The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEMLLE TBK DOMINANT NKWBPAPER OF IER NEWS *P IfutMorro? * » ' PV -X VOL. XXXI—NO.'176 Dilly Ken BlyUwTlile Ocurtar ! Vtlley Ludn BlytlieTil!* Renld HOME EDITION LUC, ARKANSAS. WKHNKSDAY, OCTOBER" 10/ 1934 ' POWER IN SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' City Where $Sier' Met Death Just after he' left the waterfront of' Man-oillcs, France'*? second largest city',- shown here, King Alexander- I of Yiigo-Slavia was slain by an assassin's bullets. This picture ' shows ' the Port Vlex as seem from the Transporter bridge, with. fishing and pleasure : crate lining the quays/und the nnpcslng buildings that face the Meditcrran-' can sea. Foreign Minister Louis Barthou of France and a French and a Yugo-Slavian general also were killed by the assassin! • ' v? Arbitrary \Vrile-Ups Boosted Apparent Worth/ of . Securities Concern CHICAGO, Oct. 10 (UP)—Evl- lence Indicating that Samuel In : iiill sr., his family, and Halsey Stuart, ami company made a paixn- irofil of S2S.OOO.OOO through wril- ng up of stocks In the Corpora- ion Securities company was intro- Inced today by the prosecution in he Insull mail fraud cause.- : Leslie E. Satter, special assistant •Utoniey general, was questioning Van Liiinoiit,' former controller or .he brokerage company, when 1 the ;hm-gc was nmdf. • Lament Identified records show- ng tlie Insull family, which once -uted Chicago's social and art circles, and the Halsey Stuart company each accumulated 1,000,000 shares in the formation of the Corporation Securities company or 'Cor|>s," as the attorneys have igrecd to call it. Records added oday to the prosecution's "library " which will weigh a ton when all documentary evidence 'lias been ntroduced, showed (hat Halscy Stuart sold 152,000 shares of Insull Utilities and 152,000 shares of Western Securities to 'iCorps" for 53,500,000. Both companies weic :nstill Utilities subsidiaries Clarence T. MacNeille, secretnry- -reasurer of "Corps" and one of the 17 defendants In the mail fraud trial, ordered the write up so that the new organization's sooks showed a valuation of $30.000,000, the government charged. Bliot down ^by'an', assassin just after he had ; been', welcomed to Marseilles, /"France,"-' King-.' Alexander I of Yuso-Slavia',: above, died - a; : (cw minutes ; later. He htid.'ruled'.'since,-... 1921 and had led his nation "ih ; tliree'wars. Five attempts aV assassination had preceded '(he, successful attack. Widowed This 11-year-old schoolboy, sor of the slain King Alexander of Jugoslav/a, today succeeded to the kingship as Peter II. j $100 Firie for Unlawful I Use of License Plate A fine of $100 was assessed by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday against Edgar L"e vAo entered a pica of Ruiltv the day ! before lo use of unlawful auto license plates. . Lee's car disolaycd a tag which aroiiied the interest of Patrolman Armstrong of the stale revenue office. Investigation showed lhat the plate, an old Nebraska tag, -had been crudely painted ovcr and numbered In duplication of an Arkansas "cense plate.' Widowed by an assassin's bullet, Queen Marie of Yugo-Slavia Is shown here In regal robes. In 1922, s year • after he ascended _ the throne, she married King Alexander i, siahi by an assassin in Marseilles, France. Tlio Yugo-Slav- ian queen is a daughter of Queen Marie of Rumania. Schontbnv and Deans Both Honored by Fan DAVENPORT,' Iowa, Oct. 10 (UP)-Michael Hengl. at i enthusiastic baseball fan. today decided ' name his newly bom da^hter R dean. Tlie name is derived by com billing the last names of Lvn (Schoolboy) Rowe and i n " Pcait brothers. BIG PROFIT FDR P r o p o s ed Organization Would Serve Much c? Northeastern Arkansas Reorganization ol tlie Boy Scout movement in eastern Arkansas thru establishment of a new council to serve tlie area formerly embraced in the old Crowley's Ridge and St Francis Valley councils is in prospect. O. J. Williams, national field representative, Boy scouts of America, Ms been interviewing troop leaders and others interested In scoutiiv> throughout this part of the state and has found much support for ills proposed council. There are now 34 active troops in the area which the new council would include which extends from Helena on the south to Blylheville on the north nnd west to Pocahontas and Augusta. Blytheviltc, which had half, a dozen or more active troops several years ago when headquarters of the St. Francis Valley ' council were maintained ftere, now has two. They are Troop 37, of which Charles A. Stubbs Is scoutmaster, and Troop 31, Joe W. Alexander, scoutmaster. A meeting- of persons interested in the scout movement will be called here October 23 to consider local affiliation with the projwsed council. Deans Arrive In Triumph, Depart Jn Haste By Air S*f. LOUIS, Oct. 10. (UP)-^The fiisl' moving D«m brothers,- Dlsay anil Paul, arrived home today ;from Lietroil, led a triumphal, yaride through tlic city, raced to the i)lr- |x>rl, and departed for Oklahoma City, where they are scheduled Ao pitch in an exhibition gaine'Vlo- nlght. , . ./: ; As he stepiwd aboard the American Airlines plane Dto.y, as usuti!. boasted, "I'll pilch another victory tonight." He and Paul me ,tq-pl»y with an. all-star team against; Kansas City. . t Dizzy, clutching a rubber effigy of a defeated Tiger, stepped from a 'special Unin today amid, a riotous throng of fans that, jammed tile midway at Union station.' • •. : Ruth Chatterton Free Once More 67,599 Bales Ginned in County to October Wins Control of Louisiana^ Supreme Court in Pri^ mary Balloting \ LAKE CHARLES, 'La., Oct. 10 (UP)—Senator Huey. P. Long had gained another victory -over his political,fors today and incidentally control of the -;stale supreme court. • . ; His candidate for supreme court justice, Lt. Uov. John-B. Founict, held a winning lead over Judge Thomas P. Porter in almost complete returns from yesterday's "extra" primary, with less than 20 precincts In the third-supreme court district missing Pournet "was leading Porter by nearly - 4,000 votes. The missing nrecincts cannot change the verdict: ..i. Kay Francis Denies " Engagement to Powell NEW YORK, Oct.,'10 (UP) —' Kay Francis, film star, smiled broadly today when asked to comment on reports of her ct)°aco ment to William Powell screen actor. ; , ....... "Poor Bill," she said, "after all these years, we made seven pictures together and now we're engaged. I can only deny it and laugh." {_ Miss Francis returned from Europe on the liner Rex. - : Langford Draws Jail Term and $500 Fine Cecil Langford, shot by federal officers in a raid on a Missouri still, near the Arkansas line, about 9 miles northwest of here, was given u 500 fine and a six months jail term by Judge C. B. Faris in federal court at Cape Oirar- deau, Mo., yesterday for possessing a still. Langford was shot by a federal deputy while he was allegedly in the act of leveling a rifle at another u. s. agent. ' He was brought to the Blythevillc. hospital here where he was confined for several days and an investigation of the shooling by federal authorities resulted in tlie officer who fired the shot being absolved of blame. The raid and shooting occurred several months ago. Recover 17 Bodies From Mine Where Many Killed LYONS, France, Oct. 10 (UP)— Seventeen bodies hsd been recovered today from the Saln-bel mine, where a large group of miners were trapped by mi explosion and fire. The dealh loll Was estimated siuoif(daily at 30. Price Advances Are Going Beyond Administration's Expectations »Y RODNEY DUTCHKR WASHINGTON.-Now that ham d eggs,.bacon and eggs, nnd pork 'Ops arc reserved almost exclusively to the plutocracy, it may give you a certain sour consolation to Know that the AAA—which set out to raise the prices of such things- is worrying more about It than most of us. - Food prices have gone scooting up a lot faster than the unofficial estimates which Secretary Wallace's economists confessed to one another when they saw how bad the drouth was going to be. High prices which they didn't expect before the end of the year already are with us. In five months Die general retail food, average has jumped more man 10 per cent, meals more than cent** CCn! ' "" d P ° rk ab ° ut S ° per 'Pork (includes ham and bacon and you might get around that by adding another egg if it weren't tnat eggs w cre up about 50 por cent, too. Better make it more toast! Pork has been the poor man's- meat Millions of people never have anything but salt pork, which pro- i<.« the only flavor they get with their potatoes, rice, and flour and Is Important for Its contribution of energy. Noa- pork goes beyond the reach of many O f them and the AAA Is if ? .f, 0 ™ pUtfl " lMcrs ntau < it, including some from the sharecroppers and tenant farmers, already hard hit as a group by the tendency of the AAA crop reduction programs to force them out of existence. Ariproxim(itiVy 142,000,000 loiu of water are evaporated from the surface of Great Brilain aurally, according to English scientists. No Action on Mayor's Pio- i:osal Taken by Cily Council Lust Night Thn possibility 0 [ reducing Hit- salary of • (he city treasurer to a nominal figure' beginning next April lo cut cily expenses was Eusgi'Ktca lo Ihe city council lust 'light by Mayor Cecil Shane. There was no dticusston o[ Illc ..proposal. Mayor Shane simply ns-ked council members lo llitnk over (he suggestion before the council iiroceedfd to take up proposed ordinances changing slightly codes for the plumbing, electrical and s7gn trades. The otllce of cily lieiiitirei, mi elective oilice, pays a salary' of $25 monthly, Mr . siinni-'.'i siij- Kcstiou was to reduce the snlaij to one dollar a year. He pointed out that little oclunl 'work, save Ihe signing of checks, lias been required of the treasurer for many years, the city clerk acluallv bundling all city funds. Jack Klnley Robinson, a student I tin- University of Arkansas, Faycltcvllle, is now city treasurer 1M5 '"'" "'"' C ' X "' re M " ld) 31 ' May Demise WIIJi Engineer Mayor Shane indicated that services of a elly engineer might be tlonc away with In the next few months. L. E. Till] has been enV gmcer for several -months, since Ihe Inauguration of an PERA work program which required mn- tcnals lo lie furnished and projects lo be worked op by the city. Before his appointment the cltv had dispensed with services'• of an engineer for n year or more. An ordinance reducing the annual license -fee required of real estate salesmen : from 50 to $20 and .specifying' a license" of J50 lor loading or .unloading of. n circus'within Ihe;'city was .passed with emcrgeiicy"'-cljusb""*atfnch«d; 1 It ivas pointed' out that'' the license fee required of real estate operators was prohibitive compared wllh other businesses mid professions. City records disclose that only one real .cslale. dealer has paid a license fee in recent years although, according i to the city clerl:, there are' probably a dozen In the city. ' . . Tlic "circus" section of the ordinance was designed, the council was told, to cover shows unloading on railroad side tracks within the city limits but showing outside nnd thereby escaping a cily license- fee. Wear and tear on city streets and police servoe to Hie Kime extent or 'more limn required by a 1 circus showing within the city .limits resulted'whc. one showed on the outskirts of t»e city it was stated. The ordinance was passed without a dis- entiug vote. New Codes Discussed The council agreed to furnish street work lator. to a reasonable amount, to help prepare llje small park adjoining the court house lawn for dedication of the U- D. C. memorial boulder in the "ear future. Discussion of the proposed new codes for plumbing, electrical and sign work occupied the council al length but no. definite action was taken on any one of the three suggested ordinances. Slight revision of all. as propostd by L. E.. Tiill, city engineer, was suggested by council members and tradcsme naffccted, who .utcndm le session. An adjourned session of the council on October 22 to further consider the ordinances was an nouticed. Little Rock Man Named Kiwanis District Chief EXCELSfOR SPRINGS, Mo., Oct. 10. — Claude Faulhabcr, or Little Rock, Ark., today was elected district governor for 1935 at the fiftieth annual convention of Hie Mo-Kan-Ark district of Kf- wants International. Springfield, Mo., was selected as I lie 1335 convention city. Claims Shank's Sanity Already Determined LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 10 (UP — Santy of Mark Shalnk, condemned Ohio poison slayer of four, was determined in his original hearing, Assistant Attorney General Robert p. Smith said today as he announced completion of the stale's brief replying to an appeal for a sanity hearing. Contents of the brief will not be niade public until the case is submitted to the supreme court Monday, Itonmnco again has j>l">'ei! llulli Ohatterton false, miit-rlngo' fur tlio second tlmo onillnu 111 divorce, for tliu attijjo and IHin Blar, ahown lierc 111 I. as Augelea coyrt, na she wna grntiicd trcu- dom (roin (!o<iri;e Dreni. Irish actor, filie charged he w<i« 3iilky, ilomlnecrlng, ami c.iuncd lier Kfeiit Immlllailoii. Hlic illvureud hc-r Hrsi husband llnliili [.•orlici I SHEI Li Speculation^ Has Been Revived -tDespile 'Nationalization of Metal , ; SlabilizatioiVls Still Roosevelt : Goal ;' Will Resist Run Away Advances • •WASHINGTON, 1 Oft. 10, (UD — I'resldent. Roosevelt feels Uio general price level must lie Increased furtlier to put Hie -niillon' In sound economic condition, lie saw today. The president said he bellove.' substantial progress has been made lit-- Improving- the price level but was unable to say definitely ho\\ much more Increase is necessary lie still retains his goal of ntiempt- lii|? lo sl.'ibiltee prices and - prevent large fluctuation!) once the desired lever Is reached, he said. Gold may be a factor iii bringing about the price stabliknllon when 11 Is attempted. • •* ' . .' The 'administration, while consistently working for a gradual Increase; is equally determined to prevent any^rm^ away Jncrcnsc's. . Demand Negro Play . .. Amerjca.ii sj>ccu!alors ,lia'vc; discovered a loophole -under the federal gpvcrnnicnt's silver .program under wl)lch they can horde or deal in tlic incta! '.without fear', of government Interfereiice, : the United Press learned/today: ..•".. r Tile .only nil es^of " ISe^'Va me" arc that sflver speculators make periodic' reports to the treasury; that they do not cxpo"rt silver, and that tlicy pay a 50 per cent tax on their proflis. . .' . . ' No "explanation was forthcoming at the treasury for the "joker" in the' silver speculation program in view of tlie administration's Intention of curbing speculation in the while metal so as not to raise prices In competition with government buying of Kie metal. Indications of a revival In sliver speculation following the nationalization of all speculative sliver slocks by the government on August. 9 came today In New York re- ix>rts that bullion brokers were soliciting orders for Hie metal. Silver speculation within the United state was susixmdcd In August for the simple reason that after the nationalization there was no metal left in which tlic dealings could be conducted. Since then, it was learned today, small amounts of silver have been 1m- iwrtcd by private Interests which possibly could be used as a medium of new simulation. Witness in Huey Michie Case Fails to Appear ' CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo.—Trial of Hucy Michie, Pemlscol county farmer and landowner, In Federal Court, came to an abrupt close Tuesday when government attorneys reported that the chief wit- nc£s which the government desired to testify lui<|.not appeared. ; The "'llneffi was Will Harper, near Cooler, for whom an allnchmenl hnd been Issued by Judge c. B. Parris late Monday, The government dismissed the case. Michie was charged with forging an Indorsement to a government,.crop production loan check In May, 1D32, allegedly using Harpers name. Another case against Mtchlc was continued to the'April term of court! . Blind Persons Will : Carry White Canes White canes will be distributed among blind residents or Blylhe- ville this week In order.that motorists and others may readily Identify such persons and make prop»r allowance for iheir Inability to see. The canes, purchased by the Lions club, have arrived. They will be placed In the hands of the blind within & day or two. • ColCori ' from the 1034 crop Binned- In -Mississippi' county l»'!or to October i amounted to 67.5U3 running bales, a was an- liomicfd today by Chester nane- nower, Uixoni; coiisus bureau lnllve-'lii this cotitily. , Lust . yen r only: 30,004 'bale* vvero Binned prlpf'to October I. . Mr. nniii'howor expressed the opinion thrit cotton jliii'ied-pi lor to October r represented sonia- what less than 00 ]icr cent "of the counly;s crop. He estimates Unit Hie county will gin' not' Ins limn IM,000 bales Mils seiiso'ii, BUIEB PRICES I .'ANN '• AHBOR, Midi,, Oci: 10 (UJ'J— Demands , lliat Willis Ward, negro, football player, be, permitted to play In the; University of Mlchl- Ban'-Georgla Tech game October 20 were nmdc today by the National Student league. ... r Michigan" Coach Harry kipke has iiot_snld he would keep Wnrd from the game. However, bulletins .were posted nliout the campus calling on students to "unite with u's In this •struggle." •-,.... The league 'gained tlic backing of local uiliilsters when tlie minfs- lerial association passed a resolution protesthig Unit Ward's being kept frotn the contest, would be "racial dtscriminalton." Humors were current that the student grooup would go out on the field at tlie start of the game and stay there if Wnrd did not play; Ward is a first string end. Teacher Gives Lions Lesson on Columbus In observance of the anniversary of the discovery of America, George Hunt, high school teacher, conducted a history lesson on Columbus lor their weekly luncheon yesterday at 24 members of the Lions'club at Holcl Noble. C. A. Stuck, Jonesboro, past Lions district governor, concluded the pro- eram, |n charge of Ltou Noble GUI, by pointing out a few outstanding Phases of the National Housing act and explaining the National Il»tlcr Housing program. Agree to Reduce Hours of Women Hotel Workers LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 10 (UP)— Major northeast Arkansas violators of the state employment laws for women have agreed to comply with regulations. Labor Commissioner Ed I. McKfnlcy said today. A hotel In Blytiicvlllc and another In Jonesboro were (he principal ones working women more than the allowed nine hours a cluy for six days a week. The managements of tliese have complied. Mc- Klnlcy said. A few smaller restaurants and catty lu Dlytheville, Joucsboro, Os- .ccola and Augusta 'may be prosecuted to force compliance, the commissioner indicated. Woman Drowns In Boat Collision at Oakland OAKLAND, Ca!., Oct. 10 (UP)— A woman was drowned, another person was reported missing, and seven 'others were i-escucd today when the_ cabin cruiser Valiant, bound on a pleasure fishing cruise, sank at the mouth of the Oakland estuary after being rammed by a lumber schooner. Slain Monarch's 1 Old Son Proclaims) King Petei II. BELGRADE, Yiieo-Slavin "Oct/ 10 (UP)—As Clown Prince Pelar was proclaimed King Petm t II of Yiigo-Siaila today a belief BICW, In informed circles that the army inav soto power and piocUlm B intlllnij dictatorship cither immcd- Inlcly o) within tvvo months.? ; ", The cleun->ear-oW Cro.wn midei article XXXVI of the con- .titutlon > > •, He w 111 reign, under a regency Jurlng liis iiiinorlly. , Ihe country was quiet though 'hooked and enraged ut the death' of Klnst Alexander and suspicious thin, n plot fomented by foreign- enemies may have caused it. Croats Demand Equality 2AOKEB, Vtlgo-Slavia, Oct 10 (UP)— Oioatlan leaders demanded today,' that the Croats be given, n share In the Yugo-Slavlan govr eminent Long nghllng for, eqimllty ,Lc= ILUII oroah nnd Serbs vtljhln the kingdom, the leaders, met and decided to co-operate in tlic re-' gcney of Kins Pclar as soon as tlic government Indicate:, that Croatlnns and Slovenes, will l;a\e a hand In the government Body Starts Home ' ~ MARSEILLES, Frimce, Oct 10 -IP)--1he body of King Alexander of Jugoslavia, whose assassination by a fiumtlc preglpltated a tense* European political situation, was started pome today [or royal burial 1 J Muffled drums, sounded as two bittallorjsXof French infantry pa- JiuJcd U'c/ivifnft^fQre the Sotjy ot Hie monaicli who "v/as struck down with the foreign minister of Amice*" Louis Barthou, jiis_t bs he,arri»ed Here jesterday on a delitate dfp- lomnllc mission affecting ,the ibal- a,n,ce of power hi Europe. ' * The body, dressed in the stained uniform the king wore m the World, v>a s carried in state from the iMnreeliles prefecture, where It had been lying to a waiting automobile Ilic uldoMd Queen Marie, grief- stricken pile but calm, ^as escorted to 1111 accompanying automobile' She silt! farewell, to tlie body here and will go to park to meet her. U-ycar-old son, now Kin Peter II, and accompany him to Belgrade foi the funeral Union Station Massacre^ Suspect Under Arrest WASHINGTON, Oct 10 (UP)— Airest of Hichard T Gnltetas, hunted for more than a year., for alleged complicity ( n tlie Kansas City Union Station massacre, -Sai nnnounced today by the justice department x, ,, Gallatas was seUed by federal agents in New Orleans Septemrjcr 22, the department said. ,'. ffe was taken to Kansas City and will be arraigned today on 'a charge of conspiracy to deliver "an escaped federal prisoner. Tlic attempt to deliver the prisoner, Prank Nash, resulted in assassination ;of four law entorc'c- mciil officer'! In Kansas City co June 17, 1933 , Gallatas was accused by tlie'-fed- cral go\ernment of bein^ a fmg leider In the plot to 'free Nash Nash himself nas Mlled jn Uie firing that brought down the four officers. * •- Poinsett Refinancing Is ' , Case on NovemberDocket LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 12 (UP)— Another hearing on the petitloii of Poinsett County Drainage District No. 7 to have Its debt readjustment. plan approved was set for November 22 following arguments in federal court here today.. The district seeks to refinance its outstanding indebtedness with, a Sl.-tGiTSO Reconstruction .Finance Corporation , loan. Ninety- three per cent .of the bondholders have agreed to the refinancing..,. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair and cooler In extreme cast portion tonight.,Thursday fair. Memphis and vicinity—Partly I cloudy and slightly colder tonight.! Thursday fair. \ ' I The maximum temperature her* I yesterday 'was ttiinimiim 54, cloudy with .19 of an inch rainfall, according to Samuel P. Nor Is, of- I flcial weather observer.

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