Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 7, 1907 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1907
Page 6
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Antl-DivlSlonlstS 111 Auto Parade. American fleet .Sugar Company's big i plant, at Chino, reported that this com "Sfriko up the band, the Pomona ! [)!lri y .,!<,„ opposes manly diviiion. County fight is on in top spec,I, auto Ciicamonga. Unwilling. mobile earnest. j " ' ' »'" """ "'' ""' very few who will ,,,.., .. , , e i ,• i • not be fligiblc to crime into I he new Vvlii e a larETf t.artv fit ;ums wore ..•,.. • i> • , <• /. " ' • .county. Maid Supervisor Ifeid ol < uca- out on n scouting expedition through- : ni()Mr ;,. w l.en his turn came. ' |'.ut all out the a (Tooled ferritory Tuesday the . mv i<eij.dibor" are against this move- 'pros' nnl the finWiir.i.' foii'-hf-H on their , "I'-nt. ; "" 1 ""' "''.^ "' I'-tition out :, petition for Cue e:i.!iii'_' oi an "lection. Tho petition i.s to be tiled nexl. Mon day. ''The scoiiloM went on their y.couf in len ,';nobi!e'•-. leaving ''ovina lit I 1 ) <i 'clod: in II." iMorninj:, violin;/ 'Men 'lord, Onl.'iiio, Cpland, ' 'uca UIO'IIM and ''hino. and p.'e'-inj; Ihrouyh Pomona. l,'ird;<liurg and San |)i.'n.".s on t)i" wav liome. "They reported a t • ni<_'!i I Hiat they had overtaken "eyeral «o-;pie jou u looking boyies. but had MO! < neon nterr d the enemy in ;i ny '•I rdi;,'! h. Here is Ihe l.o« Antilles 'iiire- ' re- poit of the re,'enl junk'! njr Iriji on Tuesdav of ' ovina iinti ili vision ist s into San Mi rnaidino ('ounty. It is ii well- written article, a gem of 'ireavos, but it.H veracity is " in dispute. time. We have lieen told tlial there n-> ipie-'io,. as lo hov. f ovina, ''!ei:- 'I'li'a. .\xn-a pr'c'.iict ai;il o!l,i-r com mo.'iili' ' on Hie ','.' i - ••-1 e >• 11 boundaries r--ln.ii! I.M !|us /(n e < I in i>. Thi-i .'Isil of •.•on jo-i.i'emcn. i i -pi •>••'<• i ' i n;; t'io-'<- '-'•/•- de»l of mi'-i opr"""'! i at ion oa the part of the new •county campaigner-, fif .• moiiya will \ole two thirds at/ainst 1 lie •• W. W. I., an Ontario i.'eo.cer and biisiiie-s man, said had I,..en assni i il lepcaledly I h:il il was. about the onlv com mil M it y opposing Ihe Hdicmc. ||e vvi.s yiad of the assurance of sii'-h ulio.iji 'anli' sentiment in Ihe I.OS All^ejes 'oiintv poltloll of Ihe pro p(isi d coi.nty. 'All of Ontario can be depended on We L'ive it to our readers in full and . . • <• , . • ., i ,, *•,,.,. i to tielition out it that is Ihe onlv means allow Idem o draw then- own con-, ' . . , . . , . ,' , . ; of KaininK our desires, he said. ' '' 'This is the old story of playing one More than fiflv h'/iined seoufH from . . ,.' ,, , Hide ai/amst .( the propiiHed new I ,. , *",. ,, ... coiiiitv were in the partv when it , , , , , ,, /. ., , . • , , . ,„. ' • I, i i have been told all or von on the east reached Ontario. I hey were aHsembled , , from the filing line along the western boundary of Ihe I,OH Angeles County territory that Pomona would like to shelter under its county seal winy Coviiiii, Rowland, A/lisa precinct, frwin- ., .. , , ., 1,1 •,• i( oiiiilv, Pomona city ean have the new • lale, d em ora am oilier commn nil ic«. i • ., .. ,,.', , . , i'ii i . i , '-oinil \ all to jtsell. . i l.ino. ( iicainon^ii, I |iland and other' (San Hernanlino County outposts were. Oivn Thorn Small County. | repri-Fenlerl. and there was ;. hearty j "'I'lien they called on A. I'. (irillith| welcome at Ontario, where the 'pro.s'),.<• \xnsa whose uroiiertv is threatened' f , ' ' ii. the lilies d who has other, 1 said Dr. J. I). .(' ''ovina, an active 'anti.' ' W« i.ll of wanted a new county. We know better now. Our canvass indicates that we | can petition out (ilcndora, ''ovina, jl'i.enie ami Hie lower A/,usa precinct. i ) f vou do as well in Sa n Hernardino Boradent Toothpaste f Is an antiseptic and germicide. It neutral, i/es the ruouth acids that i 1 cause decay in teeth and prevents the formation of tartar. Boradent whitens and cleanses the teeth, hardens the gums and keeps the mouth in a healthy condition. Ask your dentist POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY , If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE | PRICES give us a trial. TWENTY YEARS' experience has taught us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With first-class equipment our work and our methods are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Your Bundles at Rich's or phone him and the wagon will call anywhere in Covina or vicinity. LORBEER BROS. PER THOUSAND FEET Once a consumer of gas, aiways a gas enthusiast. Order now. Oov-lnat Valley Gas Company Al ill dmfgiiU 25 ccMi Troy Phirmacal Company *> i-i« * 11 ii i Hi « 'a i it 1 1", »* a' >' • >•' | • i • '- 1 ! t it , \ '/.i i s;i >v nose pro IH*I i v is i :ire lo publish lod;iy Ihe first, issui' ofl w j,| | ;,,, ,. rH ,.,.| i,, n |,y ,,n(. of 'New Comity |'';,C|H.' ! (l( - ( | l( , |, r ,,|(/iMcd county, nnd been enel is leading the 'a. '' ' We have perfected an Olcndora All Bight "Al lilendora Ihe 'anlis' were met by ii bij.; party of supporters, who said jtion con j istiiij^ of three ol the Ilieir 1-anvasn showed that -more than! men of A/usa precinct, C'ovina, Irwiii- onr.-h:i|f Ihe (pialili'-d eleclors were op-jdale, I'uenl e. ( 'h r:i I er Oak, Kowbind and posed to leaving I .OH Ant;e|eH County, Mendora,' he said, 'and reports from tln'/ii^li many had sii/ned the petition ..aeh of ll.ese districts show Ihi.l from for an eleclion under the mistaken be- j 7"> per cent of their people favor Jief that each eleclion precinct, by il •< j pel i t ion i 1144 oul. We propoHe lo take vote, would determine wheHier or not out all territory north of the bane line, so JIM to keep our watershed from the so •TYi.ea TO CHOOSB PMOM AT $2,90 PER DOZEN 543Mi SoutK Broadwajr Corn«r M«rc»ntll« Place CAIv.—' D. E. STiTES that, terrilory wtin lo ^ f.osed new county. new county. Kvcn San Hiimis is not ''It. was reported tlin I, .'it, least two- willing to tf<> into a new county if thai thirds of the voters of I'liente oppose! city is lo |,c on Ihe outer ei|e;c. counlv ijivision, and in A/.usa pre- j " 'Our ambilion is to K' V| ' I'omona einct, outside A/,usa cily, which is ex-!jusl what she wants a small county. eluded from Ihe boundaries of the pro- (We consider it our duly to fjive them poHod county, the 'antis' nnniber ill thai, and to make it as small as possible. We do not oppose county division, but they must not lake us. with I hem. ' "Mi. lilakeslcy of I'plaud, who was j manufacturer of lenHt 70 ner cent of Ihe voters. "All iilony the line, the reports indi- filled flijil I ne volers hnve iieen muddled info Die belief Hull, their si^nn- lures to the pelilion nsUine; for nn election Hiinply would tfivr them n ehM.nce to vole the proposition down in t. nnd Htfiy out if they NO deHired, when, »IH n iniiller of fuel.. Ihe total vote in each of Hie old connticH—- I/OH Angeles and Han llernjirdino will determine the (|iiontioii for (.hose two JlHI'tM MH (I Whol(!. ''As explained by l.hc 'iintis,' Hiip- jiorted by the law, Mm only way for :iny of the territory on fcim (ixl.erior ItoiiudaricH of the proponed county to remain out will bo by petitioning for tliuf, privilege in UK- event that the 'pros' K"' 1 " ninnafureH '" tlin nninbe: 1 M,e Hiipei'vi.sor.s of I/OH An- k'eleM ('oitnly to call an election. Ontario'H Wocomo. "At Ontario the auto parly was met by a c.'iinmil hie of cili/eiiH flint included J'idward llbiin, I,. U. Hill, K. V. ('aid well, .J. •!''. h'redendall, C. (I. II. Men- Tiink, lOdiviicd lilinn, (i. A. Andrevv.s, W. W. Smith, .1. II. Powell and others, i " 'No" Pomona (.'onnfy foi' I'H,' was the legend on white ribbons that they woro and distributed among Ihe vi.sit- OI'H. "In the welcoming parly were 'Honest Sam' Pine of Chino, a San Mernar- dino County supervisor, who said his diHtrict opposed the .new county movement, and his brother supervisor, r. JO. W, Reid of <'iK'umoiign, whose con- Htituents KO slrongly onpuse Hie plan that the 'pro.s' gerrymandered the Cucamonga territory, leaving Reid and friends oiitxidc the Pomona (,'oiinly I he aceoll III s issimiers in sel I ling bet ween San l)iego ('o 1.^") lax rale of onn- tv, and explained that no new county can Hhai'i- in the taxes levied by the county or counties from which it separates,' which means that Pomona County, if formed, would have to wait nearly a year before it could have any money with which to j"i.V f"!l!iuij{ expcnucs. " 'Imperial Connf.v'w wuporvisofs,' lie- Htiiil, 'estimate that ijil.'lO.OOU !H required to meet Ihe county's ruiiniiiK expeiweH this year, and that is a county of tho I'orty-Hi'coud clusK, with expenses far beloW thoHe of a county of the thirteenth class, wnlidi it in proposed that Pomona Coiinly shall be, with expenses of only ^!tl),(ill(l a year.' On With tho March. "Without waiting to see Ihe one Ontario business man who favors county division, the biff automobile parly, with Finch of Covina speeding far in advance, proceeded to Upland, whero a short stop was ma ([MEN! BIO(KS for building's, piers, chimneys, porch columns, anything in this line. Contracts taken for putting up walls for building's and foundations. I Mlocks made anywhere on the ground. All for sale. IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler At a little later a similar vinit wan paid to business men and rnncherH; then tho procession sped back through Ontario and on to Chino, whero the first real sentiment for division was discoyored. The town barber, one of tho bankers and a slorekeoper said they wanted a new county, with Pomona as tho capital. "Already asmired that tho loading taxpayers of Chino were opposed to tho movement, the 'anlin' turned about anil slruck for Pomona, punning through thai, city slowly but without stopping lien go'ing tlirnitgh Ijordnburg, where lines. "After an excellent dinner al the Ontario Hotel, provided by Ihe hosts, the party,'numbering Seventy-!! ye, went (there is a candidain for oflico; through to Masonic Hall, where Mr. Itlaiu acted ! s^m himas, whero there is another Po- an chairman ol'ji brief meeting. I mona County candidate, and finnll.v " ' You have been told,' said lllaiu, j ),.|,.| t | u Covina at ~> o'clock, 'thai Ihe people of the we.d end of Sa u S "The mcinbe.-s of the party were <M Iteruardino ('ouuly are almost uiiani- \ follows: Col. I 1 '. M. Chapman, John inoinily in fnvor of county division. Wo j Hoiiscr, Harvey llousor, (!. I'l, Hemis, will show you to Hie contrary. There j|, r _j |> |{,'c'd, K. II. Imiieo, T. Iv is only oen nnsiness man of Ontario . 1,'inci^ |j. |i. |''iuch, !•'.. P. Warner, .1. M. who is in favor of Ihn movement. I I l.sianlon, Hen !•'. Thoi').e, T. l 1 '. (iris- you would like, we will lassoo him and NV old, (>. \V. Vincent and A. P. Kcrd For a Short Time Only Special Sale Rugs and Matting » Glendora Furniture Store See 9x12 all wool guaranteed for 38.50. Regular price at other stores 1.0 to 12 dollars. FOR Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covina, also orange groves, 3, 5 and 10 acres, close in, on electric road, suitable for subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina Pioneer Machine Shop ' GARRISON & BISBEE, Props. Automobile, Gasoline Engines and Bicycle Repairing BUILDERS OF PIONEER BICYCLES Home Phone 10(>8 Bemis Block F\ /\. Phone office 166 Residence 3254 W. L. Griffiths A. Warner J. C. Thompson Orange Groves, Walnut Orchards, Alfalfa and Walnut Lands. Covina and Baldwin Park Lots Selling Agents C. J. (Lucky) Baldwin's Lands Home Phone 1089 Branch office, Baldwin Park COVINA, CAL. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing Why Don't You Move to Covina? : •> I. Mil Up 111 I' Upland Against It. 11 ,\s no one seemed lo care lo see t his lone ' pi", ' I'daia called on II. I). lllake-lev of I'plaiol to tell of Ihe sen- tun, nl iii his eilv. ll>. said I'pland al lirst was iio per cenI aeainsl Ihe mo\ e mint ; ll.i.l lalei ab"iil one half I'le pen pie weie \\illii.e to MO lulu ;i new conn tv, bill thai, alter careful in/it imi .,I Hie Ii IU e-'CIII ,ll i \ c: bv the ile\\ collll hotf, C.-vina; ,1. .). West, J. M. Maker, N. ,1. Ashby, Key. Robert (iricvo,, V. llarshburger, C. I' 1 , (fordon, C. K. Needham, II. S. Rogers and Julian Wii^ht, (ilendora; -\. I', (nillith, l>ana C. Kin^;. \\'. ('. Keiidricks, J. II. Anderson and I,, p. Mitchell, A/usa; S. P. K'ouland. b'owbiud; S. T. Kellogg, W. ,1. Tcbu, Mark, Samuel Pine, II. K. (iritlith and I-'.. W. Hradlev, Chiuo; Charles Ki.i d\ J. I 1 , liiiodrich, Kirk S'eruon, ,4* po,, -. and tin-- i. - ' " 1,, I he -. pill at e,11 "I ' t i om Sa n l'i, l no ! did" lei W il^ U' 1 '!' 'I W il 11 ••Then S. T. Kclli-i. Cheap Land. Ii it'll lain) . CI •' ij's call uHlliuil il I i|_'hl lull ; situated id' Smile !•'<• near t lir t"\\ n iMiaii, K inus r, iiiiii \ ; price aeie; easy leiins. Side a'jciit, ,). .MaUhow.-, Argils bl.ick, Cuviiiii. 1'eilili/e; .\t-'enl Waii'nl. l.iu'al a^;ei,l l-i .--ell Suill's I'uie Animal l-'el I i I i/ei •- ; ul.-o Niliate nt' Siida. Sulpbale "t )'ntash, 1'lh..- pbali', * * * t\ivina v>n hu!iu'-,iu'- ;it a-,. ui.ih!c- li-vire-; iniio ot" U' lunt'iilly al'.aikd street-,; ya>, electric lights and- telephones; ( iiiaiii ', i-liv M. Suiilb i;f ulars. 1 ii.|iiiu of ('afl'i)ll t'v.1- J4'r;itti! ami lii^li -,,-liouls in i \\T\- j.ariii' above ,Tiiici>in; f'Uvtrtc and stc;uu trausu(,rtatii,n to and from. Los. Angeles. j^ l\>viiia,\vill o-ivo M-II mountain s.-.'iurv Uiat i> a daily in->pirati.'ir. .1 vliinate without t'r.'st^ and unbaked by fo^s; mountain ^ and wi-1) water m .tl.uiuiaiuv. IK-M,!V> aii thc^- uic-iU-oiuiuio:^ in which to live, iVviua i.lT-.-rs the ln:st chance to th-i t|- invo-tor, ilu"iniMtU'» man, tho aoru'ultun^t and horticuluui-t. \Vhy dnu't you come hcr>: and enjoy lite? THK AKGL'S «|* will IK- y'ad to lurni>h anyone i;Ueres,ted with furtlu-r inh ; tnati^n. *** * 1

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