The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 4, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1892
Page 2
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1892. BETTER, Agency's Report as to •QSneral Trade. jw |ii8^ DOING WELL. i'^fftt^/Xho Cttlei Are Ui'ocralljr Kn- (rlns ^poonlBtlon HIM Mot M -y, IS^ A*lre -Nam (>«r of Failures J pMMT 'jtJio I .labllltlM For the •v^'i .Cj ^tt^Tt.'r I .<Mm Than Hame *,*T?> * 1 : Time Lant Veilr. ' rM 4 (Wf Vfrjuc, April 3.—R. 0. Dun A iV %neldy review of trade says: BjHjMS business outlook is distinctly ff»#. There has eorae a distinct in the marketing of lnonn- tfctanxl products and greater activity Intoutajrlinesof domestic trade This U In pert due to more favorable weather tit most sections and the improved con- ditton of country roods and to the prospect* of au early spring. The manufacturers are doing well. Probably -the cotton manufacture has never turned as great a quantity of goods at •Joy other time ns it has this year thus far, with less accumulation of its products in the hands of manufacturers or -wholesale dealers. The distribution has been remarkably large and the remit of trade generally satisfactory, as prices of the material have declined, while goods, though on the whole as cheap us at any other time, are fairly maintained in prices. "The woolen manufacture also shows distinct improvement in some branches, though not in carpets, nor the lower grades or mixed goods for inen'« wear. The better all wool goods, worsted and dress goods are more largely produced than in the past years and no ,undesir- »ble accumulation is seen. The boot and shoe business is also increasing and active, shipments now exceeding last year's and orders being large and urgent "Reports from cities are generally encouraging. "Speculation during the week has not been very active. Wheat has declined 2% cents, corn K cent, oil a fraction and pork 25 cunts a barrel. The decline in wheat is mainly due to the •hrinkuge in foreign demand, western receipts continuing large. As the new crop draws nearer, and the prospect ia that it will bo very large, prices naturally tend downward. Although cotton receipts have been smaller than a year ago, the pressure of stocks here and abroad have caused a further decline of a sixteenth. Coffee is also % cent lower and the general tendency of prices ia toward a lower level. But in the icon trade bottom seems to have teen reached. More business is seen at Philadelphia and many furnaces have ceased production so that fewer forced sales are reported, though a new and large furnace in Alabamjtbegins work. ,. Ho improvement in seen in bar iron, but aomc in plates, and in structural iron the demand ia better than a year ago. Copper is unsettled and irregular, tin •lightly lower and lead dull. The market for coal is distinctly firmer. Money markets here and throughout the country are abundantly supplied, and there ia no sense of anxiety manifested in any quarter. "The failures during the first quarter of 1892 were 3,864 in the United States against 3,345 lust year and the liabilities •39 ,284 ,349 against $42,167,631 last year. Increase is seen in the eastern states, but a great decrease at the west and some decrease in every other section. "The business failures occurring throughout the country during the last •even days number 218 as compared with a total of 231 last week. For the corresponding week of last year the figures were 243." A DEATH LKAV. A Woman aud Child Were Killed While Three Other Little Ones Wero atuimod. BKIILIN , April 3.—A dwelling house in Fosen caught fire last night and before all the occupants could got out the •tail-cases were burned away. In the fourth story were a woman and five children, and the only way for them to attempt to escape was to jump from the windows. The crowd in the street procured a blanket, which was spread open and held in position by a number of men, and the woman and children wero told to jump. The woman jumped first, struck the blanket with such force that it was torn from the grasp of the men und she was dashed to the stone pavement and was instantly killed. One of the children then jumped and met the same fate, it seeming to be Impossible for the men to hold the blanket firmly enough to break the fall. The, other three children escaped death, but each of them received injuries which will probably prove fatal. Xjexlngtou, Jtto., Primbytery. OuntTOH, Mo., April 3.—Yesterday morning's session of the Lexington Presbytery opened at 8:80, and the morning was devoted to committee work and the election of delegates to the general assembly, at Memphis, Tenn., in May. Ministers J. H. Hout, of Warrensburg, and Taylor Bernard, of this . city, and Elders Hon. T. ,1 •yVhltset^ of Centerview, and Hon. J. W. Moore, of Kansas City, are the delegates. The afternoon was taken up in a debate on foreign missions in its various phases, and was rather exciting and entertaining. Evangelist W. 8. James, of Weathorford, Tex., preached a stirring Bermon to u big audience last night. All the pulpits in this city will be filled by the visiting ministers Sunday. A Noted Steamship Owner Dead. LONDON , April 8.—-Alexander Allan, senior partner of the well known steamship firm of Allan Bros. & Co., whose vessels ply between England und varl ous American und Canadian ports, died in Englund to-day. Xloath of John llutehlili;*. ICANBAM Cirv, Kan., April 8.—John JfJutclunga, of Lawrence, Kan,, general uttorney for the Kansas City, Wyandotte & Northwestern railroad, died at au early hour this morning at the home of his brother, Attorney C. F. Hutchings, on Eighteenth street, near flraml- vicw avenue. His death en me after a sickness of nine months and was due to a complication of maladies that baffled the best of physicians. Mr. Hutchings' health began to decline lust summer, at which time he weighed 210 pounds, but he was not eoi;flned to his bed till the middle of July. SUMS OF MONEY SUBSCRIBED. Threats Against the Establishment of an Irish Parliament. . LONDON ', April 3.— The meager official report given to the press after Thursday's private caucus of the Unionists of Ulster gave no idea of the warlike tone of the speakers at that meeting. Knowing that their days are numbered as belonging to the government majority, and seeing that the Irish parliament is the dominant fact of the near future, these advocates of constitutional order under the tory regime mot to declare a civil war in the event of a liberal majority altering the constitution. The war drum throbbing throughout the speeches was, however, only faintly heard in the resolutions adopted. The meeting was held at Dawnshine house, the residence of Lord Arthur Hill, comptroller of the queen's household. All the Ulster members wore present except three. Some fiery spirits urged a plain declaration of an immediate resort to arms when Ulster is placed under the Dublin parliament. But, though menace was often used publicly by Col. Saundcrson and others during the home rule crisis of 1886, the leaders of the group now find it prudent to wll their throats in more moderate language. The liberal papers treat the proceedings as buncombe and the prediction of u rebellion as mere vuporing. Interviews with several Ulster delegates in the lobby to-day gave the impression of an intense hostility to home rale, even keener than at the time when the movement was organized. Money was partly subscribed to arm 800,000 men, and Col. Saunderson boasted that he would respond to the call to a revolt. As shrewd an observer as Lord Randolph Churchill still professes to believe that Ulster will light, but no fear of this feature will in the slightest deter or alter the liberal policy. In the meantime the Ulsterites' plan of campaign will be a vigorous agitation in Ireland and Great Britain, working up the constituencies to believe in their menaces. An abundance of money enables the chief committee, composed of Col. Saunderson, Sir H. T. Harlan and T. W. Bussell, to organize provincial committees, the first development of whose action will be disclosed at a convention in Belfast about Whitsuntide. Although the national Irish members consider the matter only subject for derision, Mr. Sexton last night called Mr. Balfour's attention to the fact that a crown minister, the comptroller of the queen's household, proposed a resolution inciting a section of the Irish to disorder. Mr Balfour declining to commit himself by any statement in reply, Mr. Sexton in timated that he would recur to the subject. In Favor of Cleveland. KANSAS CITY , Kan., April 3.— The Wyandotte county democratic convention assembled this afternoon, at the Tabernacle, in Kansas City, Kan., to select delegates for the Salina convention, which will name the state delegates to the national convention. 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Another Chance for a Home. It is expected the Sisseton and Wahpeton reservation of lands that are near Watertown, South Dakota, and that join Minnesota at Lake Traverse, will by President Harrison's proclamation be opened for settlers under the homestead act, about April 15, 1892 The great Rock Island and Albert Lea are the only lines giving choice of routes to Watertown. You can go via the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and see the great wheat center of the northwest. The other route is via Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Pipestone, Minnesota, to Watertown South Dakota. The land office is located at Watertown, and this is your chance to secure a quarter section of good land. Address for full information as to rates, etc., JOHN SKUASTIAN, 4-2 G. T. & P. A., Chicago. At HOTEL BRUNSWICK Room 34. Hutchinson, Kansas. Consultation Free. 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Nearly every pain of glass in the town was broken and the force of the explosion was plainly felt in Birmingham, fifteen miles away. Mills' Assignments. WAHHINOTON , April S.—Senator Mills, of Texas, fairly entered upon his senatorial duties yesterday, and accepted as his committee assignment .the places vacated by his predecessor, Senator Chilton. He will thus be a member of the committees on coast defenses, mines and mining, patents and post offices and post roads. Faith Care's Victim. CHICAGO . April S.—When Mrs. Jennie Nichols, n widow aged 35, died to-day after a week's illness, the police promptly arrested Mrs. Stcb- bins, so-called Christian scientist, who has been in attendance. Others associated with Mrs. Stebbins in the affair would, it was reported, be also taken in custody. A Nevada, Mo., Merchant Hulcldea. 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CHIOAGO, XXJXI., COMMISSION MERCHANT; BROOM CORN P«|>« * Grein (omulitlM. l *W tiuntENo, Warner A I'a.', Ur«f*t*. '» W, A. Allan tt'oot, *t Trains. % p Leave Kansas City. Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutchinson. Denver & UtahV.Ex California &Mex.lim. Colorado night Ex.. Freights... Freight... fl 3 7 30 43 10:45 a.m. 10:55 a.m. 0:20 p.m. .1:30 p.m. 6:40».m. 8:16p.m. 7:45a.m. 3:43p.m. 0:40p.m. 6;40p.m. 8:20p.m. 8:05am. 7:' KABTROUND. Trains. a: o Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutch*, tnson,' Arrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex. Chicago Vestibule Kx'ss Cannon ball Missouri river night Ex. Freight 1 0 a 38 44 7:50 a m 10:37am 8:15pm 1:20 p m 8:35 am 8,10 am 10:37an 8:35 pn 1:26 pa 0:30 am 4:40ip a 0:06 pn 7:00 an .......... Chicago, Kansas A Weateru Railroad. Hutohlunon Extension. SanFranc'co] & Texas Ex.. Acco'md'Uon New York! Limited Ex. Accom'd'tlon 8:20 pm 8:20 am Leave Hutchinson. Leave Kinsley 4:37 a ml 2:45 p ml Arrive Hutchson.: 7:50 am 7:30 p m| Arrive Kinsley 12:20am 1:20 pm Arrrlv* Kansa'l CitJ.^ 4:40 pm No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to Sau Diego, Xios Angeles, Saa Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through. Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at PuebTs and Colorado Springs with through sleepers forSan Francisco and Portland^ via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pusblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to SL t,ouls. ,Ji 0 '^ parries through Pullman sleepen and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chait cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, UUBe »'"' m< * G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan, <•.• . . J. W. TBUVOHD. Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. rittrouM,-,] v.- ]"rh tWnorrlioml f (ilevt, w hi it* |,; icrmatorrhmil or imymmtf!!:, I diBchantsiik" 'your drutwH U:-t a bottle,of CI .T V ' 1,1 11 'ewdays wiilioiittfco.n.-l (.vnubllcity of a (-•vi doctor. 1 iSwHjcuurnnfccil i -pc .;R(,noim' and to Ftrlctuxe. I 't>>» Vt.lwni>l Awltar. Cure. Mitiiufaisturcd by ^Tha Evans' ChcoioalOo. CINCINNATI, 0. . E.«. ^^^^

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