The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 2, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 2, 1893. An Insurance Agency, Possessing Thorough Knowledge, Ample Facilities, Long Experience, Abundant Experience, Honest Convictions, And the grit to stand by thorn, can be of rcul service to ANY Insurer. There- are Borne insurers, and not a few of them, either, who think we possess the above qualifications. There are others who, never having Investigated the matter, have no opinion on the subject. We will be plensed to have them investigate. Winne & Winrie, TELEPHONE liUl, CORNER HVENUE ft HID MHIK Hutchinson, Kan A SUDDEN DEATH. LIKES AND DISLIKES. Hnonn Traveling Mnu Talk, on "Women." »ke Mnorfl *'ftll» In a Fit snrt Dim lleroro Hrlng Discovered. Ike Moore, aged 18 years, son of Thomas Mtoore, living oon .Second avenue west./ was found dead this raorn- ng, having fallen in an epileptic fit wiiilc in the act of catching chickens in large cage in the rear of Thompson's meat market. It seems that lie fell forward on his face and nose, thus excluding the air from his nose and mouth, and forcing the blood into his lungs and Htnotheritig him. He prol>- ably lay in that condition for twenty minutes before being discovered and restoration was out of the question. Drs. Klippcland McKec were iuitnedi ately summoned, but could do nothing for him. He has been having these spells for about two years, having had one last night, but his mother hearing him ran to him and after working with him for awhile he came back to life. It possible that If he had been discovered immediately after falling, this morn- ng, that he inight have been brought to "life again. The remains were turned over to Undertaker Mitchell. The funeral will take place to-morrow at 2 o'clock p. m. Friends of the family invited Jliirn The alarm of fire was sent in from No. f ( l2 Fifth avenue west this morning, anil which proved to be located in a barn belonging to the property above mentioned. Some children, in burning weeds and rubbish, had let the tire get beyond their control, and When the department arrived, the barn was nearly burned down. A cow which was tied in the barn was rescued before being burned, although she had u close call. Warn the children not to play with fire. It always causes trouble and loss of property. cattle came through the winter in good shape and that farmers and everybody else in his locality are feeling jubilant. He will start for Chicago on Monday with an entire special train load of fat cattle, which from the quality of them will doubtless bring the top of the market. They are beauties, and, by the way, there are plenty of line cattle In Reno county. Kansas City buyers look upon Reno county as being one of the best cattle producing counties in the state. They never pass us by when looking for the best. A l*lei»»Bnt. Party. Mr. und Mrs. L. P. Ballard entertained a number of friends last night at their pleast home, at progressive high five. The evening was most pleasantly spent, and theguests speak loud in their praises of the host and hostess as entertainers. A delightful lunch was one of the principal features I of the occasion. The first prize was won by Mrs. George T. Irvan, which was a beautiful momento of the day | and date. Those present were; Messrs. and ] Mesdamcs Woods, Wilcox, .Smith. Colladay, Wise, McKinstry. Bunker, Ir-| viu, Duval, Dupler and Flutton. MAM M ectlng at tho Uourt Holme To -night There will be a meeting at the. court house to-night at which speeches will be made by Rev. Eugenia F. St. John, Rev. C. 11. St. John of Beloit. Kan., and Hon, .1. <3. Winne, Republican candidate for mayor of the city of Hutchinson Short speeches by J. W; Roberts, lion. I. W.Jones and Judge V. L. Martin, who will preside over the meeting. Ladies are especially invited to come and hear Mrs. St. John. Let everybody turn out with their friends and hear some good speaking. By order of committee. The reporter ran onto a well known traveling man last night, at one of our leading hotels, whose name we will withhold for fear of trouble with the gentlemanly "gripper," and in conversation concerning "women," a subject which they always delight to discuss he said: "I like the western girl. 1 like her loyalty and her breozincss and her dc termination to have her clothes Jit well and to be up in the latest fads. Her determination is as delicious as he: eyes are cleur-—those eyes that look right straight, through one and all ove one, as if inquiring with great rapid ity: "Who mude your cloth frock What's the last new book? Where are you going after you leave here, and won't you stay with us a little longer? I like her hospitality; there she is like her southern cousin. Hut then she is just a little bit too sure; if the southern girl errs on the side of ignorance, the western does on the side of knowledge. Still I like her. Most, of all am I charmed by her perfect adaptability. She. would be at ease with the czar of all the Russias, and equally so when she is giving, and she gives generously to the beggar at her gates. I don't like the Hoston girl. She ii aggressive with a large I) before, and she is impertinent with spectacles. She wants to inoculate you with knowledge. She thinks Bhc is cultured when she is merely impudent, and is calculated to freeze lemonade into ice ; cream if she sits by it long enough. I havo heard of Rostom men marrying, but I have never heard of a Boston woman doing so. To them unbelief is a sign of the higher education, and love and all its sweet und noble actions perfectly silly, 1 •nppose they enjoy life. I wouldn't vouch for this. If ever they do break loose they become perfect avalanches, and during Lent scrub the church steps for the sake of religion, and afterward almost publicly caress some well known lion iu the name of art. T'he Plymouth Itock presses heavily upon them, and it seems to have squeezed out tho sweet syrup of womanliness, and loft in its place the sour vinegar of seml-ltnowiedge. Our dear little dauj;IiterwaB terribly sick, Her bowels were bloated as hard an a brick We feared »he would die, Till we happened to try. Pierce's Pellets—they cured her remarkably quick. Never tie without Pierce's Pellets in the house. They are gentle and effective in action and give immediate relief in cases of Indigestion, billions- ness and constipation. They do their work thoroughly and leave no bad effects. Smallest, cheapest, easiest to take. One a dose. Best Liver I 'ill made. _^ At the Proper Tlwe. Owing to the fact that considerable damage is done each spring by carelessness in burning up rubbish, both in the city and country, it would be a good plan, and one which has been suggested quite frequently to us of late, that a proper time be selected, when tho wind is still, to do this destroying act by lire, and not wait for high wind. rroventloh IK ltettel* Than cure, and these who are subject to rheumatism can prevent attacks by keeping- the blood pure and free from the aeid which causes the disease. For tliis purpose llood'sKarsaparlllais used by thousands with great success. 11 is tho bent blood purifier.. Constlpution is caused by the loss of tho perititalle action of tho bowels: Hood's Pills roHtoru this action and in vlgorutu the livor. ) 0 Another llurn llurned. A barn in South Hutchinson was burned to the ground, yesterday, and with it three horses and two cows belonging to a hard working gentleman whose name we did not learn, and who is illy able to sustain such a loss. His neighbors have started u subscription to buy him a new team, and at this writing 8!>0 has been received. His family, particularly his wife is in very poor health, and the good public have an opportunity to do a kind act where sadly needed, and where it will be graciously received. l *Qfft Meeting. Last night was the regular meeting night of Joe Hooker post, O. A.'K., and an elegant programme was rendered, asido from the regular business of tho post. The most important feature of the occasion was the speech of Comrade Isaac Wolfersborger on "Sly Trip East Lust Winter." The address was about an hour in length, and was listened to with close attention. It covered much territory, in fact, from Dan to Beersheba, embracing his experiences in nail factories and city council meetings, not forgetting various "court" episodes, lie also compared the people,climate, soil, etc., of Kansas with that of the effete east, stating that he would not give a quarter section of Reno'county land for a whole township iu the east if he was compelled to live there. At the close of his remarks a vote of thanks was tendered the comrade for thus favoring the post, and the meeting adjourned. Hoclnl Turfy. Miss Edna Decker gave a social party last night to a few of her young friends, which was a very pleasant social affair] Games, music, dancing and finally a delicious lunch completed tho pro­ gramme. Miss Decker is quite popular among her young associates, and those present give testimony to the fact that she is a typical entertainer. Those present were: Misses McKee, McCormick, Jordan, Harris, Reddcrson, Tay lor, Hardy and Hayes. Messrs. Houk, Beebe, Hosea, Boyd, BrchTn and Robinson. Lnokd JSusplclou.. A couple of gentlemen were seen on I the streets last night who were rather suspicious looking as well as acting. They each wore red hats, and from their talk it was thought that they might bo anarchists. They were seen frequently with the haymarket dray­ man, and were kept under constant | surveilance by the police. The lion Ton. Jake Brehin has opened the finest, neatest, cleanest appearing bakery and funcy confectionery to be found any place in the state. Have you seen his bakery work? If not you will find him one door south of SUllinger's drug store and his goods and prices will please you. Don't forget the Bon Ton DreKg Trlmmliij;!*. S. F. Raff, successor to Raff Bros, has just received the finest line of dress trimmings ever brought to the city of Hutchinson. This stock is entirely new, and well worth your while to inspect, and after once seeing we are satisfied you will purchase of no other house. 3t Try a Sack of KING KANSAS Flour, The Best Flour in the Market, and only $1.25 per sack, at THE 21 South Main. SAVE YOUR. • DOLLARS< BY TRADING WITH US DON'T BE A CHUMP And allow anyone to bulldoze you into buying clothing, but come and get and compare our prices, make and fit with competitors' and we are sure von will deal with us WHY? Simply because we don't misrepresent, and we will SAVE YOU 10 PER CENT Is not that worth saving? That means fifty eents on five dollars, one dollar on ten and soon. Come to us. Wo have the largest stock of clothing in Hntchinson, without dispute. 1000 dozen men's and boys' LINEN collars So each. Linen cuffs, Klcpr 800 dozen men's Demost flannel shirts, 15c each. Brtys' knee pants in endless variety, from 1.1 'cents up- ware. Boys' sateen shirt waists, 25c. Mothers' Friend waiBt at low price. Men's suits from 82. SO toS3!>. See our light col ored Prince Albert suits, SIS to $25. Agency for the "Christy" hats. See our spring line of men's suits. We will open your eyes on prices. 00 dozen men s jean pants for 50c a pair. Boys' suits, SI up to tile very finest made. 120 dozen men's sutcen shirts, 45 p, all now colors Boys' hats and caps, 20c up to 50c See our novelties. See our Hue tai- I We have what lor made pants, 82 | you want and war- to $7.5 (1. Tiny are | rant a saving of 10 swell. ' __l percent See our 25 cent See our under- and our 50 cent wearj From 20c neckwear. 11 is up to the finest nne , bontons. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. ~" inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July -t, 1802. IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS* No. in North Main Street. SAVE YOUR, >DOLLARS i r BY TRADING SAVE YOUR • DOLLARS < BY TRADING 1 WITH US 1 H UTCHINSON OPERA HOUSE. W. A. XiOE, Manager. Street cars at the iloor after entertainment. I0NDAY. APRIL AL G. FIELD &. CO'S. Found Itn Name. There were about fifty persons called at the Santa Fo hotel last night to view the animal, a graphic description of which appeared in yesterday's paper, and was the source of no little wonderment. The reporter was there for a little time, but the atmosphere began to put on a lurid caste, and fearing an earthquake, he absquandered. There was much dispute us to tho name of the animal, and as bankers, merchants, lawyers and doctors passed an opinion on the name of the animal, distant rumbling was heard, with an occasional glance for the shadow of tho reporter, but he was secreted in a safe place, and when the greatest danger had passed, he slid through a side door, down the elevator, and caught a red ear north. Capt. Young informed the reporter to-day, that the universal opinion was that the animal's name was "April Fool." Degree of Honor Social. The Degree of Honor ghost social giveu by the ladies of the Degree of Honor, in the I.O. O. F. hall, last night, was a success in more ways than one. The hall was crowded, and with two exceptions, the programme heretofore announced in the NKWS was carried out. Special mention might be made of each participant if space justified, for each one did remarkably well. We can not retrain from mentioning the song by \V. L. Johnson, which was not only out of sight, but out of hearing as well At the close of the literary programme the ladies served a most appropriate supper, consisting of oysters, cake, pies, coffee, chicken! sulids, etc., which the gentleman preseut pronounced to be one of the most delightful lunches that they had ever been privileged to sit down to. It wus a grand success. A Tralu or Flit Cuttle. Jjames Roberts of. Sylvia, one of the leading cattle men of the eouuty, was in tho city to-day. lie reports that A Now Alter. The ladies of the Catholic church have raised over 8300. by private subscriptions for the purpose of placing a new alter in their church, which will be a very pretty one, and which they hope to have in place for the service of first mass, on Easter Sunday. Collections (loot!. Business men claim that collections, on the first of April, were better than for several years. One firm told tho reporter that they had collected every bill they had, and was sorry that they did not have more. A llefined and elegant presentation of legitimate Minstrelsy by a Model Company. The 3 Kings of Music! First American appearance. Kibble! Gun and Sword Manipulator. The Mignani family of 5 people, Medieval Musicians. A Matchless Military Band of 18, and a Classic Orchestra of 18 Eminent Soloists. The biggest and best traveling tin their own train of palace ears. GRAND CONCERT AND STREET PARADE At 11:30 A. M. each day. JOHN W, VOELE,, BIIIMN Prices 50 and 75 cents. D.I. Galliher, LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams ind the finest funeral mr and white hearse ia the state. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. P J. Hi. PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a line line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. JBOO Foot Ituos. Grant Travis of Anthony and Frank Irvin will run a foot ruce in this city on April 12, for a purse of $300. A forfeit of $200 has been posted with the Bank of Commerce. No. u-jo. Odell Bros, want to see the man who holds No. 020. All other numbers should be retained for a few days, as another number may be called. JUST iimm AT* Hutchinson Undertakiog Co. F. S. MITCHELL, Funeral Director and Embalmer. 10 South Main. Onen Dnvanit Night* To the Vote™ or IlntchltiHoii. I hereby announce myself as an independent candidate for constable, at the coming city election, at J.'W. HARTMAN. Notice to Kau .iiH Contrtietorn. Sealed proposals for the construction of the Kansas World's Columbian Building will be received at the ollice of \V. H. Smith, 722 Jackson street, Topeka, Kan., until D o'clock p. ni., April 28, 1802. i'luns and specifications can be seen at tho office of Seymour Davis, architect, Rooms 35 to 3T, Crawford building, Topeka, Kan., ufter April 4, 181)2. W. II. Sjin-ii, Secretary. YOU m Administrator's Sale. Notice Is hereby given that on Friday the 15th day of April, 18U2, at 2 o'clock J). 111., I will offer for sale and sell for cash at public auction all the household and kitchen furniture and other personal belongings of the late J. It. Swlgarl, deceased, at his late residence. No. 417 Sherman street east. A. UIUOKII, Administrator. A largo line of Ladies' FINE CLOTH TOP SHOE In Button and Lace. In four grades, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00. 12 North Main. Telegraph Orders Given Prompt Attention.' Garden. Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden 1 uu mm f, OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bulk seeds. ^ THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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