Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 7, 1907 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1907
Page 8
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Social Mrs, A. Cfirnnlinn entertained nt dinner on \VodneHday evening in honor of her daughter ritl'l gland children, who are visit ing her frofn the KdHi. Tlid KiientH \vere : Mrs. Ji. L. Kintf and children (!nr:hl<(! and children. mid Mrs. Car Service to Axusa Opens. The first regular car to be n n over the Cllendorri extension of the Pacific Fdoetrie left A/nan for Los, Angeles at, ('>:')"> on Tuesday, and 1111- j til the Completion of the line to ; (ilendoia live round trips are to be i iiiadedailv between A/usa and the metropolis. The first, car leaves i A/.iif'H at ';:.">5 a.m. and (In- last ear j at. night leaves Los Angeles fit 7:20^ p.m. The line will lie. Completed Into filendoni by line,. \\>. * * # # # * # * #• # Say! Mr. Wo- Club Lanl Saturday njghl, in .tin mans Club Mouse, the V. 15. l>. held its second dance for the season. A large number attended, the ball being junt comfortably filled by young people to enjoy a pleasant, evening of dancing to the even, tune ftil mimic of the Preston -Angelot.y orchestra. The club intends bolding another dance during the week between Christinas and New Yearn. Many little people of Covinw, and older onos too, will bo Interested in a pretty romance, newfi of whieb IKIH reached Mrs. A. M. (/'oilinn this week. The storv also goes to prove the well known irresistibility of the Covina "school inarm." Miss Olive Taylor, who taught the sixth grade a year ago, wan obliged to give nr> Vie- fore '.he owl of tho school year on account of failing health. Motherless, with a father and brother engaged as engineers in the wilds of Korea, she bad no home ties in California, so decided to go Hast by way of Panama and thus restore her health and see the country. Another passenger on the boat was Dr. Robert McCall of IJostoii, and such a sudden and ardent attachment sprang np between the young people thnt. they landed at A neon and were married there (Jet. '20, proceeding on their way in the name ship. Mrs. MeOall is an old time friend ot Mrs. Collins, having been a tench or in Red lands before coming to Covinu. At one time a rumor arose; among the children that Miss Taylor was visiting Mrs. Collins and no less than twelve called in the hope of seeing her, such popularity had Hhe won by her sweet and lovable disposition. Ladies' Club Meeting. A most instructive, and enjoyable meeting of tho Monday Afternoon dub was held this WJjelc under tho leadership of Mrs. It. M. Douglas, when the snb.jec.tK of "Chile! Labor" find "The Child Criminal" wore dismissed. Mrs. Douglas in introducing tho speakers spoke of the importance of tho subject, especially to women, Mrs. (Iriswojd gave a resume of a most interesting address which she bad heard at .Jamestown, given by the secretary of tho National Child Labor Society. Illiislrated with store- opt.icon pbolos. Sad were the stories of the mines, cotton mills and northern mills, in which children's lives are saddened and shortened, Mrs. Jennings spoke of the juve nile criminal, of the ease with which innocent and restless children who are allowed to run the streets, slip info criminality. Hhe also spoke of the good work of Judge Hen Lindsoy of tho Juvenile Criminal Court, of Denver, which is world famous, and of that, of Judge Wilbur in Lo i Angeles. Miss Josephine Widney and Mrs. W, K. Collins provided the music. The meeting next Monday will bo devoted to "Conveniences of Ihe Home," under tho leadership of M irfs Hawks. Notice to Tax Payers of Covina. Al! tuxes are now due and payable. AH taxes will become delinquent fin the last. Monday in December at fi i o'clock p.m. and if not paid prior thereto a penalty of 10 per cent. will be mldcd thereto. Taxes may be paid at the office of the City Tax Collector in the Home Telephone building on and after Oct. fith, 1007.' I. C. FAIRLY, Tax Collector. Voting Contest for Big Doll, Following is the result of the voting for the big dolt at, Hroudwell's store, to be given to the little girl receiving the highest number of vntoH: Mildred Yarnell If.H; Leu Maker Ifill; Riitta Snodgrass !()(!; Mary Cir/ad H(); Imogene Arthur 7(1; Li//ie Keog (i!i; (Jertrudo Jloogendyk t! 1 ; Kosio Warner <*(); Minnie Putilio Till; (ienevieve Yost 10; Marie Nelson .'!!>; Jin/el (Joodrieb .'IH; Dorothy Heck- with :t I ; Dorothy King :!!>; .Jessie Stevens 2!); Ida ('oilman - JH; Mar garni Matthews 'JO; Margaret LaeooU 'J.'); Nellie ('finlonwine 111; AnnaSfo field IH; Kiph Malney ] H !• Pearl ( h'erliolt/cr I •> ; (iladyn (iangwer 1'1, hum Harris 1!!; Hertha Uich III- Irani!!! Fritter 10; Delia Reynolds Jli; Jla/.-l P.,it t -r 10; Clunt Pollard Ji); F.Mer Finli-.v S ; Maude l)eLani'e.v fc, Cni'")sn Jriil.ilig^ H; .let-line I'll Jiuli fi; Anita Reynolds I; Mabel 1 ; l.essie Fiiirly I ; Aileen 1 ; Audi-nv Wolfinth 1 ; Mar Col Ui'll Matn-.v Ki'i-.v (Mm Mary And n M\ rile '! ; Kr l>anii du (i :i. •J; l),.ia l.enla C •J ; Miss Ui-bci-ca I'tter vel Mann 1; l-l tiant 1; 1. iu-ili IJrnnji.vj 1 . Chinaman is Shot. Charley Chew, an Americani/ed Chinaman, was shot and severely wounded by an unknown assassin at Arcadia on Monday niKbt. .The injured man wao formerly a well known vegetable peddler of Covina. Charley, who is a Hardener, lives near the Unruh place at Arcadia and it was near the victim's dwelling thut tho nhootinK occurred. Tho bullet, a -14 calibre one, entered the man's back and was rernov- ed from the ri^ht shoulder by Dr. L, M. Wheeler of Monrovia. It is believed that the shooter is a resident of the Mexican quarter. Charley is said to have made enernioa there. i* I # i * * * # * •# # # # * # * # # # # # You nrr? conducting 1 a big business more money invested than many business bfjii.Hcs -do a good deal of correspon'lence, don't you? Do you always have suitable p;iper handy when you wish we can furnish you with t.he very best of writing paper a rid envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, plac-7 of residence and date line, cheaper than you can necure tablets and envelopes in small quan- titic.,? This will make your correspondence, businesslike and more convenient. COVINA AK(J(JS, PRINTERS #'** # * * * #' *! * : * : •* ! * I! * -* * •# * New Schedule For Electric. The following 1 schedule goes into effect Sunday, November 1": Leave Los Angeles Leave Covina 5:50 a. m. 7.-O.S i r ; .-o l-ive Hundred Hlners Hntombed. Deo. (J.---A terrific and disastrous explosion occurred hereto-, day in mines No, (i and 8 of the Con solidation Co. at Monongah, W. Va. Mine superintendent Malone Hiiys at, least. GOO were entombed. It is believed a majority of the men were killed. Tho explosion heard for eight miles. Tho mine was too full of gas smoke for rescuers to outer. It is feu red that tho accident turn out to be tho worst in the tory of mining 5n this nountry. Superintendent -Malono telephoned thut of the 500 men who were in the mine ho does not tbii;k any • could escape with their lives. Tho fans were started to clear out the foul air a/id the renoner.s woro oxpected* to reach the men by 4 o'clock this afternoon. Twenty doctors are on tho i ground ready to give every attention should any be rescued. Five dead Americans have been taken out, was and will his- Broadwell's A Few Goods which we sell as cheap, often cheaper, than the beat stores anywhere. Consult your convenience, your purse and tho interests of the community in which you live and buy at home. Onyx hose. Merode underwear. MutiHiriK underwear. 'Hi inch black silks. Toys Irish mail, 81.50. Dolls. Moehanieal toys. Drums. Dress Goods A few items specially priced for Christmas shoppers: 30 inch wool plaid suiting, a novelty goods for which some stores are asking 91, 00. hero nOc. 54 inch ail wool broadcloth, a special value, 81.46. Boys' Clothing hats, CHARTER OAK. Mr. Kd Rogers of Boston has arrived to winter in California and pay an extended visit at the Stowoll home. S. A . Htowoll loft this week for Murysville where he is attending the Fruit (Srowers Convention. Mrs. Kunt, who with her husband spent the Thanksgiving holidays with relatives at Long Beach, returned home last Monday. C. l\. lilake aud family have moved into tho Hengoo house vacated this week by Tom Johnson. The handsome store and rooming bonne in course of erection by Mr. Cnstiman of Covina, is assuming handsome proportions and will bo occupancy In about two ready for weeks. Mr. Corwoll of bought part of tho 13. F. Allen ranch, is building a handsome oottnge. Tom Johnson and family have mined into tlieir beautiful now 1 bungalow. Mrs. \V. D. Colo is spending the week witli relatives in Colton. Miss I'ldilb and Chan, (iregor of I'amidii ar > wintering with their .slater, Mis. Cole. Margaret Middlelon in home from Los Angeles oi.i account of .sii'i-.'ness. Now nnd stylish telescope regular $2.00 grade 81,45. Double seat bicycfo corduroy pants, 8'J. 00. Jlorculcse rainproof .suits, 85.00. Domestics the 20 inch hc-Hvy outing, all plain uhuiloH, sold ovury where 1 - 2 .'.>(!, hero 10c. 11 -'i L lA!ltnno cotton blankets 82. H5. 8f).00 for our special wool blanket. 87. 00 for our npeoial jiluid blanket. Children's Coats. Including infants' beiirakins. PricoB sharply out owiiiK to their lato arrival. Heo thorn for yourself. Good Shoes vicsi aur- MKN'S AND W()MKN"S. Our new wiflo too freak hint kid and volour calf, a Boimible, vioo«bl(«, ooinl'ortable article, 84.00 and *5.00. Men's whoeH, new last, 83.00, I'i. 50 and up. No dealer anywhere offers you sueh Hplendid vnluoH on men's .shoes. These names atand for quality: rater and with a illg day. Prater r party IRWINDALI:. Misses' jialent Men's sample oes, every si/e Men's strong, I. Hi>. c.dt o\f $'.\. fit I Not ords and every 10:05 11:20 2,45 3:35 4:15 T /:f\ 5:4 i f.:30 H:30 11:30 rn. KI'.I'OHT OF THH CONIIITIUN ,O,' THK First Rational Bank of Covina AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, December 3. 100". (Charter No. 5830) KKSOCKCES. K anil (liscounta $251,755.73 Overdrafts, «ecure<l and unanr-ired 1.H92.63 U. S. \xtni\n to Hecure circiila i 25,000.00 Premiums on U. S, Bonds 600.00 Bonds, Kccui-itius, etc 17.980.00 HankinK holme, furniture and fixtures . 17,768.32 Due from Natiwml Banks (not reserve agents) -.. . 3,351.07 Due from State Banks and Bankers. .. 5,806.55 Due from approved reserve affents 31,709.98 Checks and other cash items 106.16 Notes of other National Banks 2,175.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, cents • .36.03 Clearing House Scrip 2,113.00 Lawful Money Reserve In Bank, viz: Specie 10,548.85 10,543.85 KedefnfJtiort Fund with U. S. Treasurer 5 per cent of circulation 1.250.00 •371,988.31 Total ... I.IAIIII.ITIES. Capital Stock paid in $ 50.000.00 Surplus fund aO.000.00 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 7,911.21 National Bank notes outstanding 25,000.00 Due to Trust Companies and Suvintrs Banks 20,657.44 Individual deposit!) subject to check-.. 238,039.66 Demand certificates of deposit 300.00 Certified checks 80.00 Total. . 371.988.31 State of California Cunntv of Los Angeles, ss: I, \V. M. (iriswcild, C'ashier ot Uie above- named hank, do .solemnly swear that tlfu above statement is true to ilie best of my knowledge and belief. \V. M. GIUSU OLD, C'jialiier. Correct-—Attest: C. F. Clnpp ) J. R. Elliott ( Directors H. M. Houser ) Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of December, 1907. E. P. Warner, Notary I'ub'ic. REPORT Ol' THK CONDITION Ol' THK Covina National Bank AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, Decembers, 1907. (Charter No. 8222) RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts .................... $46,734.16 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured ....... 10.03 U. S. Bonds to secure circulation ...... 26.000.00 Premiums on U.S. Bonds ................. 968.75 Bonds, securities, etc .................... 15,113.21 BunkinR houKe, furniture and fixtures... 5,305.39 Due from approved reserve n«ren ts ...... 8.653.21 Checks and .ot her ca«h items .............. 257.10 .Notes of other national banks .............. 1045.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, cunts 33.71 Lnwful money reserve in bunk, viz: Specie ........... 7,021.80 Li'if.'il tender notes ...... 100.00 7,721.80 Redemption fund with U. H. Treasurer (.i'i of circulation) .................. 1,250.00 Total ... .. - 112,092.36 LI.AMII.I I IKS. Capital stock paid in • $25,000.00 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 1061.65 National bank notes outstanding -. •. 24.500.00 Due to trust companies and savings banks 3,624,95 Individual deposits subject to check 56,725.53 Demand certificates of deposit 895.00 Certified checks 250.00 Cashier's.checkn outstanding 35.23 Total 112,092.36 State of Californin, County of Los Angeles, ss: I,V. C). linylisb, (. ashler of the above named bank, do si'lemnlv s\vi-ur that the above statement is true lo thf best of mv knowledge and belief. V. O. ICNGLISH, Casliier. Correct- At(efct.' J. B. Collision ) J l>. Heed / Directors J. L. Matthews ' Subscrilwd and sworn to before me this 6th day of December. 1907. K. I*. Warner. Notary Public. llrooktoii (lii-oji. liurry. Stetson. Bargains that are Bar gains. No cheap nnd shoddy lent her lier- nlded \vilh big type tind linijis bands. NVninen'ri patriit colt (iooilyear well, blncbi'l 1 oxford .*'-!. Oil. Women's juiti'iit colt oxfords VETERINARY SURGEON DR. R. J. RAMAQE Honor Graduate, Toronto College TREATS ALL ANIMALS Alexandria Stables, 827 S. L. A. St. LOS ANGELES Home K 3351, Main 20. Calls by telephone or letter day or night carefully attended to. Charges moderate. i These stoics are recommended foi ! Xmas shopping when in Los Angeles. 1, S. B. BAILEY, Jeweler and Optician () si/.f w;ui-l>"H, KUariiulivil '.HI yrs I'.' .i/.t- wutilu'.-. ,r.. M ..... I" 1 M/(* Kf^rin or Wulihnm i-t>nip Itiinw thi-, att anil wt l will wivt- you l< iii-M-i>unt nn any iiurcfutx-. !0,(ll) 1.'25. =tyle, irk shoes 11 of Norma Heiiioii '.! , 1 ; X'annie Uruliaker :'. ; Les.- ie Smilli - ; n 1 ; Delia Snudi/er 1 ; 1 ; June Sides 1 ; Mar >el VI! Mullnel 1 ; I 'laia • Miitlbews 1 ; l'h\ His Mi- -r i .1 mi K;, :| ol (illlh'M i A midi LI i'aik. Northwoud, In 'ii'il and tainil.V. K'oiit and entei'l ai iu j i Tlntnl\sgi\ in^r il-iy iwa, M rs. ( ii Itiiore Men's Clothing. i Stu'i'iuati, and U. l\ I M is i< uil for Th, and f Highland Broadwell's ,15j So. Itruudway, l-os Angeled, Cut. SING FAT CO., Inc. Importers, wholesaU' and retail ile;ilers> in cfiinese and Japanese fancy Goods .Uil Floor C'etitra! Dopt. Store STAMPERS" Studio awards mi Plioto^rab -'^1 S,.i. Mroadw a v Angeles Electric Motors CHCR'N Among the things Covina is fortunate in is a cheap electrical current. Cheap in price—not quality. The new nine cent, rate makes it possible for the housewife to cut tne lab-jr bill in half. Covina Electric Company Office hours, 8-9 a. m. Telephones 121 and 3121 A. Q. Gant CEMENT CONTRACTOR We do everything in first-class cement work and it will pay you to g't our figures on your job, large or small. Home Phone 59 Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA. Building Contractor CAL. Stowell Fumigating Co. EXPERIENCED, PRACTICAL FUMIGATORS Work Guaranteed. Prices Reasonable. Phone 177, Charter Oak Phone 199, Covina Northsidc Meat Market CHAS. A. SIMMONS, Prop. We carry nothing but the best. Prices Reasonable. All Meats Government Inspected. ORDERS SOLICITED AND DELIVERED. Shop just south of S. P. Depot. Home Phone 1144 SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home? If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER -at- FABRICK'S HARDWARE STORE Shopping in lios Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAPE Yoli will liu<! it very funvt-nientlv located, first-'lass in every rcspfct, \\ itli a la c.irle si-rvii:e at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Company Hroadv.av, Between Second and Third, Los A KERCKHOFF^CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Cal. Phones: Home 148; Sunset 255 COVINA, CAL.

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