Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 20, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1903
Page 6
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. ' t 't • • I THE lomfiAiLY nmmmR, \ SATOE D 4 T> JPKE^ m • ± r J. 4 I I i: I at • I I i MUST LET CORTMCr HEl '.Court House Construction Delayed by Failure of Topeka Firm to Qive ^nd for Good Work. U will canse general tegret to learn that owlngr to a failure of the Topeka firm which secured the contract for building the court ;house to bond the contract has been cancelled and bids will be asked for again. It means a delay of a montlh, at least. It will be remembered that the successful bidder was H. S. Douglas & Co., of Topeka'. Mr. Douglas deposited a draft for 11.000 with his bid as a guarantee that if he was given the contract he would give the bond required. ' His was the lowest bid, $43,184, and the contract was let to him by the county commissioners. The time limit for giving the bond which was to Insure the county against all loss in the construction of the building, was yesterday and Mr. Douglas, failed to secure the bond. The amount .of bond required was $129,552 or threo times the amount of the contract. Mr. Douglas had expected confidently that he could obtain this bond from Topeka friends, but the flood put thenf to such great expense and loss and Ihey felt so upset -and discouraged that one after another whom he approached declined to help. Finally wearied by this he applied to a Surety Company, but was turned ^own because he is a comparatively poor man and the bond was large. Being thus shut off In all directions he has written here withdrawing from his contrdct. Tliero now remains but one thing for the commissioners to do. That to advertise the building again, receive bids and once more let: the contract. The law compels the adve tising for a period of several weeks and so the beginning of w^ork,*sup posed to occur next Monday, will postponed some time. 'Furthermore It is possible that no other bid so low will be secured at the second attempt although Mr. Douglas expressed him self as satisfied that he had a good deal at the figures he submitted. Unde^the law and the agreement the $1,000 deposited by Mr. Douglas forfeited to the county, but it will probably bo returned to him, for Allen county has no desire to profit by the nrfsfortuno of a poor man, who Is not at all to blame for his faijure to com ply with his agreement. I I ALL GOODS REDUCED I X I I I •t Evangelist Williams vs. the Elks. The Topeka Journal in a recent : sue without fear of the hereafter, or vituperation of the present, and in cold concise language that any; child can understand, closes forever any argument that ever existed between Evangelist Williams and the Elks either in lola or any other place.; You will not be transgressing any written law if you will show the article to your friends and give it the wide circulation it should have. It reads: "The Elks as a body, together with their individual subscriptions to the relief fund, have given $6,310, or forty per cent of the total sum raised by citizens of Topeka up to date for the flood sufferers,; and this comes from a lodge with a-:membersbip of 270 out of a population of 40,000. Ex-Mayor Parker, who, according to Evangelist Oliver, ought to be killed or converted Has given $100.; Has any one heard of Oliver, who secured more than $1,000 from the citizens of North Topeka less than a year ago. sending them a mcs sage of sympathy to this stricken people? Has Evangelist Williams, who recently closed a two weeks' meeting here and received $1,400 for his services, sent to the relief fund a single penny? Has ho even sent a message of sympathy? Has that gallant band of Home Defenders, marshaled by the heroic Dr. McFarland givfen a cent for that organization? Both Williams and Oliver 'roasted the Elks here and all over the state. Which lives up to the cardinal precepts of practical Christianity?" I Judge Foust's bifricuit>? The Human Body. The contention of the attorneys in the case of the state vs. Chas. Janes that, the informjition was defective becalise It alleges that Allen Williamson was shot in the body, while the evidence proved that the bullet took effect in the head, calls to mind the essay of a school child of twelve, as follows: 'The human body is divided into three parts— he head ,the chest and the tummick. "The besih contains the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and brains, if any. "The chest pontains the heart, lungs and part of the liver. The tummick Is entirely devoted to the vowels, of which they are five, namely a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y and z." , . Judge BimofU. ruled tliat the child was right, w4,^,^jw^^ Today's Topeka Capital tells of the unlooked-for difficulty which Ju^ge Oscar Foust has'met in his new position, lit says; t "Judge Oscar "Foust, of lola, judge of the new thirty-seventh judicial district, composed of Allen and Woodson counties, is in trouble. He has found that he will have to ask';the legisla: ture in 1905 to pass a deficiency appropriation bill for his salary for the months of May and June. He wa^ elected April 25 and went into ofllce immediately. The legislature last winter in organizing the new district provided for the salary of the judge for the fiscal years ending June 30, 1904, and 1905, but made no provision for his salarif previous to July X, y)03." Matrimonial Agency to LeC^ As the Register noted briefly last night. Miss Sadie 'Travis entertained some young folks Thursday evening af-' ter the Euchre Club. Tiad. departed. Miss' Travis has a large heart. To her one of the most meaning Scriptural passages is the one about Its not being good for man to live alone. She happened to be a good friend to a bunch of young men who seem to he out of the running, and so she gets up entertainments at her homo, herds in flocks of. charming girls and like a wise chaperon gives the boys every opportunity to get over their stage fright and declare themselves. It: must be confessed that she is growing somewhat discouraged, the series of parties ending with the one the other night having failed to make a match. ' The list, when examined, will show that the case must now be hopeless. The girls were: Cora Charles. Olive Hankins. Anna McDonald, Belle Travis Alta Fry, Francis .Wilson. Lutie Evans, Blanche Goes and Miss Roxanna Showalter, of Baldwin. The tongue-tlcd bunch were: Prank Travis, Dr. Bushfield. Mr. Eddy, Dr. Reid. Mr. Bcllport, Carl Bush and Mel Fronk, • Real' Estate Transfers. August Nyman to Jno. L. Jones, $50, lot 2, block. 5, Nynian's 2nd add. id' Sayonbiirg. Irene Heath to N. Lcitzbach, $.150, lots 11 and 12, block 8, Alger's add. "j Humboldt. J. E. Wakeflpld |o E. II. Heltzbach, $400. lots 11 and 12, block 3, Humboldt. Chas. F. Prlbbenow to N. Lcitzbach $125, lot 10, block 8, Alger's add. to Humboldt. W. m. Lacey to J. W. McFarland $70, lot 3, block 2, CoJdwcU's add. to Moran. Wm. T. Hall to Jno. W. McFarland $3,100, nh nw »4 16-25-21. f On the 3oth of This Month W \ Will be one sticcessfol yeeit of out business in this ^ B ciiy, And we takelpleastite inythahking all-of ofii* pattons ^ g iot tbeir past favots and invite all who want tbeit money's ^ g wotti to attend tbis gteat Annivetsaty Sale. § - -3 i . Specials For This Sale f £ Men's Suits worth $17.75 to tii nC g $20,75, now go at... .Vl't.l*^ B Men's Suits worth $14.75 to ^if CA ^ 16.75, now go at .^l ^.<Jv Men'a Suits worlli $12.50 to tf |A A A 3 13.50, now go at *lV,l|v ^ Men's Suits worth $10.50 to 111.50, now go at , sa.oo 1 g We have odds and ends soits that will be' ^old at 3 1 $3.50. On Voting Men's, Boys and Cbildfen's Clottes 1 p the pfice is cut in proportion as tbe Men's Clotbes. Great ^ p bargains in Sboes for Ladies/ Men and Boys. Special ^ p bargains on Underwear and Neckwear. Come and i^ee. 3 g Come in time and bfiy choice goods a^d save money at the ^ Mrs. Philip Krucger was today paid the $1,000 life insurance which her husband carried in the Modem Wood man. Mr. Krueger died June 1, and the promptndss of the order speaks very highly for It. EXPRESSION IN THE HAND. That Member, la Froq^cntlT Far More ISIpQoent Than tbe i Tonerne. inlng ii There is a wealth of meanfng in the i^mplc pressure of the Land. Not infrequently a woinau's nature and brcedibg may be distiuguisiied by tlie manner in which shi shakes a friend's hand. It may be due to the fact that there are more nervea between the brain and the liand than between any other two portions of the body, but true it is that the hand is of ten more eloquent than the ttmgue, u Washington orator is quoted as .saying, and when a woman once appreciates the importance of this she will jmniediute- ly begin, to study the expros.sion of the handw One human touch of sympathy or graiip of the hand can uud frequently does mean more than a volume of words, and to possess this quality, particularl}- in a woman, is no light charm and a thing that lies within the reach of evary woman. Should she not have it naturally she should ispecdily cultivate expression of the hand. Of coursetherearecertain hall marks of a refined hand, beauty and texture of skin, whiteness of nails all essential, but not half so important as expression. Graceful gesture and a touch of quick sympathy, these never lose th«r charm or power. uood wKb Bia Can. The sultan is said to be a wonder Ivith a revolver and is one of the finest shots in the world. He alwjtys has a few in his clothed ahd is usually looking for an aissassin. Becently he dropped a gardener in the palace gardens who came fi;om behind a tree suddenly. The sultan is a quick man, and, as they say iu the west, *^aome sudden with his artillery." When You Want a First-Class Job of TIfl OR CORNtCE WORK 5ee Joe, The Tinner • ' at B B B B B B B B 3 I 3 lola, Kansas muiuuiiuiuiuuuuiuiuiuiiuuiuiuiuiuimuiuiuiuiiuuiuiu^ BO! SHOT IIT E. B. Boys Took a Boat and When the Owiv er Asked Them to Return it One of Them Shot at Him.' G. R. Matlox, who lives on Elm creek about two miles southeast of lola, called on the county attorney late yesterday afternoon and requested that a warrant be issued for a. youth named Lee Matire, about. 19 years old This was done. Maddox says that about 3 o'clock he discovered thai some boys had taken his row boat. Ko walked along ihe ami found three youths in the boat. lie ordered them to return it to the place where they foiind it and they started to do so. One of them called a halt ami <loclared his inten tions not to comply with the request and Maddux made a bluff talk of wading out to them. The lad then pointed a target rifle at his and fired, the ball whizzing clo .3c to his head. That ended the trouble, Maddox returning to his house and mounting a horse wiUch hrought him to town. One of the hoys in the boat Is a son of N. M. Pylo and he was questioned and tlie information secured as to the Identity of the boy who did the shooting. Today the constables reported that they had not yet been able to locate the young man who did the shooting. It is thought possible that the discharge "of the gun was accidental, the boy being excited by the threats, and the owner of the boat naturally hold ing the belief that the shot was Intended for him. Mrs. BaHey's Wardrobe In Danger. Topeka Capital: When Mrs.Wcedo became Mrs. W. J. Bailey and first lady in Kansas she found she had more things than she could conveniently pack in her trunks and, it being; ^contrary to all ethics for women to leave anything behind which they c^n take or have sent to them, she qi^dc u]^ a set of boxes to send by freight. In these boxes she put her bric-a-brac and a lot of other, things which she concluded would be needed-at the gubernatorial , mansion. All were ^olidly packed and the boxes directed to 'Gov. W. J. Bailey, Topeka, Kanl" la, the ordinary^^e^urse of 0venta this would\have :b4 ^i^^iCOPeracidress which charitable people over the country have been sending to the flood sufferers, have been coming to Topeka marked in identically the sam^ manner and those have been deivcred at the; Auditorium. • ' Governor Bailey, man like, never ^bought of the personal freight directed to him until his wife mentioned it to him at noon yesterday. It was then that he remembered it and it alrfo flashed over his mind that he i-'adr, that morning given an order that a considerable number of those boxes be sent to Argenjtine. Leaving his dessert untasted ho slid infco his coat and was out of the house without stopping to explain. Hs first visitwas to the Auditorium. 'The boxes weroj^lut; there and a groat fear smote his heart.; As a forlorn hope he tried the Rock- Island freight office ' and there—won-i der of all W(bnders—he found hi^ freight. If he he did, ho we have been in comniitlee for on the point olj partly Hlled boxes. hadn't got there wiion or, his freight would he hands of tlie rd'ef* the exi)ressman was hiadlng it iu a wagon with flood surterer&' PRAIRI ROSE ITEMS. 1 \ • Most of the f irmcrs have gone o>'or thejr corn Ihe irst time and;,It Is bo- nning to look fine. Children's da' at Prairie Rose was quite a success. I Mr. and Mrs. Boring, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Miner and children attended Children's day at Golden Valley Sunday evening. Mrs. Florence Mattocks intends to go to Colorado for her health this summer. 1 Mrs. ClifT Isaacs and daughter. Avis, attended Children's day *at the Rose Sunday. Miss Adah Wright went to lola Monday to attend normal- . . Mrs. Florence Mattocks walked up to Mrs. Stuteville's through the mud and was unable to get back, and Joh;i Stuteville had to take hor home in the road wagon. Di A. 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