Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 30, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1889
Page 3
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Don't Look at'Me. but Evening Gazette. TH» Kvsirtirti GAonra can 69 had »t all the newiitandn. Price TWO OBNTS. OFriCIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Academy of Music, Aiden Benedict In Fablo Romanl. Wallace Opera House Ball, by Sterling Cornet Band. —Bob Hill—a boy—cigars. —Miss Helen . Whitford is home from the east. —Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Lee returned from the east. —A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Al Stacy last night. —Mr. J, K. Chester has .returned home from eastern markets. —Attorney Wm. Barge, of Dlxon, was here today on legal business. —Decatur, this state, has organized an electric street railway company. —Miss Ella Weatherbee left this morning for Evanston to attend college. ;. --~— : -—-•-•—Misses Emma and Besnlo 'i'odd, of Diion r are guests o£ Mr T and Todd. —The thermometer, during the past few days, has been lower than an any time this summer. —Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gait left this morning for the Atlantic sea const for Mr. Gait's health. —The Board of Supervisors will meet in Morrison on Tuesday, Sept. 10th, in annual session. —The lawn sociable "Riven by the Lutheran church will be held on Mr. I. Reed's lawn this evening. —Mrs. A. M. Phnlpa and Mrs. Jiab cock, who have been visiting Mr. L. E. 1'helpa, have gone to llutland, 111. —Orson J., S. F. Gleason's trotter, won the three minute race at Albany yesterday, in three straight heata, time 2:52. The Dlxon Sun says there is talk of an electric street car line in that city; but thinks it will take Boine time for the road to materialize, —Jchn Wolf was fined jive dollars and costs—a total of S10—for unmercifully whipping hi8 little son on the street in Mount Carroll. —•-—_ -Rev. N. H. G. Fife and family leave this afternoon for their new home, Fremont, Neb. There are many, manyregretiTat thelf departum —William Carroll, aged 83 years, a soldier of the Black Hawk war, and. a resident of Carroll county since 1835, died in York township in that cofUnty on the 8th inst. —The 18-montha-old child of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Edwards, of Mount Carroll, pulled the table cloth from the table, spilling a cup of hot water upon itself, and was scalded to death. —Fred Tagney, 16 years of age, was thrown from a car at Savanna, and the wheels passed over hia head, killing him Instantly. Hia father is foreman of the C. B. & N. yarda at Savanna. —Attorney Frank iD. Ramsey, who removed from Morrison to Kansas City about two years ago, has decided to make Morrison his permanent home, and will return next November. —A freight train at DeKalb a day or two ago is said to have thrown down two ladlea who were aald to have been on the track, and caused the breaking of an arm for one and a limb for the other, —Arthur II. Carolus, of Empire, died August 29th, aged nearly ten years. His funeral waa conducted yesterday by Dr, Robinson, of the 4th street church and bia remains were burled at Round Grove. —Married, Thursday, Aug. 29, 1880, at a o'clock p. m., at the residence of Mr. Christian Singer, of this city, by Rev. E. Brown, Mr. Henry Scharman, of Sterling, and Misa Adalaid Peters, of Carroll Co., 111. —The State authorities require that no child shall enter the public schools until vaccinated. It ia therefore recommended that all parents baying children ol school age at OHCO attend to the vaccination of those who have uot already been successfully vaccinated. —No living psraou will ever be able ty wr'.W » euntmt data without a figure 0 in it. Tue date now statute oti the ex- twwe rigUt—-JH/trf. Next y^sirit will bw U» tne thiril pltw*-- $•*».>- ««ti th« r« >.$ will aUjr •*" t** 1 }•««.. H WiiS (ft, —The Old Settlers' nnnuil picnic held yesterday at Hamilton's grove npfir Lyndon.was attended by about 3,000 people. A programme of songs untl addresses was carried out, and many remlniscenees of early days in this county were recalled by the old settlers. Addresses were made by Hon. J. II. P.'att, by Mr. Wonser, of Iowa, and by 11. A. Heath, Esq., of Morrison. —Thia city may bo classed among the first in this state to adopt the electric system for the propulsion of street cars. We learn from our exchanges that quite a number of cities in this state and vicinity contemplate putting in the electric system. In the near future Sterling will be honored by visits of representative men from many leading cities who will come for the purpose of posting themselves on the practicability of the system. —A" drunken individual, who said he waa from Morris, Grundy Co., 111., created a disturbance on 1st avenue about 9 o'clock last evening. At the free bridge he made some remarks to the crowd standing there. Then he went on up the street, and as the crowd followed him up, he supposed they wanted to fight. So he laid hia watch on the sidewalk in front of Man- nerchor hall, and placing hla hat over it, dared any one to knock it 'off, and swore at the whole crowd, Some party sent him a blow on the nose, knocking him down. He got up and yelled, "Murder, murder, I've been robbed.'. The police came, but upon inveatiga- tiou found him badly intoxicated, and the facts as above stated. He left town shortly after. —The crop products of this year in Illinois are worth a vast sum of money, much more, in fact, than people generally suppose. The wheat product ia es timated at 37,201,919, bushels, oats at 142,150,811 bushels, rye at 3,803,419 buah- "ela, barley at j,207,167 bushels, and corn probably 272,000,000 bushels. Close es- timbtes on tbe value of the wheat, oats, rye and barley of this year, and estimating the corn, potatoes and fruits, as near as may be, from the products of previous years, the crops of thia year, without any reference to broom corn, sorghum, cistor bcanv-to'-vicco-nnrt-R few other minor crops,and leaving: live stock and dairy products entirely out oTthe consideration cannot ¥e~wofth~ less than 8142,000,000. This is much — Rev and Mrw. Martin IVst returned ycstfidsy from thfir summer outhig ui the pant, and he will occupy hia pul- >it lit th • Connrfgiitirtsial church on Burger than either the gold or silver production of the world in a year, and greatly in excess of the entire annual gold and silver output of the United States. In fact, the Illinois corn crop alone, in a good year, is worth about $80,000,000, and that itself is more than the average annual output of the precious metal in the whole country. Thus, corn is King and the knights of the plow dig up much more money each year than those who delve in the mines for gold and silver. And BO, as to the "poor farmer," if he's not all right, who ia? Fifteen to Seven. The Sterlings played a model game for three innings yesterday, allowing but 9 Chicagos to go te bat, 3 in each inning. So it came to the head of the batting 11st in the fourth Inning, andtheJ-Gs made 4 runs by errors, hits and wild pitches, one of them beiag,,earned. In the last 0 innings the. Sterlings got in 7 errors, allowing six unearned runs to ba scored. -The J-Gs seemed to try to outdo the record of the Sterlings in last Friday's game with the Inter-Oceana by making 15 errors, which allowed the Sterlings tb~score 15 unearnedrruiia. Welsh pitched a good game, and was unmercifully roasted on his drop ball, not getting one out of three strikes that he deserved on it. Smith pitched tine ball, but Injured his arm in the seventh inning and gave way to Dowd, but pitched the ninth liming. - He la a line little pitcher and it is to be hoped he has not thrown his arm out. Iloyt was in hard luck. Alter a severe collision with Calvin while trying for a foul fly, which knocked them both out for ten minutes, he split his thumb i^ the fourth inning and had to retire. Uowd did the cleanest work he has done at short, accepting 7 chances without an error, and getting 3 hits in 4 times to bat. •^ Rispln has his eye on the ball to the pleasure of hia many friends, catching a single, a double and a triple m 0 times to bat. Poole was suffering from Injuries received in Wednesday's game and played in right, Matthews covering first in good shape, excepting one low throw from Johnson, which he got in his hands off the ground, but -did not hold. Billy Adam's umpiring and playing waa enjoyed by the crowd; there didn't anybody walk over him, at least, not If be knew it. THE HCOltK. ScorllHK- A li — Misa Htittle Muck wag among the teachers who returned yesterday from their summer vacations, after a pleas- •tnt visit among friends in Wisconsin, ind a term in 1'rrmg's Art School in t'hlcngo. —A plcni.5 of Sterling young folks was held on the river bank east of Rock Falls yesterday afternoon. As several of the picnicers had to have medical assistance this may be inferred that a water melon patch was raided. —Mr. C. Cruse ia having his new store building on the corner of 3rd street and 2nd avenue painted a stone color The front is one of the most showy in town and the store is a considerable improvement to that part of the city. The White .sowing machine agency la moving into the frame building vacated by Cruise & Son. —Miss Minnie Ball Is home on a vacation from Chicago until Monday. The office in which she is employed is c'osed for several days on account of the drowning of one of the Ilrm, Edward H. Bowman, of Washburn, Bowman & Roundtree, attorneys, an account of which was published in our telegraphic newa. —A man falling down a stairway on 3rd street a few nights ago actually scared the city marshall's horse. The equine is one of those ataid animals that is too lazy to take notice of railroad trains, brass bands, or the firing of cannons, and that it should be moved by a man falling down stairs is remarkable. WhaVs coming over your horse, MikeV —Galena Gazette: Rev. U.-JvO'Cal- Itighan, of StrMichael's church, preached a flne sermon Sunday, taking the words "out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh" for his text. Dr. O'Calla«han, while not possessing the voice of an orator, is a pleasing speaker and his sermons display profound- ity of thought. The people are well pleased with their new pastor in* this 83 ilfltis ulhiir-Ciip3tiltiC2 \'.'3 pJIS'.Or, .._. ' —SevefaVof the excursionists Imvo returned-irom-Milwaukeer-belng called home on account of business matters. They report that the encampment ia a success and that the Milwaukee people are doing everything in their power to make it so. Col. Dillon, of this city, was an aide de-camp on the staff of Commander-in-Chief War- nur, and had a particularly pleasant time. A carload of Sterling ^people will come home this evening, and one Saturday evening. —Several communications are published in another part of tlie paper from members of the Haawell family, denying certain reports published in this paper regarding the alleged ill- treatment of Lucy Haswel), by her step mother, Mrs. Ilaswell, for- .merly Mra. Chaae. The ofliciala made au Investigation of the case at tbe time, and did not find cause for bringing action against the woman, which fact waa afterwarda published. From the tone of the letters above referred- to it would seem as if Mrs. Ilaswell waa a much abused woman. At least the reports regarding the ill treatment of Lucy Haawell have not been veri lied. —The Alden Benedict Company came in on the 1:16 train from Elgin, where they played, to a large house last night— Mr. Benedict'a new play J( Fabio Romani," ia taken from the Italian romance, H Vendetta, (vengbnce) and contains many startling sensations. This play was produced for the first time in July, at New York City, and waa enthusiastically received. The scenery will no doubt be very .fine, and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the earthquake scene are aaid to be atrik- ingly realistic. Mr. Benedict ia too well known here to need comment at our hands and will no doubt receive a warm reception at the Academy tonight. They play in Dubuque tomorrow evening. —No one would suppose that Host Mills of the Gait held decided religious vlewa of any kind, but to-day be claims t" be a ranting, rearing spiritualist- lie told a reporter that he was converted this morning. He says he wtu granted a sitting with Mrs. Mott Knight, the slate writing medium, thia morning, and that several of the spirit friends he communicated with, told so many true secrets of the past, that he cinnot but believe there is something in It. Mr. Mills further says (no one doubts hia former veracity) that in a dark room sitting, he was greeted by a deceased acquaintance, who shook hands with him, and with whom he had a long conversation. From henceforth, Mr. Mills is a spiritualist. Illinois From .Sppt.ember 2'Jii'l to'/Ith, inclu- sivp. HIP C. li. <& Q. R. H-, will sell rouml trip tickets from Sterling to i'poria for !?t.-'!i; tickets to bo limited for guing to date t,f BSI!« and limited for return 8cpt. 2- Hock Falls, Sept. loth. r,> tf Miss Rose dishing, Rock Falls, Sept. 10th. «2 tf l>. W. HopUlnnon Will close out his summer foot-wear at coat. Gents'low shoes at wi cents on the dollar. 15 tf Miss Rose Cusiiing, Rock Falls, Sept. 10th. . 02 tf Momothlns fifvf In the line of children's and misses' school shoes. Call and see them Bt 03 to 1'. J, UNKEL'S. Don't forget Sept. 10th. the date, Rock Falls, 02 tf For bargains in fine pianoa and or- gana, go to Werntz & Co., Gait House Block. . «3-tf The best school shoea for. children are to be found at P. J. Unkel'a. 03 to Tho Sterling CM & KU'ctrie Lt. Co. respectfully inform the public that It 13 now prepared to wir« homes nn<3 storM for the incrtDdenornt litjht; and nmho tho ofiV>r to nil persons subscribing before the completion of tho line and plant, that the outfit according to our rules and regulations will be furnished free. For further information call at our office. (!:!:!,") tf JOHN CHAUTEU, Scct'y. Wt. Joseph Fair and F,xpn«ltion. Hrpt. )» to Oct. 5. 'MO. On Sept. i::th and Sot'li the C. B. & Q. II. R. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the roui d trip; tickets limited Roing Sept. ll'.th and SOU;, and returning, ten days from date of Hale. dOOw3. r »-tf sert three line* la ttiln col-"HM limn ono time for 10 eents, or for 40 cent* » week. KRch additional line will tie 5 cunta a gltiglo Insertion, or 15 cent* a week. WATSTKD. Only TO cents for 3 lines under this Heading. Bananas 20c per do?.., at Mann's. CO 10 Harks, the Clotltea Cleaner And dyer will return about September 15th. 04 tf Call Karly. Now is ths time to get bargains in boots and shoes I am selling tliem cheaper than ever. A full line of all styles. Call and see for yourselves. 03-10 J. P. 'l)VKRHOI,SKH. A notion Hale. no Western mares will be sold at auc : tion Saturday and Monday, Sept. 7th and Oth, at 1 one p. m, at the Sterling stock yards. : or> tio* W, S. STOCKING, Auctr. C7-t3« W ANTED—A Rooil girl to work at tbe Wallace llouae. -•" yyANTEU--Good girl to work »t IIOUBK, Itock Falls. Brewer 04-16* FOIt HA I> Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. . - the leather C10R SALE—Good fresli cow. East Itock Falls. JohnS. Brown, G3-t5 ilnioi; No. SALE—Two Chicago lots; two lot* on mmlt Place, Bterll <ooil business. A Summit Place, Sterling, and a barber shop, >il business. Auuly to W. U. Btollelu, ;. ard street, BuMing, ill. — »*-t« G10H SALE—At a barnaln—A ueut cottage, C new. Also, a few lots, all lilct-ly located at Lawn. J. V. Scott, iwok Fulls, III. BALK—Nice nanlrobe, cheap. Also J- small base burner wood stove. Enquire 101 Hast 8th street. B3-tO* GOODS CflOK HALK—My house and lot ou West Oth X! Street, between C & U Avunues; cheap II taken soon. K. M. Wright. U2U.2 £ 1OR BALE—A' bargs —-ilwuu:H-lii40t \v:>nl. But snc Alden Benedict mrr to-night, For-if he don't have a good house it wi'l be very cold here before he visits us again. Blossom has a few more' diamonds which he is selling away below prevailing prices. Thia ia a rare opportunity to become the possessor of some first- class gems. The Lutherans will give an Icecream lawn sociable at the residence of Renj. Reed, corner fth street and 2nd avenue, on Friday the aoth. Come one and all. oo-ta In In three fine resl : Inquire of I, I. Jiuslt. ——' --rL.--.;.(il-tl-• KENT. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. To-iiW! Grand ball, Wallace Opera House, by Sterling Cornet Band, Friday ef«n- inj, Aug. 30. 03 to TTlOli KENT— 9 room house; >;ood cellar. Well X! and cistern water, liuiuiro K. C. Underwood, Kooin 2, AeivJemy ol Music. 64 tf mo LEASE— Power and room for manufactur- JL Ins purposes. In the building formerly occu pied by Church & Patterson. Church, , IJuluth, Mlnu. Address II. t). 51-f2BJ FOIt ItKNTOUMAMK Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. >K KBNT OH SALE.—Type Writers. acates. 97- Valuablu Information to Boarding HOUHC Keepers. . Do you want boarders? If yon do you can easily secure ihem" by putting a "want" in the EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. KOlt »AI,K UK Til A UK. AND "DIOR SALE OK TKADE-A well located hotel, X! uolnj; a goo I business, haling from 50 to Ou regu'ar boarders. F. W. VValzir. 68-U I.O8T, To-DiilitTTo-iiislit!! An elegant enterrainment at the Academy. See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. L OST—Black Bliawl, on 4th or 5th street, between cemetery and business part of town, li'mder plense leave at Gazette olllce. (I7-U!» I OST—tients' heary Kolil plated vest chain •t with gold rlugatendof chain. Kinder leave i Ua/.ette olllce and receive reward. ««-tr Zxls.o.. 0 HiuUh.p ~— » Uowd, B3 — * Johnson, 3b « Olson, It 5 Voole, rf „........< Htsptn, 2b .....!. « -S Matthews, Ib 6 4 1 1 S 1 0 a 3 11 Totals— ft is 'a is Jemmy- 0 ralittma_— Noll, UK Iloyt, 3b WlUma'rlti, - -i>- Si'iuilun. Ib IVw.lf t'tuviu, c >•• rt&b.. 5 I 2 4 .....!* ......t 4 ^ 4 0 0 1 it 10 0 11 0 Totals rttertlna- «,... ««.f 'lo« i 4.U, 4. * itt J, V> So 7 7 W i 3 (. I 1 4 0 ,o u o 4 o a- a * i ~i ;•«•)<! i.iu i S lu>M» I ll-KUt>l« BOCK. -i-Mrs. Wilaon Kincaid, of Independence, Kansas, is the guest of Mro. C. L. Mentxer. -4-Will Robbins Thursday evening had a runaway and his rig collided with that driven by Mr. ijturtevant and the lattsr's vehicle was Smashed -i-Thuraday evening, about thirty-lit-' tie folks were entertained on the lawn of Mr. O. A. Oliver, by Misa Maude and Masters Guy and Jay Oliver. They all had a delightful time. Choice r»fr«sluuent8 w«r* served, and the party was treated to au elaborate »preud, leriUif*, UB box.*"* and gaswUtio Omaha Fair Kept.« to O. On Sept. 3d, the C. B. & Q. R. R. will sell round trip excursion tickets to Omaha for one lowest fair for the round trip, plus 25 cents. Tickets will be good going Sept. 8d, returning, ten days from date of sale. dC6 W35 tf Meusurlnu « Nuto. A very remarkable discover}' has recently been made by a lady, who has for some time been nmldng experiments to ascertain tfie degrees of intensity In a note when sung by th« human voice. Whllo testing the capability of the "phoneicloscopo," which registers the air waves producitl by the vibration ot the voice, tho lileii struck hoi- that, if a more, sensitive Bubstaiuia were used, the tllsturbanoo of tho aif could bo uioro ivccurately registered. After many ntteinpts sho aucceoded in tinding th* Bubsttmoo which sho was in search of., and her anticipations proved correct. On this substance Mrs. Watts Hughes spreads a thin layer of colored powder. Tho moatbruue ifl then placed in u kind of trumpet, into which a noto is sung. Tho powdur, according to the quality of tho note, dilfuses itself into the most wonderful sliapi-s, which are then transferred to. glass by auothor process. The forms of flowers and plants seem to bo the most usual Thu discovery is uttrncttu£ much attention among scientific men. —New Orleans Picayune. • Po«>r. I'oor lltiKliHiul. Fjuly (to drug clerk) —I want n t-aks of Lubln's violet soap for my doggie, and a piece of custilo soap for my husband. How much will it all bet ricrk—Lubin. $1; ca-stiie, 10 cents; .$1.10. tnadum. • ' : Ijidy—Myl How tleur! Vou may K' TO me a bar of common yellow soap instead ot the castila. Clerk—Wo don't kivp it, inn'ani. Ijuly (exit furiously) — I ilniught you called this ix drug store I—Huston Uvrald. B OAUDlNd.— Nicely furnlsheil boanl for two gentlemen, ut Kreltlor'a, Second Ave. ' rourn, with Mra. M. H. (M-tl I'irvABiC'IAU Only 10 cents for j under this Heading. lines i £ MNANOIAL-Money toloan-81,600 at 0 per cent., on farm security. I. 1. Bush. Koolt Falls. 32-" Mi»«:Kt,l,4M:om under this Heading. M ISCELLANEOUS—Keal Estate and Insurance. Western land for sale ami uxcluuiKe. V. W. WaUer, Koom 4. Academy ot Musi.:. H'^-tl Davis* 4 IKeter, T iio KixtiontU mint* pmjni^at ttiul uiiil latter ur tho toU'i in Igno 'i lit? v I vuls* uo of Eiwt Ituliati Brah jni^ati* tbt'ii 1 iKvlrint?' 1 by loctui'c* ouH i>f freo (>aii»j>lilt'ts. t-Vuuu of thf U>U1 (Hiougli to lw quiUxi credit lo iK*** of Hrllisli nHiouiU, who fwrsist ing Mtu-h atUu'ks, ttiougb Cftlcutta uu'tuiK-.-* autu^u Uwir • rwicterw b,y *; "tUo UlatriUw of tht ciiivf wgita TRADE MARK .< ti L i tt O. and O. TEA Tha Choicest Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS BEVERAGE. TRY IT. In will B«'» BH si? o'Jicf. Ciallty mnr T«!M. It In Ibc Hmiir-T OiMpr T.*A», picked from UiDlK-Kt \I\H\ .i;i'i-i!»ntiiti'u«r»nl«*I nWluii-ly pure untl iJvo ii*>i»!.ull asKiUtTAUou* or coloring umltrr. '1 lift !t.»rktttji-8 kre liwmaiicaUy teadi^a •lid wtrriuitKit lull Wflyht. II l» nioro eooa- outlcal in UM> Ui*u tt<6 luwcir gra^«aw Oriental & Occidental T«a Co., 1't'di, Slif, Ai II. \V.

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