Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1938
Page 3
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NayemHer 28.1988 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS H we live when Do lIBie 1111 If we live on when Death has closed n door, How shall the clog who loves us live no more? For If "soul" Is that force we love with, sny, Who loves more than dogs in their brief day? c And since God's Heaven harbors righteousness And love, and fnith', and courage, I confess I find those virtues thriving royally In dogs, who serve their gods so loyally And so my little friend, we feel that you Somewhere out there beyond Husky's cool blue, Arc waiting to take us to the park. The highest park in Heaven; that your bark . Will wildly welcome us upon that day When we arrive at last and we stray Thru shady uplands or along the shore Where you may race unleashed, forevermore. —Selected The above poem 1s dedicated to our little day "The Bishop" who came to live with us just a few short months ago, but whose love and loyalty will rnger on. The Bishop passed on to join Dock, Billy Mclnlyre and all other dogs who have loved and been loved |inuch. Rehearsal for "The Messiah" is called fori7:15 Tuesday night at the First Methodist church. & 1 VT -o' - Mr,' r ,and Mrs. Surrey Gillani and children 'Margery Ann and Bobbie, who were Thanksgiving week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. La- Gronc, have returned to their home in El Dorado. Miss Helen McRuc of Fort Worth, Texas, and Mrs. Jack Meek and daughter, Carolyn, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRac. Fronds will regret to know that Mrs. B. R. Hamm is ill at her home on South Main street. —O— Mrs. Merlin Coop has returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Wynne, Ark.. W .F. Bridewell of Marshall, Texas, was the Thanksgiving .Day guest of his mother, Mrs. C. A. Bridewell. The Melrose Home Demonstration club will hold a business meeting at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly 1001 Park Drive and all members are urged to be present as plans for the Decem- b(jr meeting will be made. The Board of Christian Education of the First Methodist church will meet at 7:30 this (Monday) evening at tile home of the chairman, Mrs. Ralph Routon. -O- Ike T. Bell and Miss Maggie Bell were Sunday guests of the Fred Marshalls in Tcxarkana. Mrs. C. E. Bell of Texarkana is the guest of her sister, Mrs. R. O. Bride- well and Mr. Bridewell. Mrs. W. 0. Allison has returned from a Thanksgiving visit with .relatives in Longview, Texas. —O— Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McCrary and children of Lonokc were Sunday guests of relatives in the city. -O- Of interest to the may friends of the groom-elect in this city is the announcement made today by Mr; and Mrs. Hal Lamhdin of the engagement of their only daughter, Clara Harris, to Mr. John Sidney Waddle of New Orleans, formerly of Hope, Ark. The bride-to-be graduated from Washington Seminary, and later attended Brc- natt College in Guinsville, Ga., where she was n member of the Phi Mu National Sorority. Descendant from old Georgia families, she is the great grand daughter of two promienl educators of the South, and is, the grand daughter of the l,ate Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Harris, pioneer citizens of Columbus, Gn. Her paternal parents are the laic beloved Federal Judge and Mrs. W. W. Lamdin of Savannah. She is a member of the Girl's Circle of Tallulah Falls and the rinybun Gap Nacochco Guild. Mr. .Waddle is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Claud Waddle of Hope. Until two years ago John Sidney resided In Atlanta, but for the past few years has made his home in New Orleans, where ho is assistant manager of the New Orleans division of Armour Fertilizer Works. The wedding will be an important evert of the winter. Q Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Chancy, Mrs. R. P. Moore, Mr. Chas A. Vancliver and son Chas, all of Bold Knob, Ark., were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bluford Chancy and little daughter, Laura Ellen. -O- Miss Loy Fay Miller, who has been attending the Chillicothc Business College, Chillicolhc, Mo., has completed her course of training there in both secretarial and commercial work and has been awarded her diploma. Loy Fay isv the daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. C. Miller of Hope. —O— Miss Oltavone Breeding, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Breeding, formerly of this city, and George Talton of Mindcn, La., were married in Opelousas. La.. Friday, November 25, at 11 a. m. The couple will make their home in .Mindcn, La. John T.Flynn Says: (Continued h-orn Page One) DOUBLE FEATURES EVERY DAY! MONDAY "Saturdays lleros" I and Shirley Temple, in | "Wee Willie Winkle" dry up all capital investment. The business inert can make large profits, since everybody is employed and wages arc low, but he is allowed (o keep so little of his profits that you cannot imagine him investing any of what he docs retain to make farther profits which will do him so little good. Therefore, investment ends. And as investment comes to an end the govenmcnt must slop in to supply its place by govenmont sup- poled industies. The effect of this will ic gradually to extinguish the cap- talist sysleW entirely and thus what tarted out to be a last-ditch fight o save capitalism, ends by growing 'nto a collectivist state. But it is a :ollcctivi.st slate built upon the com- ilee expropriation of the capitalist and niddle classes without corresponding- TUE - WED - THUR "KING KONG" and "Nancy Drew Detective" MON. - TUE. TYRONE POWER LORETTA YOUNU ANNABELLA in "SUEZ" WEDENESDAY ONLY Dick Powell and Olivia DeHavilland in "HARD TO GET" LAST TIMES MONDAY Gene Stratum Purturs:- Piiivnts Academy Award Wimicr- "Kuiiiance of The Limburlost" With JEAN I'AUKER - ERIC LINDEN Plus:- t'arl<:im-Novcll,v-Ni.'ivs TUESDAY ONLY -ON THE STAGE- At 3:30 and 8:50 'Lee's Society Cidcus' With Trained Dogs, Ponies, Goats, Monkeys and (mi 1 , of the three living Teddy Hears in the United States. — On The Screen — TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY DOUBLE FEATURES Chirk Gallic Lore (la Young Jack Oakiu In "Call of The Wild" Ann Nagel Robert Kent in "GANG BULLETS" face That All Seal Campaign In England Loves Hope fe Started Grade Fields, English comedienne, came to the United Stales on board the Normandie and promptly showed photographers what it is that makes her the highest paid comic actress in Great Britain; Flood and Tornado (Continued from Page Onej Shoe Sale TOMORROW AND WEDNESDAY $5.00 and $6.00 Shoes $2.OO Here we go with a real Shoe Sale, more than 200 pairs to choose from. In styles for every occasion. SUEDES CALFSKINS PATENTS Sizes AAA to B Ladies Specialty Shop Town of Fulton W. O. Horton i.oo Winston Butler i.oo Mandy Houston l[flO Harvey Williams ...'. liflO Willie Belcher i.oo William Turner, Jr. 1,00 Floyd Walker i[oO Mrs. Bessie Battle lloo Mrs. I. E. Odoin 1.00 Dale Wallurt i.oo Thomas Duffie 1.00 Cleveland Wafer l 00 W. A. Campbell ............'........ 1.00 Will Holmes i.oo Joe McClain §1.00 James Smith l.QO William Turner, Sr llflO Ella Allen J.QO Wade Chcalbam 1.00 W. E. Cox & Sons 20.00 K. G. Dudney i.oo J. E. Wilson i.oo Herbert Cox ] 00 Will McGill LOO J. I. Odom 1.00' Fulton Colored School 1.5Q 1,00 1.00 1.00 1.00 . 1.00 First 20 Purchasers Are Announced by Chairman Pilkinton Names of the first 20 purchasers of Christmas Seals in Hope were announced today by James H. Pilkinton, Hompstcnd county chairman of the Seal Drive. They arc us follows: . Dr. L. M. Lile, Olin Lewis, Citizens National Bank, T. S. McDavitt Cotton company, Louie Carson, W.'S. Atkins, I. L. Pilkinton, L. P. Higgason, E. P. Stewart, Mrs. Robert Wilson, Ritchie Grocer Company. Aubrey Albrilton, Arkansas- Machine company, Harry Lemley, James H. Pilkinton, Ray McDowell, W. Kendall Lemley, Hope Auto Company, Mrs. Edgar Briant, Temple Cotton Oil Company. "If all who receive seals in the mail will pay for them promptly and then use the seals, they will be doing extra service in the campaign," Mr. Pilkinton said. "Prompt returns are most heartening in the seal sale," he continued. "It has been said that 'he gives twice who gives quickly 1 . Early payment for seals saves time, energy and money and we hope the people of the city will continue to respond promptly as they have done thus far in the campaign. Just how creditable a showing Hempstead county will make will depend on how many seals all of us buy or 'use on our holiday mail and packages." Mayor, Treasurer, (Continued from Page One) Zinn, C. G. Coffee. Sheriff, Tom Billingsley, Jr. Ward Four— Judges N. U, Cassidy, Homer Pigg, Lee Brown. Alternate Judges, L. B. Breed, J. W. Jones, McRae Cox. Clerks, H, D. Linker, Robert Massey. Alternate Clerks, Marvin Walterson, Jack Sullivan. Sheriff Chas. Hanson, Sr.. Voting Qualifications A statement in regard to voting qualifications was issued by Ed VanSickle, chairman, and secretary. Central Committee. Their follows: QUALIFICATION OF VOTERS -In A. Tnte J. C. Orion ...' Dr. Darnall " O Robins Mr. Jines Other Donations Mr. Putman i.oo T. H. Seymour i.oo Fulton School 5,00 J. B. Shults i.oo Brooks Shults l 00 Mrs. W. E. Cox Sr '... 100. C. D. Lester i.oo John Con way 1.00 Tom Currey 1.00 Demma Seymour 1.00 J. E.,Peterson 1.00 Miss Ina Logan 1.00 E. A. Thompson 1.00 Ben Wilson 1.00 Pat Lester l 00 H. BCII ;;; i. 0 o Buggies Dairy 1.00 Reginald Bcarclen 1.00 Boy Scout Troop 58 1.00 John C. Turner 1.00 Harry Segnar 1.00 Joe Houston 1.00 S. L. Murphy _ l.BO W. H. Bournt 1.00 Jimmic Derris 1.00 W. Cooper 25 Ella J. Verger 1.00 Naomi Ycrgcr 1.00 E. N. Glover 1.00 T. A. Hamilton 1.00 Mrs. Alfretta Walker 1.00 Mrs. Johnnie Washington 50 'Mrs. Emma Cooper 50 Mrs. Edna N. Glover 1.00 Mrs. Georgia L. Ycrger 1.00 Tyler Raincy l.QO Mr. J. A. Harris 1.00 Miss Eloi.s Patterson 50 Dr. R. C. Lewis 1.00 Hicks Funeral Homo 1.00 Lewis Grocery 1.00 Mrs. J. T. Moore 1.00 William H. Mann 1.00 Joe R. Floyd l.QO Hulsoy Grise i.oo Wayne; C. Fletcher 1.00 CVornclia V. Lee 1.00 Marie J. Gean i.flo Bus Tunstall i.oo Hope Furniture Co 5.00 Kline Snydcr 1.00 order to be qualified to vote one must ° be a , m(ember ° £ ™ P*^ have resided in the State one year. bo a wh)te ^ahfied elector, the county six months, and the pro cincy 30 days; must have paid a poll tax, or have bjecome of age April 10, 1937. American Girl Tells of Nazi Horror THEAT1RS ''They seemed drunk"—Pretty lone Robinson, art student, describing Nazi moves against Jews. Pictured in New York on return from Germany At the New Lee's Society Circus with trained dogs, ponies and goats featuring Hoover & Snow, opens Tuesday at the New Theatre. Pilot, the pony with the "human brain" can actually count, add, sub- ti^act and tell the time of day. See Teddy, one of the three living Teddy bears in the United States today. Tippy, the little dog, diving from a big ladder—old Joe the tight wire walking monkey—PeeWee and Buck Shot those funny goats—freaks and curiosities gathered • from all parts of the world. With a company of four people, the performances at 3:30 and 8:30 p.m. Jesting a full hour in addition to the double-feature screen program for Tuesday and Wednesday which consists of Jack London's "Call of the Wild" starring Clark Gable and Loretta Young with Jack Oakie. Also a new Monogram release "Gang Bullets" with Anne Nagel and Robert Kent. ^ mm* They Have a Hobby —Digging for Gold HELENA, Mont. —(/?) —Outside of working hours two Helena businessmen, father and son, have become good miners with their "diggings" inside the city limits. The two, Dean Kranich, clerk in the federal district court, and his father, George, are sinking a shaft in their backyard. They intend to dig until they strike granite, estimated to be 125 feet below the surface. "It's entirely an'elbow grease job to give us exercise,' says Dean. Their theory is that there should be a deposit of gold, at bedrock, carried —The name of the voter must appear in the pfficial list of voters, or the voter must furnish to the election officials a pall tax receipt for the year. 1937, paid in 1938, or make affidavit as to having attained legal age since April 10, 1937. Poll tax receipts exhibited to officials should be filed with such officials. No one is qualified to vote "unless he can meet these requirements. UNLAWFULLY SOLICITING VOTES'—It is unlawful for any candidate, or the representative of any candidate, ckle, chairman, and J P Duffie or l "° representative 01 any candidate, crelary, of the City Democratic to r:ppear a round th e polling precincts intral Committee. Their statement '«nd hand out JiteraVure or solicit votes. QUALIFIED VOTERS— The rules of the Democratic Party provied that to be a'member of the party, one must A spider, native to Australia and since measureing only one-fourtieth of an •i—--,--.... infch, is said to be the smallest of EVIDENCE OF QUALIFICATIONS this insectlike class. .Two More Grass Fires Break Out On Monday The two fire alarms Monday afternoon turned out to. be grass fires on South. Walnut street, and on Houston street, northern part of the city. No damage was reported by firemen. During the month of October the Fire Department was called to 23 grass fires. The list during November has not been totaled, but firemen expressed the opinion that it would probably top last Month's grass fires Caught Cold? jjP^ To relieve distress—rub throat, chest, back with lVVAPOR UB USED BY 3 MOTHERS OUT OF 5 there by seepage through . Gold has been found at other jsta&f 4 inside Helena's city limits. for Head COLDS **M0" A IE you at the mercy of a snuffy, sneezy. smothery head cold right now? Cheer up! A little Mentholatum, applied In each nostril, will soothe the Irritated nasal membranes, help check the sneezing and relieve the stuffiness. Also rub Mentholatum vigorously on the chest and back to, stimulate sluggish circulation. You'll be grateful for Mentholatum's effective relief. , MENTHOLATUM Cirff COMFOR.T Daily SALE WINTER COATS Sport Coats for AH Around Daytime Wear. $10.95 LADIES Specialty Shop TO MY FRIENDS Hope will continue to be my permanent home as it has been the past eight years. True, I have sold my lumber business but I have other business interests in Hope that will require my time and necessitate my home being here. I ask'your'support on November 30 for my candidacy for Alderman Ward 1. Phone 840 or 337 for Free Transportation to the Polls. J.R. WILLIAMS YOU CAN $930.07 Briants Florist went 100 per cent. ly emancipating the worker. It has in it the seeds of disintegration not only because of its economic weaknesses, but because of its political weaknesses, for presently all classes will oppose it. Violence, Scarcity, Crackup On the purely political side, the regime is founded on violence and scarcity. The scarcity is bound to increase and, with it, the discontent. The German is a person accustomed to a better life, unlike the Russian who never had anything. The German stomach becomes a factor in the equation But also the men at the top inevitably will fall out. Already there has been one falling out and one bloody purge. There will be others. No revolutionary regime based on brutal violence has ever escaped the quwrels of the leaders. These two factors, plus the spiritual forces at work—the resentment of Catholics and large numbers of Prot- eslanls. 'added to the econo'm'ic factors —makes the crack-up of the regime inevitable No one, of course, can put his finger on the date of the crack. But it must come Copyright, 1938, NEA Service, Inc.) Scence, after rearing the earth's rock record books, has reached the conclusion that the last Ice Age will not be fnished until Greenland and Antarctica are! ree of ice. ON THIS COMBINATION T M.OL together they make the United States admired and respected the whole world over for the things you want in a cigarette you« can depend on the happy combination of mild ripe tobaccos in Chesterfield. Each type of Chesterfield tobacco is outstanding for some fine quality that makes smoking more pleasure. Combined...blended together the Chesterfield way... they give you more pleasure than any cigarette you ever smoked. \Jn land and sea and in the air. .. wherever smoking is en> joyed. ,. Chesterfield's mildness and better taste satisfy millions. erne Copyright 19)8, LIGGETT & MVJS«S TOBACCO Co. the blend that can't be copied RISHT COMBINATION of the " world-s best cigarette tobaccos

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