Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 20, 1903 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1903
Page 10
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•I 1 .1 #l^k Wool DreSsOt - Wlesstliiiin^ wholesale A ... ;..„•'• ..cost..;.;:/:;; s-i ,i • 250 regular, final tole^^rice.... —.. .;19o J 35c-regiiliar, final sale price,... >, 25o. r6pc regular, final sale price ......... .38c > 76c regular, final sale price , .65c 86c regular, final rale price.......... 62ic $1.00 regular, fiiial sale price .... .76 2-3c '•• 1.25 regular,/final sale price..;...:. .86c 1.50 regi^ilar, final sale price. . i. .. .fl.l2 1.75 regular, I final sale price....... 1.26 2.00 regular; final sale price.. i.|1.52i Colored.^^ in all tile llatelt fb^fS^ « dpfln^tfc weaves .25o regular, final taepri ........ \B>\o 36c regular, final price. 26o 50o regular, final sale price ....... • .37Jc 75c regular, final sale price ..........50c 85c regular, final sale price .65c $1.00 regular, final sa^e price....... i. 75c 1.25 regular, final sale price.......86c 1.50 regular, final sale price ...... .$1.12 1.76 regular, final sale price 1,26 2,00 ri^ular, final sale pride..... .$1.52^ I - Black and Cpiofs will ht laid out on out Jcotrntefs and Regardless of Cost 5 QIQ regul'fti 7do 85d Noivf fW Choice Barjaimt , final sale price. .. f... .33 1^3c regulatL final sale ptice.. .1 . v..,. 52 jc. regulaij, final sale price...!.... J .62^0 Thejse beautiful waisiings \ are the- ^ choicfiist bargains In th^ house and MOD Fancy FreflQh 15cfor..l0ic 20c forv.. 15c 25c for. ..17c Toill de Nords 12^c for. .Sic imoskeag Giog* hams '8-l-3c for 0^0 Petcales 7^0 fbr.. .5ic 10c for.. .7^c 12^cfor93-4c 15d iorl01-2c White goods all that's left regardless of cost. Cheviots Bleached Eastlake afld 15c Uflbleaclied per yard all go at net for whole factory IOC prices while they last. 30 pieces fancy silkoline regular price 15c all go for.......L Sit Crettoiines and Denums at net cost Ladies Doderwear lo Hsslifl aod Kiit The stock is such that it might be disappointing to quote prices as the sales; in this department are immense closing ot quotatlo ns every day. Ladies Wrappers. What there's left at «ver you think| is rig"ht. i is here the pri(^ \vill be We must sell'Em, -and regardiess of w;hat -they r All sizes, butj only a 'TheCpst comewiil get Bnd best choice. prices what- If your size low enough. will sell 'em cost. few of a size, the bargaiin^ Notions. It is simply impossible to quote prices here the immense varifety makes it so, but it will pay every lady in Allen County to visit this department and get some of the choice things at the lowest pnices ever offered for new Clean Npti6n8 worth 100 cents on the dollar anywhere. ! > Buck of Fancy Co^r<id Dress Shirts Ihat soM at $1.00, 1.25 i^^ The Founiain fancy shirts aiU a'zes, regular 7'w' $1.0Ci shirt neCelebnfed lanhatten Shirts $1.50 quality for. $1.14 2.00 quality for 1.50 2.50 quality! for...... 1.83 Tliis is a snap never to be repeated. Summer Wash Goods at Sing: Song Pnce^. All ^ New Qobds 5c regular, final sale price 3^c 1\c regular, final sale price 5c 8^0 regular, final sale price Gc 10c regular, final sale price ..' Ih 12^c regular, final sale price 8c 15c regular, final sale price lO^c 16^0 regular, final sale price 12ic 20c regular, final sale price 15c 25c regular, final sale price....... 19c 30c regular, final sale price 2Jc 35c regular, final sale price .. 1... 25cj 40c regular, final sale price... I.. .29 (1 50o regular, final Sdle price .. 1 ... 35c 60c regular, final sale price. .. L. ..42ic 75c regular, final sale erice... ^.. .50c 85c regular, final sale price ... I 56c $1.00 regular, final saleprice . i.. .75c ^ In quoting these prices that the godds will bt here more than a few days'* dissapointments an always the results of delaying. I • No store in existence anywhere today wU sell you wash goods at such prices. CURTAINSrCarrying d Very Large Stock pkled id In an endless variety of new designs and weaves. We are com slaughter prices without considering cost. 75c a pair for 47* a5c apairfor 57ic 1.00 a pair for 68 1.25 a pair for 79c 1.50 a pair for i)S)c 1.75 a pair for 81.15 2.00 a pair for ,1.37i 2.25 a pair for 1.53 2.50 a pair for, 3.00 a pair for. 3.25 a pair for. 3^50 a pair for. 4.00 a pair for. 5.00 a pair for. 0.00 a pair for .1.82i .2.18i .2.48i .2.621 .2.82i .3.8-i ..4.23 •6.50 ia pair for.. 7.0O a pair for . 7.50 ft pair for . 8.00 a pair for . 8.50 a pair for . 10.00 a pair j for. 15.00 a pair for. ....4.82| .....5.Tq 5, If 6,ia ... :G.73 7.48 Unnecessaty to qoote prices they are setting fast* The greatest of Shoe Departments in lola. The wett known makes in this department need no recommendation from os; the people know them. Hosiery=-An Every Day Necessity Hisses Black and Colors ; sizes 4 to 9i lOcfor 7 l-2c 15c for 9 l-2c- 25c for ,19c 35c for. 25c Ladies Blacks iOcfor .7 l-2c 15c for 9 1.2c 25c for ....19c' 35c for. .... 25c Bu^ While. .You. Oaia. at Colors aod Faocjjrs 50c for...'......]... 38c 66c for i. • 11.00 for.....I. 1.50 for........ : .-5710 ...75c I. $1.05 2.00fbr........i. 1.33 „ We Wish to See All Oor Old PatfoiK) Before We ; • • • Every Day Slaughters I I A »- -». » , Bleacbed Damask Table Coyeriflg At fabulously low pricfee. 50c for .....38c 75cfor ............55c $1.00 for ..,..75c 81-25 for 85c 81.50' for ..81.0:> $1.75 for >$1.25 $2.00*for i .-.$1.48 Ble ached Table Napkins. $1.00 per $1.25 per $1,50 per $1.75 per $2 00 per f2.50 per 8,1.00 per 53.50 per, 84.00 per set, for . set, for . set, for. set, for •. set, for . set, for . set, for., set, for . set for ., .... ...7oc- .....L .85C .'...,81.05 $1,25? :S1.53 81.80. 82.27*; ......S2.43" ..,..|3,m Mens NeckWear. 2,'>c kind for,.; 50c kind for.. I 75c kind for... ... $1.00 kind for. All up-to-date. ......19c ......38c 38c .......721 Mens Sox, IQp kind for .I ......J..'.. 71c . 14c kind for ;..10ic 2 .0C kindJfor ;. Ilk; 35o kind for ...25c : 50ckiudfor ,....;> :..38e ; Mens Collai's. New Styles, 15c quality gO-:. A for..'. ......^,...y..|r.."; Mens Cutis, ' The late shapes; best nfakes. 2 .TC kind for... 50c kind for l=2c .19fr' .48<g Chinese and Jap Listen 15c regular for..., 20c regular for ... 25c regulaf for.... 35c regular for.... 50c regular for.. 50c regular for ... 60c regular for ... 75c regular for.... ..aic ..:15c ...18c ...25c ;..32c .:.39c ..47ic .;.65c Not Many Mori Qhmxs

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