Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 4, 1912. I Every woman likos to plan Her winter clothes a little ahcatl of time. This advance showing permits vou to sec what the new jzotnU will lie. Buy some now if you like and then when the lUsh commences you aro pix'parod and no need lo worry. An early insi)ection of these beautiful fabrics will prove interesting and he well vvoilh your while. The Prettiest IJnc We Have Ever Shown, priced a! 25c, 50c, 75c, $1,00, and up to $1.75 You Should See the Pretty Things in Silks-they Are Beauties. This store is Dress (loods Headquarters. We always sho.w the new things fri*st and we are famous fiT tho qu:iliiy wo u:ve foi-oi'dinary prices. Select Yo^r New FALl. CLOTHES Now! rill' stylos tlii.< season are partifularly iiwitine;. Tlu" olio. t\v.» -lid tliroi> button .fit oi.< t-n the cutaway jack- i ; - w illi liic slraiiiht Hue tlo- -••;r'unl mode's are very I'f'i ^irr. Priood from .Sin ^'diu.'iin'^' t-ro.-.liop.s (»!' tiio m .-t -iiT t;iil<o-s in coat.; are o -|\Ti:diy worth whil'^ sci'iniT tlus I 'dl. I'riood I'r 'iMi .S7..')0 lo (^^n•.'' i .'i \ I y *m .-oir.o of tho tifW ."..i' !iio :u.^. Mvou if you don'i want lo buy ou'U oMjoy .>;ceiiur tlie new E^xquisite New Fall MILLINERY! Al If.-s liinn ordinary pi-ices. Tlio soas<)n's very ncw- osi .-iiid sni.: !'U\-,i .<iyios io. PatCerti Hals of raf' hoaiily. Von w ''l fiod our,[u-ices ueai'ly 7)0-: h)wvv than olsc- V. !..;o. Com"' and sco and v.-u will suroh' bi '.v lioro. J13 E. Madison RICHARDSON'S 113 E. Madison (PERSONAL MBfflON.) r .o ->ii. / \ .... • , % . . • v..-: .. -..-i -. I»r. (>. U fox. ((futNt. • v: K Mr.-..::;; •k ?. v.\i" • ••'••-•in \\\\' •• • r in< -IT. .V l?!lrki ."V 1. \..-:':nir \\\< •'city, has secured a position in the ! Moran po.^tofflce. i .r, E Henderson, who ha? been ill I for soiri*- time with the grip Is now-^| I m:icij Improved. Franlc S Wohb. who died hor- the ! :"."fh cf September, was buri«i io liish j land Cpiuetery this .iftcrnoon The Globe's new carrier system is beinK in.stalJed this wcelt .1 M Stone of Top.'ka. who h .i.« • a !i«'r 'in buslnlss. w^nt 'o I'ar- ; ;.-.ns tlii.- n"<>n K .\ riulcor of SprlncflrM. Mo. «.!.- a bii .5|nes.« visitor hfTf toi!a.v .M:> r.irl IIoii<" of K.-insas rit .v. \\\\" b »'»»n hTe and In l-illarpe vUlting friends, returned home this aftornoon rir R TJ Goshom and wife returned>' from Clay Center last nisht. Mrs. Anna n Stnlth and daucMer Cl.Tra 6f Moran wer" visitor? here thi? tiftorniMU. T o ranatsi.'}- was a bu.-inesg vi;-it- i >r In Yates Oontor today I. \V Knox of .\iosho Fall.« was Ir. • . rl'y la.4t niKht and attencl'd th»' Ma "nl"' Oomiiiandry 1 • I> A \l»\ahd.T of Sprinsficld. 111.- s i -j a bii ^in' ss \ \m't>- this morn- ti„ Mr -i .M'vandor !'»ft tlii^ afl^r- T. :.'r \Vl.i,;'i llui;'- Onvralr.v. .m aMorin-> ••>? ft-an- r \<a> .1 liii '-tn" ?>i vl'ltor In-!-- rht- -r.'on .Mr Osb'Tr of llunib'>!i!t W.TS hrr>' on liMSlnfs- thin uMininR' K --fpv Funk of I.aMart"' was ,i in'ss vi-itor h«'re this afterno«)n <"!ia.; Funk was in Sa^onbtirt »iii-- a'''Tnoon on !>'i^in<^ss. T \ Norris of Kansas Citv was a b !isin '>>3 vidtor lior^ yrst<'rdav K H. and C .r Preston wer- :r» Vatfs (Vnfr on business ypsfrday i:'''rni'i)n MISS rtl.inch'- Sand '^rs. of Prinn- ton. who has fx^-n tf-arhinK at .Moran \v Is in 111'- riTv this ninrnini: b'. i\v .i «r; tr. ins «'nrout.> to h »r Ivonio for Sun• iav Mrs .1 K Van .Nmian. of TarMiaco M.>. who lias bwn visitinc Mrs Grar«' V.m .Vfman and Mrs P. I) Van N';- ni.iJi. r>>iiirn''d honi" this afr> rjiooii K' V, Goodrich w.'nt to Humboi<l! to(l ;'V \vhf-r<'' h'^ will d^livor a b-rtur'^ on •I if.- in the I^ark." Mr and .Mrs .4rt bff tliis af- '••-iioon for Joplin. .Mo. for a visit with fri<<nds. Mr an.I Mrs C .V Bishop, of F'.iu- ra City. Ok . who havo b'"'n vjsitinc f-i«-n<Is b 'Tr. wrnt to <'(.ff»-yvil V this afternoon. Mrs 0 N. Stoni> of Wicliiia wao has b'<'n visifinp friends h< r.- w.^nt to rhanut.* this afternoon. WN WORFOiK jjgvlfctiES Desitrned exclusively for DANIELS. Each garment a distinct novelty,' , EM5RYB0DY'S DOING ITI WHAT? Buying the Noi-folk from us. As usual. Daniels produces the goods—they always lead. The Norfolk is a swell garment for fall. Order yours NOW! Made to your own individual measuie. Wm. A. Daniels East SideSlo Tailoring Stare. Geo. W. Jones, Mgr. \ N ,<r. Vt Wilii'ti. rb .>ni» X:; .111.I ttl. \U. II. I.. Hendrlckii. OM C««n J.'.ii.e." t,kii* «n»wrr«-<l 4HJ or nixht. i:.!--:- ir. K "lak- an.i ti!tr.( at iM)- n A ... I i.> ' • fii 1 . . I- • ii.. :;• If U.l.ia tins .• : , 11 I K S|M:.:'•: n. . •••xx'- this af Delicious and RcfrcsliiiijI Drink obtainable at tlu Soda Fountain, and soiuo- tliin<,f spcoial ovcry day. I'tr-. Iluli IlnJI. tMrt'j.alh-i. Tel- r^l-htia. « I-"- A ',»> ..a^ b »-''T; ^ i.-!'\.^n•^~.• timed '}V.\ • .;- .i:"' •no .-n Morris & Howard Drug Store ; : K. r- - -r .^-ar" b-^tl- STOVEvS f "a'. <>.ir ntid \\>u,\ lliaii'r.! < onibinalivTi ( <>ai and «.a», i Jlol Bl.i *4 .jnd \ir Tiirbts KitN «>Mv i.,.r|.\ I .'IMllill;'!! < (la! .llldl.llN ICHIIJI the iM-^t m.;d«'. l'rir<> Ilishi: IheLH.WijhirdHdWf rn.v r. .-. .,n 'isin- t:..» TUk- ...•ti-.: As. W I' re- ;rn-'i - :•• -T, :n i ''--s- . •••-•rv. '••n . 1 ;'t \\v has .-•:,nl %:s;:;n2 I. .1. I, 'I Win- Ms (• 1; • i -T> i-'a;;- w.iS in •rn.-.n W- • '-("on ,,..r !':-.-r. •.•ton 1.11..-T t . -ir-- \\ v. '-•or o:' t'.(.- .Mcta \':-,--..~ K;n_ wa.- .•. :.• ' V.'.-. - •••I.I.-. >••.-!•• >: .v I- ii; > .-i. 'ii--' M .-4d.' only by NEW ERA MILLIN(; CO.MPANV AUK \NS Ai-^ 'ITV. KAN^ W. C. .McKINNEY nii..|.-al.r riinnp .IH:! |oi \ K\NS -At the Allen County Fair POLAR BEAR FLOUR wo^ the following premiums: First Prize on While Bi-ead by iMiss Ella Chenault Second Pri/c ou White Rread by Mis. Fizzie King First Pr!-:o on Fight Rolls by Mr.<. F. H. Wishai-rj "second Pri/r ou Fight Rolls by Mrs. Gus Krannich SOLD BY ALL GROCERS CHANCES FOR THE STUDENT! No Reason Why Their Opportunlttaa Should Not Be Extended In Many Direction*. It;-, a ini tv:r'i an..- » .0 A I'a;.. :a:i, has h '^t-n- ':v- ..• .V . - .1 lit;- .- • ..Is Electric Wiring! Canfleld& Thompson ! V; i« t .: 4 V w !.:re ! *.-'.-.\.-rv .•!•.- i'l t'e!'tny t'll.J Look Hore! f .— ARE YOr HOUSE CLEANLNG? WE ARE cleaning up our Wall Paper st«H-k aniti^oll- itig odd.- and cnd.-^—all eood paper—al prices that coi^ipv! y-n; lo ' 'ly wi '.i 'n y-.-u .-•cc iheni. .•\ g"..(l big stock of.all kiiiils of paper ;ii lowest ! !-:ti-.< x\\ vour sei'\"ice. Chas. B. Spencer & Co. CIGARS- WITH THE NEW FRONT -DRUGS Wo have student mechanics !n iS h" l.-iTRo factories and •indent miners :i tr .l the ereat mines. There are stu- !. a: 'ralnmon on all th« trains and • • 'ior.t superintendents la all tho of "ir 'ji Swti »o shall h» TO student senators in ;.h<» senate and student reprosenta- U <-s In the house. jL student Judge j r!:. sit ou every bench and stmlent at- jrr.eys will assist everj lawyer. .-^tiidonf sorlat learners will attend ^vor.T ftmctlon anj stiident soldiers vi '.i acromrany the troops. The Whltt fl.i::se wlU have to be enlarged ! to •nakp room for about J.OOO.OOO student •)r?3;dea;s. for nearly erery mother In he I'nited S:ares will want to send .itr son to the, ^Vlllto House to learn ',07.- to h? president. 3;-jdpnt brides ahd student jcrooras »-;;; attend every tred.ilrg ceremony st iden? ministers will accom- ;n2y the minister on hla parochial ciV.i. V nii^ht be Interesflni? to know just w!:.-!t a student lover's privlloge would .;c. b'lt there Is no doubt that a few le.taor.s are sadly needed by some '/c.;ng persons. Stident resets would wlUi adrantac. !earn the f;entle a .'t o? standing off thft :and:ady and student bill collectors vf find U advantageous to Iear« how best to land at tfa« bottom of th. sutlrs.—Chicago KMra. The Place Realty Co. (Successor to .1. F. Varner & Co.) If you want to RFXT or TRADE your place, list with 11.-:. We have a larcrc list ali-eadv rented, a good list of vacants for rent, and we're renting .spme every day. We are making up a list to do OL^T- SIDE ADVERTISING, and we want YOUR PROPERTY to show. Also have some good farnvs close to lola to trade for stock of goofls oi- real estate. The Place Realty Co. Rooms 9 10 Old Court House Bldg. Phone M6 Why They Can Spell It. "Pofore I went to Europe." said tht srhool teacher, "If was on<j of the ra.Vst*)ries of my profession how every ilrliish child enrolled In our school* czr^ii to be authority on the spellins o{ chilblains. Teachers migh^ ^e**' r.t>*« over one •i" or two. the rBndr»>r n« wr. T.^ey might make orUjostar?)!c me<« of the simplest on* syllable w.>rd. but the tiniest tot from the! Change in Time October 6tti As a number of important changes will be made in the time of .\L K. & T. Ry. train.s patrons should obtain advance information as to arrival and departure of trains from ticket agent. RKAI. K.-^TATK WANTrlD-W'K — T W' (•f,p ..lHnd of frjyfon Ohio. ridYt -r-is^-.! .-uuie w-.-ks az<i "ir ;,:iroba .-<.-d a bottle ci Chamberlains ;:sUng ;.n.! .ales ac-tu tx -uM be tn t,,,^ :Uunc s-everal prices of AlUn f\»unTy t'-f'ire the t.oitl- was all tanr.ti and t'^wn T>roi>«ri\ that art> tt>r used the boy's i-old was sonc. U that sa!.- 'y :|\.- i'«n«-ri. if yo-.i are tired not blotter than t... [>«y ,t dollar • :f iiM.Iinc witit coiicinis^i, n :ii !.n's and doctors bill? For .-iib- by all dealers :iri' :^nxjous t,, »ii'e onil Mr Z- >i ^„^^^„„i ,^^,__^,_^,,^^^^^^i^ <" .Miirtln i;.> Ot;;'..;> wJi..' u , — Ules went to the ue »d ot tbej"':^ \"-^ ^\ •^ = -~»"-'„ I cuss on Chilblain, every ^^ra..Or .\^^^J^:^"^ wintry tr.ontU in tho .44 same islands t •• Kxnsns v*>.'v. Mo WA.\TK1>- 2 ROOMS von l.IOUT l-.ux'Wei-pinc nenr .•n-h<><«l buibliiii?.— •old me why. It it tb« word th.y saw ( oftenost. In drug stor*«s. la clotbtnj; store*. In shops of all kinds cur .i and preventives of chilblains sro tin! | Cwll Krli.y Hotel ver».illy sdv.rtls^d. Owlnn to th«; ; .5il «eocles of th* ellmaie tber* is t" .Mrs U. 1. Pott" of Ottawa, uho ban rrifular rbllbialna llt«ratur« present- i 'cen visitinp friend" r -turner! come 1 ed for tbos» cblMr«n'i absorpttob. sci thU afternoon ; no wonder they know how to speUl Katherine Tlomer '.f W. iiitn i itelr universal affliction" I "'""''O''" ' The>.'. .H->i iiiorniBi;:* and evon- ln«>> M'- itittiie dvllRbtfully «-oth- fortiili!-' .it.ii trtfltnit rxpense If \o>» uf an IRONTON or REZNOR Full Stock of Siiej «!t J, vL'ltlnK friends, returned liii-.i:-' lafn-rnooo. ttiiti

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