING- SAYIW6 KEEME ANP CHESTER WER.E- PELAVeP'. "So George Washington slept here! In those days the tresses were newer!" mat- In too many quarters, it's a case of due process of what you can get away with. The only time it pays to get teed-off is on the golf course. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG Add to your dictionary of collective nouns: A hiccup of drinkers. The fellow who vacations while the frau works is having the time of his wife. LET'S TALK ABOUT WHERE YOU HID THE PAPER NOW, THEM- WHAT WOULD VOU LIKE TO TALK ABOUT? FOR ONCE AT BREAKFAST I JUST WANT VOU TO SIT AND TALK TO ME BLONJDIE, WHERE'S THE PAPER? By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLJ THERE ARE SCW\e P€OPl-€ DO/UT Like IUKAT THE. is DCK/OG. . FRANK AND ERNEST BUT cHoose TO AEOOT I'VE DECIDED THAT I WANT TO LEAVE MY BRAIN TO MEDICAL SCIENCE. me T M «C1 II !> i THINK i OUST eer A RECORP FOR STRAIGHT FACE. 8-12. ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS XT HAJ A NOTARY ENOIIAE. M& CALL IT WHEN THE MICE ARE AWAY THE CATS WILL PLAY ' SUMMERS WE ADMINISTRATORS HAVE THE WHOLE CAMPUS TQ WHAT'S ON THE AGENDA FOR TODAY, TO OURSELVES I NO STUDENTS, NO . FACULTY j BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHl&STOFFEL TH' SAYIN' \ 6OES/EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER. LINUM 1 "... FOLLER / i ME/ ^/ I YER >N GREAT SHAPE FEP. SNEED1N' GARDEN.' I WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING I COUUD DO TO TAKE. MY MIND IT'S WEALLY NOT PAINFUL. X , JUST CANT STW/M6HTEN PRISCIUA'SPOP ByALVERMEER HOLLYHOCK! WE GOING CAMPiMC. TRINIDAD 8-12

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