Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1912
Page 8
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THE/IOIA'bAltiYiMCgSTOB^ 1912:. I- TRpMED HATS—that are unusual- distinctive—different. Priced at $S.OO to flM (tflfew Fail MiiHncry I • ^ ..." I SWELL BLACK VELVET HATS— large, medium and small shapes. Cleverly trimmed. Priced at— $6.50 The new "ITGHEKOO HAT?' for the school girl. Ask ito see them. Specially priced at $1.25,1.50 upto 2i(f FORE.STMILL5 UNDERWEAR Women like Forest Mills Underwear because, fii-st of all, it is daintily made It is midp merino wool, silk-and-wbol in o-radpd •weights, from finest gauze to the heavier worsteds And^ it is finished by hand in sanitarv homes on farm and M\ village; and these homes are licensed and are regularly inspected WomenV Forest MWU rt >ii)l>1n|)(!ons BaiU, of finost quality medium wt'lRlit coltoi!; \\Mu>, high neck with long sleev^a. ankJe longtb, or-low ne>k und slseveless. knee or ankle length, silk trimmed by liund. Per suit $1.00 (K.\tra sizes at $1 .25 a Suit) M'onwii's Forest Mills Henvy Cotton Fleece Lined fom- Mnatlon Siftts, high neck, loi.t; sleeves, ankle leuKth; per iiion auius uigii , suit — -r — - iSl.OO (Extra sizes at $1 .2r. a Suit) Woracn'it Forest Mills Mi-rino fombtmition Suits, half wool, half cotton, fine soft fabric, suitable w*>ight for fall, high neck, long sleevesi ankle length; also low neck and i ankle length. -Per suit $1.50 Women's Forest Mills Merino Comblnntlou Suits, 85^ •wool, medium wi iglit, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length, per suit $2.00 Women's Fo est Mills Silk and Wool Combination Salts in medium weig it, high ueci;. long sleeves, ankle length, per suit —. — $3.50 Women's Fore^st Mills Combination Suits, of pure Australian wool, hea\T weight, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length. Per suit 1 $3.00 Forest Mills CombJnaUon Suits of Oriental silk an4 cotton, medium weight, high- neck, /long sleeves, ankle length; also low neck and ankle length. A suit—$1:2 .00 Children's Cotton or Fleered Cotton Forest Mills Combination Suits, high neck, locg sleeves, ankle length, white —^per garment 50^ Clilldren's^Crenm or Xntoml Merino Forest Mills Com- binntiuu Suits, 85% wool, high neck, long sloevei. ankl« length, per suit i — $1.00 Women's Forest Mills Silk Lisle Union Suits, of light wclglit with high neck, short sleeves and low neck, sleeveless, per garment $1^50 Women's Forest Mllls( Medium Weight Cotton Yest.s— high neck, with long bleevop, algo knee or ankle length drawers to match, whUe, per garment.-^—_„ aOt (Extra sizes also) Women's Forrst^Mllls Cream Fleeced Cotton Tesls— heavy weight, high neck, long sleevea> ankle length draw- ord to match; per garment 1.^ 50<^ (Elvira sizes also) Women's Forest Mills White or Xutnnii Merino Tests— 'Ziy^r wool, medium weight, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length drawers and tights to match, per garment.. $1.00 Women's Itorest Mill's White Silk and Wool Vests, light fall weight, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length" drawers to match; per garment $1.00- IVomen's Forest Mills White Silk and Wool Tests- medium weight, high neck, long sleeves, knee or ankle length to match; per garment _. $1.50 AVomen's Forest Mills IThlte or Xatnral Pare Aastral- Ian Wool Tests—heayj;,weight, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length drawers to mat£h, garment $1.50 The general effect is to simulate the sinously slender lines of youth. Therefore the long lined, hipless effect predominate, with hygienic freedom from all the pressure and restraint above the waist line. ' W. B. ELASTINE REDUSO The Perfect Corset for stout figures—.slender line.s without discomfort. (Guaranteed to reduce hips and abdomen one to live inches. Firmly.supirarl bust and abdomen and mold the flesh into long slender fashionable lines. Price $3.00 "W. B." CORSETS For average or well developed figure.^. Ix)W bust long hip.s.and back, soft HniKh batiste, embroidered edge hose supporters; .sizes 18 to 3o; price $1.00 W. B. NUFORM CORSET For figures petite in height and average bust and hip development. .Miniature long line corset, not extremely long over hips and back. Bust low r.\t inch; back 16 inches; lirettily trimmed with embroidered edging, two pair supporters, hooks and eyes below clasp, sizes 18 to 2e; pricecT at ...i.- . $1.50 Special Values in Our Silk Department 2i' inch Satin Messalines, always sold at $1.00 a yard, in all the leading pastel shades, also the darker shades, Q&n for Monday, yard 0 VU 98c FOR $L50 TAFFETA! 36 inch changeable Taffeta, satin finish, the proper article for petticoats. Princess slips, waists and dresses. Special jQQn for Monday, yard >uuu You areTMaking Comforts We have the most complete line of Comfort Prints at 5c, G '/zC, V/zC (Also 36 and 40 inch wide Colonial Silk- oline at , 12'/4c and 15c Cotton Batts. We have the best quality of Cotton Batts—no mill flyings or waste material that makes your comforts lumpy. Ask for the following qualities in pure white cotton: Harkness Famous Montrose 10c 12'/zc 15c Albion Medicated Snow White 20c ' 25c ! 30c Ndbby Suits at $10.00 Fine Unfinished Worsted Tailored Suits in navy, black and fancy mixtures, | A A A valufes up to $16.50, special $1 V *Uv 42 Sample Suits, no two alike, fancy Suitings, Diagonals, Whip Cords, Cheviots and Worsted; all shades and black; values up^to $^0.00, your choice, ' $}5 00 \ GIRLS' RAIN CAPESJ A reliable Rain Cape, navy only fl*^ CA ages 6 to 14 years, at ^L»vv p„ceZ"t"".".^.°":^'..$7.50,10.00 BEADED TUNICS. Fresh from Paris. These beautiful beaded Tunics, that all fashionable dressers know, are the heighth of fashion this season. Ask to see them. Sale of Blankets A sale wherein Blankets of all kinds are oered at lowest prices! I BEACON BLANKETS. v We have a full line of these Blankets, rangiink in price from 50c to $6.50 ir COTTON BLANKETS Much Underpriced. Size 40x6i8 Blankets, grey and tan, pair. .47c Size 45x72 Blankets, in grey, tan and white, per pair 59c Size 50x72 Blankets, gray, per pair. 75c T1150, the biggest Blanket in lola for .$1.00 All Wool California Blankets. .$4.75 to $7.98 Beaeon Baby Crib Blankets,^ll colore.. .50c SWEATERS! New Fall Styles now in. We have them for the little tots; also for the school children, as well, as for grown-ups. Priced at 25c, 5dc, 75c, $1 up to $7.50 NOVEMBER LADIES HOME JOURNAL ^KOWIN, NEW YORK STORE WE'VE GOT THE STYLE; WE'VE GOT THE VARIETY; AND OUR PRICES AS USUAL, ARE RIGHT. -ag--- MRteERS SEEKDitt SPEAKBK.S. Boil 'Voosers Seem to Hare Corner on _ ; . the Spellbinders. • The local political campaign is\n- iaoa in more ways than one. Wlien . Senator' Bristow spoke here there was no rallying of the.G. O. P. He was al>prbpriated by a faction. His coming •Btaft^ other political divisions tu planning.' Whereupon the Republican * regulars were puzzled as to how to get speakers, with the state chairman Ignoring the national campaign and Arranging dates for Moosers only. ^Whati chance has a dyed-in-the-wool ^ old fashioned Republican to hear a campaign speech, with the state can- di^t^s all confining their talks to Jtate' issues and tacitly endorsing the Roosevelt electors deal? /The Democrats, too, think they _ should be talked to. W. J. Bryan, yj- ! Woodrow Wilson. Cliamp Clark, Gov- -eriior Glenn of North Carolina, Associate . Editor Metcalf of The Com- ilbnerand George Fred Williams, of "Massachusetts are to talk in the state i)^*nbt in lola. Efforts are being made to get'speakers who support all phases ot the political problem. them to hear this eloquent man preach the gospel of good cheer to-: morrow erening. (PERSONiU, MMION.) JEWELEK.BLITZ BA.XKKUPT Creditors. J, -, ' S. Strawn, of Kansas City, was The creditors of 1. M. Blitz, the well- : business visitor here today. known Kansas avenue Jeweler, have I compjeted negotiations which, have be°n'under way tor ieveral weeas. whereby .lohn -W. Xew^, the attorney BB. SEABS HEBE FBIDAY MGHT. Enrti^TMly It Waji Stated Yesterday : tiai Saturday] Was UIs Date. 'Dr. WlSearsr will give his f-»m- <mi'Chautauqua lecttire "Mof' Taffy Leas Epitaphy" tomorrow, Fridnv -9Wdng,- in the First Presb.vterinn "^nrch) insiead of Saturday evenir.? if stated erroneously in the Register TaatiBrday evening. -Dr, Sears ^-as a college student vilh Sr. S. S. Hllscher years ago and tlite. vill be their first meeting since ^tmbr thcdk hands and hade each oth<:r ;j^dliye at the grajduation exercises fe= ; i )r,^Sirs. was here^last Sunday and pi. <>C«ipl*d the pulpit^ at tlio PreBh.v- -tiesiBnj^ilrch both ihomin;; and «v€4« eijJqc ^, &llacher w4s at Caf- te )r^iUift 'pre*ching. jrhose who heafd m-'-^evS'w^^ lecture were delight p,«a >.Mtf >tfa«r wlU. bring many vftb 1 representing them, is to take charge of the Blitz stock and dispose of It a1 his discretion until the claims of all creditors are fully satisfied. Mr. Blitz has been able fo make this amicable arrangement owing to the fact that an Invoice shows that his stock amounts to much more than his actuall indebtedness, but the problem that con fronts the trustee Is how to convert it into available cash at the earliest possible moment. The claims to be satis- fled before tlie end of the year amount to about 120,000. Mr. Newell said last night that he would, In all probability inaugurate an auction sale within E few dayJ.—Topeka Capital. Mr. Blitz will .be remembered by lolans as the man who bought the bankrupt stock on the east .side of th( square and conducted .an auction here for some weeks. > FAR£n££L FOB MR. (JAKDNEB Odd FellowK Held Final XeHtUfC La»( Mght for llMMboIdi Mas. The Humboldi lodge of Odd Fellow- held a fail^well meeting last nigh* for J. H. Gardner, who leaves soon foi California to reside. After the usua* order of exercises heI4 by the lodge there >»-as a social^hour- and banquet in honor of Mr. Gardner. The following Odd Fellows from loir friends of Mr. Gardner, attended: A. B. Stoddard. Roy Foster, H. M. Cunningham. *C. E. Stebblns. Dr. H. A. Brown. Otto Krueger. E. W, Arnold- Albert Davis. John Crawford. Hoovei Kerr. Jghn W. Brown aiid J. B. Smith. George Robins, of Colony, is here viditing his fatlier. A. J. Robins an aged gentleman who is seriously ill. — y Mrs. English, who has been visiting 'riends in, Huml)oldt, returned home chls afternoon. C. L. Jones, of Coffeyviile, who has been here on ljusiness, went to Garaett this afternoon. Guy Wilkes, of Lincoln, Neb., who has been here and in Humboldt on business, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. H. Fellows has gone to Yates Center for a brief visit with friends. L. P. Reed, of Osage City, Kans.. who BROOX COBJt AT $75. has been here on business, went to -: r Cbanute this afternoon. i A -Man IVho Should : Know Predicts _ I That Price. J. F. Samson went to Neodeslia tliis^ — 1 afternoon on business. i AVhile there is a good broom corn — '! crop in the Liberal diistrict, according Mrs. Frank Pierski, who has.been j to R X. Guymon, who is extensively here for some time visiting her n«6ther Mrs. J. P. Trempola, left for her home in LaSalle, Illinois. W. L Johnson, of Topeka, who has interested in that section, prices are going to be lower this year than last. "Prices were too hi^ last year," MK Guymon said. "Much broom corn was sold for $1.80 to 12.00 and even high- been here on business, went to Coffey-1 er. That was too high a level. A lot vllle this afternoon. [of that high-priced brush is still in _ storage and it Is boiind to have an J. Sanders, of Arkansas City,. Kas.,! effect on the market now." who has been here on business, re-' Mr. Guymon figured that broom corn Mrs. E. J. Morgan went to Hum^ .. - _ ..boldt this afternoon for a brief visit Mrs. H. G.AVallace. of Topeka wh»f with friends. •las been here visiting friends, return- id home this morning. J. C. Simmons, of Kansas City, who 'las been here on business, went to Chanute this afternoon. F. C. Nicholson went to Chanutc this ifternoon on bufiiness. E. F. Hamll \t E^arlton, who has ')een here on business, returned hoi|ie4 bis afternoon. | J. L. Patterson, of Emporia, who has been bere and in LoHarpe on business returned home this afternoon. C. Coffey went to Caney this after- !ioon for a brief business visit. Mrs. D. WatU, ot Cberryvale. who bas Been here and In LaHarpe v^iting turned home this afternoon. J. E. Medlln, of Gas City, went to Frdonia this afternoon on business. S. Wilson of Humboldt, who has been here and in Yates Center on business, returned home this afternoon. L. B. Chevalier went to Fredonia this afternoon on business. ought to be worth $73|a-ton, but some of the poor stuff Is selling as cheap as 135.—Hutchinson News. Fred Ranger, who is advertising a sale In this paper, has been keeping, close tab on the new gas field near* Medicine Hat. Canada, and expects to take a look at that field in the near future. Other lolans who have visited the field report it as very promising. WOULD TA XAUTO? OX POWER Atlantic City. N. J., ioct. 2.—Henry, W. Anderson of Richmond, Va.. speaking before the American road congress today advocated ;a tax on automobiles according to the horsepower, other vehicles as to their weight and width of tire: use of convicts in building roads and federal cjmtrol of interstate highways, state control ot state roads and county control of local thoroughfares. SOME MORE WANTS FOR SALE—TICKET ! to HUNl.VG- ton. Oregon from St Joe. Mo. Inquire at Jess Howard's Shoe Shop. East I lola. Our wagons are ruiuiinf daily and we deliv#7 Pure Crystal Ice in any quantity desired anywhere in the city Kansas lump and Arkansas Coat An ample supply of the best Kansas Lump Coal and Arkansas Semi-Anthracite Coaliske^t on hand and your orders for this fuel are also solicitjed. ' lola Ice, Cold Stora^ and End Co^ FLOUB FBOV KIFFIB COBX , LOST—ON THE BARtLETT P.VR.M Gathrie Van Wbi riat« »w Cerial ^tB aouth of town a boys' brown coat. |1 XarkH. ' reward for its return. Phone 1091. Guthrie.' Okla.. Oct 8.—To manufac- ! \ tare breakfast foods. katUr com pan-' FURNISHED ROOM AND BOARD cake flour and stock foods the mach-, for one or two gentlemeii. -0ne of ttie Inery is now being Installed by the I nicest homes in the city. Inquire M. J. W. Dauglierty Milling Company in < M. Care of the Register, the building near the Santa Fe right of way in South Guthrie occupied by WANTED— 16' RANKS OF GOOD the Guthrie Cerlal Company. The mill - ' " - viJI be In operation-within a week. The use of kaSir com as a cereal food friends, returned home this afternoon, is to b« thoroughly demonstrated. wood, sawed.. *19 N. Teiin. St FOR SALE-SHOATS. INQUIRE 419 K, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL BIBLE CLASS .winter work. Qr.«e «*ool bo,.. |^ ; tween the ages of 10 and 15 ymn. will First *5*!||?^"o*oJvS;«^^^ Today; be ellgibl^ and requested to W present * i , Concerning Governor Hadley's r«-" Tlfe High School boys Bible Class jC*nt«and^^^ tto» JBmpori;.- met tor the first time at the Y. M. C. A- Gatette says: "Ha pwodly pctchtA. building this noon and affected »n or-' "PO" fence, with T«llld blow aid ganlaxUon. Francis McCall was elect- >°<^ intense: whereat ereats and dr- Id prwident. Howard Lawyer, vice- 1 cun»tan<^. bepn to- blltocale . W. .! president: Frank Thompson, secre: «.*.*tT T^ISL.** tarrand Verae Dorsett. treasurer-: had wrought, and ttat trOBMia, Thirty-eight young men were present seat wasnot he stffl remained la sad and the interest manUested was pleasing to all. Committees were appointed to settle the mranes. a leader and the waiters, as all the tables will be j waited upon by the boys. Tomorrow evraing at 5:30 the Boys Bible Claia will mttt and begin Its suspense, and faded in whence." the «oW« --NO BETTER Q^DRANCJB bad anywhere thaa at H. i«.

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