Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 20, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1903
Page 5
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V *HE lOM DAILY RReiOTER, SATDRWAY JTOIJOJM 7 p. m. Dr. Porter, Dentist. J. E. ChuUin, Dentist. Dr. O. R. BuBhfleld, Dentist Kodaks and supplies at Miller's. Miles Fisher went to PUtsburg. Business men's lunch at the "Our- Way." Messrs. Zelgicr and Miller; wciiit to Ihinibohlt. • ^ • "Our-Way" when Remember the hungry or thirsty. Money to loan on farms or city property. L H. Kasbeer. All kinds of rubber heels at shoo shop. 205 South Jefferson. For tin work go to Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street. Tel. 53. • ^.-74 i Salvation Army big go at opera bouse Tutjsday, 23nl, ticketsi 10 cents. /Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miindis, or 901 north Washington, a |daughtcr. Mrs. R. B. Mcllhaney and daughter, Mary, wci t to Lawrence for a w.eek'^ visit. ' I For SaloCheap—A young poll parrot, ,just learning to talk. 721 South street. i Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John E. Baker, of 121 north Chestnut street, a daughter. ^'^^.sinoss men and their clerks will nnd it to their advantage t6 lunch at the "Our-Way." i. , Mrs. (loodnight and daughter arrived from Lawrence for a visit with Mr. am] iMns. Led ford. Miss Mildrcrt Swigart returned homo last night from a visit with friends at Yates Center. Desirable living rooms, suites for two.or more, near square; .first come first served. J. S. Dctwilcr. Geo: Easlin.'the Register's now book binder, went to Guthrie to try and persuade his \jife to move to lola. Miss Nelson, of the lola schools, who is spending her vacation at her home in Savonburg, was in town to- Ed. Myers, who left here and went to Tampa. Ftorida, in 18S5, is expected in lola any day. He is going to move back her(^ with his family.; Humboldt, Savonburg and Moran arc, all advertising 4lh of July celebrations. Roofing and spouting. All kinds' ^f sheet metal w.ork. Ira B. Patterson, 715 feast street. Tel. 53. Two good lots in lola with nineteen large apple trees on for sale at a bargain if taken, soon. Inquire at 624 B. Madisoh. Persons desiring stand rights for 4 th of July should apply to W. Morey, lock box 7G2, lola, or 30G South Tennessee street. The front page of the Lead & Zinc News is occupied by a..big the Lanyon Zinc Company, telling; about their sheet zinc. ! Cheap money on city proper^. Loans made at once if title Is perfect Spith & Travis, room: 3. Northmp National Bank ballding. = Miss Sophia Donica will give a recital oft "Browning" at the High school building Wednesday evening, June 24.^ Admission, 25 cents. George W. Myers and family left this morning for Woodson county, .Oklahoma, to spend a month on the farm pf.Mrs. Myers' father. Robert Nelson. D. P. Northrup and J. A. JRobinson will leave Monday for a trip through Oklahoma, their chief object being to look over a large tract of laiad which may be purchased if it looks good. A small amount of the development stock of tho Sunflower & Shamrock Oil & Gas Co., located In: the. Humboldt oil field, for sale, at Smeltzer's real estate ofilcc. No. 3 East Madison avenue. Humboldt Herald: been received in this city for the wed bclla Sullivan, which will be solemniz nosday, June 24. Lee Cockerill came up from Pittsburg today for a short business visit Topoka where he took a Moran boy hero, and expects to return tonight, to the Reform school. He took a long Agency For the i OLIVER TYPEWRITERS At Other Makes Cleaned and Repaired Guf Ity Of the si lightest misrepresentation or fraud; everything: exactly as representatcd: all prices fair and low. QusUIes considered, who can beat these prices: . , Mothers Oats, per pkg ...1. 08c Friend! Oats, per pkg i. .OBc Grape.'Nuts, 2 pkps. .25c KomKrisp, 3 pkgs 20c Egg-b-See, 2 pl^s 20c Crispo, with spoon, 2 pkga 25c 31b pkg Crackers .20c Gallon apples .i.. 25c Gal Pie Peeled Peaclipi 35<f m Awtfitd M(ghtstJfiiofsWMlirsFaIr\ niiMt tttti U.S. ao ¥t cMiift ANItfAQO ; Mrs. John A. Reeds, Sr., came over jfrom Fort Scott this morning to visit her son, who is employed in this office. •' Tho Erie Record notes tho granting of a marriage license there to Mat Cooncy and Mary Henderson, both of lola. Dr. O. S. Johnson, the optician, will be in his ofilco In the Garllnghoi^ building,:Monday, June 22nd. All those wishing any optical work done should call and see him. A car of Excelsior flour just arrived at Badgley's store, who also handle hay, grain, feed, etc. At E. C. Rems- borg's old stand. Call at 203 South street, or phone 46^. w The report came from Gas City this morning that the man Jackson who was dangerously hurt by Carl Wolfe during an altercation the other day, is still in a critical condition. Price & Davis, House .Furnishers, New and second hand goods of all kinds. Watches, clocks, and Jewelry. Fine watch repairing. Loan office in connection. North side square. Mrs. Millard McCord left this afternoon for Coweta, I. T., where they will make i their future home. Mr. McCloud has been there for some time, owns proporty and has a good job. The town Is growing rapidly and he thinks it has a great future before it. A. J. Scrvcy is home from Baldwin Invitations have where ho is putting the flnishing touches on a handsome new home for ding of George J. Hess and Miss Isa- Geo. E. Nicholson, an!exact duplicate of the homo hero. The decorators cd at the Catholic church in lola Wed- are now at work and It is expected to have the house finished by next week. Sheriff Richardson is home from On Your Vacation. Go through St Louis and seo the hero, and expects to return tonlgut. 10 me neiorm »c..uu.. World's fair buildings. Take the "Katy He is not yet definitely settled as to drive through north fopeka and also Flyer." Only one night on the road. • "got a.gpod look at the Kaw valley as • City, and he \\;here he will be located but thinks it will probably be at Pittsburg: Elsmoro Enterprise: After more than two weeks' fruitless effort to get the drill in well No. 1 loose it has been determined to give it up, and yesterday, Thursday, morning the drillers began moving the derrick to start another hole. Erie Record* Mrs. McKec and daughter. Miss Eva, who have been visiting Grandma Lake and Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Henderson for a week returned to their home in lola Wednesday. Grandma Lake accompanied tlicm home and will take up her home for the fururc with Mrs. McKee and Mrs. A. H. Miller. The local committee of the Smelter Union met with the Central Labor Union last night and extended an invitation to that body to have all the "unions of this cLty take part in the big parade on July 4th. The celebration plans are being favorably discussed and it seems to bo a general belief that lola ought to celebrate. :Yates Center News: One of the most enjoyable events of the season was a reception gIvCn last Saturday evening by Mrs. Al. TroyCr for Miss Mildred Swighart. of Tola. "Flinch and "Board of Trade" furnished ample amusement for the guests until half past eleven, when an elaborate two course lunch was served. ,* Policeman Frederickson spent last ^Thursday at his old home south of Humboldt and on his way home met people who were conveying a Mre. tlftmcan to Humboldt to have injuries received in a runaway cared for. ilrs. Duncan is a widow living two miles south of Humboldt anV^^%^ had been to lola when her horse, ran away, upsetting the buggy. It was believbd-st the time that,two ribs were broken and her hip fractured. . * A story from Arkansas In.the Lead & Zinc News says that the new rail_ , is being operated as far as Buffalo and that several big mining deals have already been made as a result. Yeliville is nor sure of the. railroad, its i quarrel wltli. th^' road being over. Near Dodd City a body 6f lead 14 feet wide, 20 feet long and net^rly ^wo feet tbick WAS! onoovered. It is the bif lt ?cbuiik ever '" •'"Eigbt:iu*!iuli «tTi''*of "'" UiL - — _ ^Bfoa anived^ home from ^Iil^lsn^po- J lis this a ^temTOXL' ITie. team did i not [rwin; an;^ :o£ the prizes -but they had mighty^ good t|me and saw some of "the finest driUed teams in the. world work. , The rest of them are expected home toioaoiTOiw or the Urst .of the week. . . Attorney General Coleman has been asked for an opinion as to the practice of outside liquor dealers in:shipping liquOT 4nto Kansas. The shippers are now trying to .work express basipess. whereby they canisell liqiiot in any amount, through-an agent' 'Itis claimed that by this method there will: be no violation of thQ; prohibitory law.. The courts soon will be called on to settle the question. f ' T. S. Ball, sanitary policeman, was on dutjJtoday and will put in .his time between now and fall,'looking after the condition of. the streets and alleys of the town, from the point of cleanliness. His duty \vill, compel him to make some stringent orders to many people hut it, should be remembered that these orders are for tho protection of the health of the community and should be cheerfully complied with. I Tho Ottawa Chautauiiua Assembly will hold its' 25th anniversary this year at Forest park, Ottawa, Monday, July 6th to Friday, July 17th. The management is making special preparations for this quarter centennial session. The department work is the same as last year. The platform is stronger that ever. Hon. John Mitchell, Hon. Joseph Folk (possibly). Major Samuel Krebs, Geo. L. McNiitt, Dr. Herbert L. Willett, Prof. Chas. Lane, Prof. Geo. Vincent Colored Jubilee Singers, Prof. P. G. Holden, Hon. Nat Brigham, Dr. Thomas McCleary, Dr. Shaller Mathews arc a few of the attractions .J One fare- on all roads. Questions in Geography. Who Rhode Island? Who did Tennessee? How much did Ohio? What can Colora-do? What made Wisconsin? How many did Illinois? Who was it Ar-kan-saw? The Cannibals Barbecue. ^ Killsem (a native of the Cannibal islands)—They are having a barbecue down on the beach. . . Eatsem—What's the entree, ^ ai man or woman? Killsem—Neither. They've captured a ship laden with New York nowK- papcrs and they are devouring the news. as far down as Kansas was deeply impressed by the magnitude of the calamity. The Bourbon county saloon system is for Fort Scott to collect the joint fines one month and the county col- lezts the next month. The city people are now agitating to get all the revenue and the country people say if jthcy are cut off they will compel t,he closing of the joints. , Ground has been broken at Gas City for |thc big three-story building that Is to be the home of the woolen mill. "This is the Sedalia concern that expects to make pants .mittens and similar articles ;of cheap clothing and it will be a decided change in the general character of local factories. Merchants are now receiving Kansas City merchandise with flood marks on It.. Country merchants will all take a lUtlc of this to help out the trouble, but it is aggravating. C. H. Spencer has a box of small bottles, every one of whlfch is full of mud and requires much time to clekn. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets are Just what you need when you have no appetite, feel dull after eating' and wake up with a bad taste in your I mouth. They will Improve your appetite, cleanse and invigorate your stomach and give you a relish for your food. For sale by all druggists. As further proof that "all things come to him who waits," this from the Topeka Capital is cited: The Chanute Kan., 2lnc company yesterday was isr- sued a charter by the state charter board. It is capitalized at $75,000. •The directors of the company are F. W. Stueck, Katie Stueck and Herman Skaeinmerling of GIrard and Herman Hess and Joseph Rauer of St Louis. Mrsi E. M. Adams, of Mound City, Kan^s, national lecturer and «tate superintendent of Social Purity of. the W. e. T. U. of Kansas, will addres^ the ladies' of lola at the Rest Room Monday, at 3 p. m.. ajid will give a lecture^ Monday evening at the M. B. church 'at: 8 p. m. Mrs.> Adams comes highly ireoommended and a general invitation is extended to all to hear her. A blteslng' wiBa^^ young asd^ old: '''''' Coolesl place in town for soda Is the "Our-Way." No. 11 East MadIson,up^Irs. Hen derson & Powell's office. , CURES CHRONIC CATARRH. Hyomei Cures Worst Forms of This Disease in Any Part of the System. It is the^helght of'folly to continue doctoring a catarrhal disease by stomach drugging, when the whole trouble lies n tho respiratory organs where nothing can reach the germs but a local direct treatment by inhalation. Hyomei is nature's remedy for the cure of catarrh. Just breathe it a few. times daily and it will effect; a cure. • , You may have catarrh of the stom­ achy liver or kidneys and Hyomei will as surely euro it as it will catarrh of tho head and throat! The catarrhal germs are in the miicous membrane or tissues and Hyomei not only kills the germs along the air passagcs.'but enters the blood with tho oxygen, killing the germs in th^ blood. mer Underwear and Men's and Boys' Clothing DIRECTORY OF lOL'A UNIONS. The following Is.a comp/ete directory of lola's labor unions,'their ofiQ- cers and times and places of meeting: Carpenters' Union No. 123. Carppi'.lois' Intejjiiational tjnion. No. 123. rnf><t.s cvory Monday nIgM In labor hjill. J. U. OilUiaiL President. Edd S AbdlU. nee. Sec. f Bricklayers,' Union No. 6. BrlckIayor.s" Intofnatiomil Uillon, No. 6. meets every.Tuesday night in labor hall. Henry Bniubr. Prefe. Alyn Boughton, Sea Plasterers' fUnlon No. 174. • Plasterers' Intenjational Unfon N«. 174, meets second and; fourth Wednesday In labdr hall. O. A. Lucky, Pres. Geo. Hedges, Sec. I Machinists' Unron No.-551. Machinists" Intftrnatlonal Union No. 551 meets flrst and third Wednesday nights In labor hall. C. M. Mei;3ter, Pres. W. R. Hempy, See. : ' Miners and Snfieltermsn, No. 123. The Western Federation of Miners and Smcltermen. No. J23. meets every Wednesday afternoon iat Labor Hall. T. C. Steel, president.-' Tom Payton, .secretary. Painters and Papirhangers'UnlonNo. 35! Painters' and Paperhangcr?' Int^mar tlonal Union No. 355, meota every Thursday night In labor |hall. J. C.'Hefls, Pres. R. E. Wight, secretary. Central Labor Union. lola Central J^bor Union meets «very Friday night In labor hall. If. B. Wight, Pres. Edd 8. Ab< HI, Sec. Stonemasor %' Union No. 4... • Stonemasons' In :ematlonal -Union No. 4 meets every Satui day night In labor balL Gca Tapklns. Pr« s. E. A. Ericker, Sec. Barbers Jnlon No.-386. Barbers' Intern; itionol Union No. S8( meets flrst and tt IrdTue-sdaya atHersch- bergor's shop." Qcorge Heemn. president, Charles Spoar. sojrctary. Horseshoer i' Union No. 281. HoraoHhocrs' In :emRtionaI' Union No. 281, meets flrst ahd third S*onday night In Shapt^l's shopJ Hooker Shapel, Pres. JIm -Uowden. Sec Federal I nion No. 10491. Federal Union No. 10«1. -meets every Monday night i in court house. John H. King, prGsldenit. Jesse JohiiBon,;" secre- numbers' and O iifltter*' Union No./STB. Wanted, to buy si^all tent.r Travis Morse, Bartels bloclf. ^ I Plumbers' and Oasfltters' intertiatlonni The medicated dry air that gocsi union No. 376 neets Thursday nteht.'" through the air passages, and into the lungs when, Hyomei is. breathed through the inhaler that accompanies, every outfit. Is rich In ozone, purely vegetable and filled with marvelous healing and strengthening quaUties^ If you are tired of stomach drtig- ging and seem to grow weaker all the time, "throw physic -to the dogs" and get well with: the health giving Hj^ omei treatment i that is nature's own method^ - ! Rev. J. B. Cook, of Holliston, Mass.. says: j'My wife has suffered greatly from catarrh for fifteen years. Nearly four weeks ago she commenced to use Hyomei; and the beneficial effect fis immediate. It is very seldom that she needs to clean her head and throat and she Is able to rest quietly at night. For years past she had been troubled with pain in her limbs' which we supposed was rheumatism, but since she has used Hyomei that afBiction has disappear^" y Spencer 't Co. will return yoaj:| n |pne7 if Hyomei does pot cure jrpn of ; You can. get enyeiope8 :at ;«\e Register office =Jnst right for maiUng-wt copies of Tola Illustrated. front room K. P. hall Sam Perkins, prps/dont. Fred i Relnlcn, s«Hsreiarv.. . .The Steam ' Et gineers' Union -No. 183 meets Wcdncsdaj nights at places agreed upon. Charles" J >hhson. President Fred Frectnan. SecretaW Teamdrlvar-s' Union No. 68. , Teamdrlvers* Ihtcmatlonal Ulilon No. 68, meets every JBConday night In Masonic Temple. John Slbut. Pres. . Chaa. Com. Sec. i . . . Sheet Metal \Vopkers, No 297—Meets Monday evcningsi In Judge.Atchison's office J. A. Spangler, President Geo, Furgcsori, Secretfiry rypoaradhlcal: No.' 481. TvDOCTaphl^ JUnlona No. 481 meets H^tTP^MT eacH month- at the R«w- A. C. Shaffer.; secrctarTA the Finest LineJn . tlisCity; : T Advertisements running In this column are. charged foif at the rate of ONE CENT a word for each Insertion, No..advertisements taikan for less than Ten Cents and all aids payabla : CASH IN ADVANCE.' Wanted—wbitd: woman dish washed." Apply at Hbtel Thomson. Wanted—To buy some horsps. Bring tliem to tho RitterlLivery Barn, 3. Heller. V- ,• ^ Wanted—Good pasture close in for two cows. Inquire;; it Peiinsyivaiiiia hotel. : . Competent steno^pher wishes position to begin worlt July 1st. Address •B".this office. : ; ' For Rent—Four rdom house. 210 N. State street. Private money to Joan on cjty property. Frank Wood, JNorthrup BIdg. SANTA ?FEi : ElTectlve Jufie4, 1003. EAST. Passenger No, 202...- ..2:10 p. m: Passenger No^ 204 .... .•..... J:10 a._ in. Passenger No. 208... 7:00 a. m Freight No. 216, ex(*pl? Sunday, i^r- rives T:I3 a. m., departs .. 10:00 a. m. . ; WES'T. j Passenger No.! 201...;......12:52 p.m Passenger No; 203;. .'I ...... 2:(50 p. m. Passenger No, 207.. .-\ 8:47 p. m. Daily Except-'Sunday. Freight No. 220, eastibound 8:40 p. m. No. 2X5 freight lo a. 'ni. leave 4:oo p m| Daily Except'Wondaj. We have. ranged' -p.a^sengei| service with: tbe: Xoi a; |:ieciriq^ S^ailfay between lola, G »8 CitjMkn0|M^|#. and thtt^gegts^f th^^anti Fe ^g3^ way Will b »|aJka «i^can%# ijp at any time advising you as to rates and routes. Phoodi^or ^ write. ' Oiir office is open all the tiine. Inquiries solicited and will |>e cheerfully answered. W. E. BALSTON, Ib)a, Kansas. :• .Agent, i . ^ I - ^ '[ .1 LI u4 .^jfWlrt«eIdXhairt»Hiiai f<»tift^ TtieSants Fe sdll^] e ^ofirskA tickets to Winfield and ret^ Jnne 16tO '26,' liidlusive, good reti^iilnK tmtll June 27th> 190%- Hat^ tf|.:.^Jb^^ l ?plX ^ofifj8geiail ^lj» ••••••

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