Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1938
Page 2
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, fc< • II §19 >v I Star Star of flopfrlMfr Pfess, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Delivef^rhy Herald From False Report! HOPE, ARKANSAS Political Announcements « * Walnut evei * ***-*>* afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. Affc H ' Washburn ' at The 'S^-buUdihg, 212-214 South .:&-£. PALMER, President ALEX. IL WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscrtglon Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week I5c; per mcfflth 6Sc; one year, S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada' Howard Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere 56.50. » **!? Assodnted Press: Tfte Associated Press is exclusively en- to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or hot otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein Ch«m t oa Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of ™£iTST %?' or ,! Mt ? or >* ]a > concerning the departed. Commercial news- £wf F *» P. 0 " 0 ? fa 1* news columns to protect their readers from a demge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Plain Dflty ol America to Hit Prejudice Hard 'Recent news from Europe has sbunded so much like a throw-back to the * '' ' S - a t ! U1 l h " rf to realizc wh «t » truly terrible thing the new campaign in Germany is. w T l& in -V w ° rld which, has come to accept the maw. murder of women and children m time of war as a matter of course, a return to the ^ baric ,P°«™ of medieval Europe can hardly seem surprising Yet if we We loe our flefense o^t them: On y by ° bominations can we kcep " .1, *°, 1S<a f ls nwthoHzed to make the following candidate announce' rociits subject (p.the action of the «lty DenweM'ttd prlmnry election Wednesday, November 30: For Mayor J. A. EMBREE For Aldermnn, Ward One A. C. ERWTN J. R. WILLIAMS CARTER JOHNSON For Alderman, Ward Four SYDMCMATH- STAMP NEWS Consider the coM facts for a moment J KM?* ^ innu . me " ble vic «ms of the anti-Jewish campaign finally S nap- b r ' and a sub -°«f "I in a German embassy was .hot Immediately ?he German propaganda machine went into action, whipping up all of the lowest elements in the nation to make reprisals P ' i -So gangsters were allowed to do as they pleased in the great cities for a ° COUntt ° n * 1S 8S WeU P ° liced or as compteSr d earned °" '* hee, came a new theater s or concerts or visit picture galleries Thev T / W^ ^ *" murd - o g f one fmtosly For Sale FOR SALE-Ho-m'e in Hope. Real bargain. Liberal terms. Write Owner 510 Exchange Suilding, Little Rock, Artomsaa 15.1 2tp FOR SALE— Beauty work, the best m permanents. Herloise, Kathleen Carmen, Vonceii. Kate's Beauty and Gift .Shop. "For oomething New Call «* _ _ IM-Nov 31c FOR SALE-White Cotton Mattresses Investigate our work and material first. Hempstead Mattress Shop. Call Paul Cobb 658J. l_26tc FOR SALE— Grocery and Service Station near High School. Equipped for serving lunches. Doing good busi- J. A. Davis. Phone 523. 25-3tp '.FOR REJNT^Two-,room furnished apartment, adjoining bath; garage, utilities paid; couple preferred. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, phone 79. 26-3tc. For Rent—Four room furnished apartment house, private bath, garage, sleeping porch. J. A. Sullivan. —28tf. Offered SPECIALS —Permanents J1.50 up, Shampoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampoo set, Eyebrow-lash dye $1.00. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 39, 117 Front Street 21-26-c Europeans attribute the discovery I of coffee's value as a drink to' the | inmate of an old monestrary in Arabia. ^ TOTAL of 44 stamps have been issued by foreign governments and the United States in the last year to mark the 150th anniversary of the U. S. Constitution. Here is the list: Brazil, 1; Dominican Republic, 3; Ecuador. 7 airmails and 7 regular postage; France, 1; Guatemala, 1 overprint and a pane of four values, one of which pictures President Roosevelt; Haiti, 1; Honduras, 1; Nicaragua, 12; Pp- land, 1; Salvador, 2; Spain, 1, issued in sheets, miniature pane and overprinted for airmail service; United States, 2. * * * Taking the stand that philately had no right to tell governments what stamps to print or what not to print, the American Philatelic Society has rejected the Swedish- proposed resolution condemning "speculative and unnecessary issues." The Swedish Philatelic Society had vigorously denounced the deluge of stamps issued by many governments, including miniature sheets and charity issues and had asked the support of stamp groups in all countries to back its efforts to clear the markets of these values. "This constant production of stamps which serve no useful postal purpose has become a menace to the future of philately, particularly in view" of their fraudulent appeal to the tastes of juvenile collectors in whose hands rests the future of the hobby," the resolution declared. Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Armistice, the French government has Issued a special stamp. It illustrates the Arch of Triumph, Paris, and marching troops carrying the flags of the entente powers. The Stars and Stripes are in the forefront, together with the French Tricolor and the British Union Jack. (Copyright, m«, NBA Service, Inc.) Today's Answers to CRACKERS Questions in Page One 1. False. Light colored clothing is cooler than dark since it reflects more light. 2. False. Vienice is known as the IJride of the Sea, not Vienna. 3. TErue. Meerschaum is a mineral. 4. True. King Leopold is King of the Belgians, the people, not Belgium, the country. 5. False. An elephant does not . drink with his trunk. He draws water up his trunk, then squirts it into.his mouth. WANTED TO BUY— Several wagon loads of green oak poles. Jas. H. Bennett, 110 N. Washington St. 25-3tc STORY WRITER. WANTED-Native and paper shell pecans. Highest prices paid. P. A Lewis Motor Co. 304 East 2nd St Phon»j40. _ 3 . 26tc _ Lost STRAYED OR STOLEN - Dark brown horse mule, weight about 1,000 pounds. Sore on left front foot and white nose. Notify Hope Star. 25-3tp LOST— Dark brown leather purse contains 51.70 in cash, lipstick, two compacts. Reward for return to Hope ^___ _ 263tp. LOST— On Spring Hill road, V8 Spring Stretcher. Reward. Notify 343 Service Station. 28-3tp. FOR RENT— 3 room unfurnished apartment, adjoining bath, 222 West Ave. C. Mrs. Delia Pate. 28-3tp FOR RENT-Bedroom, closTln' Phone 937. Ivis BrumWet. 25-3tc CLASSIFIED RATES •''hie time—2c word, minimum 30c three times—3%c word, min. 50c ^ijf times—& word, minimum 90c ">ne month (26 times)—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates are for continuous inser- «>ns only. In making word count disregard ••la.'aification name sucn as "for R#nt" "For Sate," etc.—this is free. But each initial or nanw, or com- ulete telephone number, counts *g a full word. For example: FOR RENTVrKree-rpom modern furnished apartment, with garage "lose in Bargain. J. V. Blank ohone 9999. • '•' Total 15 words, at 2c word. 30c for one time: at 3%c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by" telephone are due and payable UJ>OD or*-seatat»n of bill f'HONE 76« HORIZONTAL 1,5 Creator of "Alice in Wonderland." 10 Sofa. 11 Large, constellation. 13 Unfolds. 14 Layers. 15 Born. 16 Measures.- 17 Grain. 19 Senior. 20 Being. 21 Seventh musical note. 22 Rested on 3 chair. 24 Paid publicity. 25 Bulgarian coin. 26 To leave out. 28 Roll of tobacco. 32 Withered. 33 More fastidious. 35 Kind of . lettuce. 36 Baseball nines. 37 Wriggling. Answer to Previous Puzzle 39 Blemish. 4} Rider's seat on * horseback, 44 A coming on. 48 Palm leaf. 49 Bugle plant. •51 Distant. 52 Sheltered place. 53 Still. 54 Toothed on the- edge, 56 To loiter, 57 He was a famous writer 12He'was a — of England (Pi.). 14'To daub. 18 Branches, 21 Part of school year. 23 Twitching, 25 Field. 27 Set up a golf ball. 29 Frosty. 30'Energy. Sl.Beast of burden. and a famous 32 Slave. ~ . 34 Gusto. 36 Spiny animal. 38 Embankment, 40 Raccoon^like mammal. VERTICAL 1 Part of mouth. 2 Level. 3 Declines. 4 To interpolate. 6 Spherical. 7 Iris rootstock. 8 Geological division, 9 Great deal, 10 His real name was ——-. 41 To weep. 42 Astringent, 43 Ana. 45 in the style of] 46 Thin. 47 Limb. 50 Branch. 51 Obese. 55 Sun god. Monday, November 28,1938 -„. DR. MORRIS PISHBEIN ' "' Editor, Journal of «» Ahierinm Medical Association, nml «f Hygcln, the Health Mnpulne Crying -Is the -Problem of Children Which Demands First Attention British physician has recently written a book called "Common HapDen- "igs in Childhood" in which-he discusses, the problems which concern parents in the cnre of n child. The first of these problems is crying Men come'into life weeping and sometimes other men weep whenjlhey pass out. Why do babies cry when they are born? Most doctors believe that the baby cries because it is one of Nature's methods for making the baby expand the lungs. However, the lungs would expand if the baby merely took n lot of deep breaths instead of crying Experts say thnl the baby cries because it needs oxygen at birth and lack of oxygon stimulates the breathing cen- Icr in the br.-iln mid that makes the baby cry Perhaps the baby cries because it is displeased or uncomfortable nt the lime of birth. -Vet:the evidence shows that babies sometimes cry even before thev arc born. It is pointed out that the cry of the baby at the time of birth is just the same kind of a cry that it makes shortly after birth. At any time during the first few months of life, the child mny cry because it is hungry, because it is suffering with pain associated with indigestion, because it has accumulated gas in the bowels, or for any other similar reason. It is interesting to oberve that during the first few weeks of Jifo when the cliild cries, it does not have tears. Tears come at various ages. Some babies have tears first when 'they are two months old and others may not until they are five months old One expert suys that he has seen tears in n baby just under one month old In any event, however, persistent crying and screaming is usuallly duo to some pain nnd may be due to ill health and unless soon brought under control, demand? medical Investigation. Some little babies arc naturally more emotional nnd excitable than are others. Excitable and'emotional parents induce excitable nnd emotional children. For example: The child of poor parents with just a 'moderate amount of attention. is likely to got up without shrieking every time it falls. On the other hand, the much attended child is immediately picked up, comforted and Ibegged not to cry by the nurse or the mother. Frequently, therefore, the child thnl cries is unable to give proper attention to other reactions of the body so that excessive crying may frequently bo accompanied with failure to control the bladder or the bowels, Shrieking and crying mny also result in exhaustion iu\(l fatigue. It takes 4% hours to lint-fool) nn ostrich egg. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...with... MAJOR TOOPLEOUT OUR WAY Says Married Couples Shouldn't Settle t)owh* CrtlGAQO.—(/I')—Couples who-, marry to "iettle down" ore likely jto be bonded for difficulties, s.iid Dii. Paul headed for <!ifficulties, sold Dr. Pnul Fnmily Rolnlioas, Lo.v Angeles, in n recent address bore. "Marriage is nn entrance to n dy- )iamlo, new mid richer life," Dr. Popo- noo declared. "Don't marry to settle down. "Most marriage difficulties are caused by improper balance of normalbu- 'ii'.'an needs—(he need for social acceptance, u full emotional life and some outlet for individual creative impulses. Marriage problems are problems of personality and lacks in balance can be recopni/.ed easily if partners honestly study themselves and see cause.-; rather thtm symptoms of discord." YOU KNOW, . EVER .REALIZED UMTIL. ,- MOW THAT.YOU WERE IM TH' OUWK BUSIWESS/lVe BE6SJ WOMDE£iM<3 WHY YOU DOM'f EVER, MOVE SOME OP YOUR STOCK AMD REALIZE A PROPIT—I UUDER- STAMD SCRAP (ROM 1-5 TOP PRICE RIOHT MOW/, By J. R. WILLIAMS • -•• < i if -i 11-^1-^ i_j i—rMi^^y CARRIES THE GONFALON OP A BITING REMARK-^ "?-•%: A-£^_/VN.l.' \l//f HAW; BAXTER, KMOW'IWe PULL. WELL YOUR BUMPTIOUS PRIDE IW KEEPING AKJ ORDERLY YARD, I LEAVE AA/ME AS YOU SEE IT SO THAT BY COMPARISON YOUR PAPPOCK WILL APPEAR. MUCH WEATER THAW IT REALLY IS / ^.^n.,,^., nos»» < »idn.ig.- T T.ffi.fl^ tiar , i k^..<j hL | [ , BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ^ «W~ ^- f ^^ •- A FEW ^ OVER -THE 'ATTJNJCS n-2.1, BACK FEWCE= ALLEY OOP The Reaction EVERV TIME I HEAC A PLANE CO OVER IT SCARES ME STIFF. THIKIKIM' MDU'VE. GOME OFF WITHOUT ATHIM& 10 LIVE OK), A CHAWGE OF CLOTHES BK. WOTHIM'—SOUEEP THIS RIGKT WITH VOL) .T1W.JII.U. w. a. PAT. OFF. \ .(,' I V \ CQPfl. 1»}3 By Ht* StHVtfcc. tflc> . MOW I WONDER WHO THAT LUG WITH OOOLA tSZ GOLLY/ HE'S BIG DINOSAUR..' ~P IVE MEVEE SEEM HIM BEFORE.' HE AIN'T MOMooviAW, THAT'S A CIUCH; Pop's Broadminded, but— §y.JD_GAR MARTIN WASH TUBES OH, WELL-IT'S } ' NONE OF MV / SAY!! MEBBE HE'STH 1 BIG SURPRISE ZEJL WUZ TELLIW' ME ABOUT.' SHUX J wny SHOULD THAT BE A SURPRISE TO ^ <V\E? A GICL'S GOT / OOOLA ISA A (SIGHT T'HAVE / KJICE KID .' SHE BOY FRIENDS, A OUGHTA HAVE AIN'T SHE; —^ TJ ~ •** nc.vj. ij, a. rv»i. urf.' \v* B y v. T. HAMLIN" HAS AGREED TO GIVE WftSH ANOTHER CHANCE. The Sales Campaign Opens " >~™"— .. M. REO.'u. S. (-„,. OH...T-, tL'COPR. 1839 BY I.EA SERVICE? INC. SURE SHE 3TILL -- ME&BE I OU&HTA GIVE THAT GUY TH' OWCE- OVEE. By ROY CRANE 4 i-r-cirTrt C .w-^fi WFV ' WUWFV W ,A> T TPESSES TO SELL WITH— ^ POEWT EVBM EXPECT A PROFIT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS o CREAWS, LOVELY, WEALTHY , WILL BE " UOOTBALL SEASON HAS COME To A GLORIOUS aose ,AKIO NOW THE AFTERMATH ' - n-zi MCLLO.DIM BULB/ YOU OIDNT KNOW, WE'RE EXTENDING PRECKla COLUMN Sour Grapes WOT AW OPPORTUMVTV! CAUL ME\krSPAPER6! BOV, l'»A 6UUWA PUT ON AM At>yERT\S\U& CAkA- - PA1GW THAT'LL KWOCK THIS ™J MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL I'"NURSE WHAT'RE C30, RAZZ ME THAT SISN'S GOTTA COME IF YOU'DA WON, You AKID YOUR. PAPA WOULDA HAD THIS TMINS LIOHTED UP LIK'B AN AIRPLANE BEACON/ . STUDIOS ARE IKJ THE UTMOST COWFUSJOW AS A CASTLE ••• SET COLLAPSES OIJ MAJOR GILDER. « WHO IS ' A VICTIM OF CLAUSTROPHOBIA Cft=AS. OF- ci oseo HIS STRANGE W9JAAM OUT OF HERE, ' EASY, MAJOR.-THIS IS MYCZA NORTH, THE NURSE I A PLOT OKI FOOT TO KIU.MC" HIREP TO HELP OW LOVIE'S MEW ^J • - t • '• • ' l -"I - • .3 H« MK--P Vi_ Patient's Improving By MERRILL BLOSSER GOING IN AMD HAVE A WORD WITH THE EDITOR. ' J OKAY/ HE'S ON •f THE SECOND H-COR. — AND 1 Hope YOU'RE GOOD AT FALLING DOWK SVAlte; S GRACEFULLY ,' WHERE'S THE PATlEUT? WHAT HAPPEMED? 1 KEEP CALM, EVEEV- f I BODV - DEAR ME ! / T I WAS OVEE. ON STAGE IZ-CAME AS FAST AS I COULD. COWBOY BILL'S HORSE HAD THE SMUFFLES.' ER.-- WHATS BEEW DOME 1 HERE ? By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll HMM- PULSE A TRIFLE WEAK RESPIRATION OKAY-reoUB MOSTLY WEMTAL- VoUVE POME. A SPLENDID JOB VOUNG, LADY- SPLENDID/ -•.-.

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