Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOtA DAILY REGKTER, FRIDAY EVENING, • OCT OBER 4,1912. V4 The loli^ Uany IlcKi»tcr : The lelt Dally Record and the lola Dally Indtx. THB BE018TER PUBLI8H1N0 CO. CHAS. F. HCOTT. I'r."*. unU Rdltor AdvartitlnK RHtPK Mna» Known on Appll oallon. Oftlelal Paptr City of tela. Ortlelal Paptr City of BaiMtt. omelal Paptr of Allan County. •UBBCRIPTION RATES. •V OaTrifr In lola. Qat City. Lanyon vllK Concrtto. LaHarp, and B«"««'^„„ 81;: S^;;!^ '^-i^ on. Tear ..-..y^-^ii.;,- • 8SSl^age'S:::::::::::»:»! TELEPHONES: business Office ][ Society Reporter " Job and BInderj- Dept « <• « EDITORIAL •> :«- COKKESP0M>E.\t'E <• • <• <• <• <• •> •:• MR. Ml'LV.VNE OPTIMISTIC. Chicago, Oct. •«.—••With the know: ledge'that Prcaldt-nf Taft la g.-iJ«ii)g isteadily, we shall push the campaiBn •to the limit during thu next nv< weeks," said Director Mulvaiie, in charge of the western bureau of tlip Republican National headquarters to- flay. "We are overcoming in markid ijepree the adverse coidillous wliitli existed a month :i8o. "What win be the priiicliial fealur*- 6f the campaign from now until eiic- tlon?" "Our chief effort will be to Impress . upon the country the danger in tiiv \ return of the IJemooratlc party tv Uower. If Woodrow Wilson is elected—and It will bi- I'ilher Taft or Wil- aon, for Roosevelt cannot possibly IK chosen—the nianufnclurcrs will know on the morninK of November li thai the tar4fT ^il| bo radically flianK''(l .There will then ensue many nionthf: , of anxious waltiuK. durlntc wlileli IIK buslnese nicn will curtail their work- inK force nud husband their resonrccr against the blow that In sure to fall When the new tariff law is enacted orders will go abroad for immense iiuantitleg of Koods. The withdrawa' q( orders from Amerloan factories will cau?c every plant to shut down . forco millions of men into idlenes; and line the side tracks with emi>iy cars. In order to pay the bills of tin foreign manufacturers we will be com pelled to export millions of dollars o! American gold. This will deplete th< bank reserves, and result In the calling of lo &ns, and the sacrificing of securities in order to raise ready money This means a financial panic." j"What other arguments are yoi Bending out?" "We are showing the people of Jlon- tana, New Mexico and Wyoming that the only salvation foe the great woo' industry of these States is in the retention of the Republican pivy i» power. National Committeeman Spiest of .Vcw Me.vico, tells me that we shnT carry that State on this issue. Tin " publication in Montana of a spe^c'' delivered by Ambassador Bryce in Australia recently, in which he toli" the Australian sheep raisers that they' will soon find a market in the Tnited Slates for a hundred million poundf of tbelr woo', has brought the Sfati into a reaiization of what a Democratic wool tariff will do for them Wyomiug is also .intensely interested ill this subject and we confid.^ntly expect that all thr^ - States will bi found in the Republican column/' "Will the taritr and the danger ot 8 Democratic administration be th<: only features emphasized?" "Not at I 'll. We arc laying stress upon the many achievements of Pros :deiit Taft—the construction of th Panama ranal, the impetus given by bim to world-wide iwace, the enactment of laws reco^imended and advocated by him for tht* betterment ol - social conditions, lila c«uih>nilcal and efficient administration of governmi-nt the stand taken by him to pruservc ihM integrity of the courts and lh« spirit of the Constitution. Wi> an also demonstrating that' rrtiddeut Taft did niori> in tlirec anil ouc-tiati years in the courageous and «frerilV« prosecution of alleged llUpil trusii- than his predecessor did iu si-wu ano a half years." "How ubout till- I'aiilli' (^oast Statesf •'My advices from tlregon sliow ilwi Roosevelt has io£t. trem.'ndous'ly in that Stale, particularly through his remarkable conduct in Portland wh'-re be exhibited all kUids of angei. Un the' other hand, senliuieut toivan! President Taft is deveiojtiiig slronsly in Oregon. In Washington, we know that the Republicans outnumber bctit the l>eriocrals and the Third Term­ ers "combined. We believe that th »r California peopk* will realize the n**- cessity of continuing protection tc their fruit and other industries. aii<i especially that they, will appri-ciat«' the necessity of having good limes it their exposition iu wliich tliey hav. invested seventeen million dollars is to jirove cj success." "Are corijditious iu the Middle W»si satisfactory?" "There are some Status, like Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, f wbere the Roosevelt peojile Jiave been or are still trying to'^teal the Republican electors, and in these States we have difficulties to contend with. We are -greatly encouraged however, by improved conditions in Minnesota. , MlGSouri. Wisconsin, Iowa and li'i- nols, while In Indiana the Democrats, who loudly claimed the state thijrt.v days ago, are now convinced th.ti they will have to make a tr-.roenJous figjU If they expect to win." "We have the situation well in hand," continued Mr. Mulvune, ••and - whilo i»e have not beer, sounding'any tnim^eU nor noisily attacking our opponeota, we have, nevertheless, been {earnestly at work perfecting tho orraalutlon. The campaign W in good [siiape todar. but from this Uoie 00 tStere will natunliy be a harder Soda crackers are more nutritive than any other flour food. Uneeda Biscuit are the perfect soda crackers. Therefore, Uneeda Biscuit. • Though the cost is but five cents, Uneeda Biscuit are too good, too i nouristiing, too crisp, to be bought merely as an economy. Buy them because of their freshness—buy them because of their crispness-—buy;them because of their goodness —buy them because of their nourishment. Always 5 cents. Al-^ ways fresh and crisp. IWIQNAL BISCUIT COMPANY dgbt witli brighter pvospfiis' for It.- :)ubl(ciin succuHH tlian liavi- li< cit •(> lent at any i^ii< sinc»- tlii< cauipat.-i: )pi'ned." I'.U'K'.S III.IPEPSIN KMtS IM>HJKSTH)\ mm COMES OOT FOB TAFT >II>s«nrl «Jo\ernor Decides to llenialit a Mepnblirnn-Ills l.elltr From I'n'slUenl Tafl. rime It! \o Sick, Sour, (iassy Stiwu- tirh. Ileartbiim or DyspppKla In \ Five Minutes. Vou don't want a slow roiiifdy \\\u-n •pur stomach is bad—or an uncertain mc-Vor a harmful one—your stoiuacii s too valuable; you musn't Injure it vith drastic drugs. Pape's Diapcpsln Is notetl for it'.-.peed In glvlnp relief; -it's liarinless- less; Ifs (Certain unfailing action in egnlatlnR: .sick. pour, gassy stoi-i- achs. It's millions of cures In indigestion, dyspepsia. gastriAs and otiier :foniacb trouble lia^ luade it famou.*.- he world over. Keep this iierfecl stomach doctor in ••our home—ki'cp it liand.v—get a'larjfe ifty-cent case from any drup stole ind then if anyone should eat SOIUP- hing \s-hich does^n^t agree with tbeni; i f what they eat lays like lead. ni. r- ; nients and sours and forms gas; causes headache, dizziness and nausea; '.Tuctatlons of acid and undlge.sted food—remember as .soon as Papes niai>epsln comes in contact witli the ; stomach all such distress vani.shes.' •fs promptness, certainty and ea.^e in •vercomlng the worst stomach d'sor- lers is a revelation to those who try it rii IT 'TBoii City, till. In a spci-ili toniij'iii at hourt house. C.ovcrnor Hailicy made jiublic aiinounci'ineiii tliat lie had r <-('<'ivi >d a mi'ssage from l'r«'sident Tafi's secretar.v slating lliat lhj< PresidKnt favored presidi>ntial primaries under slal<' regulations, and tliat that remov.d liio objections li*- lia«! pri'vious'y «'\>)reBsed re.!;:irilili}: his intention of supporting th.- I'n-si- dniit for re-election. The ocr :ision was a mMctinj: for .Tohii .McKiniey. tlie liepublicn:! nonii n<'i> fin- Govi-rnor, wlm, afti-r a L'-liour s|)ee<li was followed liy Hadley. Waslilngton. ! Oct. .'{.--Carmi A Thompson, secretary to the president. Mddres .sed a letter to (iovernor Hadley of Missouri tod ;iy. Mr. Thoiitpson qiiotcd from the- speech delivered in Boston last March in which the Pr <"s- idoKf declared lie f:ivored and welcomed primaries for tlie liresidenoy whenever they could be i-ffectiveiv safe.^it.-'rded b.V state laws, and addet! ••the I'r^'sident sus;gested tliat 1 say t" you lliHt he has iu uo_wi«e chaiiKetl iiis vji'ws, but adheres'(irmly to liosiiion as defined at tliat time/' Horn. We'lncsday. Oct. 2, ISTJ. to Mr. and Mrs. Joiin K.' Whltwortli. of south Third street, lola. a daughter. Yates Center .News: Paul Klein, candidate for state senator was over from Tola one day last week and ai- *ended a .sale in Woodson county where there was a hi(; crowd of men Th-'y do sny It was one grand rally III day for Klein. Chorryvale Republican: Tue.sda.v < v<nlni' a man from Savonbnrg arrived in rarscns, and n< .\i iiiornlm- lilf collie (log came trotting uii to !iin; on. thf streets, all worn ou; wiili irav- v'. Tin-dog''viilently'scenteil its mas. , n>T all till' way starting 8 <'v»-ral lunirs [afterward. _ • ; W. I.. Dukes, of Parsons. Is in tlx leltv <n business today. What's your time worth? Your time's your biggest asset. Time is money, and we're going to ask you to spend a //ff/e time investigating Peerless Rooling to save a /of of money. Will you do it? costs less in the Jirsf place than ordinary shingles. Vov can lay it yourself. Nails and cement and directions are included free with e\'cry roll. And once you've got that Peerless roof on your building, all expense (raset. No more repair bills. No more worries. That Peerless roof will be sound and good when you 're ready to replace the building it covers. Don 't those Tacts make it xvertA spendine a little time time on Peerless Prepared Rcofmjj? Come m and «ee us. We'll put our time against yours., Drop 'round ttJv- P.ll'L KI.EIX 1 • By IHWIN M. HOWC, OffKial Slatialiciaa ot the American Lca^na REMARKABLE CLIMAX OF CUBS-SOX WORLD'S SERIE3 T HIS I.s a.ttory of a Kame of thrills. A Ranie replete-with incident from bell to be^l. 'i hf < riir.ial rnnti ;-t of a iSeries that established a n-cuid for ntcchanieal PI <1 JI anil rold nerve. A came iu companiid by scenes • of wild i>!itliii.<ia.'.ni theret^foie unequalled. Tlic fifth game of . tho world^s series lutwe.n .Sox and riili .s, Oeiober I.!. I'l'ir.. No less than seven of the tv.<niy-one men en }:af ;<.'d Iu that inemorabJa Btrug{;le burnl-Oii'd brilliant n-putali! n;; to a still briuiiter hue that sun:!/ afternoon, and aiit.tber failed Jn a. bit of strat'-^y which If sKceessfiil wii:i\'. have won the ehaiiipionship. of the world lor the team whU-h lost. 'Mii- attempt failed bvcause of a cotnbincd dlsi>l;iy of ; l.ill and L-iain whji Jj )i- : ncviT belli exi -elleil. possibly never eipialtd. iu the annals, of la:i-lall Tlie actors in that ergwninj; :.-aiuiv of ail I'X. iting day wj -ru Jan. LS Tilden SIiec-Kaid, fas*, alert, brainy. "JIKKS" iionaUue. the' frail Hin-iNr wlioi'e aercili .ilio fo :its , ere a eaii;o for d::ily rwonder. ami i;eorKi! S. llavi;. renowcd ^hort tlt-bler. 0( the fi>nr preecillns: Kanies t'.u had been won Iiy eai -h t«':un. 'I'IM . v ot tho .>iu had been won by a Iticky break and it was thouKbt tliat tii<- t»'am wliieii Won the tbini vietui.v would Iio Miire to take Ibo sl.\tli and deeidlllK Kanie. Sueh W :iS tli<- To nihle.o thi.-' ri.^iilt, bowi 'Vi -r. American lea );nt< eliaiiii'liuis itir<-\v loiin to till' winili. Thi-y. the hilli -.t :i "wontlers'^ and j:iiro nmi fni^t lli-liler!!, lur:inio for the day heavy shi^'.^reii and \ini:erlain lleldeis. whieh aei -.iuiii- ed fur the plays vvhli-li niadu tin- a - iembled thousands lU siiliji-cts lor th | Inad hiMl.'t*. ' The Kanio was play.ii at Cii Wagons At a Bargaira! Wf liaie OH ilivplaj iJinl-ii; V.airons, ui-il liuill. liiuli c!a>s. world- faii'.ed. ttliita '.lili :;iie seri !"«ir jcars. U-n f.irja .rtn-K.>;, nilb wide !;ri- . ;;;;.l'i-;! irniiil' l.tii i j;.i:..t; .1 a liii;- lejjtiii- lor I.all' a cen- lary aad :IM- I.I:I..'..I .lil in:-r li.i- u:<''-ie. So- llii°-e laria f< IIM-II-'. at unr place and li'i i;,^ >.'iii,\ ;ii:i ll .'s i-i <.iiiiiii,i a>id mmd !>i:--:iir'~s lu buy IbeMi. sen LICK & ABTS ll .sTi:Ki;r »«;i; rii.Ki'iioXK 815 I iii> r«ini—JMM— • I Above All Venn's Bread ThafsAU Jainco Tllden Shccl«.ird. I'arif .-.lid a: Ii.' la.-^l of the cii:htli InnlnK lu-|i;an the reore stoixl s to c. ill IT'VI.)- I .I ihi' Wiiiti- ^'dv 'lliat lie r.ime than l'i^rllt r\\\u\ bad lir< ii senrnl i by the vl ilnir- was tliie to till' larl thai several lie:ir niliaelr.i b:iil l.ii ii pe!- ' riii::i <.l \y tin- : ^iTc- ymiiiK Ciili;: luadf <N S(M Kite, as /lr.-;t IJi 'iilliai b imd tb. it i'!ii':i'r li :iii l.i i ii i!ii\iii In ii>ver I y I'lo rain of base lilts fieni tin- lal.'; ii their iiv;ils. .Viri;i Kins errors by !!.'•• .-•ns and timely drives b;'.il,!eil iln- Ciili; 1 .1 i.ii I' (lanpt .'oa !y elo .'-e. ;;nd. as .lehn KliiiK ranie up t4) opi -n their li.ilf of ll'.e i -i -.I.lli tlii;.' '.viie Klill hoi efiil. ininj; s'oiir.iled nut and Overall stnie 'K out. 'll,. n Isliell liiMliled Sheeliaur:; drive. Tbi.s wa.s the eii.-is. Si-liiilti-. the onl.v eare fr -e ! i r .--(>ii In all that niiiltitnde, was next iip. Twice during th;- K'lnie be bad eoniuded for lInK 'niK bits olt Walsh. bi :t this time he laeeil Willie and his .sliadouy Boutlipaw curve. The baiter connected with the ball as it frii'.id a\\;iy ovi r the outside corner and diibbled a slow bounder towards >l ;eit. for the Kos the fi.'iine "wa.s a!nio ---t lost. For the Cubs .'i world's [.eniiaiil «a.~ ileal ly won. Third Haseiiian Hohu iilc -ked up this irroiii.tit r and I'-aili- a I..te, low throw ti.wald first. Djvis bad also made a play tlje I:.II. 1< aviiii; third bai -;e uiieuvercd. Sheckard n <it «?d the openint; and «ltl:<;iii 1.. • ilali:-.:; ui M-rond coiitlniied to third. At the same Instant Ikivl:-. nali;:i<l l!:e dar .uer of tiie !-itii;ilioii and, wheellnf? abmit, raeeil with till! II: ii:*,; ri;iii:-r K.r il.c b.f:. I 'nr k of first where he had recovered the iiall no -i;.'Mie i!:iietl a ibit w v.liich with marvelous skill' llavis raiiKhi with one har.ii and toii< Led the runner, an instant bcfcro they reached ilic base, over '.Wiiili liiey <-<:! i<;< il aiiil I 'l il. ri-.vis held t!i»> liall. Tin,- innioK wa-; over. Thi' nuir .e was v .cn. Oui.v the la.- 1 spilce that fasteui :| ilie v orM 's 'ebami >l••n ^bip W .ik to ll:e V\'bite Sox i last reie .ained to be driven honiu. and Ibat wa.-i an ea:.K ea- 0 !i the r.,!lo'- i:-.; dny. • '•-•hill. v.>:-\ l>v .1 .pii r.. i: .wV -s.) wmu\ THE mm \m t'li. i:( KM;K .II.\KK.S ction. Iiila Priidiirl in be Installed In Stulili> Hume. Fumous PiiblirisI the Speaker on "Taesdav, (lelelier !l, llemocnitie l»iiy. Cieorpo Fred Willlains. lln- fMiuo'l s piiblieisi and li-eliirer.. will deliver an address al the .Moraii fair na ne\; Tuesdiiy. Oetolier '<•, Deiiiocriitle day Mr. Wllli.inis will lii-tiin spe :ikinK i p ni Ndliee (if -.Mr. Williams^ eoinin« In .-Mien eounty was ri-^-elvcii ninrn- ln« by T. V /.jeuler. eliairiiiaii of IIH- Deiiioer .Miie eeniral ^iliuidt I Ar- niiik:eiiienis w-r-- iniiuedl ;iie!> ,.;iariei III seiiil a lai.i:e inivMl el l.ilaii -i 10 Mii- raii 111 !'i 'ei I and bear .Mr \\ llliaiiis \ IM IISt>\ t|. I.IMTIlf. Vi\r V.\vr\ J'l-i-fin \\\tu .Suffers |-'nini Ke /.rmiu "i w.-riit iiO" Willi -"Ter fnii'i l;ln iti.uldi'- kiiiiw t'• "ere is n • tll'i-r leri-.' iijiial tn ' - S:!i^e 1 •;n! M -1, - IV utile M.' • u\\ t-anil t w:i.« lit- a l.urn in ai" "ire,, liu: i :e!i.-| am! sM -irleil di Ifally ?.l. • .-,n,.,i ;i ,.,,:nvA. T'e firsj :ii- plication of Paxo Salve relieveii t-: a7id soi .ii cured tli.-tn ertirely and f«>:- cracks in tlie fiii.i:er.-- S: o Salve doe; wonder.-J."--Mrs W. f Creve. I'.in.c- haniiiin. .V. Y. i/'tier-: liki' t!ie above are conlin- •lally ei !!i )inir in pnivini:, t )i :it tlx- jien- •ri 'Mnir nptiM-ptle iind liealini; jiower •)f .Saxo .^'iilve is remarkable In -i!! kind.-; nf erzi -iiia. saH-rheatn. I< Iter. •inrljer'^ 't.-li or any skin affei-tioii. Try S :iM) MI our uuaranti.' t.> -ii<-- liaik vour •••••.iiey u v ilut-- no! iie'p you. HurreH's I)rii!< Store. FINDIM; IHIMKS FOK DOKS. JOII.N r. TVLKK PreVident 101. A, K.VNSAS. S TRUNG c (Vm m ere m 1 courses; thorough course in automohiling. Gregg a!nd Kclcctic shorthand. The Rovve budget system of book keeping und' accountaiicy, which has been brought down to conform with the practice of accountants today. • • . You can't afford to study anything b^ tlie best, and. tliat is what you find at the lola Business College Cnninr.x Casf Astriv Find Friends ThroMcli Piilleo Oilire. DOB owners who do not ear,' i.i p:'v tuxes on their pets are iidvisiiii: il 'e •^olice that anv person who yv. ii's a doK and is willini; to pay ihe 't .-ix ntav be !^op>dii'd A number of h!'.;l; born, faiily Inie'li-reni c.inines are list-.; '.amonj; those to be piven nw.iy a'"? the nolic' departiui 'Ut is aetini: us 'V>' i medium through wliich ' tli • iHr.^nn desirine a doK und tb« doj: «M y ; meet. Most of thr- calls for Uois are coming from farms. Mr3,C!i:is. Perry, of Cli:in !:te. is vi^-. 1 itinp in /the city. K A. Sicrins nnd M Fr.tnt is of Cif- f+yvilie are in the city today on bu.i- nesE. The •re .'^.curi- spra.v oil bune r !•; ••••ill.-ii la 'he Si'ibli <i 'luililin:; :'i "'is.- In. Ill, tile emir! Iioii.-Ji.. proveil s • .i-Ml i.-T -yel .rv tli .ii ;iii '>:iii.r wa-; :;i -eii .Mr. rniuch. ilie re.;ireS '-nlaiive. in in MM'I :I sii:ii!ar lualliii- i .!;.iii in tin lirune ol" C-e.iri'nr W. I( .s!i |lb !)S on Wiiidiiiili Iiill. .••ii .I wnrU i-i it; ii> sttillaiion v.lll IM-JIII sboriU-. >lr. .1 K. Sinlilis is (iiiiiti-il ;s sayiir.; tin- new lleatilif. Iili -ll'od ;ierrei -lly SMlistae ;orv ill "Vei y res|i"e| and "JIM-S prnm i ;i nf lirlii .'Jn); ;is lilili-li Joy :i>. Ileal ill!' Willi LaivVence C .aieiie v.v.w.w. I linrolhx !•: I 'lill \ October :t. I' II Itees lell Siini';i< fi -r llelinl.soll. Te \a-'. win-re he will; uiirk tills cniniiiK wiiiier I -Cii Ariinlil In I'-s .Mnin- I.ijt j •Vl ek tn xMirk tl.i-; wiiijer . Mi>s .le-.»Ie Cnblue!). nf l'arl>le. i MS i.-llii .ir .Mr.-; !-• II Cliilil: witli lier ll.'llM- Wl 'lk .Mis- >'e.-n! Hn'.ei nnd l'.,'i> 'eft .Mnii'.lay f'lr a ii:.iutir.s visit wit'; .•i-lalives in Kansa.-; City and Topeak .Mr-- 'I" K llosw.rrii and son. rarl. 'ven! tn lxin;;;nn. Kansas. Tiie.-;iiay to \\ =t • p'-it'veJ. 71. I>. Sjiieer a new cement pure?, on bis hardware sinro. Morris Tarnian came iiii from lob' Saturday and \isited over Sand:iy will relative.-. .Miss .Veil lioiin.q; i.~ stayini' witi Mrs. Ceo. Arnold while Mr. Arnold i- Kone. Riicene Tarnian lias opened a barber slinp in .1. P. I-eaviti'.-. biiildini; aui' is prepared to sive you a share or bail cut any time you need it. Miss Louise Sheldon, of Oifaire City, is liere vlsitini; her parents Several from here aftendeil l!ie funeral of Mrs. Sutherlanil al Carlyle Wedne.«da.v. T.en Curtis."; and family went to Yates Center Thursday. .Mrs. .Mary Coan retiirnid to liei boiiie i^ Kansas City Thursday. THOS. H. BOWLUS, FresldenI J. V. SCOTT, CaiMer Allen County State Bank * lOLA, KANSAS KSTABLISUED A QUAUTKR OF A CENTrKY. Capitai Surplus Deposits mooo.oo $40,000.00 $550,000.00 l>Ti;i{KST PAIII U.\ TI.MK DKPtlSITS SAFKTy DEPOSIT HOXF.H FOB RKKT A NEW RELIEF FOR UPSET STOMACHF .\ Certain relief has been found fo- .•JioHLTeh di^nrdJlri*. It iliijpsis ftioii aids assimilation. preveni.-« smmae^ (jas .relieves indiiieEtion instantly am' cures dyspepsia. remedy i.>I called ••nisseslif-lJrnwn '^s little lal.- ; let easy to swallow and absolutejy ' harmless. It has broucht relief to jtliousand.s Your monev bti-k* if it falls to ralieve you—oOc. B.irrell's Orug Store.. .1. I», AIIM-TT, Prrsldtnl .M»i: .MrKI.M.i:V. Cunhler J. F. Mtill. Vlie.PresIdenl. I". (. Mil I.\l\, Asst Ca«b. lOl.ONKI. i.AWOS, 2nd \ In-Presldeni, State ^iaving.s Bank CAPrrAL <a .>,iim) siRPur.s i-ijm lOLA, KANSAS Wo Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Havings Ac- count.s. Safety J)ei:osit Boxes I'Vce to our Customers.- i - lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock ............ $25,000.00 Surplus ...1. $12,500.00 | WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. r. H«RriI,LE. Pres. W. S. KA^FJf AS. 2nd TIee Prifc J. II. CAMrilELL, CaahJer. *.W. BKCK. VI .e .Pre.s, K. II. BEXSOX, A »U CM\Ur t • • j X SAFETT DEPOSIT KOIE.S FOR RE.VT. \ 0 Have you something to sell? Do "you want to buy? Have you a house for rent? Have you something you want to tnide? Tt »il vour wants thnuigh the Rejerister. Tell your Wants to 20,000 People through Tlie Resiati^

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