Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1912
Page 2
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' THE lOLA DAILY ilECaSTER. FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 4.: 1912. All Ready For with the -new fall styles in Suits and Ovekoats for men and young men. All the new styles of the s^aspn. ' Also a fine line of Boys' Knee Pant -Suits in all the new st>'les; Shoes, Hats, Shirts, Underwear. Pants. ^11 departments full of new thing's. Come see. BARCLAY-SHIELDS Clothing Company "The House of Quality" Tbe Sum of Lifp. ^•o^hing to do but work, Nothing to cat hut food: Nothing to wear but clothes. To kp«i) us from going nude. \ Nothing to breathji but air— Quick as a flash "tis sonol Nowhcro to fall but off Nowhere to stand but on. Nothing to King but songs. Ah, well! Alas. Alack! Nowhere to go hut out. Nowhere to come but back. Nothing to read but words. Nothing to cast but votes. Nothing to hear but sounds. Nothing to seH' but boats. r*-^HIiBlBll |Bl|—— Nothing to comb hut hair, , Nowhere to sleep but in bed. Nothing to weeji but tears; Nothing to bury but dead. Nothing to SCO but sights. Nothing to quench but thirst: Nothiiip to have but what we've gol- Thus through \life we're cursed. Nothing to-strlkc but a gait— Kverything moves that goes; Ntfthlng at all but common sense Can ever withstand those woes. —Ben King. Huyler's Cho£(dates Shipment just received AT BURRELL'S The Bexidl Store WEST SIDE OF SQUARE. Miss l\ pOSitlCR and her sic.' Mrs. Hilscher read a papier on the ! value of music In.the home. Miss Met | calf of Polony, gave the piano numbers and. Hiss.Fr&n'ces McCloud sang. *".* * •. —^Mrs. Gertrude CHiapIn. Spirella Corsetiere. 619 S. Sycamore St. Phone 813. Mish Ethel Robinson who has been visiting her cr-i:^in Miss MariniU Fife has riMi'*-ticd to her home in Dallas, Texas. AUboueh Miss Robinson's visit >vps brier she made.a number of warm friends. • • • (Uella Vamer has resigned her with the iplncc will be taken by Miss Bess Cook. Miss Varner will leave next week for Mountain Grove, Mo., where she will act as bridesmaid for a friend and aiiend some time visiting • • * At the meeting of the Guild of St. Timothy's church this week the. matter of presenting, a home talent oiny was discussed but It viM not be fuUyi decided until sometime next week. * * * There will be a picnic tomorrow for the children of St. John's church. They will meet at ten o'clock in"Uie morning and go to Electric Park on the car where they will spend the day. + * • Mrs. L,annlgan and daughter, Dorothy, will go to their former home In St Louis tomorrow for a few weeks visit with relatives and fricns. • •:• • Next Thursday afternoon the Ladies' Aid Society of the United Brethren church will hold an all day meeting in the church. The ladles have been asked to bring well-flilod baskei.<: and a picnic dinner will be served at noon. + + —Unassorted nut buttercups. Regular $40c per ponnd at 10c pound. Saturday only. Palace of Sweet.'. • • • The, Current Bevents club will have the first meeting of the season next Monday afternoon at the horo« of Mrs. M. M. Anderson. Every menA«r <s urged to be present as It is necessary to elect a new president. Miss \dams. who was elected to that of-'| lice at the close of the last club year has goiiie to Kansas City to teach during the winter. •I- * * —See onr line of children 's hats 7 .1C Saturday only. Doggctt Millinery * * ji, 1 Snre 'i» Re«nln ' Robuitt Bloom of Youth IVEARS 40 POUNISS^ CO$D IN COJ^, At the regular me<?tihp of the Sons and Daughters of'JusUce this week the council voted to change the time of meeting from the fiirst and third Wednesdays of each month to the first ,and third Tuesdays. This was ifce only business of imiwrtance and the usual social hour followed the business meeting. • • • A tea which wa.s held at the Trini- t yparsonage last night was voted, a success both socially, and financially. The members of the LadieJsAid society were the hostesses and at least a hundred people enjoyed their hospitality. •:• -> •> .Mrs. L. A. Jacobs led the m'Kling of the Missionary society of the IT. B. church which was h^id yesterday afternoon in the cliurch parlors. After the businesB meeting Mrs. Charles May. Mrs. Donovan, Mrs. Earl I'arrott and MJ"S . Eli Sharp served tea. • • • Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Sutcliffe wore railed to Kansas City tjiis morning by the illness of Miss Gertrude^ Sutclitlc who will be operatipd on today for appendicitis. Miss Gertrude lias been studying in the Nurses' Trainini: school of Geberal hospital for more than a year, and her friends will be sorry to .earn of her illness. —Get your candy at Mundis Drug Store. • •:• • .Tomorrow afternoon the Junior elasR of Trinity Methodist church will hold a picnic on the parsonage lawn. • •> •> The Devotional Committee of the . t.oyal Women's Bible Class bf_Trlnlty ; church are holding a meeting this nf- ' ii-rnoon in the church parlors to plan tor the home prayer meetings that arc soon to begin. •:- * * j —Wall paper.. .\11 kinds and prices. *>r ^>er roll and np. Spencers. • • • ' The party which was to have beer I given for the city teachers at the Y. -M. C. A. tonight has been postponed until next Friday night pn account of : the lectu -e .-.r. the Presbyterian church ! this evening All wno wish to attend ; both will be ablf. to do so no^. i The first J <iee;;ns of thr- lil«>rafy so- tii-ti«s of ;lio Ir>:li s<-hool is always inten-sting to the members on ac[ count of th" rivalry between the giii* 'and the Iw.vs as to which shall get I their own candidates in the various I offices. The Chi Omega boys won in jthr, eleciion yesteray afternoon with j rieo Doggett as president, . Nina I Wheeler, vice-president: Frank Zcig- i'ler, secretary; Kent Dudley, treasur- j er: and Verne Dorsett, sargeant-at- I arms. i • • • ' Th" fir.ii rrpular meeting of the So- rosis clul- w;!s held yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. J. T. Price. .The subject for study was mu- If hutf an hnlliilion that rails for }oiir pn-senre at some Oclolter wedding, of course It means that >«)u Inive ii present t« buy. If it's i^ohig to be somelhlDg useful, as nell as ornuinentui, why not a hit of Siher or Cut (JIass—s«/niethinir that makes a good show and dees not ctist a. great deal—yvt will pass the critic's severe exuminatioii. WK'Vl! i JJHi Y.tRIETY OF JI'.ST .SlCll GIFT THI.XJ.S FREJ<H FIJO.M THE II.\>DS OF THE .M.\M:F.\tTrRER Wsteh iBsiicSwt. (From Woman's Tribune.) A smooth, velvety-soft skin, with a lellcate peach-Ilkc bloom. Is one of he Creator's most exquisite works When the first blush of youth la over his beautiful tint and satiny lustre ire rarely seen. How to preserve hem—that's the question. Famous 'leanty experts abroad long have cnown that ordinary mercolized wax works wonders in this direction. It actually gives a new surface to the kin. restoring that marvelous girlish -olor and softness In a remarkable manner. .\n ounce of this wax. procurable at any drug store, will conver' I faded, worn-out or discolored com- <!exlon into one of captivating love- incss in less than two weeks. No special skill is neeessai? in applying he wax, it being smeared on at night ike cold cream and washed Off In the Homing. To remove wrinkles, or delay their 'ormatioh. a face bath made by dissolv ng 1 9z. powdered saxolite in ^ pt. witch hazel, will be found wonderfully jfficacious. This tones' up relaxed kin. causing it to remain firm and mstretched. kitty Oo.'don and lur $2/X0 gown. What woman would liMlty** <« WMir toty pounds «»«J»^2|!L •TS! niKbt tf It wa» made .of spna aou and cost COOOT ' -Not I," dectapea Kitty _ iresi; who to now ajipsaita* tB E:nchantreaa." She 1» Wlu>»SL_i=. wear such a dresa at "l^T^*^ ance. Sho enjoya .11. Mys the gBtterln* goklan ganneoJ iS't a bit heav^-V K It to sM doesn't mind It. A Political Ganius. t^n.Tressraen sonietimes adopt queer fXpeUlents i(» gain the good will of Iitfir constituents. Veors ago a mem- •er from .-i wivstirrn state was afraid n:it his first term would be bis last, s he Iv.'fi nut maiiaccil to make hlm- eit a i«>wer in congress. While ho '..•IS (leliaiiiig what he should do a •ieiid sal<j. -Yot' lire near the center r .the t:i!inHi st.-iteit. don't you?" •TScii uhv don't you Intro- .:tt' n bill (•> li'ivu the capital moved • the |irinc';i ;il town In your dls- ury Till- . ..:iu're .s.>«man introduced .•• hill, mill Dif people of his district on. !• ii .ii III- wa.s n great man .;il !.eiit Kim ii.i'k another term, :>• ri-iniriiilin 111 iiie dill In the next •iicTi-sM. jii .ii. .'iitiiiiiish It was prompt- V piuiMMiiioii 'ii in .<-iiii)inUi<*e. his ton- litiii-uts i::i\>- him a ihuxl term as a -«:iril lii^ gi-illlio. EIGHT KILLED IX A WRKCK. Train Ditched land Four Covhes En> veioped In Flameii. Wostport, Conn., Oct 3.—At least ?igh( persons were killed and fifty Injured late today when the engine of the 'sectond section of the Springfield express, t>ound from Boston to New York, failed to take a "cross over" and nearly the whole train was ditched near Westport-Saugatuck station on the New York, New Haven & Hart ford railroad. The parlor cars, heaped into a mass of wreckage immediately burst into lames which probably imprisoned and killed some of the passengers. The exact numl>er of fatalities in the wreck is not known and may not lie determined for hours. The ircntifled dead arc: G. L. Clark, engineer: J. J. Moker, fireman; Mrs. James Br^dy of Alban.v, N. Y., two children Of Mrs. Brady; three unidentified Iwdles two of which are women. • •; -• STORY of ten giirls and one man at a summer resort, in the days of universal suffrage Women's late BY BYRON WILLIAMS IVhatwoMyoaftoM^a? Held prisoner hjA bavy of determiaed young ladies. Hi* Hooor, tba Mayor, it forcod to be a grcjat diplomat—also a bold Locblnvar io lova. TV »»Mfys* aerial Vttwfc i|r"A «s«Mr.Mri«Mb Wmtch The Bluvhira Octopus. The i«t..i>ii.< .'ii <ii :ouily changes In •olor liki- :> 'Murine olinmeleon. It voiild :ii.|M;ir. iriini studies of this reaiiire. t!i ;iT ilie colore<f pigment vberehy tlit> chnnye In eolorts efl'ected IS cont .'iiiK'il i >i i -nretopes in Its skin, in the tis .«iie i >f widib are muscular (ibers aituated by nerves. Should these fibers liefoaie relaxed a dark pigment appears. The phenomenon la !«nld to be anal<';;o' blushing.—Harper's Weekly. Corrocted Him. A reporter wax om"e Intervlewliig Thomas A. Edison. "And .Toil, tnr." lie wild to the In <ento.-. "made the first talking ma • •hliieV" "No." Mr r.'Ii -«Mi replied, 'the tinif ••le was ni :"t r t»'!fore njy li i »nt of' n rill' We have )nst lecelved a WILSON9 C^tEAM Predoet of Wilaen Ftvckle Co.. ChariestoD, Sooth Carolina. It \*/btt. Is frsKTmnt and bJirmliis. and positively removes freckle*, tan and brown moth. Makes dark faces li(hL Wilt not make hair grew. Yon have ear (uarantee that Jt wilt lake oS voar freckles or tan or will gire ypn back your money. Come In, see U and try it. Ttrjartan targtmnt two at aiost nre sufficienk We seed ihaa by maU U desired. Price N< Uurrellls Drug Store. Look for Value \ Value is the thing that counts. In order to get value one must get quality. Our ability to combine price and quality has gained for us the title of The Lowest Priced Shoe Store in the West. Compare these prices with othere and you will know where to look for values: Ladies' 1^ Button Boots in tan. patents and gun metal- 14 values Ladles' Shoes In patents, gun metal, vlci kid. button and lace, regular 13 values iH .»S Ladies' Velvet Button Boots, extra high »5 values, our price j *2.9S ladles- vjci Kid Shoes. values *1..*»0 Misses' and Children's Jockey Boot.s, sizes 12 to 2, |3 values, our price $14»8 Sizes to 11"^. J2..'.0 values $I .7"» Sizes to 8. $2.50 values $1.50 Misses' Si^hool Shoes In patents, gun metal, button or lace. $2..'>0 values $1.50 Men's Shoes in tan. patmis an-l gun iiiotal. button or lace. $4 valtiis ... fi.!"* M-n's Shoes in paimts .mil ;;:in nii^tal. hnttnn and lare. $.S and va!u.-- :?I.9«J -Men's Il'-avy Work Slmo.s. ',:;.i(l i..iy I.T.^) for. onr price ... __#1.5IS Mens .Mediiiii) Weight WirK .S)i-.".=. iz:-'^ valiie.^ $1,.'>0' n> Shoes in l>at»-nts ;;n!i r w nie';il. i>\t:iin or lace. %'.\ valii.»s . ^'IJW Hoys' Slioe.s in mm ineial :infl i.i'- c.-iir fur gi^od solid wear. %'!.'.>» values :flj>0 Hoys' Shoes all soliil If:iilirr. $. v.ihi's . ^I.ii l.i'tie Cents" Shoes. ?l '•n viihi.-. ^, . .9Sc WePay Car Fare Sanqde Shoe Store 110 East Madison II TURKISH. WHEIIT Nllllte "CHARGE rr IH the running mate of "Keeping Up With Li»ie," hy Irving Buchrlier. It Is his latest liook - »1.00 The Bed Lane v by llolnian Day $1,3S The Wind «ef «irc the Dawn hy IVIl H. Mungcr %\Xi Patty of the llospitul Staff by Ell)ma C. IK.ud flJW The Hfcording .Ingle f by Cora Harris-..— net %t& Story of The IJoctorN Telephone by Ellen %\S:k Other new ones ?oon. / Evans Bros. BOOKSTOBE. Next week is to be Riley week In all l)Ook stores In U. 8. .J.VLK.VN TBOIBLES TURNS SCILE UIMV.VKD Ttm.lY. I'attle and Hogs AUract Little Inter- CMt— KecelptK Light and the .Market Very DnU. (By the Associated Frrss) Chicago,'Oct. 4.—Fighting in the Ualkans turned wheat upward again today, after hesitating at the start. IJghtuess of receipts in the Northwest tided the bulls. December started at .•)0%690V&c; declined to SOi ^i and then rose to 90%@91c. WHEAT—Close. Oct. 90%c; Dec. 92c: May 96'Ki»e96*4e. CORN—Oct. 66>ic: Dec. .*.3>4f; .May ••2%c. OATS—Dec. 32Vsc: Ma:y 34 ^0. Kun !ia.<( City Cntln. Kansas aty. Mo., Oct. 4—CASH WHEAT—Market unchanged to Ic jlgher. No. 2 hard. 8T@90«/ic: No. 3, WeSSc: No. 2 red. |1.01fi$1.04. .No. 1 $1.00@»1.01. CORN—Market Vic to Ic higher. ."<o. 2 mixed. 68c: No. 3, 6T»Ae; No 2 white. 71c; No. 3, 69c. OATS—Market unchanged to > AC higher. No. 2 white. 34@34M:c; .No. '.' mixed, 33@33V&c. Close Wheat—Dec. 87>,t,c; May 9iaj,c split Close Corn-Dec. 48?4@4ST'Sc; .May 49%c. . Receipts wheat. 127 car;:. Kauiias City Lhestock. Kansas City, Mo.. Oct. 4—CATTLE— Receipts 1500. Market steady. Native steers $5.75#$10.9O; cows and heifers $34 :0 #$8 .00: stockers and feccT- ers |4J >0 @|7.2»: bulls $4.i)'0$i $.'>.50: calves |S .00e $9.50. HOGS—Receipta 3000. Marker .'.c higher. Heavy $8.50?i$8.8.".; park' I.-J and butchers $S.60@$S.9.'>: light $S .'i -§$8.90. Uhlcago Litestork. Chicago. OcL 1.—CATTLE — Receipt's 3000. Market slow but steady: beeves $S.50@$11; storkers and feeders $4 .3r>^'$7.7ri; cows' and heifers $2Ji5e$8 .00. HOGS—Receipts ."lOOO. Market is .".r ilgher. Lights $8.6 .1 fi $9.25; mixed »S.6.-.(S $9.30; heavy JS.Snry $a .30:. ,,ij;s $.%.75@$8.4 .1. Kan -saK Ulty Produce. Kansas City. Mo. Oct. 4 —nirTn-U Creamery 'iSc: firsts 27c: seconds .".'.i 'aeking stock 22^22V..r. EGGS—Extras 2r.c: firsts •-'2 fi _V. Seconds 17c. HAY—Market steady; iinchangeil. Choice timothy $13.00«$13..'>0: choice prairie $12,006 $12.ri0. BROOM CORN—$-.0 to $100 -.n Lead and Sp«'lter. St. I»ul8, Mo.. Oct. 4.—liead. nia • • t steady: $4.97%. Speller—Market strong $7.45. ThrM Not of a Kind. Sir Henry Maine's famous political diagnosis Is worth quoting. The king of. England reigns*, but floes not govern. The |in~<l«1ent of th« United StateS; governs, hut does not reign. The president of France neither reigns norgovems.— IV><:f on Herald. Uiroal Reason, used to be .1 straight enough yonng cbnp. What made bim get crooked 7' "Trying to make liotb ends meet. I fcelleve."-Toledo Blade. His Strong Fa^^ "Bllkeln's Is a strong f«ee or Um no .iodre of physiognoniv." "It ought to be. He and his Whola .'amily are livln? on it."—Buftalo Courier. Obctllenie i-- not fnily performed by tlj* tiody of liiin wtiuse heart la dls- •ntlatlMl -SII;MII. Get the Register Want Ad habit- the quick routo to results. Flour! Flour! Flour! Try a sack of ZEPHYR. If you once use it you will use no other: Zephyr is Guaranteed to -rive SATISFACTION" or voui- monev back. ASK YOUR GROCER GRAND Tbeatre Every JVight! Starting Monday October 7th THE>UN1TED AMUSEMENT CO. 2 SHO WSO NIGHTLY-^ At 7:30 &ncl 9:00 Saturday Mafinee W Carefully Selected Players of Ability Dramatic and Comedy Gems 2 ^ TOGETHER. WITH REEL.S or BE.$T PICTURES 2 r0 »<>g»'»<»<»iKK»in '•^ tola Ilaily Ufgistyr. Oftoiier \. 191?: \ opea. «l& fira edim of dgoMcotrra dd at Ibb effie* with th* axpcM* bonus amoant hmin set oppo«ito aay Mffa rf ntrttonirr srlsctoi (which corcn the items of tlie cost of PMICIBII. cs CotaatAealM tnm the fort^. cbeclnns^ dedc hir* vid other BecMssry E-XPEMSE itoa^. •ad neon* year cheic* of these three books: TilC $4a (lO (Like illustrations m tlie annotmremcntj from day today.) This dictionary is KOT fnWisI:«l oy the original putii- WEB»tE«IAN'•s''^''* <f Webstcr'.s diot:. m.iry or by ^ their succcss -irs. A .It is the ONLY entirely N:.W cjmpilatioh .by the .world's JHyj .S greatest authorities fro:a IcaJiiii; universities; is bound in DIGnONARyiull Limp Leather. fle:;'t>I stasnpcd in g<«!rl on l)ack and Utaislraicd sides, printed on Bible r>.ii"r. wijh red edges and corners rounded; beautiful, strong, liurablo. TicaitL -s the jjcneral contents, there are maps and over 600 subjects oeautiiully illustrated by three- Ig^^* color plates, numerous subiects by ni<^notones, 16 p .T <:rs c." | BSM«5 educational charts and the latest United S^ itcs C^.-nsu".. Present • AQ^ at this office SIX Consecutive Dic'-Ionary Coupons and the ' OOC Xbe §2 .00 JJ ia I^!9 |3a c!oth biii4- il T Nn> ~ as tM DOOK. CX-|NCW fii^tKA in gold V| * binding - which is in,j01»» fwith •qnare errnets. SIX' a^>a^ J."' ' ^"•t«^^: - SIX Any DooV tj- t.'..:i. 1'-; I.v- - ;.. P.-t^;^ 4$c

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