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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1889
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A, A STERLING, ILMNOIS, SATURDAY, AUGUST Hi 1889. NUMBER 100. •£" , '' / <r~ i DYSPEPSIA. S that ml«i'ri'experienced wln'n we suddenly iH'coiiiiMiwiH'llmt v;n pow-'.a a <Hn»oll«il i\rrr<Mf!fmfn' cnMfMt a stomach. The. stomach Is t lie reservoir from whlcli ever)' (Hire anil tlr-stie n'i!".t. hn nourished, and any trouble, wltn It is soon felt throughout thn whole system. Among a down dyspeptics no two will havo the mnie preilonilnrittt.symptoms. Dyspeptics of action mentnlpcweriiiMl n billons temperament are 5ubjr-?tto Hick SSparfaofao. ; tlioyo, fleshy find plilpfnnntlc lmv« Constipation, while the thin and nervous nn- abandoned to jcloony fnrr- f)0!Hns«. Home dyspeptics ar« wonderfully fnryetful; others have great Irritability of tern pf-r. Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, one thing ." certain, The underlying cause is intheLIVSJK, and ono thins more Is equally certain, no one wlllronialn a dyspeptic who will It will rorrcev PSIMMONSI Aridity of til Mtomach. Kxpel flml Kaaea, Allny Irritation, Assist DUentlon, at tbe BRBie time Start the Liver to working, when all other troubles Soon disappear. "My wife was a confirmed dyspeptic. Some three years ago by the advice of Dr. Htelner, of Augusta, she was Induced to trt Htmmons Liver Regulator. Heel gratefulfor the relief It has given her, and may all who read, this and are afflicted In any wra, whether chronic or otherwise, use Simmons IJver Regulator and I feel confident health will be restored to all who will be advised."— WM. M. KKKSH, Fort Valley, Ga, See that you get the Genuine, with red Z on front of Wrapper, rnKPABKD ONLY BY J.H. ZR1I.IN ACO. Philadelphia, Fn. f cry Han! id Believe. A Grave Charge Against a Chicago G. A. R. Post. SAID TO HAVE INSULTED SHERMAN. -. C TJ BIUOtFSNESS, BEAKTBtnur. DYSPEPSIA, SICK HKADACHB IJTEB IHDIGESTIOM. JATODICSJ JttY USING THE OENIJINB CELEBRATED— — VlR PILLS! PKEPAUED OHI.T BT FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. gg^emuo of COUHTEJimiia raado in St. Lonli,*O L.L.JOflNHVS -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In tha market. Tho Easiest Dumped, (Easiest Bun- nlngand Latest Improved Sweeper, made. Fancy Patent, per sack, *1.60. Half Patent. " 1.40. Two sacks |2.fO Explanation In Ordor, bat Oen. Alfjor Thlnltn Then. I* Homo M Intake—Clono of tlio Encampment , Mm! Syno|mH of the La«it Dity'H Truiinnntlmi?—-Thn Vnt- «ran» Crowding the Trnlin Tor Home— A Talk with Corporal Tanner About the Indorsi'tuetit Resolution nnd Pon- CHICAGO, Aug. HI.—Hoyt Shormnn, of Des Molnes, In., brother of Gon. Sherman, alleges that the gniUTiil was shamefully treated by O. A. R. mon wearing Phil Bhorl- ilau post badges on his return yesterday from tho Milwaukee encampment. At tbo station tho general was shown into a car, but he had scarcely settled when a crowd of G. A. R. members swoopjd down on tho car and claimed it, saying tho seats wero all takon. They wouldn't coiiRont tr» the general remaining In tbo car, nnd Mr. Sherman was compiled to find a scat in a forward car for bis brother. The general was so exorcised over tbo occurrence tlmt instead of remaining ovor a day In Chicago with his brother, aa ho originally Intended, ho suddenly charged his mind and took a New York train without even going to a hotel Gen. Algor, when told of tho ro- ported rudotrpfis, said it was almost beyond belief and thought that either Gon. Sherman was mistaken or the meu did not know him. Better fronted at Mllwniifeer. The general WHS better treated at Milwaukee. Ho walked down tbo main-stairway of the Planklnton house yesterday morning, planning a strategic movement by which he could reach the liookkepper'a ear without b 'Ing detained by several hundred people, who would probably want to shako hands and tell him they were with him at Atlanta, etc. After reflecting a monument he decided to run the blockaefe, whicli ho did, reaching ; tbo dosk without molestation. - -. . "Malta out -my bill," ordered I hi) phi warrior, speaking in the curt, emphatic manner which is characteristic of him. "Your bill is paid," said Manager Chase. "Who paid itr demanded old Tecutnsoh, appearing surprised and with some show of indignation that'any ono should have tho audacity to do such a thing without permission. —"Your bill has bean Bottled by the encampment council of Milwaukee. liverythihg" has been paid for." There Were No Kxtriut. "Ain't there no extras?' asked Shormnn, his grim old features relaxing Into some 1 thing of a smile. . ''No extras," replied the manager. "Well, that's quoer," said tbo general, as though ho were accustomed to paying hia own bills alj other reunions. A TALK WITH~TANNER. He Didn't Want Perkins' Renolntlon In- troduced—Feniloii Re-Butlne- CHICAGO, Aug. 31.—Pension Commissioner Tanner arrived here yesterday and stopped over a day. He was accessible to all who called, and numbers of tho G. A. R. returning crowd were iu to pay their respects. The commissioner was asked: "What do you think of tbe resolution Indorsing you!" "Congressman Perkins hud scarcely reached the floor," ho replied, "before I had donq the same thing. I thought I knew what was coming, and I used every means to avert it.. I told them I was under investigation, and as such was not a proper subject for indorsement. I asked them to wait a year rather than take ' such action then. By that time I thought the investigation would be finished, and it would be more to tbe point. Among the best friends I have, Fairchild and Burdette, thought the same thing and said so. They insisted on passing a resolution so, at my request, B.irnnrn's substitute was presented. Some of the oldest rcsldents^of this city claim tills to be the heat dour tliey ever used In the State of Illinois. Oream of JE*a.ten.t 9 • , Daieiy and IMCinra. JR oilier in stocli. A Good Stock of Tin Tomato Cans, -• Very Cheap. Also a few dozeo of| ; CUSS FRUIT JARS iND JELL TOMBLERS LEFT" . AT Iv. JOHNSON'S. .NEW] ;AND SECOND HAND, O, A. Oliver. It differed from tbe original resolution in tbe absence of any allusion to attacks by the press and a change of 'the reference to the pending investigation. When it was presented I never saw snch enthusiasm. I myself did not hear a dissenting voice. I should have preferred thut nothing had been done." fiuVtalned by Preoeilent.. Speaking of the telegrams from Washington within the list two or three days making the claim that t73,000 had been paid out in re-rated during August, the commissioner said : "Of course it is eaay to attack me on thesa particular cases. For what I have done I have tbe best of precedent, A Democrat — Qen. Black— and a Rapublican— Col. Dudley — have done exactly tbe same thing, and on tbe same grounds. As for the coses citod, there is not a man among them but has lost both on arm and a leg. Some of them ore further disabled. 1 have watched carefully the records of Uon. Black and Col. Dudley, but I have never yet issue I papers In a case tlmt did not come within the scope of the law, and that is moro than can be said of all previous ones. When a man is wholly disabled, if he isn't deserving of $72 he isn't deserving of a cent, and the moat deserving case of all is u taso in ' tbe department to whom Isawarded $13,00). ADJOURNED THE ENCAMPMENT. Vuttber Action on the Pousion Quentlon— Other liunlnOHa Attemlud to. MILWAUKEE, "Wis., Aug. 31.— The' O. A, R. encampment was called to order in its closing session yesterday at 9 a. 'in., mid was at work for four hours clearing tho decks 'of business. Pensions was uguin tho subject of most importance considered, tho Hrst discussion taking place over a resolution favoring a pension of $1U par month to soldiers who >vill relinquish their rights in soldiers' homes and live at their own homes. This was vigorously, opposed, ouo reason given being that it would not be long before tha disability bill would be passed, whun they would gat pension wheruser they Uve.1. General I k «u«lou Mutt«r«. On tba «,ul'j-'ct of yenerui ]VIU|IHI lagisiu- tion a resolution waa adopted rtatHrinlug the action of tbo tMU'ampimmt at t'olumbim, O., last yvt\r, o.iid ijistriictiii^ thu pouaiud «iu»mitt«i tu tur'.hw Ihe U'gUlii.tiun pro- to il->priv^ UHMTI oC ' th.i ri^ht to voN^, nri'l it \vn-i rofcrrofl to t\ connniUi 1 -.' which yostt'nlaT prf^' p.tcil t'.vo n-porti, innjority biMiif; ndvors". Tboro wtu a noisy liisf-URsion, but tho 'majority report wns adopted—181 to T.H—nnd "(ho IIOUKO of lorils" still livfs. Closlnc Triin^artlnnH. A resolution wan nilopti'd providing for the roiiistnU'inrnt of all nicmborg upon payment of iluc."«. A letter fi-oni STn. Sheridnn was read, iu vvhicli »lie tlianks Iho (r. A. 11. for the memorial pago to her liusljnnd in tho last report. Tho usiml repolutions of thanks to all who had placed tho encampment under obligations to them wore then passed and tlio business of the encampment having been concluded, Commander Warner delivered a closing nililros? on retiring from tho chair. The adjutant general than called the oflicers- eloct to the, platform and tho ceremony of installation was performed Whon this wns accomplished tho encampment adjourned sine die. Johnny Goe* Mnrching Home. Tho gront gathering balng over the "boys" who woro left thronged the streets with their gripsacks, on t.hoir way to tho railway stations. All Thursday night nnd yesterday moaning sjwcial trains woro running on every road, trying to take away tho crowds of people that filled the stations. Fivo hundred rnr-loiul of visitors were sent out .'wtween 10 p. in. nnd 7 o'clt ck yesterday morning. Tho exodus was continued all day yesterday nnd into tho night, nnd this morning there are few or nono of thn old soldier visitors in Ibs city. Qen. Sherman nnd Commissioner Tanner lelt Thursday evening for Washington City ~ •• • : Railroad reports show that 175,000 strangers passed through tho paten of tho 'railway stations during the week, Tho amount of money spent in tho city is plnceil at from $750,000 to fl,(XX),0(X). The Council of AdmlnlMtrntlnn. Immediately after the adjournment of tho 'Rational encampment the now council of jdministratlon held its first meeting. Coin? mniider-in-Chli'f-elect Alger presided nnd Col. K. F. Wigtil was ejocu-d secretary. Tho adjutant general was instructed to 'publish the chief features7ifTho~l)i>stim eiiL-ainpiiiuht" iu five of the leading piiperrf of the country. ABOUT BAKING POWDERS. Tho United KlHtc« Clicmlxt Snj< Tliry Are GmievHlty "All Illicit." - • WABtllNOTON ClTV,-Ansf. HI,—Thu baking powdur liivusligatioti whioli him been conducted under the direction of tho chemixt of the United States department of agriculture. Dr. HI W. Wiley, has been completed nnd the results have boon compilod in a bulletin which is now ready for tho press. Tho analyses of n largo numlrer of samples of various baking powders purchased for that purpose and the conclusions derived therefrom are not such ns to create any general alarm lost the American pebplo should suffer injury to health from the uso of baking powders. At tho same time they show conclusively the error of tho popular impression prevailing hitherto that all the Chemicals used in tho production of baking powdon* are expelled during tho process of baking. As to tho character of tho residue loft In the brood and its effect upon health, tho bulletin assigns tho decision of that important point to tho physicians, holding I hat tho strict lino of duty of the chemist ends with revealing tho cons'tituonte. Hi-suit or the An lily »o«. Tho analyses of twelve powders are given, tholr selection being based upon the proportion of available carbonic acid, which, in conjunction with tho minimum of alkaline residue, is tho great test of excellence in baking powder. Although the investigations show that even with the best of tartrate powders tho residue remaining in one loaf of bread prepared with it was of the same character ns Rciillitz powder and in quantity exceeded that of an ordinary seidlitz powder by more than 5I> per cent; still in this, as most case', the character of the residue in the proportion found can Hardly be regarded as generally hurtful. An exception ought to bo nincio in regard to'the class of powders ontiiining alum, to which there is mor&serious objection; buteven in regard to that class there seems to be some difference of opinion. UlB Profit In tin) Ilualneag. In connection with the analyses Dr. Cmmptoh, by whoin the practical work was done and tho l.ullctin prepared, gives some Intcrestins facts as to the baking powder Industry. Ono i* us to Us extent. According to the beat nva 1'ible Information it would seem that tho American people pay very nearly, if not quite, (i'i5,OiJO,00() a year for baking powder; that the cost to Ihe manufacturers is less than a third of that amount, does not render the statement less intoi 1 - esting. ^_ London on the Brink of a bor Upheaval. La- THE SITUATION A PEEILOU3 ONE. A Call on Kvory Workman In tlio City to Strike on Momlwy—The Ou« IV.irks Out of Cortl BUI! Kjjyptlan I>nrkiioi* nn Almont Cpftnln Cmnp(|UiMirR—I'rospprts of Riot with thn Police Unreliable— Fccillne tlio Destitute People—Cardinal Mnnnlng'K Sympathy. LONDON, Aug. .'!!.— Montings woro held Inst night by evory trades Union organization in London, and tho different workmen's societies, for tbo purpose of taking notion upon u circular Issued by tho dock laborers' committee yesterday morning in which they urge all London workingmen to go on a strike next Monday unless tho dock companies yield to tbo domands of their striking employes. Tho importance of tho decision can scarcely be overestimated. If a general strike is inaugurated Monday as contemplated by the circular, it is difficult to see how riot and bloodshed can be averted. Tile L«ut!nrfl Are Soclullittft. The lenders in many of T-tho workmen's organizations are pronounced Socialists, and thuso havo never made a secret tit their convictions that tlio ultimata triumph oMheir causo can only corno through violence and revolution. Tho present seems to bj their opportunity, and if they can - persimd-j tho million toilers of tho metropolis to lay down their tools on Monday, it is certain that in less than a week thereafter tho streets of London .will behold scenes of turbulence such as no living Englishman has over soon. Tho I'ollco wltli tin- striken. What adds vastly to tho difficulties of the situation is the-fact thut the rank-and file of London's police force 8ro heartily in sympathy with Iho present strike., and would i Tl.e Hounding Uim« Hull. CHICAOO, Aug. ill,—The scores made by National league base b:\ll clubs yesterday are given below: At'Pittsbnr;;— (Ilrst game) Pittsburg 8, Cii!cn:o I; (second gain ) Pittsburg 5, Chicago 0; nt Now York—New York 7, Boston 'J—ei^ht inning*, darkness; at Washington City—Washington 2, Philadelphia 2—twelve innings, diu'knes.i; at Cleveland—Cleveland 4, Iniinnapolis 5. -Am.tri- cap nBSociation: At ilrooklyn—Brooklyn 1-i, Kansas City •); at Philadelphia—Athletic 7, Cincinnati 1; at BaltimwH—U.illimore 3, Louisville 4; at Columbus—Coinuibus UI, Sr. Louis 4. Western lea^uo: At Minnonpolls—Minne- apolis 8, Des Moines 4; at Denver—Denver 10, Sioux City 3. _ Loflt the Ufj;hwHymuu'a Trail. BESSEMKU, Mich., Au^'. 81.—Sheriff David Foloy, Indian RUide, and .tho bloodhounds all cuiiio in to Bc.'bS<>iner yesterday morning, having loat tho trail of thu highwayman at the Ontonagon Hivor in the woods about twenty- five miles cast of Gogabio lake. The sheriff bad easy trace of tho fugitive to a point on that stream, but there the follow seoins to have doubled on his tracks. The hounds of "Honest John," the Chippawa guide, bad proved utterly worthies*. Sxoltnd Americans iu China. LONDOX, Aug. 81.—A Shanghai dispatch to The Standard says: Intense excitement prevails amongst the Americans residing here iu consequence of nows received from Pukin that prominent Chinese officials have prtitioneci tbo government fortha expulsion of all Americans from tho country. It ia ra- porled that Prince Chun, the father of the emperor, is advocating tho uTciusion of Americans. Mlotook J'.iU f9l»on fur 8ng%f. I>EB MOINKS, To., Aug. 31.—Celia Kuann, of, Mftiiniiii;, la., TliurBJay made aomo toa for her nick brother, 18 years old, and used mistake• InstMui uf sugar for nuuie. »oaio for the same mistake. Both turown .(own un t- of Gali-dhur,.', ids., A numb 'r nf nth.- uit clerk, w uwut-of'tk* ilisalitlity ami Eurviro )A'ugiuii UUIL Mut'Muhou'ti iv-iolatimi ,ti*ai>- tk-creiary WuitM.v'a ruling that iluiKniai-abU) liuchnro in isa bur u> n without a doubt sympathize with tho parti clpants of a general strike should it bo de- tided upon. Thay subscribe liln>rally to tlio »trikors' relief fund, and when off duty .their Ertticisms/HI thn I'onfjucl. o!' ump.( Imivo no one. to doubt on which side (if the conflict Iboy would prefer to fltfht. in tho ovent of tho slightest trouble,therefore, the authorities would bo com|iellod to roly npo.i Iho troop-, whttso rifles and b'lyonots would do bloody work in a crowded London street. Prortpocbi of it City In DurkiioH*. ° • The gas companies early in tho week were nervous about what their stokers would do, but now this has coruo to ba a matter of very littlo moment, as all tho coal they havo on hand can only last until Monday uud after that there la no~wny of Rotting a further supply. London in certain to be. left in darkness Monday night if tho strike continues, and after that how much longer no man can toll. Sympathy in IIlKli * Tho strikers bad their usual pnrado yesterday, and were much more' cheor- f ul than on any other day sinco tbe beginning of tho strike. They had had nn ussur- anco from tho head of tbo labor organizations of Belgium that tho threatened influx of laborers from tho continent was u falso alarm, and some laborers who had bojn brought up from Groonoek to London under tho pretense that thoy were being taken to Southampton had rofused to work and boon sunt back. Cardinal Manning, too, drovo to Lj}adonhall street and sat in his carriage to watch tho procession pass and expressed his sympathy with the meu, and Sir Andrew Lusk gnvo them a few words of encouragement and subscribed $350 to ono of their funds. . Another Side of the 1'latnro. But there is another sido to tho picture in tho homes of tho strikers. Women and children are suffering tho pangs of hunger. Sidney Buxtou, M. P.., who represents one of the east London constituencies, and tho Salvation Army have' vied with each other in furnishing relief to thot'o unfortunates. Bux- tou's charity takes the form of breakfasts to the children of the strikers and jugs of soup and loaves of bread to tbe families.. He has established stations all through the East End, and yesterday morning ho furnished ovor two thousand moals to tha children. The Salvation Army has estali- lishcd a food depot at tbo West India docks, where the necessaries of life are sold at ridiculously small prices by moans of food tickets, 23,000 of whicli. have boon sold and used since Monday. The Salvation Army has also j4tetributed between 0,000 and 7,000 portions of bread and cheoso among tho laborers each morning. THE ILLINOIS MINING STRIKE. Strikers Decide to Uo Hunk to Work on Certain Conditions. SThEATOR, Ills., Aug. 81.—The minors' convention, which closed its labors at noon yesterday, was a stojmy ono, having -remained in almost continuous session for twenty-four hours. Many of tho delegate were-lired of tho long light with tbe coal barons. A resolution was finally introduced providing for a settlement of tho difficulty on the basin of the' Coal Run arbitration. This provides for the payment of 7J>i cents In the Strcator field and a proportionate reduction at other poinU. Tho resolution also asks for fortnightly pay days. It is thought that tho opcratorsjwill refuse fortnightly pay days, although one local operator bus expressed his willingness to agree. Tho d^liland for tho abolition of the annual iron-clad contract was dropped. Scott's Proposition Rejected. On ono point the convention was unanimous—the offer made by tho Spring Valley Coal, company to its employes was denounced iu unsparing terms. Without a singlo dissenting vote in tho convention the Spring Valley miners were pledged the unan imous support of the miners of northern Illi- nolj in the continuance of their fight. JJ£ Makes Fifteen X.lvea I^>at Iu a Month. DKNVEB, Col., Aug. 8i.—At Sopris, i small mining camp south of hero, Wednesday night, ^n 8-yeur-old daughter of James Danochy started to kindla a tiro with coa oiL Tbo can exploded, burning tbe girl to death and fatally burning her mother, who attempted to savo bor child. This moke fifteen lives lost, iu thin utute.durlug the past month by thti explosion of kercwouo oil cans. A dalunlmrg, Ills., Mail Killed. DKKVEH, Aut;. 81.—Tim I^iidville on tilt) Hoiilh Park ruilroud »u.s i near K.tnbraok Thursday night by tha spreading of tho Iravl;. Hcvi i ul r<im THE LEGAL LIGHTS ADJOURN. *liij* Tr:tii«i!<'t I mi* (if IIM« Amorlrnn liar HIHAIJO. Aii£. ••*!.—Thy final liii-tim^s nt- lod to by the Anvrican Kir n^nrmtion Icnlnv WMS l'"o ehniro <^f uiTirtM's for thu coining year'. Tb'v rnnimittj»t« having tho nmtlt-r iti ch ?r^t» iiann-1 tho following, who WITO ini:miin<>n>ly a^ri**!! upun: K hvnnl Hit'-hnrk, of St. Louis, president; J^hvanl O; is Ilinrklt-y, of Kiiltiinoiv, scrrctary; Fninris Raw!-*, r.f I'llilui!i*|phi:!, tn-nsuivr; UK; c.xt'i utivi' rornniittfj to lu» comjiosi'd uf tho ottici-rs nnni'-il, ox-Pr'-siilcnt D.Tvid Dirlluy Kiel:]; (Ji'or^e A. JSIfrrrr, of Gr.'orgm; J. Rjindnlph TtK'ker, of Virpinin, nnd C'hnrlfS C. Honnry, of. Illinois. Thero was also niuno 1 ono vii\j prrsi lont for ouch stale find a council of fivo from each. The viro president from Illinois is B -nj iniin.F. Aver; from Inilinnn, lionjtiniin Harrison; Lnvn,' Olivt»r I*. Sljonis; 'tlu-hiuan, Thonms J. O'llrien; Wisconsin, A. L. C:iry. Tho corninitU't' report yi's crday on some means of pro venting hfisty Irgi.slntioti was ndojitr'd. It is proposed tlmt n'll bills In? rt'fnTO I to a revision .committ«os imnu'di- ntdy after thoir pnssac*% for revision nnd correction of plirns'jolct^v, the onjoct being to prevent the pnssagtj uf nets Hindu m^aninj;- li">s or hid 'finite by reason of imporftu't pra'n 'rnnr or olh'T dofVrN. Tliorn "vns- n motion innilu that \\onld have post[«oned nrlion for another year, but upon a iiK-mbcr saying tlmt the nssouintion had boi-n t«if;ht yotir* disc'U'-Bing tho subject, 1'ivsidtMit Field taiii; "Can wo havo it Raid that tho American I?nr fipj-orintion, "\vhirh is constantly ursine; speed in i ho administration of tho law, has hesitated longer over thin reform?" Hhouts of Inupht-er j^rt^tiid Field's words, nnd tho motion for delay was lost and tho nionsuro passed with n yell, Snpri'iHM Court and Othor Muttnri. K*'solutionM requesting tho co-operation of bur r^sorintions and thnir members in so curing log. shit ion lur thu reliuf of tho snpivmo com t we PC adopted, a3 was R resolution_ap- pointiitg a commit ten of ono member from each fctatn to tir^e lh" ndoptton of uniform laws reynrditr^ mtirrinp-, divorce, execution of wills nml ticknowledcuinont of deeds, A resolulion to npi>ojnt u committee to agitato for uniforni ulectiun. hi>vs was- lai<l on Lh»» . Tho Wold'* Vniv »U»M U|>. A n'RuiutiMii indorsing CUic-igo for the location of tho World's fair in 1MI3 raised ipiite n commotion. K was nllX-red by -Rlr. Kiis^ceil, and, after thanking tho ritiz-'Us of LMiic.-i^o and thu Htato and Cliienj;" li-'i»" " H - j ciatioiis, it clo^ij-l "SienrlilyK'indoring and conimi'iiding CMiicntro's lundnble and pitriot- Ic elloris to secure th * \\'or!d'H fair in IH',1^," All tho iMombers 'roiu tho east wero instantly on their-ft-o'. calling points of onliT, moving r.ineiidniinits, nnd seeking by other procedtiro to dcfeafc" ili« resolution. 1'reside.ut Field llnally ninilo"hhnKolf henrd over Iho din nnd ruled that tht» world's fair imlnrsouiont w t ;s out of order, nnd ruli likt'wwtj on Hie. nms'iidmenta of tho 'eastern la«3'ers to cl'aiif^o (Chicago to Now York, Tl.c' obnoxious sentence was stricken out and tho resolution pasj-d. Close ol din Convention. Thero wns porno other business of littlo ponerul import- men trnnsaoted nnd the meetiitf' ^x •'*> i ready 'to adjourn sino -tlii*. } J i'e?iilent. Field made a few closing remarks. Hn tliankeil tho assembly for their courtesy, urged that encli man. remember that h was working for great result H, mid counseled greater energy and labor to this end. His roinnrks wero cheered nnd tlio assembly dis- Kolvod, Lnst night tho members attended a bau- qiiut given them nt Iho Grand Pacific hotel y the Cuiengo H;ir association. ;;ih Ua killed, njjunxl Absolutely Pure Tnls ponder never Vttfit«. A"marve!5of (Hirl? >r«iiKtn and whulesomiMiess. More econoiiilcnl han thp nntlnivry klnd».'wnd cau not be soM l'< onipetltlon with th« mpllltiiclc or low test, flliort «<'l s 'iit, H.uniti i>r pno»iiliniu powoers. , fvold 0 llv I I r:vm. o . «(« Wall HI.. . . . iYAl.!lll < . kor |( , - i — i SJef ? "^ "r^ s ^ C..-3 AT m>!>i:i{ \TJ., IVr. rnr. y HIP !»rg<-s* mi*<$- m<>«) <-<»'!ie'J,!-. r rK n'iofK »'p«f nrtlnllr niul MS-'S/• 'l".fSSi^i^MQ »!-n. In thin (•<>ii>iir}.6#£iU§WSl0 We! I.p pi™.*,] i o t .i,rr,^pond with tM^nfr incpnrrlnRorjiirliivlic inn lv( -t| 0 n of our (WTO- plctu Htiiofe, Wo aic luauuln.jtarcra. 307-309 WftCASH AVE.. CHICAGO. JUU PER LINK. ARE YOFS READING THE Small Ads 1 In Ihe Rvenlng Gu»x«ttct OK A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COfFEE CULTURE. WATCH FOB THE NEXT. CHASE & SAN BORN. OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. SEAL BRAND COFFEE' £2&JSS.ff285fe in its richness and delicacy of flavor. Justly called The Arlntqcn ' CofTVje of America. Always packed wnole roosted (ungrround) In i air-tlprht tin cans. ••VITcuit -ItI' H. W. BUNN-, SnlE .Agent for StErling. By I>enliing- ^vitli ITim "Vow "Will A.voldL tlie J>Iid.Uleiii.nTi*.-( offee's In. tla.e Division of the Town- ~^"^^^^^^*'''^ w BOSTON IN GREAT LUCK. •he Kdlt'iri Will Mi'.-t nt tint Hub Noxt Tiiim Thoy C.i't Tnei-llior. DETROIT, AIIR. ifl.—Tho Nalioiml EJi urial nssi-flatidii yrslcrclny si'li'C'tod Boston s tho next plni-o of iiiui>ting nftrr hissing Imvn John McOrath, of B.iton Roii^i:, Coi ii-klrtg if Boston would look upon tlio south ern editors UK rvit-lmnilvil ivI'i-K" Tlie his-inp cnino from the Bouthorn ili-lpgntos nnd gooc euling was jironiptly ivatoroil. ' A-l'*!»ir fi'Oin u Southornor. Gen. D. II. Kiiiott, *'f tliuTloriiln ilblcgS tion, prcsfiilnl Iliu csscciiition nn Ainoricnu flngivitli nil tho stars nnd titrjp(-.<i coinploto anil in a brief spoeHi nrscd Unit it l)o kept nt ho emblem of n reuntU'il country. A. II. 'jourie, of Klj;in, Ills., responded nm jrou^ht down the hon^o t>y derlnring tlmt if .ho ilng should ever nguin need defenders no nen would respond more qmrkly to tho call .him men from tho chivalrous south. . Klertlon nf OliteurH, At tho eleetion of ulHoer* C. E. Lee, of Xh<xlo Island, was niad-! .prtwidi-it; J. B. Stnnloy, of. Alulianviv U. 13. I''iulrli'er, of Illi- lois, nnd K. W. Stephens, of Missouri, vieo .residents; John M. Di-ane, of Ohio, nnd William Kennedy, of 1'piiiinylr.inia, secrotn- ries; A. H. Lourie, of Illinois, treasurer. At the C'li'Sa of tha businesi nio'tiii'.; the- convention took a stoainer to Star island, where a bunqiK't wiw | nrtnkon of. To-day .ho party went to Niagara Falls. The Yumlerhllts net Another I.lnc. PITTSHUHQ, PH., Aug. 111.—Tbo Vandor- silts, hnvi K iieqmirod coinplete eontrol of the Bench Creel: railroad, in this stuto, will extend it westward eighty-seven miles from zzam, Clearilald comity, to Od City, where it will connwot with the Lake Shoro. On the east the Beech Creek connects nith the Rending for I'liiliuMphm. By The western (.xtension tUe. Vanderbilts will havo another direct line, from the east U> Chieujjo. From. Philadelphia to Chiciigo tho line will bo 1TA) miles shorter than any now in existenco, Swuni; Oil l)j-th« SliorllT. CUMIIKULAND, Mil., Au;;. 31.—M. C. Gnr- litr. shot nnd killcxl his wife, who Inul luft him becniibo of his brutality, on tho strout iu this city March :10. Tho sheriff hung; him yesterday. Ho went iu his doom feiu-lessiy and euhnly. LIITLE ROOK, Ark., Aupr. 81.—William IVnlkor, colored, nnd Juck Kpaaiard, n Choctaw Indian, wt-ro bung ut Fort Smith yesterday. Spniiini'd's crima was the killing of Uuitod Stutes Djputy Mnrshiil Erwin, tiopt IS, 188.5* The Ilnir-Mllo H. < -i>i,l lirolicn. WE.ST CHUSTKK, N. Y., An.;. Ml.—The <x»ui*ae nt Morris jiark k -\<\. up jis (<.j i n''ntion uiiiw ran « )^' milt; IM i'; i'i, ubi.-h s 1^' s*>r- ouds better 'Ihati the TM »a -i to '.rl it tii.' ollior 1 1*.>;\-$ tlh'n; »sa.* ;i:.'h:n : l.'j '.|.i-iU'lud aUout Ihr tinu', u:ti."ii;ii Uiu c us- '.\as OMII- sid.Trtl l.s<;. •H... 1l I'HU' -."ivi. In numerous places in Sterling ikswf 11 as in the country round about, it waa unanimously resolved that Barney Hickle was right in saying: If e'er I furnish a house again, Prom bureau through to table — I'll buy of Reynold's llroa.— thut Is plein, . • " As soon aa I am able I'm tired of all the aitnsy trash,' That now my house doth Oil; In sitting down ther» is a crash 1 And ano her mending bill. Here, wife, you go to Reynolds Bros, now, • And buy our goods anew— And if I'm caught again, I swow, 1 hope a lire may burn them too. MANUFACTUBEU3 AND DEALEES IN Have now on hand in their large store room, the largest and best stock of House Furnishing Goods ever brought to this city. We Invite the public to call and examine our stock of Furniture, such aa l*avlor fcSetss, I">iningf Room Seta, Bed Room Set», Vv all JPaper, "Window Shades, I*ictvire F'rame**, I>rapery, ^Carpets, IVtachines. Prices Ihe Lowest We will not be undersoil Re-Upholstering a Specialty, Reynolds Bros., \VKST K!V!> KUKVITUKK HTttltK. HTRKI.IWU. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2,40 to $31O per hundred; MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS,'' BLUE RIBBON, .. 'C CAPITAL. CREAM SUNi DAISY. AH j.'t!aruntccd to prove up a« represented or'tetarn. We save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it, REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, H 'cut,' but

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