Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 30, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1889
Page 4
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Chicago H y;m vrh'it eri-i'y woman in !';" <v>n- ft/afion had nt), nu>l in porno rare, r-t-incps can K'ivo you [some faint ich-a ' what t'lp text was. C. & N. W. TABLE. OOIXOBABT. AtlanticKx 342 k. m Sterling PM8...6:38 ft. m. Limited Pass. 8:62 a. m. 1:55 p. m 8:K)&.m.' OOTHO WBST. Pacific Ex .2:2ja.m. Sterling P«»8. B M p. m Limited Piua. 4:04 p. m. CllntonPass Denver 1:13 p. m. 8:63 " Clinton Denver FMTQHT TRAINS THAT CAKBT" oonro BAST. ootrro TTKST. rTo.18~.~- ~...8-lS p. m. No. S5......~.-7:40 a. m No. 4S™—..-..6:50 &. m. No. 1T...___.10:52 ». D CE1CAB3, oom<i KABT; | oorwa wmr. «— Fa*B«n«er«^0 a.m. 38— Pastengef 4:20 p.m Jtt-Frol«ut ---- t-M p.m. 41— Freight ...... 6:00 a.m A&RTVI FROM «A8T. 7*— as— Passenger 10:ai •7-Frelgfet—»:*0a.m. ' ARRIVE FROM WEST as—Passenger 10:3<> a.m 42 -Freight.—8:80 p.m. K Passenger No. 36 connect!) with trains east ant' west on Clinton Branch: with C. K. I St P. K. E. at Itock Inland east and west; with main line or polnta west, Council liluflB, Omaha and be and (or Kansas City and iwlnta beyond. CHICAGO MORTH- WESTERN »• RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track m Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota «nd Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of tha WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner snc! PU!!I»*II Sleepers,- Superb day Coaches and FAST VEST1BULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago r StJ > auL_ and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tickvta, K»t««, H«pi, Time Tables find fu I Information, apply to any Ticket AKCIU or aU- dren tho Oen'f Pumenuer Aui'nt, Chicago, 111. J. K. WTOKAJ7, B. 0. WICIZB, E. ?. TOBOH, Oeatnl Suateer. TruSi Umigir. Qca'l Put. Agt. . A. -FOWLER Aft>mt HTKKI.INW SIXTH POINT Yim should read TlinCniCA- co IMILY Nuwy because.being a family HcwsiiiipeiviV'fa^tii'Hj/ /Af saloon. J'he home and the saloon are forever opposed. There can be no neutrals in this war. But THE DAILY NEWS is temperate in temperance. It isn't a prohibition organ—it's not sure prohibition is the best way of treating the evil—but it believes in prohibiting the saloon keeper from ruling and ruining in American society. If you would read, and have your family read, a newspaperwnich places the interests of the home Higher than those of the saloon, read TIIK CHICAGO DAILY N RWS. circulation Is 370,000 a day—over million a week—an'l it costs by. mail 35 CIS. ft month, four months £1.00,— one cent a day. D O NOT Dtl-AV 1OUB 6UBSC1UPTICN FOR UPWHCOTTS MAGAZINE, vhlob now lUndi in the front rank of mon ttou* uid oocupla* Uw poiiUga of A LEADER AMONQ LEADERS. Euh n urn tor waUhu A COMPLETE NOVEL, il«o» filMnl quMtit/ of tol»^ll*n«oQi mtitor of an lnt«r*«tlu^ had IjutntcUv* nmtan. O»» jtti'i »ub«rirUon gtrw* tIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS br Amorliu mthon. lorslher with AN ABUNDANCE OF SHOUT 8TOBJES,TOBM9. E8SAT8, «nd lo«tt«r. af ttBO*n»llnt«n»tU» general reutntiuiUogftVoliiaMuf NEARLY TWO .THOUSAND PAGES. Ttt* •noetM of LtPFincoTr'1 «Und« unprftcedeiitad IB UM tnaali of bucuino pabiUblac, and tWaj lufimlllmr ilrt« I* w«Ioom*d lo cnrr bAmU^-TlllA^e, town, aod oitj throughout th* United BUtoc The b«at writori of the tgt h»r» been M^urcd uid nm ftfttotM will, from Urn* to Unw, tw added which vUl fin ' A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN A(B«lt* Rlvat, Ednr 8*Uua, John Iltbtwrten. KJrti FawotU. C»i>Uia Chvlu KIox. U.S.A.. Gnu* King. M KlllottSMtWAll, Sallna Doloro, uanrloo Qarrjinon, Ouid», and many otiwra will oontril)ut« to (it pa^t>« for Ihift*. Kot full pnwpceto*, addna* Llpplnoott'* MagaiiD*, rfaila- rfaljihU. 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Price 25 cents per boz. J For sale bv D. B. Striokler. Love, that has npthing but beauty to keep it in good health, is short-livec and apt to have ague fits, You can't write your name on the scroll of fame without some other fel low writing something disagreeable under it. Many people take no care of their Money till they come near the end of it; others do jttbt the same with their tissue. No state can be more destitute than that of a person who, when the delights of sense forsake him, has no pleasure of the mind. Prom Hoancl tirove. Aug. 28— Our school house is being cleaned and put in perfect order ready for school to open a week front nex Monday, Sept. 9th. Mr. Ernest Fel lows is in charge of the repairs. Miss Maggie Geiger U visiting her sister, Mrs. J. R. Wilson, and brother Mr. <Jeo. Geiger, this week. On Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Woos- Ler, of Birmingham, Mich , arrived on the Omaha, to visit their son and cLaughter-4a-1aw Bt Mr. Giles Greens'. Yesterday Mrs. Sallie Chamberlain from the Bend, went to Morrison to meet her neices, Miss Sadie and Edner Whited lately returned from Dakota She expected to take the Omaha from there and visit friends in Amboy for u short time. Mrs. Coindace Sands brought her to the cars with her bars and returned alone in the severe heat Mr. John Armstrong and family Mrs. Mary Heath, Mrs. Henry, Mrs Geo. S. Fullmer, Mrs. Hattie Fullmer Mr. Henry Maxfield and others are at tending the old settlers' festival today Mr. and Mm. Nathan .WcElrath a pen last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fre Hassling at their residence east o Sterling. Miss Ethel Pollard leaves here uex Saturday morning to fulill her engagement to teach the Llucolu nclioo!. haa-spent the past year here and won many friends by her kindly disposition *W« shall misu her here, but nJ) she goe tt n«w t!e!d of labor, we wiah & very success and (twluure her patron will b* pieaaed wtU> li iu&wiiuitt Kld«r Gnniin, of t'oletn. v\\\ r'-'ftch i V'etiToHer's hall on Sunday erc-minr xt, fU7::!»X A cordial invitation is tpiidftl to nil to attend. Mr. Aaron Fckert and wife, of Rock "alls, are out vifliiing'frlends thla werk. Mrs. Jacob Hartnes hns sold her cow nd pigs to Nick Wilder, Jr., for g"t),; nd her outs to Al. Eshlemnn. Mri. larmea expects soon to go eust to visit lativeu anil friends and perhaps will t«y with hur sister there. A majority of ir> votes were cast at he election at the town hall last Sat- rdny to appropriate 8205 to finish the ew town hall and to pay for iofc nnd once to enclose the same, etc. Chaa. Binsey has returned from Inn riptoSeward, Neb., and reports the orn crop gond.but no farther advanced han here. Did corn worth L'Oc per nshel at Seward. Joseph Allabangh, while sleeping the leep of tha just, last Friday night, had is chicken house robbed of about 25 f hia choicest pullets and reoaters. Joe' ;kes young chicKens himself, but would willingly forego the pleasure of eating hem if some one would point out the ascals who stole his. Geo. D.John and wife, Z. E. Ilfiss, Theodore Hess and Ellwood Eahleman ook in the National G. A. R. Encampment, at Milwaukee,' this week, and now look out for some big stories when hey return. All the boys who took in the races at Jhlcago, from our town, we are told, came home with some of the rocks in •heir pockets won at those races.. Some one will have to get after M. rV. Zigler and have him reported for fast driving. The other day while com ng to town he was seen driving faster .han the law allows, and the only excuse he offers for not coming out ahead n tho race is that the women and children in the wagon kept screaming for him to stop. The other morning we noticed our former townsman, but now. citizen of Sterling, Mr. Henry Bressler, out in Jordan driving on tho horse power, while they were threshing at his son Isaac's; and it looked as though he was an old hand at the business. Mrs. L. E. Wilson and daughter from Putnam county are visiting in Jordan this week. Mrs. Wilson is a daughter of Grandmother John. Mrs. Hiram Kitzmiller was visiting In Jordan last week. Mr. Frederick Porterfleld of Indiana, is visiting at N. P. Wilson's. It is reported that Penroae cor respondent for tho Standard Biiya that be will quit writing for that paper. We are sorry for he was a good and newsy itemizer. * Mrs.Tienj.andMrB.'J". II. Dunmore were at Clinton, Iowa, last week visiting relatives and friends and while there took in the camp meeting. Ad. Jacobs had a lot of his cows out to pasture, away from home, and the other day he brought them home to calve; one of them had such a big ud der and so full of milk that he thought he would milk her, and did so for three or four days and the longer they milked her the less she looked like getting a calf; but at the end of that timo they happened up in tho pasture and there found her calf which they supposed had not been dropped yet. The calf was all right but awfully hungry. Billy Roberts, who works up north started to Sterling the other evening in a road cart and as some of the boys found his cart in a big tank of water the next morning,'all submerged but the seat, supposed he had committed suicide, but he got home all right and looked as though he had had a good time. . The Palmyra Union Sunday school held their annual picnic in Jas. Sneed's timber in Sugar Grove on Thursday of this week. There was a'- large crowd present, as several of the schools participated and had one of the" most" en joy able and successful picnics of the season. • Rumors are thick this week, and the woods are full of them through this and adjacent towns, and many of the iuhab itants thereof have gathered up their tin horns, kettles, bells and rosin, and are all ready to take a hand in -a reg ular old time charivari. And all this fuss and feathers is because a certain lively widowerer of this town took buxom lass, of Sterling,(full weight) oil his way home to visit a neighbor, and the wind whistled it through tho boughs of the trees; the birds in their songs told it to their mates; the old maids got hold of it and started it on the run; the women told it to their hus bands; the young girls told it to their lovers and imprinted it on their lips the boys just whooped it up and they all together in oue voice declared the; were married. But we think they wi! have to set them up this time, sure, as there is nothing in - the rumor bu smoke and gossip. en HI Wisconsin's Robber Romped in the PathlffSS Woods. SHERIFF rOLET^JOT HT^KD FROM. JHarrSaee Dceniea Willis J Byers^Bd Nettle. Hooblei Newton. """' John Kicherd, Clinton, and Laura E Koal, Morrison. B. Franklin Brooks and Electa L Brown, Portland. Henry Scharman, Sterling, and Ade laide Peter, Hook Falls. Miles B. Woodruff and Lilian Dewltt Clinton. letter Letters remaining In the Postollice a Sterling for the week ending Friday August 30,1889: Hartley, JW Johnson. W Si A K Balt.T Kinsman, I, K Brown, JO McOlow, Wm BoKgexg, Kev. Jos Peterson, Kar! Oarrwuter. Ceo K Kay, Geo Crook, K Helen, Wm IMr, Mls» Nellie StiiuiK. W Dolisou. Kev. I A Sherman, C U Kllers, John Wurd. Wll Orlnuoll.H Waro, Mm. Haruh Hiffict!«a, Mrs. M WuU'ouk. Tim KtaHterUUa Mtg Co. When calling forabove letters pieaae say "A4verti*etl." .. MOCUNK, r. M. lontJhnmKli on tlio Tr'iil o! I'm 71>r:hTT*y- Ilirm am! S«-ur,"< nf Men with \V I M'-lirsf.'r < W:l«:lllus for Ilinl-IIli lilxiitilr I'ro- Imlily 1'sti.l.H.hi-,), lm< II'< \Vln-r.- i !»n Ii i:»Itni>wn—Tin- C'li!inr.-i fur Hii I'upliirn MU;hty Slim — A I'd^iHtl*. l':it". I'-KS^KMKH, Mich., Any. :.U—Tin- }.',-cr>(, nan hunt for Wisconsin'* fiimou-i lupin lii^h- vnytium is in fuil ory in (3ti.;('!,!/• rnunty, the :ci".io of "Hlm'k Hurt's" l.'itos' nil'! m<'<st, vil- nino'js outm;:-', but tliG luinf <-'-'r-iM<< hop '!P?H. Tlip«Ys|.ornili> hits Iiv fur tho li.'tlir of tlm outlook uml thn -dioiro of flion-snml* of iin KMH'trabii) hklinp; plnt'i^ in an ixn-u of ovor ,(MK) sqiuirn miles of tho wihli-.-t foivit cmin- ry on tho e:irlh. All is eKt'itiMiu-nt alone; lie grt'ot ii'tjii rniifj", anil whilo nil sorts of rumors ni-n nllo^t it is pnfo to S.TV Unit not n tXlo cluo to thn Im'ftlinn of tho robbt'r anJ rdcrer hay hei'N funnel by the Rinnll nnny of mo.n who aro scouring tho pjivnt wild for. with AVinchustt'r nil"*, sliol-guns nnil six-shooters. It is rcu^onnblo to suppose ,lmt the huntod mnn in yot within a rnilius of fifty miles of Lnko O ijjoliic, tho ccono of ils crirno, but he is well proviainnml, is n thorough woodsman, is supplied with hunt- Ing and fishing tackle, nnd might remain vmcn.ptured till tho end of timu In that mnnll territory though u thousand men pmsuid iilm. Sheriff Fnley nml ni.i Itlontlltonnil^. Nothing has boen hanrd from fci'.ivrilf Da- Vid Foley since ho stnrted the Indian b!ood« rounds on tho trail, aflor "Ul.'ir!; IVirt" had secured n start of nt lonst thirty-six linurx. His footprints were followed for five miles through the. dense pint'H, through brthu brush, and throughCudar swninjM to an old exploring camp, wh»re the search had to be eontinuo:!. HhorifT' Foloy hurried mvay to tho lliiil Hiver Indian reHorvntion, where he engaged n Chippawn buck, known ns Honest John, to go on tho trail with t«o fumou.9 hnlf wolf half bloodhound dogft. The sheriff, with old vrotxhimin, tin) Indinn, and RMI-OI deputies ugain took up the oid northeasterly trail, and iiro now burl>«l deep In the dan- cerous woods between Lako Gogebic and Lake Superior. Idrntity of tliii Itobhor. That tho innii who hold lip the singe last Monday is the same individunl who, Bingle- handed, robbed the Milwaukee Northern and Wisconsin Central trains nt Ellis Junction nnd Cndott, there new reinniiis little doubt. He is a German, nnd there scorns to bo little question but that h« IK lU-iinuud Holzhoy. A detective nanv'tl Thurston, from \Vnusnu, Win., arrived hore Inst evening,-and Hcya he lins been dodging tiio highwayman ovor since the Cndott robbiTy, nnd tlmt tho fellow cnmo lo Ciogebic 1 from C.'idott through u foredl, n ili»t».'.ii:.'>if noio-l-- -in-i.,.!!..-,- rtl,V..» \Vllfl o Hi- S.tnppvtl. Ho wivi nt the hotel nt Lake Gogebic nnd al Gogebic. n'atlon, fivo miios tlislnnt, many times during the few days preceillng tho robbery and murdor. lie visited the store of L. IV.Burquin lit the station _ several--times and invested in Il-shing tackle nnd provision*. At times he npponrod a'* a tramp, nt others he was well driHHnd, but lie never was short ol funds. The dotoctives have found thu apol whore tho robber cuoked his provisions, al of. which ho jirepiir^-d in rL-adinvss for tin long Hli-'go he know he ninst u idorgo.. After the crime ho ti ok light with a i;niin sack full of food. While ilo'ilmg.with Burqniu thu highwayman openly declared ho was not looking for work nnd ho could muko inonoy easier than by toil. All ]>cp<Miil!l Upon Fol«y. Night nnd day men nro resting on their arms on every I'liml find trail for milos in every direction. They nro all anxiety tor nows from Sheriff F^loy. His long iibsunco loads to tho hopj that Honest John's hounds have struck tho trail, nnJ that tho sheriff is following them with certain sho\v of success, Yet no one knows whom Foley is. lie is .a dutorniiued, cool, and coura jeoua olllcor, and has the full conlldencu of all tho peoplo on the range. Thu reward of $1,000 is tho only one yet offered, but there was a large meeting of cit.zfns Wednesday night, ot which ii was decided to petition l ho governor to offor a reward of $1,000. All hopes are centeroc on Bheriff Foloy'a chaso with tho Indiai bloodhounds, but even thos'j aru mengorj and unless that otllcer is hoard from to-day there will bo a feoliiig of aniioly ior him and. his party. , A Fntnl I'lace to Hide. There is ho record Of tho captui"o of any criminal wuo ovor sought ro nge in tho pin pries of this section. A sk'letoi has occasionally Ir'on fotmd to toll of judgment over' lasting. . Such a cnao is reported from Glid den,' Wis. Six «x>eks ago <\ German unmet Fuchs, a fugitivu from jmtico, murdered a young wonma vho had ncoompunicd him to America, an I hu took to the woods. The fitory camn from (Hidden yesterday that his body was found in tb" swamp. He lost hia way and Btnrv.'d. Tho most experienced cruiser onlv wiil vontur.> into these woods with compass nnd a wot-k'.H supply of food. Four yi-nri ago t\vo despfnuloi'S locket Banker Wilniiirth, of Ashland, Wis., in his vault and st->lo snvt.*ral thousand dollars. They took to the woods and havo never beer heard of since.- ^•iti'n'Hy. 'ir^'iitin;/ hi; arm. HP !« i! hip; vf'Il. Monr.k, of J'r^phptntnw rniucod t};>- fritotnvp. .lohn Shfj>nrd is the hiptreat m:in in i Lynilon junt lion-. It if, a glr! t-'i ibs. Mis.'! Conld.of t'hiratro, wlio lias b' atayjiic with Mra, M. AmltTPMn ' stimmi'r !rfl for the cast on \Vi';!i ibty. .1. !'. C!ftn?ay antl \V. P. HtHl'.on it Milwaukee! this weofe, j C. I, I'urkliurst run! fjunily, <». M,i \ >orry, Ii. Kniskcni nnd rtov.Tal of our, »!St cilizpnB took in t!ie Unck Island j 'xcursinn on -Sunday, ) i'liil. Ililey tiiid wii'e aro speing the .iKtits at, Milwankee. I,. K. Rice has commencod shipping .omntopA to tlm Sterling canniiifj fac- ory. lie expects to ship from three to 'our hrindred bushels bnforathe Bftason closen, ThB proprietor of the I'rophetstown erry has the new boat about completed. It will be ready in timo for old settlers' picnic and Morrison fair. The health of Lyndon people is very good thin summer;noBickness to speak of;only a few mild cases of summer ailments, mostly brought on by injudicious eating, etc. Grand corn weather; some fields are nearly ripe, but a large amount will probably be too late to make sound rrain. The early planted is by far the best LYND, llcnl R«tate Traiinfern, Jno 11 Johnson to Jacob Decker, lots in Sterling, S200. Grove Wright to Geo W Ohamberlin, lot in Hock Falls, $250. Grove Wright to Geo W Chamberlin, lot in Rock Tails, 8250. N P Williams etal to Henry A Troop, land in Montmorency, 8:5,100. Jno R Johnson to Nettle J Oapp, lot in Sterling, 8100. Same to Lonas Peterson, lot in Sterling, ©100. Richard Smith to Wm Ore. lots in Scorv* on HIII Hull flolil. CHICAGO, Aug. SJ.—Tho record of ncores yesterday was ns follows: At Now York—Now York, 4, Boston 0; at. Attushiug ton City—Washington 113, Philu<lolphiu 4; a Pittsburg—I'lttHiiurg 9, Chicago 2; at Clove- land—Clevrlnn I 6, Indiiiimpoljs L American association: At Baltimore—Baltimore 0, Brooklyn 4. nt. Colu'iiLus—Columbus 15 Athletic 1. Western leagl/o: At Ornaha— Oninlm 4 Bt. Josi^ph 0; nt Minneapolis—Minneapolis 3 Dos Moinos II; at Milwaukee—Milwaukee 4 Bt Paul 0; ut Denver—Donver 0, Bioux City ft • Not«H from Dtjor X'ark. DEEBI'ABK, Md., Aug. 30.—President Harrison tnado two Now York appointments yesterday moruinj. Gen. James M. Warnor was appointed postmaster at Albany, N.'Y., and John W. Bailey, surveyor o tho port of Albany. It is abou Bottled that President Harrison will no leave tho mountains again until hi goes to Washington for a permanent stay He may, however, dacido to go to Baltimore Sept. 9 to tho ex|iosition. Judge Samuel A Bonnor, of Indiana, called at the cottage yesterday morning. ICiiceii at Chicago. CHICAGO, Aug. 'M.— Tho races at tha Wcs Side course yt'Btordiiy tihowed tho following winners: Wroatlcr, % mile, 1:0.); Josephus, Ji mile, 1:15; Corn Fishur, 1 mile, l:);i;>4; Fa King, % mile, l:'.".i; Alphonse, 1 mile, l:-l-^ t'oiit'-mpt, Ji mile, l:lf)^i'. 1'liuitur 1'iirlj. for Flooring I*urp»u.-». A uew process for harden lug (.iloutur o, Paris, making that Huljutttjiro HuiLablo fol tho Fruitob Acudeiuy of Hoiunoea tiy M. Jultu. Thu jtluatcr is muud with ouo-sixth of ii» weight of tine, frfehly slai'mi Uuw with aa liltlo watx.T oa posoiblo. After it U thoroughly dry it is ti-untod with a naUirattx: »>Uitiou uf t'Hhi>- sluu sulphas or irou eul phalli With tiw first tiw hoi-iiisiiixl i»*iiu.t! >U >, Id ttn'i.v!u( uf ln-H Pint C N Hussell to .Jacob Fry, lot in Hock Falls, 8825. Helen Dean to Joel Dean, lot in Morrison, 8100. Oliver Talbott to G W. land in Jordan, 811,000. J M Lanphere to A J Wurner, lo* in Spring Hill, $7r>. Juo H Warnor to .1 F "W»riter r !'.'t in I'rophetBtown, .^iio, II K lleude to A K Smith, lots la Fulton, $00. t (Jlara A Wheeler to Jacob Bruins, lot in Fulton, 825. Wm II Brooks to Pardon A Brookp, land In Lyndon, 89,000. «G jttlieb Seidel "estate" to Elizabeth II Davis, lots in Sterling, 81,100. Jno B Johnson to J A Swarltey, lots in Sterling, 8:!0i). Same to Ii E Urennoman, lot in Sterling, 8100. SareptaS Hubbard to Geo H Hubbard, land in Lyndon, 81,400. H A Curltou et nl to Joseph Hicks land m Mt. Pleasant, 810,150. . Jno It Johnson to* Thomas Woolley, lot in. Sterling', 8160: Geo W Chamborlin to M Louise Lynch, lota in Rock Falls, 8250. Sterling Market!. Corrected Friday morning; Cattle—82.10 to 83.85. Hogs—83 00 to 83 25 Hides—4 c. Wheat—50 to 70 Rye—33c. Corn—Ear, 28c. Shelled.UOc. Oats.—15 to 17e. Butter—12 to 14.. Eggs—lOo A Complaint Ai^uiiiHt tlm Vmtn WAKIIINCITON CITY, Aug. SO. — There been filed with thu inter-stato conimorei. commission tho cainp!aint|jof Harvey Bat^B mid H. Bates, Jr., ensngod. in tho buslnes» of milling in Indianapolis, ni/.iinst tlio Pennsylvania Railroad company. Complainants Allege discrimination a^ain* thOm. Tho Weathor We 'May Expect. WASHINGTON CITV. Aup. at).— Followlnu are tho weather indication* for thlrtr-xlx hours from 8 o'clock p. in. yosterday: For Lower Michigan — weather; stationary temperature in wmthern, H.l(fhtfy r cooler in northern portion; vurlahlo winds. -For l ! iiper Michigan —Fair weather; warmer /In eastern, Bta[iomir> temperature in western, portion: >rtnd8 ahlft- hiB to i-ontherly. For Wisconsin— Fair weather; stationary teniperj^iure, except in extreme western portion, wuran-r; variuhle wimts. For Iowa— Fair, vontinucil warm weather; snutli- erly winds. For Illinois and Indiana™ Fair weather; stationary tornrerutnre; southeasterly winds. _ _ ' THE MARKETS. / CHICACXX Aug. 29. Board of trade quotations to-day were as follows: Whnnt — No. S t\<|:tniiili-tr. mw closed 77%-?i<-': iJeocmbor, opuned 78V^o. cloaod 79J4-Ho; -May, openisl tSXc, clo-«?.l S»!^c. Corn — No. « Keptemher, oponyd ifilj^-* closw! S3?ic; October, opened 33)sc, cloaed UitJ^c; May opened SJiWJ. closud. il»^-^i. Oats— No. k, Bvptcmlivr. ojwnwl l^c, cloituil U%:>;. Ooto- her, opened lUJso, cliwoU Lite: "May, iCiJ^c, closed .'^Je. i'ork-— .Vcpt/jmbor, opener J'J.BI, close:! ilil.Oi: Uotobor. -'o;i,.Mnd gt).i«J closed S1U.15; January, oyuueSi f'J.Oii/t, clo:io. J9.05. Lni-J— Senlvmber, opuu>>'J closed Sfl.OO. Llvu stock— Union stoc'.c yards prices were as follows: Hogs — Market opened fairly active, with pricefi 5c lower; llijht grades $4.00,i4.TU: rouah iiacktng J.1.65 uja.t)5; mixed lots, gU.HO.i7it.' 5: heavy packing mid shipping lota. iU.70ai.10. Cott.lo-.Market weak and lower; beeves, $i8i.«,4.0.1; hnlli, $a.7S.j 4j;5; cows, Sl.OtVS2.OI; siiiokiTs an I feeders 8I.UWS3.00; Texas cattU" lowest on record Texas steers, $1.UUI&'.'.50. Shoop— Slow; natives, ja.lttujl.rij; Texana and westerns, <a^.UO; lambs, S*.50®J.50. Produce: iiuttcr; Klgm creamery, per lb.; faaoy tlalry, Hl<i>i^o: pijic':iE stouk, tij. KBBS— Fresh lixU!,10.'(i'!f,Ui! pei-ii.u. 1'otatoai — SftSSl.lO per hbl. 1'oultry— ijivj chiokeas, lOc per lb.; roosters. So; tu.-K:yj, y;/>'.*o; ducks] ttijllc; K«>SI>, S.i.aj£jl.ll) par doi. Apples- Choice, $i.'.ljor^V-U p«r hbl; cookiiur, Berrivs— ItiUipborries, W.^.Oo par lU-g,t ' cuaa: blackberries, !**;£?;«.• per x'l-ijt cu^j. Kew V«n-U. Nsw YORK. Atuj. 28. Wheat — No. - rc;l winter cash, . do NWj; do 't<i.-pl,ciuU-r. HI5ie; Octou-r, H?4c. (,'oi-n- N'.i. •! mixed c 44u/,liMc; (io Augu&l. -(Uii,^; do Jrkiptoiu do Oi'tobtT. -fc^-ic: Kin'cmbur, 43c; do Uuccllibor tatt'j, ^ t«inKr S t Dull, in it ul>, l H(I 1.1 ( .1 !< f MI it »><lii t-i Oula- llull; .No. !• ini'sct (U> Al. B H,r, Jn'n, do -si do O I, b, r. . <<i, li.j Su )u IJutl HurU) Ndtultl^l •I fll .» U . fir lli n i,.,ttxl H i Nt) trft'.j,^ Ui Ii t-jt^j it th« i * iii)» u ist 4" , f i i 1 T 11 t I n ! l Mr ' 1 I '' tf / il pi * i i\ In t f t ' I )•> t ri i t i i f i\ -j uil t l I \ I I I f I I i trc il i frtlr r t-i t r - <• r 1 n <• "f * ' 1 < -In i t \n r I TrralIt-e on Blo«l nail Skin l)i;c.i- ! <"i niniU-il fr. 1 • ; I , n i l in ll I*' l "I lat-lirllj! in ihi- IK:n! bj tin- proprlctoisol | DR. SAFE'S CATARRH I Hrmptoinn of ('ntni-rh. — Ilca<lof'ln». nliHtriiftion of nose, fhsfhiirt," -a fnllini? into thront.Foinfllinc^ pmrn^-, wntiTy. mid ncritl. it others, thirl;, Icniu-Sons, ihui OIIH. piirnlrnt. >l«ndy iiml tiutriii; cvrM wpn!(, rinnini; in riti-9, Inlfncw, illinciilly ol i:!i'nrhi|i, ••xpi-t't(v- nitlou of ofTi'iihlvo mutter: hrtiith olr.'iv-lve: •njinll anil t:i«le liiipnlreil, nnd in-ni-rnl lirhinty. Onlyn few of thc-u' symptoms llki'ly to |H> prc 1 ^- cnt at oniM'. VhniiKinils of mw n-snlt In con- Biimptlon, nnd ond In the prriivt 1 . liy Its mild. flcHilhlmr. «"d licnhncirnipcrtipfl, I)r. SnRn'R Itt.'im'ily t'lirra tho wur^r. rnsea. /Jllu. The Original UTrrir, LIVER PILLS. J'ur.'Ij/ Vtgrta- ble. <t Harmless, . Snitillcfi^cliPfilv. ifiXiKHICi.™ COIJ?5t!X*--'^ 5 *» jit-i:-,-,^ lilllouH AUitcktsana ult clcranprt'Tm-utH-oi* i tho Btonitich nna bowula. ^5 ctBi by unigg-Jsts, > 4&Z . THEKSrWHiTE'SOWMADE-lH-AHErca- ^ .MAIL .s i TdAS-S-KlRK Ask Your netatler for tho According to Yonr Ncefla. JAMES MKANS Si SHOE In Itelit ami Btyliah. u 111.1 lliici n ««o«'kliiET, nnd ItlCQlllKKS k NO " HJlKAKINli IN."l,o- IIIR pcrfocllycnsy lire first ilnio It Is worn. It will KaUnfj* llio Tmu.t fnstl.ltona. JAMKS MKAN.S k |. S3 SlfOK Is nUaoluttly lira !r r.h«j of it» prlro which 1ms over been placed cx- teuslvolyon thn marUcs which durnbilily coiisldered licfora mcro out- wart ippcar- J. MEANS ic CO., Boston. , full Iluc.s of fho fibuTO nhoeB for rmlo by J, R. BELL & SON Htcrllne, dm. W_ Is a montlily I zloe devoted to the hygiene and care of Infanta and young children, and all that pertains to tho routine of tho nursery. It la now in Its fifth year. Tho Congregationalist recently said oi it: noems almost t . to tho bouBoholtl In whlpb thtro are yotuiir children. It 1ft for the partmu And tha nurse, and 1* purJced*fiili ot Important suggestions of n prantlojU character. From per- •onal experience of *ui uge2uuieu B we com- mund U warmly." . And tha Chicogo Advance : ••Nomother but must appreciate 1Uwlw ana helpful suggestion*, ana bo grateful for tlio solving of perplexities and tao helping over bard plbcea which every ono come* to who has the core of young children. W« commend 1C to- overy inotber In tbo l&ud." Also tho New York Oraphie : " Th. BUCCCSS of tills periodical hu been enormoua. n mako.? young moUitirs fool that thu only subject worthy of attuutlon in «t lost belug recognhved." Every iutolligent father and mother should read it regularly. Their children will be healthier and happier. It will reduce tho work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amustog them. Letters from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received; " 1 am grateful to BXBYHOOD | I bave seen but two numbers, but have learned eo much - from thono that I feol 1 should be dolna my children « wrong If I ehoula fall of the opportunity to leura more." ••The help it bos boon to u» would hnvo atitonliihrd me bad It buon predicted barorcband." "I'bynlolaa ej I tm, your ina^'ttsluo Is tbe most welcome purloincjil that oomoa tomy table and la tha one 1 read ftrgt." "•! cannot si'paitoolilitliSy of BABYIIOOD. Durlns the throa yeani that I have onlwcrlbed to it. I have fell repaid a nnnflri-d times for the outlay by tho relief and coiindeoco U bos given mo ui tbA management of my onlldron." ••"•«« «™* You want a sample copy- Price 16 oentt. Or to subscribe for a year— J1.60. On our part wo wish to know that you have seen this advertisement; and in order to induce you to mention thia paper when writing vis, We have arranged to have maBofactnnd for \a a largo qunnuty of -"»VM »jr Hudnut's celebrated, Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (oither •• Violet" 01 " White Lilac," as preferred), t2i t ''«>uaV'> r ""V"' 1 ***, 1 *, ln vari,Hi<"ri,a'l':/ot BABYHOOB PUBLISHINO'UO,. 8 BaoKman St., New York. r« u« r-mtjun<i litiiiiiwvi, ^jtij , r i f „ t 'VT', "-."r/h'it • ir p )1 ! ,'f\,"i t V;, i > • ,a », . . , -t i , '' • ' ' - i -*! H

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